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The cover story in the German weekly Junge Freiheit, "The Debacle of the Union," was as predictable as it was elegiac. The center-right Christian Democratic-Christian Social Union coalition under Edmund Stoiber had botched the September 22 national election. It lost by two points when, given every economic indicator and the widespread dissatisfaction with immigration, it... Read More
Marching to the music of his Midtown Manhattan dinner companions, Bill Buckley, in a recent syndicated column, called on the US government to issue an ultimatum to the Iraqi government: either deliver your terrorists or face our collective anger. Although there is no available evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the September 11 bombings, according to... Read More
Lew Rockwell got it right when he introduced David Corn's commentary for The Nation (November 11) by explaining that Corn was "defending his fellow social democrats [the neocons]." Corn emphatically rejects Ronald Radosh's statements about a "convergence" between the anti-war Left and the isolationist Right. He also showers contempt on Buchanan's talk about the need... Read More
I couldn't help guiltily paraphrasing the Irish nationalist poet W.B. Yeat's broodings on the 1916 Easter Rising when I read the news that Jonah Goldberg had been fired as online editor of what VDARE.COM has been amusing itself by calling the Goldberg Review. His oh-so-smooth masters aren't saying that, of course. But they wouldn't, would... Read More
Having forced myself, for the sake of understanding the "conservative movement," to read the statement on the midterm election drafted by NR editors and made available online on November 6, I came away, like neoconservative publicist David Frum, struck by the "restrained" character of the new conservative wish list. Beyond the "first priority for Republicans,... Read More
Political junkies of my generation should recall The Emerging Republican Majority, that provocative investigation of electoral patterns that journalist Kevin Phillips brought out in the wake of the Goldwater debacle of 1964. According to Phillips, the GOP could still re-emerge as a majority party, if it put together a coalition of disaffected blue collar ethnic... Read More
I drafted the following defense after being passionately attacked by an outside evaluator who was supposedly assessing the department in which I teach about half of my courses. This evaluator, Shirley Anne Warshaw of Gettysburg College, spent about ten minutes out of a two-day visitation talking to me. She was apparently familiar with my writings,... Read More
On the same glorious day when the Wall Street Journal ran a feature piece by Straussian Peter Berkowitz [email him] instructing conservatives to surrender on Big Government and gay marriage [Conservative Survival in a Progressive Age, December 12 2012], another Conservatism Inc. mouthpiece had a second revelation: Jonah Goldberg , [Email him] once one of... Read More
Not all victims have equal propaganda value
In AC's Nov. 18 issue, Taki makes the observation about Daniel Goldhagen and the targets of Goldhagen's assaults that leftist, anti-Islamic author Salman Rushdie would have escaped ecclesiastical threats to his life had he "picked on Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular. Catholics will accept anything and everything including the libel that... Read More
Having worked my way through the neocon interpretations of la grande affaire, it may be appropriate to add my two cents, particularly since Lew Rockwell has been prodding me for some time to do so. Most striking about the present name-calling, arising from neocon efforts to punish Lott for jollying up Thurmond at his centennial... Read More
In the latest issue of the Mises Review, David Gordon has published an informative as well as flattering study of my new book on multiculturalism, in which he undertakes to investigate the pedigree of my historical analysis. David is correct about my drawing upon the political theories of Carl Schmitt and the German-Jewish historian of... Read More
Martin Luther King has replaced Jesus Christ as the central figure in human redemptive history. This year's Holiday Season, as Christmas is now called, brought forth a torrent of neoconservative moralizing about King and the civil rights movement. One standout illustration: the December 12 syndicated column, "Trent Lott Must Resign," in which Charles Krauthammer told... Read More
A question that might be worth asking is what exactly do the liberal media know about the intellectual Right. Do the New York Times' editors or the TV spinners of news have any awareness of real conservatives and real libertarians? Do liberals know about the non-neocon rightists who have created a vast running body of... Read More
However strange it may seem, I've begun to pity Jonah Goldberg. Despite the inherited silver spoon in his Beltway mouth, and despite his anointed status as one of Bill Buckley's handpicked successors, this pubescent verbalizer can go nowhere these days without running into detractors. I wish my acolytes would show this kid some respect and... Read More
This morning, when I turned on FoxNews for our three dogs, who seem to like the staccato sounds on Rupert Murdoch Central, I caught sight of the well-publicized visage of David Frum. Apparently Frum was being asked to comment on the Christian faith of George W. Bush, a spiritual disposition that had just received high... Read More
My cascading invectives may have suggested to some of my readers that I believe that neoconservatives provide a sufficient reason for the collapse of the American Right. If so, it may be necessary to offer clarification. Although neocon advocates of permanent revolution have dragged Trotskyist themes, along with other baggage, into the conservative movement, one... Read More
Media critics have been dumping on the new Civil War movie Gods and Generals, based on the novel by Jeff Shaara, in proportion to how jubilantly they've welcomed the HBO series Six Feet Under. The former is depicted as being in stilted Victorian language and a"shameless apologia for the Confederacy as a divinely inspired crusade... Read More
In his comment "Jews and the War: Listening to Ugly Losers" (NRO March 13, 2003), Jonah Goldberg comes closer to sounding coherent than he does in any other piece of his that I've read until now. Not to say that he's developed the dispassionate discourse style of a C.S. Lewis or a George Santayana. But... Read More
Responding to David Frum (who may soon become the first non-Catholic editor-in-chief of National Review) is a bit like wading through a cesspool. His writing is wall-to-wall toxic waste, though apparently smelly enough to scare Bob Novak into denouncing the "unknown" paleos with whom he was being linked. Novak assured his readers, before Frum went... Read More
The following response was written to a detailed review of Brian Bond's Trinity College Lectures dealing with the First World War. The reviewer Ted Rawes prepared his commentary for the twentieth-anniversary issue of the Salisbury Review, in which my rejoinder will appear during the summer. Nothing in my remarks should be interpreted as casting aspersions... Read More
Jonah Goldberg has complained (March 17) that if he had an Irish name (perhaps like his mother's maiden name?), malicious paleos would not be throwing it around. As someone who coined the term "Goldbergism" to describe current Beltway conservatism, and who has renamed National Review the "Goldberg Review," I thought I might try to explain... Read More
How can something exist and not exist both at the same time? The answer: by being neoconservative. Since last winter, neoconservative columnists David Frum, Jonah Goldberg, Max Boot, and John Podhoretz have been insisting that the word "neoconservative" is either a tautologous term for a right-winger or an anti-Semitic slur aimed at pro-Israeli conservative Jews.... Read More
Leo Strauss was not the wisest German refugee
In recent weeks articles have turned up in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Philadelphia Inquirer, Le Monde, Die Welt, and Boston Globe, linking the neo-conservatives in the Bush administration to University of Chicago political theorist Leo Strauss (1899-1973). Apparently, many of those who now advocate American imperial hegemony and a global democratic ideology,... Read More
In the summer issue of The Occidental Quarterly, my longtime friend Sam Francis undertakes to review my study of multiculturalism, with mixed results. Bluntly put, Dr. Francis drowns our methodological differences in a sea of bile. According to my esteemed critic, I have wrongly traced the managerial-therapeutic state to liberal Protestantism, into which I have... Read More
Conservatism in America Since 1930, edited by Gregory L. Schneider (New York: NYU Press, 2003), 446+X pp. Gregory L. Schneider, an associate professor of history at Emporia State University, has followed up his monograph on the conservative youth organization Young Americans for Freedom with this book of readings, and useful introductions, on American conservatism. As... Read More
My comments regarding Sam Francis and his review of my book have occasioned such a flood of responses that it might be helpful to offer these clarifications. Nowhere did I say that Dr. Francis had it coming when the Washington Times fired him, as a prize-winning columnist, for not sounding nice enough to designated minorities.... Read More
In an astoundingly silly remark made by a presumably intelligent man, veteran International Herald Tribune columnist William Pfaff asserted earlier this summer that American conservatives were "not particularly intelligent" through most of the twentieth century. He added In a truly devastating critique in the current issue of Chronicles Magazine (September 2003), Sam Francis demolishes these... Read More
With the revelation that the chief suspect in the outing of CIA analyst Valerie Plame is I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff,aptly described by's Justin Raimondo as "the nexus of the neocon network in Washington," the neocon empire is now unmistakably under siege – and, in Libby's case at least, possibly... Read More
A rant by neocon journalist Ralph Peters in the New York Post against the Germans as continuing fans of the Third Reich, whom we should never forgive and whose products we should never buy, provides two lessons. One, the neocon hatred of Germans, like their distaste for Southern whites (the same editorial section featured denunciations... Read More
In a provocative essay in the New York Review of Books (October 23),"Israel: The Alternative," New York University historian Tony Judt [send him email] depicted the idea of an exclusively Jewish state as an"anachronism," "rooted in another time and place." He wrote: He went on: "But one nationalist movement, Zionism, was frustrated in its ambitions.... Read More
In a provocative essay in the New York Review of Books, "Israel: The Alternative," Tony Judt depicts an exclusively Jewish state as an "anachronism," "rooted in another time and place." "Israel's ethno-religious self-identification and its discrimination against internal foreigners has always had more in common with, say, the practices of post-Habsburg Romania than either party... Read More
A repulsive article in the German paper Neue Westfälische (November 11, 2003) concerning my friend Johannes Rogalla von Bieberstein and his work on Jewish Bolshevism continues to grate. First of all, contrary to the ominous references to "the extremist tradition of thought," which Bieberstein supposedly incarnates, there is nothing in his book that is even... Read More
In a column for December 23, not yet online, about "the war we're in," Joe Sobran makes a correct point with questionable evidence. Allow me to preface my friendly criticism by noting the obvious. Whatever critical observation I offer is intended to generate useful discussion. My questions do not arise from any negative opinion about... Read More
In his recent column "W's Immigration Plan: A New GOP" (New York Post, January 8), John Podhoretz congratulates President Bush for going to bat for amnesty. He assures us that the President "proposed a far-reaching, innovative and compassionate revision of American immigration policy." Furthermore, Bush "believes deeply, and correctly, that a Republican Party that continues... Read More
An interview in Ha'aretz (January 5) with Benny Morris, dean of Israel's "new historians," has unsettled the Israeli and European Left. Morris's book The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem (1987) argued that in 1948 between 600 and 750 thousand Palestinians were expelled from their homes, while others were massacred, as part of an Israeli... Read More
Understandably, because Paul Gottfried is an editor of The American Conservative and so is John Zmirak, the magazine would not publish this letter to the editor. LRC is, of course, delighted to do so. John Zmirak (in The American Conservative) has written a forceful and timely defense of Mel Gibson's reverential cinematic treatment of The... Read More
The Chronicle of Higher Education To the editor: Context is everything, as I try to explain to my students and readers. In his indiscriminate digs at me, Alan Wolfe seems to ignore this maxim entirely. He lashes out at me for such decontextualized sins as putting quotation marks around fascism and for daring to say... Read More
My recent frustrating experiences with the Chronicle of Higher Education have driven home why establishment publications do not have to allow the victim of its attacks to respond. The multicultural Left no longer has to worry about bourgeois proprieties, seeing that it is now in firm control of a media-academic empire. It does of course... Read More
At last The Chronicle of Higher Education has published my response to Alan Wolfe's charges against me (in its May 5 issue), together with what seems a repetition of this eminent sociologist's earlier complaints. I am soft on fascism because I place quotation marks around that term. I also have the habit of "defending" Holocaust-deniers,... Read More
Reading Ron Paul's magnificent dissent from House Resolution 676 and its intended celebration of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 shows the kind of reeducation (in the good sense) that we on the non-Left have to undertake to combat the managerial therapeutic regime. Contrary to the recent happy talk from paleos, the neocon establishment is... Read More
Under the misleading headline "Anti-Semitic Attack in Paris" the New York Post (July 14) published a Reuters report that Indeed French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin appeared beside himself as he tried to cope with the "barbarous act" of racism—the robbing of the young woman and the drawing of a swastika on her stomach. Neither the... Read More
Since the New York Post has begun to imitate its neocon parent publication the Wall Street Journal, by not printing responses from genuinely conservative readers, I have appealed to Lew Rockwell to include this unpublished letter on his website. To the editor: Robert A. George wrote a perceptive commentary (July 16) on what Bush and... Read More
[with apologies to Thomas Gray] Jonah Goldberg claims (NRO, July 19 Baby Cons in the Mist), in his response to the article on "young conservatives" published in theNew York Times, that author David Kirkpatrick had been insufficiently aware that "disagreements among conservatives have almostnothing to do with when they were born." [Young Right Tries to... Read More
Fred Reed and I have what seems to be a shared problem, receiving hallucinatory notes from anti-Semitic readers who insist, "the Jews are behind everything." Perhaps I should feel honored that despite my family's flight from the Nazis, I have been taken into the confidence of non-Jews who have the same grip on reality as... Read More
Those who stay up nights (and I know such people) agonizing over the thought of anti-Semitism polluting our media should applaud the approach to this problem taken by Julia Gorin, a contributing editor of, in her comments on the epithet "neocon" for the Wall Street Journal's According to Julia (given my age I'm... Read More
The Church Confronts Modernity: Catholic Intellectuals and the Progressive Era, Thomas E. Woods Jr., Columbia University Press, 228 pages. A thoughtful historian (who I discovered to my embarrassment is younger than my son), Thomas Woods produced most of this book while still in his mid-twenties. Although obviously influenced here by the conservative Catholic position he... Read More
What is something that Salvatore Quasimodo, Naguib Mahfouz, Wole Soyinka, and last week Elfriede Jelinek all received—but which eluded Leo Tolstoy, James Joyce, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jorge Luis Borges, and Jean Raspail? The obvious answer: the Nobel Prize for Literature. All too often the Swedish Academy has bestowed the prize on deservedly obscure authors, while... Read More
Earlier this year the Philadelphia Society, the conservative affinity group, elected neoconservative matriarch Midge Decter its president. The members apparently accepted their new leader happily and even applauded when she announced that she was not (nor had she ever been) a "neoconservative"— no one in Decter's family or social circle, the members were told, would... Read More
An increasingly acrimonious debate with the master of a conservative website concerning neoconservative intolerance impels me to spell out my views on this subject once again. I have been told repeatedly that my reports about neoconservative offenses against me have been fabricated. If that series of misdeeds had indeed taken place, I would not be... Read More
Having participated this weekend in an Internet discussion courtesy of Paul Craig Roberts, it seems to me that "fascist" is bandied about on the right in the same careless way as one finds on the left. Note that the anti—New Deal American Right in the thirties fell over themselves denouncing FDR and his minions as... Read More
Paul Gottfried
About Paul Gottfried

Paul Edward Gottfried (b. 1941) has been one of America's leading intellectual historians and paleoconservative thinkers for over 40 years, and is the author of many books, including Conservatism in America (2007), The Strange Death of Marxism (2005), After Liberalism (1999), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt (2002), and Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America (2012) . A critic of the neoconservative movement, he has warned against the growing lack of distinctions between the Democratic and Republican parties and the rise of the managerial state. He has been acquainted with many of the leading American political figures of recent decades, including Richard Nixon and Patrick Buchanan. He is Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and a Guggenheim recipient.