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“She Wants to Give Amnesty”
Immigration Erupts In Final Trump-Clinton Debate
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List of Bookmarks Editor Peter Brimelow writes: It drives immigration patriots crazy that Donald J. Trump won’t prepare for debates, rarely remembers to raise the immigration issue (but I felt the same way about Pat Buchanan) and generally leaves so many immigration policy tricks on the table. But we should not forget how much better and braver Trump is than the wimpish Mitt Romney, who ran away from even the illegal immigration issue in the 2012 debates. There’s been so much progress.

If only America had time

Below, we post and annotate the immigration section from the third debate, which took place in Las Vegas on October 19. Let the record show that, to his great credit, the issue was raised by Fox’s Chris Wallace. He also asked the devastating follow-up question about Clinton’s leaked assurance to a (foreign) financial audience that “my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and Open Borders.” [Podesta Emails,]. It would be nice to think that Trump would have thought of these points himself. But we can’t be sure.

Still, Trump did say later “We don’t take care of our veterans. We take care of illegal immigrants, people that come into our country illegally better than we take care of our vets.”

And when provoked, Trump did hammer with characteristic brutality at key points: (1) Clinton supports AMNESTY; (2) The wall—Clinton has voted for one but of course it never happened (note that she now says it “was” (not is) “appropriate” only in “limited places”); (3) the relationship between illegal immigration and the drug epidemic; (4) the relationship between immigration and crime; (5) Clinton wants to increase the refugee inflow (Trump was more than usually inarticulate here, but it’s what he meant); (6) Clinton wants “Open Borders.”

(I’ve never particularly liked the term “Open Borders” because the current system is not “open” but perversely discriminatory—against Europe, the historic homeland of America. And this technical detail has enabled some nitpicking about Trump’s use of the term by the Leftist Main Stream Media enforcers who are now apparently allowed to make post-debate debating points in the guise of “fact-checking.” But among immigration patriots generally, Open Borders just means “continued mass immigration.” And on this, even the MSM acknowledges that Trump is right—he and Clinton differ dramatically: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Universes Apart on Immigration, by Benjy Sarlin and Alex Seitz-Wald, NBC News, September 2, 2016).

Significantly, Clinton appeared completely unable to respond to Trump’s attack other than sticking to the usual lying PC-speak (“undocumented immigrants,” “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”) and gabbing on about a picture of an injured Syrian child, as if there are not pictures of children killed by Muslim terrorists. Given the inherent power of Trump’s positions, this dogmatic stupidity is a poor lookout for the Ryan/ Clinton Uniparty—if not in 2016, then in 2018 and beyond.

This is particularly true since Trump was very far from deploying the full immigration patriot arsenal in this debate—even though a considerable portion appears in his great position paper and some of his set-piece speeches. For example:

The issue of immigration patriotism has only just begun to fight.

Excerpted from the October 19 Debate

CHRIS WALLACE: All right. Let’s move on to the subject of immigration. And there is almost no issue that separates the two of you more than the issue of immigration. Actually, there are a lot of issues that separate the two of you

Mr. Trump, you want to build a wall. Secretary Clinton, you have offered no specific plan for how you want to secure our southern border. Mr. Trump, you are calling for major deportations.

Secretary Clinton, you say that within your first 100 days as president you’re going to offer a package that includes a Pathway to Citizenship. The question, really, is, why are you right and your opponent wrong?

Mr. Trump, you go first in this segment. You have two minutes.

DONALD J. TRUMP: Well, first of all, she wants to give Amnesty, which is a disaster and very unfair to all of the people that are waiting on line for many, many years. We need strong borders.

In the audience tonight, we have four mothers of—I mean, these are unbelievable people that I’ve gotten to know over a period of years whose children have been killed, brutally killed by people that came into the country illegally. You have thousands of mothers and fathers and relatives all over the country.

They’re coming in illegally. Drugs are pouring in through the border. We have no country if we have no border.

Hillary wants to give Amnesty. She wants to have Open Borders. The border—as you know, the Border Patrol agents, 16,500-plus ICE last week, endorsed me. First time they’ve ever endorsed a candidate.

It means their job is tougher. But they know what’s going on. They know it better than anybody. They want strong borders. They feel we have to have strong borders.

I was up in New Hampshire the other day. The biggest complaint they have—it’s with all of the problems going on in the world, many of the problems caused by Hillary Clinton and by Barack Obama. All of the problems—the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our southern border. It’s just pouring and destroying their youth. It’s poisoning the blood of their youth and plenty of other people.

We have to have strong borders. We have to keep the drugs out of our country. We are—right now, we’re getting the drugs, they’re getting the cash.

We need strong borders. We need absolute—we cannot give Amnesty.

Now, I want to build the wall. We need the wall. And the Border Patrol, ICE, they all want the wall. We stop the drugs. We shore up the border.

One of my first acts will be to get all of the drug lords, all of the bad ones—we have some bad, bad people in this country that have to go out. We’re going to get them out; we’re going to secure the border.

And once the border is secured, at a later date, we’ll make a determination as to the rest.

But we have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.

WALLACE: Mr. Trump, thank you. Same question to you, Secretary Clinton. Basically, why are you right and Mr. Trump is wrong?

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, as he was talking, I was thinking about a young girl I met here in Las Vegas, Carla, who is very worried that her parents might be deported, because she was born in this country but they were not. They work hard, they do everything they can to give her a good life.

And you’re right. I don’t want to rip families apart. I don’t want to be sending parents away from children. I don’t want to see the deportation force that Donald has talked about in action in our country.

We have 11 million undocumented people. They have 4 million American citizen children, 15 million people. He said as recently as a few weeks ago in Phoenix that every undocumented person would be subject to deportation. Now, here’s what that means. It means you would have to have a massive law enforcement presence, where law enforcement officers would be going school to school, home to home, business to business, rounding up people who are undocumented. And we would then have to put them on trains, on buses to get them out of our country.

I think that is an idea that is not in keeping with who we are as a nation. I think it’s an idea that would rip our country apart.

I have been for border security for years. I voted for border security in the United States Senate. And my Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan of course includes border security. But I want to put our resources where I think they’re most needed: Getting rid of any violent person. Anybody who should be deported, we should deport them.

When it comes to the wall that Donald talks about building, he went to Mexico, he had a meeting with the Mexican president. Didn’t even raise it. He choked and then got into a Twitter war because the Mexican president said we’re not paying for that wall.

So I think we are both a nation of immigrants and we are a nation of laws and that we can act accordingly. And that’s why I’m introducing Comprehensive Immigration Reform within the first 100 days with the path to citizenship.

WALLACE: Thank you, Secretary Clinton. I want to follow up…

TRUMP: Chris, I think it’s…


TRUMP: I think I should respond to that. First of all, I had a very good meeting with the president of Mexico. Very nice man. We will be doing very much b etter with Mexico on trade deals. Believe me. The NAFTA deal signed by her husband is one of the worst deals ever made of any kind, signed by anybody. It’s a disaster.

Hillary Clinton wanted the wall. Hillary Clinton fought for the wall in 2006 or thereabouts. Now, she never gets anything done, so naturally the wall wasn’t built. But Hillary Clinton wanted the wall.

WALLACE: Well, let me — wait, wait, sir, let me…

TRUMP: We are a country of laws. We either have — and by the way…

WALLACE:Now, wait. I’d like to hear from…

TRUMP: Well — well, but she said one thing.

WALLACE: I’d like to hear — I’d like to hear from Secretary Clinton.

CLINTON: I voted for border security, and there are…

TRUMP: And the wall.

CLINTON: There are some limited places where that was appropriate. There also is necessarily going to be new technology and how best to deploy that.

But it is clear, when you look at what Donald has been proposing, he started his campaign bashing immigrants, calling [“SOME”!] Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals and drug dealers, that he has a very different view about what we should do to deal with immigrants.

Now, what I am also arguing is that bringing undocumented [a.k.a. ILLEGAL]immigrants out from the shadows, putting them into the formal economy will be good, because then employers can’t exploit them and undercut Americans’ wages.

And Donald knows a lot about this. He used undocumented [illegal] labor to build the Trump Tower. He underpaid undocumented [illegal] workers, and when they complained, he basically said what a lot of employers do: “You complain, I’ll get you deported.”

I want to get everybody out of the shadows, get the economy working, and not let employers like Donald exploit undocumented workers, which hurts them, but also hurts American workers.

WALLACE: Mr. Trump?

TRUMP: President Obama has moved millions of people out. Nobody knows about it, nobody talks about it. But under Obama, millions of people have been moved out of this country. They’ve been deported. She doesn’t want to say that, but that’s what’s happened, and that’s what happened big league. [This is a reference to Obama’s “Deporter-In-Chief” reputation—many people did go home, but the Obama Administration juiced the numbers by reporting voluntary returns as deportations.]

As far as moving these people out and moving—we either have a country or we don’t. We’re a country of laws. We either have a border or we don’t.

Now, you can come back in and you can become a citizen.

But it’s very unfair. We have millions of people that did it the right way. They’re on line. They’re waiting. We’re going to speed up the process, big league, because it’s very inefficient. But they’re on line and they’re waiting to become citizens.

Very unfair that somebody runs across the border, becomes a citizen, under her plan, you have Open Borders. You would have a disaster on trade, and you will have a disaster with your Open Borders.

WALLACE: I want to…

TRUMP: But what she doesn’t say is that President Obama has deported millions and millions of people just the way it is.

WALLACE: Secretary Clinton, I want to…

CLINTON: We will not have Open Borders. That is…

WALLACE: Well, let me — Secretary…

CLINTON: That is a rank mischaracterization.

WALLACE: Secretary Clinton…

CLINTON: We will have secure borders, but we’ll also have reform. And this used to be a bipartisan issue. Ronald Reagan was the last president…

WALLACE: Secretary Clinton, excuse me. Secretary Clinton.

CLINTON:… to sign immigration reform, and George W. Bush supported it, as well. [Reagan told Ed Meese t he 1986 Amnesty was the worst mistake of his Presidency.]

WALLACE: Secretary Clinton, I want to clear up your position on this issue, because in a speech you gave to a Brazilian bank, for which you were paid $225,000, we’ve learned from the WikiLeaks, that you said this, and I want to quote. “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and Open Borders.” So that’s the question…

TRUMP: Thank you.

WALLACE: That’s the question. Please quiet, everybody. Is that your dream, Open Borders?

CLINTON:Well, if you went on to read the rest of the sentence, I was talking about energy. You know, we trade more energy with our neighbors than we trade with the rest of the world combined. And I do want us to have an electric grid, an energy system that crosses borders. I think that would be a great benefit to us….[Politifact believes her, but no one else does.]

TRUMP: That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants Open Borders, OK? How did we get on to Putin?

WALLACE: Hold on — hold on, wait. Hold on, folks. Because we — this is going to end up getting out of control. Let’s try to keep it quiet so — for the candidates and for the American people.

TRUMP: So just to finish on the borders…


TRUMP: She wants Open Borders. People are going to pour into our country. People are going to come in from Syria. She wants 550 percent more people than Barack Obama, and he has thousands and thousands of people. They have no idea where they come from.

And you see, we are going to stop radical Islamic terrorism in this country. She won’t even mention the words, and neither will President Obama.

So I just want to tell you—she wants Open Borders.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    She is just a tool.

    Why blame Hillary the whore and not the Masters behind her?

    Name the masters. That is more important.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Realist
    , @Shlomo Shunn
  2. Wally says:

    Then start naming them and stop whining.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  3. Jason Liu says:

    Well if you’re not going to deport them it may as well be amnesty, so what’s the difference?

    “You complain, I’ll get you deported.”

    Illegals should get deported period. This stuff about businesses hiring illegals is a canard, a smokescreen for compassion. Forced deportation ends the problem regardless of whether or not they’re working.

    In the end, American society has a humanism problem. It treats an outsider like a native, and assumes the two are moral equals just because they’re both humans. Until the country moves past this outdated view of the world, it cannot effect real policies towards progress.

  4. Realist says:

    “Name the masters. That is more important.”

    I agree, but Hillary doesn’t have to be a whore….she wants to be a whore.

    • Replies: @Anon
  5. Two points:

    1)Never use a severe labor scarcity as a reason to race-replace The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class.

    2)The Greedy Cheating White Liberal Mega-CEO is the force behind post-1965 race-replacement Policy.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  6. Kyle a says:

    That reply was sitting in that vacant area above your eyeballs for many years before you could unleash it. What a waste.

    • Replies: @Wally
  7. Rehmat says:

    The real issues between Hillary and Trump are not American poverty, crimes, or even immigration which has brought White racists from all around the corners of the US. The real issues are how much to suck to Zionist regime, the Wall Street pigs, and the powerful LGBT minority.

    For example, in July 2016, some of West’s top anti-Muslim, pro-Israel Jews and Christians held GAYS FOR TRUMP festival at the Republican National Convention to show their support for GOP presidential nominee, and their concern over Muslim hatred towards Jews, and LGBT communities.

    The event’s keynote speaker was Milo Yiannopoulos, the fervent Jewish gay supporter of Donald Trump. The other speakers included Richard Spencer, publisher of Jihad Watch, a subsidiary of the Jewish David Horowitz Freedom Center, Israel-First Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Jewish blogger Pam Geller, and Peter Brimelow, founder of anti-Muslim White supremacist VDARE website.

    They all had one common message: “Donald Trump is the most pro-gay and pro-Israel candidate in history because he wants to ban Muslims.”

    Milo Yiannopoulos is editor of LA-based news and commentary website Breitbart founded by the late Proud Jew Andrew Breitbart in 2007. Milo was banned from Twitter this week over racist comments and a harassment campaign against Afro-American female star of the movie Ghostbusters Leslie Jones.

    Yiannopoulos declared Trump the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history not because of his history of fighting for LGBTQ issues, but because he wants to ban Muslims from entering the country.

    Yiannopoulos also told his fellow pro-Israel audience: While you were busy hectoring and bullying and nannying us about transgender pronouns, you completely forgot that politicians in this country were welcoming in a religion that wants us dead….

    • Replies: @dahoit
  8. dahoit says:

    Most homosexuals are firmly? in the Hell Bitch camp.Its a natural affinity.

  9. Boris says:

    If this is the best you racists can put up there, you guys are truly…what’s the word you love? Oh, yes, cucked.

    Two more weeks until Trump goes down hard.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Wally
    , @dahoit
  10. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    No, she has to be whore.

    She knows the surest kingmakers are the Tribe.

    The Tribe was upset over Bush I’s policy about Israeli Occupation in West Bank. It favored her husband by a huge margin.

    The Tribe favored Obama over her in 2008. She lost.

    She wants to make sure that she is the Tribe’s biggest whore this time around.
    If you win over the Tribe, you win over the people since the people are under its spell.

    • Replies: @Realist
  11. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Hopefully that will be the beginning of white America’s end of the affair with Zionists.

    There will be a dawning… “Jews see us as they do Palestinians”, and whites will identify with Palestinians.

    I think Trump’s great contribution was destroying the GOP and paving the way for one-party state.

    When GOP is gone and all whites become Democrats, they can ally with other gentiles against the Jewish-globalist elites.

    That will be the real revolution. White power is over. Now, the theme will be gentile power against Zionist elites.

    Good signs in California. BDS is growing. Jews are losing moral legitimacy, and non-whites feel no ‘white guilt’ about Jews.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  12. @Anon

    Funny thing, Dispensationalist Christians are Israel’s biggest friends. Reform Jews are Israel’s biggest enemies.

  13. Wally says:
    @Kyle a

    Put down the bottle, Kyle.

  14. Wally says:

    Hilarious, a Zionist calling others ‘racist’.

    Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

    Pregnant women and children being targeted by Jews

    Two teenage Israeli girls carrying a placard in Hebrew reading: “Hating Arabs is not racism, it’s values.”
    Jews in US admit “Israel First”

  15. …and whites will identify with Palestinians.

    Yeah, like Palestinians identify with us. In America, they vote just like Jews. So did Southerners, before 1960. Look what happened.

    When GOP is gone and all whites become Democrats…

    Like this worked so well in Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, San Francisco…

    Just as likely whites will become Libertarian– after they’re stuck with the bill for everyone else!

    • Replies: @Anon
  16. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Yeah, like Palestinians identify with us. In America, they vote just like Jews. So did Southerners, before 1960. Look what happened.”

    But if there is only one party, voting patterns won’t matter.

    There will be just one party to vote for.

    Also, Palestinians and other non-whites stuck with Democrats because they saw GOP as ‘white party’. But if there is no more ‘white party’, there are just loose alliances.

    It was because there is a ‘white party’ that Jews have been able to rally all these non-whites against whites. But without a ‘white party’, that becomes near-impossible.

    The silver lining in Europe is that Muslims are leading the anti-Jewish crusade in nations like France. Muslims are bad for whites, but they are worse for Jews.
    Since Jews say Muslims are wonderful, whites should just ally with Muslims and cheer them on.
    Now, if whites can save the white world from non-whites, I would support that.
    But when that possibility has been lost, whites must play with the cards that are left.
    And that is about siding with Muslims and other non-whites against Jewish power.
    This is happening in Europe. It is happening in California. BDS is catching fire there.

    What I’d prefer most is a white-Jewish alliance, but events over the past decades have shown that Jews will not play that game. Jews will accept white support but offer nothing in return for white interests.

    And we are reaching a tipping point where GOP is a spent force. Not only due to demographics but PC in academia and media that turned a lot of whites against whites.
    The big flaw of Sailer Strategy is that PC made whites regard pro-white politics as evil. Paradoxically, pro-white politics turns off a lot of whites(especially affluent and educated ones) weaned on PC and Pop Culture. Successful whites do love their wealth and privilege, but not as whites but as ‘global citizens’.
    If whites all across America stuck together like they do in Mississippi, we can have White Power politics and white dominance. But Iowa, a very white state, went with Obama twice. And some of the most proggy states are very white.

    So, whites face a double-whammy. Long-term demographic eclipse and the colonization of white minds with PC that turns them against white interests. The latter is more effective.

    Then, we have to ask… so, what is left?

    The thing is to sabotage the Democratic one-party system from within. If all whites turn Democratic and cynically make alliances against globo-elite power, things can be shaken to the core. Most Jews are Liberal, but deep down inside, they fear true progressivism pushed to the hilt.
    After all, without white support of Israel, where would Zionism be? Without white defense of Jewish power and privilege, Jews would be vulnerable to attacks from progs for too much power, wealth, and privilege. A lot of Jews actually fear white Liberals more than White Conservatives. More and more white Liberals are trying to be morally consistent and condemning Zionist occupation of West Bank and marching with Palestinians. This kind of White Liberalism was balanced by White Conservatism that stood firmly with Israel, but 2016 election should make white Conservatives really ask themselves if they should support Zionists and Israel when Jews say Trump supporters are Hitlers.. and when Israelis favor Hillary by a huge margin.

    Jews claim that they are for equality and speaking-truth-to-power. They say Liberalism is all about such values. OKAY. Whites should join Liberalism and practice just such values against the ruling elites of America.

    Maybe whites can never reclaim their civilization, but they sure can get some major revenge. That is something.

    The thing is there is a huge division within the Democratic Party itself. It is ruled by super-rich globalist pro-Zionist elites but the votes come from people who are increasingly anti-Zionist and anti-1%. The Democrat elites have been able to keep the coalition together by telling the socialists, blacks, browns, Muslims, and etc. that GOP is too white and Trump is Hitler. But if GOP goes away, this will be very difficult to play.
    So, what must white conservatives do without the GOP? Go into subversive mode. Play at being ‘progressive’. Turn ‘left’ and lead the rabble against the globalist elites. Do what Lawrence of Arabia did in leading the Arab rabble against the Turks.
    Imagine if every white conservative put on fake proggy garb and inspired non-whites all across the nation against the globalist elites and Zionists.

    Eventually, the system will crack and fall.. and then a wholly new order can be built.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  17. dahoit says:

    I think he will win,and big,as the serial liars are too hysterical in their attacks to be sanguine about the Hillaryous ones electoral chances.
    I still think patriots outnumber America haters like you.
    In fact,a couple of recent polls had him ahead,woo woo!

    • Replies: @Anon
  18. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I think Trump is a sure underdog.

    But suppose he does win. What could he possibly do?

    I think the positives is he could save 1st and 2nd amendment for awhile, and that is important because Jewish Power now wants to take away guns and silence speech critical to globalism.

    But could Trump really do anything about Wall Street? Free Trade? Open Borders?
    I doubt it. There will be just too much opposition from the Big Guns.

    I think he might go for some kind of amnesty of his own… though he won’t call it that.

    I mean who really believes he will build a wall?

    Besides, so many Visa-overstayers are coming on planes, not over US-Mex border.

    Could Trump revive black cities? No one can fix black problems. Only blacks can do it, but they don’t even try.

    But I do see positives in foreign policy. Maybe less tension with Russia and other nations.

    But then, foreign policy is funny cuz so many presidents did the opposite of what they promised. Anti-communist Nixon made overtures to China and Russia. Bush II of humble foreign policy gave us Iraq War. Obama the peacenik destroyed Libya and Syria. Never trust any politician on foreign policy.

  19. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Whites and Jews have a strange relationship. At some point, it’s gotta break.

    Imagine two people hanging on a cliff. One person attempts by every trick in the book to make the other one fall off the cliff, but the latter does everything in his means to ensure that the other guy(who is trying to make him fall) make it safely to the top.

    Something’s gotta give. But then, Jews work this effectively because they are not totally anti-white. They generously reward the white collaborators like the Clintons, Bidens, and Bushes who get to keep theirs(and even more) by serving globalism.

    So, maybe it’s more like three people on the cliff. The Jew, the white collaborator, and the ordinary white guy. The Jew tries to make the ordinary white guy fall off the cliff, and the white collaborator helps the Jew, that is with the understanding that the collaborator will be carried along to the top with the Jew for his cucky services.

    Until the Trump campaign, even the ordinary guy(duped by Conservatism Inc) was trying to help the Jewish guy make it to the top while both the Jew and the white collaborator were biting him, gouging his eyes, boxing his ears, and pounding his fingers with a hammer.

    But Trump offered the ordinary white another rope, and he’s gone for that one instead, and the Jew and the collaborator are fuming. But how long will the Trump rope hold?

  20. Realist says:

    How ever you call it, it is her choice.

  21. When Hillary said she was talking about energy, I have to admit, I let out a loud sustained cackle. That was brazen, even for this lying, grinning reptile.

    Now, as for Trump. He needs to drill down to the issue of drivers licenses. Hillary wants to provide them for illegal immigrants, and as we saw in Oregon, this is a radical position that actually unites Democrats and Republicans against illegals and their political champions. It might even be the only immigration position that most of Trump’s and Clinton’s supporters agree on.

    The reasoning is simple. Everyone has to drive their kids to Safeway and soccer practice, and they’d prefer not to be t-boned at an intersection by a drunken maniac from Honduras who thinks red lights are suggestions, not orders.

    Why doesn’t Trump talk about drivers licenses? It’s a clear winner.

  22. MarkinLA says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    1)Never use a severe labor scarcity as a reason to race-replace

    There never is a severe labor scarcity. Any unmet labor demand it quickly rectified either by technology or the phasing out of unproductive or unnecessary industries.

    This reminds me of when Australia started tightening their immigration. The people complaining most were real estate developers and associated people. People solving a problem that only exists because you are bringing in so many immigrants.

  23. artichoke says:

    I thought Trump did fine in this overwhelming debate victory. There’s only limited time to say things, you want to limit yourself to a few carefully selected themes, and you should not over-clutter your memory with a rehearsed answer to every possible question.

    It’s hard, given these constraints, to see how his performance could be improved. But I am willing to listen to ideas.

  24. @Anon

    Anon does the usual deflection:

    “Hillary is brilliant: a Wellesley-educated grad, smart Senator, brilliant secretary of state, and a woman deserving of the presidency. She’s only responsible for good things. Bad things are done by the puppet-masters who control brain-dead Hillary-the-candidate.”

  25. @Anon

    If whites all across America stuck together like they do in Mississippi…

    Yes, but the sticking-together began to oppose other whites. People forget that part.

    condemning Zionist occupation of West Bank…

    Zionist occupation is no worse than Arab occupation. Both sides are mixes of indigenous and non-indigenous races. I’ll back the Christians of Palestine but not the Moslems of Palestine. That’s what the West should do. But the West doesn’t identify with Christians anymore, does it?

    Anyway, when Arabs use the word “occupation”, they mean the whole damn place, West Bank, Gaza, and everything in-between. It is in America’s interest to have a Jewish state somewhere in the world so we’re not the default dumping ground when they get expelled from this place or that.

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