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We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the fateful Unite The Right Rally, at which the violence that took place was all blamed on the “Alt-Right”, leading to much persecution (deplatforming, firings, conferences cancelled) of people identified with that movement. It’s been said repeatedly that the Alt Right is dead or dying—but it can’t be, if... Read More
a katz /
Although I fully share the jubilation of others that Donald Trump may be taking a wrecking ball to the GOP establishment, I don’t hold the view that Trump’s candidacy will reduce neoconservative power. Matthew Richer, Justin Raimondo and other writers whose columns I usually welcome all believe that Trump’s rise as a Republican presidential candidate... Read More
Gil C /
Although I can’t think of a single social issue on which the predictably soporific Washington Post-columnist Jennifer Rubin sounds different from Barack Obama, Rubin, who welcomes gay marriage as a sign of the “inexorable course of greater inclusiveness” and favors amnesty for illegals, is now a certified voice for “serious conservatives.” Indeed she writes a... Read More
Since the Charleston shootings, GOP officials have been scrambling to complywith Leftist demands that Southern Whites be stripped of visible signs of their Confederate heritage. The GOP has actually been downplaying the Confederacyfor years—Jeb Bush conspicuously removed Confederate banners and insignias from the Florida statehouse back in 2001. [Jeb Bush Ordered The Confederate Flag Removed... Read More
A few months ago I encountered at a conference an eminent Straussian scholar who teaches at an Ivy League institution, and he almost immediately launched into a tirade against "the Europeans," who are at the point of "finishing Hitler’s work." The only exception that my interlocutor would concede to this sweeping statement was for the... Read More
Susan Law Cain /
Those Intellectuals Who Know Nothing of the Past May Help to Repeat It
I recently received an unexpected gift from American historian and political theorist Barry Alan Shain, The Declaration of Independence in Historical Context, a 600 page collection of documents from the era of the American Revolution, with accompanying commentaries and a long introductory essay, published by Yale University Press. It would be marvelous if Barry’s ambitious... Read More
In his latest column, New York Times house-conservative David Brooks is still euphoric about his learning experience at a National Review Institute conference that just ended. It seems that while at the conference David (if I may be familiar) mingled with two of his favorite thinkers, Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz. Like our New York... Read More
Listening to FOXnews on Sunday evening, January 6, I was impressed by the oceans of venom that greeted the nomination of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense. At 6:30 PM, the usually sober Brit Hume remarked for the umpteenth time that this "nominee was a strange choice" and one who was clearly unsuited for the... Read More
I’ve no idea how former Nebraska senator and decorated Vietnam War veteran Chuck Hagel became President Obama’s preferred nominee for the job of Secretary of Defense. But when I learned about Hagel’s prospects, I was delighted. A social conservative with a skeptical view of America’s mission to convert the rest of the world to our... Read More
During the Republican presidential primary debate from Des Moines on December 15, Ron Paul caused uproar when he said that a strike against Iran “would risk a repeat of the useless Iraqi war.” In response to a question from Bret Baier, Paul made this statement: “To me the greatest danger is that we will have... Read More
Although I’ve spent considerable time and energy analyzing the tics of the American conservative movement’s neoconservative master class, I have failed to call attention to their anti-monarchism. This trait surfaced most recently in a column by one of the New York Post’s wannabe conservatives Michael A. Walsh blasting Osama bin Laden as one more scoundrel... Read More
Recently I received news from Srdja Trifkovic, author of the controversial work Sword of the Prophet, concerning the beating he's taken from the director of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer (who, despite his Anglo name, is a practicing Melkite Greek Catholic who says his grandparents were forced to emigrate from what is now Turkey). Although Spencer... Read More
In the last few days I’ve run across two authoritative statements by neocon journalists which provide a new American “Freedom Doctrine for Arab democracy.” One statement is by Pod the Younger in the New York Post summoning Americans back to the Truman Administration’s pro-democracy policy. In Europe after World War II, it seems, American stewardship... Read More
Obama’s State of the Union speech was a smashing rhetorical success, as the New York Post conceded in its editorial the next morning, because it expressed the movement-conservative truth of “American exceptionalism.” The Post quoted Obama’s statement about the US being “the first nation to be shaped for the sake of an idea.” The president... Read More
Richard Spencer’s references to Alex Knepper and his erotic activities while working as David Frum’s assistant bring up what is not an isolated embarrassment. It betokens what may be a widening problem for the neoconservative camp and given the influence of the neoconservatives, for the entire authorized Right. (Fortunately our side will not be involved,... Read More
As everyone and his cousin know, the neocons are my least favorite 'Washington insiders' and they divide generally into two categories, the ill-mannered, touchy Jews and their groveling or adulatory Christian assistants. David Frum, the Kagan boys, Norman and John Podhoretz, and Michael Ledeen are the house-owners; while Bill Bennett, Fred Barnes, Michael Novak, Cal... Read More
Richard Spencer is right when he says that he couldn’t think of any significant issue that the Alternative Right and the established conservative movement would hold in common. What he might have added is that he couldn’t think of any significant issue over which the conservative movement and the GOP would disagree; or any major... Read More
Sometimes neoconservatives, (or should I say movement conservatives?) say things that are so stupid that one mistakes them for satire. Last week the New York Post republished an opinion piece from the Commentary blog Contentions, which had been produced by Wall Street Journal columnist Max Boot. Presumably Max’s opinion carry enormous weight throughout the Beltway... Read More
Having seen “American Carol” on the basis of James Hirsen’s glowing review on Newsmax I am still reacting to this flick’s neoconservative message with a queasy stomach. From my exposure to this movie that David Zucker threw together with Bill O’Reilly, who appears as one of the movie’s characters, it seems that I was viewing... Read More
Stephen J. Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal would be the book of the year in a less manipulated society than our own. I suggest as much in my introduction; and former Congressman Paul Findley, who wrote the foreword, lavishes equally high praise on this monument to diligence. Almost as interesting as the book’s content are certain... Read More
Kudos to Larry Auster who in View from the Right last Friday went after the GOP-neoconservative establishment for attacking Obama for his recent speech in Berlin. According to this agitprop, which by now has spread from Rush Limbaugh (who should know better), to Scott Johnson of Powerline to all the usual suspects on Fox news,... Read More
Tom Piatak's comments about the neoconservatives' dubious gifts to the Bush administration made me think about the non-accountability of the group Tom is criticizing. If truth be known, it makes no difference for the fortunes of the neocons what they do to any American government. These people who are lionized at the New York Times... Read More
When the story broke a few weeks ago about the polygamous Fundamentalist Mormon “compound” in Eldorado, Texas, from whence 416 children had been taken, I observed to my wife that a neocon pronouncement would soon follow, explaining why the forced separation of the children from their mothers was “good for liberal democracy.” Mary’s comment at... Read More
[The New York Intellectuals Reader, Neil Jumonville, ed., Routledge, 456 pages]
The New York Intellectuals Reader is a sequel of sorts to editor Neil Jumonville's earlier work Critical Crossroads, which dealt with some of the same figures of the New York highbrow set. In Critical Crossroads, Jumonville focused on Partisan Review, a journal founded in 1940 by a circle of mostly Jewish Leftists who were then... Read More
In October 2004, my longtime friend Sam Francis responded to a recent commentary by Franklin Foer in the New York Times about the paleoconservatives as a rising antiwar opposition to the neoconservatives. Foer, a New Republic editor, believed that a defeat for Bush in the fall 2004 election might lead to a repudiation of his... Read More
Once again I feel impelled to respond to my critics, and particularly to those who criticize me as a “Zionist,” and as someone who worships at the altar of America the “superpower,” and endorses “unconstitutional wars,” being carried out against the will of the American people. If my respondent means by “Zionist” that I have... Read More
Listening to the talking heads on FOX at 6:45 PM on Wednesday night, I was struck by a conversation among Mort Kondracke, Bill Kristol and Mara Liasson, concerning a beau geste that had been carried out in the Senate chamber by presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. McCain had walked over to his colleague and likely... Read More
The recent endorsement of Rudy by televangelist Pat Robertson has turned the former mayor's supporters at National Review (NR), the New York Post, and other obliging outposts of the neoconservative empire from a state of hope to one of outright jubilation. If Lawrence Kudlow, NR economics editor, is correct, the nomination "has been wrapped up."... Read More
Unlike some of my respondents, I am not surprised that Norman Podhoretz in his latest book goes after the isolationist Right. For years Norman has been looking frenetically over his right shoulder, e.g., denouncing Taftites and representatives of the pre-neocon Right, a practice going back to Commentary’s spats with the Buchananites at the end of... Read More
Devotees of are strongly urged to purchase and read my latest book — Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right — which Palgrave-Macmillan has just brought out. Since the neocon-liberal powers that be are not likely to call attention to this work, even for the purpose of insulting me, self-praise may be... Read More
The avalanche of criticism encountered by my blog concerning Ann, Rush, and the GOP’s unsuitability for combating the Left, has generated this rejoinder. One of my less than friendly critics scolds me for suggesting that I don’t see any way to create an effective Right in the US without first finding some way to dump... Read More
In the last few months I’ve been stumbling across statements in Orbis, The American Conservative, and in other magazines for which I’m still allowed to write to the effect that the neoconservatives are falling from power. Although this group is no longer as prominently represented in W’s collapsing administration as they once were, there is... Read More
In one of the more grotesque episodes in the ongoing slide of “conservative” opinion into nonsense and ideology, Stephen Schwartz, in a commentary for National Review Online, offered a flattering depiction of onetime Soviet Communist leader Leon Trotsky (1879-1940). The loser in a power struggle with Stalin after the death of Lenin in 1924, Trotsky... Read More
[Professor Gottfried delivered these remarks at a March 20 conference in honor to mark the publication of Shots Fired, a collection of the writings of the late Sam Francis.] Reviewing my summary for an advertisement of a book on the conservative movement soon to be published by Palgrave-Macmillan,[VDARE.COM note: You can pre-order it here] I... Read More
Richard Brookhiser is a National Review senior editor and the author of a readable biography of Alexander Hamilton. But his job in recent years seems to involve repeating neoconservative opinions, perhaps in his capacity as an upper-class WASP with a courteous manner and a soft voice. Typically I skim over Brookhiser's commentaries as déjà vu,... Read More
One question I keep receiving from readers after my recent observations about Rich Lowry is why are neocon journalists taken as serious thinkers in the press. Surely someone at a prestigious newspaper who has dipped into the past must recognize their bloopers: One interested reader has just sent me glaring historical mistakes by Lowry that... Read More
An increasingly acrimonious debate with the master of a conservative website concerning neoconservative intolerance impels me to spell out my views on this subject once again. I have been told repeatedly that my reports about neoconservative offenses against me have been fabricated. If that series of misdeeds had indeed taken place, I would not be... Read More
Those who stay up nights (and I know such people) agonizing over the thought of anti-Semitism polluting our media should applaud the approach to this problem taken by Julia Gorin, a contributing editor of, in her comments on the epithet "neocon" for the Wall Street Journal's According to Julia (given my age I'm... Read More
Since the New York Post has begun to imitate its neocon parent publication the Wall Street Journal, by not printing responses from genuinely conservative readers, I have appealed to Lew Rockwell to include this unpublished letter on his website. To the editor: Robert A. George wrote a perceptive commentary (July 16) on what Bush and... Read More
With the revelation that the chief suspect in the outing of CIA analyst Valerie Plame is I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff,aptly described by's Justin Raimondo as "the nexus of the neocon network in Washington," the neocon empire is now unmistakably under siege – and, in Libby's case at least, possibly... Read More
In an astoundingly silly remark made by a presumably intelligent man, veteran International Herald Tribune columnist William Pfaff asserted earlier this summer that American conservatives were "not particularly intelligent" through most of the twentieth century. He added In a truly devastating critique in the current issue of Chronicles Magazine (September 2003), Sam Francis demolishes these... Read More
How can something exist and not exist both at the same time? The answer: by being neoconservative. Since last winter, neoconservative columnists David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Max Boot, and John Podhoretz have been insisting that the word "neoconservative" is either a tautologous term for a right-winger or an anti-Semitic slur aimed at pro-Israeli conservative Jews.... Read More
My cascading invectives may have suggested to some of my readers that I believe that neoconservatives provide a sufficient reason for the collapse of the American Right. If so, it may be necessary to offer clarification. Although neocon advocates of permanent revolution have dragged Trotskyist themes, along with other baggage, into the conservative movement, one... Read More
A question that might be worth asking is what exactly do the liberal media know about the intellectual Right. Do the New York Times' editors or the TV spinners of news have any awareness of real conservatives and real libertarians? Do liberals know about the non-neocon rightists who have created a vast running body of... Read More
Having worked my way through the neocon interpretations of la grande affaire, it may be appropriate to add my two cents, particularly since Lew Rockwell has been prodding me for some time to do so. Most striking about the present name-calling, arising from neocon efforts to punish Lott for jollying up Thurmond at his centennial... Read More
I drafted the following defense after being passionately attacked by an outside evaluator who was supposedly assessing the department in which I teach about half of my courses. This evaluator, Shirley Anne Warshaw of Gettysburg College, spent about ten minutes out of a two-day visitation talking to me. She was apparently familiar with my writings,... Read More
Lew Rockwell got it right when he introduced David Corn's commentary for The Nation (November 11) by explaining that Corn was "defending his fellow social democrats [the neocons]." Corn emphatically rejects Ronald Radosh's statements about a "convergence" between the anti-war Left and the isolationist Right. He also showers contempt on Buchanan's talk about the need... Read More
Marching to the music of his Midtown Manhattan dinner companions, Bill Buckley, in a recent syndicated column, called on the US government to issue an ultimatum to the Iraqi government: either deliver your terrorists or face our collective anger. Although there is no available evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the September 11 bombings, according to... Read More
Editor Washington Times To the editor: The worlds Herb Greer and I inhabit are apparently so different that we see nothing the same way, including the numeration in my last book, which he over-counts by more than a hundred pages. In my world, the federal government, and its state administration extensions, require the creation and... Read More
Stephen Yates's touching story about a North Carolina history teacher Jack Perdue, who was professionally ruined and "murdered by the media" for lecturing in a junior college about North Carolina's "second war of independence," brought to mind a problem that paleo educators are now increasingly facing. What there is of a conservative movement, which by... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.