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Roseanne Barr, Uncle Remus and the Multicultural Politically Correct Briar Patch
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I’ve never been much of a fan of Roseanne Barr. I never watched her earlier sitcom, Roseanne (1988-1997), but, then, I normally don’t watch much network television either. Unlike some conservatives I wasn’t that excited by the renewal of the show by ABC in mid-season in 2017, and I am not that surprised that the program would be cancelled, given Barr’s past “shock jock” role among entertainers.

Yet there is something woefully amiss here, and it is not just the piously hypocritical piled-on condemnations coming from the Mainstream Media left, or the long-faced jeremiads and nervous attempts at dissociation from Roseanne (after praising her recent on-screen jabs at the far left) coming from the Neocon media. The tweet Barr made about former Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett, that Jarrett was the “baby” of “the Muslim Brotherhood & the Planet of the Apes” (Jarrett is black and was born in Iran), was stupid, not funny, and, of course, “insensitive” by today’s p-c standards. But was it any more insensitive than previous over-the-top comments she has made? Was it really “racist,” or is it just one more indication of the rapidly advancing politically-correct goal posts about race (and gender) that our contemporary culture posits as dogmatic, especially if the comment comes from someone not part of the “authorized Left”?


  • In 1990 Roseanne sang the National Anthem at a San Diego Padres versus Cincinnati Reds baseball game, purposefully out of tune and “screechy,” then spitting and grabbing her crotch, for which she was roundly condemned (including by President George H. W. Bush;
  • In 2009 she posed as Adolf Hitler for the Jewish satirical magazine, Heeb, in a feature titled, “That Oven Feeling,” holding a tray of burnt gingerbread cookies she called “burnt Jew cookies” (Barr is Jewish herself). Again, she was slammed for what many considered “anti-semitism”;
  • In 2014 she tweeted the home address and phone number of George Zimmerman, who was found innocent in the killing of Trayvon Martin, stating that “no one can hide anymore…If Zimmerman isn’t arrested I’ll r[oute] his address again – maybe go 2 his house myself.”

And these are just a few of her more controversial escapades. She has a long history of pronouncing and propagating off-the-wall conspiracy theories, and what some critics have called “extreme satire” with “shock value.”

Yet none of those instances, none of that history, produced the kind of swift and definitive action like what the ABC Network took in less than three hours after Barr’s offending tweet.

Conservative pundits on Fox were quick to condemn her but raise the specter of a double standard: if Roseanne was being axed why had not such severe action been taken against any number of other comedians, in particular those who had at times viciously attacked President Trump or his supporters?

Leftist “Comedian” Kathy Griffin had held up, notoriously, a facsimile of the bloody, severed head of Trump back in 2017, and although she apologized at the time, by April of 2018 she had withdrawn her apology defiantly:

“I take the apology back,” she said during an appearance Monday on “The View.” She then punctuated her statement with an expletive directed at Trump. She also said she was…not sorry for her attacks on Trump’s oldest sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, whom she referred to as “Eddie Munster and date rape.” “Look, I’m not holding back on this family,” said the 57-year-old comic. “This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I’m back on the road.” []

Despite an initial worry that her antics might endanger her career, apparently that was not the case…after all the target was Trump and the mostly-white “deplorables.” And in such instances, you can get away, almost literally, with murder.

The reasons for this, I would suggest, are wrapped up in America’s current and increasingly mad descent into and embrace of the culturally dominant Marxist template on race (as well as on gender). One can get away with holding a model of Donald Trump’s severed head or intimating how satisfying it would be if the president were to get killed: there are few limits indeed to such satire and “humor.” But venture into anything remotely related to race, even humorously or inadvertently, especially if the offender is not part of the “authorized Leftist establishment,” and the results are a veritable death sentence, followed by exile to the remotest gulag in Siberia.

This latest incident comes as the media establishment is consciously attempting to throttle free speech—most recently actions taken by PayPal, by Google, by Facebook, by Amazon and by other major Internet sites to both block access to sites that these lords of the Net consider to be “racist, sexist, extremist, and Neo-Confederate,” and to prevent Internet financial transactions for them.

Starbucks, that gathering site for leftist latte’ sippers and hip Millenials, just closed for a day to require its employees to undergo “race sensitivity training.” What had happened to occasion this was that two black men had entered a Starbucks to use the rest room facilities. They were informed that facilities were only for customers. Quickly the incident mushroomed into an example of “racial prejudice,” despite the fact that there are many restaurants that have a similar policy. Can you imagine the same thing occurring if the men had been white?

Just in recent weeks we have heard (Fox News) that at the University of Michigan (and on perhaps another 200 campuses), zealous “social justice warrior” students have been instructed by the university administration to report (anonymously of course) if they overhear another student making “racist,” “sexist,” or “homophobic” remarks, even if those conversations are private.

And increasingly a worker in a business who happens to let slip a word or comment vaguely considered “racist” by someone standing near, can be terminated, or, perhaps even worse, made to sit through interminable “sensitivity” sessions organized by that company’s EEOC bureaucrats.

Back when I was gainfully employed by the North Carolina State Archives, I recall an incident that illustrates this so very well, and with accompanying irony. It began with a committee of senior archivists meeting to discuss the accession of a major haul of government records. Those records were a jumble, that is, totally unorganized and which would require major arrangement and description, and quite a bit of time dedicated to them to make them usable. One member of the committee—by no means at all a right wing type—casually mentioned that he hoped we would “not get thrown into that briar patch,” approximating and paraphrasing language and imagery that shows up in the famous Joel Chandler Harris literary folktale collection, Uncle Remus.

Well, you would have thought that Sheriff “Bull” Connor himself had risen up from his grave, from Selma, Alabama, with Billy clubs, water hoses, and angry German shepherd dogs! One woman on the committee, a black lady, immediately accused the offending fellow archivist of “racism” and “employing racist stereotypes” and showing “hatred.” Instead of attempting to calm matters and assure the offended archivist that certainly no insult was intended, the head of the committee panicked. And no manner of explanations from the archivist who made the comment would suffice to assuage the lady’s perceived “racist” insult.

As a result, the entire staff was compelled—forced—to sit through a long “racial sensitivity” session, counseling was offered, staged “role play” during the indoctrination was performed, and we were all requested to fill out an “evaluation form” about how we planned to combat on-the-job racism and racist-tinged commentary, humor, etc., etc.

But that was not the end of it. The “incident” went up the chain of command. Later we were once again compelled to attend, but this time in smaller, more intimate sessions in which “interaction” with paid “counselors” took place. My attendance, however, was short lived: during my first encounter I demanded to know how they defined terms. How did they define “racism,” what was “bigotry,” how did we determine what was an innocent comment made off hand, and how did we distinguish that from “racist” behavior? How could we know if a comment we made referring to our state’s Confederate history, for instance, might be considered “racist” by someone overhearing us?

Those counselors looked at me with mounting disgust and frustration—obviously, I should have known that those “devil” terms were whatever the current enforcers of political correctness intended for them to mean. The whole process was, essentially, intended to turn the white staffers, especially white males on staff, into obliging, weak-brained wimps—the latest step in an ongoing process of confirming the template of the culturally Marxist Left on race.

At the end of the first session, I was politely told that I did not have to return for any additional sessions, that I had finished my training…but I can’t help thinking that from then on some higher ups kept a wary eye on me.

Ironic it seems: on one hand we are rigorously told that race is just skin deep, that we aren’t supposed to notice the color of a person’s skin or sex, but rather only his or her character. But at the very same time we are firmly importuned to understand that because of past white oppression and white supremacy, we must compensate for past injustices, engage in reparations of some sort, bend to affirmative action—all based singularly on race!

You may remember that classic comedy, “No Time for Sergeants,” starring Andy Griffith, and you may also recall the scene where Andy’s sergeant informs him that when he sees a female officer that he is looking not at a lady, but only an officer—and then the subsequent hilarity occasioned by Andy’s refusal to acknowledge the femininity of an officer he encounters.

Just like in Andy’s case, this sort of indoctrination was—and is—enough to make any sensible person go totally mad, to engender fear of offending, and to provoke in many recipients a certain kind of paralysis when it comes to social interaction. But, and I witnessed this in my own environment, I think it was intended that way: if not completely to pervert and transform a person’s normal and natural thinking processes, to at the very least render him docile and mentally castrated, unwilling—or more so, unable—to challenge the multiculturalist political correctness that infects our society and our culture, and incapable of resisting the seemingly inevitable latest advance of Big Brother and cultural Marxism.

There are intrepid souls out there who increasingly risk not only this kind of censorship, but even worse penalties. Is not jail time a real possibility in the future for those—for us—who do not conform to the increasingly severe and ideologically weaponized rules and laws that emit from our managerial elites, both seen and unseen?

My parents never realized how utterly racist they were when they read those fanciful Joel Chandler Harris stories to my sister and me when we were children…or took us to see Walt Disney’s now apparently embargoed The Song of the South. But, then, we did not live in an “enlightened” society back then….

• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Political Correctness 
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  1. From what I have read, Joel Chandler Harris was a man of perfectly decent racial views, especially for his day. I too read all the “Uncle Remus” stories as a kid. I can’t think of anything remotely racist about them.

  2. As a result, the entire staff was compelled—forced—to sit through a long “racial sensitivity”……

    Not if you value your self respect. You might go meekly to re-education camp, look at your shoes and renounce your skin color to buy some time while you get your resume out. Beyond that any cooperation with these Jacobin means you deserve to be made the New American Nigger.

  3. Here is the ironic and amusing (but never stated overtly) reason that society is so hyper-sensitive to any remark that implies directly or indirectly that any sub-Saharan African is in any way linked to non-human apes. In most of Western Europe, any such remark will get the guilty speaker or tweeter humiliated, fired-for-cause and/or arrested. You can compare or link a white or Asian person to a dog, rat, weasel, spider, tapeworm, or slime mold, and no one will bat an eyelash. But if you compare in any way, metaphorically or directly, an African to a non-human ape, your career and possibly your freedom are at risk. Why?

    The reason why is that we know it is discernibly true, although only at a negligible level. Sub-Saharan Africans carry more genetic structure linked to non-human African apes than do other ancestral lines of humans. It is not a lot of a difference, but it is clearly identifiable. It is the hidden truth behind it that makes any such remark unbearable, rather than its falsity.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  4. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    Never been much of a fan. She was always a bit too extreme and bitchy for me. Guess she really did herself in this time. Calling a black person an ape is pretty low. Not going to lose any sleep over the cancellation of her new show either. Whatever.

    • Replies: @Mishra
  5. @Adolf Verloc

    Some of Harris’ works are available here:

    Get them while you still can!

  6. Biff says:

    The reasons for this, I would suggest, are wrapped up in America’s current and increasingly mad descent into and embrace of the culturally dominant Marxist template on race (as well as on gender).

    I’m in agreement with the gist of the article, but it’s getting to the point where Marx’s name should next to Hitlers under Godwin’s law. Those names can weaken an otherwise good argument.

    Also, I found Barr’s tweet to be rather humorous, and I thought the burnt cookie thing to be rather funny too. Is there another reason she got fired? Possible, but I don’t know.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  7. The late Joan Rivers called Michele Obama a tranny but since she was a Jew from the left no one really said anything. Blacks on TV call southerners, whites that voted for Trump and Trump himself every name in the book but that’s fine because the left has a monopoly on truth. This will just get worse as the Khazars destroy all free speech in America in their Marxist Utopia.

    • Replies: @Swan Knight
    , @dcite
  8. ANON[354] • Disclaimer says:

    The PR of ABC has been abysmally unimaginative and unintelligent. The immediate response should have been to say it was a self parodying send up of Roseanne’s character designed to remind people that the appalling but sometimes loveable Roseanne was back on screen. “Apologies to those who didn’t read it as aimed at the Barr character rather than Ms Jarrett”. Then counter attack those who persist in attacking Barr by accusing them of trying to cover up their embarrassment at being so clueless that they took what was said seriously and literally at face value.

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @JohnL
  9. Mishra says:

    Calling a black person an ape is pretty low.

    I’ve never seen her old show or her new one, and don’t care much about her, but from what I understand she said this person resembled part progeny of an ape, and moreover this person isn’t particularly black. Not sure how much this matters, but not only is Roseanne’s show cancelled, the reruns of her old show have been removed from distribution. Damnatio memoriae, as they say.

    Then there’s this

  10. Tyrion 2 says:

    How dare someone claim that Valerie Jarrett looks like either of these two pictures.

    • LOL: Stonehands
  11. Renoman says:

    Here’s betting her show gets picked up by another network, she’ll make money out of this just watch.

    • Replies: @jeff davis
  12. VJ is not black but she is surely ugly. Reminds me of someone who’s face was burned. I feel sorry for her. No one deserves to be so ghastly looking.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  13. @Adolf Verloc

    Ditto Mark Twain, who was quite ‘pwogressive’ for his day. But, hey, he used the n-word, right? Got to remove all his books from the local library where they might offend some poor little unsuspecting snowflake!

  14. Swan Knight says: • Website

    Joan Rivers died mysteriously less than a month after asserting that Michelle Obama was a tranny and that Barack Obama was the first gay president

    • Replies: @Jake
  15. “Yet none of those instances, none of that history, produced the kind of swift and definitive action like what the ABC Network took in less than three hours after Barr’s offending tweet.”

    It wasn’t that Roseanne slurred a part-black woman, but that she went after one of the women closest to Obama. Remember what happened to Joan Rivers after she called Michelle O a tranny. In that respect, Rosanne has, at least so far, escaped with her life.

  16. By way of self-exculpation, Barr tweeted that she had believed Jarrett to be “white”. Let that sink in for a moment.

    Then she played the Jew card, as if to say, “hey, you’re all supposed to be on my side!”

    What a charmer.

    • Replies: @anon
  17. JackOH says:
    @Peter Johnson

    Peter, do you mean the simian appearance that some Blacks present with? Or behavioral characteristics, too, directly connected by genetics to non-human apes?

    BTW-it’s not rare to read or hear descriptions of White folks that liken them to animals: “foxy-faced”, “pig-eyed”, “bovine”, and so on, but it’s clearly meant as description, not a reference to some genetic admixture in the person described.

  18. Jake says:

    Boyd Cathey uses a scene in the film version of No Time for Sergeants to make a point about the utter absurdity of what we now call PC. In the novel, the scene is not about a female officer but a black one. The ‘good American’ soldiers inform Will that the black officer is just exactly like any white officer and that Will is never to see color. Will, the Hillbilly par excellence, knows better.

    And just like today, the PC in the novel, which is set in WW2 and was published in 1954, is an iron-clad double standard. Everybody notices that Will is a hillbilly, and he is demeaned repeatedly for being a white Southern hill country bumpkin. As befits the real world, it is Will of the Basket of Deplorables most inferior wing who is the most fundamentally decent human being in the novel.

  19. Jake says:

    In the early USSR, devoutly atheist Jews played leading roles in brutally persecuting devoutly religious Jews. Later, Jews loyal to Stalin were indispensable to the regime eliminating Jews who clearly supported Trotsky.After the death of Stalin, anti-Stalin Jews made certain that Jews who had remained loyal to Stalin were demoted and/or publicly shamed and/or imprisoned.

    When free to do so, Jews always lead revolutions, and Jews always end up leading movements to purge those revolutions, including purging Jews with old style revolutionary experience and attitude. Roseanne Barr is not nearly well read enough to understand that.

    Because I know that history (including examples from long before the USSR was a twinkle in young Lenin’s eyes, from before the birth of Marx) I know that this round of PC, which has made the Mohammedan as Numinous as the Negro, will lead to True Believer Jews arranging for the slaughter of Jews who balked at being herded into the new paradise run by and for blacks, gays, trannies, and Mohammedans.

    And because the past century or so of endless WASP promotion of all things Jewish has led to Jews going totally nuts on Palestinians and most other Mohammedans living next door to Israel, hundreds of millions of Moslems now hate Jews at least as much as they revere Mohammed, this next round of Jewish led revolutionary purging could end up making Hitler’s camps seem like bad vacation sites.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  20. Jake says:
    @Swan Knight

    Wasn’t Rivers well known to be a Republican and a good friend of Ronald and Nancy Reagan?

    You bet Leftist Jews and Clintonistas would be happy to get her disappeared.

  21. Jake says:

    ABC/Disney is run by humorless half-brained devotees to PC, the majority of them Jews who can never overcome the shame they feel at learning of any Jew who does not march perfectly in the PC line.

  22. Some years ago when I worked at a 3rd tier university I, along with my administrator colleagues, was required to sit through the longest two hours of my life. The session was run by apparatchiks from the Women’s Center and Gay-LBGT, etc, etc. office. This was my initiation into the world of micro-aggression and where I discovered the vast dimensions of my ignorance and insensitivity relating to any and all matters of “gender” about which, of course, nothing is fixed or certain. So why are we here? We learned all about what you could and could not say about sex, but it was not really helpful since the “standards” (sic) are constantly in flux. Which is the entire point, I guess. The PC goons who stage these events wave the code book at you just to remind you that they own it, exclusively. They change it whenever they feel like it and, most importantly, let you know that you need them to conduct the hermeneutics of oppression to keep you up-to-date, that is, to remind you that you are and always will be a member of the oppressor class. Job security and fun for them; insecurity and misery for you. At the end we were all asked to sign a pledge of support for the Gay-LGBT community and take a pink triangle to place in a conspicuous place in our offices, the symbol of a “safe space.” I had never assaulted anyone in my office, but the hostility I felt after one of these torture sessions put me on the edge.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  23. It is absolutely urgent that the Alt Right start throwing the “RACISM!!!”…”GENOCIDE!!”…charge back at the Democratic and their filthy degenerate ANTIFA DEATH SQUADRON….For the The Democratic Party harbors open genocidal intent towards the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority.

    Valerie Jarrette is a black racist who strategized in the White House many times with the black racists Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter….If the Alt Right does not do this in a very aggressive way…..the Democratic Party gets to define the terms of the debate-and we face a much steeper uphill struggle…

    The Endgame for White Males is chattel slavery on Ophra’s Plantation……YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

  24. anonomy says:

    Bush was portrayed as a chimp. Evolution is taught to us and our children that white people come from apes. The Nation of Islam teaches whites are created white devils.

  25. Think about it:Native Born White American Males having large White Families is now c0nsidered a hate crime against the majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…. because the existence of White Males is a hate crime….


    • Replies: @Ozymandias
    , @Truth
  26. This sort of thing has always been her “schtick”. Loud mouthed, obnoxious, boorish. It’s what she does for a living.

    The surprising thing is the speed with which the orders to Greek* her were issued from Tel Aviv. You can’t fault the smooth efficiency of their operation. Three hour turn around time with orders to the spouting heads to issue blanket condemnations. Impressive.

    *Reference is to Jimmy the Greek, for those who are young.

  27. Valerie Jarret responded to this feigned spectacle by declaring it should be turned into a Teaching Moment. I agree.

    So, let’s do just that and learn about who & what Valerie Jarret really is. Not an easy task if Google is your only source. I tried using Google to research Valerie Jarret yesterday and for the first ten pages of results at least, the only returns were related to what Roseanne said about her. Google is all about Enlightenment, don’t you know?

    I remained vigilant and from what little I could find, I would say Valerie doesn’t resemble an Ape, but instead a Spook. I believe she’s been Barack Obama’s Handler for what seems, forever.

    She greased the skids for him in Chicago and has, quite literally, been at his side ever since, every step of the way. She really has no Conventional Skills yet she’s done incredibly well for herself, as though someone or something has been looking out for her and has had her back the entire time, and I believe that’s for a reason. She’s with the Intelligence Services and always has been because she comes from a Family of Spooks just as Barack Obama did. Obama was the first CIA POTUS from womb to office and Valerie was assigned to him to ensure he never went rogue when in receipt of all that power. She kept Obama on the path through Thick & Thin.

    Obama’s Strange Dependence on Valerie Jarrett

    “If it wasn’t for Valerie Jarrett, there’d be no Barack Obama to complain about,” starts Klein’s chapter on Jarrett. He quotes Michelle Obama on Jarrett’s influence over her husband: “She knows the buttons, the soft spots, the history, the context.”

    No one outside Michelle has the access or power over Obama’s decision-making like Jarrett does. Here’s an odd little fact that gives some insight into what kind of president Obama is: Michelle, Michelle’s mother, and Valerie, and only a few others in Washington, are allowed to call Barack by his first name. After work, Jarrett joins Obama at night in the Family Quarters, where she dines often with the First Family. She goes on vacation with them.

    Jarrett’s title is the weird mouthful “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.” She is the gatekeeper, but she is also much more than that. She occupies Karl Rove’s and Hillary’s old office and has an all-access pass to meetings. She shows up at the National Security Council, at meetings on the economy and budget. She stays behind to advise Obama on what to think and do. Obama uses her as his left-wing conscience. Klein’s sources describe how at each pressing issue, Obama turns to ask her, “What do you think the right thing to do is?” As president, he likes to have her next to him “as the voice of authentic blackness in a White House that is staffed largely by whites.”

    A longtime friend told Klein that Jarrett is the “eyes, ears and nose” of the Obamas. She tells them whom to trust, who is saying what, whom to see at home and abroad. Michelle wants her there: “I told her … it would give me a sense of comfort to know that (Barack) had somebody like her there by his side.” As Obama told the New York Times, “Valerie is one of my oldest friends. … I trust her completely.”

    To understand why Obama relies so heavily on Jarrett, we must remember the president’s identity crisis as a black man, which is the main subject of his memoir, Dreams from My Father. Valerie Jarrett’s adoption of the Obamas as her friends and protégés in Chicago’s upper-crust black society was one of the greatest things that ever happened to Obama. Until becoming a community organizer, Obama tells us he felt himself to be an inauthentic American black. Nothing in his life helped him understand or fit into the American black community.

    Within a few weeks of Obama’s birth, conceived out of wedlock as he was, his mother moved away to a different college, leaving Obama’s African birth father behind in Honolulu. There may have been a shotgun wedding or not — in the memoir, Obama says he is not sure. The only time Barack set eyes on his father was a brief visit when he was ten. Our president lived with his white mother, then with her and her Indonesian husband in Indonesia from age six to ten. He was so unhappy that he chose to leave his mother and live with his white grandparents back in America. Obama’s America was the tolerant, wealthy American world of Honolulu’s top prep school.

    His only black experience was his grandfather’s creepy old friend, Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying Communist and self-disclosed pederast, who was Obama’s voice of authentic blackness. One result of this lonely and unhappy childhood as a mixed-race child was Barack Obama’s envy problem. The key to understanding Jarrett’s power over the president is that Obama didn’t just envy people with normal parents and loving, successful fathers. He envied American blacks, especially those who grew up in intact black families, knowing who they were, comfortable in their black skin.

    Valerie Jarrett reflects Obama in many ways. Like himself, Valerie looks more white than black. Her mother had three white grandparents, and her father was black. Like Obama, she lived in the Muslim world for part of her childhood, when her father practiced medicine in Iran. Like Obama, she is a committed leftist. But there are crucial differences. Her father was not a drunk Kenyan polygamist like Obama’s, but a famous pathologist and geneticist. Her mother was not a leftist expatriate like Obama’s, but a distinguished psychologist. Valerie married into Chicago’s black elite, the top rung of African-American society. She went to Stanford, got a law degree from Michigan, and became Mayor Richard Daley’s deputy chief of staff, “the public black face” of his administration.

    When Valerie Jarrett hired Michelle to work for Daley and befriended her, the Obamas gained access to the exclusive world of upper-class black Chicago politics. Valerie knew everyone whom it was important to know in black and Jewish money circles. She gave Barack entrée and legitimacy. She financed and promoted his ambitions for national office.

    Obama finally belonged. Not that Jarrett’s record in Chicago was anything to be proud of. Jarrett was known for her corruption and incompetence. Daley finally had to fire her after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing. She went on to become CEO of Habitat Executive Services, pulling down $300,000 in salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation. Again, she managed a housing complex that was seized by government inspectors for slum conditions. The scandal didn’t matter to Obama. The sordid corruption was all part of Jarrett’s Chicago success story.

    Every insider in Chicago told Klein the same thing: Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States. She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how relations with Congress work, how the federal process works. She doesn’t understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security works. But she understands how Obama works.

    When Valerie Jarrett Revealed Her Jewish Roots

    The White House can add one more senior staffer to its list of advisers with Jewish roots, and it is an unlikely name. Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser and assistant for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement, disclosed her Jewish ancestry to a Jewish gathering on Monday.

    Speaking on behalf of the administration at the annual plenum of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Jarrett, who is African-American, told the story of the first Passover seder she attended as a child.

    “Many, many years ago, my parents hosted a seder for a group of our Jewish friends, and it was here that my father first told me that my great-grandfather was Jewish. What a wonderful surprise for our friends, and for me! So Passover has always been a special holiday for me.”

    If only I was Jewish. I’d be a Billionaire for sure. Instead, I’m a lowly, over-educated, under-achieving, goyim peasant locked out because God has not chosen me.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @Truth
  28. Alan Potkin says: • Website

    Well it’s not clear whether Br’er Rabbit was a white rabbit, a pink rabbit, or a black rabbit, and also where exactly Br’er Bear’s and Br’er Fox’s DNA would have shaken out on the HBD scale. But the whole point of the JCH’s briarpatch story (which may or may not have been culturally appropriated from the local colored folks’ oral histories) was how improvisational cleverness overcomes wickedness and brute stupidity.

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
    • Replies: @MacNucc11
    , @anonomy
  29. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Cold N. Holefield

    You too can make up exactly the same story that Valerie’s father previously made up.

  30. @War for Blair Mountain

    Valerie Jarrette is a black racist who strategized in the White House many times with the black racists Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter….If the Alt Right does not do this in a very aggressive way…..the Democratic Party gets to define the terms of the debate-and we face a much steeper uphill struggle…

    What gave us Antifa gave us The Alt Right. They’re arms of the same Octopus.

    There simply is no True Resistance. It’s all Synthetic in order to Divide & Conquer and to catch any Strays who have escaped Level I and/or Level II of their Psychical Incarceration.

    Valerie Jarrett is not a Black Racist as you say, but she does play one on television and she plays many other roles as well. She’s an Ethnic Chameleon much like Obama. They are what they need to be at any moment to get the job done.

  31. There’s very little merit in setting the matter as the high water mark of color relations. I don’t think Ms Barr is advocating a return to “I get to say and do whatever i want aboy and to blacks and they have to shut up and take it.”

    I don’t there’s much evidence she was think in terms color social contexts. She’s a comedian. She has made her living incorporating images as jest and commentary for quite some time. She has apologized rightly or wrongly – she says her comments were over the top.

    As for CBS, it’s very apparent that they were seeking an opportunity to avoid airing her program. Whites are no longer in a potion in which the rhetoric they choose will go without comment as more and more people of color enter establishment arenas. It may be uncomfortable to no longer have the dominant perspective, on every issue. After all, it is not as if someone sent in the police toi arrest you because you offended some sensibility of your own worth.

    it’s too bad because I hear her program was a fairly good counter-narrative to what is currently running on network TV.

  32. @JackOH

    Yes to all of those, including the genetics.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  33. Wally says:

    The silly ‘Hitler ovens’ joke is a classic example of conditioning.

    German cremation facilities (cremation was / is done everywhere) were for the control of typhus. As noted in the Red Cross inspections of German labor camps. Typhus was a major problem for all sides in WWII, in fact, in any war, see US Civil War for example.

    There was no ‘6M Jews’, though Jews have been promoting that lie since at least 1823,

    Only Liars Want Censorship.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:


  34. And then there’s Samantha Bee, blonde White Feminist to same, Ivanka Trump, “you feckless cunt”. White-to-White sexist slurs are ok if their media-to-targeted Administration AND big-time Israeli Jew? Bee has to be fired now, right? Someone quick! Start a pool! She’s out. You don’t call a Jew “feckless cunt”.

    • Replies: @Ragno
  35. @War for Blair Mountain

    The “Endgame” you speak of is already here. The media, and a sizeable portion of the larger culture, is Oprah’s domain. She is the Goddess of Redemption in the eyes of her slavish white acolytes. She also procured skinny white girls for Harvey Weinstein. Her wealth and power is reward for her service to Moloch.

  36. MacNucc11 says:
    @Alan Potkin

    Still you have to give Brer Bear his due for using the tar baby to ensnare Brer Rabbit. But then he snatched defeat from the grasp of victory.

    • Replies: @Alan Potkin
  37. MacNucc11 says:

    Her tweet is extremely stupid for equating Iran and Muslim brotherhood. The two don’t go together at all. Muslim Brotherhood is likely a U.S. intel creation. Iran is Shia and tolerant of other religions.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  38. @Cold N. Holefield

    Your just another leftist “working class hero” who wants to destroy the Native Born White American Working Class by importing nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR….The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class gets to steal the wealth of the Native Born White American Working Class…

    I have no patience with people such as you….

  39. @Cold N. Holefield

    “What gave us Antifa gave us The Alt Right. They’re arms of the same Octopus.”

    Sad and probably true. It seems as if we exist in a synthetic environment.

    “She’s [Valerie Jarrett] an Ethnic Chameleon much like Obama.”

    Good point, creepy point. Racial chameleonism and transgenderism are steps toward the transhumanist future.

  40. Truth says:

    Yet none of those instances, none of that history, produced the kind of swift and definitive action like what the ABC Network took in less than three hours after Barr’s offending tweet.

    Roseanne did not have a show to cancel in 2009 or in 2014, and I don’t think anyone’s going to have a show cancelled for singing off-key.

    Kathy Griffin did have her show cancelled after the trump thing.

    Quite honestly all this “duh man always be tryna hole me down” shit that white guys are getting into is tired.

  41. Forbes says:

    It’s not about racism or sexism, it’s about power–the power to make people deny truth and reality.

  42. @SunBakedSuburb

    There must be a sharp divide between us and THEM=the Democratic Party Freak show.

    However, on the most fundamental level it is nonwhite majority Democratic Party versus THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…

    I have no doubt that the majority nonwhite Democratic Party will have 0 tolerance for homosexual-tranny freak Democratic Party in the very near future…..MUZZIES won’t be baking homo filth wedding cakes…

    There are now two nations within the borders of America:one nonwhite…the other NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN….both competing for the same scarce resources within the borders of America…..This is a blueprint for a future race war….Retard American Cuckservative Civic Nationalism won’t prevent this from happening…..

    I blame the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act for this….And I blame the Cold War—Anti-C0mmie Crusade for 1964 and 1965….

  43. hun_anon says:

    Valerie Jarrett doesn’t look particularly black to me, she looks more like a Jewess than a black woman.

  44. @War for Blair Mountain

    Will the ANTIFA in Charlottesville force the MUZZIE “AMERICAN” bakers in Charlottesville to bake a wedding cake for two h0mo bikers?

    A question that answers itself….

    • Replies: @Cold N. Holefield
  45. ‘…America’s current and increasingly mad descent into and embrace of the culturally dominant Marxist template on race (as well as on gender)…’

    While you are right about the increasing shrillness of this descent, it no longer represents ‘America’ but only an increasingly isolated minority concentrated in urban centers on either coast.

    Try getting out into the rest of America. Increasingly, this nonsense is simply being ignored. Could Donald Trump have won the election twenty years ago? For better or worse, I don’t think so.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  46. Is not jail time a real possibility in the future for those—for us—who do not conform to the increasingly severe and ideologically weaponized rules and laws that emit from our managerial elites, both seen and unseen?

    Just look across the pond, my Tarheel friend. This Orwellian stuff may or may not a big wall at some point here in America, though, called The 2nd Amendment.

    Thanks for the great writing, Mr. Cathey.

    (I have not read the comments yet, so my apologies if someone has already mentioned the Orwellian imprisonment of Tommy Robertson.)

  47. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s an AWESOME response from Roseanne! Gotta give it to the old girl. She still got it. I also liked what she tweeted about George Soros. That was ballsy.

  48. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:
    @Simon Tugmutton

    LOL I agree it’s low to play the Jew card once she got called out for her nastiness. But it’s still satisfying to see her bashing the hypocritical self-righteous left with a baseball bat.

  49. Alan Potkin says: • Website

    Well as Dr. Jordon Peterson says, we have to delve in depth into our great religious and literary inheritances to truly come to grips with who we are and how we need to proceed: individually and civilizationally. Disney pulling it’s technically visionary (first-ever successful integration of live images and drawn animation); musically superb (zippidee due dai, zippidee day!); and racially reconciliatory 1946 film, “Song of the South” from distribution/public viewing for its unspeakable and outrageous political incorrectness was a message from the ancient past predicting how Disney/ABC dealt with Roseanne last week.

  50. edNels says:

    Well all the words that aren’t PC, or connote derision through association, put aside for a moment, and too the simple obvious put down of Ape designation, (rather than say… Reptile for another choice).

    Just take the face in the picture for its values. That face is a good example of a type or combination of a few parts that is very common in most all the race groups, and one that serves a function of being architecturally beneficial in extreme conditions that are found in both the arctic, and in desert environments.

    That kind of face, with its seemingly tough swarthy skin protects against dust and sand as it is Airstreamed. Nose cuts through air well and allows breathing so that dust and debris born by the deserts incessant winds will tend to drop away in a low pressure at the nostril area, like a kind of pre-filter or rock-catcher, better than a short open nostril Pug or upturned type of proboscis etc. etc. Probably the shorter face would be more for heat conservation in cold, and there development of special clothing/face coverings midigate the need, and a long snout is prone to frost bight.

    Equally important benefits of the face would be protective aspects of eye lids not just to squint away excessive sun, but in air stream too as they do the most to shed the effects of sleet and snow and the evil dust and sand and temperatures that dry both in hot or in cold winds from the primordial times, before AC before glass winders, back when…

    A good old standard primordial face, to be found in all the race groups, and not to be looked down on by todays weak featured Hot House Plants!.

    I think VJ should have jumped in and put a kibosh on the thing, took some ”high ground” and rose above and showed some Moxie…maybe, and…came back… got in some Fat Jokes, but that is one thing that also Cuts both ways talkin’ about PC, (bad for fast food business to boot)y.

  51. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    ” a study titled “Privilege on the Precipice,” published in the journal Social Forces,researchers at Stanford University and UC Berkeley reported that across the political spectrum and socioeconomic statuses, white opposition to social welfare programs has risen sharply since 2008.
    A major correlation to this opposition was the incorrect belief that minorities use Medicaid, SNAP benefits, and other programs more than white Americans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Department of Agriculture, 43 percent of Medicaid recipients and more than 36 percent of SNAP beneficiaries are white—by far the largest percentage in terms of racial demographics.
    “My main hope here is that people take a step back, look at what these sorts of programs do for the poor, and think about what’s driving opposition to them,” Rachel Wetts, a sociology researcher at UC Berkeley, told the Washington Post.
    Wetts and Stanford University sociologist Robb Willer analyzed white Americans’ attitudes regarding the social safety net beginning in 2008 and found that over the same time period, racial resentment among whites also rose.

  52. anonomy says:
    @Alan Potkin


    Nassie De’Ville

  53. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    tell us more about her when she rambles racially against the Zionist AIPAC FDD AEI and Foxnews

  54. @War for Blair Mountain

    “It is absolutely urgent that the Alt Right start throwing the “RACISM!!!”…”GENOCIDE!!”…charge back at the Democratic and their filthy degenerate ANTIFA DEATH SQUADRON….For the The Democratic Party harbors open genocidal intent towards the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority.”

    No, sorry, this is the wrong approach. “Racism”, etc. are the guts of their attack-vocabulary. Trying to turn it against them means that we are taking their meaningless smear-words seriously. When we stop caring that they call us racists and stop attempting to demonstrate that we are not we are no longer playing defense and can attack their idiocy through mockery and ridicule (taking a page out of the Alinsky primer).

    • Replies: @Palerider1861
  55. @War for Blair Mountain

    No, instead The Alt Right puts its head up Israel’s ass. Considering Spencer’s close relationship with Stephen Miller, I’d say that for the purpose of Jewish Identity, The Alt Right is great for business if your business depends on playing the Victim Card in perpetuity.

    As far as me wanting to destroy the White Working Class American, this profile is already destroyed and being replaced not by immigrants, but by automation. Immigrants are a stop-gap until automation is fully ramped up and in 20 years automation will be ramped up entirely.

    Israel’s New Admirers: The White Nationalist Right

    A famously anti-Semitic movement has come to admire modern Israel’s “ethnonationalism.” That speaks volumes about the ascent of the far right in the country.

    When Richard Spencer is asked about his preferred label, he sidelines “white supremacist” in favor of “identitarian” — a term evoking flag waving and petitions rather than burning torches.

    Like earlier proponents of an edgy yet “respectable” white supremacy, Spencer carefully dodges awkward questions about Hitler, Jews, and the Holocaust. Instead, he stays firmly on his own message: Multiculturalism has failed, civic nationalism is a sham, and the best solution for everyone is to live within self-contained, ethnically homogenous states.

    It is here that Spencer finds a model in the state of Israel.

    “You could say I am a white Zionist,” he told Israel’s Channel 2 news in August 2017. He later described the Jewish state as “the most important and perhaps most revolutionary ethno-state” — the “one that I turn to for guidance.”

    Many defenders of Israel reject the term “ethno-state” — pointing, for instance, to the spirit of equality enshrined in the country’s Declaration of Independence, and the right of its Arab citizens to vote and run for public office. There is also an academic debate on this question, split between those who describe Israel as an “ethnocracy” and, more sympathetically, as an “ethnic democracy.”

    But, to find an answer, we only need to ask the people who run the country.

    There’s the prime minister who described the Arab citizens of Israel as a “demographic threat”; the education minister who settled a cabinet debate by saying “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life and there’s no problem with that”; or the justice minister who called Palestinian children “little snakes.”

    “It doesn’t matter what the nations of the world say,” the public security minister said at the beginning of 2018. “The time has come to express our biblical right to the land.”

    Paranoia over the Israel’s ethno-religious purity has never been confined to the right, either.

    “Moderates” like the late Shimon Peres advocated a Palestinian state not out of any commitment to the principle of self-determination, but instead as the only way to ensure that the “demographic shadow” — i.e., Palestinians inside Israel proper — would “disappear.”

    Before the two-state idea, the early leaders of Israel’s left-of-center Labor Party did things like reward Jewish “heroine mothers” who had more than ten children, and drafted “Absentee Property Laws” to make sure expelled Palestinians could never return to their homes.

    It’s worth underlining the fact that when Israeli leaders talk about a “demographic threat” — otherwise known as the birth of a Palestinian — they are often referring to fellow Israeli citizens: the 1.6 million Arabs who live within Israel’s 1948 borders and make up 20 percent of its population.

    What is their future within the Jewish State? Today, Israeli leaders give answers that Richard Spencer would be proud of.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  56. @Adolf Verloc

    What is most stupid about the North Carolina Archives anecdote is that Joel Chandler Harris’s stories are reworkings of African folk tales by American Negroes. That Harris collected these and wrote them for wider dissemination is not the point. The Negress who took offense is so typical of her type, a drop dead dumb, affirmative action appointment who is profoundly ignorant of even her own roots. Another one of the type raised a brouhaha several years ago over the use of the word niggardly, a word in most literate English readers’ vocabularies, derived from old Norse and meaning cheap or miserly.

    BTW, I heard an example of hilariously stupid virtue signalling on NPR today. It occurred during a discussion of wedding planning. The NPR interviewer was transparently anxious to establish her street creds regarding race and started a discussion of why so few Negro couples were portrayed in the advertising of wedding planners. She blurted out something to the effect that this was perhaps because troglodytes regarded Negroes dressed in attire, which was artificially created by and for Anglo-American Whites, around the fin de siecle, as ugly (or perhaps silly). She then doubled down on her original faux pas by announcing that she regarded the contrast of black skin against white formal attire as particularly attractive, evidently hoping that this will clearly mark her as one of the enlightened. My hope is that she will be eaten alive by amateur and professional Negro provocateurs and her erstwhile fellow SJWs for her incredibly inept attempts to come across as an active SJW.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  57. You can still badmouth anyone and everyone you want — although you might get some flack for it — but you can NEVER say anything against the jews or against israel or express any doubts about the holocaust. Speaking against any and/or all of those will create a life of living hell for the offender.

    In parts of Europe and in Canada, it is against the law to do so — and the ‘offender’ is liable to be imprisoned and/or fined.

    As someone in these pages once stated — if you want to find out who’s really in charge, just find out who you cannot speak out against.

  58. how is her tweet racist?
    that obummer cunt is not black,, i dare you to call a Persian black to his face! that is the same as callin a native from Turtle Island/Ussa black.. words matter
    i personally dgaf abt ur color or any mans color, simply because an asshole is a asshole no matter what color his skin is.

  59. Ragno says:

    Seriously? ……nobody is going to mention that the same week ABC canned Roseanne Barr for perpetrating an unforgivably offensive Tweet, they went ahead and re-hired (and for the umpteenth time!) Keith Olbermann, who not only wrote the training manual on Unforgivably Offensive Tweets, such as:

    among hundreds every bit as delightful, but is also the author of a book whose title cannot be read aloud on national television. Or at least it used to be that way – but as we are all continuing to learn and re-learn and re-re-learn, when the Wrong candidate wins, all the rules of order go right out the effin’ window.

    Of course, that Roseanne Barr tweet kind of took everybody by surprise, which can’t be said for the next eruption from the Vesuvius of vulgarity. Still, I’m astounded that ABC is getting a pass on this outrageous double standard, even if nobody else is. As for the Worldwide Leader, they’ve been looking peaked ever since their worldwide leader stepped down, citing threats from his long-time coke dealer. (No mean tweets, however.)

  60. JackOH says:
    @Peter Johnson

    Thanks, Peter. I guess I’m thunderstruck. Maybe a bit slow picking up on the HBD aspects of this site.

    FWIW-I don’t know how you “un-research” something like this, either. You can trash and defund researchers here, but someone somewhere will be jumping on this. Thanks for your work.

  61. Ragno says:
    @Jim Christian


    On Thursday, amid rumblings of an advertising boycott, and with commentators on the left and right debating the slur, Ms. Bee issued an apology. “I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night,” the host said in a statement. “It was inappropriate and inexcusable. I crossed a line, and I deeply regret it.”

    Or some good old-fashioned Levantine arm-twisting?

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  62. Oh pleeeese!

    Just say it straight out:

    She got fired because she’s a Trump supporter. The US is up to its eyeballs in a cultural and political war, and she’s on the “wrong” side. By wrong, I mean the other side from the PC/Hollywood/DeepState/DC Establishment crowd. You know, the Owners:

    [Full disclosure:I’m an American and a Jew. Nevertheless, my real name is Jeff Davis. Zero connection to the “Confederate” Jeff Davis.]

  63. @Renoman

    I would gladly invest in a new cable tv channel. We could call it the Deplorable Channel (or the F*ck You channel, or (fill in your suggestion for the name of the channel)) — with Roseanne as the flagship program. I have no objection to making piles of money. I’ve been waiting since forever for a channel that rubs American noses in the steaming hot pile of American BS. Haven’t you?)

  64. JackOH says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    “What is most stupid about the North Carolina Archives anecdote is that Joel Chandler Harris’s stories are reworkings of African folk tales by American Negroes. That Harris collected these and wrote them for wider dissemination is not the point.”

    Jus’ Sayin’, you may be missing something. I recall reading comic-strip versions of Harris’s stories in my local newspaper, and I’ve also read Paul Dunbar’s stories in bits and pieces about American Black Kultur. They’re charming, sometimes funny, and speak to some sort of common human experience between Blacks and Whites. Upstairs, downstairs, all that. For a Black person to object to a White person innocently using a phrase from Harris seems to me a massively divisive act of personal self-aggrandizement. Probably time that non-racist White folks call Blacks on this sort of horseshit.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @edNels
  65. @JackOH

    “Peter, do you mean the simian appearance that some Blacks present with? Or behavioral characteristics, too, directly connected by genetics to non-human apes?”

    What difference, at this point, does it make?

  66. @Colin Wright

    The sheeple’s general perception that the economy didn’t suck bad enough and eight years of Magic Negro formal rule culminating in total Negro Fatigue were not factors 20 years ago either.

  67. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Well, did you sign the pledge or did you tell them all to go take a flying fuck on a rolling donut?

    Don’t even think about answering my bifurcated question with a philosopher’s “yes”.

  68. @Mishra

    Be honest everyone. What fauna is this White celebrity’s mug evocative of?

  69. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Or should I say “. . . on a rolling pink triangle”?

  70. @JackOH

    ” Probably time that non-racist White folks call Blacks on this sort of horseshit.”

    As they say, it’s the thought that counts JackOH, but by the time any horseshit is called out it will be hard to find any non-racist White folks.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  71. @Biff

    Marx’s name should next to Hitlers under Godwin’s law.

    Hitler fought the Alamo of the white race .

    Marx OTOH…was a lazy slob who abhored manual labor just like any other parasite kike.

  72. @Gleongelpi

    “VJ is not black…”

    According to Wiki both of Jarret’s parents are African-Americans. She was born in Shiraz Iran.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  73. JackOH says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Jim Bob, you’re right, of course. Our bullshit White leaders of the 1960s might have taken a few cues from stuff that’s known to every Midwestern football coach with a mostly Black roster. Black folks have unique skills to offer American society, plus they’re also a goddamned bag of trouble. That bullcrap civil rights and affirmative action stuff we live with today turned White folks into racists by presumption, so the chance of any honest engagement between Blacks and Whites is pretty low.

  74. @Ragno

    Or some good old-fashioned Levantine arm-twisting?

    I’d be perfectly fine with Trump tweeting even better stuff back at Bee than “Feckless Cunt”. Yeah, but it’s never simple as it goes off in many directions. She felt the lash of the Leventine perhaps. Her reversal is getting to be standard boilerplate anymore. But there are outrages that demand resignation. But man, Ivanka is the Jew that brought all the fun of an embassy in Tel Aviv on the Med Coast inland to Jerusalem. As the daughter of the President of the United States and wife and mother, and Big-Time Jew, how not to see (if you’re them) that Ivanka is entitled to Bee’s head on a pole in the public square? At the least, the usual punishment. Boilerplate professional execution. I would have thought the vapors would have driven the holocaust crowd to clutch their pearls in anguish and Bee should have felt the Israeli/ADL/AIPAC lash. Not sure what term is equivalent of Leventine as regards the Jewish Lash. But even as a decency-in-broadcasting thing, if doing the “Feckless Cunt” shtick is acceptable, it will only be for one side. How about Tucker Carlson labels on-air, Bee a “miserable cunt”?

    That’s why she should go. But TBS is uber-Liberal. Without the Jewish lash, shrieks of anti-Semitism that would have been launched at any goy-male, she’s gonna get a walk on it.

    The folks that have set up these social barriers between groups have a problem in that the it’s Jew vs. Jew in many cases and Jews being brought down from Hollywood to politics, finance, it’s unfuckin’ believable. Most of the #metoo perps are Jewish and many of them are just blatant cash-grabs. Even Larry David notices, repeatedly. Then Rosanne, prospective Jew, utters truth as we all know it and she gets slammed, another Jew, such as she is. People notice. A good-Jew thing for TBS would be to ‘suspend’ Bee. Flip a coin.

  75. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    No, I didn’t sign, and no, I like donuts too much. My name went on the list and I continued to be regarded with deep suspicion

  76. @Stonehands

    Thank you for the H/T Stonehands. I have to have these White Privilege cathartic moments from time to time. (of late with greater frequency)

    The real thanks in this particular instance though should go to Ron Unz and Boyd Cathey, but as I said before, it’s the thought that counts.

  77. @Stonehands

    Well, it ought to be worth pointing out that in our “Go where you wanna go, be whatcha you wanna be” society it’s worth pointing out that by that standard, Rachel Dolezal is blacker than Valerie Jarrett.

    Maybe this whole Bro’ jah-halal could have been avoided had Valerie hung an orange day-glo sign on her neck with her My Ancestry dot com results and the following warning: “Don’t Fuck Wid Dis Nigga Bitch.”

  78. Harbinger says:

    It’s a ‘no story’ as far as I’m concerned.
    I do not watch, listen to are read anything that the msm/entertainment industries have to say, regardless. If some, overpaid celebrity has something to say about something, whatever the content, I couldn’t care less. People in these industries, destroyed any integrity they had, the minute they became the ‘media whores’ they’re known as. As long as the money’s good enough, they’ll portray any character, in any film, by any director, no matter that it’s blatant propaganda and lies. And when one considers that the overwhelming majority of people in the msm and entertainment industries are cultural Marxists (even those who are classed as right wing) and haters of white civilization, it’s even more reason to avoid it like the plague.

    If more people in society, paid attention to what the internet had to state, that is the millions of bloggers out there who actually RESEARCH what’s really going on, instead of copying and pasting from Reuters, then our society would be a far better one than it currently is.

  79. renfro says:

    lynch a jew

    So she plays the ‘jew card’……lol….I didn’t do nuthng wrong, I ‘m a jew!

  80. edNels says:

    No one here is maybe old enough… to remember the entertaining tv show called Amos and Andy. It was’ntanything more than good fun, it did a lot to endear and even ”normalize” black people by giving them actual personalities. That is opposite to the main culprit in racialism, (or other forms of oppression) Depersonalization. Like what is always done to a group set up for attack, euphemized: counter attack, the… Japs; Huns; or Terrorists drawn sketchy enough.

    Probably time that non-racist White folks call Blacks on this sort of horseshi


    Agree : But who put that bee in their bonnet in the first place?

    Who qualifies as non-racist White folks? Not the ones who are full time employed in the business of STIRrING THE POT! which is to say, making trouble between others. while they hide behind Victimhood special status…! Yeah…(who me…?) yer busted gaddamned Liberals

    PS: they sure must have deep deep sixed Amos and Andy, it hasn’t seen light a day anywhere for decades. On that point, could it be that Roseanne (the show) was set up to fail just to show it can be so easily done on a dime, for a tenuous silly tweet Fauxpas…!? Which closes the noose on everybodys GD personal communications!

    Object lessons are expensive to produce, but print the f’n money you can do anything. So many strange things are possible when you have oodles of unlimited power. God don’t like it though.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @Palerider1861
  81. anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cold N. Holefield

    Jews are a cult. As prior cultists have shown, these too will find a way to self-annihilation. Just a matter of time.

  82. dcite says:

    The late Joan Rivers called Michele Obama a tranny but since she was a Jew from the left no one really said anything.

    They didn’t waste time saying much. Just made sure she was dead 2 weeks later.

  83. JackOH says:

    “Agree : But who put that bee in their bonnet in the first place?”

    edNels, yep. The White monsters who crafted our laws, controlled the debate on race, created repulsive racial preferences, and so on have made it very difficult for Blacks and Whites to treat each other on a content-of-character basis.

  84. JohnL says:

    This reminds me of Cessna – who stopped making C172s because of a wave of lawsuits from families of those who were killed when they crashed their 30 y.o. airplanes, claiming negligence on Cessna’s part.
    Only when Cessna started to retaliate by counter suing for misuse of product, did this stupidity stop.
    I’m no great fan of Roseanne’s, but I agree with the concerns of the author.
    Just another level in the “divide and conquer” tactics of the “authorities”….

  85. Defining racism n bigotry is actually quite simple. The PC Cult is a fanatical religion masquerading as a secular ideology. It pretends to champion the Blank Slate n Marxism as its official dogma but in actuality it operates under a simplistic interpretation of Nietzsche denying the relevance of Truth n the impossibility of genuine communication. This results in a violent struggle to establish a new hierarchy camouflaged as egalitarian.

    The new hierarchy is determined by the relative quantity of melanin in one’s skin. Whiteness is the new original sin n marks one as a racist n bigot even if the biases are unconscious. In the PC Cult, whites are permanently at the bottom of the hierarchy. Blacks can lose status by becoming heretics but whites are born that way.

    Whites can achieve salvation only by martyring themselves on behalf of the more melanin endowed. Whites can never rise in the PC Cult hierarchy but are marked for extinction because the Cult wishes to confiscate what they built. Just like in Animal Farm, some comrades were more equal than others, in the Cult’s New World Order ‘Diversity’ will not be complete until the last white is dead. Any objection to this coming Inquisition n genocide marks one as a heretic to be targeted for premature extinction.

    • Replies: @Harbinger
  86. Harbinger says:
    @Sin City Milla

    That’s a good post and bang on the money.

    What I’ve noticed is simply that the (((cult))) has taken the original usage of racism and distorted it for their own nefarious ways.
    Take a look at the following article:


    From the above article:

    “Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilised slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the ‘racists.’”

    So it was the communists who coined the first usage of the word racism to ATTACK the Slavs for NOT wishing to submit to Communist takeover of their country, choosing instead to keep their own culture and traditions.

    And incidentally it was also the Communists responsible for hate speech too.

    It is clear to all, that racism today MOST CERTAINLY doesn’t have any connection to its initial and therefore real definition. Racism today has spawned into prejudice. Now while a love for one’s own country, culture, traditions and peoples is most certainly prejudice, although not hateful, it is also preference. Therefore someone who wishes to force your preferences to coincide with their preferences is acting nothing short of a tyrant. More so, there is no suggestion whatsoever in loving one’s culture, traditions, nation and race being an automatic hatred of of other peoples, their cultures, traditions and nation!
    And this is where cultural Marxism effectively comes into play, by creating straw man arguments and ignoring the real subject matter. In this case they play to the altruism of white peoples by stating that they must accept immigrants into their lands. When the people complain they automatically come out with the straw man argument: “it’s because you have a hatred of blacks and non whites and this is why you don’t want them into your country”!”

    My conclusion is a simple one and that is to take back the word racism for what it is, instead of the phony hateful prejudice definition it has spawned into today. If they wish to hijack and use our language against us then we must take it back and use it against them.
    Take the word ‘negro’ for example. It means black in Spanish and yet, people who identify as black, in English, are offended by the use of the word! They fail to see the stupidity in their beliefs!
    Blacks in western society have been elevated SO MUCH that their continuing argument of being an oppressed and persecuted minority (((I wonder where that came from?))) is nothing short of laughable! More so, that they should laughably attack whites as having white privilege, when it’s clear that THEY have all the privilege.
    What has happened in society is those who attack others with whatever speculation they believe of them are actually that themselves!

    And now, courtesy of a Muslim mayor in London working for (((you know who))), we now have an incredibly violent city, where knife crime has shot through the roof along with knife attacks. And who are responsible for this horrific increase? Yup, the same peoples that Sadiq Khan stopped the police from random stop and searches on the street – blacks and Muslims.

    This article will shock you.

    I apologize for the source, but nonetheless this is what’s happening in London. Boy, the Notting Hill Carnival will be a bloodbath this year. Don’t you just love multiculturalism?

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  87. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Exactly correct, SPF…are you, by chance, related to Stephen Foster, the great folk songwriter from the 19th century?

    Paleo conservatives insist on using Commie terms like “racist” and “homophobe” and “sexist” ad nauseam, perhaps just relfex, but still…

    Until paleos go on the offensive as you suggest, we will always be playing defense. And we all know, the best defense, is a good offense.

    Therefore, be as offensive as your nature allows. All is fair in love and (culture) war.

    Carry on, sir!

  88. @edNels

    Actually, I found the marvelous comedy show “Amos n Andy” on YouTube about a year ago…and they’re still there…enjoy!

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  89. @MacNucc11

    More to the point, Jarrett is not an ethnic Iranian (i.e., Persian): she was born there because her mixed-race American parents were working in Iran at the time.

    I kinda knew that Jarrett was part black – although her “darkie fraction” is at most half of mine; her father was significantly lighter-skinned than my Maori grandfather, and her mother had 3 white grandparents (making her mother a quadroon).

    Her father:
    Anyhow, that’s not important: what I know is not relevant to what Roseanne Barr knew, and she avers that she thought Jarrett was not black (Barr doesn’t strike me as someone who bothers to Wikipedia someone before making a booze-and-Ambien-induced[1] ‘gaffe’).

    What’s important is that she was a corrupt mover and shaker in Chicago, who, along with Penny Pritzker (who provided the cash) were the two people who greased the skids for Obama to go from a nobody to President (via the Senate) in two short years. Imagine that: in 2005 Obama was a nobody on the national stage; by Jan 2009 he was ‘leader of the free world’… and there is literally nothing special about the guy (in terms of intelligence and what-have-you).

    [1] On the Ambien angle: anyone who thinks that the pharma company’s ‘zinger’ has any intellectual content, should sit this one out. Ambien disinhibits, it causes people to do complex shit that they don’t even remember (like cook and eat an entire meal). Zolpidem can be some scary shit by itself; interacting with binge levels of drinking, all bets are off.

    Note that I am not saying that Ambien decloaked some ‘racist’ beliefs of Barr: she has a nasty streak (common to her ethnocultural identity… part of why they’ve been so popular throughout history), and that streak searches for the nastiest possible ‘zinger’. That is what was ‘given [additional] voice’ by the Ambien/booze.

  90. @War for Blair Mountain


    I’m not entirely opposed to your copulative demise myself. Your one note screeching is tiresome, particularly when you answer one of your own rants with more ranting.

  91. Da Wei says:

    Harbinger, many thanks for the reference to the enlightening Trotsky article. Curious that such a broad stroke brand as “racist” is seldom defined by its users. But, maybe not so curious; precise definition of terms is essential to critical thinking. I’ll store this one away.

    • Replies: @Harbinger
  92. Da Wei says:

    Palerider 1861, thanks for bringing up what I think was the best comedy show ever on television, Amos and Andy. The actors were brilliant in their roles. Tim Moore, who played George “Kingfish” Stephens, was my favorite when I was a kid and the show was new. He was an old heavyweight boxer who once fought Jack Johnson, so he was good there, too. Many funny stories there, but I’ll spare you the old guy routine.

  93. Harbinger says:
    @Da Wei

    You’re most welcome.

    I would also add that I’ve used that in many debates, well, the true definition and utterly destroyed any attempts at refutation of initial ‘leftist’ argument. However, there are times when you will come across completely deluded individuals whom, when presented with evidence of the real definition of racism, including proof of original usage and by whom, they cast it off as some ‘antique’ definition that no longer means anything.
    Yes, our younger generations are no longer interested in the truth and happily accept lies.
    Here’s something else you’ll find incredibly enlightening. Sir Bertrand Russell was a former teacher of the Frankfurt School, incidentally teaching the Chinese communism, in China before the revolution. He made many speeches and essays. A collection of such was put together in book form. One was called ‘Impact of Science on Society.’

    As you can see, he knew that through continuing indoctrination at school, they can make children believe whatever they want them to believe, regardless whether truth or deceit. My interactions with many prove this overwhelmingly.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  94. Truth says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    How many kids do you have?

    Oh, then don’t worry about it, you’re fine.

  95. Truth says:
    @Cold N. Holefield

    If only I was Jewish. I’d be a Billionaire for sure.

    Truthfully, Bro., you’d probably be a Podiatrist in Oshkosh.

  96. Da Wei says:

    I’m also thinking the Trotsky citation would be very useful in debate, but maybe more in a toned down discussion of “racism” in general (if that is possible). In much the same sense that Trotsky used “racist” to define the cohesive Slavs, so the term could be used to describe historical Zionists, the most (self) segregated, secretive and subversive group ever and creators of travesties like AIPAC and, always ready to slam someone with the “racist” label, the ACLU. Curiously, Zionists funded and nurtured Trotsky and the Bolsheviks. Also curiously, “racist” has been transformed from Trotsky’s original meaning of inward directed, self respecting loyalty to outward directed disapproval of others. In today’s usage, it was Trotsky who would be called the racist. Again, I’m grateful to learn who forged this big hammer. Now, who redefined and reforged it into the blugeoning tool it is today? Maybe the same ones.

    As to Bertrand Russell, I must admit I had never read Impact of Science on Society. I am aware of his primary work, written with his teacher, Alfred North Whitehead, and a number of his writings on religion, society and education. Russell was at heart a 19th century man who believed in the ultimate perfection of mankind. (I picked that up from Coppleston’s writing way back when, but think it fits.) He was a devout socialist and pacifist and spent time in jail over that in WWI. That he was with Frankfurt School is also new to me, though it likely wasn’t for long, as most of his time was at CNY and Cambridge. Russell said in 1950 that Russian Communists and Fascists differed only in the opinions they held before they came to power. He found both to be ruthless and was humane to the core. With that in mind, I think Impact of Science on Society should be viewed as we do 1984 and Brave New World, as satiric predictions of the hell the world could become. It is a warning, not a prescription.

    Good to exchange views with you! Keep the faith.

    • Replies: @Harbinger
  97. Harbinger says:
    @Da Wei

    Racist was deliberately altered to be the prejudice it is today, in order to stop people rallying behind the word.
    As for Russell, his book Impact of Science on Society was a collection of essays and speeches he gave over a period of time. So, no, he most certainly was not warning anyone. He was working to bring about a new world order. His model citizen was the Chinese, because they were good, obedient, workers who never complained, worked and for a pittance of a wage. Remember, that Russell was part of the aristocracy.
    As for Huxley and Orwell, both novels were most certainly not prescient. They knew, very well, having sat in with meetings of the equivalent of the Bilderberger, in their day and were told where society was headed. Remember that Orwell based his Ministry of Truth at his time with the BBC, propaganda department in WW1. His book wasn’t a warning, quite the contrary, along with Huxley’s, both were predictive programming, to ease people into the authoritarian society we live in today. These men were not for the people as we have been led to believe.

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