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Rupert Murdoch

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Hong Kong gossip has it that the first time Wendi Deng met her future husband Rupert Murdoch, she accidentally-on-purpose spilled red wine on his trousers. Recounted by the Australian journalist Eric Ellis, the story is probably apocryphal, but it still captures something important: she is the sort of person other people like to tell stories... Read More
A lot of people profess scorn for Rupert Murdoch. Fine: There's nothing like having your enemies underestimate you.
DESPITE RUMORS TO THE contrary, Rupert Murdoch was not interested in buying the Washington Star before Time Inc. decided last month to fold it. Similarly, Murdoch has not joined such newspaper combines ad Knight-Ridder, Dow Jones and the New York Times Co. in their eagerness to pay multiples of asset values for cable television properties.... Read More
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