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We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the fateful Unite The Right Rally, at which the violence that took place was all blamed on the “Alt-Right”, leading to much persecution (deplatforming, firings, conferences cancelled) of people identified with that movement. It’s been said repeatedly that the Alt Right is dead or dying—but it can’t be, if... Read More
I wrote a lot in the early aughts about Jonah Goldberg’s apotheosis at National Review in the wake of William F. Buckley’s purge of immigration patriots like John O’Sullivan and Editor Peter Brimelow because I regarded him as a symbol and a symptom of the intellectual and moral degeneration of a magazine I once... Read More
Although I generally agree with the Latin adage “de mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est,” sometimes the death of someone leads one to reflect on the gushing eulogies that are showered on the deceased. The recent premature passing at the age of sixty-five of Peter Lawler, a professor of political studies at Berry College in... Read More
The most recent of incident of Cultural Marxist commissars refusing to admit that dissidents are to be treated as fellow citizens is the crazed female professor who accosted the NPI’s Richard Spencer while he was exercising at a Alexandria gym. She, recognizing him from coverage of the election campaign, started haranguing him and calling him... Read More
Professor Paul Gottfried
The story of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to America in the beginning of the twentieth century is a story of “self-marginalization.” The more dramatically Eastern European Jews progress socio-economically, the more strenuously they identify with “marginalized groups” and seek to undermine the white Christian majority population. And though he takes care to guard against... Read More
Forget the Clinton emails—the BIG story (89,800 results on Google News as of 11:00 tonight) is that one (1) Trump supporter of the thousands attending his Phoenix rally on Saturday night took the opportunity of the crowd’s chanting “USA! USA!” to yell “Jew-S-A” at the press pen, who seem to have been upset. My own... Read More
Dr. George Hawley, [Email him] an assistant professor at the University of Alabama, has provided a badly-needed public service by producing Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism. Hawley’s work, published by an outstanding press for American studies at the University of Kansas, should bring him much deserved attention. Of course it’s ridiculous that America has had... Read More
He was once credited as the leading figure of the “Conservative Intellectual Movement” (to borrowGeorge Nash’s phrase) but today Conservatism Inc. wants to keep Russell Kirk in obscurity. Luckily,Bradley Birzer, the Russell Amos Kirk Professor of History at Hillsdale College, has written what may be the definitive Kirk biography Russell Kirk: American Conservative. It will... Read More
Rena Schild /
Jack Kerwick, who holds a doctorate in philosophy from Temple University and teaches at various colleges in the Philadelphia area, is a talented polemicist as well as learned academic. For those who want to sample the unleashed Jack Kerwick, I recommend his recent anthology The American Offensive, available in Kindle or paperback. Jack is a... Read More
Speakers at the NPI Conference.  Credit:
An Immigration-Critical Jew Reflects On NPI’s Conference
An article in the decidedly Leftist Huffington Post by the unmistakably Leftist reporter Samantha Lachman described the just-concluded conference of theNational Policy Institute that I attended at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on October 31 in a way that bore little resemblance to what I heard there [White Nationalists Gather On Halloween To... Read More
A New Dissident Right Taking Shape In France And America?
There’s an important connection between political firestorms on opposite sides of the Atlantic—therise of Donald Trump and the“cuckservative” controversy fascinating the American Right; and the recent claim by the French National Front that they support the ideals of a noted French socialist. These debates shows the Right in the West may be reconstituting itself around... Read More
A recent incident in Wallingford, Connecticut, not far from where I grew up, caused Editor Peter Brimelow to comment: “Cultural Marxist totalitarianism is coming to an America near you.” A complaint was lodged with the local police that “hate” merchandise— Nazi and Confederate memorabilia—was being publicly exhibited and sold at a popular flea market.... Read More
Since the Charleston shootings, GOP officials have been scrambling to complywith Leftist demands that Southern Whites be stripped of visible signs of their Confederate heritage. The GOP has actually been downplaying the Confederacyfor years—Jeb Bush conspicuously removed Confederate banners and insignias from the Florida statehouse back in 2001. [Jeb Bush Ordered The Confederate Flag Removed... Read More
Every now and then, I receive an online “epistola” from the National Humanities Institute, an organization that presents itself as “culturally conservative” and whose apparent lifetime director is Catholic University of America professor ,Professor Claes Ryn [Email him]. NHI, which seems to operate on a shoe string, occasionally puts out a journal,Humanitas. Not surprisingly, the... Read More
Conservatism Inc. /Goldbergism 1—Rand Paul/ “Liberty Movement” 0
Jack Hunter a.k.a. The Southern Avenger bent the knee. He denounced his own career and his own beliefs, as reported by his own former editor. [Former editor of Rand Paul’s Neo-Confederate staffer talks about the Southern Avenger | Jack Hunter asked me to delete columns, By Chris Haire, Charleston City Paper, July 18, 2013] He... Read More
In a recent assault on the intellectual Left, Jonah Goldberg complained about “the dreck” that is circulating in our culture courtesy of anti-American Leftist historians. [The Stone Truth: Left-Wingers Are Boring, National Review, December 7, 2012] Jonah is especially exercised by Oliver Stone and his co-author, American University historian Peter Kuznick, who have published a... Read More
I won’t beat around the bush. I’ve known Russell Jacoby[Email him] now a septuagenarian fixture at UCLA, for about twenty-five years. Both of us served on the editorial board of Telos magazine and were present at some of the same board meetings. Jacoby always struck me as a lightweight, in contrast to most of the... Read More
In an eloquent address before the Council of Conservative Citizens, my friend John Derbyshire undertakes a difficult task: he wishes to make us more appreciate of what he calls “Mainstream Conservatism,” calls “Conservatism, Inc.” and I call “the Alternative Left” John lists for our benefit certain “bullet points” specifically “mistrust of government power,” “respect for... Read More
Steve Sailer raised an interesting question in his latest blog about the durability of NR as desirable publication for “conservative” readers. According to Steve, the magazine has been visibly deteriorating for some time. Indeed having WFB as its founder and first editor and Rich Lowry as its third editor tells much about this publication’s downward... Read More
A question that may have occurred to those who have read my bookLeo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America is whether Strauss and his followers have influenced the view of immigration taken by what now passes for the “conservative movement.” We have to address this question indirectly since, to my knowledge, neither Strauss nor... Read More
Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary and leader of Hungary’s largest parliamentary bloc Fidesz—an abbreviation for Flatal Demokraták Szövetsége, the Alliance of Young Democrats)—perhaps the most controversial political figure in the former Soviet bloc, is deeply interesting to students of the “National Question.” A young hero of the resistance to Soviet rule and now the... Read More
If Mitt Romney does succeed in disposing of Rick Santorum in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, I won’t be particularly upset (although I gather Santorum has belatedly said some sensible thingsabout cutting legal immigration). While Santorum was our US senator from Pennsylvania, he was a total lackey of the Bush administration and before that, the shameless... Read More
L. Kragt Bakker /
A Loyalty Test For Careerist Conservatives?
Among the sins that neoconservative enforcers ascribed to presidential candidate Ron Paul, one that weighed particularly heavy for the Weekly Standard’s editors is a statement Paul once made (or might have made) describing Martin Luther King as a “world class philanderer who beat up his paramours.” According to writer James Kirchick [The Company Ron Paul... Read More
The Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik’s murderous rampage and the apologia that he drafted shortly before have intensified the debate about the term “cultural Marxism.” Those who oppose the use of term insist that Breivik has revealed the “hate” that characterizes all users of this loaded designation. They claim that anyone opposing “cultural Marxism” is expressing... Read More
Almost forty years ago, I had a conversation with a former classmate at Yale, who was praising the greater tolerance in the historical profession that had resulted from “the increasing presence of Jews, women and minorities”. I retorted that this improvement was entirely lost on me. Even then, I had noticed that whatever limited professional... Read More
Peter Brimelow once wrote that Canada can claim to have invented all modern political diseases. A recent column in the Canadian National Post [What happens when the heroes of the past meet the standards of today?, May 14, 2011] by Kathryn Blaze Carlson (email her) illustrates the Orwellian implications of the "multiculturalism" that Canada pioneered... Read More
Recently I received news from Srdja Trifkovic, author of the controversial work Sword of the Prophet, concerning the beating he's taken from the director of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer (who, despite his Anglo name, is a practicing Melkite Greek Catholic who says his grandparents were forced to emigrate from what is now Turkey). Although Spencer... Read More
A close friend of mine, Jost Bauch, who teaches general sociology and sociology of medicine as a part-time professor at the German University of Konstanz, has recently seen what he had of a career brought to a grinding halt. Probably because of his non-leftist views, which stand out in the leftist and anti-nationalist German university... Read More
John Derbyshire and Sam Tanenhaus are both middle-aged males living within a radius of thirty miles of Times Square. They also have recently written books on the straying of the American conservative movement; and New York Magazine has recommended both of their works to its readers. Each man has had considerable contact with the movement... Read More
Readers of VDARE.COM are urged to do what I recently asked of devotees of Lew Rockwell's website: Go out and buy my book, Conservatism in America: Making Sense of the American Right! Here's what VDARE.COM editor Peter Brimelow said in his eloquent blurb: There is no way that the combined liberal-
[Professor Gottfried delivered these remarks at a March 20 conference in honor to mark the publication of Shots Fired, a collection of the writings of the late Sam Francis.] Reviewing my summary for an advertisement of a book on the conservative movement soon to be published by Palgrave-Macmillan,[VDARE.COM note: You can pre-order it here] I... Read More
William F. Buckley, the former conservative pundit, celebrates his 81stbirthday today (November 24). His eightieth birthday last fall provided liberal journalists with an opportunity to praise someone who, according to Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne, had saved the Right from extremism. According to Dionne (Buckley: The Right's Practical Intellectual Washington Post, October 11, 2005, A17),... Read More
According to recent reports, French politician Jean Marie Le Pen is being summoned to a French court to stand trial a second time for remarks made to a reporter from the rightwing newspaper Rivarol in January 2005. In his controversial interview, Le Pen expressed the opinion that the German occupation of France "wasn't particularly inhumane,... Read More
The Greek historian Plutarch bequeathed to later generations a comparative study of Greek and Roman heroes known as Parallel Lives. This book was a favorite of one of my subjects, the very recently departed Samuel Francis (1947-2005). He gave it as a gift to my younger son. Plutarch's masterpiece is intended to teach us about... Read More
Hans-Hermann Hoppe is an economist at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and a brilliant libertarian polemicist in German and English, whose last book, Democracy: The God that Failed, has created excitement here and in Europe, Hoppe’s work defends immigration restriction and free trade, among other things. Last year, Hoppe offended the Thought Police... Read More
Earlier this year the Philadelphia Society, the conservative affinity group, elected neoconservative matriarch Midge Decter its president. The members apparently accepted their new leader happily and even applauded when she announced that she was not (nor had she ever been) a "neoconservative"— no one in Decter's family or social circle, the members were told, would... Read More
What is something that Salvatore Quasimodo, Naguib Mahfouz, Wole Soyinka, and last week Elfriede Jelinek all received—but which eluded Leo Tolstoy, James Joyce, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jorge Luis Borges, and Jean Raspail? The obvious answer: the Nobel Prize for Literature. All too often the Swedish Academy has bestowed the prize on deservedly obscure authors, while... Read More
[with apologies to Thomas Gray] Jonah Goldberg claims (NRO, July 19 Baby Cons in the Mist), in his response to the article on "young conservatives" published in theNew York Times, that author David Kirkpatrick had been insufficiently aware that "disagreements among conservatives have almostnothing to do with when they were born." [Young Right Tries to... Read More
Under the misleading headline "Anti-Semitic Attack in Paris" the New York Post (July 14) published a Reuters report that Indeed French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin appeared beside himself as he tried to cope with the "barbarous act" of racism—the robbing of the young woman and the drawing of a swastika on her stomach. Neither the... Read More
An interview in Ha'aretz (January 5) with Benny Morris, dean of Israel's "new historians," has unsettled the Israeli and European Left. Morris's book The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem (1987) argued that in 1948 between 600 and 750 thousand Palestinians were expelled from their homes, while others were massacred, as part of an Israeli... Read More
In his recent column "W's Immigration Plan: A New GOP" (New York Post, January 8), John Podhoretz congratulates President Bush for going to bat for amnesty. He assures us that the President "proposed a far-reaching, innovative and compassionate revision of American immigration policy." Furthermore, Bush "believes deeply, and correctly, that a Republican Party that continues... Read More
In a provocative essay in the New York Review of Books (October 23),"Israel: The Alternative," New York University historian Tony Judt [send him email] depicted the idea of an exclusively Jewish state as an"anachronism," "rooted in another time and place." He wrote: He went on: "But one nationalist movement, Zionism, was frustrated in its ambitions.... Read More
With the revelation that the chief suspect in the outing of CIA analyst Valerie Plame is I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff,aptly described by's Justin Raimondo as "the nexus of the neocon network in Washington," the neocon empire is now unmistakably under siege – and, in Libby's case at least, possibly... Read More
In an astoundingly silly remark made by a presumably intelligent man, veteran International Herald Tribune columnist William Pfaff asserted earlier this summer that American conservatives were "not particularly intelligent" through most of the twentieth century. He added In a truly devastating critique in the current issue of Chronicles Magazine (September 2003), Sam Francis demolishes these... Read More
How can something exist and not exist both at the same time? The answer: by being neoconservative. Since last winter, neoconservative columnists David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Max Boot, and John Podhoretz have been insisting that the word "neoconservative" is either a tautologous term for a right-winger or an anti-Semitic slur aimed at pro-Israeli conservative Jews.... Read More
Jonah Goldberg has complained (March 17) that if he had an Irish name (perhaps like his mother's maiden name?), malicious paleos would not be throwing it around. As someone who coined the term "Goldbergism" to describe current Beltway conservatism, and who has renamed National Review the "Goldberg Review," I thought I might try to explain... Read More
Media critics have been dumping on the new Civil War movie Gods and Generals, based on the novel by Jeff Shaara, in proportion to how jubilantly they've welcomed the HBO series Six Feet Under. The former is depicted as being in stilted Victorian language and a"shameless apologia for the Confederacy as a divinely inspired crusade... Read More
Martin Luther King has replaced Jesus Christ as the central figure in human redemptive history. This year's Holiday Season, as Christmas is now called, brought forth a torrent of neoconservative moralizing about King and the civil rights movement. One standout illustration: the December 12 syndicated column, "Trent Lott Must Resign," in which Charles Krauthammer told... Read More
On the same glorious day when the Wall Street Journal ran a feature piece by Straussian Peter Berkowitz [email him] instructing conservatives to surrender on Big Government and gay marriage [Conservative Survival in a Progressive Age, December 12 2012], another Conservatism Inc. mouthpiece had a second revelation: Jonah Goldberg , [Email him] once one of... Read More
I couldn't help guiltily paraphrasing the Irish nationalist poet W.B. Yeat's broodings on the 1916 Easter Rising when I read the news that Jonah Goldberg had been fired as online editor of what VDARE.COM has been amusing itself by calling the Goldberg Review. His oh-so-smooth masters aren't saying that, of course. But they wouldn't, would... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.