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Recent Rasmussen poll: I wrote about this as a return to pre-Soviet norms back in February: No, this doesn't appear to be on account of Republican/conservative infatuation with Putler, as /r/politics and the Blue Checkmarks would have you believe. Op
Levine and Norenzayan 1999 - The Pace of Life in 31 Countries Hilarious that the country with the most accurate clocks was... Switzerland. Chalk up one more victory for stereotypes. Unsurprisingly there's an evident correlation with measures of future time orientation in general.
I am pretty bad with these puns. But this one might just be SSC-worthy. One of my goals for the rest of Anti-Bolshevik Month is to write a comprehensive alternate history in which the Russian Republic survives WW1. Randall Parker's question on Twitter: "Imagine a time traveler goes back to 1913 and kill Hitler, Stalin,... Read More
Though presented as an anti-corruption campaign, there's no real doubt that it is politically motivated (at any rate MbS sure enjoys the sweet life himself). I agree with Alexander Mercouris (read his excellent article) that the intent is to transform Saudi Arabia from the nepotistic monarchy it is today to a modernizing autocracy centered around... Read More
Just came back from a workshop on "Intelligence and Culture as Factors of National Competitiveness" organized by the Institute of Psychology RAS. The most interesting presentation was by Konstantin Sugonyev, which may be published in a forthcoming paper. It concerned the following test: This is a test on the Russian Defense Ministry's website, where... Read More
Communist Russophilia in all its glory. I have some important work non-blog related tasks to do up until Nov 16 so there'll be a temporary halt to my posts deconstructing the Red ideology, but rest assured that this important mission will be resumed. Speaking of that. Recently met up with a couple of elderly relatives,... Read More
Inflation is now at 2.7% as of October 2017, down from double-digit rates three years ago and overshooting the Central Bank of Russia's 4% target for this year. This constitutes an all-time post-Soviet low. This is in large part thanks to the hawkish monetary policy of CBR head Elvira Nabiullina, and indirectly of Putin, who... Read More
Pavel Ryzhenko (2008): Umbrella. The latest in our series of translations of Russian national-conservative intellectual Egor Kholmogorov, as promised. In his latest article, published at Vzglyad, Kholmogorov demolishes twelve myths about the Bolshevik revolution, using a recent article by the Russian novelist Zakhar Prilepin as a foil. Why Prilepin? Who is he, anyway? You won't... Read More
Westerners have semi-legitimate reasons to like Lenin. Hard-headed proponents of Realpolitik and plain old vanilla Russophobes might appreciate his role in crippling Russia relative to what it could have been in the 20th century (i.e. a full-spectrum challenger to the American order, instead of Upper Volta with missiles). The increasing popular strains of SJW leftism... Read More
There is a general consensus that Stalin was a sadistic tyrant. But the ghost of his predecessor remains "handshakeworthy" on the left hand side of the political spectrum. The SWPLy bobos of Seattle, who would not have been long for the Communist world, erected a statue to him in the city center. The New York... Read More
So the leader of Russia's Communist Party (KPRF) Zyuganov and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov have gotten into a bit of a spat over whether or not Lenin should be buried. Zyuganov thinks calls to bury Lenin are "idle chatter," and apparently believes that the Great Revolution "ended in a practically bloodless manner." Kadyrov begged to... Read More
It will be the centenary of the October Revolution in a couple of days - the original color revolution that finished off a great and rapidly modernizing empire and handed power to a gang of Russia-hating criminals. To mark the occasion, the next two weeks I will be documenting the dismal failure of sovok across... Read More
Richard Spencer and some other Alt Righters wanted to hold an NPI conference in Budapest on October 3-5, 2014 in honor of BASED Hungary. It... didn't quite work out as planned. Jared Taylor: Report from Budapest (Updated) Radix: The First Identitarian Congress Richard Spencer and one other person was detained in uncomfortable conditions for a... Read More
The World Bank has just released its Ease of Doing Business data for 2018 (report PDF; rankings; historical data in Excel) I wrote about why good scores on this indicator are pretty useful two years ago: First, elites pay a lot of attention to it. Several countries – including Russia, Kazakhstan, and India – have... Read More
FOX: Yes, the likes of Breitbart are going to (justifiably) ask what exactly Sayfullo Saipov was doing on a diversity visa in the United States. But at least there's some kind of visa involved, even though America is on the other side of the world from Central Asia. Russia doesn't even bother with a visa... Read More
On October 26, Almazbek Atambaev, the outgoing President of Kyrgyzstan, signed a decree replacing the November 7 celebrations of the October revolution with a “Day of History and Remembrance.” The “history” and “remembrance” in question refers to the Urkun, the Kyrgyz name for their 1916 revolt against Tsarist Russia. Here is an extract from the... Read More
Spanish Occupation Government strikes back! So as you're probably aware, The Unz Review had a prolonged server crash. The data was unrecoverable, so Ron had to revert to an earlier backup, losing about a day's worth of comments. Apologies about that, but really, it's GoDaddy's fault. None of us are very happy with them. One... Read More
Kulivets & Ushakov – 2016 – Modeling Relationship between Cognitive Abilities and Economic Abstract: It's well established that there is a very close correlation between average national IQ and GDP per capita, especially when corrected for resource windfalls and Communism.
Russian nationalists and "patriots" - much like the "Alt Right" and Alt Lite in the United States - each have their own media ecosystems, though overlap is inevitable. As in the United States, "patriotism" is at least an order of magnitude more prevalent than nationalism (indeed, it is one of the defining strands of Putinist... Read More
An anti-Putin journalist gets her throat slashed by an intruder forcing his way into one of the last bastions of "free, independent journalism" in Russia. As if that wasn't enough, it came on the background of a recent Russian TV geopolitical drama series called "The Sleepers" - sort of a Russian analogue of "The Americans"... Read More
We seem to be doing pretty well, if SimilarWeb stats are anything to go by. The Unz Review is clearly the dominant website amongst the "Intellectual Dissident Right" (we are far ahead of VDARE, Takimag, and are even catching up on the normies at The American Cuckservative). It is also strongly competitive amongst the "Intellectual... Read More
* The legendary Major General Issam Zahreddine was blown up by a land mine in Deir ez-Zor. What damn bad luck. Surviving an ISIS siege for three years, only to go like that. * Iraq takes back Kirkuk. Seemingly prearranged return to the status quo of 2014. * Haaretz: White Nationalist Richard Spencer Gives Israel... Read More
The Russian bureaucracy is, admittedly, a lot better than it used to be. In comparison to the state of affairs even just a decade ago, there are fewer papers to fill out, staff are more courteous, and many more tasks can be done online. The contrast relative to the 1990s is even starker, when outright... Read More
Though it is Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan that have dominated the news these past two weeks, this month also saw a flare-up in separatist sentiment in Brazil. This region apparently has a have a fleeting historical experience of independence: They are the the whitest states:
Reuters poll: Here is what they found: In an earlier post I noted that Moscow is the last and only megacity in the world where Europeans remain a solid majority.
Eurasian Federation, 2049. Half a year ago I wrote about the absurd legal case against Dmitry Bobrov, a Russian nationalist who was sentenced for using extremist terminology such as "the great Russian people." No, I am not even exaggerating, here is the formal conclusion of the court's "linguistics expert," Galina Melnik (who is also a... Read More
  * James Thompson: Men 4 Points Ahead? Latest issue of Mankind Quarterly entirely devoted to male/female differences in IQ. * I contributed some radical policy suggestions to Hank Pellissier's new Transhumanist Party. * Greg Cochran: Biopolitics * On that topic, should you wait to have children for embryo selection for intelligence to come online?... Read More
Regular readers will know I live in the prole area of Moscow. As it turns out, my flat is ghetto as fuck. Drug overdose a few months ago. A murder a couple of days ago. 14/88 graffiti on the walls. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Higher School of Economics - Russia's top economics institution,... Read More
Gameplay: 9/10 Aesthetics: 8/10 Story: 3/10 (but who cares?) TOTAL: 8/10 It is the 22nd century, resources are running low, and the world is almost exclusively powered from a Mars base owned by the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), a ruthless Mega Corp that has hit upon the idea of creating an interdimensional rift on the... Read More
The latest in our series of translations of Russian national-conservative thinker Egor Kholmogorov. Translated by: Fluctuarius Argenteus; slightly edited by AK. Original: *** It may seem strange that, at the turn of the 21st century, the word “Socialism” is back in the popular political idiom. The final decade of the preceding century seemed to... Read More
What the commenter Cicerone wrote in response to the study about dysgenic decline in Germany. The findings come rather surprizing to me and I am always sceptical of using these low N studies to make out trends. Using fertility by education data from the Wittgenstein database, my estimate for the intrinsic IQ loss over the... Read More
So this Fulbright alumnus writes articles about "global blackness and Russia-U.S. politics" for the Washington Post. Not surprisingly, he is a man of many "powerful" takes. What is this Article 282-free nationalist paradise that he's describing, I want there. Anyhow there's something of a pattern here.
There are three main reasons why the correlation between national IQ and GDP per capita is only around r=0.7, instead of r=0.9. Oil/resource windfalls: Saudi Arabia would otherwise be about as prosperous as Yemen. The legacy of Communism: Central planning and especially the lunacy that is Maoism are far less effective than free markets. The... Read More
If reports that 700,000 came out in Barcelona are accurate, then Spain in its current borders is likely done for. This is about as high a percentage of the Barcelona metropolitan area's 5.4 million as the 500,000 Ukrainians who came out at the height of Euromaidan in the 3.3 million Kiev conglomerate area - and... Read More
Final results: YES: 90.1% NO: 7.9% Turnout: ~42% of those counted (2,262,424), ~56% if including the confiscated ballot boxes (~770,000) out of 5,343,358 registered voters. Assuming that the vote in "repressed" polling stations was similar, you can turnout * YES = ~51% support for independence, which tallies exactly with the last poll on the basis... Read More
Hank Pellissier has created the Transhuman Party in the US, in response to allegations of authoritarianism and cronyism in the original organization headed by Zoltan Istvan. I don't follow the futurist/transhumanist scene as closely as I did before - as almost all of you know, I am no longer in the Bay Area, and I... Read More
Yet more evidence for the theory that Communism "deep froze" social attitudes. Now yes, you can rejoinder with a comparison to Nazi voting patterns. But look... 1. The borders of the former DDR are very cleanly delineated. The AfD's share of the vote there ranged from 19% in Mecklenburg-Vorprommern to 27% in Saxony. In contrast,... Read More
What everyone thinks the Russian Empire was like. "Tsarist Russia was this superstitious land of icons and cockroaches with Cossacks on thot patrol with nagaikas in hand - and it was absolutely horrific!" - Liberals, Marxists. "Tsarist Russia was this superstitious land of icons and cockroaches with Cossacks on thot patrol with nagaikas in hand... Read More
I posted about German regional academic performance back in 2016. The evidence seemed to indicate that German IQ was fairly uniform across Germany, once you took the immigrants out. However, soon afterwards I got the following curious email from one Carolin: You can read the report here (I can't read German so you'll have to... Read More
In 2014, conducted a study into the ethnic composition of Russia's billionaires. (Steve Sailer picked it up as well). The observation that Jews constituted 21% of the Russian Forbes 200 predictably drove handshakeworthy journalists, Jews, and especially Jewish journalists into a tizzy (as I recall, when I asked him when he was also going... Read More
David A. Hardy This week I was mainly occupied with writing a massive (6,300 words) overview of the history of IQ testing in Russia and what we currently know about the geography of Russian intelligence. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that it's probably the most comprehensive popular article on the subject... Read More
Catalonia is richer and more intelligent than the Spanish average, but hardly any sort of huge outlier. Could economic reasons really explain that much of their drive for independence? PISA_2015 GDPcc_2010 Andalusia 95.9 $22,487 Aragon 100.7 $32,152 Asturias 99.6 $28,271 Balearic Islands 97.3 $31,876 Basque Country 98.3 $40,457 Canary Islands 95.5 $25,512 Cantabria 99.6 $30,315... Read More
While I was writing an article about Russian IQ for Sputnik and Pogrom the past few days, I noticed this amazing statistic from the 2010 Census. Percentage of the population with a postgrad degree: 1. Ingushetia: 1.59% 2. Moscow: 1.12% ... 90. Chechnya: 0.32% Ingushetia is Chechnya's quieter, lower T, slyer brother. They are part... Read More
I have finally had it with Amazon. No, I am not talking of Bezos deleting 1 star reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book on how the Russians are to blame for her losing to Trump. Though that's also a factor. It is firmly part of the globalist empire and the day when they start censoring... Read More
East-Central Europe - the Visegrad nations and the Balts - are commonly considered to have had far better post-Communist transitions than Russia. They started earlier, and from a more privileged position; in contrast, the Soviet economy was more distorted in the first place, and there were no living memories of prewar capitalism. They got more... Read More
According to the latest estimates, Russia might harvest as much as 133 million tons of grain this year. This would make 2017 a record harvest not just by post-Soviet standards, which were pretty dismal until the past decade, but relative to the RSFSR's peak of 127.4mn tons in 1978. (This is the case even after... Read More
The other day the Chechen social media page was banned. This is not surprising, considering that it was genuinely extremist from head to toe, though it is perhaps telling of the Russian state's priorities that it took longer for Roskomnadzor to catch onto them than it did for it to illegally block the moderate... Read More
Liberal electoral victories in Moscow compared to the prevalence of those ultimate SWPL status symbols, bike sharing stations... ... the upscale organic food store Azbuka Vkusa... ... and concentrations of nomenklatura housing as of 1989. At first glance, one of these is not like the others. But that's not all that surprising. Dig into the... Read More
On September 10 there was a round of gubernatorial elections in Russia, as well as elections to local councils in Moscow. There's a lot of confusion on account of whether it was a victory for United Russia. On the one hand, the low turnout - which traditionally favors more motivated liberals - allowed them to... Read More
The conventional view of nationalism is that it was a product of mass literacy and the modern state, underpinned by schoolbooks and Tombs of the Unknown Soldier. Recent years have seen challenges to this historiographic consensus at both a general level (e.g. Azar Gat's Nations), and with respect to specific peoples (Robert Tomb's recent The... Read More
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I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.