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Percentages who think jockeys should be allowed to whip their horses: The survey was conducted in the San Diego metropolitan area so it's not necessarily nationally representative and the black sample was too small for the survey to report on. The low Asian figure is the only thing I find surprising about the results. And... Read More
Mocking flatists is racial dog whistling. It's misogynistic, too: Globularism is white supremacy. Which Democrat presidential candidate has the courage to call out the ubiquitous flatism plaguing this country? My money is on Marianne Williamson, though there's a real opportunity for Warren to shore up an electoral weakness. If she's astute enough to seize it... Read More
My most perspicacious contribution--okay, okay my only perspicacious contribution!--to the collective understanding of the American political landscape is starkly identifying how the Democrat presidential nomination runs right through the middle of the black vote. Black primary voters and caucus goers have been close to monolithic in their electoral behavior since 2008. Though Clinton beat Obama... Read More
From YouGov: "Not sure" responses are excluded, so the residual for each demographic category is the percentage opposed to covering illegal aliens. Even with wording slanted as favorably towards providing 'free' healthcare for illegals--nothing about the healthcare being paid for by American citizens, and euphemistically referring to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants--the position every single... Read More
Deicide may not be driving the Great Awokening, but He's a casualty of the revival. From the GSS, theistic orientation among white liberals over time: The percentage of white liberals who are atheist or agnostic has more than doubled over the last three decades; the percentage who are firm believers has correspondingly been cut in... Read More
From YouGov, the percentages who favor overturning the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling declaring unconstitutional racial segregation in public schools. "Not sure" responses, constituting 21% of the total, are excluded so that the residuals are the percentages who favor allowing the ruling to stand unchallenged: This is a question for which full cross-tabs... Read More
From YouGov, the percentages of people who correctly identified the current unemployment rate and some rudimentary facts about the three branches of the US federal government. By sex: By race: The potential responses to these questions were presented in a multiple-choice format. The unemployment question had five possible answers. Respondents could also cop to not... Read More
Ha! Video here. And forgive me a little puerility on a Friday night, won't you?
From YouGov, the gift that keeps on giving--material to me and migraines to many of you--contemporary support for busing "to achieve racial balance in public schools", by selected demographic characteristics. "Not sure" responses are excluded. Consequently, residual values indicate percentages opposed to busing: Busing appears to be a winning issue in the Democrat primaries and... Read More
J1234 writes: The GSS doesn't ask respondents about the ages of their children but it does ask about whether or not they have any. Mean support for mandated busing from 1972 through 1996: As previously noted, support for busing steadily increased over the period of time in question. The figures above are averages for the... Read More
Busing? Really? She's winning the battle to lose the war--if she's still standing for South Carolina after suburban and rural white Iowa and New Hampshire, that is. That's what I thought to myself as I watched Kamala Harris tear into Joe Biden for his opposition to federally-mandated busing half a century ago, anyway. No way... Read More
From an article on Nike's decision to pull the Betsy Ross flag shoes, an assertion that has cropped up in virtually every treatment of the controversial decision by the corporate media: By who, and where? While I'm certainly no expert on white nationalism, I was aware of It's okay to be white, NPCs, and clown... Read More
From the same YouGov poll, the percentages who say gun control is either "not very important" or "not at all important, by sex, age, race, and political orientation: The survey doesn't ask for rank ordering of issues so there is a strong tendency for assigning high levels of importance to virtually everything (with gay rights... Read More
A recent in-depth YouGov poll contains a fascinating series of questions about perceived differences in which major political party cares more about members of various demographic groups than the other does. In most cases, self-identified Democrats say Democrats care more about the group in question and self-identified Republicans say Republicans care more about the group... Read More
From another great in-depth YouGov poll comes percentages people, by selected demographic characteristics, who favor the US Census asking people whether or not they are American citizens. "Not sure" responses, constituting 14% of the total pool, are excluded. The graph thus shows the percentages who support the question being asked while the residual values indicate... Read More
The two post-debate polls that have been conducted indicate as much. Combining results from CNN and Quinnipiac yields the following: Biden -- 22% Harris -- 18.5% Warren -- 14.5% Sanders -- 13.5% Buttigieg is in a distant fifth, at 3.5%, and the rest of the field is at 3% or less. Mayor Pete was well... Read More
For those who feel compelled to attend public protests and rallies, there are a hundred ways things can go wrong and only one way things can go right. To realize the latter, a person has to be willing to take one for the team and capture it happening on video. Public sympathy will always be... Read More
From the large YouGov survey tapped earlier this week, the following graphs show net sentiment among Americans towards thirteen other countries, by race and by partisan affiliation. Net sentiment is calculated by taking the percentages who identify a country as an "ally" and multiplying by two, taking the percentages who identify a country as "friendly",... Read More
The night was clearly Kamala's. "As the only black person on stage, I would like to speak on the issue of race." And then she tossed and gored Biden, who, being a pale white male, had no way to counter. A prediction made here several months ago has held up well: On at least one... Read More
- Was immigration good for American Indians? - Were the Founding Fathers white supremacists? - Polls show women are less pro-choice than men. Why do you think that is? - Should American citizens be able to speak English? - Should your party nominate another white person? Isn't important that the nominee reflects the voters it... Read More
The replacements are primarily visual and audible in nature now, but tactile stimulation is just around the corner. In fact, it has already moved passed the seminal (heh) stage. The percentages of men who have ever paid for (or have ever been paid for) sex is on the decline: Orthogonally, I suspect it unlikely anyone... Read More
YouGov released the results of in-depth opinion polling a few days ago. It contains quite a few items of interest, so what follows is a brief discussion of them. - Hispanics express the most satisfaction with the direction the US is going. Net positive direction scores--computed by taking the percentages who say the US is... Read More
A question about whether or not gay pride parades are sexualized? Could there really be uncertainty about that? Way back in the dark ages of the late oughts, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton expressed hidebound opposition to same-sex marriage and retrograde support for marriage traditionally defined, people who asserted that normalizing homosexuality would lead... Read More
The percentages of adult men up to the age of 40 who had not had sex at all during the previous year, by selected demographics: Jews get a bad rap for putative sexual perversion, but that reeks of jealousy to me! Parenthetically, it's worth noting that the Jewish sample (n = 89) is the smallest... Read More
Distinguishing parody from reality is becoming more difficult by the day. It's why the clown world meme has caught on so well, I suppose: The account has been suspended. That doesn't offer much in the way of determining whether it's sincere or sardonic, though. She could be a true-believing midwit casualty or she could have... Read More
Invaluable electoral advice for Republican politicians ahead of the 2020 elections, magnanimously offered free of charge from our humble outpost here at UR: Bonus: Persia doesn't get wrecked and America First doesn't mean thousands of American lives and trillions of American dollars squandered attacking a country that poses no threat to us.
The percentage of men under the age of 30 who report not having had sex in at least a year came in at 28% in 2018, the highest figure ever recorded in that age range since the survey first began asking about sexual frequency in the late eighties (N = 2,818). From 1989 through 2012,... Read More
How rare are family units made up of an interracial gay couple with an adopted daughter of a third race? One in a million? One in ten million? My pop culture knowledge is thin, but I do recall a similar arrangement in Modern Family (sans the interracial coupling). Gay men adopting a son is potentially... Read More
Inexplicably, a demographic breakdown of views on George Zimmerman's acquittal in the case of Trayvon Martin's death has to this point not been provided here. Better late than never! The following comes from a Reuters-Ipsos poll conducted in the summer of 2013. "Neither agree nor disagree" and "don't know" answers, given by one-quarter of respondents,... Read More
The GSS scale does not include descriptors like progressive or socialist, so liberal is as woke as the survey gets (for now): Note the y-axis starts at 25 and ends at 75. I have an aesthetic preference for focusing on where the action is, deal with it! Nearly 3-in-4 white Democrats now self-describe as liberal.... Read More
Though the GSS has asked about the desired legality of abortion since the survey's inception, it explicitly asked about the perceived morality of the practice for the first time in 2018. The following graph shows the two-way distribution--morally opposed or not--of responses across a host of demographic characteristics: "It depends" responses are excluded. This likely... Read More
Suggested search completions: From Trends, results for the top four most queried "it's okay to be X" phrases suggested by Google, and results for one problematic iteration not included among the ten autofill suggestions: Even though the assertion that being white is "okay"--when it's obviously genocidal, exploitative, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, bigoted, racist, transphobic, hateful,... Read More
Just as the Latinization of the US does not bode well for Jews, an increasingly non-white America does not bode well for things putatively most concerning to white leftists: The Green trend is even more pronounced on the other side of the Atlantic. The migration crisis is even more pronounced there, too. Do Green voters... Read More
As has been stated here several times over the years, abortion may become a winning 'hot-button' social issue for Republicans. Scientific and technological progress doesn't bode well for the pro-choice position, especially the harm dimension of morality. It is a dimension leftists put greater emphasis on than others do. New media is exposing another vulnerability... Read More
Per SFG's request, the subsequent graph compares self-reported happiness among single men without children to married men with children. The happiness gap is even wider among men than it is among women on these dimensions: Additionally, the percentage of single men without children who report experiencing poor mental health (defined as “stress, depression, and problems... Read More
The following graph and table show the number of The New York Times articles over the last decade mentioning a country at least once per 100,000 people residing in said country. Countries with fewer than one million inhabitants are excluded: Country As/100kppl 1) Israel 289.5 2) Ireland 215.7 3) Hong Kong 196.8 4) Qatar 185.0... Read More
From, the percentages of respondents in the US who express a partisan affiliation other than Republican or Democrat: The differences are modest (notice the y-axis begins at 20%)--but I did the digging so may as well share what I found--with the only sharp dividing line along sex. Women tend to be more conformist than... Read More
Where do we come up with a thought like that? From what people tell us, that's where. For the first time in 2018, the GSS asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the assertion that natural environments tend to be uninteresting. The results wouldn't surprise Teddy Roosevelt anymore than they should surprise Al Gore:... Read More
Replicability crisis alert: This compilation is shockingly homogeneous for a woke top news site to have put together. Probably just an oversight that such a mendaciously anti-natalist video features whites exclusively. Don't worry about it. Just keep leaning in, beckies. And remember--you only live once! But I digress. Regarding the replicability issue, the following graph... Read More
In the 2018 iteration of the survey, the GSS asked a new question about what kind of company people would prefer to work for. Participants were given three possible responses to choose from--1) "a company in which the government owns the stock and appoints the management to run the company's operations", 2) "a company whose... Read More
The GSS surveyed 95 people who voted for Obama in 2012 and for Trump in 2016. The sample is obviously suboptimally small. Still, the demographic characteristics of this contingent of people whose modest size will have a disproportionately large impact on the annals of The Decline and Fall of the American Empire that the Sinitic... Read More
Remittances from the United States to Mexico totaled nearly $32 billion last year. Exporting social problems in return for tens of billions of dollars and political influence in another country is an impressive bit of statesmanship. Too bad the US doesn't have someone able to artfully pull off a masterful kind of deal like the... Read More
The new moderation system seems to be working fairly well now. One request: Please enter the same email address each time you comment under your chosen handle. Those are the two inputs I'm using for auto-approval. It doesn't need to be a real email address, but it does need to a consistent one.
Beats me: The price spike at the end of 2017 corresponded to a surge in search volume interest about how to get in on the action. Many of the people who drove that surge in search interest were immediately wiped out for their trouble. A fool and his money... The ability for whales to manipulate... Read More
Third trimester abortions are really unpopular. Support for an unconditional legal ban on all abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy, by selected demographic characteristics with "unsure" responses--constituting 12.5% of the total--excluded: Women present a bigger threat to a woman's right to choose than men do. Who knew? Never underestimate The Patriarchy's capacity for instilling... Read More
One thing that keeps coming up in contemporary American polling data is how, once race is taken into account, the correlation between age and partisan affiliation is either non-existent or even the inverse of what has tended to be the case over the last several decades. From the enormous--albeit not scientifically survey database, two-way... Read More
[edit: The original graphic has been replaced with the one below on account of my error in initially using "anti-gay" instead of "homophobia". Thanks to German_Reader for the correction.] The number of articles in The New York Times over the last decade containing at least one instance of selected phrases with an anti- prefix: A... Read More
One oft-ignored aspect on the abortion front of the culture war is how the culturally dominant pro-choice position is driven primarily by white leftists. The sentiments of black and Hispanic Democrats are closer to those of white independents and even white Republicans (29.3% support, combined with independents in the graph below) than they are to... Read More
There is some evidence that support for Trump appears to be stronger among younger blacks than among older ones. To the extent that is true, though, it does not appear to be carrying over to the GOP more broadly. From, self-identified partisan affiliation among American blacks, by age, in a two-option format (Republican or... Read More