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Israel Lobby

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Whites have a stellar IQ compared to Blacks; this is an idea one often encounters in the writing of my esteemed colleagues on But when the country, the USA, was in dire need, the only person who dared to step forward into the line of fire was not a smart white guy, but a... Read More
Harvard scientists insisted last year we had been visited by guests from a galaxy far, far away. Well, almost. The suspected spacecraft Oumuamua first drew close to the earth, but then it accelerated, sped by our planet and disappeared somewhere into Deep Space. What went wrong? Why did the little green men of Vega, the... Read More
And the Russian Warning Over Syria
As a new military confrontation over Syria is impending, thought out by Israel, prepared by the British and executed by the US, the West’s future depends greatly upon two mavericks, the US President Donald Trump and the UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn. These two men are as different as you can make. One is for... Read More
No, the freshly-minted British Duchess of Sussex, Meghan is not Jewish. She’s been married to a Jewish producer (@hertoo!), this is the nearest. Still, the cry Messiah is here! sounded in the British Jewish community, for they had a great run of success. They proved at court that a dead Jew is better than a... Read More
(Will Syria Be Partitioned?)
Russia avoided the Syrian quagmire despite dire predictions. Putin minimised his footprint, his war is almost over, ISIL has been defeated. Trump could also exclaim “Mission is completed!” – and fly home. But it seems he is eager to rush in where angels fear to tread. Trump does not mind doing for the Israeli Prime... Read More
Palestine with its wonderful rolling landscapes and venerable old olive trees, - some of them planted by Mary’s own hands, by the Virgin, Mother of Jesus Christ, the Palestinian peasant woman who owned a plot of olive orchard near present Cremisan Convent in Beit Jalla, still bearing Her name; Palestine with its sturdy mountain folk,... Read More
May 5, 2016: Ultra-Zionist Billionaire Megadonor Sheldon Adelson attends 4th annual champions of Jewish values international awards gala at Marriott Marquis Times Square
Once in a while, an observer notices a concerted Jewish action, and reports on it pro bono publico. It could be that Jews support Third-world immigration, or Jews fight the memorials, or, in the recent case, Jews promote the war on Iran. The Jews respond with a huge vehement counterattack and make life very difficult... Read More
Colour revolutions usually occur only in the countries blessed with a US diplomatic presence. You need an American embassy to find the perspective ruler to be uplifted by a human swell and placed on the throne; you need an American embassy to bring in enough cash to cover expenses of the organised mayhem; you need... Read More
President Trump had paid a hefty advance to the Jews. He did (almost) all they wanted for their Jewish state: he promised to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem thus legalising their annexation of the holy city; he condoned their illegal settlements, he gave them starred positions in his administration; he told the... Read More
I learned of Trump’s choice for his ambassador in Tel Aviv ten days before it was announced (and published that in Russian), so I had enough time to discuss the nominee with Palestinians and Israelis, as well as with Russian diplomats. The nomination of David Friedman horrified liberal Israelis, cheered Palestinian activists, befogged the Israeli... Read More
Crush Rush /
You have to pay obeisance to Israel if you want to become the US President. You have to swear your full compliance with Israel’s demands. You have to run to AIPAC and declare your eternal love of the Jewish state. This is a truism, like “Monsieur de la Palisse was alive fifteen minutes before his... Read More
I received a letter from the Arts Editor of the Morning Star asking for my permission to re-publish my popular essay on the Pussy Riot: I gave my permission immediately, and they published it – and took it down in a few hours under pressure of the Jewish Lobby. The Lobby had a good reason... Read More
Every second headline with the word “Jews” in it also has the word “Outrage”. In 0.27 seconds the Google search engine discovered 8,230,000 hits for the search term “outraged Jews”, as if there are fifty outraged Jews for every outraged Frenchman. The reasons for the Jewish outrage are all over the globe, although the French... Read More
The Jewish-Zionist Lobby is losing its unique power, and is well on its way to being defeated
American movies often act as an oracle on the country’s future policies. They bombarded the Dune before bombing Tora Bora, they Wagged the Dog before attacking Serbia and they dropped the Big Apple towers on the screen not long before they did it for real. Is the Prince of Persia, a new movie from Hollywood,... Read More
[An updated Talk at Teramo University, Italy, May 2010] The Turks did it! The world as we know it has changed with the new-found independence of Turkey. Within one month, this erstwhile American semi-colony under the charismatic leadership ofRecep Erdogan has made two strong moves that have brought it to the forefront of policy-making: Together... Read More
The honeymoon President Barack Obama has enjoyed with the media since his inauguration was abruptly over – after the Cairo Speech. After his promise of peace with the Islamic world, in no time this savior of America, the man who said Yes, We Can became increasingly lonely and besieged by an unlikely coalition of Zionists,... Read More
The Iranian drama was a good thing, because after years ofdemonisation, Iranians looked human to the Western audience. Even McCain bewept the killed Iranian girl, though yesterday he would gladly“bomb, bomb, bomb” her and millions of her sisters into oblivion. Glenn Greenwald noted “the "Bomb Iran" contingent's newfound concern for The Iranian People” saying: “Imagine... Read More
Obama’s Cairo speech was a thing of great beauty. It had the best production, best actor, best script we have seen for many years, it deserves the Oscar of Oscars. America’s ruling elites have pulled up their socks and gotten their country the best leader to improve the rundown image. Obama is a next-generation model... Read More
In the art of surveillance, there is a cunning ploy familiar to the readers of Le Carre: the target is followed by a clumsy gumshoe; he discovers he is being tailed, easily shakes the tail off and goes on, feeling secure and unobserved. Unbeknownst to him, there are other detectives who stick to him like... Read More
Review of Stephen Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal
A much needed if scary book is about to be published by I.H.S. Press, the same people who publishedThe Neoconned! Stephen Sniegoski follows the Rise and Rise of the Neocons, of the people who created Bin Laden, bombed Belgrade, gave you the Iraqi War and the Patriot Act; the people who boasted: “Creative destruction is... Read More
Israel Shamir about a new paper by Joachim Martillo
Joachim Martillo wrote an important paper called Judonia Rising: The Israel Lobby and American Society, purporting to explain, “What the Israel Lobby Really Is”. He spoke with Stephen Walt, of Walt and Mearsheimer fame, he followed the discussions of Philip Weiss, he corresponded with Noam Chomsky and Joseph Massad, he had read Israel Shamir’s Pardes... Read More
The inhabitants of a stately house are embroiled in endless squabbling; the maids are getting snippy, the engagement ring has been returned and the cook has sent in his resignation. Into the midst of battle strides the confident and clever valet Jeeves (played by Stephen Fry in the BBC series), who successfully brings peace to... Read More
Publication of Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is a great event for America and for all of us. It's not that Carter said anything we did not already know about Palestine. Before Carter, we already knew that the Zionists had established a racist apartheid regime in the Holy Land where Jews have rights, and... Read More
(follow-up of Russia Hesitates with readers’ responses) Unwillingly, the world rolls down to a next bout of war, as Israel and the US are pushing for sanctions on Iran. Of the great powers, the UK seems to follow orders of Washington, Germany is unable to say “no” to Jews, while France is about to elect... Read More
Israel and the US, the terrible Siamese twins conjoined by their Jewish communities, are on the warpath. The usually knowledgeable Uzi Mahanaimi wrote in the Sunday Times that the plans have beenlaid out, and preparations are being completed for the resumption of the war on Syria and Iran temporarily stopped by the Hezbullah fighters in... Read More
Greg Palast, a "Chomsky for Dummies" and "a slim Michael Moore", emerged as an apologist for the Jews and an accuser of...
I always had a problem with Greg Palast. Apparently this critic of Bush and Blair, an opponent of the war in Iraq, who wrote for the Guardian and the Observer is a man on our side, a good left-wing guy. He is apparently against the corporations, against the neoliberal setup; some of his ideas are... Read More
If there could be too few Jews, accordingly there could be too many Jews…
A major share of the world media is concentrated in Jewish hands, well beyond the wild dreams of the mythic “Elders” and this share is growing daily. In Chile and Argentina, inKazakhstan and Canada, even in far-away Finland with its tiny Jewish community, the key media belongs to Jews. In Russia every outrage of independence-seeking... Read More
Articles of Justin Raimondo, and especially this one, Neocons War for Israel, (see below) are music to my ears. After all, he says what we said all the time, that the Iraqi war is a part and parcel of the Battle for Palestine. The case of Neocons, of Likudniks in the American establishment and their... Read More
When an author and an editor of a left-wing magazine repeats word-perfect the last speech of Ashcroft at ADL New York, it can't but cause some eyebrow twitching. That is the case with recent condemnation of 'antisemitism' by Nat Weinstein[1] on pages of The Socialist Viewpoint, a high-quality magazine consistently supporting democracy in Palestine... Read More
Censorship in Modern France
The story of the short life and untimely demise of my book l’Autre Visage d’Israël – the French translation of The Galilee Flowers is an interesting case of study in Jewish influence in France. Its main characters are:- a good man, Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers- the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois, ex-chairman of Calmann-Levy,... Read More
The reckless words of the Malaysian PM sent waves around the globe and caused some quite unexpected consequences. For sure, the US Congress objected to the unheard-of idea of Jewish influence, and approved a multibillion loan to Israel. JINSA rejected Dr M’s saying the Jews promote wars, for the wars promoted by the Jews are... Read More
Exegesis of Besson
In Luc Besson's delightful film, The Fifth Element (with perfect Milla Jovovich and supreme Bruce Willis), an absolutely evil force, the Shadow, Messenger of Death, comes from Outer Space to destroy human life on our planet. It is impervious to bombs and missiles, and regardless of what people do, it closes in, and its cover... Read More
A new spectre haunts America. It enters the well-protected boardrooms of newspapers and banks, shakes the deep foundations of its towers. It is the spectre of glasnost: the dark secret of Jewish power is out. Just recently it was ‘third rail’, touch-and-die, deadly dangerous to mention, certain end to a career. Just recently, Joe Public... Read More
I America prepares for a long war. It is called ‘the war on terrorism’, but the name has no meaning but ‘a war on the enemy’. Noam Chomsky gave a witty definition, “terrorism is what they do to us”. However, in the course of this war, thousands of our brothers by Adam and Eve will... Read More
The Viennese Jewish shrinks decided to disinvite the American Palestinian Professor Edward Said, who had been called to lecture them in memory of Sigmund Freud. The Professor had been seen throwing a stone towards an Israeli border. The psychiatrists said it speaks a lot about his subconscious. They would never throw a rock, as the... Read More
Israel Shamir
About Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir has written extensively on public affairs, primarily relating to the Israel/Palestine conflict and Russia, including three books, Galilee Flowers, Cabbala of Power and Masters of Discourse available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, and Hungarian.

He describes himself as a native of Novosibirsk, Siberia, who he moved to Israel in 1969, served as paratrooper in the army and fought in the 1973 war, afterwards turning to journalism and writing. During the late 1970s, he joined the BBC in London later living in Japan. After returning to Israel in 1980, Shamir wrote for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz, and was the Knesset spokesman for the Israel Socialist Party (Mapam), also translating and annotating the cryptic works of S.Y. Agnon, the only Hebrew Nobel Prize winning writer, from the original Hebrew into Russian.

His perspective on the Israel/Palestine conflict was summed up in The Pine and the Olive, published in 1988 and republished in 2004. That same year, he was received in the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Land, being baptised Adam by Archbishop Theodosius Attalla Hanna. He now lives in Jaffa and spends much time in Moscow and Stockholm; he is father of three sons.