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You know the drill by now. Right? The whole concept of the so-called "double standard." If this had been scores of white people throwing fireworks at black families trying in vain to peacefully enjoy Fourth of July fireworks, then when confronted about the Independence Day assault viciously attacked by dozens of whites, media outlets from... Read More
See also: Oakland’s Gentrification Wars Expose Democratic Coalition’s Contradictions Some 3,000 people, almost every one of them black, swarmed onto the intersection of Washington D.C.’s 14th and U Streets last week for the #DontMuteDC protest known as “Moechella”—part of a gathering protest following T-Mobile’s order that its Metro PCS storefront stop blaring “go-go” music. But... Read More
Prayers for Landen (Left)
Occasionally, I'll go back and read an email someone sent me. It's from the wife of an individual who was murdered by blacks. She simply thanked me for writing about how her husband was murdered and for honoring his life in someway (because few media outlets where it happened even bothered to cover the story).... Read More
The reality we are not supposed to notice
The Great Replacement is the reduction of whites to a minority in what were once their neighborhoods, cities, states, or countries. It’s happening around the world, but many journalists think we shouldn’t talk about it. Here are editorials from the Washington Post(“The racist theory that underlies terrorism in New Zealand and the Trump presidency“) and... Read More
The Sailer Strategy achieved an unnoticed triumph in Georgia’s Gwinnett County last week, even though the Stupid Party ran away from it as usual. The Sailer Strategy emphasizes the importance of white voters, but in this case, significantly, Gwinnett Asians and Hispanics voted with whites—apparently vindicating another Steve Sailer theory: that black and non-black minorities... Read More
But hopes we can all get along anyway.
Black 17-year-old Jazmine Barnes was shot dead on December 30, 2018 in Houston, Texas. Her murder became a huge story because witnesses said the killer was a white man. In just one week, the New York Times ran a dozen stories on Jazmine Barnes. On January 7, Jazmine lost all importance and dropped out of... Read More
It was set up so perfectly. To kick start the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, 2018’s First Man—the epic story of Armstrong’s journey to become the first man to walk on the moon—would be nominated for Best Picture. Ryan Gosling would be nominated for Best Actor for portraying the heroic... Read More
BLACK PANTHER A Favorite At The Oscars
Roughly a year ago, was seemingly the only outlet pointing out the truth about the Black Nationalist fantasy pic Black Panther. I discussed in multiple pieces how this pop culture phenomenon offered an unsettling glimpse into not only how blacks viewed themselves, but how they viewed whites (“colonizers” is the derisive term for whites... Read More
The nation’s hall monitors have dug up some of his “racist” quotes.
In 1980, Orange County, California boasted a population that was 78 percent white. It was the birthplace of the American conservative movement, boasting 38 chapters of the anti-communist John Birch Society. John Wayne—star of perhaps the finest movie ever made, The Searchers—was a member of this organization and lived in neighboring Newport Beach. In 1979,... Read More
Minneapolis is 64 percent white. The city is 18 percent black. Did you know the rate of those wounded by gun violence in the city is actually higher for black women than it is for white males? It's true. [Black women caught in the crossfire of Minneapolis gun violence,, 1-3-19] An MPR News analysis... Read More
Years ago, this writer had the privilege of meeting Jack Hough. It doesn't matter how. It doesn't matter why. It doesn't matter when. But I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Hough. Today, I grieve for his widow and family. He's just another white man murdered by a black male in the United States of... Read More
While the nation loses its collective mind over a fake hate crime allegedly committed by white MAGA hat wearing hillbillies in Chicago, Illinois (on a night when it was 20 degrees below zero), and white Democrats in Virginia having worn blackface more than 30 years ago, five black juveniles - the youngest being 12 -... Read More
PK Note: Big announcement coming tomorrow. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. A white man and his dog were getting ready to go to sleep on a Monday morning. Four black men named Polo, Muanah, Elijah, and Devonte broke into Joe Brown Weaver IV's home, shooting both his dog and the white man. Both died.... Read More
It’s OK to be white. On Sunday, more than 110 million Americans will huddle around their television sets and watch the 53rd Super Bowl, a matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots. After two seasons marred by black NFL players taking a Colin Kaepernick-style knee or raising a ‘Black Power’ fist during... Read More
A white enlisted member of the Air Force was gunned down in front of his wife by three blacks out with "the sole purpose of robbing people at gunpoint." Not one media outlet in Austin, Texas or even the funeral home where his memorial was held will admit he was a white male (not one... Read More
She was a wife. She was a daughter. She was a friend. She was a beloved nurse. She was a gifted singer. She was a white woman, murdered by a black man. [Nurse killed at Froedtert was an accomplished singer who ‘would come to Bel Canto to have her soul fed’, Fox 6 Now ,1-28-19]:... Read More
Opelika is a charming city in Alabama, right off of Interstate 85. Out of a population of just over 30,000 people, 52 percent of the city is white and 41 percent is black. As it turns out, 29 of the past 30 homicides in the city have been black on black. Low Impulse Control? Poor... Read More
Imagine living in a 96 percent white county, in the heart of Appalachia. Low crime rate, yet a poverty rate of 35 percent. People know one another. They care about one another. They are family. They friends of family. Despite the poverty rate, social capital flourishes. The population of this county in Kentucky (Knox County)... Read More
A white high school student stares at an Amerindian and the entire American establishment collapses into fits of genocidal rage against Covington Catholic High School and Make America Great Again hat wearing white males. A black teaching assistant at the University says "some white people may have to die" for black communities to be made... Read More
A friend inquired of me why I had never put together a recommended reading list of fiction/non-fiction books or movies for people to read/watch in their quest for finding the right "red pill." How to ensure they enter the realm of 'those who can see." Well, here goes. This will be a living list, with... Read More
Roy Brown was a white man. He worked at an IHOP. So does his son. A black man with three prior arrests - for assault with a firearm - was upset with an order. Naturally, he pulled out a gun and started shooting. [Community offers support for family of slain IHOP worker,, 1-18-19]: Everything... Read More
Years ago, Edward Pratt wrote an embarrassingly revealing story about the quality of life (or lack thereof) blacks create in Baton Rouge, when he noted intense levels of African-African mayhem and violence required funeral workers to carry concealed weapons. [Edward Pratt: Funerals now under threat of violence, The Advocate, 6-14-14]: Imagine, if you will, funeral... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Black Pastor Calls High Black Homicide Rate in Indianapolis and State of Indiana "Genocide" Without Acknowledging Blacks are Behind the Homicides Recycling a previous trope works for Charleston, too. No self-reflection. No self-awareness. All excuses. The "genocide" the black pastor speaks of in Charleston is entirely a phenomenon courtesy of black people... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: In 28% Black Indianapolis, a City Where Blacks are Responsible for Almost All Homicides and Nonfatal Shootings, City Council to Declare Gun Violence a "Public Health Crisis" The Indianapolis Star can't bother to point out what's happening in the 28 percent black city when it comes to the rising homicide rate (each... Read More
Less than six months to retirement. Sixty-four year-old Harry Parnell, a white man, is busying going about his duties as a supervisor at Spitzer Industries on Wednesday (January 9) evening. One of the employees he was in charge of - Evan Parker, a black male with an extensive criminal history - showed up to work,... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Washington crossed the Delaware for this? The Black Death Comes to Trenton Trenton, New Jersey. A 48 percent black city. A 36 percent Hispanic city. A 14 percent white city. And in 2018, all homicides involved a non-white suspect and a non-white victim. [2018: Trenton's homicides by the numbers,, 1-1-19]: The... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Confirmed: In 60% Black New Orleans, Almost 99% of Homicides and Nonfatal Shootings Committed by Blacks Just another black on white murder you never heard about. Hard to imagine too many people in New Orleans heard about the murder of Marla Belin. The New Orleans Times Picayune reports Belin refused his sexual... Read More
We can’t have nice things in America for a lot of reasons. Crazy campus Leftists have criminalized conservative speech. Federal judges protect illegal aliens. Christophobes wage War on Christmas. But another reason: the decriminalization of petty crime because the punishment “falls disproportionately” on blacks. Hence the increasing toleration of fare evasion on America’s subways. The... Read More
Shot. [At Rally for Jazmine Barnes, an Outpouring of Grief and a Plea for Answers, New York Times, 1-5-2019]: HOUSTON — Relatives of Jazmine Barnes, the 7-year-old Texas girl who was fatally shot inside a moving car, grieved on Saturday at an emotionally charged rally not far from where the gunman opened fire on a... Read More
One of the funniest articles you will ever read. Seriously. A white judge laments black people's penchant for killing one another in not just Montgomery County (Tennessee), but all across the United States. He's mad because no one seems to care. Of course, this white judge claims one of his ancestors was a colored man,... Read More
50 years ago this July, two white Americans walked on the moon. What progress has been made since? Both of these stories appeared on January 2, 2019, heralding different futures/trajectories for the United States of America and China. Shot. Chaser. Try explaining this future to white Americans watching the July 20, 1969 moon landing...
Shot. [Increased police, security at Walden Galleria following mall mayhem,, 12-27-18]: Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack says there will be an increase in uniform and undercover police officers, mall security personnel, and community partners for the remainder of the holiday shopping season to ensure the safety of Walden Galleria patrons after several hundred unsupervised... Read More
2019 is our year. Shockingly, this also starts the 10th anniversary here at SBPDL. Thanks to all who have made this site a destination for so many. We'll start the new year tomorrow. Happiest of New Year's to you and your family!
Shot. [Veteran, 92, took his last stand defending his wife,, 11-9-18]: COLUMBUS, Ga. (BP) -- John Dawson served in World War II in the Pacific theater and in the Korean and Vietnam wars on crews that catapulted planes off the decks of five different aircraft carriers. He died at age 92, however, by making... Read More
Read this story carefully. Especially the second to last paragraph. A white couple was murdered by two blacks, one of whom had a prior arrest for attempted murder. He was able to beat the charge by agreeing to a plea deal:felon in possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana. This deal was reached in... Read More
Have you ever wanted to read one of the most pathetic news story in the history of corporate news? Well, here you go.[Durham activist says African-pride themed crosswalk could help reduce violence,, 12-27-18]:   DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) - McDougald Terrace is a public housing community in Durham made up mostly of African-Americans. Over the... Read More
Define irony. You'd be hard-pressed to perform the task more aptly than with this story. [Founder of 'Cease Fire Indy' was shot and hospitalized on Christmas Eve,, 12-26-18]: Black violence in 28 percent black Ind
We'll be back tomorrow. Until then, Merriest Christmas wishes to you and your family. As always, one of the best gifts you can give is to call a family member or longtime friend you haven't spoken to in years, and wish them a 'Merry Christmas'; in the process, putting behind whatever bitterness may have prevented... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Rue the Day, Britannia! In Majority Non-White London, Knife Crime Almost Entirely Committed by Black Immigrants To think: those white men who took the skies as part of the Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain did so to ensure London in 2018 would look like this... [Sadiq Khan orders overhaul of... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill to Force Businesses to Remove Bulletproof Glass because it represents "Indignity" to Blacks; Meanwhile, Philadelphia Police Unveil 150 New Cars with Bulletproof Glass... Shot. [Philadelphia Is the City of the Year,, 12-6-18]: Larry Krasner District attorney Larry Krasner was a teenage grease monkey. “One of the things... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Former Black Mayor of 65% Black Memphis Admits the Most Poorly-Guarded Secret in all of America is True: Crime in Memphis is a "Black Problem" Memphis, Tennessee is 65 percent black. Boise, Idaho is 1.5 percent black. These are the only facts you need before you read this story.[Mass stabbing suspect flew under... Read More
Imagine getting ready to leave work at night to head home to your family You walk to your car, unlock the door and get in the front seat. But before you can even start the ignition, a black male points a gun at your head and pulls the trigger.[Library supervisor, 41, gunned down in parking... Read More
PK Note: Thanks to all those who donated for the Christmas 2018 fundraiser. A Merry Christmas to you and yours! We still need your help though. Contact [email protected] if you can donate immediately via online payment methods, so we can get signed books to you in time to place beneath your tree! The war is... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Her Name is Marybeth Gaeng: White Woman "Randomly" Stabbed to Death in St. Louis Family Dollar by Black Woman (Who Has a Lengthy Criminal History) Cumberland, Indiana is small city of just over 5,100 people, located roughly 24 miles outside of Indianapolis. In 2000, it was 85 percent white (10 percent black). Today,... Read More
PK Note: Call this the Christmas 2018 fundraiser. We need your help. Contact [email protected] if you can donate immediately via online payment methods, so we can get signed books to you in time to place beneath your tree! The war is upon us. The technocratic elite are waging a battle from which we might never... Read More
PK Note: If you haven't, pick up a copy of Paul Kersey's "Guns, Blacks, and Steel: American Cities After the Civil Rights Era." Makes the perfect Christmas gift! Somehow, this is all white people's fault... [Black American Life Expectancy Decreasing Disproportionately Due to Firearms, Cost School of Public Health, 12-4-18]: In 2016, the last year... Read More
In a city nearing 70 percent black (completely run by black elected/appointed public servants), how do you maintain the integrity of one of America's leading citadels of education? A militarized police force, inevitably. The area around Johns Hopkins University (located in East Baltimore) is occupied almost entirely by blacks, who make this real estate some... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:Former Black Mayor of 65% Black Memphis Admits the Most Poorly-Guarded Secret in all of America is True: Crime in Memphis is a "Black Problem" Imagine leaving a gym after a fulfilling workout, prepared to go home and enjoy a hearty, high-protein meal. Don't have a care in world, save the regret of... Read More
Previously on SBPDL:"The City of New Orleans Murders and Non-Fatal Shootings Trend 2015 Annual Report" Confirms Blacks Responsible for Almost All Violent Crime in NOLA A few weeks ago, The New York Timesprofiled a parody "911" number for white women frightened by black males to call: 844-WYT-FEAR. The former number is one Jeannot Franco Plessy... Read More
Nearly 15 years ago, John Rhys-Davies spoke a truth time (and the nefarious actions of Western European leaders) has proven correct.[Rings star sparks rumpus over race, The Guardian, 1-31-2004]: The stars of The Lord of the Rings films have been feted on red carpets around the world and are now tipped for Oscars glory. One... Read More
Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
What Was John McCain's True Wartime Record in Vietnam?
Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?