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The War Is Joined
Donald Trump vs. the Neocon/Mainstream Elites
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Donald Trump, in his face-off with Fox News and the Murdoch media empire and his decision not to participate in the last Fox debate, threw down the gauntlet. Open warfare had been brewing on a slow burn for some time, but with the last Republican debate fiasco, guns are drawn and the OK Corral is here and now.

Let’s review the chain of events. Remember the first GOP debate with the Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly asking that prejudicially framed question about Trump’s supposed “sexism.” Megyn all but accused him of calculated rape, misogynist attitudes, physical abuse of women.

So, Trump raised the question and asked that Fox News replace her, given her bias, and not just demonstrated during that first GOP debate. Indeed, watching Kelly over the past few months is like watching a constant, never-ending stream of thinly-veiled anti-Trump invective. Thus, there was legitimacy in making the demand that she be replaced. She fully confirmed her prejudices the night after Trump’s refusal by inviting far-leftist Michael Moore to be her expert commentator about Trump’s decision on her prime time program. Moore praised her “courage.”

A few pundits (mostly on Fox) exclaimed their shocked outrage at Trump’s actions, as if his request and subsequent decision had somehow assaulted “free speech.” “No candidate can dictate our plans!” they screamed. How dare the Donald! But their protests were more like those of Claude Rains’ Captain Renault in that 1942 classic film, CASABLANCA: a rather unsubtle reminder, with a wink and sneer, that Fox stood to gain millions of viewers and even more millions of dollars, if Trump appeared.

Did they not recall that even the Republican National Committee removed NBC from debate sponsorship because of well-documented bias and prejudice on the part of moderators in an earlier, CNBC debate? Did they not know the long record of Megyn Kelly’s remarks—and not just in that first debate—about Trump?

Here’s an analogy: Suppose you are in an American History class at some university. You’re a good, even very good student and writer, from, let’s say, South Carolina. You have deep Confederate roots and are proud of your heritage. Your history professor is a well-known, zealously left-leaning guy whose views are well known and whose tolerance for differences is pretty low. So, your professor asks the class to do a paper on Robert E. Lee. You do a paper, and, by any standard it’s a well-written paper, praising Lee’s generalship and his Christian values. When you get it back, there are no red correction marks on it. But at the top is a big, fat “F.” You go to the professor, and he rebuffs you and ridicules you. Why should you want to do a second semester with that same professor? It doesn’t make sense.

After Trump had made his appeal to Fox with a posting on Instagram of a video record illustrating Kelly’s previous bias, Roger Ailes and Fox issued a mocking written response:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” Fox said in the tongue-in-cheek statement. “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Now, let me ask a hypothetical question: how would you react to such an insulting and demeaning response? I know what I would say, and it would be an earnest desire that the authors go straight to a place that begins with the letter “h” and ends with “l.”

Let’s go deeper: various authors and historians, including Prof. Paul Gottfried, Prof. Claes Ryn, and Gary Dorrien (in his path-breaking volume, The Neoconservative Mind) have documented that the present-day “Mainstream Conservative Movement,” is, in fact, composed of power-seeking, self-congratulatory, and corrupt Neocon New York/DC elites, whose thin and venal intellectual fiber is the antithesis of an older, American conservatism.

More recently columnist Tucker Carlson, in Politico Magazine has observed exactly the thing. He writes about how baffled the Mainstream/Neocon Republican brain trust remains about Donald Trump’s rise: “In the case of Trump…the GOP shares the blame, and not just because his fellow Republicans misdirected their ad buys or waited so long to criticize him. Trump is in part a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn’t. [Tucker Carlson, “Donald Trump is Shocking, Vulgar…and Right: And, My Dear Republicans, It is All You Fault,” Politico Magazine ]

The Mainstream/Neocons control most foundations, think tanks, and publications that claim to be “conservative.” They provide the policy wonks for every GOP presidential candidate, except Trump. They exercise tight control over much Republican Party thinking, such as it is. This is, of course, key to the recent frantic, even desperate printed salvo by 22 Neocon writers in the Neocon publication, National Review. Trump threatens their authoritarian intellectual–and financial—control over the febrile and castrated supposed “opposition” to the onrushing Progressivism that is destroying this country. He represents a citizen profile which is truly “populist conservative,” and NOT elitist “movement conservative.” And that literally scares the “you know what” out of them….

For years since they infiltrated and subverted the older rightwing traditional conservative movement, which began back in the 1950s, the Neocons have offered rosy solutions which have led what is left of this nation into a succession of unwinnable wars, faulty nation-building, miserable failures and misadventures in foreign policy. They have pushed their secular nostrums with a quasi-religious zeal, inherited from their previous devotion to Leon Trotsky’s Marxist globalism, to impose liberal democracy and egalitarianism on every 13th century corner of the globe, including creating model peoples’ democracies in Uzkekistan, Zimbabwe, Upper Volta, and, even Lower Slobbovia. (If you don’t know where that is, go look up cartoonist Al Capp.) In this they’ve failed totally. The God-given Laws of Nature can’t be changed, even by the likes of George Will, John Bolton, or even Charles Krauthammer….

Domestically, their egalitarianism and mania for equality has led many formerly traditional conservative publications, especially National Review, and many so-called “conservative” writers, including Jonah Goldberg, and writers for The Wall Street Journal and The Weekly Standard, plus Fox News pundits, to accept–and defend–same sex marriage as “conservative.” Now, some at NR even suggests that “transgenderism” may be “conservative.” What’s next? Incest as a “conservative” value? Actually, that’s been proposed in Germany. Expect to see Jonah Goldberg eventually writing in The Wall Street Journal defending it.

And the Neocons, especially at National Review and commentators on Fox (e.g. Krauthammer, Steve Hayes, George Will, Jonah Goldberg, et al), increasingly denounce, for example, Russia because it refuses to sanction same sex marriage and does not guarantee full “equality” for and lavish praise on its gay population. Given their fundamental philosophy, this is logical. It is they who are the ones afraid of open debate, not Donald Trump. (Ted Cruz’s taunt on this issue is completely laughable.)

Remember this quote by a National Review writer several years ago that actually let the cat out of the bag? Here is “conservative,” uber-Zionist writer Stephen Schwartz writing for NR, that formerly conservative publication founded by the late William F. Buckley:

“To my last breath, I will defend Trotsky who alone and pursued from country to country and finally laid low in his own blood in a hideously hot house in Mexico City, said no to Soviet coddling to Hitlerism, to the Moscow purges, and to the betrayal of the Spanish Republic, and who had the capacity to admit that he had been wrong about the imposition of a single-party state as well as about the fate of the Jewish people. To my last breath, and without apology. Let the neofascists and Stalinists in their second childhood make of it what they will.” [see Paul Gottfried’s commentary on, April 17, 2007]

You tell me how any of this is truly “conservative,” at least as many of us once understood that term back in the 1960s?

Mainstream /Neoconservatism is at odds fundamentally and philosophically with the older, traditional conservatism that actually created this country in the late 1780s, what one writer has called “gut conservatism,” which reflects those familial and inherited beliefs and customs that first annealed this republic. What is amorphously termed “conservatism” today is largely farcical, a bunch of self-important, self-appointed endlessly-arguing “thought-setters” who end up talking to themselves and to an ever-shrinking circle of chattering class readers….all the while a much, much larger group of Americans sink inevitably into the defecated morass of a culturally and politically poisonous black hole, AKA, America circa 2016.

Donald Trump may not really know the value of his candidacy. But, in fact, he is now challenging frontally that rotten and poisonous “Mainstream/Neocon” narrative. He is reaching far beyond just the “movement” and their deleterious ideas and policies. And now, with the attack on Trump by the most prominent vehicle of the Mainstream/Neocon elites, National Review, and by its incestuous partner-in-crime, the Murdoch media empire, the war is fully joined.

It is time to get those pitchfork brigades out and do what the faithful Neapolitan peasants and farmers did to the Italian liberals who came with Napoleon’s troops to occupy Naples in the late 1790s. Under the leadership of that warrior prince of the Church, Cardinal Ruffo di Calabria, those peasant conservatives destroyed Napoleon’s army and then, after recapturing the capital of the Kingdom of Naples and restoring their rightful king, they proceeded to ferret out the remaining liberals, cut their heads off, and toss them over the walls of the Royal palace to assure the king that they were truly loyal and that they hated liberalism.

Sounds like a good model to me….

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  1. May I just say that I am thoroughly sick and tired of this meme going around—now found in the mouths of callers-in to radio talk shows, influential members of the media, and even presidential candidate Jeb Bush himself—to the effect of, “If Donald Trump can’t handle questions from Megyn Kelly, how’s he gonna handle Putin?”

    We may recall that it was Kelly herself who initiated this little quip the day after the first FOX debate, when Trump gave her the dressing down she so richly deserved. I don’t doubt that in the imaginary universe that exists in Kelly’s mind (the one that revolves around her) the notion that Trump is afraid of her has some truth value. In the real world, however, it is devoid of substance; and it is quite telling that the rest of the Republican Beta Brigade would latch on to and repeat little miss Megyn’s bit of self-flattering fiction. By doing so they have demonstrated not only weakness but a lack of any respect for truth.

    In the first place, Trump is not afraid of Megyn Kelly. Not in any way, shape, or form.

    In the second place, Putin does not need to be “handled.” Vladimir Putin is an immensely gifted leader and an Orthodox Christian who has never threatened the interests of the American people. He is a threat only to the Anglo-Zionist Neoconservative Empire. I’m sure Trump and Putin would get along just fine. For the Beta Brigade to use Putin as a stock villain is only a sort of moral preening meant to dog-whistle the support of reflexively anti-Russian GOP voters of the elderly, working class demographic—the very people the party has been throwing under the bus for decades now. It isn’t going to work anymore. Those people are either dead, indifferent, disgusted, or voting Trump.

    The dastardliness here is so obvious that it’s almost subtle and easy to overlook, but it is so decisive that it has to be called out and brought into focus. When Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush accuse Donald Trump of being afraid of Megyn Kelly, they are saying something that they damn well know is not even true and are doing so by entering beta-like into the fictional self-importance of the current it-girl while demonizing the strongest and best Christian leader the world has on offer.

    Are these really the men we want for president?

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig, Kiza
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @schmenz
    , @Quartermaster
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    In America, what people fear isn’t censorship but penury-ship or penurship. You are free to say whatever, but if you say something ‘incorrect’, you will be reduced to penury.

    ‘Cuckservative’ is killer. It’s effective like ‘racist’, ‘antisemite’, and ‘homophobe’.

    What words can we come up with to shame blacks, Jews, and homos?

    What word can accuse and condemn blacks of savage hatred of civilization?

    What word can accuse and condemn Jews of venal subversion of white race?

    What word can accuse and condemn homos of decadent degeneration of social values?

    A killer term is so effective.

  3. Jason Liu says:

    Seems like a lot of Americans have mistaken conservatism for fascism.

    The question is: Why settle for a cheap imitation? Fascism is natural (and superior). We need to get rid of this aversion to the word.

    Democracy is an abnormality, and by its nature will never sufficiently serve the needs of the ethnic majority. Why bother with it?

    Like a forest fire that sends nutrients back to the earth, a violent revolution every now and then is normal, maybe even beneficial to society. Keeps the people from growing soft.

    • Replies: @AlexT
    , @guest
  4. “…. the Neocons have offered rosy solutions which have led what is left of this nation into a succession of unwinnable wars, faulty nation-building, miserable failures and misadventures in foreign policy. ”

    I, like many people now, used to think they were simply incompetent, but hey, theses are some of the best and brightest from the best of the best families and schools … Occam’s Razor might lead one to conclude they arevon a deliberate mission to take the US down into the same NWO rathole to which the libs want to take it.

  5. Donald Trump here, Donald Trump there, Donald Trump everywhere. This unwarranted level of mass media exposure is highly suspicious. I wonder what the game plan is. Anyway the suckers will fall for it again and again and again until the end of times.

  6. The old expression ‘tomfoolery’ comes to mind. Or perhaps better said, Boyd Cathey takes the metaphor ‘playing with one’s self’ to a new dimension in self-delusion.

    “The business of productive political dialogue between opposing views is mostly capitalist state-generated illusionary horseshit. That doesn’t happen any more. Yet the illusion is maintained that it is still part of the process. The lines are drawn, the neo-conservatives are slipping on their brass knuckles and hoods, while the left is playing dialectic games at Starbucks and weeping like a bunch of mock turtles about the elections. It was all over long before the elections” -Joe Bageant

    No matter, whether ‘The Donald’ or Bernie, the game is fixed.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @dr kill
  7. Megyn Kelly’s remarks are Rupert Murdock’s remarks. I am happy and relieved to see broad support among the people for the (only) candidate opposing the war party.

    This writer thinks cutting off the heads of Liberals “sounds like a good model to me”. Credibility down the drain. The Neocons are no more liberal than they are conservative. They are psyco killers and enemies of ALL humanity.

  8. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    I saw the “American Experience” last night on PBS…it was about Bill Blizzard and his Men and the Battle for Blair Mountain.

    Here is the analogy:Obama Administration=the West Virginia Coal Mining Company….Bill Blizzard and his Men=Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia…the Battle for Blair Mountain=the War in the Eastern Ukraine.

    The only viable option for The Historic Native Born White American Working Class=Highly racialized economically progressive economically populist Native Born White American Working Class RACE-REVOLT against the Greedy Cheating White Liberal MEGA-CEO WHITE MALE..AGAINST THE TATA INSTITUTE HINDU GRADS….and AGAINST THE CHINESE FIFTH COLUMN!!!!!

    The larger framework for the revolt must be:HIGHLY RACIALIZED NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS-ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM…this will provide the layer-membrane of protection against any POTUS.

    Anyone agitating for hierarchical political systems headed by an authoritarian figure in the US…as Laguna Beach Old Fogey a gd fool!!!

  9. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The Neocons are an undemocratic terrorist force on the Planet Earth. They do not believe in democracy…nor do they promote democracy…they install corporate gangsters…and they demand that Native Born White American Youth from the American Working Class economically distressed American Heartland “volunteer” as canon fodder for the hyper-ethnic Jewish state of Israel.

    Russia was never the enemy of the Native Born White American Working Class…JFK…Johnson…Nixon…Carter…Reagan…Bush and Bush…Clinton…Obama….cankles the hairy bulldyke were ,and still are ,the NUMBER 1 ENEMY of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class…

    Vietnam posed 0 threat to America…in 2016, Vietnam is gay-normed and a hot destination for Republican Party and Democratic Party Male Gay husband and husband couples who bought a Gay Tourism package. This is what the Native Born White America Working Class died for in Vietnam….homosexual pedophiles!!!!

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  10. nickels says:

    None of this is going to end well.
    The left and the neocons have led us down the totalitarian road when Christianity turned into political correctness and started dodging separation of church and state.
    One can hope Trump mught win and beat back the left, restore some breathing room.
    The people have lost the spirit of classic Lineralism. I see the Alt Right talking of monarchy and anti-enlightenment nonsense. That is just stupidity. Checks and balances, schmalances they say.
    These totalitarian goofballs on both left and the right deserve the nightmare they are aiming at. Unfortunatel the rest of us don’t.

  11. Truth says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    In the second place, Putin does not need to be “handled.” Vladimir Putin is an immensely gifted leader and an Orthodox Christian who has never threatened the interests of the American people.

    So was Stalin; and Hitler was an immensely gifted leader and Protestant…

  12. Truth says:

    Boyd, let me give you a little hint, Old Bean, if you are getting non-stop, hour upon hour upon hour of publicity from the Neo-con main street media, you are a neo-con main street elite.

  13. Truth says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    No matter, whether ‘The Donald’ or Bernie, the game is fixed.

    …And you’d think that a board full of self-proclaimed, 140 IQ Ivy-leaguers would get that.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  14. dr kill says:
    @Ronald Thomas West

    If voting mattered, it would not be allowed.

  15. @War for Blair Mountain

    Russia was never the enemy of the Native Born White American Working Class…JFK…Johnson…Nixon…Carter…Reagan…Bush and Bush…Clinton…Obama….cankles the hairy bulldyke were ,and still are ,the NUMBER 1 ENEMY of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class…

    You’ve got some good stuff Mr. Mountain. You just need to develop some peripheral vision. I was conscripted into the Vietnam war. I saw a lot of Historic Native Born Black American Working Class there. And the three million or so dead “communists”? Working class also.

  16. Leftist conservative [AKA "GOD ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ"] says:

    your take on this situation is unnecessarily complex and rather muddled and unfocused.

    Money drives everything. Policy. Culture. The media and white collar subcultures. Academia. All of it is driven by money. Follow the money.

    Money creates propaganda, which creates the culture, worldview and perspective of america.

    Who has the money? Big corporations and plutocrats. They have the bulk of it. So their financial interests create our culture. How? By propaganda.

    Look, the GOP establishment and all the think tanks and the neocons, etc, all these entities and actors you discuss above, they all follow the commands of the elite media. Why? The elite media is supported by advertising purchases by big corporations. And so the elite media acts as the spokes-organ of Big Money. Elite media shows the way, and the DC politicians follow. However, you mention entities above that I will refer to as the propaganda infrastructure, i.e., think tanks, nonprofit foundations, etc. These propaganda infrastructure entities are funded by big money for the purpose of creating foundational propaganda, much of which is fed into the public mind via academia and the elite media.

    The DC politicians seek favorable publicity, air time, from the elite media. So in order to get air time from the elite media, they say and do things that please the elite media. By saying and doing things that please the elite media, they are helping to further the financial interests of the big corporations that fund the elite media. The media will force politicians, celebrities, public figures to apologize if they offend the tenets of political correctness.

    Political correctness helps increase corporate profits by helping to raise the social status of nonwhites, which in turn helps manufacture consent for mass immigration from the third world, which is major input for economic growth, which is how Big Money gets bigger.

    For example, if you as a politician who wants favorable media publicity, you follow the tenets of political correctness and praise mass immigration and affirmative action, and so then you are helping the big corporations grow the supply of workers and consumers. Thus, you are helping big corporations grow the economy and grow their profits. So the media will reward you with positive attention and air time. So as a politician you can get exposure and get re-elected or once out of office, you can get speaking fees and board of director memberships.

    That is how the game is played–you help the media spread pro-corporate propaganda, and then the media will reward you.

    That is how the game is played.

    Trump gets away with not playing the game–he creates a firestorm of controversy by going against the elite media and the tenets of political correctness. He is targeting the attention of the white working class, which hates, fears, dislikes the tenets of political correctness and mass immigration. He has gotten away with this so far because of his unique personal situation with respect to this particular moment in time. Trump feeds off of negative media attention. He can do this because he is rich. He is looking for air time, and he does not care if it is negative publicity. In fact, that negative attention is his bread and butter.

    The elite propaganda infrastructure of washington DC (e.g., nonprofit foundations and think tanks and certain ideologically oriented publications) are funded by the corporations, corporate lobbies, plutocrat donations etc). So they are paid to generate propaganda favorable to the financial interests of Big Money. Political correctness is a tool used by the media and the propagandists to manufacture consent for mass immigration and racial integration etc, which helps grow the economy and profits.

    The elite media and the elite propaganda infrastructure of washington DC (lobbyists, think tanks, foundations etc) all know that Trump will hurt (and is hurting) the financial interests of their benefactors (big corporations and plutocrats), and so they attack him.

  17. I’m making my list and checking it twice. Actually, I have always maintained that the optimum population of the entire United States should not be much over 100 million.

  18. @Truth

    Hitler was Catholic.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What is strange in American politics at first sight is the way it cannot be divided into simple left and right or conservative v liberal dichotomies any more . It was always disfigured by racism. (How come Southern conservatives never voted Republican for so many years?) But it has got much less clearcut. This is a sign of a deep confusion and that is because the operators of power have various power bases and these are not so easily typecast as left or right any more. An analogy would establishing who was liberal and who was conservative in distinguishing between say drug gangs? They are all in the same business… some may be more murderous, others more ” Robin Hoodish” but all are run by small groups out for their own interests and for their own power base.
    Huge inequality has rotted the basic principles of American democracy. It makes a mockery of it and people can see this. They are not attached to old political ideas because that has rarely been how politics was sold. Its all been spin and money for years. Endless foreign wars to no clear reason except to reward the Industrial Military Complex that Ike warned about. Its a revolution that is needed and its a diminishing of the obscene level of inequality that must be its target. A decent life for all hardly sounds revolutionary but it is in modern America. Hard to believe that Trump could be sounding this trumpet but when Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush sound like each other why not?

    • Replies: @Curle
  20. David says:

    Commenter Lot says that without Israel, America would lose its technological edge and its precious economy of scale in war making. I would add that our standing in the Paralympic medals table would also suffer.

  21. AlexT says:

    Stalin was an atheist. Hitler was born catholic. Neither of them are relevant to Mr. Cathey’s point.

    • Replies: @Truth
  22. AlexT says:
    @Jason Liu

    Excellent points. The voters expect their favourite candidate to act like a dictator, and fulfil his election pledges. Why not give him the power to do so? The perpetual Dogate of Genoa would be a good historical analogy.

  23. Stephen Schwartz deserves credit for providing us with such a succinct statement of neocon values:

    “To my last breath, I will defend Trotsky”.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hitler was a catholic

  25. tbraton says:

    “So was Stalin; and Hitler was an immensely gifted leader and Protestant…”

    Well, the comparison might be valid as long as we forget that Stalin was the leader of an insidious ideology (Communism), directed from Moscow, that sought to spread its tentacles around the world and represented a real threat and that Hitler had expansionary plans for his secular Nazi Germany (“lebensraum” anyone?) that threatened neighboring countries and their people. As far as I can tell, Putin does not represent either an expansionary ideology or an expansionary state and, thus, represents no threat to world peace.

    BTW Hitler was born to a Catholic family, but he appears to have rejected religion in all its forms. It is ludicrous to blame any religion for his actions. If you want to blame anyone for Hitler, then blame the good Presbyterian Woodrow Wilson for foolishly getting the U.S. involved in WWI just as soon as he fraudulently won reelection by campaigning on the platform that “he kept us out of war.”

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  26. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    My late Irish Catholic Uncle…Chief Warrant Officer US Navy…was blown to pieces of ground chuck when his transport boat in a caravan on the Mekong River hit a mine.

    Yes, Vietnamese Civilian lives do Conservative Orthodox Christian Serbian Civilian lives. Bernie Sanders voted-gave his enthusiastic support to bomb the Belgrade Serbian Civilian Population in the name of legal husband-husband homo marriage back in the late 1990s…this almost started nuclear WW3 when US Airforce stealth bombers bombed the Chinese Embassy.

    A few years ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatened to bomb the Conservative Orthodox Christian Serbian Civilian Population again for a second time when they refused to allow a Gay Pride Parade take place downtown Belgrade. Jewish Vermont Pwogwessive Bernie Sanders supported Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s threat to bomb The Conservative Orthodox Christian Serbian Population of Belgrade for a second time in the name of husband-husband legal homo-filth marriage.

    Bernie Sanders is a cockroach as are his White Leftists supporters….

  27. schmenz says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    The answer to that stupid meme you refer to is quite simple: “At least Mr Putin has a brain in his head, unlike Mizzz Kelly”.

  28. schmenz says:

    So were many who went astray and abandoned the teachings of the Catholic faith. I’m not sure what your point is.

    Hitler’s zealous Catholicism is the explanation, no doubt, for his imprisoning (and murdering) Catholic priests and nuns, like Maximilian Kolbe, who died at Auschwitz. Was that the type of Catholicism you were referring to?

  29. @Truth

    “…And you’d think that a board full of self-proclaimed, 140 IQ Ivy-leaguers would get that”

    Dryly noting high IQ doesn’t necessarily translate to common sense. When in high school we had a true brainiac chemistry teacher. He had a note taped to the inside of the window in his car with two words: “Brief case.” After school he’d put his brief case on the cars top while he unlocked and got into his vehicle and closed the door. Seeing the note, he’d then remember to open the door and reach up to pull his brief case off the car’s roof and into the car. A guy like that could never be trained to think on his feet in some circumstance … back in the day you couldn’t pay me enough to take someone like him along on certain jobs but I’m guessing he scored at 150+

    High IQ is given WAY too much credit –

    • Agree: tbraton
  30. Truth says:

    Putin was an atheist the first half of his life. There were “no” Orthodox Christians in the Soviet Union. He, of course slithered out from under what he avowed early in his career for what became politically expedient.

    And as for Hitler being a “Catholic”, it’s a little more complicated than that…

    The regime launched an effort toward coordination of German Protestants under a unified Protestant Reich Church (but this was resisted by the Confessing Church), and moved early to eliminate political Catholicism…. In Hitler’s eyes, Christianity was a religion fit only for slaves; he detested its ethics in particular. Its teaching, he declared, was a rebellion against the natural law of selection by struggle and the survival of the fittest

  31. Excellent article. Nevertheless, the author apparently ignores that, the same as the Neocons control the right faction of the Repucratic Party, the Council on Foreign Relations controls the Neocons. Actually, the CFR controls both branches of the Repucratic Party. The Neocons are just CFR agents.

    The CFR is an organization controlled by oil magnates, international bankers and CEOs of transnational corporations. The CFR is the mayor force pushing for the New World Order — a global government under their control, with only two social classes: the uberrich and the hyperpoor; a real-life Hunger Games. They hate and fear Trump for the same reason they hate and fear Putin: both of them have become big obstacles to the implementation of the New World Order. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

    For probably the best analysis of what is really going on in Amnerica, please read the book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order.

  32. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    Libs have been better critical theorists of power than the Cons have been.

    Cons have worshiped power and privilege. So, Cons figured that if they support power and privilege, the rich will side with the Cons. But the rich stabbed the Con masses in the back. The rich went with the Democrats.

    But Cons are so used to worshiping power and privilege that they continue to mute their criticism of power and privilege in the hope that, gee, if Cons support the rich even more, the rich will finally side with Cons.
    This is also the Con attitude about Jews. Most Jews are anti-con, but cons hope that if they support Jews even more, gee whiz, Jews will finally be nice to the cons.

    As cons have no control of culture, academia, media, entertainment, and etc, their only game left is sucking up to the rich.
    So, Cons have to seem utterly phony and craven to most Americans.

    Alt Right can be the critical theorists of power. It has no illusions that sucking up to the rich and Jewish power will do anything for the white masses.
    Alt Right must stand for all white people.

    In contrast, the GOP and National Review are about collabo-cons who betray white masses so that they can win personal favors.
    The Paul Ryans and Rich Lowries of the world will do very good for themselves. How? By betraying their own race by collaborating with the Zio-globo-elites.

    Alt Rightists have made a pledge never to betray their own race and culture for personal gain.
    This is what sets them apart from the National Review 30-pieces-of-silverites.

    Alt Right shares the travails of the white race.
    Con Inc wins rewards for itself by betraying the white race and by masking this betrayal with disingenuous talk of abstract principles. Such obfuscation is bogus when Con Inc goes out of its way to support the racial-nationalism of Jews and Israel.

    On the matter of how the Alt Right can gain the attention of people of quality who might go onto promising careers in arts, literature, academia, media, and etc….

    I think Alt Right should go further than most in the Theory of Power and in the Critique of Power.

    Whatever one’s ideology and leaning, everyone is fascinated with power. This is why Machiavelli has been studied by everyone on the right and left. And this is why Nietzsche inspired both the right and left.
    And this is why even the Right can learn something from Marx, who also a theorist of power… even if one didn’t agree with his proposals for a better society.

    There are two sides to any ideology or political philosophy. The FOR and AGAINST.

    Generally, the FOR aspect of an ideology is only appealing to those in the movement. So, only communists are interested in the FOR aspect of Marxism. They are FOR what Marxism is FOR. But, the AGAINST aspect of ideology can be appealing even to those who disagree with the FOR aspects of the ideology. So, even as anti-communists reject the FOR proposals of Marxism, they can still learn something from Marx’s AGAINST criticism of capitalism, industrialism, and modernity.
    This goes for Noam Chomsky certainly. We may disagree with what Chomsky is FOR, but we may find Chosmky’s criticism AGAINST power to be interesting. This goes for the Frankfurt School as well. We disagree with what it was FOR, but we can find many interesting in its critique AGAINST capitalism.

    Indeed, even a conservative can learn something valuable about conservatism from a leftist’s AGAINST views of conservatism, and a leftist can learn something valuable about leftism from a conservative’s AGAINST views of leftism. Some regard Oswald Spengler’s AGAINST criticism of liberalism to be valuable even if they disagree with his FOR views.

    This can be said of many thinkers. What Jean-Paul Sartre was FOR was often crazy, like defense of Stalinism and enthusiasm for every crazy Third World revolution. But his criticism AGAINST American power, capitalism, and imperialism yielded many interesting insights.

    So, even if non-Alt-Right folks may vehemently disagree with what Alt Right is FOR, they may find value in what Alt Right is AGAINST.
    Alt Right is AGAINST the powers-that-be in the US and the world.

    And if Alt Right has one advantage over all other groups, it is because Alt Right is willing to speak the truth that NO ONE ELSE will dare speak.
    And this is important since politics and ideology are ultimately about power. History is technically the recording of all that was done by all of humanity. But for all effective purposes, history is the story of power. I mean who cares about the history of what a bunch of janitors did 100 yrs ago? We care about the powerful politicians, the great inventors, the famous artists, the religious leaders and prophets.
    Same goes for politics. Politicians talk about the little ordinary people, but they only care about serving and winning the support of those with the power. And ideology can’t only be about right and wrong. It must be a theory of power.

    All individuals and groups are obsessed with power. And most people don’t have power. Power is held by a select few. So, naturally, all ideologies and movements seek to criticize power, confront power, gain power, and guard power.
    So, all ideologies and movements offer their version of critique of power.

    Now, why does Alt Right have one BIG advantage over all other ideologies and movements?

    Because the Alt Right and ONLY the Alt Right has the courage, boldness, integrity, honesty, and even recklessness in mentioning the nature of the most important power in the US and the world. Jewish Power.

    No one else will touch it.

    GOP will not touch it. Republicans are nothing more than court jesters at the feet of King Sheldon Adelson who screams, “Cook, where’s my lunch, where’s my dinner, where’s my hasenpfeffer?”

    Democrats will not touch it. Jewish political power is concentrated in the Democratic Party.

    Catholics will not touch it.

    European governments will not touch it.

    Blacks will not touch it. Privately they might, but black power depends too much on Jewish money.

    Asians will not touch it. Asians are drones and just follow PC to the letter because they are so earnest in their imitation and want of approval from the elites.

    Anarchists will not touch it since they are so unrealistic in their ideas and dream of some utopian fantasyland.

    Socialists won’t touch it since there are too many Jews on the Left. Also, because criticism of Jewish power is seen as ‘antisemitism’, a ‘disease’ of the Right, people on the left don’t like to mention ethnicity when it comes to issues of power. They just focus on the ‘rich’ and ‘oligarchs’. If they do mention race, they might blame something generic like ‘white privilege’, but they never talk about Jewish power.

    Also, because the left was dominated by Jews for so long, Jews rigged leftism to remain mum about Jewish power.

    Now, there is an alliance of white progressives and people of color who raise some fuss about the Palestinian issue. But they only criticize Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza. If the Occupation were to end and if Jews were to patch things up with Palestinians, the BDS crowd will just fold tent and go away. They don’t have the guts to criticize globalist Jewish power itself that is centered in the US, not in Israel.

    Because Jewish power is so pervasive, all sides seek to flatter the Jews and win over Jews. Jews hate Russia, and there has been a Jewish War on Russia. The New Cold War is really Kosher War on Russia. But because there are so many powerful Jews in Russia and because Russia still relies on foreign trade in an international order controlled by America, Putin cannot criticize Jewish power. He goes on praising Jews even as they do everything to undermine him. Since Jew-worship is the religion of the West, Putin knows that if he condemns Jewish power, he will really be seen as the new Hitler. And even the neo-Nazi types in Ukraine are full of praise of Jewish power since Jews are backing the anti-Russian forces in Ukraine.

    But the fact is Jewish Power controls America, and since US is the most powerful nation, Jewish power controls the world.
    Jews have long believed that they are the chosen people, the exceptional-indispensable people. And Jews have projected this ethno-centrism onto America. So, when Jews say ‘America is the exceptional and indispensable nation’, they really mean that their power over and control of America is indispensable. America is exceptionally great because it’s ruled by the exceptionally special Jews.

    That is a lot of power.

    No one is willing to take on this power.
    Everyone knows it is taboo.
    Of course, many Americans truly worship Jews as so wonderful and noble cuz they’ve been brainwashed by academia, media, Hollywood, and etc.
    BUT, there are many people who sort of know that Jews have TOO MUCH POWER and are doing really bad things with it.
    But they have too much to lose to ever say anything about it.

    So, that leaves the Alt Right. Of course, there is the 14/88 crowd, but they are too dumb, demented, predictable, and insipid to offer any meaning critique of Jewish power. Their commentary amounts to “Hitler was great, Holocaust never happened, all Jews are shylocks, Jews suck, Jews suck, Jews suck, Heil Hitler, and etc.” They are no better than graffiti vandals of ideology.

    But Alt Right has not only been willing to speak truth to Jewish Power but has come up with insightful and penetrating analysis of why Jews are so powerful and do what they do.

    In the current landscape, ONLY THE ALT RIGHT occupies this position of courage and daring(even recklessness) to talk honestly about Jewish power. American elite power isn’t just about class, money, and privilege. The ethnicity or race of those with the power will largely define the nature of the power.
    Suppose black Americans controlled most of Wall Street, Hollywood, media, academia, and etc. Even if black elites insisted that they are working for the good of all Americans and don’t favor black interests, we know that a US ruled by blacks would be defined by black identity and interests. All politicians would be attending Blackpack than AIPAC.

    So, power isn’t just about money and privilege. It’s not just about the 1%. It is also about the identity of the 1%.

    Ideally, the main critics of power should be on the liberal left and radical left. But the American left pulls punches because it is so Jew-dominated. Even as Jewish leftists may be appalled by Wall Street and the oligarchy, they can’t help but notice that the rich and powerful elites are Jewish. And even leftist Jews don’t want to be too harsh on fellow Jews. Besides, as Jews they fear that any discussion of Jewish wealth and power might lead to social distrust of all Jews.
    Also, much of the American left has been bought off by the Jews. George Soros controls so many ‘leftist’ and ‘progressive’ organizations. They just do his bidding.
    People like Paul Krugman pretends to be a leftist, but he’s all for Obama since the mulatto bailed out Jewish Wall Street.
    A lot of liberal and leftist Jews are Jews first and leftists/liberals second.
    And Neocons are former Marxist-Trotskyites who turned to Zionism and Jewish identity.
    And as Kevin MacDonald said, during the Six Day War even the most leftist Jews were all cheering for Israel and feeling super Jewish pride.

    So, the Alt Right has a huge opening as the ONLY viable critic of Jewish Power. It can do this responsibly and really make a difference because so many Americans are secretly wishing for someone to speak truth to Jewish power BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL.

    But there is power beyond Jewish power. Whoever has the power, power will be everywhere and there will be certain laws of power. And we need a theory of power as the world keeps changing.

    We need a map of power. A political map of the main players. The economic map of big players. The media map. The intellectual map. And this map needs to be updated ever so often. The map needs to name all the names of those in positions of power.

    Alt Right needs to be the Magellan of Power, mapping the power all over. And Alt Right maps-of-power can define the debate.

    We need a psychology of power. After all, how come so many people can be controlled by a few words like ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, and ‘antisemitism’? How do certain words gain cachet via media and academia? Once planted into the minds of people, why are people so slavish and servile under its power? Why do entire white nations prefer to commit national suicide than be called ‘racist’?

    A psychological map of power. What ‘buttons’ in the mind need to be pushed in order to gain control over someone.
    Indeed, what is it that makes a Jew have power over a white Christian in the US? It is the term ‘antisemitism’, but how did that mean come to be such an effective weapon for the Jew over the white?

    All these questions need to be raised and explored.

    And only Alt Right can do it. And I suspect the growing fascination with Alt Right has to do with this fact. Alt Right is the ONLY honest critic of power in the entire landscape. It is willing to honestly discuss, critique, and confront Jewish power, black power, homo power, and immigration power.

    Alt Right has the guts to say Jews control elite institutions and industries of America. No other ideology or group does that.

    Alt Right has the guts to say blacks control the streets and beat up people and cause mayhem. Alt Right don’t call blacks ‘youths’ or ‘teens’. It calls blacks ‘blacks’. Or dindus. Alt Right has the guts to speak the truth: blacks are less intelligent, more aggressive, and stronger. THAT is the reason for black violence.

    Alt Right has the guts to speak about homosexuality and all its attendant problems. Alt Right is tolerant of homos and even allows homos to join the movement. But Alt Right will never cave to the BS that homosexuality is just as good as real sexuality.

    And Alt Right has the guts to say identity matters, and too many immigrants undermines identity of native folks.

    All these are irrefutable truths, but NO ONE is willing to speak them. That is why Alt Right is beginning to win the attention of people of intelligence and integrity. People with intelligence and integrity want honest and courageous discussion of power, not bullshit we’ve been getting from GOP, Democrats, socialists, progressives, and etc., all of which are controlled by either ‘rightist’ Adelson or ‘leftist’ Soros.

    • Replies: @Mark Green
  33. AlexT says:

    There were plenty of Orthodox in the Soviet Union notwithstanding the official atheism. I’ve read Hitler’s wikipedia page too, he still wasn’t protestant as you claimed. My point was, that neither of them has anything to do with mr. Cathey’s point about Putin not being a threat to the States, which is true.

    • Replies: @Truth
  34. @tbraton

    Stalin was the leader of an insidious ideology (Communism), directed from Moscow, that sought to spread its tentacles around the world and represented a real threat …

    It sounds like you are confusing Stalin, who favored a policy of “socialism in one country” (i.e., the Soviet Union), with Trotsky, who advocated prioritizing “world revolution” above all else. Until the outbreak of WWII in 1939, Stalin’s foreign policy was mostly defensive and relatively modest. His only significant attempt at advancing socialism abroad was to send aid to the communists fighting in the Spanish Civil War.

    Now you understand why the neocons (or their parents, in the case of the ‘red diaper’ babies) descended from the Trotskyite wing of communism rather than the Stalinist wing.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  35. Truth says:

    There were plenty of Orthodox in the Soviet Union notwithstanding the official atheism.

    Not in the Communist party there, weren’t. And there is no leader, other than whoever the current President of the US is, who is a threat to the States, so that means nothing.

    • Replies: @AlexT
  36. @Truth

    Using wikipedia for information on a controversial topic that our friends in Tel Aviv censor and distort makes as much sense as asking your friendly local drug pusher to recommend an effective therapy for your prostate cancer.

    One would think that participants on the Unz forum would not have that much difficulty researching primary resources rather than pre-chewed wikipedia.

    Mein Kampf can be accessed online on numerous sites; it can be searched, easily.
    For example,

    search for “Catholic” —> 44 instances

    search for “Christian” –> 26 instances

    What did HITLER have to say about Catholics, about Christianity? Did Hitler incorporate Catholic or Christian principles in the policies he advanced in the NSDAP?

    (One major annoyance of many versions of Mein Kampf is that they are heavily annotated: readers cannot be trusted to grapple with the text for themselves, they might find themselves questioning the dogmatized narrative. basta. )

    just sayin’

    • Replies: @Truth
  37. tbraton says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    No confusion at all on my part. It wasn’t Trotsky who planted all those Soviet spies in the U.S. government. It was Stalin. Stalin may have had philosophical differences with Trotsky before Trotsky lost out in the power struggle following Lenin’s death and was forced to seek exile in 1929, but Trotsky was murdered in 1940. After WWII, it was Stalin who was following the Trotsky model. That’s why we had the Cold War. It was Stalin who succeeded in installing Communist governments in all the Eastern European countries, not Trotsky.

  38. geokat62 says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Now you understand why the neocons (or their parents, in the case of the ‘red diaper’ babies) descended from the Trotskyite wing of communism rather than the Stalinist wing.

    I’ve been trying to convince others (especially Thirdeye) about this very same point, but to no avail. Maybe you’ll have better luck, SP.

  39. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    JFK ignited the Cuban Missile Crisis…a Conservative Orthodox Christian Naval Commander Vitali Akripov prevented JFK from causing the extinction of the Human Species. Three years later, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was passed…the reprobate Teddy’s permanent monument of demographic extermination to JFK.

    There is a direct road from the Woodstock Concert of 1969 to the bombing of Serbian Christians by the Clintons…onto the Ukraine!!!!!

    Does anybody want to guess Max Yasgur’s ethnicity. “Farmer” Max Yasgur’s…the Jewish real estate lawyer….last ditch effort to get the Wakilli Conservative White Christian Town Board to give him pemission to hold the concert on his dairy farm(to pay off his 100 grand debt)”You won’t give me permission because I’m Jewish!!!?..True Story….

  40. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    We are living in the World According to Garch, oligarch that is.

  41. guest says:

    “which began back in the 1950s”

    I’d say it began in opposition to the New Deal in the 1930s. What popped up in the 50s we may term the New Right, which is best exemplified by Buckley.

  42. guest says:
    @Jason Liu

    Fascism is not the only alternative to democracy. We were never supposed to be a democracy, if you’ll recall.

    • Replies: @scoops
    , @nickels
  43. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    The Left needs to get on the nationalist bandwagon.

    In the past, socialist and the left understood the need for tight national borders.

    Huge migrations of people had a SCAB effect on labor.

    So, leftist internationalism didn’t mean globalism or open borders or massive migrations of people or breakdown of law & order or etc.

    It meant each nation would take care of its workers, and all nations would live in mutual peace and respect as equals than as imperialist nations and colony nations.
    It meant international peace, international cooperation. After all, in order to have INTER-nationalism, there first has to be nations. International means all nations around the world respect one another, trade with one another, and follow certain basic universal standards. It doesn’t mean one nation has the right to invade other nations either militarily, demographically, financially, or culturally.
    Each nation would maintain its autonomy & sovereignty and work with other nations on the basis of both independence and cooperation.

    Old imperialism was not international. It was about dominant nations invading, controlling, and dominating weaker peoples around the world.
    New globalism is not international. It is anti-national(except in the matter of Israel and Jewish power of globalist empire known as Kosheria or Koshdom) because, as George Soros said, its aim is to destroy the very foundations of nations, just like Masha Gessen’s agenda is to destroy the very foundation of marriage. Globalism is to nationhood what ‘gay marriage’ is to morality and marriage.

    Globlism’s neo-imperialist agenda hides its true nature by making the peoples of ALL NATIONS a subject people of the globalist elites. Under globalism, there is no unity of national elites and national masses. British elites feel nothing for the white native British masses. German elites feel nothing for the white native German masses. Swedish elites feel nothing for the white native Swedish masses. Japanese and Korean elites feel nothing the masses of their respective nations. All elites belong to the elite club know as the GLOB. And the children of the elites identify with the children of the other elites than with the masses of their own people who are seen as yahoos. The exception is the Jewish elites who, though working with(indeed lording over) elites of all nations, still do feel a strong bond with Jewish people all over and especially in Israel and NY.
    Because all people lose out, globalism seems ‘fair’. So, even as the West gains control over the non-west at the elite, military, economic, and cultural level, the non-West gains access to the West at the demographic level. The West invades the world through money and mind, the rest of the world invade the West on foot.
    All nations lose their sovereignty except Israel and the empire of Koshdom.

    But because the masses are stupid and still automatically identity with the elites of their own kind, they think are being empowered via identification with their rich elites who get richer and richer.
    So, even though white masses have been losing out in the past 30 yrs, they still feel powerful because Western elites still dominate the world with the US military. “Support the Troops, USA! USA!” And because every nation has its share of super-rich and glamorous narcissist celebs, the dumb masses in those nations think they are being empowered by ethnic connection with such people. The masses fail to understand that these rich and/or famous fellow-nationals no longer identify with the people of their own nation. They identify with fellow globo-elites, and their main priority is sending their kids to elite GLOB schools to gain entry into the GLOB club. They turn up their noses at their own people like the Shah of Iran did.

    Anyway, workers have no chance with open borders. It has a scab effect on the economy. Unions cannot operate with endless scab immigrant labor. The tide will undermine union demands. Also, poor nations that need talent will suffer brain drain as the smarties would rather find jobs in advanced nations than work to fix and build up their own nations.
    The whole international socialist movement was not about breaking down borders so that people can move around all over and cause ruckus all over.
    Vietnamese national-leftists fought to drive out the French and Americans. And then to push back the Chinese. How are Vietnamese workers gonna benefit by the arrival of 50 million Chinese and Hindus?

    There can be international socialist brotherhood, but every nation has to take care of its own workers. That’s what a nation is for.
    But, globalism is not about international brotherhood. It is about an international rape-orgy where borders no longer matter and any nation can rape or hump any other nation in the ass.
    So, in the GLOB era, US-Israel nexus feels it has the right to topple regimes in the Middle East and make a huge mess of things. And then, NYT and Economist say that masses of migrants — unleashed by GLOB war on the Middle East — have the ‘right’ to invade and rape Europe. The GLOB even pressures Japan to take in ‘refugees’ even though Japan had NOTHING do with Middle East and North African policy.
    But Jews don’t even have to use Golan Heights(that really belongs to Syria) as sanctuary for the Syrians.

    Any leftist or socialist who calls for open borders is a dupe or idiot. He doesn’t understand the whole point of socialism. It is about protecting the common worker. And to do that, a nation has take care of its own people. No nation can take care of all nations and all peoples. And every nation has an obligation to take care of its own people. It is also wrong for any nation to burden OTHER nations with its own problem. It is also wrong for US-Israel nexus to mess up other parts of the world and unleash ‘refugee’ crisis. It is also wrong for India to have too many kids and then burden OTHER nations with having to take in immigrants from India. That is rude. India should fix its own problems.

    Leftism and socialism have gone from taking care of the workers of one’s nation to pretending to care about all the poor in the world. But such is unrealistic, fantastical, and Utopian. It is too much of a burden, and Swedes are finally realizing the folly of such mindset. Trying to save the world is like the story of a dog with bone in its jaws looking at the reflection in the water. To get the bone in the reflection, it loses the bone in the mouth.. and then even the bone in the reflection is gone. It loses EVERYTHING by sacrificing what is real for what is illusory.

    Sweden can take care of its workers and people. That is realistic and doable. If it tries to take care of the world, it will lose everything. Not only will it fail its own people but it will also fail to save the world since no nation can save the world. It is up to each nation to save and build itself. Sweden can surely offer help to some poor nations, but its priority must be Sweden and Swedish people.

    What we need is realist socialism. A socialism that is realistic and doable, not Utopian and fantastical.

    Amusingly enough, leftists/socialists who support open borders in the name of INCLUSION only end up enriching and empowering the GLOB elites ever more dominated by Jewish power. Jewish elites will just take advantage of diversity to make goy fight goy to gain more power for themselves in divide-and-rule manner. Also, the elites will just have access to more cheap labor. And with breakdown of unions, there won’t be any effective way to challenge the elites.

    And Negroes need to wake up. US in the 60s embarked on two ventures that were bound to cancel each other out. Around the same time, there was the Civil Rights Act that made blacks fully equal AND the Immigration Act that flung US wide open to the world. US giveth and taketh away in relation to the Negroes. US finally gave Negroes the equal chance to fully take part in American society, but US was also to be flooded with an endless tide of browns, yellows, and all other colors from all over the world, thereby making Negroes lose out in the competition. Of course, Negroes being Negroes — animated by wild Jafro spirit — , one could argue they would have done no better even if immigration never happened. Still, if Negroes did have any kind of chance of gaining more of meaningful footing in US society, it was with the Civil Rights Act. But it was soon followed by Immigration Act that effectively sent Negroes to the back of the bus while yellows, browns, and etc grabbed much of the economy. The immigrant scab totally destroyed the economic bargaining power of the jivers.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Curle
  44. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    i think Putin is a genuine Christian. He was baptized as a child, and Alexander Soldiernizen believed Putin’s faith is genuine. He was never a KGB ideologue.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Priss Factor
  45. Svigor says:

    “If Donald Trump can’t handle questions from Megyn Kelly, how’s he gonna handle Putin?”

    I think telling Putin to #^@% off (if he shows his @$$) is a viable tactic.

    Donald Trump here, Donald Trump there, Donald Trump everywhere. This unwarranted level of mass media exposure is highly suspicious. I wonder what the game plan is.

    Ratings. At first nobody took him seriously, so it was easy to grab ratings covering the outrage. As it slowly dawned on them that they should take him seriously, it was too late; somebody is going to cover him and grab ratings, even if you don’t, because he’s already a story. Trump has been gaming them by consistently violating their PC borders of outrage. WTF else have they got to talk about?

  46. Curle says:

    “It was always disfigured by racism. (How come Southern conservatives never voted Republican for so many years?)”

    Because they didn’t need to. Conservative Democrats represented their interests well enough and the Republican Party was focused on the interests of the northern capital elites and not the average southern white.

    The problem with words with no fixed definition, like racism, is they can mean anything and nothing.

    At the end of the Civil War southerners were left with a shattered economy, a former slave population with no capacity for self-support (not due to whites but due to general in-group incompetence) and a northern oligarchy in power determined to keep the starving blacks bottled up in the South using the Union Army, if necessary, to achieve this purpose. In times of scare resources the solution is not to grant the power of confiscation (votes) to people who cannot support themselves. Though this simple truth was evident enough to southerners of the day (and no doubt northerners as well) the necessity of such things has been lost on those living in more prosperous times where the economy spins off a sufficient (for now) surplus to support any number of parasitic peoples. Southerners after the civil war had no such luxury. Post-war, the black population of the South was a problem to be managed, not a resource to be exploited. The Republicans had no interest in being helpful in such matters.

    • Replies: @Ace
  47. Curle says:
    @Priss Factor

    “US in the 60s embarked on two ventures that were bound to cancel each other out. Around the same time, there was the Civil Rights Act that made blacks fully equal AND the Immigration Act that flung US wide open to the world.”

    The main function of the civil rights act was to increase the black vote by eliminating barriers to illiterates voting (barriers that disproportionately affected blacks). Because there is a high correlation between illiterates and those needing public welfare the effect was to grant political leverage to welfare users. Political leverage that makes the US a desirable destination for the world’s incompetents. It also had the effect of insulating politicians from backlash for blunders previous voting cohorts would have punished but that became acceptable to the new, lesser competent, voting cohort. In other words, political and bureaucratic incompetence followed the enfranchisement of the incompetent voter.

  48. Mark Green says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Very interesting. Very thoughtful. Thank you!

    Jewish influence is magnified by 1) Jewish cohesion and purposefulness and dedication, 2) Jewish intelligence and accomplishment, and 3) their collective commitment to advancing narratives, policies and political movements that advance pro-Zionist agendas and a Jewish-friendly worldview. In addition, they never rest; even during times of peace.

    Despite their ostentatious involvement in the ACLU (which champions commercial pornography and attacks all public displays of Christianity) Jewish activists have actually lead the way in limiting Free Speech via government censorship and private sector banishment.

    In the rare instances when a handful of Jews/Leftists were temporarily excluded from the business of entertainment and propaganda production (See: ‘McCarthyism’), it’s called ‘blacklisting’. Fortunately for us all, America is once-again ‘free’. So expect additional films, books, TV shows and public education seminars on the subject of ‘McCarthyism’ for generations to come. Otherwise, policies of exclusion are, and shall remain, business-as-usual throughout Tinseltown. No big deal. Like Harvard, not everyone gets in, right?

    So in a culture where certain political expressions (and aspirations) are routinely censored, many of us remain forever voiceless and forever demonized. Welcome to Zio-America.

    Thus, continued Jewish control of Western mass media is a key component within a global strategy that has yielded unrivaled influence for organized Jewry. Their dedication to managing public discourse explains why these tribal supremacists incessantly chip away at the legal rights to political expression, from Canada to Romania.

    Jewish legal activists are also at the forefront of enacting global Hate Speech as well as Holocaust Denial laws, in addition to existing anti-defamation statutes which already undermine political expression. Holocaust museums–like countless films on this subject–are still springing like weeds. There’s even a large, new Holocaust museum under construction in London. But why the escalating levels of Zionist propaganda? Do Jews feel guilty? Can we explore this subject?

    Insatiable Jewish efforts to magnify a their narrative (while crushing opposing perspectives) concerns the solidification of ‘memory’ and the elevation of one narrative and only one narrative. What’s at stake is The Most Important story involving The Most Important People concerning The Most Important Lesson. The Lesson?

    Don’t oppose Jews.

    Extraneous details concerning the Communist Revolution, world banking, global wealth and power, and various World Wars can wait. First things first.

    Collective memory (and taboos) are managed via selective emphasis and strategic repetition. At the same time, memory can be erased via de-emphasis and marginalization.

    As for the American entertainment industry, fast-track power positions are generally reserved for members of the Tribe or deferential gentiles (‘anti-Semites’ and white ‘extremists’ need not apply). And you can rest assured that ‘affirmative action’ (for non-Jews) does not operate in any Hollywood boardroom. Ha! This explosive issue shall not even be raised. Never. Thou Shalt Not Offend.

    One-time Hollywood powerhouse and Academy Award Winning director, Mel Gibson, made factually-correct remarks (speech crimes) about ‘Jews and wars’ that has damaged his career forever. So watch what you say! Free speech can ‘just go so far’ in Zio-America. The dominant clique understands all-too-well that the management of discourse, memory, information and taboos translates into vast political power. Theirs is a global effort, highly coordinated.

    ‘Unregulated’ speech on the internet is therefor a threat to global Jewish power. But they’re working on ‘fixing’ this problem, too.

    Your idea for a world map of the Tribe’s power in its various forms and expressions is an excellent one. Spreading factual information about Jewish power and propaganda is our only way out of this suffocating box.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  49. RJJCDA says:

    I coined the term PALEOPOPULIST in my book REDOUBTS: Paleopopulism at Twilight. I think it is an excellent term for Trump supporters – which includes myself. It is patriotism, nativism, nationalism, localism, tradionalism and affirmationism rolled into one descriptive appellation.

  50. joe webb says:

    my contribution, and commendation of this article.
    about a Krugman article in jewyorktimes:

    Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 8:54 PM
    Subject: Fw: more on….”Potemkin Ideologies” from the Krug-man

    There is far more to think about than what the thin soup analysis of Krugman provides. Here is the wiki definition of a Potemkin Village which comes from Russian history.

    “In 1787, as a new war was about to break out between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, Catherine II with her court and several ambassadors made an unprecedented six-month trip to New Russia. The purpose of this trip was to impress Russia’s allies prior to the war. To help accomplish this, Potemkin set up “mobile villages” on the banks of the Dnieper River. As soon as the barge carrying the Empress and ambassadors arrived, Potemkin’s men, dressed as peasants, would populate the village. Once the barge left, the village was disassembled, then rebuilt downstream overnight” for the next show the following day.

    So the term is used to denote a fake situation, position, etc. Here is more Krugman. After stating that the Democratic Party has a pretty much clearly stated program, and that there is little difference between its players, he says this about the Republican Party:

    “What we’re seeing on the Republican side, by contrast, is that almost nobody except a handful of pundits and think-tank hired guns cares at all about the official party ideology.” That seems to be true and the reason for that is that while the Demogogic Party basically has a racial agenda for blacks and browns, and asians, etc., the Repugnicans have not needed an agenda, certainly not a Conservative agenda ( conservative meaning old traditional values of country, religion, family/marriage, hard work, and small -is-beautiful) because the GOP cares not a whit for these things, but just money-making and Individualism. By doing next to nothing, these money oriented “values” take care of themselves and the thing just chugs along or the Invisible Hand pretty much runs the economic show without much gov’t meddling, except for basic trade rules, and something to keep things going smoothly…in other words, The Fed.

    Because the US is a commercial culture, lacking European Tradition and values of high culture, etc. a politics of commerce works well enough until economic conditions get bad, or race problems get bad.

    Now that economics and race are becoming problematic, the Repugnicans find themselves with no real philosophy of government that can address these issues. The GOP has me-tooed it on race equality and gender equality issues. They are no different than the Dems. Across the board they have become almost as liberal as the Dems….thus the term “cuckservative” has been coined by the racial right to insult the GOP. It has been cuckholded by the liberals.

    So, the Potemkin Village here is a GOP Program or ideology that 1, is almost the same as the Dems, and 2, it has no sense of what’s happening to this country, or what Trump’s populism is all about. The GOP has been blind-sided by reality, economic immiseration for most whites and a consequent severe reaction against globalization, and racial turmoil too, which has been long in coming, but after 50 years of black failure, the End Times are nigh.

    The GOP’s ideology is the Potemkin Village: useless, untethered to social, racial and economic reality. They have hit the Wall, now that the Wall has suddenly erupted after years of untheorized and unseen growth, hidden by both smokescreens of TV and Potemkin Rainbows as well as White relative affluence that could shrug off the costs of carrying blacks and browns on welfare, affirmative actions, quotas, etc. Now that Resource Competition sets in grimly with reduced living standards for Whites, the shine is coming off the Big Words of racial equality, Human Rights, and the alphabet soup of democratic isms, queer, etc. rights, and so on, and on.

    Populism, nativism, blood and soil, White rights to the countries that they/we have built….that is the common sense today of most Whites, including lots of liberals who dare not say what is on their minds.

    What our new Populism will mean will be worked out in the coming few years, and its first characteristic will be very negative. Get these non-whites the hell out of here, give us our country back, our neighborhoods safe again, our schools safe again, and White Civilization restored. As Senator Vail in the immigration act politics of the 1920s said, “if there is any changing to be done in our country, we are going to do it and nobody else.” My gloss would be: and certainly no goddamn jews and niggers are going to change it.

    If you want a theory for this new populism, call it racialism, patriotism, familyism and personal restraint, and do not forget law and order. No Potemkin Villages here, just the real thing, with tough white men running the show. Yeah, the Patriarchy Restored, with the ladies safely back in the kitchen and bedroom. No more crazy ladies voting for Billary. May need to give their voting rights some attention.

    Joe Webb

    • Agree: Intelligent Dasein
  51. DaveE says:

    I loved this piece. I don’t mean that in a gay, fudgepacking cornholing kinda sicko politically correct judeo-bolshevik kinda way, either.

    The neocons are twisted, m-fking sickos of the Talmudic persuasion and by Talmudic, I mean Jewish as in the entire Jewish establishment that has taken over and utterly perverted, twisted, demonized, perverted, corrupted, depraved, degenerated and convoluted the Western world. With utterly vile filth that a guy named Jesus of Nazareth warned us about, so clearly, in words even a six-year-old could understand, many years ago.

    The guy told the truth about the filthy, demonic Jew, and of course, paid the ultimate price the Jew would SO love to inflict on us all.

    And I’m NOT a Christian, so I won’t bore you with the same tired BS self-serving crap that “Christians” love to spew. But Jesus, Hitler and many others had it exactly right about The (self described) Chosen Ones.

    I’ll leave it at this and see if the authors have the guts to print my comment. Thanks for your brave stance, even if you don’t want to publish my comment.

    Every little bit helps.

  52. @Seamus Padraig

    Now you understand why the neocons (or their parents, in the case of the ‘red diaper’ babies) descended from the Trotskyite wing of communism rather than the Stalinist wing.

    The neo-cons are descended from the “state-capitalist” wing of socialism, not the Trotskyite wing. (They’re descendent, James Burnham, descended from bureaucratic collectivism, a similar doctrine to state capitalism.”) The state cappers sometimes identify with Trotsky, but Trotskyites don’t accept them.

    The state capitalists refused to support either side in the cold war. The Trotskyites critically supported the Soviet Union. The state capitalists became overtly pro-capitalist and pro-imperialist when the Trotskyites came to support the Palestinians against Israel.

  53. Bliss says:

    Under the leadership of that warrior prince of the Church, Cardinal Ruffo di Calabria, those peasant conservatives destroyed Napoleon’s army and then, after recapturing the capital of the Kingdom of Naples and restoring their rightful king, they proceeded to ferret out the remaining liberals, cut their heads off, and toss them over the walls of the Royal palace to assure the king that they were truly loyal and that they hated liberalism.

    Sounds like a good model to me….

    That makes you a deadly traitor to the American Republic doesn’t it?

    Surely you know that the US was founded by Enlightenment liberals who emphatically rejected both monarchy and theocracy.

    Conservatives like you are not much different from the conservative muslims of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  54. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Alt Right will never, ever flourish so long as it embraces anti-semitism. Mark my words.

  55. DaveE says:
    @Mark Green

    Well, hey it’s quite simple, same as it ever was. Tell the truth. The Jew, being, by nature, untruths (aka Satan) of every kind, will revile, but so what?

    Satan vs. Humanity. Bring it on

    • Replies: @Douglas
    , @DaveE
  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is amazing. Trump has become a wrecking ball to the status quo. The humdrum of controlled elections is nearly obsolete. The election process has been controlled for years, and the people’s peaceful redress for grievances is gone. Which is the condition we had just before the first American Revolution. In fact it is so bad that MSM (complicit in stealing elections) is pulling out all the stops, and using fake or real polls, to cast shadows on Trump. And then they say something like… “Trump is now up and even with Cruz” (like CNN)

    Good or bad, Trump has managed to tell them where to go, and now the establishment (which includes MSM) is whining, because the people might actually be able to take back America.

    Who controls America? Go figure… Murdock is not an American born citizen,and likes the Canadian born candidate for president. It’s an agenda and it has to stop, one way or the other.

  57. Svigor says:

    The Alt Right will never, ever flourish so long as it embraces anti-semitism. Mark my words.

    The Alt Right will be co-opted, subverted, and destroyed if it embraces philo-Semitism. Mark my words.

  58. AlexT says:

    So you admit that bringing up Stalin and Hitler in relation to Putin was completely pointless? Good.

    • Replies: @Truth
  59. Truth says:

    “Using wikipedia for information on a controversial topic that our friends in Tel Aviv censor and distort makes as much sense as asking your friendly local drug pusher to recommend an effective therapy for your prostate cancer.”

    Unless it’s a cannabis dealer, haha.

    Anyway, in the abstract your point Is well taken, but I tend to use Wikipedia because it’s well easy – and research has shown that it is fairly accurate in the aggregate.

    Internet conversations, are really more monologues, no real information is exchanged, no one is going to change his opinion, no real exchange of ideas will take place because that takes open-mindedness.

    My goal his is simply to point and offer a semblance of corresponding info, at which point you may…or may not…choose to further research it.

  60. Truth says:

    “i think Putin is a genuine Christian”

    I would agree, and I think his ongoing political assassinations provide corroboration of his adherence to the faith.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. Ah, but would they put a bullet in Trump’s brain? The entire affair reeks of the situation between the war-gamers and RFK circa 1968. RFK calling BS on the war LBJ initiated, the war John Kennedy said no to five years before.

    The question is what is most important, is it not? And who comes out of it alive?

    • Replies: @Art
  62. nickels says:

    What is facism?
    Soldier mentality, young man ideal, aesthetics, nationalism, racislism, organizing…?

    I’ve recently stumbled on an ever broader definition that really nails it all.
    Facist wife?
    Facist brother?
    Facist parent?
    Facist teacher?
    Facist ruler?

    They all have one thing in common.

    A facist is someone ELSE who sets your alarm clock.

    Sounds real fun.

    • Replies: @Douglas
  63. @Bliss

    The Traditional Roman Catholic Church, which both Dr. Cathey and I belong to, rightly rejected the heresy of Americanism in the person of Pope Leo XIII, and it was we who kicked the Mohammadan precursors of ISIS’ asses at Lepanto, Vienna, and Tours.

    Go peddle your whiggish BS somewhere else. Monarchy and theocracy are precisely what real conservatism is all about.

  64. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    He will the need the power of myth.

    Christianity is not the future.

    • Replies: @Douglas
  65. Truth says:

    If you’re going to ask a question let me answer, Big Chief;

    don’t be a big doo-doo head.

  66. Douglas says:

    Well I know Fox is owned by Zionist Rupert Murdock and his Jewish wife Cohen. So we can guess Jewish Zionists hate Trump because he wants to seal our borders and reduce the trade imbalance with China among other things they don’t want to change.

  67. Douglas says:

    Fascism is putting your priority or nation above others by setting you culture aboves others. Like Israeli sets their culture above Palestine.

    • Replies: @nickels
  68. hp says:

    We’re gonna need a lot of rope!

  69. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Oh you’re so witty with your second hand hearsay conviction.
    Soooo awesome your opinion and I’m sure your ‘you know what’ too.

    • Replies: @Truth
  70. Douglas says:

    Actually Jews worship Oral Tradition not the written tradition given by god to Moses in the ten commandments. Moses found the Pharisees worshipping the golden bull or molech aka Satan when he came down the mountain. Satan is what Jews worship in Hollywood in a religion called kabbalah which is based on the Zohar based on the Talmud. So in truth you are right friend.

  71. @Intelligent Dasein

    Putin is a thug and part of the Russian mafia. The Russian Mafia and the Russian state are now one, with Putin being the capo di tutti capo. He may be an “Orthodox Christian” but he is also a liar and, therefore, not a Christian.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Parbes
  72. Sir Padre says:

    You left out Eisenhower; surely the Allied Commander who ordered the starvation deaths of a million German POWs qualifies too. How about General Sherman and his “March to the Sea”?

    Not all of us determine a psychopath by whose side he was on………, dipstick.

    • Replies: @Truth
  73. annamaria says:

    You mean, the RF Prez does not belong to a competing faction of “Bones and Scull?”
    Another pure maiden came to lecture on ethics to the Unz readers.

  74. bvit says:

    The news media considers itself King Makers and every 4 years it dismisses the popular people’s choice in favor of their own, predetermined candidate. I’ve watched this same song and dance play out several times – most notably during both Ron Paul campaigns. Most people see now that John McCain is a lunatic – and theres a good chance we would be in the midst of ww3 had he been elected – thank God people sensed that and stayed home rather than voting. We’ve had 8 stinking years of Red Obama because of their intervention and now America finally seems willing to look past them and vote for Trump.

  75. Parbes says:

    Your fellating partners, Berezovsky and Nemtsov, both croaked in the ways that they deserved. May the rest of the Zio oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine eventually follow in their footsteps!

    Stupid Neocon propagandist.

  76. Art says:
    @Jim Christian

    Ah, but would they put a bullet in Trump’s brain?

    Hey Jimmie – you give yourself away – you display typical Jew think – killing is the Jew answer – the Jew way — Art

    • Replies: @nickels
  77. Truth says:

    I’m sure your ‘you know what’ too.

    Are you referring to my Je ne sais quoi? I think it’s “I don’t know what”, but yeah, it is kinda groovy.

  78. Truth says:
    @Sir Padre

    By George, I think he’s got it!

    I’m glad someone is with me.

  79. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    Alt Right has gone Nerdo? Or, is this parody?

  80. nickels says:

    Israel is definitely totalitarian. As collectivists it really could be no other way.

    A lot of alt right kiddos think Liberalism is outdated.

    Wait till their job, their clothes, what they do in free time, what they think is decided for them.

    Little useful idiots.

  81. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    gosh darn Ayatollah Khameini went and brought a skunk to the Jews’ favorite party

    hee hee

  82. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says:

    “‘Donald Trump will make the GOP the Lily White Party’ Rand Paul | MSNBC”

    GOP is already the lily white party.

    Also, why is ‘lily white’ used as a negative term?

    Doesn’t the Democratic Party suck for being a tar-black, mud-brown, and piss-yellow party?

    If those are offensive terms, then so is ‘lily-white’.

    But cuck Rand speaks of whiteness as if it’s a bad thing.

    Btw, why does he plan to win over non-white voters?

    Does he mean like Detroit Republicans?

    Let us say Rand Paul is right.

    So, Paul went to Detroit and reached out to blacks with his libertarian principles.

    How many blacks climbed onboard? Seriously. How many blacks became Paulites because he reached out to them?

    The problem is not with the Republican Party when it comes to minority voters. Bush II went out of his way to pander to blacks and Hispanics. And even today, there’s nothing in the GOP platform that says NO NEGROES OR HISPANICS ALLOWED. GOP also went all out to pander to Jews via Neocons. GOP has signed onto affirmative action and disparate impact and etc. But blacks and browns still go with Dems cuz they see Dems as offering even more. And the thing ideology that blacks hate most is libertarianism because it means less gubment.

    In 2008 and 2012, blacks-browns-and-Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

    Btw, Trump is winning more blacks than other GOP candidates in recent memory.


    If there is ONE issue of Trump that blacks agree with, it is DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUT-OF-CONTROL IMMIGRATION.

    Let’s win over the blacks for Ayn Rand Paul!!! Pass out ATLAS SHRUGGED in da hood. That ought to do it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  83. Truth says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Btw, why does he plan to win over non-white voters?”

    Maybe to win an election?

  84. Hunsdon says:

    So elaborate for us, Truth, just how does Putin resemble Stalin and Hitler? (If you talk about the “Anschluss with Crimea” you’ll get extra points.)

  85. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    It’s often been said that the current GOP has gone ‘extreme’ and ‘crazy’.

    Mike Lofgren, who recently wrote the DEEP STATE book, earlier wrote “THE PARTY IS OVER: How Republicans Went Crazy…”

    According to this narrative, the GOP was once sensible and moderate… but has over the years turned into a far-right radical party.

    While the GOP certainly seems nutty in some ways, it was not due to ideological extremism but lack of any meaningful ideology and identity at all.

    According to the likes of Lofgren, the GOP is dangerous because it is so ideologically unhinged and extreme. But they are missing the point. There is NO ideology in the GOP. No meaningful ideology anyway since GOP has no meaningful identity.

    The French National Front could be said to be ‘far right’ — in a good way in my view — because it stands for French nation, French sovereignty, French race, French culture, and etc. So, it’s ‘extreme’ ideology is connected to identity and borders. It is really about something worthy. So, if the FNL is indeed ‘crazy’, it is because it makes sense to be impassioned about one’s own race, history, culture, and identity.

    In contrast, the GOP’s own brand of ‘craziness’ is not due to any such ‘extremism’ of identity and ideology. GOP is ‘crazy’ not because it strongly believes in something but because it believes in nothing at all and therefore tries to hide this nothingness with lots of posturing about ‘principles’, such as ‘small government’.
    GOP is the white party, but it is not allowed to be a white party in any meaningful sense. So, its implicit identity doesn’t inform its ideology. Its ideology is disconnected from something like identity that makes sense.

    Since the GOP cannot be ‘crazy’ or ‘passionate’ about something that is real and meaningful, it has gone ‘crazy’ with stuff that makes no sense at all. It’s all about abstract this or abstract that, but in truth, the GOP isn’t about them either. GOP doesn’t care about abstract principles. Those are just invoked as smoke-and-mirrors to serve the naked power of oligarchs, Wall Street, the military state, Zionist-imperialists, and etc. This isn’t real craziness since it’s all about calculated pandering to the rich and powerful. Real craziness has some value because it means the ‘crazy’ ones really believe in something and have strong convictions that cannot be bought and sold.
    There is no such ‘craziness’ in the GOP. GOP just pretends to be ‘extreme’ in its commitment to ‘principles’ to mask its calculated and cynical pandering to Power.

    Even the Iraq War was not due to some crazy commitment to Wilsonian democracy-building. It was about pandering to Jewish globo-Zionists so that the GOP would favor the GOP over the Democrats. If Jews were poor and powerless, would Bush & Co. have done what they did?

    The current GOP only pretends to be ‘crazy’ in its purist commitment to ‘abstract principles’ because it is not allowed to be ‘crazy’ about the one thing is worth being crazy about: race-culture-nation.

    Indeed, if the GOP was at least sincere in its commitment to abstract principles, that would at least be something. Even if foolish and naive, it would amount to some kind of integrity.
    But all this talk of ‘abstract principles’ is just smoke-and-mirrors to mask the what GOP is really about. GOP is not about abstract principles but something very real and substantial: POWER. GOP is about serving whoever has the POWER. It favors serving the POWER over empowering the white race that Jews don’t want to see empowered. Just ask David Rothkopf.

  86. Words can hide or mask real meaning. I think what the writer is saying is that it’s now Trump vs. the entrenched Jewish establishment. Because, truth be told, ‘neoconservative’ is code for ‘Jew.’ If that is the case, Trump may have a problem. Because his own family contains a number of Jews; and the man is never, it seems, averse to kissing Jewish backsides. In this regard he runs a close second to his Republican rival, Ted Cruz, who puckers up every time the word ‘Jew” or ‘Israel’ is mentioned. I want to see Trump win, but am worried, nevertheless, that he may not be able to juggle effectively a very compromised situation.

  87. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The absurd disparagement of Megan Kelly’s question to Trump is all I need to read in this over-long rant, to know that I won’t be persuaded by the rest of it. She exposed him as a bully and a petulant coward. He feared to face her again in the final debate, and his withdrawal gave space for Rubio’s rise, almost overtaking Trump. Iowans are not to be trifled with and they can smell a would-be Caesar.

  88. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Trump faces the danger of crashing and burning like Brock Lesnar. Lesnar could project swagger, confidence, and power, but when it came to the actual fight, he lacked fundamentals and necessary skills.
    Cain Velasquez was smaller and weaker but more skilled.

    The bull will lose to the matador even though the bull is bigger, more energized, and stronger.

    Politics is a long-distance run. It is not a sprint. It is about stamina and strategy, not just blowing steam.

  89. DaveE says:

    That may or may not be true, but if you take Christ’s words literally, “good Jews” (children of Abraham wannabe’s) were long gone by the time Jesus of Nazareth came to town.

    Unfortunately this requires Christians to STOP twisting their brains into tiny knots trying to justify the literary sewage known as the Old Testament (Torah) and get serious about the truth, so plainly spoken, by Christ.

  90. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wonder if all those Iowa evangelicals who voted for Cruz are aware of this dope — or maybe it doesn’t matter to that deluded brain-dead bunch as long as Planned Parenthood is defunded, Iran is bombed, and Israel gets more money than US veterans.

    h/t commenter prinzowhales:
    “I understand that Cruz cheated…he has the looks of some kind of slimy used car salesman trying to move a bad transmission and busted head on some gullible freshman buyer and his crippled father…allegedly by sending out a flyer suggesting that Carson had backed out…

    A column by Wayne Madsen reports that far from fleeing Castro, Rubio’s parents were sent to Las Vegas by the Meyer Lansky syndicate to work in the hotels back in 1956, when Batista was firmly in control–father was a bartender and his mother a maid…Rubio himself turned into what Madsen described as a dancer in a troupe that was like a merger of the Village People with the Chippendales..(picture!).He seems to be surrounded by drugs with his brother-in-law being brought down by the DEA in 1987 as one of the prime figures in a drug ring. This certainly puts a new light on his continued support by the same sordid Vegas types…That he met his wife at a “foam party” in Miami takes on a whole different twist in light of this… <— highly recommended if ugly reading

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Trump camp's reaction to the Microsoft tally, the 'missing' precincts, etc….This will be one of the litmus tests for authentic opposition…whether he whines and runs away like Ron Paul or if he goes after the PTB in Demo-publican politics with any of the energy he has shown in his pie fight with the FOX commentator…

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