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Schizophrenia at Fox News: Neoconservatism and Donald Trump
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Perhaps I am not the only viewer who finds that Fox News, the “conservative network,” has become somewhat schizophrenic. I can watch a bit of “Hannity” late in the evening, or a few minutes of “Fox & Friends” earlier when I arise in the morning, and the panelists and hosts offer convincing evidence of one sort or another that candidate Donald Trump and his staffers were surveilled (“wiretapped”) during the 2016 presidential campaign. Indeed, Sean Hannity has interviewed investigative reporter Sara Carter (of the web site Circa) who cites several concrete insider intelligence sources confirming the listening in.

The morning “Friends” program has had respected Judge Andrew Napolitano on at least twice to confirm that Fox News, the network itself, has received credible reports that the British super-secret intelligence service, GCHQ, did surveillance of the Trump campaign and shared it with the Obama administration (thus, with supposedly clean hands, no real need to go through the NSA or FBI directly, and no direct “paper trail”).

Moreover, there are those prominently reported details, from The New York Times (e.g., January 20, 2017), The Washington Post, NBC, and CNN, based on “multiple [leaked] sources” that Trump associates “talked” with Russians. Apparently, General Michael Flynn was actually surveilled while at Trump Tower. We know now for certain that nothing, nada, compromising linking the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence was ever found, despite the continuing insinuations and desperate hopes of the Mainstream Media (e.g., Rachel Madow, Chris Cuomo, Chris Matthews, et al). But we also know that surveillance did occur.

But then by midday, by the time Shepard Smith comes on during the afternoon, and when those vaunted “Fox All-Stars” show up with Bret Baier during the 6:30 evening time slot, the MSM narrative is in full and often condescending display: with Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Julie Pace (well, she is of AP), and others solemnly intoning “Trump has offered no proof,” “there is no evidence supporting the president’s tweet.” And, of course, clips of omniscient John McCain declaring the same thing are prominently displayed.

One would think that if Fox News had received very serious intel information about listening in, that if its chief legal analyst had received such information about surveillance, that Krauthammer and others would have picked up on that? Right? But, then Krauthammer and others of his ilk have never been Trump supporters; indeed, the good psychiatrist has always been a quasi-never-Trumper, from the get go.

How to explain the disconnect?

Is the MSM narrative so powerful and the animus against the president so overwhelming, that the temptation to continue the increasingly denuded charade is just too strong, even among members of the “conservative establishment”?

Krauthammer is a leading Neoconservative, just as Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes, and the writers at The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, and atother venues who show up on Fox are . They have never been very keen on Donald Trump. At least The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol has been consistent and open in his constant and virulent opposition to the president.

The essential connections here are something I’ve written about before several times on this site: Neoconservatism and its votaries partake of the same deeply-held fundamental principles as their supposed opponents on the Left. [See, for example, Gary Dorrien’s excellent study, The Neoconservative Mind, or Prof. Paul Gottfried’s scholarly The Strange Death of Marxism] Neoconservatism traces its heritage and tangled lineage, to a large extent, back to Leon Trotsky and his globalist variant of Marxism. By the 1960s, many of the Trotskyites and other American Communists, a very large number of whom lived in the New York area and were of Jewish extraction, had completely soured on the old Soviet Union, which for them had become stagnantly conservative and even anti-semitic. Older Neocons, those movement “godfathers,” such as Irving Kristol (father of Bill) and Norman Podhoretz (father of writer John), describe in some detail that transformative process in their memoirs.

What has become readily apparent is that on traditional moral issues, including such subjects as same sex marriage, advancing gay rights, feminism, and so on, the Neocons partake of views which are only slight variants of those pushed by the established Left. Such traditional aberrations have now become accepted and enshrined “civil rights.” The Neocons’ supposed opposition to such change has been nearly imaginary, while their accommodation to and acceptance of it has been with near alacrity. They have, indeed, created an historical template to support their positions, re-written history, and that revised history informs us that the “civil rights” revolution of the 1960s, and its pro-Communist sympathizing leaders like Martin Luther King, were actually “conservatives,” and that it was only those bad, hayseed “racist” Southern Democrats who oppressed poor Southern black folk.

That’s the continuing narrative, the Neocon “conservative” dogma.

But in presenting this radically revised history of the “movement,” the Neocons also disauthorize and disavow the essential—and entirely respectable—fundamentals of traditional constitutional conservatism. The case can be made that Donald Trump in his views is closer to that earlier conservative narrative than today’s Neocons. We only have to go back and read the early issues of William Buckley’s National Review or Russell Kirk’s Modern Age in the 1950s or 1960s to notice the stark contrast and extreme divergence between those acknowledged conservative “lights” back then and the new and rigid Neocon orthodoxy of today.

No, Buckley, NR associate editor Frank Meyer, Kirk, and other NR writers were not “racists” as the term is strictly understood; they did not hate black folks or wish to “keep them down.” But neither did they favor the Federal government stepping in beyond its defined purview and basically destroying what remained of the nation’s constitutional system of government. They recognized that however laudable more participation by the electorate and economic betterment might be, that the destruction of the republican system would have much worse consequences for the future.

Parenthetically, let me add on a personal note: I got to know Dr. Russell Kirk in 1967, and I served as his assistant 1971-1972 in Mecosta, Michigan. Through Kirk I met Buckley and came to be close friends with prominent conservative writers like Frederick Wilhelmsen, Peter Stanlis, Mel Bradford, Thomas Molnar, Paul Gottfried, and others. Those conservatives were appalled by the virtual take-over by the Neocons of the traditional conservative movement they had fought for and wrote about.

What unites the movement Left and the Neoconservatives is this: The common denominator is that both the faux Neocon “right” and the “left” share a quasi-religious, zealous belief in across-the-board globalist, liberal democratic egalitarianism, which to paraphrase Allan Bloom, must be imposed not only here in the United States, but on the entire world. Such a view, in an uncanny way, parallels Trotsky’s zealous globalism and should cause thinking conservatives to question both the genealogy and the revised historical narrative offered as establishment “conservatism” today.

That principle, across-the-board equality, is not a traditional conservative principle.

Nor, let us add, is it in reality a Christian principle. For the adage, “all men are equal in the sight of God,” is a misreading not only of Scripture but also of traditional Christian teaching. In that teaching, each individual created by God has a potential uniquely his own, and that potential is unlike, that is, unequal, to that of anyone else. Thus, a particular bricklayer has a potential, or if you will, realizable talents (to use St. Matthew’s parable), just as a particular college professor has a potential, particular talents uniquely available to him. That bricklayer is not “equal” to that college professor: they are different, and they are judged not by comparing one to the other, but on the use of their unique talents—that potential—offered to each of them.

Both the progressivist tradition, including the various strains of Marxism, and the Neoconservative inheritors of progressivism, posit across-the-board equality, which in practice demands “liberation” from hide-bound traditions that impede that equality. Thus, their embrace of the ongoing, continually evolving “civil rights” movement, which includes the imposition of “egalitarian democracy” in every remote desert oasis or in every jungle corner over the face of the globe. Recall the words of George W. Bush and other supposed “conservatives” about the universality of “democracy” and “equality.” Such a vision includes, as well, feminism, gay rights, same sex marriage, and more.

Both the implacable Neocon hostility towards Donald Trump and the major reason for the schizophrenia of Fox have their roots in candidate Trump’s campaign promises. He stated frequently that he wanted to end illegal immigration, that he believed in “America First,” and that he wanted to “Make America Great Again.” Such slogans, such pronouncements, dredged up in the minds of various #NeverTrump Neoconservative writers and those associated with them (e.g., James Kirchik, Max Boot, Brett Stephens, Kristol, George Will, et al) horrific visions of the old “America First” movement of the 1930s. For them “America First” was associated with anti-semitism and the haunting fear of a resurgence of “fascism” and “nativism” on American shores. [It may also help explain their Russophobia, as Russia now presents a nationalist conservative image—can the days of the pogrom be far behind?]

Never mind that such suspicions and charges are specious, based on an arrogant ignorance of the older America First movement, and an even worse familiarity with the historical record. The America First organization was never a “fascist” or “anti-semitic” movement, but included millions of citizens who wished to avoid another world war. Included in its ranks were Quakers, members of the Church of the Brethren, and pacifists, and many patriotic Americans. No doubt a few supporters of the Axis powers attempted to use it, but, by and large, they were unsuccessful.

Then, there was candidate Trump’s opposition to unfair international trade deals, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and his willingness to place duties or tariffs on foreign imports to protect American workers and companies. Such a position, again, goes against the globalist fundamentals of Neoconservatism.

Moreover, on several occasions Trump advocated a shake-up in foreign policy: the United States, he declared, should not be “the world’s policeman.” In his inaugural address back on January 20 this year, he re-stated that same theme—the United States did not seek to go round the world and impose its governing system and ideas on others. And, once again, such a view brought him into direct conflict with an essential Neoconservative vision.

Perhaps the most damning agenda item that insured hostility was candidate Trump’s promise to “drain the swamps” in Washington, that is, to dislodge and dethrone the regnant political establishment, and that establishment includes most of the Neocons and the Washington GOP leadership.

Such a proposition, by such an uncouth ruffian, albeit a billionaire, could not be permitted to succeed. Donald Trump is not part of the Deep State. Neither is he an intellectual, depending, it appears, on his own business instincts and perceptions for his decision making. He has not paid his dues to the managerial and political oligarchy that has ruled this nation for decades. Thus, either he must be surrounded by all-of-a-sudden supportive Establishment types, or he must be weakened, perhaps neutered, or eventually run out of office. Thus, the spectacle of the vocal anti-Trumper Eliot Abrams, who had called Donald Trump “unfit” for public office last Fall, currying favor in January (with support of various Establishment figures) to become the second man at the Department of State. Only the president’s intuitive good sense (and maybe Steve Bannon) averted such a patent subversion.

The pressures on the president, the attempts to manipulate and divert (and subvert) his enunciated agenda, will, doubtlessly, continue. Already various goals seem sidelined, including a major initiative to find a modus vivendi with Russia (although the president still insists he wants one).

The schizophrenia at Fox may reflect what may be occurring around the White House, itself. And there is little sign of it abating.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conservative Movement, Donald Trump, Neocons, Russia 
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  1. nsa says:

    Euphemisms, circumlocutions, evasions, charades…..try translating some of the article’s key words into plain understandable language. Sub in the word jooie for neocon and the article begins to make some sense. Sub in israel-firster for globalist and the article makes even more sense. Sub in the word dependency for democracy and the article makes complete sense.

    • Replies: @Art
  2. edNels says:

    You’re over analyzing Fox News Faux News, they ain’t even smart enough to go Skitzo!

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  3. I have observed exactly what Cathey describes. It is good to see it so clearly identified.

  4. Miro23 says:

    This a good summary of the power struggle going on in the US but it would have been worth pointing out, that in the Presidential vote, a section of the liberal left and minorities must have changed sides to enable the Trump Presidency.

    Some white liberals must have been attracted by “Infrastructure not War”, and “Stopping Outsourcing” and some minorities attracted by “Bringing Jobs to the Inner Cities” and “Traditional Values” (i.e. they were already prepared to abandon a HRC type candidate who was too close to the Establishment and the Counter Culturals).

    In other words, there’s a clear trend against the Establishment that Trump tapped into, and trends tend to continue and grow rather than change direction – so opportunists (of whom there are many in the Establishment) may well start discovering the advantages of “America First”.

    There is this factor that subversion works both ways.

  5. Cyrano says:

    If I was Trump I would go full Stalin on them – the deep state and the neocon nomenklatura. US have some real estate ideally suited for creating close replica of the Gulag – I am talking about Alaska – another Russian connection there. Then Sara Palin can really start talking about being able to see Russia (or something resembling certain aspects of an earlier version of it) from her house.

    I think that “democracy” is finally starting to show its limitations in US. The whole thing was a sham anyway. I have to agree with a lot of commenters on this site that in reality the deep state was always in charge and the president is just a figurehead. I think that it is pretty obvious that the deep state was in charge at least for the last 3 administrations.

    Obama probably never had any real power, the deep state maybe lead him to believe that he is important factor but mostly letting him know that he achieved everything that he possibly could just by being elected.

    Bush can never seriously be considered as being the one truly holding the reins of power, because he simply was not intellectually capable of doing so. Then you have Clinton who actually was the “Deep State”.

    That explains why Trump got into so much trouble with them. For the last 3 administrations they got used to being in power and Trump wanted to change that and actually make his own decisions. The candidate that lost in the elections – was their candidate, and they simply don’t want to accept that. Trump is trying to appease them, but the moment might be coming soon when somebody has to be run out of Dodge City – either the gunslingers and the outlaws or the legitimate Sheriff.

    • Replies: @(For)Saker
    , @MarkinPNW
  6. Jason Liu says:

    The conservative’s failure to hammer home the Obama wiretapping controversy is caused by the same reason they fail to hold the line against social liberalism. At heart, conservatives make poor culture warriors. They don’t have the mindset, attention, or even desire for it. This is why they’re always on the defensive.

    The right thing to do would be to lob and repeat accusations at the left over and over until the mainstream is forced to pay attention, and give it some degree of credit, if only just to keep the topic alive. They should not appeal to “nice feelings” in the social battleground, instead rejecting the left’s premise altogether.

    Example: Instead of saying transgender bathrooms endanger girls, say that gender segregation is healthy for society because it supports gender distinctions. The left will disagree, but they will be forced to argue on a more philosophical ground, thus preventing them from using compassion as a shield.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  7. Perhaps I am not the only viewer who finds that Fox News, the “conservative network,” has become somewhat schizophrenic. I can watch a bit of “Hannity” …


    Why would anyone watch such garbage? I’m getting nauseated just thinking of Hannity and the parade of mouthy buffoons. Besides, only a masochist without a shred of self respect would even own a TV or radio for that matter. Ditto for the printed corporate media.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @EL Dato
  8. There are some interesting, valuable ideas in this article, however, it’s
    mis-characterisation of neoconservatives is simply mind boggling.
    “Both the progressivist tradition, including the various strains of Marxism, and the Neoconservative inheritors of progressivism, posit across-the-board equality, which in practice demands “liberation” from hide-bound traditions that impede that equality. ”
    Neo-con’s are the foreign affairs side of the neoliberal coin.
    Neo-con’s could give a SHIT for equality. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya: what equality ? The entrenchment of a klepyocratic oligarchy ? Equality in anarchic violence & war-lording ? What did PNAC have to do with ANY progressive idea ?
    Neo-con’s are about EXPEDIENCY, not equality.
    Neo-con’s have one over arching object: US hegemony.
    Trump’s early willingness to diffuse tensions with Russia was a general threat to that hegemony (& to the ability of the MIC (the neo-con’s domestic Janis face) to continue leeching 100’s of billions out of the federal budget)

  9. The “across-the-board-equality” at the centre of NeoCon/Trotsyist ideology is only sincere inasmuch as this ideology exists to hijack God-given good human intentions and lead those dopey enough to believe in the good intentions of the Trotsy/NeoCon types into enslavement under the centralised tyranny these people really have in mind.
    Putin and the Russian people now understand this. That’s why they reject western globalist Cultural Marxism for the fraud, the totally murderous fraud, they know it to be … and they know this from most bitter experience.

    It’s about time all American and European “equality” junkies started to grow up and understand this too.

    Trump/Bannon may offer resistance to the onward march of bankster globalism but what they offer is in no way a cure. What we need is an end of authoritarian government itself and the phoney democratic system whereby electable candidates are pre-chosen for us by establishment money.

    For a start.

  10. Kirt says:

    Fox is pro-war, the neocons are pro-war and Trump is pro-war. The only problem that the former two have with Trump is that he’s not yet pro-war against Russia, but he is gradually being dragged on board for that too.

  11. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Today’s headlines are proof that Mr. Cathey is spot on in his observations. Witness Rex Tillerson’s assertion that North Korea might have to be dealt with militarily, that the US is sending another one thousand soldiers to Syria, and the continued demonization of Putin. All indicators that the goal of the neo-conservatives to weaken and neuter Mr. Trump’s administration is a fait accompli.

  12. Good article. I get a chuckle out of my “conservative” friends who clearly recognize The WSJ as the neocon rag that it is, yet believe FOX to be different (i.e. conservative). Hate to disabuse you, but Rupert Murdoch (no “small ‘c’” conservative on his best day) owns both propaganda organs. Might as well be watching CNN/CNBC.

  13. iffen says:

    What’s best for the peons?

    Can’t decide! Can’t decide!

    Globalist warmongering bureaucratic socialist bread crumbs, or paleo conservative cake crumbs?

    Can decide! Can decide!

  14. Anybody following US politics (like me) must come to the conclusion, that general attitude is this:
    Who cares for the truth. But in my opinion it is MSM who is initiator, and bears greatest responsibility

  15. @Cyrano

    “Neocon nomenklatura?” That’s funny, yet quite apropos. You make some good points, but the more I watch this unfold, it makes me wonder if the neocon stranglehold upon our country can be broken via “democracy.” The Hegemon controls both The Legislative and Judicial branches, The Intelligence Community, and The MSM. Save for himself, and a small cabal of his most trusted advisors, a smattering of true patriots in our military (most likely, high in number, yet sans positions of real power), alt right/independent news sites, and of course The American People who voted for him (increasingly marginalized – at the margins,:), Trumps chances do not look that promising, I fear. Both JFK and Nixon were extremely popular, yet were thwarted in their own attempts in neutering The Deep State. Either Trump needs to channel his best “inner Hitler or Stalin” to truly enact meaningful change, or I fear he will be but a transitory/tragic figure. Of course if he fails, the problem does not go away. Vassalite dissatisfaction will only worsen (or get better, depending on which side of The Hegemon’s Agenda you find yourself). “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

  16. Art says:

    Sub in the word jooie for neocon and the article begins to make some sense. Sub in israel-firster for globalist and the article makes even more sense. Sub in the word dependency for democracy and the article makes complete sense.

    The whole “neocon” and “neo-liberal” enterprise is about making the world safe for Jews and their money. The vast majority of political money in America is Jew money. Jew money controls and dictates our politics.

    Dividing and conquering the masses is their game. Pitting race against race, tribe against tribe, region against region, gender against gender, age against age, middle class against poor, educated against not – is their modes operandi. Jews lead both sides of each of these divisions, building and pumping hate for the other. The more division they create the more power they gain.

    Just look at contemporary America. Our political divisions are fault lines that cannot be bridged. The neo-liberals are fighting Trump every step of the way. They are making America dysfunctional. Is that what their well-meaning voters really want? Hmm – but without question that is what their Jew moneyed liberal political party is doing.

    Every time Trump says “America first” the “conservative” neocon Jews scream “never Trump.” The last thing the Jews want is a “one America” thinking and working together for a better shared future. The power the Jews exert through their control of the MSM is overwhelming and against American harmony and coherence.

    Is the Jew power cabal over America peaking? Not yet! But it will – it is nature’s way.

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Sherman
    , @Clearpoint
  17. […] Especially the Fox Panel, as noted here. […]

  18. Agent76 says:

    Dec 31, 2016 The US Continues With A Neocon Foreign Policy

    The foreign policy of the United States over the last 36 years has been a train wreck, and the same people responsible for bringing us unwinnable wars and constant conflict are trying to weasel their way back into power. So who are these people and what are they hoping to accomplish?

    “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” – A Summary Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

    Some people have compared it to Hitler’s publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.

  19. iffen says:

    It’s okay, Arts.

    We all know what he meant. Wink, wink, winkety wink.

    • Replies: @Art
  20. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Who cares for the truth. But in my opinion it is MSM who is initiator, and bears greatest responsibility.

    I’m an American and have been around enough to have some insights on the matter, I think.

    You are correct that virtually no one in Amerika cares for the truth. In my experience, the vast majority only wants to be told how great and special they are. It’s really quite pathetic.

    The instant the truth is presented to them, no matter how palatably it’s presented, they typically reject it if they hear it at all. Few ever actually hear anything close to the truth and those that do rarely draw valid conclusions from it and they almost never act on the results.

    The very few that care about it really don’t know much about it either. For instance good guys who really want to do the best, still write and speak as if the US constitution is some sacred document, that democracy is practically a god to be worshiped, and that the US always goes to war for noble purposes, or at least did so in the past.

    The MSM ( corporate, coprophilic media, actually) is mostly an enabler and enhancer of the tendencies to self admiration and self aggrandizement. While it certainly initiates a lot of particularly idiotic mythology, in the end it really couldn’t influence any but those who want to be petted and stroked and justified. Unfortunately, that’s about 99.999% of Amerikans.

    • Replies: @(For)Saker
  21. joe webb says:

    nice piece. As someone who has only started (election time ) to watch Fox as well as the lib-rad-minority racist channels, I note that Fox loves Israel far more than the left oracles of racial equality, etc. and that the third rail is still high voltage.

    Tucker Carlson the other night approached the third rail in an interview with an ex-hostage {Syria) when the ex-hostage remarked how peaceful the Assad regions are. Needless to remark the jihadist territories.

    Carlson, more or less, said, gee that’s a position we never hear about. Something like that. Carlson could break ranks some day. He also, along with the others, rejects the Russia-Trump conspiracy.

    I understand that Fox is Murdoch. OK

    I have also heard a talking head on Fox, a guest, remark thankfully that the neocons are gone.

    Incidentally, thank you for your information on Christian doctrine (Catholic doubtless, the True Christianity) on Inequality…different gifts and different expectations by God)

    This is one of the best pieces I have read on Unz.

    Joe Webb

  22. Renoman says:

    All Don has to do is shut his pie hole and all will be well. The problem is that even the most simple idiot can figure that out and yet!!!!! I’m all in for his policy’s but he is just so self destructive it is laughable.

  23. FOX NEWS is not worth analyzing. It’s like the white stuff in chicken shit. Just more chicken shit.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  24. CCZ says:

    Is it too early to start talking about 2020?

    One failed 2016 presidential candidate might take Aaliyah’s advice and try again, try again.

    Former Maryland governor, and third wheel during multiple 2016 Democratic primary debates, Martin O’Malley is polling caucus voters in Iowa about a possible 2020 presidential run, according to POLITICO.

    His PAC commissioned a survey that showed O’Malley leading a pack of potential candidates with 18% of the vote. The names included potential 2020 rivals Cory Booker, Andrew Cuomo, and Kirsten Gillibrand, among others. The list provides insight into who the former Maryland governor may view as his potential competition if he were to run.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  25. Some people have compared it to Hitler’s publication of Mein Kampf, which was ignored until after the war was over.

    Please note that the following comments are for informational purposes only and are not meant to correct or criticize anyone, particularly you, Agent76!

    I believe it’s important to note that Hitler had genuine concerns, surrounded as Germany always has been by quite vile enemies, while the US typically has to make up threats. Hitler’s been demonized way beyond reason, and since Mein Kampf would need to be translated for most Americans, you can bet that English versions contain errors and probably outright forgeries as well, just as Ahmadinejad’s supposed threat about wiping Israel off the map, which apparently he never said at all.

    American foreign policy has always been a wreck. It began even before the place became the USA. Slaves were imported from Africa and the US was meddling in Japan even before Perry’s Black Ship belligerence. In the 1830s, the Far Eastern squadron of the U.S. Navy sent several missions from its regional base in Guangzhou (Canton), China to Japan, which was closed to the US at the time and I’m not convinced that the visits were exactly friendly in nature.

    Then there was the 1898 betrayal of the Filipino independence fighters and subsequent slaughters by US troops of mostly Filipino Muslim men women and children; somewhere around 200, 000 in fact. The war on civilians was as great a crime against the rules of “just war” as what the US did to the Indians and what Sherman did to the South with his demonic policies of scorched earth, rape and plunder.

    The US involvement in the “Big Ones” also constituted rotten foreign policy since both were not only unnecessary and immoral, but the US had no dog in Europe’s fight. As for Japan, FDR initiated an economic and diplomatic war with Japan despite Japanese desire to avoid war with the US. He probably did it to racist tendencies as well as to help out his buddy, the Red Butcher, Joey S and to direct attention away from his domestic failures which were huge.

    So, we can see that the foreign policy train wreck started long ago.

    BTW, here’s an excellent paper on the origins of WW2.

    Review of The Origins of the Second World War
    By Murray N. Rothbard

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  26. Here’s a link to the above noted article.

    And another thing regarding US foreign policy. The list is endless, for instance “our” dealings with Mexico, Central America, (particularly the acquisition of land for the Panama Canal) and Hawaii for starters.

  27. @jacques sheete

    Respectfully, I really do not think that you know what you are talking about. Americans want the truth. In fact, the reason why they despise both The MSM and Congress is because they know these entities have lied to them, essentially since inception.

    Finally, just because you claim to be older and American – as am I – hardly qualifies your opinion as being any more valid than any one else’s around, including my own. In fact, older Americans – having been subjected to the non-stop brainwashing of The MSM for longer than most – may in fact be more biased (and therefore less reliable) than either younger people or non-Americans. Sorry if I burst your balloon of “American-Exceptionalism” but given you were both brash – and wrong – in your statements, you probably both saw (and had) this coming.

    • Troll: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  28. Donald Trump is going to use Working Class Native Born White American Teenage Males as canon fodder for Jared Kushner-Greater Israel….dozens of body bags a week will be returning back to America to sobbing Working Class Native Born White American Mothers…This is Trump’s MAGA!!!!!! jobs program…

    Donald is a narcissistic draft doging chickenhawk TREASONOUS!!! warhawk…as are his sons.

    Donald Trump has the moral spine of a fucking jellyfish…

    White Guy Trump bros have given Donald Trump a blank check to exterminate the Economically Redundant Working Class Native Born White American Teenage Male Population from the American Heartland…..on behalf of Greater Israel…

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  29. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    IR, to see a fine example of what I mean, please read the response (#27) to my comment #20.

    Right on cue, they start the whining, lecturing, admonishing, insults, personal attacks and straw man arguments. It’s funny stuff and never varies. They can’t stand the truth.

    It is really pathetic.

  30. Sherman says:

    Hey Genius

    “Modes operandi” should be “modus operandi”.

    It’s no wonder Jews can dominate the country when their opposition has intelligence like yours.


  31. Taxis says:

    Fox News’ “family values” and flag-waving jingoism can be likened to meme encapsulation, in this case crafted to short circuit reflection in the minds of the dullards who watch that relentless crap by inextricably associating the toxic Neocon agenda with patriotism and tradition. This psychological anesthesia must be incredibly potent since Fox News’ viewers are apparently not at all bothered with the fact that the parent company’s entertainment shows could hardly be more subversive of tradition, religion, morality and culture than they already are. Fox News isn’t so much schizophrenic as it is inept in encapsulating its globalist and anti-Christian agenda.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  32. @Jason Liu

    Agreed, but it’s “sex distinctions”, not “gender distinctions.” Let’s not use the language that the perverts and the mentally ill want us to use.

  33. @jacques sheete

    Agreed wholeheartedly about TV. Why waste time watching or complaining afterwards?

  34. MarkinPNW says:

    Ummm, we already have a full replica of the Gulag, called the prison-industrial complex. Some claim more prisoners today in the US than Stalin had at the peak of his gulag. The only significant difference is instead of most inmates being guilty of “crimes” against the monopoly of the Soviet Bolshevik state, they are guilty of “crimes” against the monopoly of the Pharmo-Medical complex (war on some drugs).

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  35. @CCZ

    As old, unhealthy, shrewish, and obviously corrupt as Clinton is, she will still thump O’Malley, win the Dem nomination, and have a good shot at winning the Presidency if she goes for it in 2020. Not happy about this, just being realistic.

    OT, Trump should have picked Jim Webb as his Veep. And he can still dump Pence after winning re-election in 2020.

  36. @jacques sheete

    The millions of Christian Filipinos living on the big southern island of Mindanao, in particular, don’t share your moral outrage at the elimination of so many muslims from that territory.

    Non-Muslims ultimately still are not safe down there, just with the descendants of those muslims whom the us or spain foolishly neglected to remove from the area.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  37. @(For)Saker

    Your optimistic characterization about a majority “wanting to know the truth” is dubious even for white Americans, and certainly utterly false with regard to the tens of millions of African and Mexican “Americans.”

    The two latter groups appear to get their “news”, if at all, from dumbed-down propagandistic television stations rather than from independent newspapers or intelligent/thoughtful websites in any language — even more than the moron whites in this country.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  38. Svigor says:

    Good piece.

    TL;DR version: Neoconservatives are leftist Zionist Jews who want a muscular American State and foreign policy to protect Israel. Or their water carriers.

    Signed, a White man much smarter than Sherman, or the average Jew.

  39. @RadicalCenter

    The millions of Christian Filipinos living on the big southern island of Mindanao, in particular, don’t share your moral outrage at the elimination of so many muslims from that territory.

    Well, maybe the Muslims do!

    In fact, I believe the better part of the Filipino archipelago was Muslim long before it became Christianized.

    To this day, (correct me if I’m wrong), Christians are encouraged by the government in Manila to move to Mindanao to continue displacing Muslims.

    Interestingly, in Quiapo and Divisoria one can see churches and mosques practically side by side, and I’m not aware of much friction at all. I get a kick out of visiting those places and though I’m often the only pale face in a sea of brown ones, I’ve never had the slightest bit of trouble, ever.

    I am familiar with several Christian families in Mindanao, but suffice it to say that we never talk politics.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  40. @RadicalCenter

    Your optimistic characterization about a majority “wanting to know the truth” is dubious even for white Americans…

    I’d say the claim is more romantic than optimistic. The troll claims that Americans want the truth, but if they do, it must’ve happened within the last few minutes, while I went to take a nap. If so, Bravo! 🙂

    Furthermore if they want it, they want it spoon fed and predigested for them. And they want it in tiny bites. Precious few want it bad enough to dig for it.

    Anyway, like I said, most Americans only want to hear how “great” they are or have been, or will be. The Trumpster got elected in large part due to that fraudulent promise.

    Meanwhile, I’d suggest that the troll read PCR’s article on UR today, and it should try to retain it’s equanimity as he realizes that PCR, as a Reagan appointee and a WSJ editor, he has a bit of cred :

    I am convinced that the US, and probably the entire Western world, that is, the American Empire, has entered an era in which respect for truth does not exist in public and private institutions.

    • Agree: Cyrano
    • Replies: @(For)Saker
  41. @Sherman

    It’s no wonder Jews can dominate the country when their opposition has intelligence like yours.

    Read that again and tell me if you can spot the false assumption.

    With reasoning abilities like that, you should be embarrassed. Wait. On second thought, keep that big smelly thing covered; you’ve already shown too much of it.

  42. Roy says:

    I don’t know when this was written, but Republicans Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes both said yesterday without equivocation that they looked into the matter and no evidence to support Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped, or surveilled at Trump Tower. The British government released a statement saying that the claim by Judge Napolitano that they surveilled Trump on Obama’s behalf was fantasy, and demanded an apology. Which, surprisingly, they reportedly got from a Trump White House team that never apologizes for anything. Sean Hannity and Fox & Friends are so partisan in favor of Trump they might as well be on his payroll. Lastly, Trump could have put all this nonsense to rest by declassifying any wiretapping scheme. But of course, he hasn’t. because it would show his claims to be ridiculous.

  43. Cyrano says:

    I agree with you on this. If someone bothered to do the math based on real figures and not on propaganda, more quality time man-hours have been spent in the American gulag than in the original one. Stalin’s gulag lasted about 30 years, let’s say about half a million prisoners per year ( I am probably overestimating that figure). It will still fall way short of the man-hours spent in the American gulag – more than a century running now and at about 0.5% of the total population being incarcerated – it’s not even close.

    If China had the same rate of incarceration – 0.5% of the population – that would amount to 7.5 million prisoners. China would get hammered by the greatest democracy of them all for human rights violations and the usual BS, never mind the human rights violations by the greatest democracy.

  44. Svigor says:

    Lastly, Trump could have put all this nonsense to rest by declassifying any wiretapping scheme. But of course, he hasn’t. because it would show his claims to be ridiculous.

    Roy, for context, what do you think of Big Media’s campaign to accuse Trump of malfeasance in collusion with Russia, based on anonymous sources in the American security apparatus? Ridiculous, or no?

    Your answer will inform the gallery on the bit I quoted.

    • Replies: @Roy
  45. nsa says:

    Over the entrance gate at Arlington National Cemetery in large wrought iron letters should be the greeting: “Your loved one died for eretz israel and raytheon”.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  46. @jacques sheete

    Interesting to hear your personal experience in Mindanao, and glad you didn’t have any problems with safety or the perception of safety.

    I am by no means an expert on Mindanao affairs and have never lived there. But I’ll note that you would run a real risk of being kidnapped for ransom in some parts of Mindanao — certainly on the islands trailing down to Indonesia/Malaysia (Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Jolo), also to a lesser degree in Zamboanga City and environs, also in places like GenSan (General Santos City) where Muslims bombed the airport. Even in CDO, which is not heavily Muslim but where Muslims bombed and killed just a few years ago.

    My wife, moreover, is Filipina, born and raised on Mindanao; she and her immediate family generally convey a fear of the Muslims down there, more than they used to feel. That’s hardly a scientific survey, but they are not alone in their sentiment down there.

    And it’s a rational fear, especially given that the territory of the Muslim autonomous region, the ARMM, seems to keep growing given the spinelessness of the central government.

    I certainly hope that the central government is encouraging Christians to move down to Mindanao to marginalize and eventually push back the Muslims. That’s exactly what they should be doing. And it’s a Hell of a lot less brutal than what the Muslims will do if they are ever allowed to gain the numerical advantage in more of Mindanao and to keep expanding and radicalizing the ARMM.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  47. Later extrapolated positions are taken after a spawning event has compelled a re-set. Neoconservativism was born in late 60s and early 70s when the international left abandoned Israel and adopted the Palestinian cause. Blood always tells.

  48. @RadicalCenter

    Thanks for your respectful discussion.

    I see you mentioned Jolo. Are you familiar at all with the massacre that occurred there? I know of another too at Bud Bugsak and Bud Dajo. All are easily googled if interested.

    I’ve met a few Muslims in the Fils and I must say the ones I’ve met have impressed me as the salt of the earth. Nice folk and that doesn’t surprise me. Of course there will always be a few hot heads willing and able to commit nasty deeds, but I suspect even they would rather make love, not war, if not stirred up by a few crackpots. We have the type (of “good” “Christian” stock, no less) right here in the US and they infest many positions of power.

    Simply put, the Muslims have been hard pressed by so called “Christians” over the centuries and I can understand any resentment they may feel. The wonder is that there isn’t more violence.

    In any case, the violence in Mindanao seems more likely than not due to extortion by neo-Marxist thugs and blamed on Muslims. Your typical macho National Police and military are always spoiling for a fight as well, even though many are Muslim.

    Please give your Muslim brothers and sisters some slack!

  49. Art says:

    “Modes operandi” should be “modus operandi”.

    Hey Sherm,

    Thanks for the correction – I do have a problem with words – although I think most of what I have to say gets through to people. (This is good for you Jews – you’ll sure need my help in the moral living department of life.)

    By the way – how many more people hate Israel today then did yesterday? (That is something you should concern yourself about. Just helping.)

    Have fun at the Palestinians’ beach today.

    Peace — Art

  50. Art says:

    Say iffen,

    That comment was for people like you – who bare the self-inflected burden of having too support Jew lies and dysfunction. Repetition helps.

    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Sherman
  51. @Art

    Something the Roman Catholic church recognized in the middle ages that has been lost. Money is their main and underlying method of control. Our entire monetary system is of Jewish design. Eliminate usury and the creation of money out of thin air by privately held banks, and the power of money to control human affairs would be greatly diminished.

  52. Agent76 says:

    Jan 24, 2017 GREAT Russian TV Report on Notorious Neocon McCain From Vietnam (Video)

    Russians grapple with the question why McCain hates them so much. A great report from Russian TV on McCain. Russian journalists traveled to Vietnam and spoke to his captors, the man who shot him down, and many others.

  53. @Sherman

    Don’t be an overly pedantic boob Sherman.


  54. Ruiner says:

    Neocons rejected Trump too quickly. He is increasing military budget,invading Syria, increasing drone attacks including in new countries. threatening North Korea and Iran and increasing direct threat toward Russia with a we can win mentality, Jeez he gave keys to weapons shed to top kids in the military and they want to play war.

    All the things Fox news ideal candidate like Jeb would of done, Or Jeb’s eventual choice, Hillary . Fox is scripted TV pushing the agenda, Working for same people as anyone else you see on TV,

    Hearing opinions from people who watch fox news is very unnerving. More so because of the fact that they feel their ideas superior and correct because they are at odds to liberal bias they love to hate. In reality same books different color covers,

    Oh just a throw in….
    Amnesty coming

    • Replies: @(For)Saker
  55. iffen says:

    That comment was for people like you

    Yes, that’s why I said that I understood, and I assume most everyone else understood.

    Repetition helps.

    One would think so, Arts, but y’all are living proof that it does not.

    I don’t support too many lies, from Jews or anyone else.

    I can bearly stand to read lies, like the many hear in the Unz commented sekshun, much less support them. Anyway there are way to, to many lies hear for me to support all of them.

    • Replies: @Art
  56. Ragno says:

    They were NeverTrumpers last year; nothing has changed. Except they are extended more targets of opportunity than CNN, NBC, etc. If/when Trump is nullified, it will probably be via Faux News.

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Not in Washington, a snake-pit that could teach the Borgias a refresher course in treachery.

  57. @Ruiner

    Good points, Ruiner. Now, with regards to those neocons and Trump. They will never trust him, no matter what he does, for a couple reasons. Firstly, because he has money (cannot be bought), nor do I understand him to be a pedophile – like many in government – therefore susceptible to blackmail (ergo.. control). And secondly, because he said certain things during the campaign to sow doubt with The Hegemon.

    It’s no different the way The Jews treat Republicans. Republicans can be more (and usually are) fervently Zionist than even Bibi, yet will never be trusted as evidenced by the rounding error to zero in votes they receive from that bloc, every 4 years.

    And you are “bang-on” about FOX. My smug “conservative” buddies proudly brag about their slavish fealty to FOX, yet cannot recognize that (propagandist) Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, that it is.

    • Replies: @Ruiner
  58. Sherman says:

    Hey Genius

    “Having too support Jew lies” should be “having to support Jew lies”.


    • Replies: @Art
  59. Art says:

    “Having too support Jew lies” should be “having to support Jew lies”.

    Hey Sherm,

    Oh my – got me again (what is more important my poor letters or your poor morality).

    Your problem is that even a dolt like me can see how bad Israel really is.

    You must admit that every day there are more seers.

    Hmm – how much of the world do you’ll call anti-Semites?

    Peace — Art

  60. Art says:

    Repetition helps.

    One would think so, Arts, but y’all are living proof that it does not.

    I don’t support too many lies, from Jews or anyone else.


    We must be patient with you – one day you will wake up and see the truth about the Judaic culture. (It will be a happy day for you.)

    From “the god of the universe favors Jews” to “the IDF is the most moral army on the earth” are all outrageous lies. Some day you will be a seer. You will see that the Jews are being treated naturally by their fellow humans. “Bad things happen to bad people.”

    Peace — Art

  61. Jake says:

    There are 2 main pieces to the puzzle of ‘official/mainstream’ conservatism invariably siding with Leftists against white Gentile conservatives ion matters, religious, moral, or cultural. And each must be seen and rejected for there to be a way out of the mess that increasingly becomes horror for the average white person.

    The Jewish/Trotskite piece we all know, but are not to acknowledge publicly. The other puzzle piece is WASP Elites. If you don’t know the history of English Elites allying with Jews against the vast majority white Gentiles they (English Elites) ruled, then you are missing the necessary linking piece of the puzzle.

    I am not surprised a teeny smidgen that UK spies whored for the Obama administration and against Trump. That makes perfect sense. The enemy of each is the mass of white Gentiles, the more they are orthodoxly Christian and/or non-deferential filthy rich WASP Elites and their Jewish allies, the more they are hated.

    • Replies: @(For)Saker
  62. @Jake

    Agreed, these gentile elites could not care any less about their dispossessed ethnic brethren, only about their own 30 pieces of silver.

  63. KenH says:

    I don’t think FOX is schizophrenic. They just give the hosts of the various shows more wiggle room on the issues and don’t impose a rigid party line like CNN, MSNBC and the others do. Just like having center lefty Megyn Kelly sandwiched between a center rightest (O’Reilly) and right winger (Hannity). I’m glad she’s gone.

    On FOX, the only issue every show host must agree on is that Israel is our best ally ever and that no amount of foreign aid or wars on their behalf is ever enough since they are the chosen people and we are merely their humble slaves. Deviate from that and you career is kaput.

  64. @jacques sheete

    You know, Jacques, just because others on this site might disagree with some of the things you say, hardly makes them “trolls.” If a little criticism so “triggers” your emotional state, then maybe you should go find some liberal snowflakes, and sing Kumbaya around a campfire.. optimally in a “safe zone.”

    Horrible “misread” on why Americans voted for Trump. Not because he told them how great they are, but because “he claims” he will shitcan these ridiculous trade deals and build a wall. His weak comments on reining in the out-of-control “Warfare State ” now look to be empty rhetorIc, it would seem.

    Americans know that Establishment Candidates (Bushs, Clintons, Obamas, Cruz, Rubios) were bald faced liars, and opted for a non-Hegemon approved alternative.

    People confuse the obliviousness of the American Public with not wanting to hear/know the truth. They are hit with some much fake news, they do not know what to believe. Because most of them do not know what is really going on, is not the same as claiming that they do not want to know.

    Your utter disdain for John Q. Public reminds me of Obama (“clinging to their guns and religion”) or Hillary (“deplorables”). Both you and I, and others here, were not “born” privy to how the world really works. We too were un-and-underinformed at one point in the past.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  65. Ruiner says:

    Just one example.

    The stated article gives me pause to say Trump is definitely not a pedo. I say anyone who can willingly share space in same city with a known pedophile deserves a beating . A person who calls one a friend deserves a jail cell because what kind of person can associate with such perverted evil. Not any normal, moral human being, none!

    I’ll go with street smarts and say dont trust this piece of garbage,

    If this is the “Saker” it is an honor!

  66. Mother Jones Magazine…funded by South African diamond mine slave labor…think Adam Hochschild….hat tip to the late Alex Cockburn….

  67. Mother Jones Magazine…propaganda machine for the notorious War Criminal Hillary Clinton!!!

    For those of you who don’t know…latest attacks on Richard Spencer….

    Richard Spencer doesn’t support the Ukraino Nazi War war of extermination against Eastern Ukraine Christian Russians…

  68. Roy says:

    While I agree that many in “Big Media” are getting hysterical about the Russia question, that does not mean their suspicions have no merit at all. It is an agreed upon fact that Russia attempted to influence our political process by hacking into the private emails of Trump’s opponent, and that Trump stood at a podium at a news conference and asked them to release any hacked materials of Hillary Clinton. Add to that Trump has refused to release his taxes, thereby spurring more speculation, and you see why Trump is a big reason for the accusations leveled against him.

  69. Anon-og [AKA "Mike Johnson"] says:

    It all comes back to the same thing…

    Jewish Religions and The Prospect of Dissent


    “While Islam and Christianity can be easily understood as belief systems, Judaism actually defies the notion of belief all together. Judaism is an obedience regulative system. The Judaic universe is ruled by ‘mitzvoth’ (commandment), a set of 613 precepts and directives ordered by God. In opposition to Christianity and Islam that build from spiritual and heavenly precepts in worship to a transcendental God, the Judaic subject subscribes to strict earthly and material observance. While the Islamo-Christian is wrapped in God’s loving and the spirituality of the sublime and divinity, the follower of Judaism is judged by his or her ability to adhere to hundreds of rigorous earthly orders.
    A brief look at the Judaic Sabbath common prayer reveals the nature of Judaism as an obedience regulatory system. As we can see below, in Judaism, even God-loving is not an involuntary act:
    “You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart,
    with all your soul, and with all your might.
    Take to heart these instructions with which I charge you this day.
    …Thus you shall remember to observe all My commandments
    and to be holy to your God.
    I am Adonai, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God:
    I am Adonai your God.”
    (Common Prayers for Shabbat Evening From Deuteronomy and Numbers)
    For the Jew, belief and God-loving are not subject to either rational discretion or spiritual impulse. God loving, as we read above, is a strict “charge”, an order. But if Judaism is not a belief system, what kind of system is it?  Does the Judaic subject believe in anything at all?
    The answer is yes: the Jew believes in ‘The Jews’ and the Jews believe in ‘The Jew.’ This mode of mutual affirmation establishes a solid and forceful tribal continuum that serves the collective as well as the singular subject.  Accordingly, the subject adheres to the collective and vice versa. In pragmatic terms, the Jew sticks to the ‘chosen people’ and, together the ‘chosenites’ uphold a collective sense of choseness.
    In Judaism, ‘choseness’ is the belief that the Jewish people were singularly chosen to enter into a covenant with God.  For religious Jews, being chosen is realised as a duty. According to Judaic belief, the Jews have been placed on earth to fulfill a certain purpose. This purpose is bestowed upon the Jews and they pass it from father to son.[1]
    In reality, the first Jews invented a God who chose them over all other people. For some reason this God is occasionally cruel, often non-ethical and as if this were not enough, not exactly a nice father. The Jewish God doesn’t even allow his people to call him by name. One may wonder what led the first Jews to invent such a horrid father figure. One may further question what led the Jews to sustain their ‘relationship’ with such an obnoxious father. The answer is surprisingly simple. They don’t.
    The Jews don’t believe in God, they are observant of God. They believe in themselves- the Jews believe in ‘The Jew’ and vice versa. Within this peculiar troubled family affair, the Jew is free to dump God, as an author can freely re-write or at least re-shape his or her own narrative.  But the Jew can never dump the Jews as much as the Jews can’t allow ‘The Jew’ to go free. And what about God, can he be emancipated, can he choose another people? Certainly not. Unlike the Jew who is free to dump God while clinging to a Jewish identity, the Jewish God is merely a Jewish protagonist, he can’t go anywhere, he is stuck with ‘his’ chosen people forever.   
    Choseness, so it seems, is hardly a heavenly gift, it is in fact a curse. It confines the Jew in a realm of self-imposed commandment and materiality. Instead of beauty, holiness and the pursuit of the divine and the sublime, the rabbinical Jew is left with an earthly obedience scheme that is sustained by a rigid tribal setting. ‘The Jew’ and ‘The Jews’ are bound in a set of mutual affirmations in which God serves an instrumental role.
    Some may rightly argue that this spectacular bond between the Jews and ‘The Jew’ is essential for an understanding of the dichotomy between Judaic tribalism and the universal appeal of Islamo-Christian beliefs.
    The Judaic crude intolerance towards dissent serves as an example of the above. Throughout their history, Jews have proven themselves hostile toward their nonconformists; now we are ready to grasp why.  For the Islamo-Christian, secularization, for instance, entails a rejection of a transcendental affair. But for the rabbinical Judaic subject, failure to conform constitutes a rejection of the Jews. It interferes crudely with the fragile relationship between ‘The Jew’ and the Jews. It shatters the self-affirmation mechanism. While in the case of Christianity and Islam dumping God suggests turning one’s back on a remote supernatural entity, in the case of Judaism, such an act is interpreted as a disbelief in the tribe.
    This interpretation may help illuminate Jesus’ plight. It may explain the reasoning behind the brutal Rabbinical Herem (excommunication) against Spinoza and Uriel Da Costa. And it also explains why the secular and the so-called ‘progressive’ Jew is equally obnoxious towards dissent or any form of criticism from within. If Judaism is not a belief system but rather a system of obedience regulation, then Jewish identity politics is merely an extension of the above regulatory philosophy.
    Jews often drop their God, simply to invent a different God who ‘facilitates’   subscription to a new regulatory system. The new system, like the old outlines a new set of strict commandments, a manner of speech and rigorous boundaries of ‘kosher’ conduct.
    In the beginning of the 20th century, for instance, Bolshevism appealed to many Eastern European Jews. It provided a sense of self-righteousness in addition to regulating a strict form of obedience. As we know, it didn’t take long for Bolshevism to mature into a genocidal doctrine that made Old Testament barbarism look like a juvenile fairytale. The Holocaust, that seems to be the most popular Jewish religion at present, may be the ultimate and final stage in Jewish historical development. According to the Holocaust religion, ‘God died in Auschwitz.’  Within the context of the Holocaust religion, ‘The Jew’ is the new Jewish God. The Holocaust religion has finally united ‘The Jew’ and the Jews into a self-sufficient comprehensive and independent ‘God-less’ religious narrative. Both were about to be eradicated. But, not only were they both saved: they have prevailed and each did so independently. In the Holocaust religion, Jews are both victims and oppressors – they have transformed slavery into empowerment and they did it all alone, in spite of being dumped by their treacherous God.   The Holocaust religion, like Judaism, prescribes a manner of speech and a strict set of commandments. Most crucially, like more traditional Judaism, it is totally and disgracefully intolerant toward dissent.
    Due to the lack of a divine transcendental entity, Jewish religions have always regarded criticism as rejection of the tribe. Jewish religions, whether Judaism, Bolshevism or Holocaust, are equally intolerant towards criticism and dissent. Jewish religions treat opposition as a vile attempt at ‘delegitimization’ on the verge of genocidal inclination.
    Jewish religions can be defined as different templates that facilitate a sense of choseness. They affirm a bond between an imaginary marginal ‘collective’ and a phantasmal ‘archetype’: the Bolshevists and ‘The Bolshevik’, the Survivours and ‘The Survivour’, the Jews and ‘The Jew,’ and so on.  The bond between the collective and the idea of an archetypical singularity is always maintained by a set of rigid commandments, a correct manner of speech, some strict regulatory guidelines for behavior and vile opposition to dissent.
    Tragically enough, intolerance of dissent has become a universal Western political symptom. Incidentally, Christianity, Islam, religion and divinity in general are also under attack within the context of contemporary Western discourse. Is this a symptom of the Jerusalemification of our Western universe? Is the emergence of the tyranny of political correctness a coincidence? And if we are becoming Jews, is there any room for the hope that our universe may, at some stage, embrace a universal ethos once again? Can we once again believe in something?   Or do we have to wait for a new Jesus figure to resurrect our trust in the human spirit and humanity in general?  Or have we been re-designed to self-destruct as soon as we come close to such a lucid awareness? “

  70. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The draft ended in 1973 and no one is conscripted into the military.

  71. Alden says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Both Eric and Donald Jr Trump were born years after the draft was ended. Why are you so obsessed with the few short years we had conscription?

    And why do you persist in your ignorant postings that we still have a draft when it ended 44 years ago?

  72. lavoisier says: • Website

    Good post. But Jacques is right in that a lot of people simply do not want to know, or do not bother to take the time to try and find out.

    MSM misinformation, distortion, and lies are all central to the public being blue-pilled. But people can choose to take the red pill now given the internet. But that requires some discipline and effort.

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