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Refugee Ranting Further Proof: MSM Is the “Opposition Party”
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List of Bookmarks reader “Virginia Paleoconservative” writes:

In today [January 29]’s Washington Post, the Sunday hard copy edition, the main “A” Section is almost totally devoted to critical or even semi-hysterical articles about President Trump’s immigration executive order. Therefore, per the emphasis in WaPo, this topic is more important than virtually every other area of news that is occurring in the world today! This is another indication of a total journalistic breakdown at WaPo whose unofficial motto should be “Get Trump”.

And American Thinker Editor Thomas Lifson confirms: Stunning media malpractice on Trump suspension of entry [January 29, 2017]

This orchestrated refugee ranting is the latest proof of something I’ve been saying for over two years: the Main Stream Media is the enemy. As key Trump strategist and former Breitbart head Steve Bannon, never one to back away from a scrap, said last week, journalists are the “opposition party” [Steve Bannon torches New York Times: “You Have No Power,” Breitbart, January 26, 2017]. He’s right.

Or, perhaps, only half-right. Though Trump is President of the United States, when it comes to who hold real power in the United States, he and other patriots are still the underdogs.

Needless to say, the MSM immediately started screaming about Bannon and Trump trying to shut down the press. They proclaimed they were going to continue confronting the President. Some outlets championed Jake Tapper’s “no” to Bannon as some kind of drop-the-mic moment for the First Amendment. [CNN’s Jake Tapper gave a one-word response to a top Trump adviser’s attack on journalists, by Bryan Logan, Business Insider, January 26, 2017]

But this is just another example of CNN’s Fake News operational model. Bannon wasn’t saying the press should not cover Trump. He was saying the MSM proved itself incapable of truthfully reporting facts during the campaign and that it needs to engage in some soul searching to do its job competently instead of doubling down on propaganda.

As Bannon put it:

The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile… The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States… The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong.

Bannon noted none of the supposed political experts who proved themselves incompetent nor any of the reporters who served as “outright activists of the Clinton campaign” were fired.

In fact, though Bannon didn’t say it, it’s impossible to ignore how the very people who got Trump wrong and did their best to oppose him are receiving bigger MSM post rather than being ignored.

For example, “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro, despite being shown to have no idea what she was talking about during the primaries, was proclaimed a “star” by the MSM and received adoring coverage [Ana Navarro’s One-Woman Revolt Against Donald Trump, by Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker, October 19, 2016]. Not surprisingly, seeing as how her own constituency is actually other journalists, she continues to be promoted as she defends the MSM and “Saint” Anderson Cooper against Trump and the Republican Party. [Ana Navarro: Anderson Cooper spat with Kellyanne Conway ‘painful,’ by Mark Hensch, The Hill, January 12, 2017]

Evan McMullin, whose career is a kind of parody of a Deep State operative dedicated to destroying the historic American nation, is still given worshipful coverage by the MSM despite failing miserably in his sabotage campaign against President Trump. Like Navarro, McMullin evidently sees his role as defending the liberal press. Like Tapper, he deliberately misinterpreted Bannon’s remarks [McMullin: Trump team’s media attack authoritarian-like, by Christina Manduley, Corvallis Gazette-Times, January 26, 2017].

And, of course, Glenn Beck is getting plenty of Strange New Respect from the networks and the New York Times as he works to help the MSM delegitimize Trump supporters. [Glenn Beck, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 30, 2016]

Trump’s victory has led to no real shift in MSM coverage nor the elevation of figures who predicted or could explain what propelled his victory. Indeed, the only such figures were banned years ago.

For example, Pat Buchanan was famously purged by MSNBC because network execs decided discussion of the effects of mass immigration “aren’t really appropriate for national dialogue,” in the words of MSNBC president Phil Griffin. [Email him] Editor Peter Brimelow isn’t going to get a call anytime soon to explain how his 1995 book Alien Nation has been vindicated by history. (Check out his marathon debate on PBS’ Firing Line—22 years ago!). And even Ann Coulter, despite being the most hilariously successful pundit of the past two years, has far less television access than she enjoyed during the Bush Era.

Perhaps the one positive change which can be identified on network television: the rise of Tucker Carlson at Fox News. Not surprisingly, he is far outpacing the ratings of Trump foe Megyn Kelly’s former show. [Fox’s Tucker Carlson nearly doubling Kelly’s prime-time ratings, by Joe Concha, The Hill, January 24, 2017]

If corporate executives really were interested in money, one would think they would take a lesson.

But they are not. In fact, the emerging result of Trump’s victory: an increased MSM crackdown on nationalist and populist views.

The attempt to use “fake news” as an excuse to shut down alternative media outlets was only the beginning. Thus, since the election, reporters around the world have busied themselves trying to dox (= publish personal information) and get fired any figure right of the Huffington Post. For example, YouTube personality “Millennial Woes,” noted for his extremely soft-spoken, rational delivery, was attacked in the most outrageous terms by the Daily Record and forced to flee Scotland. [Archive.Is link, Vile YouTube racist flees to US and puts out the begging bowl after Record exposes him, January 11, 2017]

The MSM has been remarkably uninhibited about gloating over the assault on Richard Spencer on Inauguration Day. [Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched—You Can Thank the Black Bloc, by Natasha Lennard, The Nation, January 22, 2017]

Mainstream conservative reporters who so much as “follow” i.e. monitor the wrong account on Twitter (such as have well-funded campaigns launched against them. [Archive link – Virginia Hale, the “Alt-Right” and Breitbart, by David Lawrence, Hope Not Hate, January 24, 2017]

And of course, California’s Tenaya Lodge just cancelled a conference which was to be addressed by a f ormer Congressman and presidential candidate, even after it was fully informed about it.

Journalism is not a profession—it is a tactic. As Bannon pointed out, many journalists are simply activists.

This is not completely unprecedented. The use of media as a weapon for partisan agitation was a staple of the American political process since the days of the Philadelphia Aurora.

What is unusual, and perhaps merely a passing phase, is the more recent pretense that these people are “professionals” with some sort of status or authority.

Why should we take seriously someone whose job it is to essentially republish press releases from the Southern Poverty Law Center? Why should we regard someone who works for the Washington Post or New York Times as anything different than the masked thugs burning cars in the streets and attacking conservatives? Their goals are the same after all.

If Donald Trump were the actual tyrant that his hysterical opponents claim, and actually shuttered the Establishment media, Americans would not lose free speech. On the contrary, the result would be a boon for actual freedom of speech for ordinary Americans.

The MSM tried to destroy Trump financially during the election campaign. Having failed, they will do their best to destroy anyone who they think supports him.

Journalists like to pretend they are defending Americans for Trump. But what we should hope for is that Trump will defend Americans from them.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Immigration 
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    The scientific proof that multiculturalism and integration do not work.
    Even small intolerances in a multi-ethnic group. left to its own devises, results in voluntary segregation, where each sub-group naturally sorts itself into distinct ethnic areas. (ghettos, enclaves, neighborhoods).
    No matter how much socialist wishful-thinkers desire and work for and make laws to enforce integration, human nature just does not allow it. The majority always ends up preferring their own kind and their own comfort zone.

    Thomas C. Schelling’s Segregation Model.

    • Replies: @tjm
  2. The fact that Navarro is going to “right” Pope Francis is by itself enough commentary on the state of an industry whose primary business is communication.

    • Replies: @Buck Turgidson
  3. Paul Kernsey offers the following dialogue from “Independence Day,” when the President communicates with the alien, to illustrate what the MSM activists think of us normal Americans:

    The President asks: “Can there be a peace between us?”

    The alien replies, “Peace? No Peace.”

    In response, the President inquires: “What is it you want us to do?”

    Without hesitation, the alien utters, “Die. Die.”

    We’re going to watch the alien MSM activists wishing us extermination for 8 years.

  4. Same in the UK – you would never guess from our media that the policy has majority support from US voters.

    Likewise you’d never guess that Trump’s visit here has 49% for against 36% against, with 15% don’t knows.

  5. Jason Liu says:

    Which in turn means that any lasting victory for the right must depend on controlling the media and other high institutions. Trump should work on that more.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
    , @MBlanc46
  6. tjm says:

    I believe the media conflict is a canard, a tool of manipulation.

    The media is not a voice, a personality, it is a tool, a tool of the rich to control the masses. The powers that be have used the media to push the right into Trumps waiting arms.

    If the media REALLY does not like you, they ignore you, like they did Ron Paul. If they attack you, especially if the attacks are oversimplified left wing dog whistle issues, like “racism” and “womanizer”, than you can be assured, this is a contrived narrative. Something not unlike the build up of ISIS.

    The powers that be (Zionists/globalists/elites) had their media build up ISIS as a threat to help Obama send weapons to the “moderate rebels” in Syria…blablabla we all know ISIS was Zionist/Washington created, as a weapon against Assad. Israel wants more land, and Assad doesn’t want to give it to them.

    The point is, Americans need to wake up, Zionists organizations are all connected to each other, work in concert to insure loyalty to Israel and disloyalty to American citizens. Hollywood, Wall Street, the MSM, DC Think Tanks, AIPAC and the like, all read from the same script, and you are naive if you don’t believe that.

    The media went after Trump early, overtly, painting him as their enemy. And we all know the right hates the “liberal” media, its the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The right saw the media hating Trump, so they aligned themselves with him. If the media had gone after Trump for more substantive issues, I would be more inclined to buy the narrative, but that was/is not the case. I mean Russian hacking, really, and Trump colluded with Putin? Where is that going anyway, its history and they have moved onto their next distraction. Everything is done to endear Trump to the right, so when he betrays them, Trump can blame it on the left, or the media, and his followers will buy it. EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA! Obama was bombing, working on TPP, bailing out banks, but democrats will defend him, and blame it on the republicans, even when TPP was all Obama, as was war and spying on Americans.

    The powers that be have become very good at pitting the right against the left, and in that divide, they rule us. Washington does nothing for the American people, yet for Israel, the sky is the limit.

  7. tjm says:
    @Philip Smeeton

    “Multiculturalism” is a weapon against America/Europe, instigated by Zionists/globalists.

    Just look at Californian, how it is run, how it votes to see the ultimate goal they have for America.

    We have given them control of our media, our movies, our music, our education, our financial systems, and now our governemnt, and with that control they have worked to destroy this nation, turning it into a nation of drones, who only care about their own self interests.

    We are at war, and it ain’t with the Muslims, they are just caught up in the meat grinder with us. It is those who call themselves the “tribe” that are our enemy, and they have near total control over us.

    • Replies: @Buck Turgidson
    , @Wally
  8. nsa says:

    Aztlan del Norte (formerly known as California) is now only 37% non-hispanic white. We can thank the jooie elites for this rapid transformation…..they succeeded in getting rid of their only real threat, the white trash, figuring docile imported beaners and asians could be more easily controlled and manipulated. So far, the jooie elites have been proven correct….emboldening them to extend the same scheme to the rest of the country. Debilitate the white trash with cheap dope and porn and perversion and sick leftie politics and a diabetic diet and sedentary entertainment….then flood in the turd worlders……turn the country into a jooie version of Brazil.

    • Agree: edNels
    • Replies: @edNels
  9. Agent76 says:

    These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

    That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says. While some big sites, like Digg and Reddit aren’t owned by any of the corporations, Time Warner owns news sites read by millions of Americans every year.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  10. Agent76 says:

    Jun 6, 2013 6 Corporations That Control Your Perception

    Abby Martin goes over the 6 corporations that control nearly everything in the mainstream media, and discusses a few of the most famous cases of media censorship with BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo.

  11. @The Alarmist

    Good grief no kidding. Ana is operating at 3rd-grade level grammar and ‘writing’ proficiency. I am not sure who she is, but I get all warm and fuzzy knowing that while I have white native friends and family who cannot find work in their fields of study, an aggrieved turd who can’t spell is pulling down 6 figures b/c of her ethnicity. This is one reason Trump won.

  12. @tjm

    The far-left Maoist, collectivist, open borders, globalist “enemies within” are much greater threats to our nation than radical Islam.

  13. iffen says:

    I’ve been saying for over two years: the Main Stream Media is the enemy.

    The Unz cognoscenti are in agreement and have been to a greater or lesser degree for some time now. The question remains whether the current political environment will result in more “converts” who now will notice that the MSM is au naturel.

    Pessimism has me by the throat.

  14. MMM says:

    MSM has turned into a subversive organization, working against the President Elect and the laws of the land. It is now world-famous for fake news. As it is working against the well-being and safety of Americans it should be shut down.

  15. MEexpert says:

    FOX News is not far behind in “Fake News.” According to Bill O’Reilly, the reason Saudi Arabia was not included in Trump’s list of banned countries is because they are fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

    FOX News is still pushing for war against Iran. They are reporting that an attack by a Yemeni boat on a Saudi Vessel was actually meant for the American War ship. To bolster their claim they added “Iran-backed Houthis” as the culprit.

    • Replies: @nsa
  16. Keith Vaz says:

    I’d rather accept bombs, terror, fear, high security costs, ugliness, primitive low IQ, women wearing binliners than have a SJW accuse me of racism.


  17. Globalist media seem to be implying two things:

    1. Punch Richard Spencer the ‘Nazi’.

    2. Assassinate Donald Trump the ‘Literally Hitler’

    Spencer has already punched. so one out of the two Globalist Agendas has been accomplished.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  18. nsa says:

    Fox is the Overseas Information Service of the Likud zios…….to balance off the Prog zios in the rest of the KM (kosher media). Think of it as a variation of the good cop / bad cop routine. Waiting for Iran to be blamed for global warming….er climate change.

  19. edNels says:

    I don’t agree with your obsession with the Jews, (Jooies), maybe the Zionists, but that is something like a Deep State, and is way complicated who is and who isn’t part of that.

    But I agree if you mean that an overall outline of what the process is, and why it is being done, to prevent or to destroy the kind of population that made America Great, going back to the Pioneers, the free Farmers, and Free Enterprise before it was folded into Capitalism. Generations that worked without Usura.

    To prevent there being an independent people here in America itself! Right here in the Namesake of Freedom and Liberty.

    America is used to militarily dominate the world up to a point then the people get tired of the waste. They start to be a problem, maybe even start to have some sensible protests that Soros isn’t in control of like about senseless war! (Bring back the ’60’s…?).

    Before it goes off the rails that way, the American ”middle ‘class”’, needs to be obliterated and sunk, then the American Empire will be pretty much out of control, like under Germany.

    Whether it is nuclear or not, WWIII is on the drawing board, the next stage of WWI &II, which broke up the previous world order.

    You cannot have a bunch “Ozzie and Harretts and Archie Bunkers, and ah… Mary Taylor Mores, Homer Simpson, George Carlin comics, you need is a plastered down pacified population that shuts up and stops resisting.

    The ordinary Jews are victims, the Zionists hide behind Jewish identity, as part of Identity politics, all weak victims, the children, this and that, smoke screen politics.

  20. Wally says: • Website

    Why does Hollywood & the media support Israel whose immigration laws specify JEWS ONLY? Yet Hollywood & the media demand mass immigration into Europe & the US.

    Why don’t we see Hollywood & the media criticizing Israel and it’s enormous WALL.

    What Hollywood & the media praise about Israel they then criticize about the US.

    Who is their loyalty to?

  21. [If a commenter rather obnoxiously emphasizes his alleged high intelligence in every single comment, it would be appropriate for him to also support those claims by the elevated content of his thoughts rather than by merely engaging in content-free insults and accusing everyone with whom he disagrees of being a “Commie Pinko” or something. ]

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
    , @Che Guava
  22. Mark Green says: • Website

    Our vaunted ‘free press’ (i.e. the Fourth Estate) is a lofty and elite branch of government. Those inside it control the discourse. They define the narrative. They establish and sustain political values and taboos.

    Dominant media has the power to smear groups and individuals, to exalt others, and to render other interests ‘deplorable’.

    Media activists and their billionaire bosses are entrenched deeply in our political system. Some are self-appointed for life. But it must be understood that they themselves are immensely-powerful political institutions. Few media consumers fully recognize this fact. Thus these mega-powerful media cabals remain largely unaccountable.

    Big Media financial power, message control and sophistication–along with their coordinated worldviews–give these conglomerates a staggering amount of political and cultural power.

    Their tactics and agendas must therefore be examined thoroughly and continuously. And their activism must be seen for what it often is: adversarial bias and slick propaganda.

    Thank you, James Kirkpatrick, for another outstanding exploration of this phenomena.

  23. Svigor says:

    This orchestrated refugee ranting is the latest proof of something I’ve been saying for over two years: the Main Stream Media is the enemy.

    Welcome to the party. I’ve been beating this drum non-stop since 2003.

    It was very gratifying to watch Big Media spending 2016 making this extremely obvious to even the dullards.

    Not surprisingly, he is far outpacing the ratings of Trump foe Megyn Kelly’s former show.

    God I love this. Talk about fate twisting the knife.

    If corporate executives really were interested in money, one would think they would take a lesson.

    But they are not. In fact, the emerging result of Trump’s victory: an increased MSM crackdown on nationalist and populist views.

    Yeah, why don’t stockholders in media companies insist on proper stewardship? On maximizing profit, not leftism? On reining in these J-School retards? Better yet, DUMPING THEM and getting real journalists, i.e., people who are interested in investigation, facts, and open discussion, i.e., people who have NOT been indoctrinated in J-School?

  24. @Agent76

    The Telecommunications Act 1996, as passed by Clinton, needs to be rescinded and the large media corporations broken up. Only then will Trump get even-handed coverage. If he fails to do so, things will continue to be difficult. Too many Americans continue to believe the lies and half-truths peddled by the MSM. This is the case in Canada and Europe as well.

  25. Eagle Eye says:
    @Jason Liu

    Existing anti-trust laws get us 95% of the way there.

    In addition, Trump will need solid laws mandating DIVERSE ownership of press, TV and radio franchises in each local market. Nobody should control more than 20% of a local market, directly or indirectly.

    Mandatory buy-out provisions and special adjudication panels are the way to make this happen. Also, IP rights of over-powerful entities must be cancelled and auctioned off to the highest independent bidder.

    America used to have 3 – 5 newspapers in small cities. There is no reason we cannot get back there.

  26. MBlanc46 says:

    They’re more than the opposition. They’re the enemy.

  27. MBlanc46 says:
    @Jason Liu

    If he can reduce the flood of immigrants to a trickle, it will be enough of an accomplishment. Righting the ship, if that is even possible, will take generations.

  28. MEexpert says:

    [If a commenter rather obnoxiously emphasizes his alleged high intelligence in every single comment, it would be appropriate for him to also support those claims by the elevated content of his thoughts rather than by merely engaging in content-free insults and accusing everyone with whom he disagrees of being a “Commie Pinko” or something. ]

    No danger of elevated comments from the self proclaimed Mensa member. He is too busy praising himself.

  29. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Your username almost matches that of the artist formerly known as The Priss Factory, but your style certainly does not.

    Spencer has already punched. so one

    is terrible. Not being a native speaker, I know my style worsens and spelling errors increase with drink and tiredness at times, but not like that.

    The mods may consider asking this Priss Factor to change uname on grounds of impersonation. Apologies to the Dominique Francon Society if it is you, but I don’t think so.

  30. Che Guava says:

    This is a good article, Mr. Kirkpatrick, but I am thinking it also reflects ignoring of dangers and delusions.

    I will throw comments in:ultra-Zionist son-in-law Kuschner as political advisor, Goldman-Sachs alumni in all of the important economic positions, do you think that is good? The set a cat to catch a rat idea is good, but is it true? In any case, most housecats and their feral relatives are afraid of rats, they like to play with mice.

    Anyone here with a mind will know that the inclusion of Iran on the list of countries to be subject to ‘extreme vetting’ is nonsensical, they have not been ‘state sponsors of terror’ for decades.

    Why not Saudi Arabia? Can you visit Mecca, now an Islamic Disneyland thanks to Wahabism destroying any interesting historical sites? No, if one is not Muslim.

    Not that I would want to now, they have destroyed their few antiquities that I may have wanted to see in recent decades. Even if they had not, as a non-Muslim (anti-Muslim, the antichrist has come and gone, his name was Mohammed), I would never have been allowed to go.

    Can one build a church, Hindu or Buddhist temple, or even hold a private service at home *anywhere* in that despicable hell-hole? No.

    They have this ridiculously large ‘royal family’, thousands of ‘princes’, based on polygamy. One seldom hears of a Saudi princess. One suspects that such a station does not exist.

    I hate the western left’s non-stop whining about the Trump prexidency (hate the western left, I am happy that their ideas have almost no influence here).

    Nice to remain optimistic, I am still sure that US voters made the right choice, Clinton would have been worse for US people and the world, but very disappointed that he appears likely to launch the same pointless and stupid attacks on Iran as Hilarious wanted, after he campaigned on not continuing such stupidity.

  31. Che Guava says:

    You are such an idiot to use that as a by-line in every post, as stated before, your Menses membership is meaningless, as are all, if I wanted to, I would be able to qualily next week. Although you seem to have done so through an affirmative action scheme.

    It is a nonsensical organisation, after meeting a few members, never wanted to join.

    As said before, I am convinced that your music must be good, but you don’t want to provide an example, that is fine, most of us post pseudonymously.

    Your constant false claim of a superior intellect is laughable in view of the poor expression in your posts.

  32. MSM may be fake, but it isn’t like alt media is all truth. plenty of fake news every where.

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