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These Bushes Are Poisonous
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The latest news that Jeb Bush has named two very public and outspoken homosexuals to prominent positions in his campaign confirms fully the worst fears that many grass roots traditional conservatives have regarding his role in Republican politics leading up to the 2016 elections. According to columnist Steve Deace in a February 28 piece, titled, “Jeb Bush Comes Out of the Closet,” Bush has tapped David Kochel, who proudly calls himself a “Rainbow Jihadist,” to be a senior advisor, and Tim Miller, “one of D.C.’s 30 most influential homosexuals,” to be his communications chief.

About Miller, Deace copies some of his social media postings that are bound to arouse the ire of traditional conservatives.

One posting that captures attention depicts a picture of a child hugging someone dressed as the Easter bunny with the caption, “On 1 yr. anniversary of Iowa gay marriage ruling, (Iowa Family Policy Council’s) worst fears are realized: Rabbit/Child love-making.”

Miller also comments on Sesame Street: “If Bert was gay, why didn’t he wax his eyebrows? A symposium on grooming and heteronormativity.”

On his Facebook page Miller brags of his participation in events like: “DC Protest Against CA Proposition 8;” “SUGARTIT: A dirty Polaroid style New Year’s Eve;” “BYGays AllCity Happy Hour feat;” and “Homo/Sonic: Natty Boom Birthday Explosion!”

As Deace rightly comments, “…that’s straight out of the Republican Party platform, right? Just like Bush’s support for amnesty and Common Core. Bottom line: The GOP establishment’s poster boy just hired a flak that enjoys lampooning the very base of the party he claims to serve. The very base of the party that supported both his father and brother in competitive primaries, and played key roles in them not only winning the nomination but the presidency.”

But none of this should come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the history of the Bush family. Beginning with Yankee patriarch and Wall Street banker, Prescott Bush, that history is one of calculated pretense to sounding like whatever best advances the political and financial fortunes of the family. But down deep the Bushes, arguably, have never been conservatives. In recent years, the Bushes have sometimes sounded “conservative,” but in the darker recesses of their thinking, they reject basic principles that give essential life and form to conservatism.

Take a cursory look at Prescott Bush. He was the archetypal patrician New England progressive Republican. Just read a few lines from the Wikipedia about him:

“Prescott Bush was politically active on social issues. He was involved with the American Birth Control League as early as 1942, and served as the treasurer of the first national capital campaign of Planned Parenthood in 1947 [….]

“From 1947 to 1950, he served as Connecticut Republican finance chairman, and was the Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 1950. A columnist in Boston said that Bush ‘is coming on to be known as President Truman’sHarry Hopkins. Nobody knows Mr. Bush and he hasn’t a Chinaman’s chance.’ (Harry Hopkins [a Communist fellow traveler] had been one of FDR‘s closest advisors.) Bush’s ties with Planned Parenthood also hurt him in heavily Catholic Connecticut, and were the basis of a last-minute campaign in churches by Bush’s opponents; the family vigorously denied the connection, but Bush lost to [William] Benton by only 1,000 votes.”

Prescott became United States Senator from Connecticut through appointment in late 1952, and he served until 1963. Continuing on from the Wiki:

“On December 2, 1954, Prescott Bush was part of the large (67–22) majority to censureWisconsin Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy after McCarthy had taken on the U.S. Army and the Eisenhower administration. During the debate leading to the censure, Bush said that McCarthy had ‘caused dangerous divisions among the American people because of his attitude and the attitude he has encouraged among his followers: that there can be no honest differences of opinion with him. Either you must follow Senator McCarthy blindly, not daring to express any doubts or disagreements about any of his actions, or, in his eyes, you must be a Communist, a Communist sympathizer, or a fool who has been duped by the Communist line’


“In terms of issues, Bush often agreed with New York GovernorNelson Rockefeller. According to Theodore H. White’s book about the 1964 election, Bush and Rockefeller were longtime friends. Bush favored a Nixon-Rockefeller ticket for 1960.”

This is the legacy of Rockefeller Wall Street Republicanism that George H. W. and succeeding members of the family inherited. Long since before George Sr.’s election in 1988 the examples abound that confirm the persistence of this heritage among the Bushes.

More recently, George Sr. and Barbara participated in a “lesbian wedding” in Maine, serving as official witnesses for the ceremony. As The Washington Post commented (September 25, 2013): “Other members of the Bush circle — including granddaughter Barbara, daughter-in-law and former first lady Laura, and Dick Cheney — have expressed varying levels of support for gay marriage, which became legal in Maine in December.”

And on September 13, 2013, current contender Jeb made cozy with Hillary Clinton. According to The Washington Times, Bush, as chairman of the National Constitution Center, awarded Clinton the 2013 Liberty Medal, remarking one year after the Benghazi attack:

“I want to say thank you to both Secretary Clinton and to President Clinton….Thank for your service to our country. We’re united by love of country and public service.”

What that event actually denoted is something profound about the Bush “establishment” ethos, how it actually transcends political parties, and how it broadly embraces and forms an integral part of a financial and political oligarchy, or managerial elite, who believe that they are destined not only to govern this nation, but to run it as their satrapy. It’s not rocket science to understand that Bush’s strong support for Common Core and what amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants reveal to us that the ghost of Prescott has seeped out for public view once more through this latest representative of the clan.

George Bush the Younger doesn’t escape conservative scrutiny, either. There are various articles and stories in print and on the Web detailing that the Bush presidency was most definitely not a conservative one. A 2011 article in The Washington Monthly highlighted some of the issues that separated him from conservatives: “Bush was wrong about everything from education (NCLB) to health care (Medicare Part D), immigration (comprehensive reform) to international aid (PEPFAR), national service (AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corp) to foreign policy (growing Republican skepticism about Afghanistan).”

Liberal columnist Richard Cohen also noticed what he termed Bush’s “neo-liberalism,” especially in education and the role of the Federal government:

“Bush has extended the [Education] department’s reach in a manner that Democrats could not have envisaged. I am referring, of course, to the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, better known as No Child Left Behind. I will spare you the act’s details, but it pretty much tells the states to shape up or face a loss of federal funds. It is precisely the sort of law that conservatives predicted Washington would someday seek — and it did.”

Since George the First, the national GOP has given us the following presidential candidates: Bob Dole, George the Younger, John McCain, and the hapless Mitt Romney—not a real, philosophical conservative among the lot of them. In fact, conservatives, who arguably make up a majority of the Republican base, haven’t exercised much control over the party apparatus since Reagan. And even back then, based on the testimony of the few conservatives who worked in the Reagan White House, Reagan permitted George H. W. to control and fill most appointments from the get go. You can imagine what types of folks were approved for service.

Until the Bush/Establishment grip is fully exorcized (and the Karl Roves and John McCains finally interred for good), this nation will have no real opposition to the ongoing, steep decline into neo-Marxist multicultural totalitarianism.

The Jeb Bush appointments are justone more confirmation that the Bushes–the Bush family, and indeed, the Republican Establishment—are about as poisonous to traditional conservatism as the arsenic that figured in those classic films from the 1940s. When the so-called “conservative” party in American politics undercuts and sabotages just about every conservative principle they are supposed (and were purportedly elected) to defend, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on.

The simple answer is that in the US today we have two revolutionary Leftist parties on the national level: one that wants to advance the Revolution quickly, and the other—led by folks like Jeb Bush—that insidiously pushes more or less the same agenda, but does it quietly, even surreptitiously, while–with a straight face—protesting that it opposes that radical agenda.

For the past thirty plus years grass roots traditional conservatives have been taken for one immense and intense “ride”—fooled, bamboozled, and tricked by unkept, in fact never intended to be kept, promises by the “loyal opposition.”

The Neoconservatives, those intellectual descendants of Leon Trotsky and his ideas of global revolution and “equality,” now dominate the leadership echelons of the GOP and control FOX News, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, the National Review. Increasingly they demand that we acknowledge that same sex marriage and open borders are here to stay and now must befully baptized as conservative. On such issues they intersect with and provide the fodder for a Jeb Bush and those like him.

The only problem is that this (Neo)conservative “alternative” is based philosophically on the very same egalitarian postulates as espoused by the Neocons’ supposed enemies on the hard Left. And, if both forces in our political milieu have the same basic philosophical template, the eventual result won’t be hard to figure out—let’s see, full Obamacare (thanks to the “conservative” John Roberts and a pusillanimous, cowardly GOP Congress), same sex marriage (recall the elder Bushes joyfully participating in a “lesbian wedding” in Maine), open borders (Jeb, the Chamber of Commerce, and the GOP establishment are for it), and perpetual wars in foreign countries many of us have never heard of (quick–parachute John McCain into Lower Slobovia, so he can save those folks!) to “impose liberal democracy and egalitarianism” (to quote Allan Bloom) on poor souls barely out of the Middle Ages, or maybe to die for Wall Street or for the secular State of Israel.

And our poor, befuddled conservative base is told by the Establishment: “You have no place to go; it’s either us, or–shudder!–Hillary!” Ouch! And too many tele-evangelists join in, implicitly, with the same message, and, ironically, rally round men and women who are taking us down the same road to perdition as those over on the hard Left. Talk about the brain collapse of Christianity! One thing I learned in four years of Moral Theology in Switzerland is that the “lesser evil” option doesn’t work when (1) both choices are formally evil, and (2) there is a third choice. And in such a case, staying home or voting for a third party candidate would be legitimate, even required, moral choices.

The specter of Prescott Bush still casts a spell over the Bush family and the Republican establishment, now with the collaboration of many (neo)conservatives. All along, despite some occasionally pleasant words, the Bushes have been enablers. As congressional Republicans continue to sell out America on everything from illegal immigration to Obamacare, traditional conservatives need to be told, once again, that the GOP “establishment” is not on their side. Prescott Bush’s ghost lives and prospers at the RNC and in the halls of the US Congress.

A Jeb vs. Hillary contest in 2016 probably means the icing on the cake of the end of America, for what that’s worth. Alas, when your country is dying an ugly, spasmodically foul death, you don’t call in assassins to finish it off.

The Bushes are poisonous, more so than poison ivy, which will go away after treatment. They are like a terminal cancer, and eventually they will do you in….

Boyd D. Cathey holds a Masters degree in American history from the University of Virginia and a doctorate in European history from the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, where he was a Richard M. Weaver Fellow. He has taught in Argentina and the US and published in English, Spanish, and French. He recently retired as Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. Small segments of this article appeared on Communities Digital News, July 2, 2014.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Bush Family, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Republicans 
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  1. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    The Bush Family=SUBHUMAN SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, having said that:The only viable option for The Historic Native Born White American Majority is in-the-gut-hard-core racial tribalism Nationalism expressed through an Anarcho-Syndicalist framework….there is no other viable game in town for our people. Either Our People own the means of production..or Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg…or racists Hindu Brahmans from the Tata Institute will own the means of production….and they will own us as slaves.

  2. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    To pre-empt the 9/11 Truther Tards…for I can see it comming:

    The corpse of Prescott Bush down in the deep-dark-dank basement of the Skull and Bones !!!!!! Society at Yale surrounded by super-advanced ET technology sitting in a Dark Gothic ET throne….Rammstien playing in the background at 130 decibels….. issuing telekinetic orders to his Chenney-Apostates-from Hell itself….was not in fact the master-mind behind 9/11… the late Alex Cockburn wrote once…a close friend of his spent a weekend at the Bush Kennebunkport Estate in bucolic coastal Maine…only GD reading material he could find in the Bush Summer Home was “250 Fart Jokes”…

    The Muslim Yuts did 9/11….9/11 was a massive indictment of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act=The 1965 Native Born White American Extermination Act!!!!…so was the Fort Hood Massacre by a Muslim “American” US Army Major….

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