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Brzezinski's Ghost: The Geopolitics of the Trump Administration, #388 with F. William Engdahl
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National Endowment for Democracy an NGO controlled by the CIA; Reagan Administration guarantees Soviets no movement of NATO eastward in return for peaceful reunification of Germany under NATO; top secret CONPLAN 8022 global strike capability activated June 2004 by Rumsfeld; fake NED and NGO democracy apparatus orchestrates both the Ukraine Orange Color Revolution of 2004 and the Georgian Rose Revolution; Soros Foundation deeply involved in both Ukrainian color revolutions; 2018 Armenian Revolution follows the fake democracy script; US economic sanctions on Russian oligarchs; Trump administration abrogation of 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran and European reaction; EU activation of 1996 Blocking Statute symbolic; US secondary sanctions effective; US Treasury becomes a central component of national intelligence council; Secretary of State Pompeo’s twelve draconian conditions for Iran constitute economic warfare on that country; Netanyahu meets Putin on May 9th for talks on future of Syria and Iran; Russia limits its involvement in Syria; continuity of Trump Administration geopolitics; three Eurasian powers – Russia, China and Iran – systematically targeted a la Paul Wolfowitz’s Defense Planning Guidance and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard; US trade war with China; Made in China 2025 policy to replace China 2035 co-written by Robert Zoellick and the World Bank; hyper-instability of global geopolitical situation.

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