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Today events occur and decisions are made that will determine the nature and outcome of the impending confrontation between the United States and the People's Republic of China. Nevertheless, news and analysis about China receives relatively short shrift, as America's military and foreign policy resources--and the resultant political debates--are focussed on the Middle East. But... Read More
In an April 16, 2005 article entitled Korea Rejected U.S. Plan on North, the LA Times reports that South Korea rejected a secret security strategy that might have given United States forces the initiative in invading and occupying North Korea in the event of a political crisis. In the words of the article, The article... Read More
There is some puzzlement, typified by Praktike's
There’s been some discussion on
In an April 19, 2005 article entitled
Priceless From London's
It’s indicative of the post-9/11 tunnel vision afflicting the American policy debate that the main China news coming out of the John Bolton confirmation hearings doesn't concern the marked pro-Taiwan tilt of his political views. Instead, it relates to another alleged incident of Mr. Bolton bullyragging an out-of-step intelligence analyst. Via
A Christian Science Monitor article concerning China’s need to make nice with Koizumi at the non-aligned nations meeting in Jakarta gets most things right and one thing wrong. From
Inside the Beltway, you can hear senators grunting “This one’s for Colin” as they take their whacks at the John Bolton nomination piñata. Senate resentment at the Bush administration’s coercive and abusive style approach to policy and management that treated Senate-friendly Colin Powell—and the Senate itself-- with such ostentatious contempt appears to have crystallized around... Read More
China Provides More Grist for the White House Political Mill Via
Premier Koizumi issued the boilerplate apology for Japanese aggression as Japan and China sought to paper over their rift. Meanwhile, Hu Jintao took his lumps in a
According to Asia Times, in the jostling over the eastward movement of Russian crude oil “
The same week the head of the KMT goes to Beijing to make nice with the Communists, a millionaire basketball player in the United States—Yao Ming, of course—is acclaimed a Chinese model worker. Quite a week. Lien Chan’s meeting with Hu Jintao is a bittersweet enactment of the quasi-state visit that might have been if... Read More
Well, it looks like India’s going to get a security council seat. Hot on the heels of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to India, Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi showed up in New Delhi. India and Japan then issued a statement that they would support each other’s bids to become permanent members of the U.N. Security... Read More
Oceania has Always been at war with Eastasia! For a time, the big anti-Japanese demonstrations in the PRC managed to steer the discourse between China and Japan back to the nationalist terms that favor the Chinese. But in Japan there seems to be a greater willingness to play the democracy card in response. From the... Read More
Panda-monium! Taiwan has apparently been thrown into a tizzy by Beijing’s offer to visiting KMT Chairman Lien Chan of two giant pandas: The KMT sees this as a public relations coup for itself and its rapprochement policy. Taipei mayor (and KMT hotshot) Ma Ying-jeou
It's Not Easy Being Green "Green", in this case being the signature color of the pro-independence political forces in Taiwan. Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian has dismayed the pro-independence base of his DPP party with his strangely passive and lackluster response to the mainland visits by his rivals, KMT boss Lien Chan and PFP leader James... Read More
Where Have You Gone, Richard Armitage? Richard Armitage, ex-Deputy Secretary of State, Colin Powell’s right-hand man, a voice for moderation and caution in foreign affairs, is out of government service right now. But he’s left the door open to come back. He didn’t rejoin his old consulting firm. Instead, he set up a new business,... Read More
North Koreans Heart "the guy with the white moustache"—But Nobody Else Does As John Bolton’s “friends” in Washington
The weekend’s National Assembly elections provide an interesting snapshot of Taiwan’s political situation. Voters cast their ballots for party slates, not individuals, that would make up the National Assembly, which in turn would vote along party lines for or against various constitutional amendments affecting election of the legislature, popular referenda and the like. There were... Read More
The furor over some reported comments from a Chinese admiral concerning the purported advantages of sinking an American aircraft carrier in a hypothetical Taiwan Straits crisis consumed a depressing amount of bandwidth at
Impotent Treasury Department + Economic Policy as Political Football = Another Attack on China's Exchange Rate Policies From the LA Times: After all that snarling comes the rather contradictory call for China to continue manipulating its currency a baby bit more--but to our benefit. Not surprising, politics and not economics are at the bottom of... Read More
Condi thinks he’d acknowledge North Korea’s sovereignty. A clear indication of Condi Rice’s current, if perhaps transitory, victory over the neo-cons can be found in the transcript of Yale professor John Gaddis’s remarks at
In his recent
A story that didn’t receive a lot of ink because it doesn’t fit in with the “pastel revolution/freedom on the march in Central Asia” theme was the victory by Nambaryn Enkhbayar of Mongolia's former communist Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party in the country's presidential elections. He promptly
In Joseph Kahn and Chris Buckley’s article in the New York Times,
In our negotiations with North Korea it looks like the only use we have for carrots is as blunt instruments to beat the DPRK over the head with. Today, in congressional testimony, the State Department’s Christopher Hill complained about North Korea’s foot-dragging in restarting the six-party talks about its nuclear program. Richard Lawless, the top... Read More
In today’s
With North Korea unwilling to return to the six-party talks, the U.S. has embarked on a policy of confrontation and saber rattling, terminating military cooperation on servicemen’s remains with the DPKR, “decapitating” the international initiative to provide North Korea with a peaceful nuke power station by removing its director, Charles Kartman, and, as reported in... Read More
The entire North Korean debate hinges on the question of irrationality. Are the North Koreans so irrational that they have forfeited their sovereignty, thereby exposing their country to the full range of sanctions, destabilization, subversion, and pre-emptive attack that the Bush administration and its nutbar fellow travelers can inflict upon it? Accusations of irrationality—and the... Read More
Reading the
On June 3, our ambassador to Japan said: Statements like these are meant to rattle China’s cage. There is nothing that China would like less than a hostile, right-leaning Japan armed with nuclear weapons. Forestalling a nuclear Japan is a good reason for the Chinese to put pressure on North Korea. Pressure is applied accordingly,... Read More
By some editing glitch, the Washington Times mistakenly placed Bill Gertz’s piece “
Another sign that the neo-cons are out of favor and Condi Rice is introducing her particular brand of foreign policy professionalism to the Bush administration is the rise of Thomas Fingar. Fingar is now the top intelligence analyst at John Negroponte’s ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence). He’s a veteran of the Bureau... Read More
Abstract: North Korea is suffering another year of famine. Kim Jung Il's inability to keep his people fed is sometimes cited as a justification--and even an implement--for regime change. Until its economy was disrupted by the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea produced 10 million tons of grain a year--vs. little over 4 million... Read More
The real story of CNOOC's bid for Unocal is Wall Street's hopes for a China-driven M&A binge. But that's probably not the story that's going to make it to the front page. Commenting on the CNOOC bid for Unocal, I think the LA Times editorial
Economists like Angry Bear have a hard time understanding the fuss over the Unocal deal. In conventional terms, they are right. Oil is fungible, it doesn’t matter too much where it comes out of the earth, and, given China’s enormous energy needs, if the Chinese buy Unocal, they are likely to be doing everything they... Read More
I jumped into the Unocal kerfluffle at Brad DeLong’s website last week with the
…it smells like “victory”.
Apparently Condi
…pretty soon you’re talking about real money.
Ron Brownstein
Brad DeLong’s website
Angry Bear has some good posts and comments
At Long Last Lefkowitz After four months of fits, starts, and leaks, Jay Lefkowitz was finally
Re the fracas over Pyongyang demanding that they get their light water reactors first, there will be an understandable tendency to blame the North Koreans for screwing up the nuclear accord with another piece of last-minute brinksmanship intended to wring a final concession out of the talks. Or, as the LA Times print edition of... Read More