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Whistleblower-Activist Robin Hordon on the 9/11 Planes
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Robin Hordon is a former air traffic controller and licensed commercial pilot. He is also a pioneer of CI, “civil informationing.” If you have been to professional sporting events in Seattle you may have seen him out front with his 9/11 truth banner.

In this interview Robin discusses 9/11 aviation issues. Did some or all of the four airliners said to have been hijacked on 9/11 actually take off, fly on the official story’s flight paths, and crash in the officially-designated locations? If so were they flown manually, by onboard computer, or remotely?

Spoiler: Robin says that the flights did exist and take off, one one the planes may have been swapped with a drone, and one of them did not end up where the government said it did. To find out which ones, listen to the interview!

Disclaimer: I doubt that Robin is 100% right about the scenarios discussed in this show. But I hope to look more closely at the evidence supporting his interpretations. Some of it will be presented at the Conference on the 9/11 Pentagon Evidence in Denver on May 4 which Robin plans to attend.

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