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Professor Paul Gottfried
The story of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to America in the beginning of the twentieth century is a story of “self-marginalization.” The more dramatically Eastern European Jews progress socio-economically, the more strenuously they identify with “marginalized groups” and seek to undermine the white Christian majority population. And though he takes care to guard against... Read More
Forget the Clinton emails—the BIG story (89,800 results on Google News as of 11:00 tonight) is that one (1) Trump supporter of the thousands attending his Phoenix rally on Saturday night took the opportunity of the crowd’s chanting “USA! USA!” to yell “Jew-S-A” at the press pen, who seem to have been upset. My own... Read More
Almost forty years ago, I had a conversation with a former classmate at Yale, who was praising the greater tolerance in the historical profession that had resulted from “the increasing presence of Jews, women and minorities”. I retorted that this improvement was entirely lost on me. Even then, I had noticed that whatever limited professional... Read More
Controversy recently erupted when Rick Sanchez, whom CNN subsequently sacked, noted that Jews have a disproportionately large influence on the media. Attempts at disproving his assertion have been fitful and unconvincing. But perhaps I’m not being fair to the critics. The facts that Sanchez was canned and that the New York Post’s Andrea Peyser denounced... Read More
Lest someone misrepresent what I’ve said about Jews and Israel, let me restate the positions that I’ve taken more often than I care to recall. I am not (repeat not) against the Jewish state of Israel. I have apparently upset some readers by suggesting that Israeli sympathizers in the U.S. and in Europe should recognize... Read More
Reading Larry Auster’s website over the years, I find there is much in his spirited commentaries that I agree with. Larry’s attacks on liberals and neoconservatives, his stress on the enormous overlap between these two only minimally different groups, his focus on the immigration issue, and his critical examination of the government’s war on traditional... Read More
Reappraising the Right: The Past and Future of American Conservatism, George H. Nash, ISI Books, 450 pages
George H. Nash’s Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945, in either its original (1976) or later expanded edition (1996), would have assured him an honored place as a scholar, even if he had never embarked on his exhaustive three-volume biography of Herbert Hoover. His new anthology treats in further detail a movement that Nash... Read More
Browsing through Norman Podhoretz’s latest book, Why Are Jews Liberals? (read non-neocon leftists), I was struck by a series of misleading facts starting around page 224. According to Pod’s authorized version of THE TRUTH, certified by the neoconservative hangers-on who blurbed his book, Jews defected in large numbers from the GOP in the 1992 presidential... Read More
Yesterday a colleague, who listens to Rush Limbaugh, related a conversation he had just heard between Rush and a Jewish lady, who had moved from an Eastern city to Kalamazoo, Michigan. This guest explained that unlike other members of the Jewish community, she was supporting McCain. When Rush inquired why other Jews of her acquaintance... Read More
[The New York Intellectuals Reader, Neil Jumonville, ed., Routledge, 456 pages]
The New York Intellectuals Reader is a sequel of sorts to editor Neil Jumonville's earlier work Critical Crossroads, which dealt with some of the same figures of the New York highbrow set. In Critical Crossroads, Jumonville focused on Partisan Review, a journal founded in 1940 by a circle of mostly Jewish Leftists who were then... Read More
During the last few weeks, I've been looking at the indignant notes sent to me from Jews for Ron Paul, a high-spirited group to which I lent my radioactive name, about the crude behavior of the Republican Jewish Coalition and its National Chairman David Flaum. Ron Paul did not receive an invitation to appear with... Read More
A truly spirited commentary by Jewcy-webmaster Joey Kurtzman entitled Fire Foxman may be the most devastating and pointed attack I have seen on Abe Foxman, who has been National Director of the Anti-Defamation League for the last twenty years. According to Kurtzman, Foxman, a Polish Jew who was saved from the Holocaust by a courageous... Read More
In the summer issue of The Occidental Quarterly, my longtime friend Sam Francis undertakes to review my study of multiculturalism, with mixed results. Bluntly put, Dr. Francis drowns our methodological differences in a sea of bile. According to my esteemed critic, I have wrongly traced the managerial-therapeutic state to liberal Protestantism, into which I have... Read More
In his comment "Jews and the War: Listening to Ugly Losers" (NRO March 13, 2003), Jonah Goldberg comes closer to sounding coherent than he does in any other piece of his that I've read until now. Not to say that he's developed the dispassionate discourse style of a C.S. Lewis or a George Santayana. But... Read More
Although frank and open discussion of Zionist issues in a Jewish or any other circle is a good thing, it is not clear that Orthodox Jews show the strong, consistent opposition to Jewish nationalism that Sheldon Richman ascribes to them. According to the at least partly anecdotal tradition to which Sheldon appeals, one that is... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.