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What Can MSM/Clinton Say About Alt Right That They’ve Not ALREADY Said About Trump/GOP?
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Trump's speech wasn't angry and hateful--the anger and hate come from his, and America's, enemies. Credit: VDare.
Trump's speech wasn't angry and hateful--the anger and hate come from his, and America's, enemies. Credit: VDare.

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It must be true, it’s in the New York Times!—an editorial (September 5) denouncing Radix Journal’s Richard B. Spencer because he’s against immigration and, guess what, Donald Trump has also said “— in a line widely quoted on alt-right websites—‘There is only one core issue in the immigration debate and it is this: the well-being of the American people.’” Hang them now! (Spencer,’s Peter Brimelow, and American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor are scheduled to appear at a press conference on the Alt Right at the National Press Club, Washington D.C. 1-3 pm Friday, September 9)

General Motors CEO Charles Erwin Wilson famously remarked “What was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa.” Most on the Alt Right have felt the same way about Donald Trump. Trump’s brash style combined with his America First platform helped legitimize the Alt Right. Meanwhile, the plan of the Alt Right is to meme Donald Trump to the White House by trolling his opponents.

altrightspeechHillary Clinton has tried to use the Alt Right as an albatross around Trump’s neck. She notoriously gave a speech stating the Alt Right “has effectively taken over the Republican Party.” And her campaign has continued to highlight Trump’s supposed connections to the movement, such as Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald’s praise for Trump’s fantastic immigration speech. [Donald Trump’s immigration speech got rave reviews—from all his biggest fans,, September 1, 2016].

Hillary’s attack has undoubtedly raised the Alt Right’s profile. As The New York Times acknowledged, “Attention from the Democratic presidential nominee was a moment in the political spotlight that offered a new level of credibility” as well as “a valuable opportunity for fundraising and recruiting” [Hillary Clinton Denounces the ‘Alt-Right,’ and the Alt-Right Is Thrilled, by Alan Rappeport, August 26, 2016].

Six years ago Jared Taylor received virtually no press coverage when violent Leftists shut down his conference. In contrast, after Clinton featured him in an ad for her anti-Trump speech, he appeared on dozens of talk shows.

Needless to say, the Clinton campaign would not have given a speech linking Trump and the Alt Right if she didn’t think the Alt Right was a liability. And Clinton’s campaign does not make any decision without running it by focus groups and consultants.

But is there really any evidence the Alt Right is actually hurting Trump?

Conventional Republicans and Conservatism Inc. castrati cower in fear whenever the Left accuses them of “racism”—even for the most reasonable statements and policy positions. And no doubt there are some voters who may generally support the GOP or even immigration patriotism, but get turned off by perceived “racism” or “extremism,” even if the MSM and Republican campaign consultants overstate their significance,.

Thus according to a Quinnipiac poll conducted in the week leading up to Clinton’s speech, 59% of voters including 29% of Republicans, 59% of independents, and 54% of whites agreed that “the way Donald Trump talks appeals to bigotry” [Clinton Tops 50 Percent, Quinnipiac University, August 25, 2016]. A Suffolk University Poll released on September 1, and conducted from August 24-29, asked “Just your own view, do you think Donald Trump is a racist?” Forty-four percent said yes, while 47% declined. This included even 11 percent of Republicans and 42% of independents.

Still, it should be noted that perceived “racism” is not a deal breaker for everyone. Some 7% of Trump voters, and 40% of undecided voters, believed he was “racist”—but were still supporting or considering supporting him anyway [National Issues Poll with USA TODAY, Suffolk University, September 1, 2016].

And it’s very unlikely the Alt Right contributes significantly, if at all, to these perceptions. Many liberals and non-whites make the same accusations about any Republican.

Funny thing—I could not find a single poll that asked this “racism” question about any other candidate. However, Pew recently asked voters if they thought the Republican and Democratic parties were “Tolerant and open to all groups of people.” Only 35% of voters said this was true of the GOP in February 2015—before Trump was running and back when Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio were the favorites. In contrast, 59% percent of people thought the Democrats were “tolerant and open to all groups of people.”

In March 2016, when Trump was the frontrunner, 32% of voters viewed the GOP as tolerant. Also in March 2016, 54% of voters believed the Republican Party was “too extreme”—the exact same percentage who shared that opinion in the fall of 2015 [Campaign Exposes Fissures Over Issues, Values and How Life Has Changed in the U.S, Pew Research Center, March 31, 2016].

Similarly, in July 2013, a few months after Romney’s defeat, 48% of voters thought the GOP was “too extreme” [Campaign Exposures Fissures Over Issues, Values and How Life Has Changed in the US – Full Report (PDF), Pew Research Center, March 31, 2016].

So this amounts to 3% of Americans who view the Republican Party as less “tolerant” and 4-6% who view it as more “extreme” after Trump announced.

These are miniscule figures.

What’s more, these marginal changes have a number of explanations besides Trump. Republicans always need to appeal to their conservative base during the primaries, and the MSM’s focus on supposed Republican extremism always intensifies as presidential elections approach.

It’s also worth noting more voters thought the GOP was “too extreme” in 1999 (56%) than do now.

Some voters may well have turned against Trump in a way they wouldn’t have against other Republicans. There are presumably some voters who may give Paul Ryan a pass, but believe any candidate who supports patriotic immigration reform or speaks out in defense of police officers is “appealing to bigotry.” There may even be those who won’t vote for Trump simply because of his “tone.”

But none of this has anything to do with the Alt Right.

Besides, the MSM and the Clinton campaign (to the extent that they can be distinguished) had already spent plenty of time trying to tar Trump through his supporters before noticing the Alt Right:

As for Duke (who is currently running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana) he’s far less vulgar than many of the anonymous twitter accounts on the Alt Right. He’s also a former elected official—which for some reason is never mentioned by journalists who consistently identify him as a former Klan leader.

However, fair or not, Duke’s brief association with the Ku Klux Klan 35 years ago has made these attacks stick. Indeed, Clinton has mentioned Duke in almost all of her denunciations of the Alt Right. The reason: a large chunk of voters already know who David Duke is, and if they do not, saying “former Klan Leader David Duke supports Trump” needs little explanation.

In contrast, in order to smear Trump via the Alt Right generally, the MSM/ Clinton campaign first need to explain that Breitbart wrote a few articles that were not entirely negative about the Alt Right movement. Then they have to explain why this movement that few voters had heard of until recently is bad. Then they have to get into decoding Pepe memes and 4chan for the normies.

While this inspires journalists to write dozens of “think pieces,” I can’t imagine it is going to interest many voters, let alone scare them off.

For the Alt Right to harm Trump, there must be a significant segment of voters who will vote for Trump despite media smears about his immigration patriotism, his guilt by non-association with David Duke, his overhyped “Mexican rapist” comment, and his “authoritarian personality”—but will recoil from Trump’s tangential connection to Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and some anonymous twitter accounts who tweet frog memes at journalists as a bridge too far.

As Trump continues to close the gap with Hillary, even MSM journalists are beginning to notice Hillary has nothing to offer except condemnations of Trump [Five reasons Hillary could be blowing it, by Glenn Thrush, Politico, September 6, 2015]. The Alt Right isn’t hurting Trump. Concern trolling by journalists already hostile to Trump and the GOP generally should be dismissed.

And people like Jonah Goldberg, who have a vested interest in driving out the Alt Right, need to come up with a better justification for why people need to stop listening to the intellectual force now dominating the conversation among American patriots.

Alexander Hart (email him) is a conservative journalist.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Steve A. says:

    But is there really any evidence the Alt Right is actually hurting Trump?

    Ahem … that’s the point.

  2. Besides, the MSM and the Clinton campaign (to the extent that they can be distinguished) had already spent plenty of time trying to tar Trump through his supporters before noticing the Alt Right:

    ad hominem
    You attacked your opponent’s character or personal traits in an attempt to undermine their argument.

    The charge of racism is ad hominem. The charge has no meaning applied to ALL white people. Its an epithet. All racists are bad. All white people are racist. Therefore all white people are bad. Two aspects of the character assassination being carried out against Trump stand out against other character assassinations which are actually quite common in politics. The sheer volume and 24/7 relentlessness and the extension of the attacks to include Trump supporters. Not just Donald Trump but also many millions of Americans find themselves the target of character assassination. Yeah – they say Trump is a racist. They say the same thing about me.

    The Alt Right can’t hurt Trump any more than Putin or David Duke can hurt him. The longer this election remains unresolved the worse it is for Hillary. The establishment forces are showing their true colors in ways that ordinary people can understand. The longer these attacks continue the more support there will be for Trump.

  3. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    No doubt…when Jared Taylor gets his the MSM TV spotlight…he will announce to Native Born White America:”Asians are smarter than H-White Americans….”….this at a time when the Chinese and Hindu Fifth Columns in the US are actively involved in the destruction of thousands of years of acquired Scientific….Medical….Engineering Expertise….very much within the realm of genocide…

    Jared Taylor….the Alt Right Cuck!!!!

    • Replies: @Alden
  4. iffen says:

    Clinton’s reference to the alt-right was specifically targeted toward educated white women. No one else’s thoughts or opinions on the subject are of any importance. It will turn out to be a very successful tactic in that the educated white vote, in particular, the educated white female vote will be the downfall of Trump.

  5. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    You haven’t a clue. The overwhelming majority of White Women who are eligible voters do not vote Democratic…think:.registered Republicans…Independents…nonvoters….

    If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed….and if a National Origins Immigration Policy had been implemented that excluded all nonwhites….Hillary Clinton would not even be a viable POTUS candidate in 2016…Barack Obama not a snowballs chance in 2008+2012 of ever being elected POTUS…

    As a consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and post-1965 Legal Immigration policy…Hillary Clinton is with high probability gonna win the Electoral College Vote and announced POTUS at 8pm…The US will be in a state of very high National Stress….very dangerous situation….in the the next day….Soledade O’Brian will declare a race war against the Native Born White American Male Working Class on (((CNN)))…By the way, my great Irish Aunt lived right down the street from Soledad O’ Brian and her mulato family in Saint James….

  6. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Clinton’s reference to the alt-right was specifically targeted toward educated white women. No one else’s thoughts or opinions on the subject are of any importance. It will turn out to be a very successful tactic in that the educated white vote, in particular, the educated white female vote will be the downfall of Trump.

    Rewrite: Clitorus’ ref to da A-R be aimed at dem OVER EDUCATED MORONS who mostly are white bitches and their flocks of tag along sycophantic captive minions including P-whipped Beard hubbies. Probably a reliable tried and true ”strategy” that might work in conjunction with totalitarian tactics.
    E. Bernais got a lot of mileage off P Envy in his day! In his psychologically astute substitution to cigarette smoking. (check it out.) Now, zip to the present, there are hormones that might be developed or got through channels, that could actually grow one… That’s what these bitches want, or something or other (?)!
    You can’t tell ‘em a damned thing, just strong willed, know it alls, like to say: “I got one too…!” Soon they might really be able to get the real one, medical science and all.

    PS: I used the initial vernacular as a means to screen out any in search of serious literal content. as a service. However, not to say there couldn’t be a hint of truth, Iduno.

  7. Art says:

    An October Surprise is coming – a direct link between Trump and Putin will come out of the FBI.

    If Trump wins, Lynch’s and Comey’s jobs are over – so guess what is going to happen.

    There will be a continuation of the coup that exonerated Hillary’s email wrong doing.

    The coup in action – American people lied too – the 2016 election theft by the governing regime begins.

    Friday – Bill helps Loretta see how his and her grandchildren can be pals.

    Saturday – in a rush the FBI does non-serious interview – no oath, unrecorded – Comey skips the interview.

    Sunday – Jew media calls Trump anti-Semite
    Tuesday AM – Comey – Hillary NOT guilty of security breach.

    Tuesday PM – Obama and Hillary – campaign for the brainstemers – Jew media ecstatic – election fix in play.

    The standing US government overthrow of the 2016 election is on its way.

  8. FKA Max says:

    (Spencer,’s Peter Brimelow, and American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor are scheduled to appear at a press conference on the Alt Right at the National Press Club, Washington D.C. 1-3 pm Friday, September 9)

    The National Press Club canceled the event:

    So far only the Daily Caller has reported on it:

    Banned at the NPC

  9. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Only 5 Asian nations have IQs higher than 100 depending on which chart one uses . I use Photius. BTW, Hong Kong is not a nation. There more than 50 Asian nations. The rest have IQs in the 90s and 80s. It’s all right to say Japan S Korea Taiwan and Mongolia, but to say just Asian is all wrong.

    Amren used to be a lot worse about the superiority of all Asians Some people withheld donations others made comments asking why a White Nationalist site was doing denigrating the IQs of Whites.

    I think that one time Taylor naively hoped that the superior Asians would unite with White Americabs. But the absolutely will not. There are entire departments in Sikicon Valley companies where everybody speaks mandarin. Asians get affirmative action management jobs. Once an Asian or Phillipino manager gets in, no White will be hired or promoted

    Mrs Taylor worked for the ADL and SPLC for years and has a PHD in White Racism. Speaking of piled higher and deeper.

    Living in California I often feel as though I was colonized. It’s almost impossible to find White American Drs& dentists computer guys and accountants

  10. Alden says:

    Who came up with the term alt right? It’s ridiculous. No conservative or right winger wants anything to do with White nationalism or White advocacy.
    And this White Nationalist wants nothing to do with conservatism or the right.

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @Joejonbob
  11. I’m surprised the creative types among the Dem party supporters haven’t found some clever, catchy way to smear the Alt-Right in the same way they did the Tea Party, when they painted them with the nick-name Tea-Baggers and all the baggage that goes with that moniker.

    Considering the alt-newsgroups were the places that paedos and flakes were consigned in the early days of the internet, you would think they would find some way to make this attach to the label “alt-right” in the same way they threw gays under the bus with tea-bagging.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  12. Boris says:

    The Alt Right is openly racist, so it’s simply a clarifying example of the mentality of the GOP/right wing in general.

  13. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer were both chomping at the bit to talk about IQ test score psychometrics if the Alt Right Press Conference was allowed to take place at the National Press Conference. Start a debate about IQ test psychometrics and race and you will never get around to the role that the Chinese and Hindu Fifth Columns are actively participating in the destruction of thousands of years of Native Born White American Medical…Scientific…and acquired Engineering experience. And the Chinese and Hindu Fifth Columns will make certain that this is a permanent state of affairs.

    The Native Born White American Working Class does not need to master the finer points of IQ test score psychometrics in order to effectively wage a revolt against their racial dispossession at the hands of the Chinese and Hindu Fifth Columns which have implanted themselves on Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space.

    Our revolt against the open and deliberate policy of racial dispossession must be based upon gut-level-racial-tribalism.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  14. D3F1ANT says:

    “Educated white women” aren’t going to have any better an idea of what “Alt Right” is than anyone else. Clinton is simply paranoid and views everything as a conspiracy. Additionally, you’re statement assumes that Trumps connection to Alt Right is negative. That’s a narrow viewpoint. Finally–educated people of EITHER gender (or any race, for that matter) would never vote for Hillary!

    • Replies: @Boris
  15. joe webb says:

    I agree that the term alt-right is dumb. Spencer…I know him…suffers from enlarged ego, and has to bleed it off frequently.

    Besides that, alt-right sounds like some kind of techno lingo of the click heads. I prefer Racial Communitarianism, coined by Sam Dickson who has been at it for over 30 years. Of course he is not a youngster and lacks the necessary haircut of the hipster altered righties. He also knows far too much to be content with dumbed down white racialism.

    The way things are going, we will be in civil war or civil breakdown soon. We are already in civil breakdown, where hate is normal amongst lefties, femme-commies, darkies and the usual resenters of talent, intelligence, and good looks.

    The nomenclature of the Leftists and liberals is very similar to that of communism, in that if you belong to xyz tendency, etc. you are Evil and a betrayer , once of class, now of race of course. The individual could always join the favored class du jour, but now if you are a white, you are almost a dead man walking.

    The young wymyn are the worst. They are often completely bonkers, and refuse even the simplest bit of fact seeking, like Identical Twins Separated at Birth and the results. Men too will Deny this, but the gals are just crazy.

    It is a kind of Dionysian Frenzy of worship of LUV and irrationality and Self-Assertion. Gnosticism is part of the package….I am not religious, but I am spiritual..goes the gnostic mantra, and I have the Divine Spark, and you do not…kind of thing. I KNOW!

    This a Delusion of Grandeur. The sophomoric elevation of Culture into some kind of God is the most entertaining. Culture accounts for Everything, especially Bad Things. Bad Things are the Culturally Constructed Racisms that among other things, keeps Blacks stupid, failing and shooting one-another.

    I know! I got the secret, all your facts are racist tricks, and so on. Whites are on the wrong side of History, do die already.

    Well, it looks like the same kind of trajectory of communism that finally got whites reading for their guns, and also fascism. Fascsim as the ingathering of many singles to make a mighty collectivity…that is what it takes to defend against the collectivism of the wretched of the earth. who are gathering their weapons.

    Trump panders to the anti-racists…well probably necessary, but when will whites have had enough and listen to simple scientific facts? Answer: when the barbarian is at their front door. Whites are spoiled softies, Stockholm syndrome cowards, and sell-outs to Money, job, and globalism.

    Of course, that is changing. Call it Culture if you like, but Culture can be broken down into concrete specifics, like genetic tendencies, fear of darkies, fear of liberals as commies, fear of Big Gov’t, Big Corporations, Big, Big, Big.

    The biggest fear around today is fear of Them….from jews, to liberals, to darkies, to chinks, to immigration, to a stagnant economy and lower wages, to just about everything Modern and Technical, and Racial…as in Different races. It is all threatening to Whites.

    The jewyorktimes digs up the old jew Hofstadter and his American Paranoia, and features a white middle-aged working class couple in an image. This is the paranoid enemy….Whites.
    Of course this is great for generating the hatred needed to motivate White folks to vote and to buy guns.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @iffen
  16. FKA Max says:
    @The Alarmist

    Considering the alt-newsgroups were the places that paedos and flakes were consigned in the early days of the internet,

    Disclaimer: This is solely my own personal opinion, and it might be highly controversial and offensive to some.

    Over the last year(s), there has been an unprecedented influx and coalescing of Protestants into the broader Alt Right movement and around the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, which cleaned it up, uncorrupted it, and reformed it, in my opinion:

    The unending tirade against Protestants that some Catholic paleos now engage in is both silly and counterproductive. We are living in a predominantly Protestant country whose institutions (before they became corrupted) were tied to a recognizably Calvinist society. (For the record, Calvinists held a majority among Southerners and Yankees alike.) Rhapsodizing about the glories of the Catholic Middle Ages played well in early 19th-century France and the Rhineland, but by now such lyrical outbursts (together with expressed revulsion for the Reformation) are a bit out of place. What American traditionalists need to defend is a badly denatured liberal Protestant polity that is going quickly to seed. I’ve no idea how appeals to Mary Queen of Scots and Pius IX will save our political society, or the even more badly deteriorated Catholic regions of Western and Southern Europe

    Radix Journal publishing the two following articles, in my opinion, was the most crucial turning point and moment in the history of the Alt Right movement, and which decoupled it from Catholic dogma/control, which had held it back and weakened it prior:

    The alt Right, for both our own principles and the greater good, must oppose the pro-life agenda.

    The Pro-Life Temptation
    Aylmer Fisher · April 8, 2016

    Unintended Consequences
    T. M. Goddard · April 13, 2016

    In October 2015 Alt Right website Counter-Currents had published a piece in a similar vein:
    White Nationalists Need Planned Parenthood, Not the Pope
    Patrick Le Brun

    Mr. Hart, in my opinion, correctly observed the Protestant nature of the Alt Right in his April 2016 article titled: Neocons Want To Destroy Alt Right, Bring Back Buckley-Style Excommunications. Too Bad.

    Significantly, if one wanted to make an analogy, much more relevant to American history, of a once-infallible religious leader facing threats from multiple schools of thought using a new technology to spread their message, Martin Luther, not Mohammed comes to mind.

    As Mr. Gottfried (quoted above) noted, the United States of America is a historically/traditionally Protestant nation/culture, not merely a Christian one.

    Nativist movements in the United States have historically also been both counter-Semitic and counter-Catholic/Papal:

    Following World War I, nativists in the twenties focused their attention on Catholics, Jews, and south-eastern Europeans and realigned their beliefs behind racial and religious nativism. The racial concern of the anti-immigration movement was linked closely to the eugenics movement that was sweeping the United States in the twenties.[21]

    Peter Brimelow observed: Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Perhaps because I have a Catholic wife and daughters, I practice a sort of Dissident Right Political Correctness and try to leave criticizing the Catholic Church’s role in the immigration debate (no worse than that of my own appalling ECUSA, but more important) to angry Catholic patriots, a substantial group. With the hoopla surrounding the Pope’s visit, however, I can’t stand it anymore—here Brenda Walker expresses a more traditionally Protestant view. As I wrote over nine years ago: “The post-1965 immigration disaster, and the bishops` foolish response to it, threatens to revive a controversy about the Catholic Church in America that had been dormant since the days of Nation editor Paul Blanshard`s 1949 best-selling polemic American Freedom and Catholic Power …”

    There are both Jews and (Traditionalist) Catholics, who are indispensable to and key members of the broader Alt Right movement, like Professor Kevin MacDonald for example, who was brought up in a Catholic household I believe ( ), but the true, recent power of the movement is in large part, in my opinion, attributable to its (implicit) embrace of WASP culture and identity.

    Even though Jared Taylor disagreed with him, in my opinion, Robert P. Jones CEO, Public Religion Research Institute; author, “The End of White Christian America”, is actually quite correct with his observation on the broad appeal of Donald Trump and, by extension, the Alt Right to American Protestants:


    JONES That’s really critical. So when they talk about white civilization, it really is this WASPy, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant piece of it that’s critically important. So that’s why Catholics and Jews, for example, were targets of early white nationalist movement because they didn’t fit this kind of white, Protestant sense of the country. So when I wrote my book, “The End of White Christian America,” one of the reasons was to kind of understand that the power of this real tipping point that we’ve realized and reached in the country where we have passed now, just in the last ten years, from being a majority white Christian nation to a minority white Christian nation. And that’s really unprecedented in the country’s history. And I think it’s that transition point that’s really lent the power to this group in the current election cycle.

    “His single sentence to provide any historical background is: ‘[Multicultoacracy rose] out of deep Protestant and Quaker roots’, which makes no sense. Quakers have never been at the helm of opinion-shaping in the USA. And ‘Protestants’, generally, created racialist states where-ever they went: The USA, South-Africa, Australia. The Roman Catholic Church, as a self-consciously universalist entity, seems a more likely entity to blame. Sure enough, the rise of proto-Multicultacracy in the USA clearly correlates with the waves of Jews and Roman-Catholics through Ellis-Island. (Still, it is far too lazy to just wave the hand ‘It’s because of the Jews [and/or the Roman Church]’.)

    “This ‘Blame the Protestants’ idea has been popular in recent years among Jewish conservative intellectuals (especially the celebrated Paul Gottfried). It has been picked up by many persons even of Protestant background, who want to seem respectable. The absurdity of the notion, again, is clear in the historical record: Nationalism in the USA was strongest when Protestantism was strongest; it is weakest today when Protestantism is at its lowest ebb in 400+ years of white settlement of North America. (Although I will leave it at that, why this illogical argument appeals to Jewish conservatives should be obvious).

    For further information and study on this topic, I recommend the WASP Question by Andrew Fraser:

    Tom Sunic interviews Andrew Fraser

    Published on Aug 13, 2014
    An interesting interview with Professor Andrew W. Fraser about his book “The WASP Question”.

  17. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “Our revolt against the open and deliberate policy of racial dispossession must be based upon gut-level-racial-tribalism.”

    Got that right and thanks. Whites are dreamers, far more so than other races. It is our altruism, which we have in spades. We save everybody.

    We even save great white sharks which no other race does…not that it should not be done for ecology and all that. But Whites are the only race with this kind of altruistic motivation.

    We overcome our genetic fear of Others by whipping up one philosophy or religion or another.

    Equality got its start with 4th century Greece and the Stoics. This universalism spread into the Christianity Church, Rome too of course in limited ways.

    Germania also went in for relative equality, in aristocratic form of course. (not all equal, but a certain number, maybe 10 per cent, who are sufficiently equal to agree on a limited state, rule of law, and so on.)

    no other races invented liberty and free speech, etc. This is the genetic basis of the crisis we are in today. We give the Other the benefit of the doubt. big mistake.

    Joe Webb

  18. Boris says:

    Clinton is simply paranoid and views everything as a conspiracy.

    lol. She’s running against a birther who thinks that Global Warming is a Chinese hoax and that the only way he could lose is because of massive voter fraud.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Joejonbob
  19. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @joe webb

    Joe Webb

    Don’t make the race-replacement issue more complicated than it is. Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer need to read their fellow Native Born White American Males the riot act.

    If that National Press Conference event had taken place…the first thing that Richard Spencer should have said is this:” few months ago a 5 year old Native Born White American female child in Idaho was gang raped and urinated on by three Legal Immigrant Muslim Males who worked at the Chobani Yogurt..the the Alt Right blames Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Congressman Paul Ryan..and the SPLC for this hate crime!!!!”

    I don’t want to hear a graduate student seminar about Europeans and altruism genes.

    The Democratic Party is waging a violent racial war of extermination against The Historic Native Born White American Majority.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  20. The Democratic Party is waging a violent racial war of extermination against The Historic Native Born White American Majority.

    It always has, from its inception. They did everything they could to stop the Colonization Society’s work. The “fugitive slave” nonsense was basically keeping people in the country who a) didn’t want to be in the country and b) who had no business being in the country. How were they any different from illegals, to the average white man?

    They were leaving, and the Democrats wouldn’t let them. What could be more anti-white than that?

  21. @Boris

    Those who actually believe in “global warming” wouldn’t be inviting a million and a half Third Worlders to increase their carbon footprint five-or tenfold by coming to America, now, would they?

  22. Joejonbob says:

    “No conservative or right winger wants anything to do with White nationalism or White advocacy.”

    You are crazy. Our ranks swell with former cuckservatives. As people realize what is at stake, and what third worldism actually is, the smart ones get on board, even if it is quietly.

  23. Joejonbob says:

    Daily reminder that 2 weeks ago Clinton accused Putin of being the head of a world wide White supremacist organization. She and anyone who believes her are retarded.

  24. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    well Groovy, you may not want to hear it, but the largest part of our problem is, as Pogo said, ourselves as Whites with our Do-Gooding impulses.

    It is not, fundamentally ,The Jews although they provide the leadership and pseudo-intellectual ideology of race equality, nor is it the jewyorktimes and the lib-commie media.

    Also, the mystical Culture/Social Construction argument at the more day-to-day level, is the single largest ideological factor in the Race Equality lie.

    Smarter whites pride themselves on being hip to the mysteries of Culture and Social Construction. These are the dummies who’ve been to College and prefer the Bitch Gangster to plain spoken Trump.

    As GK Chesterton put it, in an Age of Unbelief (in Christianity ) the problem is not that people don’t Believe, but that they will believe anything.

    Culture is the Great Mystery today…As in the Grand Inquisitor…Miracle, Mystery, and Authority as what folks want…slaves of course but rebellious by nature.

    Sorry for conducting a grad seminar here, but the folks on this list might profit from it.

    Miracle is the triumph of race equality, Mystery is Culture, Authority is more complicated…a mix of propaganda, need to fit in and keep one’s job, jewyorktimes, etc, altruism, and gnostic Individualist, ” I know” the divine spark is in me…etc. Authority resides within.

    This is a recipe for disaster. In short, it is the Democratic Revolution unwinding, with the ‘masses’
    thinking that they ‘know’.


    That said, the only approach at the pragmatic level, is to hammer, as you suggest, the levelers at every point, and let the thing self-destruct. Trump is a start, but he too raves along with the others about race equality.

    This I think is targeted at the soccer moms, not the darkies, to get their votes. OK with me.

    The main thing is to understand fundamentals, not just a particular tactic.

    Joe Webb

  25. iffen says:
    @joe webb

    The young wymyn are the worst. They are often completely bonkers, and refuse even the simplest bit of fact seeking

    Maybe you need some work on your pick-up lines, Joe.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  26. joe webb says:

    I should have also remarked that the young men are also deranged, but less so and are always willing to listen respectfully. I noticed this years ago in context of Palestine issues. The jewish gals would always lead with ‘I am offended. The guys were less offended I guess cuz they are, uh, men.

    Also, the Israelies have always been more calm compared to the US jews. The key to understanding (stand under, not over, the phenomenon…) this might be that the more one has thought about something, the less reactive one is.

    The ladies always have their hair and make-up or anti-make-up to fuss over and thus less time to think.

    The magic age is 35 to 40. At this juncture, one has logged a fair degree of personal experience, as well as having lived with the phenomena in question, say race. Innocent and childish ejaculations have quieted some and Reality has started to take hold.

    JW ps I have never deployed a pick-up line. It is two smiles connecting, More prosaically, it it the old red light green light. What you say is just pastime chat.

  27. joe webb says:

    by the way with regard to “don’t make the race replacement issue more complicated than it is”….the reason it is happening is that race equality ideology IS complicated, particularly in its psychological dimensionJW

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