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Smith, Rensin, Kriss, Hafford & Co.: Is #MeToo the End of Leftist White Male Journalism?
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Jack Smith IV is a fairly standard example of a Leftist journalist who promotes Antifa, holds whites in low regard, and strives to paint everyone on the Right as a Nazi. His Twitter bio boasts of his union membership, and he describes himself as a “union thug.”

Smith wrote for, and specialized in trying to snitch on anyone and everyone who might be linked to white dissidents. Some recent examples:

The idea here: to convince the enormous companies behind social media platforms to deplatform patriots like us at, and even just anyone on the Right. In this way, self-described “union thugs” who love anarchist terrorists strive to direct the actions of some of the richest men in human history. Incredibly, this tactic often works.

Mr. Smith’s beat was a sweet one. You get to write condescendingly about people you despise, you get the ego boost of helping deplatform those you view as evil, tons of people with money and influence praise what you do, etc. At present, Smith has more Twitter followers than has a lot by Dissident Right standards).

If you were a professor of journalism, you might tell your students that Smith could serve as something of a role model for them. A crusader for our secular theocracy who does well for himself to boot!

It reminds me of atime in a college political science class: at the end of a discussion about the American Right, a fellow student turned to me and said: “Man, you know a lot about these guys. You should work for the Southern Poverty Law Center!”

If only I could be so self-interested and heartless…

All of this was true of Jack Smith IV—until late September. Then he got #MeToo-ed. And now none of it is true!

On the 24th of that month, feminist juggernaut Jezebel.compublished a piece by its editor-in-chief, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, The Next Step for #MeToo Is Into the Gray Areas, that detailed at considerable length the claims many different women have made about Mr. Smith’s indelicate (to put it mildly) past behavior.

Not long after, Mr. Smith no longer worked for Mic, and was no longer a member of the union he was once a “thug” for.

He has been silent on Twitter since the Jezebel piece was published, and his Instagram is now set to private.

That’s all, folks!

But Smith is far from the only white male writer on the Left, who specialized in anti-Right, anti-white, pro-feminist beats, that this has happened to. A brief rundown:

While these constitute the juicier, more high-profile examples, there are a plenty of others. Mike Germano, chief digital officer at Vice, had to leave the company after #MeToo accusations. So did Don Hazen, the executive director of AlterNet. Morgan Spurlock, the Leftist documentarian (most famous for Super Size Me) stepped down from his own company. Lorin Stein, editor of Paris Review, resigned. So too for Hamilton Fish (the Fifth, the first one to be a Democrat) publisher of The New Republic; Leon Wieseltier, mainstay writer at The New Republic; Lockhart Steele, a higher-up at Vox; Richard Myers of GQ, and not a few others.

And remember: this is all just from those who were felled within the world of writing/journalism. A list of Leftist/Feminist #MeToo scalps from the world of media and entertainment would be perhaps five times the length of this one. [After Weinstein: 71 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct and Their Fall From Power, by Sarah Almukhtar, Michael Gold, and Larry Buchanan, The New York Times, February 8, 2018]

The details, evidence, and the specifics of the accusations against these Leftist men all vary wildly—very wildly. Some are almost certainly guilty of serious crimes, others are almost certainly guilty of just being a drunk jerk one time. Some accusations have so little evidence behind them it is impossible to even have a sense of whether or not it might be true.

This is the problem with #MeToo: it is not especially interested in evidence and doles out the same punishment to alleged rapists as to alleged ass-grabbers.

On top of that: there is to be no chance of redemption—unlike, say, black musicians with long rap-sheets of proven crimes, like Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, James Brown, Snoop Dogg, et cetera, et cetera, all of whom had profitable careers after serious felony convictions, many of which involved attacks on women.

I don’t want to pontificate about which of these guys I think are guilty and which aren’t. Instead, I would like to focus on this: there have been a great deal more casualties on the Left than the Right.

Resignations of Rightists from all of this, in the world of writing/journalism, have fallen almost entirely on the shoulders of minor politicians (which is true of the Left as well, but more so) and employees of FOX News. The offices of The National Review, The Weekly Standard, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, The Federalist, City Journal, First Things, The American Conservative, The Washington Times, WND, etc., have been untouched.

It is difficult to see how all of this can be causing anything but a “brain drain”—to a greater or lesser extent—for Leftist outlets. Young men with an interest in politics and writing are certain to be observing this. On some level, they know that they too could end up like any of these men: hold all the right opinions, publish all the right condemnations, please all their professors—and still lose everything overnight, in some cases, because of one blog post by one woman not even claiming you did anything criminal, just impolite.

The four men I focused on above had extremely Correct opinions. For example:

But none of this mattered the second an accusation was leveled. All their hard work and ideological loyalty to the Left got them nothing.

Less than nothing, really. Now if you Google any of them the accusations against them and subsequent fallout are in the top results.

Will this shift young wayward budding intellectuals towards the Right?

Yes. It is an obvious “market reaction” to our culture’s ever evolving sexual mores. (There has never been a better time to read F. Roger Devlin then right now). Young men, especially white ones (Rensin, Hafford, Kriss, and Smith are all white), cannot help but realize that no matter what, if they are on the Left, they too could one day be purged and never forgiven by their former friends and allies after a single baseless accusation.

Moreover, where can the women most likely to make this kind of accusation at the drop of a hat be found?

On the Left, of course, carrying degrees in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and plenty of other fancy labels for “$100,000 of debt.”

If you are at an office happy hour, have too much to drink, and then smack a colleague’s ass and try and kiss her, your fate is largely going to be determined by whether your office is Left-wing or Right-wing.

For the record: you should not get drunk and smack a colleague’s ass. It is not a good thing to do. But we are all fallible humans, and stuff happens.

On the Right, generally speaking, you are going to be sternly instructed not to do that again. On the Left, you have rolled the dice. Your whole career might end right then and there.

As #MeToo stays strong well into the second year of its mainstream existence, this difference has to be becoming steadily more obvious to everyone—particularly men.

Many of them out there are probably thinking right now that plenty of their literary and journalistic heroes—Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hunter S. Thompson, et al.—would not have become mainstream successes in today’s environment.

And they’d be right. Once you have realized this, why get involved with the Left at all?

And this, readers, is great news.

It’s a special case of what Editor Peter Brimelow described in The Democratic Party Has Tipped—Great News For The GOP (Which Doesn’t Deserve It):

One reason white men have gone to the Left—I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets here—is that the Left had easier women. But that benefit is being brought to a screeching halt by the #MeToo campaign, abetted by rapacious trial lawyers and lesbian man-haters, to pathologize heterosexual relationships.

So do not let the ordeal of Brett Kavanaugh get you down too much.

And to all Leftist men who helped get our culture to this point, and then got burned from the very flames they lit and stoked: [expletive deleted] you—this is hilarious.

Hubert Collins writes regularly for American Renaissance, Social Matter, and here at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Feminism, Political Correctness 
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  1. I was raised to not take delight at another’s misfortune. In this case I can’t help but ignore that parental directive. I must agree with the author, this is hilarious. Their “male feminism” could not save them from being tarred with the brush of allegations and being driven from the public square. The irony is just too good.

  2. Anon[305] • Disclaimer says:

    Status appetite and vanity trump self-preservation, I guess. So no, they’ll keep at it.

    After all, things have reached the current point because of that exactly.

  3. bomag says:

    There’s a lot of ruin in a nation.

  4. The Revolution devours its own. Mr. Robespierre, let me introduce you to Madame Guillotine.

    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  5. Like my son’s aged woman divorce lawyer told him, and I quote: “If you sleep with a nasty bitch, you wake up with a nasty bitch.” Maybe some day these idiots on the left will realize what a “nasty bitch” political Marxism is.

  6. bucky says:

    I take the opposite tack. This isnt about the extremism of the feminist movement. This is about how leftism often enables those who are traditionally powerful, and how this intersection along with the destruction of traditional courtship norms results in worse outcomes for women like Jack Smith IV.

    This is not new. Many male feminists are revealed to be exploiting women.

    Read the Jezebel article. This guy also apparently has a sexual fetish for humiliation, because the chucking away of traditional norms makes him bored with conventional sex and romance.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  7. Ahoy says:

    @ Enemy of Earth

    The fairy tale lasted too long. By naming the patriots Nazi won’t save you anymore nor can hide your real role as destroyers of civilization.

    After the Congressional Act of 1871 Washington, D.C. became a private company, and when the gang of Morgan, Rockefeller, Schiff bought the FED in 1913, it acquired its own private bank. From then on the entity District of Columbia established on America a communist tyranical political system under the disguise of capitalism.

    Against this reality every patriot was hunted down as a Nazi. First was General Patton, when he said ” We fought the wrong enemy” and received an oxen buggy while he was eating his lunch in a village road. Second was MacCarthy, folowed by Kennedy. Now all Americans are Nazi and they are after all of us.

    • Agree: Wade
  8. Re:Sam Kriss – I’m guessing he is the probable author of this piece in Quilette, ‘I Was The Mob Until The Mob Came For Me’ :

  9. Couldn’t have happened to someone nicer.

  10. Wilson says:

    No shortage of female babblers, and a brainless profession cannot suffer from “brain drain”. Leftist men are leftists because they are losers of low character, they aren’t going to switch sides, and the right does not want them.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  11. Just as any man who “hunts paedophiles” is almost certainly a paedophile himself, any man who identifies as a feminist is just in it for the pussy and is a craven, lying piece of shit like this Smith asshole.

  12. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    I’d put Rensin in the right-wing column. Not sure how he got the Vox gig. He tends to write over everyone’s head, so maybe they didn’t notice.

    His dad is great, by the way. Mickey Dora’s biographer.

  13. @Ahoy

    And in particular McCarthy who was proved right by subsequent evidence

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  14. @bucky

    Lots of truth to that, especially those who were more artistic and/or “non-conventional” This has always been the case. Picasso was misogynistic, and so was John Lennon. Both were noted leftists of an artistic bent.

    Abbie Hoffman admitted that there was horrible exploitation of women in the Hippie movement, but excused it saying the girls were at least liberated from their conventional middle class lifestyle.

    My father was a close friend of Allen Ginsberg in the very early days of the Beat movement. My father thought the Beats, especially Burroughs and Kerouac, were extremely misogynistic. My aunt went into a commune in Greenwich Village for a while in the late 40s or early 50s and my father joined her to keep an eye on her. My father and my aunt left the commune because the guy who ran the place was a totalitarian who was trying to seduce my aunt.

    Later, my father tried to talk a feminist friend of his out of marrying a poet who was not nearly as talented a writer as his wife, but this poet had a massive best selling nonfiction book and promptly dumped his wife for a younger woman.

    My father’s college girlfriend was a founder of NOW, and my mother helped found a smaller feminist organization in the mid 1960s. So there were plenty of non-misogynistic men married to the leading feminists. It’s just that the men who were NOT creeps were those who followed a conventional lifestyle. These men and women wanted to improve the roles of women within conventional marriages. My mother firmly believed that feminism should be as much for the stay-at-home mom and the working mothers as for single women.

    Alternate lifestyles are, and always have been, a way for horny guys to exploit women. Sone people forget that a major reason for the conventional institution of marriage was to protect the women who raised the families.

  15. ” strives to paint everyone on the Right as a Nazi ”
    Here begins the problem.
    The mentioned book is based on interviews held in the eighties among still living Germans who voted for Hitler in the thirties.
    They describe 1938 as the happiest year in their lives.
    In a few years time Hitler brought prosperity, security on the streets, and social measures as loans for building houses.
    Kai S. Schreyber (Hrsg.), ´Warum wir ADOLF HITLER wählten, Jungwähler von 1933/38 berichten’, 2001 Kiel

  16. @Square Wheeled Hot Rod

    The writer of
    Wilhelm Zimmermann, ‘Der grosse deutsche Bauernkrieg’, 1856, 1982, Berlin states as the big mistake of the peasants of the 1524, from memory, insurrection that they did not eradicate the aristocracy and the clergy, but trusted that these would behave better.
    There was a terrible revenge.

  17. bucky says:
    @Paleo Liberal


    What drives a Leftist is a belief that the world is fundamentally unjust. It is a source of tremendous energy, I suppose, which is why they’re so naturally drawn to the media. The media needs output and sensationalism. The Left provides this in a way that the right, which teaches that things are the way that they are for a just reason, does not.

    Look up Jack Smith’s videos on YouTube. They’re all unbearable and swarmy.

    But beyond that, read the Jezebel account. These are fucked up ways to behave. This is a leftist mentality towards sex and treatment of women. This is sexual behavior which also is sensationalist in a leftist way– exploitation, dominance, humiliation, the evocation of extreme emotions. It is not about an inherent order or justness in the way that the right is. It is a leftist mentality. This man became his work and lost his way, to the detriment of women.

    In this way, actually, #metoo is righteous.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  18. Please excuse me being off topic.
    Logic dictates me that this Kasagi murder at embassy (Or whatever is his name) is false flag Turkish operation.
    Kasagi was murdered all right by not Saudis he was murdered Turks.
    Turks did have major disagreements with Russians about Idlib and so they now want to change sides and suck up to American neocons.
    That is all folks,

  19. njguy73 says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    Alternate lifestyles are, and always have been, a way for horny guys to exploit women.

    Information which would have been useful to me, oh, say, thirty years ago.

    Thanks for nothing, pal.

  20. Che Guava says:

    I read U.S.A. history and current affairs because it is entertaining (and frightening, at many times since and including Lincoln).

    Don’t forget Forrestal, very likely defenestrated. There is a scene in Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth where the character played by Rip Torn is attacked by a bunch of nat-sec thugs and tossed out of the window.

    Since reading about Forrestal, I always wonder if Roeg or a scriptwriter had that as the model.

    It is also a dated but good and strange film in general.

    • Replies: @Paul Yarbles
  21. Since the 1960s the primary means by which the left attacks capitalism is through accusations of sexism and racism. Capitalism is bad because it is sexist and racist, and thus needs to atone for its sins. While this indirect approach has proved to be a pretty effective strategy for the left to extract concessions out of white male capitalists (no self-respecting protestant businessman wants to be accused of engaging in nepotistic practices like favouring his own race) it has made left-wing white males kind of redundant. Instead of directly confronting wealthy capitalists in a manly way, like a tough union rep from the the 1920s, they act as cheerleaders for noisy blacks and feminists.

    If this man really is a tough “union thug” he should grow a pair and challenge his capitalist adversaries directly. However, that would actually make him an embattled outsider who is hated by the media, black listed by employers, and vulnerable to violence from hired thugs. In other worlds, he would be in the same vulnerable position as those on the alternative right.

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. JustJeff says:

    Meh nothing new here. The alt-right is dead, there’s 50 lefty male journos left for everyone that got canned, and defending sexual harassment is probably the worst hill you could choose to die on at this point in time.

  23. This is all for the good. All people with access to the Clarification know that the left is no better than the right.

    But you dullards actually believe that right-wingers don’t commit such crimes, while left-wingers do. Sad. Confused. Believers in TV news.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Antiwar7
  24. Regarding polyamory, being a bit of a dog myself I thought a system where your wife is OK with your girlfriend would be a pretty sweet deal. I hung out for a while on a polyamory forum to try to see how they did it. I made the mistake of posting my opinion that polyamory was a pretty cool fetish. No, no, they protested indignantly, it’s true love that just _happens_ to occur in groups of 2+ people. Yeah riiiiiight!

  25. @Paleo Liberal

    Weren’t a lot of those Beat guys gay? You ever seen Naked Lunch? And “Howl” has a lot in it about giving blowjobs.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
    , @Alden
  26. @Fidelios Automata

    Allen Ginsberg was gay. The rest of the Beats were straight or bi.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  27. Alden says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Ginsburg was gay. The rest were bi Kerouac had several children he didn’t support.

  28. Alden says:

    What crimes? You don’t even know who Kerouac and Ginsberg are. And in this country it’s only left wingers who watch and believe the left wing news, not us right wingers.

  29. Cretin. You should not be allowed freedom of speech because you are too dumb. Your opinion is as useful as a coin toss. Less. Because at least a coin is right half the time.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  30. Them Guys says:

    These Lefty White Guy Fools, really believe that the rest of what makes up the left, has something real or good to offer them……Just a small portion of left members listed here, shows those lefty white guys as idiots…..

    Partial List of lefty members… nation wrecking Khazar Jews and Israel-Firster HasbaRATs, braindead White Multicults and Marxists, sicko Sodomites and Lezbos, perverted Pedophile Molesters, freaky Gender-benders, greasy Illegal Mestizos, cocaine-crazed and criminal Negroes — or whatever bizarre combination — all scumbags.

    Lefty White guys refuse to learn and accept as Fact that…if You are White, they are going to Hate and ruin you. And No mater What you do, good or bad, sooner or later, fellow leftys will attack and call you vile names such as, Evil Nazi—Antisemite—Jew Hater- Rayyyssssiiisss! An’ Sheeeeiiittt!—-KKK—And a racistwhiteywhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewsviagassings!

    And No amount of logic, facts, arguing, debating, pleadings, cry’s of woe, are going to help you when against lefty loons….Lefty loons like their pet monkeys only understand One thing…The abject threat of real actions taken in order to stop their lefty Marxist agendas of ruination and nation wrecking. Anything short of or less than a 10 lb battle rifle butt to their kisser is a waste of time and effort. But do not despair of this fact, since after all, it is they the lefty loons with their assorted fellow travelers, who have caused this to occur. They are who has used corrupt agendas to force White Men, and Women, to be in a position of…Backs against a Wall, with No other options left But for….a Righteous Snout Smack upon their bent schnoz Via a 10 Lb. Rifle Butt.

  31. Them Guys says:
    @timothy hardacre

    McCarthys only true fault or mistake, was in how badly he Under estimated the actual numbers of Marxist Commie Jews within Fed Gov and Hollywood/MSM already in his times. Which have greatly increased ever since his era.

  32. Antiwar7 says:

    It’s tribalism, which humans are hard-wired to fall into, and not specific to the left or the right. They can consciously oppose it if they’re aware and wish to: two big “ifs” that unfortunately are quite improbable for most people.

    Self-righteousness is another common, comforting self-delusion that brains provide. And that’s why you see rightists saying only leftists do that (engage in mob witch hunts). It takes great strength of mind to overcome these mental traps. Or a hard slap from reality.

  33. Them Guys says:

    Nothing is worse for a nation and its peoples, than a devout lefty lib with an, Agenda. Those lefty loons believe that They and They alone always know what’s best for everyone else. Hence we have goofy and very dangerous crimes based upon…Zero Tolerance laws and agendas.

    What’s going to happen to the many good younger White boys who have been charged officially under some form zero tolerance laws?…For example, take the attitude today of how evil bad firearms in a citizens possession is to the left clowns. Then consider how most every issue, even of the smallest type, when a small kid does it in a public school setting or class room, has been mandated to be added to that kids official school records…Also consider that as we all were told long ago when small kids in school, that school record remains Forever! They never really told us back then exactly Where those records get stored?…But bet your ass, that when little Joey or Johnny 5-8 year old’s today grow up and become 18-20 year old Men seeking a good job…That’s when every school record on him will again surface. Picture his job interviewer asking Joey or Johnny something akin to this….

    Job interviewer: So tell me about these several incidents where back in Grade school and again in Jr. High, you were suspended from school on a Weapons charge?…

    I matters Not when that guy explains how all he really did was to Eat his piece of bread into an “L” shape, and point it at his buddy class mate in jest…With Lefty zero tolerance laws, a Guns a Guns a Gun period. Even if a small GI Joe Doll armed with a tiny Plastic replica of a typical .45 side arm worn by Every Army man in uniform…That tiny plastic Toy gun that came with his GI Joe Doll, if taken to Show and Tell in K or 1st grade…gets called a Gun or firearm and is placed on the kids permanent school records forever……Later to severally haunt him forever too.

    One can list many more Zero Tolerance stupidities laws thanks to goofy lefty agendas, turned into Fed Law as fast as tv news can spew enough constant propagandas about it. Then lefty pols are off to the races making it into a real law. With more lefty teachers and professors chomping at bit to enforce it upon some innocent…White Boy or Young male.

    Perhaps its long past due time someone on the Right creates a few good zero tolerance agendas against all the various members of the Leftys, eh.

    If I were the King off usa for a month or so…I’d make three simple choices leftys can choose from.

    #1…Change and stop the nonsense etc and remain changed for the better….OR..

    #2…Get the Fuck Out of America and do so ASAP quick….OR..

    #3….Reject first two choice options?….Then We shall choose for you and our choice will be to Take you Out!

    The USA-FIX can happen now/soon….Or after… the left does another 1917 Russian Bolshevik Jewish Commie revolt against European Whiteys in America next…Your choices…which may greatly affect Your Grandkids, eh.

  34. Them Guys says:
    @Paleo Liberal

    They even had a TV beatnik guy…Maynard G. Krebs….On the Dobbie Gillis show. Set in a college setting, with Maynard G. Krebs aka the idiotic and dimwitted Beatnik guy who followed his pal, clean cut Dobbie Gillis everywhere….And Beatnik was always seeking a free handout of a car ride, some ice cream, hamburgers etc…The beatnik guy Krebs even carried his very own table spoon with him, and kept it stored ready for use, in the inside cloth Loop of his well worn ragged sweat shirt inner collar.

    He had that famous beatnik chin goatee too..

    Everything was first done or promoted by Hollywood and tv shows. Watch older 1930-40’s movies and note how the biggest female stars on that era were women like Betty Davis…A nasty even maybe ugly mean looking bitch if ever such existed….Famous huge star due to her expertise at being a real bitch against Men…Most every movie portrayed a tough minded single female, working very hard to bust thru that glass celling and berate men. A constant tit for tat against male actors in every film.

    That went on for 30+ years getting Americans ready for the big event day when actual lefty Marxist Jewish Feminists finally were highlighted and shown on tv news etc….Been downhill ever since.

    Same for racial mix of Black man with White women…First promoted in “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner!” with that famous black guy actor Sidney Pointier’ and some very good looking white blonde girl….That was aprox 1960 era….Soon, a decade later or so, we began to see more white women hand in hand with their new african savage boy friends or husbands…A few proudly pushing a baby carriage complete with her brand new Beige/Tan Baby in it!…Hey everyone! Lookie at Me showing my Parents how I can defy everything I was taught and have non-white kids with a monkeyman!…….Hollywood movies made everything anti white and anti American look Okay and soon had many idiots join their parades…..and once white women took that route it was no turning back…No sane white man would want her and especially her Tan/Beige kids too!

    Today we see what remains of those early on stupid white women, the ones who didn’t get beaten or knifed to death by their crazed animalistic savage black hubbys…They now head up various feminist lefty commie orgs and agendas. Stuff that if allowed to go on much longer are going to fully destroy America and Euro Whiteys. Wakey, Wakey you whiteys.

  35. Them Guys says:

    Just be sure to tell your African tribal pals that when they finally try to do a real race war against Whitey, to be sure to wear those tennis shoes with the cool tiny LED lights at shoe soles area..This way the Whiteys who cannot afford to buy a costly, $3000+ Night Vision Rifle Scope, will still be able to spot those race war mongers even when they attack after dark, and try to hide in nearby wooded areas or forests….Those small LED shoe lights are very bright! Make for an Outstanding Aim Point of Reference….Just need to set scope cross hairs about, 5–5.5 feet above running shoe led lights.

  36. By “left”, you mean American “””””left”””””, recognisable as left nowhere else in the known universe.

  37. Ahoy says:

    The term American left is used to disguise an outright communist system. It is really a joke to use the term ‘investor’ for Buffett and ‘oligarch’ for Abramovitch.

  38. @Che Guava

    There is a scene in Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth where the character played by Rip Torn is attacked by a bunch of nat-sec thugs and tossed out of the window.

    That was Buck Henry.

  39. Thomm says:

    This is a good article, and a refreshing one to see on, where woman-worship is far more prevalent than the far more logical ideology of anti-misandry.

    A ‘male feminist’ is always a creepy predator in disguise. No exceptions.

  40. Che Guava says:

    Thanks for the correction.

    Only havimg seen it twice, in my memory, mixed Impressionns, always assumed the man thrown out of the window was the one played by Rip Torn, but don’t really know what he looks like.

    In any case, it is a brilliant sequence.

  41. Dissident says:

    Mr. Collins:

    A good piece, which I mostly agree with. (I am skeptical concerning your confidence that the witch hunts and purges that you write about will “shift young wayward budding intellectuals towards the Right”. I suppose we shall begin to see soon enough.)

    I must question, however, the graphic that the article leads with. Your synopsis of the writings of Jack Smith leave little doubt but that he was, if nothing else, an insufferably sanctimonious SJW scold. (As for the accusations against him of sexual misconduct, I simply have no idea how credible they are.) But just what is the basis for characterizing Jack Smith, as the lead graphic does, as having “supported a child molester”?

    The text within the graphic informs us that one Dennis Mintun is serving time for “three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 16”. The juxtaposition of that text with that of Smith’s tweet in which he appears to be praising the “gay and trans prison gang” that he references, would suggest that Mintun is either (a) a member of said gang or (b) one of the prisoners that said gang protects from what Smith characterized as “neo-Nazi violence”. In either case, the salient question would be: did Jack Smith ever even express so much as support or praise for Mintun specifically, let alone for any of Mintun’s crimes?

    If not; if Smith cannot reasonably be charged with having expressed praise or demonstrated support for Mintun’s crimes, then how accurate would it be to describe Smith, as the lead graphic to your article does, as having “supported a child molester”?

    Finally, I find it germane to inquire just what the crimes were that Dennis Mintun was convicted of. The phrase “sexual abuse of a child under 16” is quite vague; as worded, it could cover anything from the rape of a pre-adolescent child, at one extreme, to a consensual relationship with a fifteen-year-old adolescent, at the other. Granted, the word consensual is problematic when a minor is involved, and I do not mean to suggest that I would necessarily be okay with even the latter example. I would, however, contend that as a rule, whatever else may be said about an adult who engages a consenting fifteen-year-old adolescent sexually, use of the term “child molester” is gratuitously lurid, if not grossly misleading as well.

    (Incidentally, to say that I take a dim view of inter-generational buggery, would be an understatement.)

  42. Anon[216] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    LOL. Media say whitey is bad but look at this. People flee from Diversity.

    Physically, non-whites take flight to white. Politically, they take flight from white. Schizo.

  43. Alden says:
    @unpc downunder

    It’s not a union. It’s a Guild. The sissy boy journalists didn’t want to besmirch their white collar and tie image with the word union.

    Cops and school teachers organized real unions and rose to the top of the average worker as far as pay goes. So did bus drivers who now make more than the journalists at the most prestige newspapers. Of course buses are necessary while no one reads newspapers anymore.

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