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I find myself agreeing with about half of Phil Giraldi’s most recent diatribe against Israel, while shrugging my shoulders at the rest. I’d be the last to deny that the Israeli government has taken gross advantage of their “special relations” with the US or that GOP media drool on cue over “the only democracy in... Read More
Rabbi Elmer Berger's long struggle against the Zionist movement
An antiwar libertarian and a principled critic of Jewish nationalism, Jack Ross seems the ideal author to have undertaken a biography of Elmer Berger (1908-1996), the Reform rabbi who pursued a rearguard action against the Zionist movement for more than 50 years. An increasingly marginalized figure after the birth of the Jewish state in 1948,... Read More
A question that may have occurred to those who have read my bookLeo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America is whether Strauss and his followers have influenced the view of immigration taken by what now passes for the “conservative movement.” We have to address this question indirectly since, to my knowledge, neither Strauss nor... Read More
Like my friend Byron Roth, I am tired of the Israel-bashing that has become characteristic of some of my fellow right-wingers. These critics gush over the Palestinians in a way that is seldom evident when they speak about other Third World populations and certainly not about American minorities. Those who cheered for the Afrikaner hardliners... Read More
Although Richard Hoste seems to be the polar opposite of Larry Auster, both of them are equally driven by Jewish fixations. Auster considers anyone who fails to meet his fastidious standards of Jewish nationalism and anti-anti-Semitism to be a closet Nazi. Hoste by contrast can’t rein in his hatred for Israel and for anyone who... Read More
A question I’ve been thinking about for some time is as follows: Where on the American political spectrum would it be proper to place strong supporters of Israel, including American partisans of Israel’s present nationalist government? What complicate this question are the support patterns for the Israelis and the Palestinians. They cut across conventional ideological... Read More
Lest someone misrepresent what I’ve said about Jews and Israel, let me restate the positions that I’ve taken more often than I care to recall. I am not (repeat not) against the Jewish state of Israel. I have apparently upset some readers by suggesting that Israeli sympathizers in the U.S. and in Europe should recognize... Read More
Contrary to the impression that may have come from my discussion of Ilana Mercer's comments about the American Old Right and the European nationalist Right on the question of Israel and Hamas, there are in fact rightist groups in Western Europe which stand emphatically with the Palestinians in Gaza. A breakaway faction of the Front... Read More
My friend Ilana Mercer has just posted a provocative essay on VDARE, which I would like to respond to. Ilana asks the timely question why the European Right has produced outspoken defenders of the Israeli government in its confrontation with Hamas, while in the U.S. by contrast the paleos have usually sided with the Palestinians.... Read More
Although my schedule is cluttered with loads of professional and family matters, including a trip to Israel in the very near future, I feel obliged to respond to the surly comments about me posted by Larry Auster and Ron Lewenberg. For starters, I don't in any way regret my criticism of the Zionist Right during... Read More
Having already received several frantic notes about Taki’s comments concerning Israel’s campaign against armed Hamas members and other targets in the Gaza region, perhaps I should go public before these mounting inquiries get out of hand. In the case of Taki’s sworn enemy Larry Auster, there may be nothing that I could possibly say to... Read More
Stephen J. Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal would be the book of the year in a less manipulated society than our own. I suggest as much in my introduction; and former Congressman Paul Findley, who wrote the foreword, lavishes equally high praise on this monument to diligence. Almost as interesting as the book’s content are certain... Read More
Apparently some of my friends who identify themselves with the Right, that is to say, Scott McConnell and Justin Raimondo, have come to the aid of Time contributor and liberal media superstar Joe Klein. Recently Klein scolded the neoconservatives for having incited the war in Iraq and for their excessive Zionist zeal. Because of his... Read More
Once again I feel impelled to respond to my critics, and particularly to those who criticize me as a “Zionist,” and as someone who worships at the altar of America the “superpower,” and endorses “unconstitutional wars,” being carried out against the will of the American people. If my respondent means by “Zionist” that I have... Read More
Having read Patrick Foy’s comments about Israel in his “Sack of Annapolis,”and having just spent the better part of a month living in the Holy Land, I feel compelled to respond to his wholesale criticism of the Israelis. Foy’s critical judgment that it would be unjust for the Israelis to hold more territory, even without... Read More
The livre de scandale of John J Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy, was for me a mostly disappointing read. Having seen the earlier article by these two illustrious academics, one at Chicago and the other at Harvard, “The Israel Lobby,” in the London Review of Books (May 2006),... Read More
An interview in Ha'aretz (January 5) with Benny Morris, dean of Israel's "new historians," has unsettled the Israeli and European Left. Morris's book The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem (1987) argued that in 1948 between 600 and 750 thousand Palestinians were expelled from their homes, while others were massacred, as part of an Israeli... Read More
In a provocative essay in the New York Review of Books, "Israel: The Alternative," Tony Judt depicts an exclusively Jewish state as an "anachronism," "rooted in another time and place." "Israel's ethno-religious self-identification and its discrimination against internal foreigners has always had more in common with, say, the practices of post-Habsburg Romania than either party... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.