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Ten Years After: the Knoxville Horror
A Tale Of Black Atrocity, MSM Lies, Justice System Failure–And Parental Agony
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The Main Stream Media is working very hard right now to send down the Memory Hole the abduction and days-long torture of an 18-year-old disabled white man by four blacks (right)including one he pathetically thought was his friend, who (incredibly) livestreamed the atrocity on Facebook. Not coincidentally, there seems to be no national media coverage of this weekend’s tenth anniversary of an earlier stellar moment in American race relations and MSM malfeasance: what I have called “The Knoxville Horror,” the kidnap-gangrape-torture-murders in Knoxville TN, by yet another black gang, of white sweethearts Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23

Channon was a senior sociology major at the University of Tennessee; Chris was a carpenter. Their families are sure they would have ended up married. But they were carjacked and kidnapped at gunpoint on January 7, 2007, and taken, bound and gagged, to the house where the gang was staying.

The details of what the gang, which included

Then did to Channon and Chris was so horrific that it’s common to get reactions like this, from then-Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols:

You start to wonder how someone could do this kind of stuff. What kind of person could do this to another human? It’s hard to get off of that. I’d been a prosecutor for a long, long time, so you’d think by then—and I used to say it—that nothing shocked me anymore.

Christian-Newsom: 10 Years Later,, January 6, 2017.

And yet the plain fact is that no-one should be “shocked.” These black-on-white atrocities are just a fact of life in today’s America. Chicago is just a minor case. There was an eerily similar black-on-white abduction-gangrape-murder in Wichita KS. seventeen years ago. And does anyone remember the Pearcy Massacre? Etc. etc.

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and were both tortured, raped and killed. Newsom was forced to hobble to nearby railroad tracks, his ankles tied, shot three times, and set on fire.

Prosecutors believe that it was Eric Boyd (right) who anally raped Newsom, because police had found male homosexual pornography on his cellphone. [Knox prosecutor doesn’t shut the door on future charges in torture slayings, by Jamie Satterfield , January 6, 2017]At least two of the killers implicated Boyd. But unlike them, he never made any self-incriminating statements, and there was no crime scene evidence tying him to the crimes. Boyd was caught harboring the fleeing Lemaricus Davidson in an abandoned house, and so all that the authorities could get him on was Accessory After The Fact.

It is because Boyd has not been prosecuted for murder, despite substantial circumstantial evidence, that the Newsom parents in particular still feel justice has not been served [10 years later Newsoms still seeking justice, by Robin Wilhoit, WBIR, January 6, 2017].

At George Thomas’ murder retrial in May 2013, I was present in court and saw the autopsy photos. Christopher Newsom’s body looked like roast meat.

Channon Christian’s vagina was black, due apparently to pooled blood. Although she had been raped repeatedly, orally, vaginally, and anally, Knox County Medical Examiner Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan testified that the horrific injuries in her vaginal area were due not to rape, but to some person or persons repeatedly kicking and beating her with a blunt object. [Medical examiner begins graphic description of couple’s injuries, by Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News, April 14, 2008]Prosecutors believe that that person was Vanessa Coleman.

While Coleman was a fugitive, she celebrated her crimes in her diary thusly:

…”I know exactly whats goin on.”

“lets talk about Adventures! I’ve had one HELL OF AN ADVENTURE since I’ve been in the big T.N. its a crazy world these days! But I love the fun adventures & lessons that I’ve learned.”


Reporter’s notebook: Prosecutors say journal showed Vanessa Coleman not upset, By Jamie Satterfield of the Knoxville News Sentinel, November 18, 2012

Coleman’s “fun adventures and lessons” consisted, in their entirety, of her participation in the gang rape, torture, and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. So much for the disgusting contention by Coleman, her attorneys, and her family that she was a prisoner, and as much a victim as Channon Christian.

Coleman’s father, Greg Coleman, has called for his daughter to be freed, and for Davidson’s ex-girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, to be prosecuted in her place. [EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Coleman’s father talks about daughter, By Mario Boone and Nick Bona, WVLT,Jul 31, 2010] Unlike Coleman, Sutton had nothing to do with the kidnapping, rapes, tortures, or murders. Greg Coleman has only one reason for seeking to railroad Sutton: She’s white.

Three judges have presided so far over the incredible six state trials and retrials—an unthinkable experience for the Christian and Newsom parents. They are: Richard Baumgartner, Jon Kerry Blackwood, and Walter Kurtz.

Although all three jurists reportedly ran a professional courtroom, my view is that they all worked to thwart justice—specifically, to avoid death penalties. They did this by busing in jurors from Davidson County, whose demographics are three times as black as Knox County. These were all death-penalty-eligible trials, and blacks routinely lie during voir dire about their willingness to vote for the death penalty under proper circumstances. They know that if they told the truth, they’d be excused.

After the first four trials, Judge Richard Baumgartner (right) was caught in a scandal worthy of a David E. Kelley TV script: consorting sexually in chambers with a probationer under his supervision, who was supplying him with drugs. Baumgartner was removed from the case, prosecuted, convicted, disbarred, and sent to federal prison for six months.

But then Baumgartner’s replacement, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, went crazy, and ordered new trials for all four state defendants (Davidson, Cobbins, Thomas and Coleman), all of whom had been convicted in Judge Baumgartner’s courtroom.

There was no justification for this. As Chris Newsom’s father, Hugh told me during George Thomas’ May 2013 retrial, he had seen nothing untoward in Judge Baumgartner’s handling of the four trials, regardless of his other activities.

Judge Blackwood seemed motivated by the notion: “It ain’t over, ‘til the black felon wins.”

The repeated trials were already breaking the budget for the Knox County District Attorney General’s office and court, and were making a mockery of justice.

Finally, Knox County DAG Nichols went over Judge Blackwood’s head to the Tennessee Supreme Court, which replaced him with Judge Walter Kurtz. However, the damage was done. Coleman and Thomas were convicted at their retrials, but got reduced sentences (see below)

Vanessa Coleman was denied parole in December, 2014, but will again be eligible for parole in 2020.

The Main Stream Media

The MSM have been their usual, evil selves. The national MSM largely ignored the atrocity, except when seeking to vilify supporters of the victims.(When Donald Trump brought the “Angel Moms”—mothers of the victims of illegal alien killers—on stage at his rallies, Josh Marshall called it “Trump’s Blood Libel.”[TPM, September 2, 2016])

Thus area Associated Press operative Duncan Mansfield sought to depict Channon Christian’s father, Gary, as a white supremacist:

“Christian’s father, Gary Christian, wore a Confederate flag T-shirt — a symbol of the Old South where slavery was rifre [sic] — to the first hearing for one of the defendants and then pointed at the man as if firing a gun.”

Critics say the liberal news media are ignoring Knoxville, Tennessee, couple slaying, The Associated Press, Friday, May 18, 2007

An installment of CNN’s Paula Zahn Show in 2007 both vilified and plagiarized this writer.[ Paula Zahn, CNN, May 29, 2007]

At Vanessa Coleman’s first trial, my associate “David in TN” witnessed black WVLT-TV reporter Mario Boone try to sucker Gary Christian into participating in a media moral equivalence ritual, whereby a media operative degrades the white parent of a hate crime victim violated by racist blacks into forgiving the perpetrators. Boone tried to arrange a meeting between Christian and his wife and Vanessa Coleman’s parents.

Christian had the strength of character to refuse.

Such moral outrages are part of the package when you hire morally and professionally unfit blacks to be journalists under Affirmative Action.

The writer who has written more than anyone on this case is Jamie Satterfield of the Knoxville News Sentinel. Early on, Satterfield [Email her] vilified supporters of the victims as white supremacist s and manipulated the parents into denouncing these supporters.

However, Hugh Newsom eventually went off the reservation, and has maintained for years that the attack may not have started out as racially motivated, but became that during the atrocity. He told Mike Pelletier, author of the 2015 book Knoxville’s Endless Nightmare: The Christian-Newsom Murders, “That’s bulls—t. It was racial. It was five blacks on two whites.”

Satterfield has asserted: “Racial differences have never been suggested as a motivator for what authorities view as a random carjacking.”

This is a flat-out lie. I and many others have repeatedly suggested just that, and Jamie Satterfield knows it.

Satterfield once boasted to me that the Knoxville police returns her calls, whereas not one of my queries has ever been answered. (Ask them why not.) Needless to say, this is why.

In 2009, the Knoxville News Sentinel produced a phony “documentary” on the Horror, whose sole purpose was clearly to mislead viewers into believing that race played no role in the crime.

America’s problem is not just that these black-on-white atrocities keep happening. It’s that the MSM lies about them—and the justice system cannot handle them, and in effect punishes the victims and their families.

This cannot go on.

The Known Defendants, and Their Current Status

  • Eric Boyd was convicted of being an accessory after the fact to carjacking in 2008, and sentenced to 18 years in federal prison. Boyd has appealed his sentence of 18 years, so far without success.
  • Letalvis Cobbins was convicted of 46 charges, from murder on down, in 2009, and sentenced to life plus 100 years.
  • Lemaricus Davidson, Cobbins’ half-brother and alleged ringleader, was convicted on all 46 counts, and sentenced to death in 2009. His death penalty was reaffirmed last month by the Tennessee Supreme Court.
  • Vanessa Coleman, Cobbins’ girlfriend, was convicted of facilitation of murder, rape, etc., in 2010, and sentenced to 53 years in state prison, reduced to only 35 years on her retrial.
  • George Thomas has now been reconvicted and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. State high court upholds death sentence for Lemaricus Davidson, December 20, 2016

American Renaissance Editor-Publisher Jared Taylor honored me by asking me to investigate the crime. After Jared published my first reports (here and her e), my Editor Peter Brimelow, started assigning me to continue covering the case. I am immensely grateful to both men for paying me to work this case.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wally says:

    Ah …..

    Who dominates the ‘mainstream media’ / MSM?

    more questions:

    Who demands mass immigration into white gentile countries, but stops non-Jew immigration into “that shitty little country”?
    Who runs the Federal Reserve?
    Who runs Wall Street?
    Who owns the US Congress?
    Who owns the White House?
    Who dominates the US Supreme Court?
    Who forces acceptance of the fictitious & impossible ’6M & gas chambers’?
    Who runs the media / entertainment?
    Who runs the music business?
    Who dominates ‘academia’?
    Why is AIPAC the most powerful, dominant lobby, which regularly writes the text of Congressional bills and resolutions?
    Who is it that wants to censor free speech via the “hate speech” canard?
    Who is it that demands we shed the blood of US troops for their interests?

  2. JEC says:

    Selective outrage is a commonplace in the MSM. There are, as everyone knows, designated victim groups that get unconditional sympathy for their troubles and a free pass on their crimes and misdemeanors.

    It would require a cultural revolution in America to turn this situation around.

    • Replies: @Wally
  3. Randal says:

    •two additional, unnamed and unapprehended black males, identified only by their semen

    I should have thought there would be a good case here for sentencing the perpetrators to death, commutable to life in prison if and only if they show at least a minimum pretence of true remorse by identifying and giving evidence against the unidentified perpetrators.

    Granted, it would raise immediate questions about their motivations for any testimony, but that’s true in general of the entire dodgy US system of plea bargaining anyway. Presumably once the authorities had names, they would hopefully be able to build a case that relied very little upon their witness testimony alone (the DNA evidence on its own would be a pretty good start).

  4. Thanks for reporting on this. I have to say, Judge Baumgartner looks like one of the aliens from They Live. I tried removing my sunglasses but nope, he’s still there.

  5. Kevin says:

    The best answer to the media is to ignore them. If you subscribe, unsubscribe. If you advertise, stop advertising. Within the last year I have unsubscribed to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Financial Times. Although no fan of Trump, I had enough of the dishonest reporting of the election and, more broadly, the unrelenting identity politics.

    Those that complain from the comment section while subsidizing them with your subscriptions are not contributing to the solution.

    They don’t care about your opinions; they care about your money.

  6. Agent76 says:

    This will shed some light on why we do not get real news and get plenty of Fake News.

    Jun. 14, 2012 These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

    That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  7. @Kevin

    Exactly right. I cancelled my L.A. Times subscription for the third and last time recently. Even the Wall Street Journal I have come to fudamentally distrust, belatedly I admit.

    I’d add another vital step that all of us should take in line with your advice… GET RID OF THE DAMN TELEVISION. Cable, satellite, network, whatever, get rid of it. Deprive them of your revenue, and give precious time back to yourselves and family — not to mention get the children reading and playing instead of sitting like drooling idiots glued to the screen.

    Stop going to any movies by Hollywood studios, EVER.

    If it really seems so difficult to stop watching tv or going to movies, something is seriously wrong with one’s values, priorities, common sense, and perhaps even psychological / emotional health. Live in the real world, and stop turning our children over to tv and Hollywood to be indoctrinated, confused, and wasted.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Bobzilla
  8. El Dato says:


    A billion times this.

    15 years ago, I was thinking about whether a need a TV for my new conapt.

    The decision was “maybe not now”.

    Never looked back.

  9. Bobzilla says:

    I remember when this happened 10 years ago. Absolutely horrific and sickening. I’ve never been able to bring myself to read all the details. I got enough of the details years ago to know I didn’t want to know them all. I truly feel for the parents of these two you people.

    If you ever wanted evidence of how vile and evil our media / elites are, this case is it. The fact that they deep-sixed the story and have kept it down the memory hole all these years is a testament to their sick and depraved minds. It should be a wakeup / warning to any White person that believes that they will be treated fairly in the glorious future racial utopia.

    Black violence has touched my family personally, on several occasions. I don’t ever want anything to do with blacks. Any of them… Ever.

    If you get a chance over the next couple of days, then PLEASE… If you see some story expressing moral outrage over Trump’s comments about John Lewis, then post a link to this story and ask the author and his readers if they could maybe spare some moral outrage for Channon and Chris. Ask them which is truly horrific, Trump’s comments or what these two you people had to endure.

    God help us.

    • Replies: @Former Liberal
  10. Bobzilla says:

    I’d add another vital step that all of us should take in line with your advice… GET RID OF THE DAMN TELEVISION.

    Bingo! People always ask… What can I do to fight the system, I’m only one man? Well, this is something anyone can do, today! Getting rid of your television subscription is truly a revolutionary act that if carried out en masse would have far reaching consequence for the enemy.

    I can think of few things more pathetic that a White man sitting in front of his television watching the NFL wearing some black guy’s jersey. If there were ever a picture of defeat and subservience this is it.

  11. Three judges have presided so far over the incredible six state trials and retrials

    This must be the structural racism that Obama keeps crapping on about.

  12. Sean says:

    As a matter of course DNA should be taken from from all arrested in the US and ran for matches against a database on unidentified culprit DNA . Hold records of all criminals’ DNA. Retroactively DNA test all convicted of a criminal offence, starting with inmates.

    In this case for example, even if they never get a test of the 2 unidentified males DNA they would be likely be a narrowing down of the suspects through the records on their arrested/ criminal male relatives Y chromosomes showing a close relationship (brother, son, father ect).

    • Replies: @Grace Jones
  13. Wally says:
    @Delinquent Snail

    Hail the truth!

    “Jewish groups get up to 97% of grants from the Homeland Security”

    Let’s not mention the vast sums they receive from ‘Homeland Security to do much of the spying.

    “Jame Bamford of Wired subsequently reported that the NSA had hired secretive contractors with extensive ties to Israeli intelligence to establish 10 to 20 wiretapping rooms at key telecommunication points throughout the country.”
    Read more:


    “Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA”
    Read more:

    “IDF Unit 8200 Cyberwar Veterans Developed NSA Snooping Technology”
    Read more:

    and these gems:

    ‘Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Murders’

    “Pregnant Palistian women and children being targeted by Israelis.”

    “Two teenage Israeli girls carrying a placard in Hebrew reading: “Hating Arabs is not racism, it’s values.”

  14. Alden says:

    I remember this. At the time every White who mentioned it was denounced as a racist and White supremacist.

    When I was a probation officer every atrocious black on White crime was excused as a legacy of slavery and revenge for what was done hundreds of years ago.

    The greatest anti rape and protection of women organization in the world was the KKK. Swift and terrible retribution is the only way to keep innocents safe. A strictly enforced curfew helps, the old sunset laws.

    In addition to being swift, retribution should be inevitable. The predators should know that they can’t get away with it.
    And of course all the judges were White traitors. They probably hoped for promotion to the state or federal courts as a reward.

  15. KenH says:

    This savage act is part of MLK’s legacy. All the perps should have been given the death penalty and I’m in favor of feeding them to man eating lions so they die an agonizing death.

    Judge Blackwood seemed motivated by the notion: “It ain’t over, ‘til the black felon wins.”

    This is similar to left leaning judges always throwing out hate crime charges against blacks since they believe blacks are incapable of hating whites.

    If I remember Jamie Satterfield downplayed race and withheld details of the case from the public so it wouldn’t look as bad or as racially motivated. She may have been coordinating the reporting with the Knoxville PD and is probably one of their long time stooges in exchange for “inside” information.

  16. joef says:

    There is no incentive for hostile afros to change their anti social behavior as long as they receive cover and excuses from the MSM & academic elites. America has seemed to have regressed into learned helplessness when it comes to confronting these afro atrocities, so there is probably no possibility of this ending any time soon.

    Instead we continue to pay the afros extortion, in the form of entitlements, never meeting the endless demands because the goal is always moved further away. This is obviously, to everyone but a myopic liberal, not sustainable in the long term. The urban areas are the canary in the coal mine for this, with current examples of East St Louis, Detroit, Stockton Cal, and Camden NJ. And as the government primary role becomes, from providing services for the public good, to providing entitlements for ungrateful afros, more cities in America will enter the economic abyss.

    The more we give & forgive, the more they take & attack, with no regard to eventual economic consequences.
    There is only three solutions to this mess:
    – -preferably afros renounce blame whitey anger attitudes & act like productive citizens;
    – – or other productive people do not tolerate it & ignore the false info provided by the MSM/academia/politicians, and treat afros as domestic enemies if necessary;
    – – or the system eventually collapses from the weight of the afro economic burden.
    Unfortunately, as of now, we seem to be headed for the last option. Pray that I am wrong.

  17. Wally says:

    This helps explain things:

    Remember Israeli laws which ban all non-Jew immigration into “that shitty little country”, those same supremacist Jews then demand massive immigration into the US & Europe.

  18. @Kevin

    “The best answer to the media is to ignore them. If you subscribe, unsubscribe. If you advertise, stop advertising.”

    Even this is not enough, you must also make an effort to boycott companies that advertise in the MSM whenever possible. I’ve started doing this and an unexpected benefit is that it allows you to discover great local businesses and often superior products that don’t have the means to advertise in the MSM.

    Though it deals with large national companies, this website is helpful in weeding out the worst offenders

  19. @Sean

    Int J Legal Med. 2012 Nov 13. [Epub ahead of print]
    First all-in-one diagnostic tool for DNA intelligence: genome-wide inference of biogeographic ancestry, appearance, relatedness, and sex with the Identitas v1 Forensic Chip. Keating B, et al.

    “Predictions of sex, direct match, and first to third degree relatedness were highly accurate. Chip-based predictions of biparental continental ancestry were on average ~94 % correct (further support provided by separately inferred patrilineal and matrilineal ancestry). Predictions of eye color were 85 % correct for brown and 70 % correct for blue eyes, and predictions of hair color were 72 % for brown, 63 % for blond, 58 % for black, and 48 % for red hair. From the 5 % of samples (N = 162) with <90 % call rate, 56 % yielded correct continental ancestry predictions while 7 % yielded sufficient genotypes to allow hair and eye color prediction."

  20. Anonymous [AKA "Frieddo"] says: • Website

    If the disabled 18-year-old torture victim filmed live on Facebook didn’t escape he would be dead now.

    These atrocities degenerate into murder because the fear of being identified and going to jail is a powerful influence.

    As in the Christian-Newsom case, there is no benefit in releasing the victims.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  21. @Kevin

    You are absolutely correct but it’s not enough. As other respondents have said it’s important to agitate for the advertisers to be boycotted and to inform them why they are being boycotted. It is also important to evangelise the boycotting of the media by encouraging others to cancel their cable, news and other subscriptions.

  22. Anonymous [AKA "Donald Day"] says:

    Wally, I wouldn’t dare to speculate. I carry too much “guilt” to lift my head high enough. Think you want to consult the honorable Joel Stein of the LA Times for answers:

    “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

  23. Truth says:

    LOL; you clowns are like, “I saw it on TV, it must be true…except when I don’t want it to be!”

    • Replies: @joef
  24. woodNfish says:

    American Renaissance Editor-Publisher Jared Taylor honored me by asking me to investigate the crime. – Nicholas Stix

    Not sure I would call having to investigate something so horribly disgusting as an honor, but I appreciate you unearthing the truth of crimes that would make most people physically ill, Mr. Stix.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  25. joef says:

    LOL; you clowns are like, “I saw it on TV, it must be true…except when I don’t want it to be!”

    Actually as a born and raised former urban dweller, with personal (and know of people personally had) negative experiences with the hostile urban afro numerous times, I already know it to be true. Even when not being an easy target for the afros (because afros attack when they have an unfair advantage of being larger/outnumber/armed over their intended target), the day to day interactions, and afro created neighborhood rot was readily apparent.

    If anything TV vastly under reports the daily urban afro atrocities. So use that line on some ignorant fashionable suburban liberal pandering white person – – they like to play lets pretend. The rest of us have already experienced what afros are about (a group with an overall negative impact upon the society in which they live in).

  26. @woodNfish

    Thank you for your kind words, woodNfish.

  27. joef says:

    As long as we pretend that current afro antisocial behavior is not a problem, this will always continue. It will finally stop when the afro economic burden eventually bankrupts us, and then the charade will end; but is that the only way we will collectively learn our lesson? Like the housing bubble, do we have to wait for things to completely fall apart before having a recognition that something must be done?

    If afros do not choose to correct their actions, then it is up to society to impose a more acceptable standard of civilized behavior . If we always refuse/fail to do so, then the results of this eventual catastrophe is our fault as well (and I just do not mean libs & leftist, but also the people who ignore the problem).

    I personally do not see anything being done by our feckless society. So my advice is avoid becoming a victim of afro aggression and liberal propaganda, and get ready to deal with hardcore scarcity when the destructive afro influences makes this nation (or large parts of it) resemble a giant Detroit. After the occurrence of massive social unrest, many urban afros will then die off from lack of ability for self care. Maybe we can rebuild from there. Not nice, but history is full of events that were not nice. And when the urban afros finally exceeds the carrying capacity of the economy, history & nature will not be kind to any of us.

  28. @Anonymous

    As in the Christian-Newsom case, there is no benefit in releasing the victims.

    At what point in the assault do you think this became clear?

    IMO, you ascribe way too much decision-tree intelligence to those who did this. You are making a common cognitive error we all frequently commit: belief that others think like we do.

    Individuals who did these crimes are simply not part of the same taxonomic classification as me.

  29. The evidence is endless: If you leave home unprepared and (above all) unequipped to repel the low probability but catastrophic consequence of encountering violent assault, you might as well take some responsibility for whatever happens to you.

    Our society stopped proactively “protecting” us by no later than the early 1960’s, and that’s assuming it ever did so in the first place.

    • Replies: @joef
  30. joef says:

    That is very true, but most people either: a) rather ignore the problem and concentrate on bread and circuses (entertainment & materialism); b) or are deceitful leftist who believe that other people being a victim to advance their social agenda is a good thing; c) or are reality denying liberals who would have died off without modern protections (the denial of reality is a very poor survival skill – – they get eaten by predators) d) and some people are just truly ignorant.

    But it should not forfeit the right to self defense for the rest of us. Yet the libs and leftist demand it! Its like they are steering the Titanic straight for the iceberg and they are at the same time outlawing swimming, and are eliminating the lifeboats & life preservers (gun control), so the rest of us are just as helpless as they are. If you refuse to be helpless then they brand you a racist.

    • Agree: dc.sunsets
    • Disagree: Aaron Aarons
  31. Olorin says:

    Here’s Frugal Dad’s OP for those of you who encounter a paywall or ad-wall at BI:

  32. Flat Cat says:

    Born and raised in E. TN, and lived in Knoxville while this was going on. Truly horrific. The crime, they way the “justice” system handled it, and the way the media protected the animals who perpetrated the atrocity.

    Everyone around here who cares and pays attention knows what the KNS is, which is a soap box for the Liberal Establishment. Fortunately, it is dying, like most other dinosaur media. I’m pretty sure it’s only kept alive by outside investment and not a solid bottom line from online add sales and paper subscriptions.

    Thing is, at the time I worked in what you might call the Black neighborhood in Knoxville, or at least one of them. Worked with a lot of blacks both as co-workers and customers. This case brought genuine horror to everyone, black or white, who had a sense of common decency. A lot of the people who I talked to about it were outraged when most of the defendants escaped the death penalty.

    Of course, all of those people were folks who worked, had families, and were trying to do the best they could in the world. I didn’t have much to do with the thug population unless I ran into some when doing home inspections.

    Those are the ones, the one’s with dead eyes and no soul, who keep whole neighborhoods in Knoxville, and dozens of other cities besides, in a state of fear. The community is hostage to them, but I don’t have it in me to feel sorry for them anymore.

    The last few years have been pretty bloody in town with shooting after shooting. And of course the vast majority is black on black gang violence. It got so bad that at one point, after a drive by that killed a fifteen year old boy who dove in front of some other kids to save them, that I thought the community down there would actually do something to clean itself up-to stop protecting the thugs, which they do on a regular basis whether out of fear or out of familial loyalty, but it didn’t happen and we’re back to the same ol’ same ol’.

    I don’t believe the situation has all to do with race. I believe it has to do with a community, in one city and across the country, that tolerates this culture of violence. Until that changes we’ll keep seeing blood on the streets and, more often, atrocities like the Knoxville Horror.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see anything changing outside of some massive upheaval.

  33. Congratulations, Mr. Stix, on your ability to find several examples of atrocities committed over the last couple of decades by small groups from among a population of over 30 million people! Or, should I say, congratulations on your ability to get paid for such “research”.

    BTW, almost all of the oppression of Blacks by whites has been and still is institutional, rather than in freelance atrocities, including in discriminatory practices by business, the “justice” system (including prosecutors and juries), and in government programs that have been tailored to favor whites. For example, there are the New Deal labor laws that excluded from their protection the two kinds of occupation mainly staffed by people of color, agricultural work and domestic work. The writer of this article and almost all of the commenters here are only concerned with the suffering of whites, and, within that, the small part of the suffering of whites that can be blamed on Black (or other non-white) people, especially when it can be used to increase the already-great oppression of Blacks. Calling those people “white supremacists” doesn’t fully capture the depth of their toxic racism.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
    , @SMK
    , @LiveFree
  34. @Aaron Aarons

    Dear Mr. Aarons,

    You are a despicable, racist liar. Those characteristics notwithstanding, I’ll gladly engage with you at greater length. Here’s all you need to do: Visit my blog, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored (link above), hit the PayPal button, and deposit $1,000. Once the money clears, you will be entitled to two hours of my time.

    You didn’t really think I was going to make you a gift of my time, did you? 

  35. SMK says: • Website
    @Aaron Aarons

    All things considered, black males are the most indulged, by far, of all criminals and criminal defendants. Every year, in Detroit, violent black male recidivists who should be in prison commit hundred of rapes and murders and thousands of other violent and mala in se crimes: aggravated assaults, armed robberies, muggings, burglaries, etc. This in a state in which Abigail Simon was sentenced to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of draconian/Orwellian persecution for having sex with a biological man of 15 who might have forced himself on her. In Chicago, during 2016, I’m certain that over 90% of the shootings and murders were committed by violent recidivists who should have been in prison, to say nothing of the myriads of other violent and mala in se crimes, and less than 4% of the black males guilty of these shootings were arrested.

  36. @Bobzilla

    Agree with you totally. I’ve been a victim of their incessant crime, including two attempted rapes. Bringing over these remorseless savages was the biggest mistake that this country ever made.

  37. Da kid says: • Website

    You can dress monkeys and humans clothes but they’ll never be humans

  38. LiveFree says:
    @Aaron Aarons

    Hilarious! “Atrocities” are committed by Blacks in Chicago every weekend! Get out of your bubble and go take the midnight walking tour of the South Side. Lol. You’re a massive clown.

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