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Scapegoating Germany, #406 with James Bacque
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James Bacque discusses his in-depth research into the fate of the many millions of German citizens who went missing or died from intentional starvation after the end of World War Two, detailed in his second book on post-war Germany, Crimes and Mercies – The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944 to 1950; Potsdam Protocol the formal declaration of intent to destroy Germans and Germany; the forced expulsion of 15 million Germans as starving, penniless refugees from their ancestral lands in Germany’s eastern provinces; Germany loses one third of her pre-war territory; Marshall Plan a fraud; Herbert Hoover and others’ humanitarian efforts stave off famine worldwide; Britain plotting the destruction of Germany since 1895; human rights denied to all Germans.

(Republished from Guns & Butter by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Germany, World War II 
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  1. Another great interview.

    “You are being lied to. You are being lied to.” – Bacque

    Why are we supporting systems that are corrupt to the core. The only solution on a personal level is to completely withhold all support for every institution and corporation that either promotes or maintains the mainstream agenda.

    • Replies: @IT'S ME
  2. Franz says:

    For fans of oldies but goodies, Commentary’s hit piece on Pat Buchanan provides some real insight on how Bacque was treated when this article came out (January, 1991).

    And he devoted still another column early in 1990 to publicizing Other Losses, a book by one James Bacque, published in Canada, which alleges that one million German POW’s died in Americans camps at the end of the war, deliberately and vindictively denied food, shelter, and water—all because of General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s supposedly fanatical hatred of Germans. Buchanan even went so far as to quote someone saying that “the U.S. camps reminded him of Dachau and Buchenwald.”

    Other Losses was so shoddy that it found no American publisher, and the normally circumspect U.S. Army Office of Military History commented that it “belongs in the National Enquirer, not on a reputable history book list.”

    Now you know why Americans in the 90s heard zip about the Bacque book.

  3. Johann says:

    Several years ago I was told by a American vet who served in post war Germany that he served as a guard at Dachau in 1960. Then I read somewhere else that the US Army used Dachau prison camp as a major detention camp for the American Government. Amazing that no history books exist that mention this fact. I also am acquainted with some whose German parents and families were brutally removed by ethnic cleansing from the East where their famiies had lived for centuries . I had a college professor who had escaped or was driven out of communist Yugoslavia at the end of the war. He told us that Catholics and ethnic Germans (Donau Schwaben) were falsely accused of being Nazi Collaborators and were subject to all sorts of attacks. Apparently Stalin and Eisenhower enthusiastically supported these atrocities. I knew Germans who lived in post war Germany that told me that the allies had restricted them to less than 1500 calories a day, near starvation rations. I have become increasingly aware of how much the American government t lies and lies. Today’s newspaper is telling us another Gulf of Tonkin CIA lie now occurring in the Gulf of Hormuz.

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