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European Right

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Speakers at the NPI Conference.  Credit:
An Immigration-Critical Jew Reflects On NPI’s Conference
An article in the decidedly Leftist Huffington Post by the unmistakably Leftist reporter Samantha Lachman described the just-concluded conference of theNational Policy Institute that I attended at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on October 31 in a way that bore little resemblance to what I heard there [White Nationalists Gather On Halloween To... Read More
Having just finished a book on fascists and antifascists, I am now investigating the antifascist hysteria that has followed the elections for the European parliament last week. In those elections the “far right” Front National and its dynamic, attractive leader Marine Le Pen captured a quarter of the vote in France and helped limit the... Read More
The task before me is explaining with appropriate distinctions and qualifications “What is right and what is left?” For those who wish to avoid the harangue of an activist, let me assure them that I do not equate “conservative” with Republican or with the viewing habits of FOX News devotees. Being a Republican and dutifully... Read More
As a college student I would buy copies of The New Yorker to sample the sparkling prose of James Thurber and S. J. Perelman and to appreciate the clever cartoons that graced each issue. Despite the magazine’s veering toward the trendy left thereafter, I could still find material in it worth reading well into the... Read More
Despite my usual agreement with Sam Goldman on historical questions, I beg to differ with him in his judgments about what kind of alliances European Jews should be making in view of the anti-Jewish sentiments that is now apparent among many Muslim immigrants. In my view, Jews would do best supporting those parties, typically on... Read More
Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary and leader of Hungary’s largest parliamentary bloc Fidesz—an abbreviation for Flatal Demokraták Szövetsége, the Alliance of Young Democrats)—perhaps the most controversial political figure in the former Soviet bloc, is deeply interesting to students of the “National Question.” A young hero of the resistance to Soviet rule and now the... Read More
In a recent interview with the German weekly Junge Freiheit, popular satirist and onetime fixture of the left Eckhard Henscheid explained why he had moved toward the libertarian right and was fighting censorship in his “democratic” society. Junge Freiheit had been kept from exhibiting its products at the Leipzig Book Fair and for years has... Read More
Kenneth Minogue is a distinguished figure for serious students of political thought. A longtime professor (now emeritus) at the London School of Economics, president of the Mont Pelerin Society, and the author of provocative works on nationalism, ideology, and egalitarian democracy, Minogue is one of the most illustrious representatives of what survives of the European... Read More
It is commonly believed that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. In the case of Alexander Boot and his celebrated son Max, we may have a grand exception to this rule. It is indeed hard to associate father and son in either their views or their prose. While the son grinds out neoconservative... Read More
A young Turkish colleague recently complained to me that Freedom House’s Annual Report lists Turkey as only “partially free” because of its speech restrictions but gave France high grades although that country is at least equally restrictive about what one may say or publish. It seems the Turks will prosecute writers for suggesting that their... Read More
Throughout the summer, former director of the German Bundesbank and a longtime adherent of the German Social Democrats, Thilo Sarrazin, remained in the crosshairs of the German political class for his controversial work dealing with the relation between high crime and Germany immigration policy. Only by the peculiar standards of Germany’s national parties, courts, and... Read More
Fjordman’s comments about multiculturalism, which were originally published on the website Gates of Vienna, are so full of dubious assumptions that it is hard to know where to start one’s critique. But having produced copious scholarship on the subject of his literary exercise, I feel driven to question Fjordman’s conclusions. Western societies, he explains, can... Read More
A close friend of mine, Jost Bauch, who teaches general sociology and sociology of medicine as a part-time professor at the German University of Konstanz, has recently seen what he had of a career brought to a grinding halt. Probably because of his non-leftist views, which stand out in the leftist and anti-nationalist German university... Read More
My father embodied the Old World spirit since lost in multicultural America.
My father was not the nicest person I have known. His temper was legendary, and despite his middling physical appearance and a bald pate that he had acquired in his thirties, he prided himself on his supposed good looks. He held grudges with extraordinary tenacity, and he never let us forget who had done him... Read More
A young Romanian friend, who is translating my work into his native language, recently sent me the latest book by Romanian social thinker and University of Maryland professor of government Vladimir Tismaneanu. A thin, discursive volume, Fantasies of Salvation was produced by Princeton University Press. The same press also published my book After Liberalism but... Read More
Contrary to the impression that may have come from my discussion of Ilana Mercer's comments about the American Old Right and the European nationalist Right on the question of Israel and Hamas, there are in fact rightist groups in Western Europe which stand emphatically with the Palestinians in Gaza. A breakaway faction of the Front... Read More
Allow me to express my utter amazement at the way my friends on the right here and in Europe change their tune, as soon as one broaches the topic of letting Turkey into the EU. Those who had been going on about the depravity and despotism into which Western Europe had sunk, suddenly start making... Read More
With all due respect to Derek Turner and the authors of A Bridge Too Far, Philip Claeys and Koen Dillen, and the Vlaams Belang, the organization to which these excellent young men belong, I must dissent from their brief against Turkish entry into the European Union. The last reason I could imagine for keeping Turkey... Read More
Although this all too brief commentary cannot do full justice to the three works that recently arrived in my mail, it should provide useful information about each of them. The first that came to my hand Wandlungen des Neoliberalismus (Stuttgart: Lucius, 2008), by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung-economic editor, Philip Plickert, was submitted in an earlier... Read More
Patrick Foy is certainly entitled to dissent from my views about the current European scene, but it might help to point out the obvious, which his rejoinder partly obfuscates. It is naïve to distinguish the growing Muslim presence in Europe as a religious community from the same presence as a non-Western and, moreover, anti-Western culture.... Read More
Although I am second to none in my admiration for Marcus Epstein as a critic of the Left and of the continuing neocon nuisance, I feel constrained as a Europeanist to point out a few of his misleading statements about the backgrounds of the Flemish separatists. To my knowledge, the Flemish people did not show... Read More
A demonstration against the “Islamicization of Europe” scheduled to take place in Brussels on September 11, 2007 and put together by the umbrella organization Pax Europa has been prohibited by the socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans. The intended demonstration, which was supposed to march by the headquarters of the European Union, has been declared to be... Read More
According to recent reports, French politician Jean Marie Le Pen is being summoned to a French court to stand trial a second time for remarks made to a reporter from the rightwing newspaper Rivarol in January 2005. In his controversial interview, Le Pen expressed the opinion that the German occupation of France "wasn't particularly inhumane,... Read More
At last The Chronicle of Higher Education has published my response to Alan Wolfe's charges against me (in its May 5 issue), together with what seems a repetition of this eminent sociologist's earlier complaints. I am soft on fascism because I place quotation marks around that term. I also have the habit of "defending" Holocaust-deniers,... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.