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Refugee Flows: a Grand Strategic Weapon of Mass Destruction
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One could argue that the massive refugee flows triggered primarily by ISIS and al Nusrah, and possibly accelerated by alleged indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the al-Assad regime, have mutated into a powerful grand-strategic weapon of mass destruction. I use the term “grand strategic” advisedly, because it involves more the sustainment of cohesion and morale among our allies and attracting the support of as-yet uncommitted nations around the world than it does defeating military forces on the battlefield. [Interested readers can find my discussion of the nature of grand strategy at this link.]

Whether intentionally or not — and I think intentionally — the tactics and operations of ISIS and al Nusrah (who are supported financially by wealthy Salafis in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies) have unleashed a wave of terror that has created a flood of refugees in Syria and Iraq. This refugee crisis is placing the United States, its European allies, and Israel on the horns of a grand-strategic dilemma that promises to become much worse as the cold, rainy winter season approaches.

Our NATO allies, including an increasingly ambivalent Turkey, simply do not have the resources or political will to absorb the millions of desperate people now on the move. The proximate causes of these refugee flows may be the tactics of terror unleashed by Salafi forces, but it is common knowledge that the emergence of ISIS and al Nusrah has been midwifed by America’s interventions and policies in the Middle East — particularly (1) our unprovoked invasion of Iraq in 2003, made without UN authorization and with only limited international support, and (2) by our uncritical support of Israel’s desire to topple the Assad regime in Syria. Sooner or later, if this humanitarian catastrophe continues to worsen, any remaining empathy held by our allies in Europe and neutral parties around the world for the foreign policy of United States will dissolve into finger pointing, particularly if domestic politics in the US continue to foment war on behalf of Israel, while using the politics of fear to make the US people even more immigration phobic.

Israel’s role in this crisis remains murky but pernicious, with Prime Minister Netanyahu providing verbal if not material support for the overthrow of the Assad Regime by ISIS. Last October, for example, he claimed that Iran is a greater threat than ISIS to both Israel and the world. Netanyahu is keen to take down the Assad government in Syria, because President Assad is a supporter of Hezbollah and receives support from Iran. To this end his Likud government has formed a de facto alliance with powerful anti-Shi’a members of the Saudi government and the Gulf States who are also keen to take down Assad and the Shi’a dominated government in Iraq. Developments in Iraq and Syria are working to reinforce the Saudi’s long standing fear that Iran’s Shi’a influence will spill over the Shi’a areas of eastern Saudi Arabia, which happen to be where most Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth is located.

Indeed, our so-called Arab Allies in the so-called anti-ISIS war — i.e., Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States — have been complicit in financing the rise of ISIS, although by mostly unofficial means such as “charitable” donations. By extension, they are also complicit in the unleashing of the ISIS terror in Syria, which spilled over to threaten the Shi’a dominated government of Iraq . Moreover, these conservative Sunni monarchies are already overburdened demographically with immigrants imported to do menial work, and they have Shi’a related minority problems. In other words, they lack both the capacity as well as any desire to absorb a significant part of the flood of impoverished refugees their policies helped to create. That leaves Jordan, already overloaded with Palestinian refugees, trapped in the middle, between the Jihadis triggering the flood and an increasingly intolerant Israel.

Where will this refugee crisis end?

We need only to place it in the context of the long festering problem of Palestinian refugees to realize how the new flood of more than 4 million additional refugees will overwhelm any hope for stability in the Arab lands of the Middle East.

Once again, Israel is at the center of the matter.

As the civil rights activist and concentration camp surviver Israel Shahak explained in 1982, the state of Israel, with American acquiescence if not cooperation, has long sought to break up the Arab world into non-cooperative, squabbling, or warring tribal factions. Given the history of implacable hostility by the governments of Syria and Iraq towards the existence of a Jewish state on Arab land, such a neocolonial divide-and-conquer attitude might be understandable in conventional nation versus nation conflicts. But as the rise of ISIS and al Nusrah have shown, it is now dangerously out of date, given the nature of global communications and non state actors. Pro-Israeli American neocons, who promoted the invasion of Iraq and the toppling of the Assad regime, may well think that Israel is the prime strategic beneficiary of the breakup of Iraq and Syria. However, the reality is that Israel is now faced with the spectre of horrendous and unending blowback over the long term at the more decisive grand strategic level of conflict.

To see the outlines of this looming spectre, one needs only to consider the fate and implications of the Palestinian question.

The UNRA reports that, in addition to the 2 million Palestinian refugees living in camps in Gaza and in the West Bank, there are almost 3 million Palestinian refugees living in squalid refugee camps in Arab nations bordering on Israel, including 449,000 in Lebanon, 499,000 in Syria, and over 2,000,000 in Jordan. These people are mostly descendants of the 700,000 original refugees created by the 1948 War and who, for one reason or another, have not been absorbed as citizens of other countries. This map depicts the distribution of these refugee camps.


The flood of four million Syrian refugees triggered by ISIS, perhaps with strategic foresight, includes and may well be augmented by a flood of desperate stateless Palestinians pouring out of squalid refugee camps in Syria into Lebanon and into Jordan. But both nations are already overwhelmed by Palestinian refugees. Such a flood is likely to destabilize Jordan, heretofore a zone of relative stability, thereby expanding the war and the accompanying humanitarian crisis. A crisis in an overburdened Jordan might even trigger a flood of Palestinians toward the Palestinian areas of Israel, for the simple reason that there is nowhere else for Palestinians to go. But this would intensify what Israelis like call “the demographic threat” and might well precipitate a slaughter by panicky self righteous Israelis claiming their god given right to the former Palestinian lands of the West Bank.

There are already early warning signs of such a development. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has already asked the United Nations, the European Union and other players to pressure Israel to allow Palestinian refugees fleeing ISIS into Palestinian areas of the West Bank.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be walking into a grand strategic trap set either deliberately or inadvertently by ISIS. He just declared he will not allow Israel to be “submerged” by refugees, claiming that Israel must control its borders (meaning the borders of the occupied West Bank), because Israel is small country, “without demographic or geographic depth.” He announced that Israel would react to this threat by building yet another fence, this time along the Lower Jordan River to prevent those desperate Palestinians spilling out of the squalid refugee camps in Syria and into Jordan from leaking across the Lower Jordan into what is left of the Palestinian areas of the West Bank. The new fence would be in addition to the 240 km fence along the Egyptian border, the fence along the Syrian border in the Golan Heights, and the grotesquely twisting wall winding its way around illegal settlements in the West Bank. This latest fencing scheme will, in effect turn Israel into a giant self-imposed ghetto, surrounded on three sides by a sea of festering human misery, with Gaza and Areas A and B of the West Bank being sealed off ghettos of festering misery inside the larger Israeli ghetto. Given Israel’s unquestioned military superiority, such an inhuman arrangement may be enforced with increasing brutality into the medium term, but there is no way such a blight on humanity can end well for Israel. Netanyahu is turning Osama’s vision of Israel as an isolated Crusader State immersed in a sea of hostility into a reality.

Ironically, there may be only one country left in the neighborhood with a grand strategic interest in de-powering the crisis created by ISIS and its Salafi allies with a possibility, albeit a remote one, of placing the evolution of human conditions in the Middle East onto a healthier pathway.

That nation is Iran, as ace investigative reporter Gareth Porter explains in a very important essay in the Middle East Eye, which I urge readers to study carefully. While Porter does not address the specific refugee issues highlighted above, he explains (1) the reasons why US and Iran are on a convergent grand strategic pathway in the Middle East; and (2), how domestic politics in the U.S., particularly those of (a) the Israeli lobby and (b) the political economy of the Military – Industrial – Congressional Complex, to which I would add(c) the political economy of the American oil industry are combining to trump any movement toward a constructive modus vivendi with Iran.

Such a rapprochement, if carefully explored in the spirit of the foreign policy enunciated by John Quincy Adams in 1821, may be a necessary if not sufficient condition underpinning any sensible grand strategy for extricating the United States from the no-win quagmire it has created for itself by its short-sighted meddling in the Middle East. Otherwise, as Adams prophetically warned, if America continues intervening abroad “in search of monsters to destroy,” America will end up trying to be … “the dictatress of the world. [but] She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit…”

Franklin “Chuck” Spinney is a former military analyst for the Pentagon and a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion, published by AK Press. He be reached at [email protected]

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Immigration, ISIS, Israel 
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  1. Disambiguation-of-Life Protocol


    Apotheosis is the enabling of a person, group of people, or location to have god-like power or the appearance of such power.

    It appears that I have evolved myself to be able to do magic or wizardry or things that most people do not appear to be able to do.

    The politicians have a great army of incompetents.

  2. joe webb says:

    I will beat the Left to the punch: the real reason Liberalism luvs the darkies is that Capital needs cheap labor, and that Europe’s fertility is around 1.5 as a whole. Thus Merkel and the me-tooers will yammer on about Hitler’s ghost, about Universal universals, and so on. It all boils down to money/labor and cheaper labor.

    I don’t agree with this thesis, but to deny that it has some merit, is silly.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @KenH
  3. joe webb says:

    Yes…back to the article, the jews are at the center of the whole thing, real show stealers the Jews, the Impresarios of War, Terror, and probably 9-11-01. Gotta luv their chutzpah.


    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @KA
    , @KA
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    This is what we need to know.

    Jews are like the new British Empire. We live in a world of Pax Judaicana. Or more like Bellum Judaicana.

    British understood one thing. Nationalism is the greatest source of power. It means the unity of the elites and the masses and the unity of the masses with each other.
    So, Brits promoted nationalism among themselves but discouraged and even forbade in their colonies and imperial subjects. Power for them, no power for their foreign subjects.

    We see the same dynamic today with the Jews. They promote Jewish unity around the world and Jewish nationalism in Israel. But, Jews will dissuade, shame, deride, and attack gentile nationalism in gentile nations(with temporary exceptions like in Ukraine where Ukie nationalism was used against Russia.)

    Nationalism is not only a great source of power but the most powerful weapon of resistance.
    When Indians began to gain nationalist consciousness, the British goose was cooked in India.
    Nationalism was why the Poles resisted through the Nazi and communist years.
    Jews fear Palestinian national consciousness. Without it, Palestinians would totally be a subject people.

    Jews frame the debate about nationalism to emphasize how it is a reactionary instrument used by ‘racist’ whites to oppress non-whites. But what Jews really fear is that nationalism may be used a revolutionary force of resistance against Jewish power. Nationalism can be atavistic but it can also be the avant-garde of resistance.

    While it’s true that the majority can invoke nationalism to oppress and mistreat minorities–as Turks have done to Kurds–, it is equally true that the oppressed can use nationalism to pose a challenge the enemies and oppressors.
    Nationalism means the unity of the elites and masses, and that is what the imperialists fear most.
    The French in Vietnam had made sure that the Viet elites were cut off from their own people and working as comprador cuckois for the French masters.
    But then, Ho Chi Minh came along and reached out to the Vietnamese masses to resist the French. He created a united force of Viet leaders and Viet masses.
    Batista was a cuck of US neo-imperialists. He served the Americans than represented the Cuban people.
    Like the Shah of Iran, he was closer to the Pax Americana masters than a true leader of his own people. In contrast, Castro stirred up nationalism where he had direct rapport with the masses.
    Nationalism was resistance. (Unfortunately, they chose the communist than the neo-fascist path).
    This is why Jews really fear nationalism ,whether white American, European, Russian, Iranian, Asian, Palestinian, etc. It’s not because Jews are sooooooo concerned about victims of nationalism — Jews shed no tears for the minority Russian victims of the Ukrainian conflict — but because Jews are so very concerned about the gentiles uniting to resist the great power of Bellum/Pax Judaicana. Jews wanna deal with white Batistas and Shahs, not white Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Ayatollah, etc. who will choose to lead and train their own people than serve globo-imperialists.

    If you lose nationalism, it means you lose the connection to people of your race/culture and don’t strive for the unity of the elites and the masses. It means the masses will be leaderless and just be atomized individuals. It means the talented members of your race will not lead the people but serve as cucks to globalist overlords. Since Jews and homos control globalism, acceptance of globalism means subservience to the Jews.

    Since the Brits didn’t have the numbers to rule all, they recruited their subjects to suppress other subjects. Recruit Malaysians to shoot Indians, recruit Indians to control Africans, etc.
    Since Jews don’t have the numbers, they are using the migrants as their shock troops of demographically and morally paralyzing the West.

    Notice the Brits use non-Indian troops to mow down the Indians.

    To undermine nationalism all over the world, Jews spread the decadent homo agenda so that gentile nations will be controlled by collaborator homos funded by globo-zionist money and media power.

    There can be no freedom and independence for a people without nationalism. Without it, there is no need for Vietnamese elites to serve their people, no need for German leaders to serve their people. And there is no need for the masses to unite for common interest.

    Some on the Left call for mass unity against the elites, but this is useless since the masses must always be led by the elites. The question is, “do the elites choose nationalism and serve their own people or do they reject nationalism and serve foreign/alien masters?”

    Another danger is the elites turning so imperialist and expansionist that they come to favor ruling the ‘world’ than their own nation and people. Roman elites became like this. Gaddafi got needlessly involved in rest of Africa instead of focusing on his own nation/people. And the British elites lost their way when they increasingly came to identify with the ‘world’ they ruled than with their own people. Today, some British elites see themselves as leaders of the globe than their own nation — and even the concept of ‘British’ has been globalized to mean just about anything.

    Before anything is possible, there must first be nationalism.

  5. The consequences of this situation are obvious to anyone still able to think. My attitude is: if you can’t do anything to change the situation, then we should at least try to profit (financially) from it.
    Sane people have the advantage of being able to make accurate predictions based on logic and reason – along with guidance from history and observation. The truth is always true, that’s why very few right-wingers switch sides; the flow is nearly always the other way. Leftists will always end up disappointed and bemused because they choose feelz over realz.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste, make money from the inevitable – at least it will buy you the security you will need until sanity is restored (if ever).

  6. Salafis and the Western Left working together to destroy the West.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t think the Israeli strategy of breaking up the Arab world is “dangerously out of date.”

    Why would Israelis care about being “surrounded by a sea of human misery” &c. now that they have effectively impenetrable defenses and depend on their hapless neighbors for nothing except target practice? If anything, their walling off of refugees has quite a few admirers in the first world. Moreover, if they eventually opt to expel Arabs from Israel and/or the West Bank, this will likely get more admirers than the “respectable” status quo would like to admit.

    For Bibi, Iran is indeed a bigger threat, and taking down Assad and Hezbollah will help defang the Persians in the long run. For the even longer run, it’s quite possible that more than a few Israelis are studying maps of the East Bank while snickering at Europe’s woes.

    Stray thought: would a conventional military strike on Iran–a hard hit on its oil infrastructure and destruction of its nuclear toys–give Daesh a helping hand in its eastern front? After all, “Daeshification” is a lower bar than regime change.

  8. CK says:

    A self imposed ghetto, history does repeat itself.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  9. KenH says:
    @joe webb

    Except that the vast majority of darkies collect welfare in Europe and have no interest in working if they even have any skills to offer, so there goes the cheap labor argument. When two or more biologically dissimilar groups/races are forced to share the same living space eventually one group gets absorbed, starved or exterminated by the other group(s). This is now happening to the white minorities in Zimbabwe and S. Africa and will happen to white Europeans and white Americans if they don’t act in their own defense and fast0.

    Jewish elites are acutely aware of this dynamic which is why they won’t accept Muslim refugees into Israel. The mass migration to Europe by dark skinned savages is just another form of unconventional warfare being waged by the Jewish elites throughout the world and their shabbos goys and multicultural ideologues like Merkel against the native peoples of Europe to hasten their demise.

    • Replies: @Kb
  10. Marian says:

    These “refugees” don’t seem desperate, but rather entitled. What is with them being almost all male? Nor do they seem to be all Syrian. Which makes me wonder why now with the mass movement? Something isn’t right with this crisis.

  11. @joe webb

    Hasbara alert! Joe’s reaping in the shekels today.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  12. @CK

    I like to remind folks that while the Frankish Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted two-and-a-half centuries, Israel has so far lasted less than a third this time. I’d add to this that the situation of Israel resembles that of the Frankish Kingdom; an embattled alien, and relatively dwindling demographic presence, sustained by an evanescent military superiority and influx of foreign support, surrounded and infiltrated by an expanding native population of enemies all of whom demonstrate an implacable desire to be rid of the alien invaders.

    Two bastard offspring of the Enlightenment and Romanticism have conspired to destroy Ashkenazi Jews. The first is modern anti-semitism which denies the now scientifically established fact that Ashkenazi Jews are a more ancient and integral part of European culture than most modern anti-semites. This led directly to Hitler’s genocidal attack on Europe’s Ashkenaz Jews. Just as pernicious as anti-semitism is zionism; an equally absurd doctrine which likewise argues against scientific evidence that Ashkenaz Jews were an alien presence in Europe and draws from that error the conclusion that a rational solution to this problem is for Ashkenaz Jews to abandon their culture, decamp, and concentrate themselves in an alien land where they are surrounded and grotesquely outnumber by an implacably hostile native population. Hitler and his henchmen killed a large percentage of the Ashkenazi Jews in Europe; zionism essentially finished the job the Nazis started, destroying Ashkenazi culture, e.g., the Yiddish language, and putting a significant portion of the remaining descendants of Ashkenaz Jews in danger of another and even more complete Holocaust.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  13. Sean says:

    Er, it is Russia that is backing Assad and Assad who is largely leaving IS alone (for the very good reason that no one will choose IS over Asaad). Russia has been outraged at Western action in Ukraine. Berfore the February 2014 Orange coup in Ukraine, overthrowing a a pro-Russian regime in Kiev, the US government funded National Endowment for Democracy was involved. NED’s Carl Gershman published an article calling Ukraine a prize, and threatening the overthrow of Putin. The US Ambasador encouraged the revolution in Ukraine

    On Sept. 26, 2013, Gershman published an op-ed in the Washington Post that called Ukraine “the biggest prize” and explained how pulling it into the Western camp could contribute to the ultimate defeat of Russian President Putin.“Ukraine’s choice to join Europe will accelerate the demise of the ideology of Russian imperialism that Putin represents,” Gershman wrote. “Russians, too, face a choice, and Putin may find himself on the losing end not just in the near abroad but within Russia itself.” In other words, NED is a U.S. government-financed entity that has set its sights on ousting Russia’s current government.

    I wasn’t surprised to see Ukrainian refugees in a big city like Voronezh, but it was surprising to see so many in remote farming villages. And each refugee family had a horror story to tell. It’s one thing to hear these stories from professional journalists; it’s another to hear them from ordinary people who aren’t being paid to say what they say. This is an underappreciated factor in the growing anger among Russians against the Ukrainian government.

    Don’t Arm Ukraine By JOHN J. MEARSHEIMERFEB. 8, 2015

    The West was all set to bomb Assad of course , no need to explain why Assad would want to remove Sunni refugees from the area, and he also has a motive to get back at the West. All he has to do is issue 10,000 passports to refugees every few days, like he did last week .

    Putin and Assad must be laughing at Western helplessness. Now it is the West or rather Western Europe’s turn. The Syrian refugees are is starting to look like the sone that starts a landslide. Democratic politician don’t dare enforce borders.

  14. Sherman says:

    Give me a break.

    Syria is basically an artificial state that consists of wildly diverse religions and ethnicities. Syria has long been a very fragile country and it is only because of decades of brutal Assad family tyranny (now unraveling) that the country lasted as long as it did.

    Nobody doubts that Israel hates the Assad government. But to suggest that the country is imploding because of some Zionist conspiracy is moronic.

    Incidentally, the reason Palestinians are living in “squalid refugee camps” is largely because these people have the highest birthrate on the planet. It’s no wonder Israel is building fences to protect itself from demographic suicide.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  15. Jmaie says:

    “These people are mostly descendants of the 700,000 original refugees created by the 1948 War and who, for one reason or another, have not been absorbed as citizens of other countries.”

    If absorbed into their neighbor’s (genetically identical) populations their claim to right of return would diminish and the leadership in Gaza and the West bank would lose a large political cudgle. Can’t have that, of course. Israel may treat the Palestinians like dogs but so have Arafat and his successors. They deserve each other.

  16. joe webb says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    for the comically challenged, just saying that what I suppose is true is that what I said is true, and while humorously presented is , again , true.

    I got a lot of shekels from the Jews for my Uncle Sam act of a few years ago. Google Uncle Sam and Joe Webb and see what happens.

    Joe Webb

  17. joe webb says:

    here is some commentary on Joe Webb/Uncle Sam. note the baseball bat, for which I got baskets of shekels. I will get another url hopefully with images. Joe Webb

  18. joe webb says:

    It’s a hit!…this image and others went all over the world at the time. At the risk of self-inflation into the ranks of the Elders/Zion, I singlehandedly handed the commies-trots-jews their heads in these demos in SF. ANSWER was the trot (Becker Bros. circus of Jew trots) SF outfit that organized anti-war stuff at the time.

    Apparently ANSWER has repatriated to Israel and given up on the SF bay area goyim/peaceniks who now suspect that The Jews are a not all they have been taught in college and media.

    I have a slogan, which I use as a bumper sticker: The Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.” The runner up slogan is…uh , I forgot, a senior moment. Was it “do unto Others before they do it to you”?

    As for balls department, I may have knocked down a couple of these commie-jew-trots on the streets when they started pushing me around, I don’t remember, probably another senior moment. Old muscle is actually stronger than gym fake muscle. I am not quite as big as the image suggests as I always wore a bullet-proof vest. (for those of you contemplating buying a vest…remember the average vest will not stop a rifle bullet, unless you add ceramic plates…kinda heavy though.)

    O Israel! Shower me with shekels! just saying,

    Joe Webb

  19. joe webb says:

    [It’s not good practice for agitated commenters to clutter up a thread with so many short remarks, especially if they’re largely off-topic. It’s a much better idea to consolidate them into one or two longer and more substantive comments.]

    If I have the correct url, this video at 1:29 minute count has Uncle Sam flitting past the blocks of props.

    I delivered to many demos over about a 2 year period. Also, read the comments section, both mine and Others who call for me dead…O Israel, why have you forgotten me? just saying.
    Joe Webb

  20. Biff says:

    One could argue that the massive refugee flows triggered primarily by ISIS

    The first sentence was the initial flop. ISIS = made in Washington. The catalyst was Washington funding and arming extremists in Syria against Assad.

    • Agree: fnn
  21. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Europeans now say anyone can be ‘European’. Because Syrians are now the fashionable migrant category, now everyone is claiming to be ‘Syrian’.

    ‘European’ or ‘Syrian’, it no longer carries meaning.

    Europeanism has been destroyed by PC, and Syrianism has been destroyed by economism that cynically invokes ‘Syrian’ identity to enjoy the economic fruits of Europe.

    True identity must exist above PC fashion and economics.

  22. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Too funny.

    From holocaust to hello-cost.

  23. Sean says:

    Saudi Arabia should be told to start taking immigrants, and stop keeping the Syrian war was going. Assad should be told to stop the barrel bombing and start negotiating . If the Russians object, so be it.

  24. geokat62 says:

    Syria is basically an artificial state that consists of wildly diverse religions and ethnicities. Syria has long been a very fragile country and it is only because of decades of brutal Assad family tyranny (now unraveling) that the country lasted as long as it did.

    100% correct.

    Nobody doubts that Israel hates the Assad government.

    100% correct.

    But to suggest that the country is imploding because of some Zionist conspiracy is moronic.

    100% wrong.

    Since you haven’t bothered reading Mearsheimer and Walt, I took the liberty of reproducing the following passage:

    Israeli leaders did not push the Bush Administration to put its crosshairs on Syria before March 2003, because they were too busy pushing for war against Iraq. But once Baghdad fell in mid‐April, Sharon and his lieutenants began urging Washington to target Damascus. On April 16, for example, Sharon and Shaul Mofaz, his defense minister, gave high profile interviews in different Israeli newspapers. Sharon, in Yedioth Ahronoth, called for the United States to put “very heavy” pressure on Syria. Mofaz told Ma’ariv that, “We have a long list of issues that we are thinking of demanding of the Syrians and it is appropriate that it should be done through the Americans.” Sharon’s national security advisor, Ephraim Halevy, told a WINEP audience that it was now important for the United States to get rough with Syria, and the Washington Post reported that Israel was “fueling the campaign” against Syria by feeding the United States intelligence reports about the actions of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
    Prominent members of the Lobby made the same arguments after Baghdad fell. Wolfowitz declared that “there has got to be regime change in Syria,” and Richard Perle told a journalist that “We could deliver a short message, a two‐ worded message [to other hostile regimes in the Middle East]: ‘You’re next’.” In early April, WINEP released a bipartisan report stating that Syria “should not miss the message that countries that pursue Saddam’s reckless, irresponsible and defiant behavior could end up sharing his fate.” On April 15, Yossi Klein Halevi wrote a piece in the Los Angeles Times entitled “Next, Turn the Screws on Syria,” while the next day Zev Chafets wrote an article for the New York Daily News entitled “Terror‐Friendly Syria Needs a Change, Too.” Not to be outdone, Lawrence Kaplan wrote in the New Republic on April 21 that Syrian leader Assad was a serious threat to America.
    Back on Capitol Hill, Congressman Eliot Engel (D‐NY) had reintroduced the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act on April 12. It threatened sanctions against Syria if it did not withdraw from Lebanon, give up its WMD, and stop supporting terrorism, and it also called for Syria and Lebanon to take concrete steps to make peace with Israel. This legislation was strongly endorsed by the Lobby—especially AIPAC—and “framed,” according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, “by some of Israel’s best friends in Congress.” It had been on the back burner for some time, largely because the Bush Administration had little enthusiasm for it, but the anti‐Syrian act passed overwhelmingly (398‐4) in the House; 89‐4 in the Senate), and Bush signed it into law on December 12, 2003.
    Yet the Bush Administration was still divided about the wisdom of targeting Syria at this time. Although the neoconservatives were eager to pick a fight with Damascus, the CIA and the State Department were opposed. And even after Bush signed the new law, he emphasized that he would go slowly in implementing it.
    Bush’s ambivalence is understandable. First, the Syrian government had been providing the United States with important intelligence about al Qaeda since 9/11 and had also warned Washington about a planned terrorist attack in the Gulf. Syria had also given CIA interrogators access to Mohammed Zammar, the alleged recruiter of some of the 9/11 hijackers. Targeting the Assad regime would jeopardize these valuable connections, and thus undermine the larger war on terrorism.
    Second, Syria was not on bad terms with Washington before the Iraq war (e.g., it had even voted for U.N. Resolution 1441), and it was no threat to the United States. Playing hardball with Syria would make the United States look like a bully with an insatiable appetite for beating up Arab states. Finally, putting Syria on the American hit list would give Damascus a powerful incentive to cause trouble in Iraq. Even if one wanted to pressure Syria, it made good sense to finish the job in Iraq first.
    Yet Congress insisted on putting the screws to Damascus, largely in response to pressure from Israel officials and pro‐Israel groups like AIPAC. If there were no Lobby, there would have been no Syria Accountability Act and U.S. policy toward Damascus would have been more in line with the U.S. national interest.

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @Sean
  25. Sherman says:

    The Syrian civil war started in 2011 following a violent Assad response to peaceful anti-regime protests.

    The alleged events you are quoting (from a book written by two viciously anti-Israel professors) occurred in 2003.

    You haven’t proven anything.

  26. Sean says:

    The Syrian civil war is not the result of anything the US/ Israel has done. It came from internal tensions and is being kept going by Saudi Arabia and Russia, who are not getting the refugee flows. They are laughing at the West.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @geokat62
    , @Kb
  27. Rurik says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    Ashkenazi Jews are a more ancient and integral part of European culture than most modern anti-semites. This led directly to Hitler’s genocidal attack on Europe’s Ashkenaz Jews.


    so Ashkenazi Jews are more European than Europeans

    it was because they were more “integral” to Europe and Germany (presumably than Germans) that Hitler hated them


    just when you think it can’t get any weirder

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
  28. Rurik says:

    he doesn’t need to prove anything

    you are doing an outstanding job of proving what you are all by yourself

    • Replies: @Sherman
    , @hammersmith
  29. geokat62 says:

    Ok… whatever you say, Sherm. But just so you know, M&W published their book in 2007. I guess the Lobby changed their policies re Syria in the intervening 4 years… not.

  30. Biff says:

    The Syrian civil war is not the result of anything the US/ Israel has done.

    You couldn’t be more wrong:

    At $1 billion, Syria-related operations account for about $1 of every $15 in the CIA’s overall budget, judging by spending levels revealed in documents the Washington Post obtained from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.
    US officials said the CIA has trained and equipped nearly 10,000 fighters sent into Syria over the past several years — meaning that the agency is spending roughly $100,000 per year for every anti-Assad rebel who has gone through the program.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @geokat62
  31. Sean says:

    Well that is another reason for Assad to concentrate on the less Jihadist parts of the opposition, which are getting CIA paramilitary training. It is also a good reason for Assad to dry up the reservoir of recruits for CIA training by promoting the refugee exodus. Gunnar Heinsohn and a few others had been predicting the civil wars in the Arab world and their demographic expansion into Europe for years before it happened. The Algerian decades ago civil war had nothing to do with the CIA, it was anger at a unrepresentative elite (like the Alawites) , and the Algerian government had the very best of reasons to promote young men to go to Europe as refugees (like Assad does). The US is trying to overthrow Assad, but it is getting on the the bandwagon. It’s the Syrian Sunni majority and the Saudis who are keeping this going.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  32. Sherman says:

    What exactly does this have to do with the Syrian civil war you moron?

    • Replies: @Rurik
  33. (a) the Israeli lobby and (b) the political economy of the Military – Industrial – Congressional Complex, to which I would add(c) the political economy of the American oil industry are combining to trump any movement toward a constructive modus vivendi with Iran.

    First, thanks for link to Gareth Porter essay.

    Second, a fourth spoiler to a US-Iran rapprochement is the US banking-financial system.

    Stuart Levey’s shop in US Treasury department — the “guerrillas in grey suits”, as Juan Zarate called the team of which he was a charter member — engage in a combination of NSA-level intelligence gathering and international arm-twisting to ensure that no major international bank or corporation does escapes US “intrusive inspection” of its prying eyes or does business with Iran.

    (PS — Levey has passed his chair at Treasury to his former law partner, David Cohen, freeing up Levey to take a post a HSBC. Zarate, too, has moved on. Among other things, he taken his “guerrilla” tactics to the Vatican, the better to keep feisty Francis on a short leash.)

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  34. @Sherman

    The Syrian civil war started in 2011 following a violent Assad response to peaceful anti-regime protests.

    The Syrian protests started following 5 years of drought.

    Poor, rural farmers were the original protesters.

    Their protests provided precisely the “Pearl Harbor” (or 9/11) moment that Hillary Clinton’s State Department had been looking for to exacerbate a situation in order to remove Assad to suit the preferences of Hill’s Gulfie pals.

    Had Clinton and USA “R2P” hand-wringers been truly concerned with humanitarian issues they would have worked to resolve the water crisis. Instead, in 2011 Clinton observed that the protesters were “just the lower, poorer class, but soon the discontent would spread to the business class — Assad’s base of support. Assad should step down now before that happens ….”

    Overlooked in all of this is that Syria is (was) a sovereign state and Assad legitimately headed its government, which US had and has no right to remove nor destabilize.

  35. geokat62 says:

    The Syrian civil war is not the result of anything the US/ Israel has done. It came from internal tensions

    Oh, really? Who lit the fuse by igniting sectarian strife in the ME? Who was keen on bringing about regime change targeting Iraq, Syria and Iran? Wasn’t it PNAC and other members of the Lobby who were eager to remake the ME? Wasn’t it Condi Rice who proclaimed that “these are the birth pangs of a new ME” in the midst of Israeli bombing of Lebanon in 2006?

    The trouble for neocons/Israel Firsters is that the game plan has already been divulged in two documents: PNAC’s A Clean Break and Oded Yonon’s A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s. You should give them a read, it is very uncanny how closely events have mirrored their policy prescriptions.

  36. geokat62 says:

    Gunnar Heinsohn and a few others had been predicting the civil wars in the Arab world and their demographic expansion into Europe for years before it happened.

    If wasn’t for the neocons/Israel Firsters and the Lobby (especially PNAC and AIPAC) who were eager to destroy the regimes of Israel’s arch enemies – Iraq, Syria, and Iran – his prediction would have been as accurate as the Mayan calendar prediction that the world would come to an end a few years ago.

    Thanks to these Israel-centric policies, two of these three countries have been turned into basket cases and if they get their way, so will the third.

  37. geokat62 says:

    … revealed in documents the Washington Post obtained from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

    Thank goodness for Edward Snowden… a true American hero.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  38. @SolontoCroesus

    Astute observations by Gareth Porter.
    Why the US and Iran Aren’t Cooperating Against DAESH

    “It isn’t the Iranian side of the equation that is failing to follow the geopolitical logic.

    Contrary to the constantly reiterated propaganda theme of the anti-Iran forces in the region and in the United States that Iran’s ruling elite simply wants “death to America,” Iran has publicly signalled to the Obama administration repeatedly that it was open to such cooperation. But the Obama administration has refused to reciprocate, for the simple reason that it is not capable of formulating a regional policy on the basis of an objective analysis of strategic interests.

    To understand the why the international politics of the Middle East are now so profoundly dysfunctional, one must begin with the contrasting modes of Iranian and American foreign policymaking.”

    Executive summary of those “contrasting modes” —

    Iran thinks strategically and creatively.

    US/Israel are stuck in WWII “liar’s victory” mode:

    — George H W Bush went to war in Persian Gulf 1990-91 on the model of “promise to those of us who won World War II, that we thereby made a better world. (i.e. destroy the village/city/nation to build a village).

    USA inherited this mode of thinking from the British empire, which US supplanted, as was FDR’s intent.

    Israel, of course, has no other cards to play than hollowcaustism.

    Iran was neutral in WWII; sheltered Jews; Iran was itself occupied and suffered, among other things, hundreds of thousands of deaths to starvation brought about by British exploitation of Iranian foodstuffs. Iran was carved between Western allies and Russia, and was threatened by Russia’s refusal to leave its sector at war’s end.
    That is to say, Iran was not party in the war but suffered in it, and was keenly aware of who was doing what to whom, and of the lies that were told. Iran is uniquely qualified to host a holocaust truth conference because Iran knows where the bodies are — or are not, as the case may be — buried.
    But as Seyed Hossein Mousavian wrote in “Iran and the United States,” Iran has moved on; Iran has a prouder history to support its sense of identity and a more imaginative vision of Iran’s future than does Israel, Netanyahu, and their everlasting flogging of a holocaust of Jews that never happened. Iran has a full hand of cards to play; Israel has only one, and it turns out that card is from a marked deck.

    WWII was so last century.
    USA did not win it and Israel did not lose it. Time both of them to get over it.

  39. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “… while using the politics of fear to make the US people even more immigration phobic.”


    The problem is white Americans are auto-phobic(virulently fearful and dreading of self) and Europeans are Europhobic(virulently fearful of their own identity). All this stuff about ‘xenophobia’ is nonsense. Europeans need to fend off this Xenoration of their own homeland. Why should one’s homeland be overrun by Xenos? Europe needs Euration, not Xenoration. Xenoration X can go back home.

    The author worries about Palestinians but not about Europeans, most of whom had nothing to do with the mess in the Middle East. It was the Jews who controlled the foreign policy that made the West mess up the Middle East.

    There was a time when Western European imperialists did mess up the Middle East, but that ended with the end of colonialism. And incredibly, even the US sided with Nasser in the Suez Canal Crisis. US was telling Western Europe to remove itself from Middle East affairs. And then the French were booted out of Algeria.

    But then, US got more and more involved in the region for some reasons. There was the Six Day War of 67 with its roots in the fateful creation of Israel in 48.
    And, Israel kept on pulling US into Middle East affairs, especially as Jewish-Americans kept gaining more and more power. As both parties sought Jewish talent and support, supporting Israel became a big issue. And Zionism was one that most Jews, left or right, were agreed upon.
    Another reason for growing US involvement in the Middle East was the Soviets and Cold War. Because US coddled Israel, some Arab nations, especially the secular nationalist ones, became hostile to the US and grew closer to Soviets. With even steadfast US ally Shah falling in Iran, US got especially worried in the Middle East with all its oil. As a result, strange alliances developed. Though Hussein had the backing of the Soviets, he also made a pact with the US in the war against Iran, something that the US encouraged. And US subverted Soviet influence in Afghanistan by supporting the Mujahedin.
    But once Cold War ended, a new chapter could have begun. Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan, and communism was over in Russia and Eastern Europe was freed.

    Middle East no longer had the Soviets to rely on. That meant Arab nations should cozy up to the US, the sole superpower. And Hussein had that in mind. After all, he was very cordial with the US during the Iran-Iraq War, one that he sort-of-won to the extent that Iran failed in its objectives to overthrow him.

    And US and Iraq could have had good relations. But Jews got very nervous. With Arab nations no longer backed by Soviets, they would seek good relations with the US. But that would undermine US’s special relations with Israel as Israel would have to compete with those Arab-nations-as-new-friends-of-the-US for special favors from the US. So, US played a dirty trick on Hussein. When Hussein asked, “Can I kick Kuwait’s ass?”, US embassy gave a vague answer that sounded like, “well, we don’t really care about those camel jockeys.” So, Hussein attacked, but then suddenly he was made out to be the New Hitler-Stalin rolled into one by the Jewish-run media. (US didn’t react this way when Israel took Golan Heights and West Bank in the Six Day War. US was even silent about USS Liberty attack.) So, as soon as the Cold War ended, the new war was about US versus the bad Arabs and Muslims.

    In a way, Gadfly of Libya completely missed the boat on how Jews think. He thought US and EU(controlled by Jews) would love him if he gave up his weapons and became friendly with the West. While Jews seemed to be welcoming of his new face, they were really nervous because Israel would have to compete with Libya for favors from the US and EU. If the West could embrace a once-pariah like Gaddafi, the Gaddafi Way could serve as template for the rapprochement of the West and Arab/Muslim nations. For the Jews, only Saudis are worth relying on(at least for the time being). Not because Saudis are trustworthy but because Saudi Sunnis are very nervous about secular and Shia powers in the region and therefore will serve as bitch of US-Israel and do their bidding. More problematic has been Egypt, a US ally ever since Sadat cucked himself out to US-Israel power in exchange for handouts. Egypt has remained, more or less, close to the US and Israel, but there is a huge divergence between its people and its leaders. Of course, Saudi masses don’t love Israel either, but they fear the Shia minority who dominate in the oil-rich areas, so they share the same fear with their Sunni leaders, and so they see it as necessary to keep a close alliance with the US.

    Anyway, Gadfly thought he was offering his friendship to the West. But Jews only saw a competitor in the game of Middle East politics. If indeed US and EU leaders saw Libya as a nice reformed nation they can do business with and be friendly with, then it meant that Israel would no longer be the one and only indispensable ally. So, Jews waited while Gaddafi got rid of his big weapons, and then when the opportune moment came, cooked up some bogus excuse to have him toppled and Libya reduced to dust.

    Because Jews control US foreign policy and jealously seek to own the loyalty of the US to Israel and Israel alone, it was in their interest to antagonize US relations with Arab nations after the Cold War. During the Cold War, the mere fact that these Arab nations were allied with the USSR was enough to put them on the enemy list in US foreign policy. But with USSR gone, it was possible for US to develop good relations with Hussein, Assad, and Gadfly.
    So, Jews and their shabbos goy agents pulled Hussein into a trap and took him out and messed up Iraq. Jews manipulated foreign press to turn the toppling of Gadfly into a moral crusade. And then Jews have been using their proxies, esp Saudi Arabia, to mess up Syria real good. It’s like God said ‘Thou shalt have no other god before Me.” Jews say to US and EU, “Thou shalt have no other foreign friend before Me.” While US has allies around the world, it only obeys Zionism and Jewish power. US pushes around or nudges all other nations. The only nation that can push around and nudge the US is Israel and Pax Judaicana that is linked all over the world. So, in this sense, Israel is the only true master-friend of the US.


    Now, what about Iran? If US never disobeys Israel, why the deal with Iran? For starters, much of this ‘Iran is new Nazi Germany’ is only shtick. There are tons of rightists in Israel who actually welcome the deal. Of course, they appreciate how Bibi makes a lot of noise to squeeze more aid and handouts from the US.

    Also, Jews are looking to do to Iran by soft power what was done to Libya. It was when Libya made peace with the West that Gadfly actually became more vulnerable. The peace allowed Western influence to move in and set the grounds for destabilization. Same with Iran. US figures that once Iran opens up, it will be easier to subvert. Once the theme of resisting American Imperialism goes into the back-burner in Iran, Iranian politics will mainly focus on the division among various groups as Iran is a very diverse country along ethnic, sectarian, generational, and political lines.
    Also, if Iran sees the chance of making more money by doing business with the West, it will fall out of the Russia-China orbit. This looks like a triumph for Iran in the short run, but it could actually open the door to destabilization. Recall how it was the fall of communism and opening to the rest of the world that led to the biggest collapse of Russian power and society. Iran is an authoritarian nation but far from a totalitarian nation, and over the years, US and Israel have developed all sorts of links with collaborators and traitors in Iranian society. Iran is filled with spies, stooges, and agents of the West. Thus, a loosening of society and closer relations with the West will activate those agents.

    Of course, Jews envision an ultimate breakup and demise of Iran, but they are trying to foment such an event by manipulating internal divisions and problems. To gain greater access to Iranian society, Iran must be opened up first.
    Indeed, look at Vietnam. When US reconciled with Vietnam, it seemed like a great coup for Vietnam. Vietnam, the victor over the US, is approached by humble US that comes with olive leaf. But in fact, the victor has been the US that has been using soft power to turn Vietnam into a whorehouse again. And US uses the homo agenda to spread ‘Western values’ all over Vietnam. US ambassador and his ‘husband’ are homocules prancing around in Vietnam, pressuring Vietnam to put on more ‘gay pride parades’ in exchange for US goodies and handouts.

    Of course, US will not be blatant with the homo agenda in the Middle East since even secular Middle Easter nations are mostly Muslim, and Muslims don’t tolerate such fruity-tooty stuff. But the preponderance of the homo agenda should leave no doubt that the West is a now neo-imperialist power.
    In the past, the West morally justified its imperialism as a project of spreading the light of Jesus around the world and converting heathens.
    Now, the Narrative is about the ‘more evolved’ West spreading the ‘rainbow’ of Gaiety–homo deity–around the world to convert the ‘homophobes’ and help them evolve from subhuman ape-men to true humans who believe Barney’s anus is the sexual equivalent of a woman’s pooter(or the cooter as the case may be).

    US is in the convert-to-pervert mode around the world. Conversion-to-perversion is the new ‘spiritual’ creed of the West, and it is what the West uses to batter and hammer other nations as ‘inferior’, ‘backward’, and ‘less evolved’. Outside the EU, East Asia is probably the most vulnerable since East Asians are wanna-be-white suckasses(especially South Koreans with their plastic surgery and hair-dyeing and then the Japanese with their obsession with white-looking cartoon characters). When US was solidly Christian, American Christians hoped to convert East Asians and use them as missionaries to convert everyone else. As global Christianity back then was synonymous with soft US power, spreading of American-style Christianity did serve as a form of US imperialism(even if Christian missionaries themselves were sincere in goodwill). US is no longer Christian(in any meaningful way). It is Jewish-Homo or Jomo-ruled. Jews promote Holocaustianity and Gaiety — worship of gay-as-deity — around the world. Because Jewish power is associated with Zionism(unpopular with non-whites), Jewish corruption in Wall Street, and tribalism, Jews find Gaiety more useful as an all-purpose weapon around the world. After all, only Jews can be Jews but every society has it share of homos, and if Jews help those homos gain elite power in entertainment, media, and academia, those homos around the world will serve as collaborator-agents of Jewish power.
    In the past, Christian missionaries promoted the Missionary Position to heathens and savages around the world who humped like ‘animals’. Now, US and EU are trying to convert East Asians, especially the suckass South Koreans, to Gaiety and use them for promoting the Backdoor Position, which is the new missionary position of the globo-homo agenda. George Takei, aka Too-Gay, is the saint paul(or saint anal) of this new quasi-religion.

    Jews know that one has to use combination to defeat the enemy and rivals. For example, a boxer doesn’t only go for a mighty right across or upper cut but goes for jabs and body shots to soften the opponent before going for the coup de grace. Similarly, a bullfighter doesn’t go straight for the kill. It first uses all sorts of tricks of the trade to tire, confuse, and wear down the bull until the bull is helpless before the sword that is driven into its spine.

    Jews know that it’s not easy to attack the nationalism of another nation head on. So, Jews need to soften the resolve, unity, heritage, and etc by using all sorts of opiates. It’s like Jews sold opium to the Chinese to make the Chinese lose themselves in fantasy than in thinking about their past, present, and future. And HOMOPIUM is the new drug that Jews sell around the world. Let homos take over culture, and then, the culture will encourage men to dress and act like girls. And girls will be hooked to self-love via fashionable narcissism than love of motherhood and family. And people will be made transracial as they become hooked to MTV celebration of Negroes and blonde bimbos who act like pimps and whores instead of appreciating their own expressions of beauty and uniqueness. The greatest success of this has been in K-pop, a totally homo-ized and transracialized culture that negates and denies anything national, cultural, or historical. If a people become so enamored of merging with globalism, they have nothing of their own to value and defend. As Vietnam and South Korea(and Japan and Taiwan) fall to homopium, their men will turn into a bunch of pansies and their nationalism will fade. Only China has any future as a sovereign Asian nation.

    As for the Middle East, pushing homopium is tougher, even though there are underground homo communities in Iran and Lebanon. It just goes too much against the grain of the culture over there. It’s not a big sell in India either as Indians have a powerful sense of spirituality in Islam or Hinduism. In contrast, East Asia was never big on the great religions. Their Confucian philosophy was ‘secular’, and as that fades away, East Asians have nothing to cling to but fad and fashion. (South Koreans did become fanatical Christians, but that is actually a sign that they will become mindless homo-missionaries. South Koreans worship whatever prevails or trends in richer and more powerful nations since they are suckass imitators of the masters of the world.)
    Also, as East Asians are eager students and grinds, they will swallow any PC nonsense that comes out of US universities that are revered and even worshiped in Asian societies. Having no individual will to think on their own, East Asians have outsourced thinking and criticism to Westerners. It’s like what Alex Kerr wrote of Japan in Dogs and Demons:

    He said Japanese begged him to write a book on Japan’s problems because they didn’t know how to do it themselves.

    Since homopium cannot really be used on the Middle East, more subversion along the line of what happened in Libya and Syria will be the essence of Jomo foreign policy. And Jomos are salivating over the opportunity since they’ve made so many contacts with Iranian opposition in the past 30 yrs. They are all waiting to come out of the woodwork once Iran opens up to the world.
    The thing is Iran has no power in Israel, EU, and US, but US/Israel has tons of agents and collaborators in Iran. And since Iranian youths are hedonistic fools hooked to social networking and other silliness, they can easily be turned to degeneracy.

    Of course, the Middle East’s refusal to adopt the cult of Gaiety can be used to Jewish advantage. As the West has been made to believe that the homo ‘rainbow’ is the new red, white, and blue, Europeans and Americans are gonna hate, distrust, and look down on nations that resist the holiness of Gaiety. Indeed, look at the hostility of Europeans toward Russia. It has mostly to do with the fact that Russians prefer nation and identity to Gaiety and whoopity-pee-poo. UK is a nation where even the Queen blessed ‘gay marriage. US is a country where Jimmy Carter says he’s convinced Jesus would have been for ‘gay marriage’. Elton John and George Takei the tacky Too-gay are revered as the conscience of the world…. all because they take penises up their arse.

    Indeed, this homo thing in the West is a new religion. It is Gaiety or homotheism.
    One way to define religion is where a certain thing can never be criticized whereas most other things can be criticized. So, Judaism can criticize almost anyone and anything. Even the great Moses and King David could be criticized for their failings. But God can never ever be criticized.

    This is what separates religion from academics. In academics, everything can be critiqued, evaluated, analyzed, questioned, challenged, and opposed. For instance, a class in Russia Studies or German Studies can look at all aspects of Russian or German history, culture, values, arts, politics, and etc and open them up to scrutiny, debate, derision, admiration, respect, condemnation, and etc. Taking Russia Studies doesn’t mean you have to love Russia. You can hate Russia and become a scholar of Russia.
    But religion doesn’t work that way. If you become a Muslim, you must not question Allah and Muhammad. Sure, you can criticize and condemn lots of things, of course. You can be skeptical of lots of things. But you cannot challenge the authority and truth and greatness of Allah and His messenger Muhammad.

    To some extent, religious practice is like academics because people get together to discuss and critique things. But unlike academics, there are certain taboos that cannot be violated. A Christian discussion-session can bring up the failings of Church members, politicians, nations, cultures, communities, works of art, and churchgoers. But it cannot question the rightness of God and Jesus. Certain topics are no-go zone for free inquiry and debate. You must love God and Jesus. This was why communism too was a quasi-religion. You could criticize and critique tons of stuff under communism, but you could never question the rightness of the Party as defined by Marx, Lenin, etc.
    It’s like the old joke. An American says he’s free in his country because he can criticize his own leader. A Soviet says he’s free in his country because he too can criticize the American leader. But can the Soviet citizen criticize his own leader?

    Anyway, look at colleges today. They pretend to stand for secularism, free debate, and free discourse. And many people are fooled because they join session-discussions where people seem to lecture and discuss things in an ‘intellectual’ way in an academic setting. But actually, these meetings are actually more religious-like in character because there are taboos of what can be said and what cannot be said. A true intellectual discussion on homosexuality would allow all sides to say their say and expose homosexuality and homo culture to all sorts of scrutiny, debate, analysis, criticism, ridicule, and opposition(as well as support). But such is not the purpose of such meetings/sessions/discussions. There is only the permitted truth and that is the holiness and goodness of homos. It’s a form of homological Gaiety that would have students look up to the Gay as Deity. Homo holiness cannot be questioned. It cannot be debated. It must be accepted as faith. It’s like Newsweek put a homo halo over Obama’s head. It is a quasi-religion.

    One feature of religion forbids any criticism, skepticism, or opposition to the holy truth that must be accepted as an article of faith. Another feature of religion is it requires its flock to hate and attack that which refuses or opposes the holy truth. So, it wasn’t enough for religious fanatics to silence those who would question the faith. The faith required the fanatics to condemn and attack the ‘heretics’ and ‘heathens’. Communism worked the same way. It wasn’t enough to silence the critics of communism. The good comrades were required to condemn and destroy the enemies of communism. And now, we have the same thing with the cult of Gaiety.
    Worship the homos, never question homo holiness, and smoke out and destroy all those who won’t get on the Gaiety bandwagon. Even silence isn’t enough. All must sing along to the homosanna. Those who don’t sing along must be destroyed.

    Discussion sessions about homosexuality in colleges are more like religious prayer sessions. One is given only one option. To obey, to worship, and to believe. Anyone who raises his or her hand and challenges the homorthodoxy will be singled out for attack and destruction. And he or she will be forced to carry the Mark of Cain forever through his or her career for having made heretical remarks about homos and their penchant for fecal penetration. It’s like sunday school or sungay school.

    When something is protected from all criticism, it has been imbued with holy powers. After all, in religion, men can be criticized but God cannot be. That is the rule of power in religion. Everything is open to criticism but god/goes and his/their holiness.
    Even secular ideologies become religious-like when certain groups, such as Jews or homos, are protected from criticism. It’s more than empowerment. It is emholiment. It is enshrinement. And the homo agenda has turned into Gaiety.

    This ‘gay marriage’ business is not about equal rights or civil liberties. It is about the rise of Gaiety as the new religion in America whereupon we have to fool ourselves that two guys sticking each other in the poophole has equal or higher biological/moral value than man and woman using their organs properly. It is about union of church and state, with the new church being the cult of Gaiety the homo-as-deity.
    Jews love it cuz homos are their main allies. Homos are to Jews in Jomo divinity what Jesus is to Jehovah in Christianity. Homos are the ‘son of Jew’. Notice that Obama, the new-jesus cult cooked up and promoted by the Jewish-run media has been the greatest proponent of Gaiety the world has ever seen.

    In a way, much of this stems from the moral paradox of power in Christianity.
    PC owes this element to Christianity. In trying to protect the powerless from the powerful, PC makes the powerless immune to any criticism from the powerful. But once something has been made immune to any criticism, it has instantly gained godlike powers. After all, the feature of God is that He cannot be criticized or questioned.

    PC, in making the ‘powerless’ totally immune to criticism, imbues the ‘powerless’ with godlike power over the ‘powerful’. In a way, this is the core of Christianity itself. Jesus was mostly a powerless Man without wealth or political position/connection. When He made trouble, He was caught and whupped real bad and died most humiliatingly. He was made naked and nailed to a cross and jeered at by the mob. How more powerless can one get? But as His victimhood was made holy, this most powerless Man was made the most powerful Man in all of history. Based on His holy and pure suffering and victimhood, He was said to be perfect. As a perfect Man, He was the Son of God, and that meant no one could criticize Him. And that meant He became the Son of God and equal of God since the essence of God is that no one is supposed to criticize or question Him.

    In Judaism, God cannot be questioned cuz He is all powerful and most powerful.
    But there is a paradox in Christianity because the most powerless Man was made the most powerful Man, indeed to the point where He became the equal of God Himself. And why was Jesus so holy? Because in His powerless state, He suffered so nobly and purely.

    PC uses this Christo-logic on so-called victim groups. Of course, PC doesn’t treat all victim groups equally. Much of it depends on ‘who, whom’. PC ignores blacks victimized by other blacks. It ignores Russians killed by Germans. It ignores Palestinians crushed by Jews(though BDS movement is challenging that). It cares much more about blacks in America than Indians. The ‘original sin’ of America is said to be slavery even though there was imperialism and ‘genocide’ against Indians before blacks were brought to the US. And PC ignores all the Mexican, Arab, Asian, and white victims of black crime and thuggery.
    So, PC isn’t so much about all victimhood. It is about the powers-that-be(mostly Jews) sanctifying certain victimhoods as pure and holy(while most other kinds of victims are ignored). And the trininty of holy victimhood in the US are Jews, homos, and Negroes. And since US rules the world, this trinity is exported to other nations as well, which is why even EU nations that had nothing to do with slavery in America are so eager to invite tons of African Negroes and shower them with worship. And even nations that had nothing to do with the Holocaust feel a need to have Holocaust memorials and put on massive Gaiety parades.

    Because Negro-ness is quasi-holy in America, even Michael Brown the thug was made into a ‘gentle giant’, and the myth of ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ became the mantra of so many people. Even after it was proved Brown did no such thing, the cult lived on because Brown was made into a holy victim. So, even though Brown was the aggressor, the man who shot him in self-defense was made out to be the devil.

    It’s like what is happening in Europe. Europeans didn’t drown Aylan the kid(whose position on the beach was like Michael Brown). Decent Europeans are trying to fend off and push back foreign masses who are invading Europe. But the Jewish-run media makes out the Europeans who are only defending their own turf as the bad guys.
    So, just like Darren Wilson should just have allowed himself to be steamrolled by Michael Brown, Europe should allow itself to be steamrolled by the Gentle Invasion.

    To be sure, Muslims and Arabs are not part of the holy victimhood according to Jews. If anything, Jews have goaded US and EU to attack and mess up the Middle East and unleash violence that would go on to kill 100,000s if not millions.
    When Arabs and Muslims were dying in the Middle East and North Africa, Jewish-media turned a blind eye. They were just ‘dying Muzzie subhumans”.
    But when these people began to show up in Europe, these worthless ‘Muzzies’ were transformed by the Jewish Narrative into the ‘new Jews’ who need shelter and protection, the denial of which would make Europeans like the Nazis all over again. (Surrealistically, we now have Germans, the former Nazis, accusing other European nations–that had once been victims of Nazis–the ‘new Nazis’.) As the quasi-Jews of the holy cult of Diversity, the ‘migrants’ suddenly gained a degree of holiness that protected them from criticism and scrutiny.
    They were made into a million insta-jesuses who must be welcomed like baby Jesus in the manger. They were made out to be like Holocaust refugees.

    This is all very problematic.
    For one thing, while God can be imagined to be perfect, no man or people can be perfect. So, when humans are imbued with godlike powers, that is dangerous. After all, communism was a disaster borne of sacralizing the working class and radical intellectuals as holy victims and crusaders. Once humans are sacralized into perfect-hood and made immune to all criticism, they will end up acting like Hitlers and Stalins, and PC is full of micro-Hitlers and micro-Stalins yapping about their perfect holy victimhood all day. The implication of this is that they deserve all the power since they are so pure and perfect. It leads to moral megalomania.
    Also, it it a fallacy to say powerlessness = goodness. Good people can have power over bad people. If powerlessness = goodness, Nazi Germans after the losing the war must have been all good since they no longer had the power.

    Another problem with making the ‘holy powerless’ immune to criticism is it blend spiritualism with secular issues of the world. The nature of religion is to favor the permanent and eternal truth. The real world is like newspapers. Things change all the time. Nothing is permanent in terms of power. Nation that is powerful now could be powerless tomorrow. A people who were poor in the past could be rich today.
    In contrast, religion isn’t interested in temporal realities but in eternal truth, which is it is about God, the Eternal Being. When secular issues are sacralized, certain social realities and dynamics(particular to a time) are eternalized and permanent-ized when, in fact, the politics of power is never constant in our world.
    What is most frustrating about PC is it has sanctified certain groups as ‘eternally powerless, therefore holy’ for all times even though they may have gained tremendous power and even though their former oppressors no longer have the power(and may even be the new victims). Chinese still bitch about the opium wars as if they happened yesterday. China is now a major power. Jews still bitch about not being allowed into Wasp golf clubs even though Jews now have the money to buy up all the golf clubs and then some around the world. Negroes go around robbing, raping, and murdering white folks but still act like the KKK is lynching ‘black bodies’. Homos have tremendous and privilege due to their alliance with Jews, and homos freely use their power to destroy anyone who won’t worship them, but they act like they are poor little orphan girls forever and ever and ever and ever.
    It’d be like the US forever seeing US-Japan relations in terms of what happened on Pearl Harbor when, for a day, Japan was indeed victorious king over US naval power.

    God may be eternal, but nothing is the the world of men. When certain groups sacralize their victimhood, they are claiming to be holy-powerless-forever, and that is just a lowdown dirty trick of demonish power-lust and megalomania.

    Btw, the trinity of Jews, homos, and Negroes is only partly explained by whites having ‘oppressed’ them. After all, whites oppressed tons of people. It’s said that Spanish Conquest of South America and Mexico led to deaths of 55 million out of 60 million, mostly by disease. But there is so much attention paid to homos and Negroes, who still own all of black Africa and who didn’t do so bad in the New World(indeed better than Negroes left behind in the Old World).
    The reason why the trinity favors those three people is because they have stronger and more self-centered personalities than straight white people. Jews are very pushy and arrogant. Negroes are very egomaniacal and unreflective; just listen to rap. And homos are preening, narcissistic, vain fruits who act like Chris Crocker, Elton John, and Perez Hilton. They are very demanding.

    The Occam’s Razor of Personality Differences along HBD lines should make that clear as day.

  40. @Rurik

    Our valiant little ally; the only democracy in the Middle East.

  41. I mean…it is not as if the U.S. had anything to do with creating the refugee problem. Right?

  42. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “I mean…it is not as if the U.S. had anything to do with creating the refugee problem. Right?”

    US is a very diverse nation.

    Do you think Russian-Americans, Polish-Americans, Chinese-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-American, Hawaiian-Americans, Swedish-Americans, Greek-Americans, Irish-Americans, Indian-Americans, Italian-Americans, and etc really gave a shit what happened in the Middle East or Ukraine??

    No, there is only one group that really gives a big shit, and they and their collaborators are to blame. If we blame the US, we spread the blame to all of us when most of us had no power over recent events.

    We need to talk about Jewish power and its cucks.

    There was a time when Jews served their gentile overlords, but Jews served gentiles to serve themselves. In exchange for serving gentiles, they got special privileges as JEWS.

    In contrast, the cucky whites who serve Jews seem to be totally surrendering and welcoming their demise. There is a difference between serving others to serve oneself and serving others to surrender oneself.

  43. @geokat62

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three whistleblowers, who are suing the National Security Agency for more than one million dollars, will each receive a Defender of Liberty award at a meeting of the Committee for the Republic on
    Tuesday, September 15.

    The event, which is open to media coverage, will be held in the main ballroom of the National Press Club (529 14th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20045) from 7 p.m. to
    8:30 p.m. (The meeting will be preceded by a reception at 6:30 p.m.)

    The three NSA whistleblowers, each of whom will tell their personal story of their time at the NSA, and the retaliation and abuse they faced from the agency when they raised concerns about what was happening, are:

    William “Bill” Binney, a cryptanalyst-mathematician with an aptitude for analysis and code-breaking, who served as a highly-placed intelligence officer with the NSA for more than 30 years.

    J. Kirk Wiebe, who was a senior analyst at the NSA from 1975 to 2001. During his career, he received the NSA’s second-highest award, the Meritorious Civilian Service Award; the director of CIA’s Meritorious Unit Award; and a Letter of Commendation from the secretary of the Air Force.

    Thomas Andrews Drake, a senior executive at the NSA from 2001-08. He is the 2011 recipient of the Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling and co-recipient of the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence award.

    The three whistleblowers discovered and reported on the existence of a comprehensive surveillance system within the NSA. They spoke out about the how the U.S. government was spying on private citizens without their knowledge. They exposed the wasteful spending, and disregard for civil liberties at the National Security Agency.

    “After 9/11, disrespect for civil liberties, repression of dissent, impunity and lack of accountability took hold at the National Security Agency,” explained John Henry, vice-chairman of the Committee for the Republic, which holds public forums regularly in Washington, D.C.

    “The United States now has a comprehensive domestic surveillance system that provides a turnkey basis for a garrison state. This system damages our security, violates our Fourth Amendment rights and stains the reputation of our government at home and abroad.

    “Our tribute to three key whistleblowers of the NSA, Bill Binney, Tom Drake, and Kirk Wiebe, is being held the same week we are celebrating Constitution Day,” Henry said. “It is because of these three courageous men that the world was made aware of the abuses of our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties. All three have all paid a heavy price for truth-telling.”

    Those wishing to attend should make a reservation at

    Press and media may contact Fran Griffin at 703-862-6741 for arrangements and additional information.

    The Committee for the Republic is a citizen-based, non-partisan, nonprofit organization founded in 2003. It holds forums on challenges to the American Republic, including the military-industrial complex, too-big-to-fail banks, campaign finance, and U.S. competitiveness.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  44. while using the politics of fear to make the US people even more immigration phobic.

    I immediately lose all intellectual respect for immigration boosters. If Dante were writing today he’d have to invent a whole new circle of hell for these boundlessly mendacious bastards. There are so many such cretins in academia, the media and politics that it seems pointless to focus rage on small fry like Spinney. Even so, encountering immigrationist idiocy where I wasn’t expecting it sets me off every time.

  45. geokat62 says:

    I think American citizens should converge on Washington DC carrying placards demanding that Snowden be allowed to return home without the risk of prosecution… and they should stay there until he returns.

  46. Rurik says:

    What exactly does this have to do with the Syrian civil war you moron?

    “(from a book written by two viciously anti-Israel professors)”

    well general, allow me to connect the dots for you ..

    the war on Syria is a consequence of America’s meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries in the Middle East. Destroying, destabilizing, arming and funding. Capish?

    so, as the sane world looks on at the madness, we all see the common denominator ~

    Israel, sitting there watching all her enemies being systematically sent reeling into the stone age

    This general is no accident. It is due to the fact that America’s foreign policy has been usurped by rabid Zionists of the uber-Nazi stripe. Their lickspittles in congress and their whores in the media slurp shekels as fast as it’s slung into the trough.

    all of this is obvious to the point that a couple of respected academics had to put it all into scholarly form. And for that you call them “viciously anti-Israel”. So what that means is that you’re either as spectacularly stupid, bovine and pathetic as the typical Fox News fan, or you’re just yet another vicious little Zioboy who uses names of reviled generals to make himself seem all manly. Just like the little putz in the video I sent. I suspect it’s that later. What say you?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  47. @Rurik


    no slurs on the Germans. They’ve suffered enough indignities without being associated with zionism.

    Bolsheviks were Stalinists USSRians.

    uber-Stasi is more appropriate.

  48. KA says:
    @joe webb

    There is a tendency to forget that prior to Iraq war 2003 ,there was practically no war and no terrorism in Middle East . Khobar ,Cole,and Kenya -Tanzania bombings did remind of underlying tension between US and Al Quiada .
    But nothing beyond that narrow area ,there was any issue that carried the potential of starting the current apocalyptic events .
    It was started with the full intention of turning Middle East into this mess by the PNAC,JINSA,AIPAC,ADL,WINEP,and numerous other letter head organizations which change their names to hide any easy recognition . But they are the same versions of the original Zionism manifesto . They are the bastardized ignoble criminals descending directly from the non military wings of Stern Gang and Hagsnah .
    Syria has been repeatedly attacked and shaken by Israel . Israel has used western soft point of human right,gay right,aversion to occupation of Lebanon,Hariri killing ,has used UN through its henchman ,has used salafist and had forced Turkey and Jordan through US to fall in line . Israel has been able to conceal the future disasters which is now a reality by forcing America to spend all its energy on Iran and Ukraine
    European Union has been forcing Turkey by bringing the fear of genocidal charge . Again one can see the hand of Israel operating in the occupied American congress and senate to create suddenly that crisis .
    Israel was creating and supporting dissension. It anticipated a possible mishaps from the chaos like large number of killings or leakage of chemical arsenal or contamination or capture by rebels. Keeping this possibility in mind, it started emphasizing that America shouldn’t allow this ” red line” to be crossed . Once it happened it forced UK and USA to almost launch an attack .
    Israel was happy to see and openly suggested to US press and politicians that Israel would love continued bleeding of both . It demanded from US that though it rather would like a stalemate it would prefer salafist to Iran backed victorious Syrian administration if choice arose .
    A lot of arms came from Libya which was freed by international Jews like Bernard Levy . Arms reached Syrian Syrian salafist.
    A similar attempt at minor scale was tried in 2002 in West Bank but those Al Quiada operatives were captured by PA . Those operatives later were identified to have been fully groomed and armed by Israel .

    What are these going to end?
    Israel is like Michael Vick . Dogs and the spectators have been identified quarantined destroyed or adopted and shamed .
    Israel will pay the price Vick payed .
    There is a historical parallel here. Cannanites were removed forcefully . Newly created Jewish kingdom fought and destabilized surrounding kingdoms but it never established something serene beautiful or cosmopolitan or hold on to fiefdom for more than a century. Then came the bondage ,capitulation,and scattering of Jews
    From this ruins both Arabs and Europeans will rise . Next time there won’t be a Cyrus or a Jesus or a muslim prophet to secure their freedom ,gurantee validation or relief from extinction.

  49. KA says:
    @joe webb

    There is a tendency to forget that prior to Iraq war 2003 ,there was practically no war and no terrorism in Middle East . Khobar ,Cole,and Kenya -Tanzania bombings did remind of underlying tension between US and Al Quiada .
    But nothing beyond that narrow area ,there was any issue that carried the potential of starting the current apocalyptic events .
    It was started with the full intention of turning Middle East into this mess by the PNAC,JINSA,AIPAC,ADL,WINEP,and numerous other letter head organizations which change their names to hide any easy recognition . But they are the same versions of the original Zionism manifesto . They are the bastardized ignoble criminals descending directly from the non military wings of Stern Gang and Hagsnah .
    Syria has been repeatedly attacked and shaken by Israel . Israel has used western soft point of human right,gay right,aversion to occupation of Lebanon,Hariri killing ,has used UN through its henchman ,has used salafist and had forced Turkey and Jordan through US to fall in line . Israel has been able to conceal the future disasters which is now a reality by forcing America to spend all its energy on Iran and Eukraine
    European Union has been forcing Turkey by bringing the fear of genocidal charge . Again one can see the hand of Israel operating in the occupied American congress and senate to create suddenly that crisis .
    Israel was creating and supporting dissension. It anticipated a possible mishaps from the chaos like large number of killings or leakage of chemical arsenal or contamination or capture by rebels. Keeping this possibility in mind, it started emphasizing that America shouldn’t allow this ” red line” to be crossed . Once it happened it forced UK and USA to almost launch an attack .
    Israel was happy to see and openly suggested to US press and politicians that Israel would love continued bleeding of both . It demanded from US that though it rather would like a stalemate it would prefer salafist to Iran backed victorious Syrian administration if choice arose .
    Salafi and Israeli interaction was foreshadowed by much less corrupt and more efficient PA in 2002 when it exposed Israeli agen presenting as Al Quida in WB.
    A lot of arms came from Libya which was freed by international Jews like Bernard Levy . Arms reached Syrian salafist.
    Israel is like Michael Vick . Dogs and the spectators will be quarantined,destroyed,rescued,and shamed and fined . But it’s fall would be more like the disappearance of the ancient Israeli kingdom under Assyrian thumb .

  50. Two points left out of this article;

    1. The flood of refugees from the cynically and deliberately destroyed nations of Libya and Yemen and the cynically and deliberately created “nations” of Kosovo and South Sudan. In all these cases the blame goes either directly or, in the case of Yemen, is shared by, *liberal Democratic Party regimes* in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan. Somehow this criminal Empire loves creating situations that lead to floods of refugees. I am not for now including Ukraine in the list because Ukrainians are mostly fleeing to Russia.

    2. The effects of global warming, which is accelerating desertification, loss of agricultural yield, increasing the likelihood of famine and resource conflicts, all of which will trigger further floods of refugees. Ironically, these refugees will mostly come from low income places which are in no way to blame for this global warming but will suffer its effects earliest and most intensely.

    Both of which points mean that refugee floods will continue to increase, even if the current wholly Western-made crisis is resolved. Get ready for the bad times. Their advance guard is already here.

  51. Kb says:

    We know Obama and his minions in his administration have been in secret aiding and abetting the enemies of the US, Israel, Great Britian, France, Germany and every free country in Europe. Obama has visions of himself as A SUPREME RULER in his pipedream of overpowering the US AND EUROPE! Israel has a right to defend her people! Obama and his supporters in Washington have betrayed Israel by putting a knife in her back. He has allowed the evil forces of ISIS and it’s sister groups to grow into a mass of death and destruction! We need to send obama, kerry, pelose, feinstien, Bohner and every other double crossing
    Statesman to ISIS. Take them by plane and push them out of it into the arms of the people they have released on Europe, US and Israel! They do not deserve to be in our country! DAMN TRAITORS!!!!!

  52. Kb says:

    What a bunch of hogwash! You are singing the old worn out tune, blame it on Israel! You ignore the intrusion of,Obama into the middle east. He is an evil force trying to turn as many against Israel as possible. They are a people who have been murdered and torchured because they are a smart and inventive people. Of course after Hitler’s
    attack and destruction on Jews, they SHOULD NEVER BE IN A POSITION TO
    ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN TO THEM AGAIN! To read your remarks about a homo agenda in Israel and how they use it, is so absurd you must have pulled it
    from your butt! I
    have not read of Jews stoning or throwing them off of the roof tops like your nice Muslim counterparts.
    You have written a very lopsided piece here!

  53. KA says:

    ““Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel’s ‘security’ justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.

    ‘Israel always faced the problem in the past that its national security perspective was completely out of sync with how Europeans were viewing the emergence of the European community and the borderless world that was emerging,’ the American-born hardliner told The Jerusalem Post.

    ‘In the European models that existed 25 or 30 years ago, it is kind of difficult to hear an Israeli argument. But now things may be beginning to change a little,’ posited Gold.

    Israel has no grand master plan in the scheme of the things. But Jews know that given the size,history, and complexity of the problems of the bigger,better,larger,more open societies or countries within or around them ,they always will have the chance to maneuver ,distort,divert ,and project the problem in totally different light to have a say in final outcome .
    The broad imperialism of America in Phillipines,Haiti,or S. America and Vietnam gave them the opportunity of presenting Middle East as kind of continuation of Latin America and Vietnam. Syria as sort of continuation of Rwanda,Iran as some kind of continuation of Third Reich . In case of Russia,it invokes the Chechen and in case of China it invokes Xinxiang and in case of India ,Ethipia,or Mynamaar ,or Uganda invokes the fear of the Muslim presence . It establishes the connection and hides its own foot prints ,contributions,and maintainaince of those problems . Chechen terrorists have sponsors and supporters who bear striking similarities to the Jewish leaders in DNA,appearances,in looks,in devotion ,by argot ,and eagle like focus on the interests of Israel.

    Now in the EU is paying for a crisis that was spawned by Israel after 911 and was foreshadowed by Wolfowitz PNAC . No one threw them out those creatures out of the western countries . If they did. EU wouldn’t have faced .
    Once EU has been turned into a nightmare by the parasites of Zionism , its the Zionist who offer them the solution ,sympathize with them and offer them the wisedom of how to manage .
    The Zionist have been trying and have succeeded largely in getting similar results from Sunni by creating the whole mayhem in Arab in the first place .

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