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Is Antisemitism Dead? A Philosophical Consideration
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Around six months ago, the influential Oxford Handbooks series published a print and online entry on “The Radical Right and Antisemitism.” The author of the entry is Ruth Wodak, a Jewish academic in Critical Discourse Studies at England’s Lancaster University. I have to confess to having never before heard of this discipline. Unsurprisingly, however, it appears to be a variant of Frankfurt School thought, and, in several respects, continues that philosophical outlook’s obsession with anti-Semitism. Some of Wodak’s most recent publications concern “hate tweets,” and she is especially vexed by popular discourse about “elites” or “traitors,” because she believes, probably with some merit, these are veiled discussions of Jews. Biographical details aside, the reason I found Wodak’s entry for Oxford Handbooks to be interesting and worth sharing here is that it effectively acts as an obituary for antisemitism. Although I don’t agree with much of what Wodak argues, some of the points raised are food for thought, and the products of my own thoughts on the current state of anti-Jewish thought (and its implications for our movement) are presented here.

Wodak opens by considering “the question of whether antisemitism today should be regarded as a genuine structural feature of contemporary society or rather as a relic of an old but now overcome European ideology.” She continues by outlining the scholarly consensus:

Many scholars in the area of right-wing populism believe that antisemitism has practically vanished from the political arena and become a “dead prejudice” (Langenbacher and Schellenberg 2011; Beer 2011; Betz 2013; Botsch et al. 2010; Albrecht 2015; Rensmann 2013; Stögner 2012, 2014) or that anti-Muslim beliefs and Islamophobia have more or less completely replaced it (Bunzl 2007; Fine 2009, 2012; Kotzin 2013; Wodak 2015a, 2016). … The British sociologist Robert Fine critically observes, “Antisemitism is tucked away safely in Europe’s past, overcome by the defeat of fascism and the development of the European Union. . . . Antisemitism is remembered, but only as a residual trauma or a museum piece” (Fine 2009, 463).

Some of these scholars I am unfamiliar with, but Lars Rensmann’s work is well known to me. Rensmann is a particularly sad case. Still under 50 years of age, he’s a classic case of a guilt-ridden German preoccupied with the Jewish experience during World War II. As early as Rensmann’s teenage years, he was obsessively reading the works of the Frankfurt School. When he was 22, he travelled to the United States to meet the last living member of the original Frankfurt gang — the then 91 year old Leo Löwenthal. In his most recent work, a celebration of the Frankfurt School’s work on antisemitism [The Politics of Unreason: The Frankfurt School and the Origins of Antisemitism (2017), Free PDF here], Rensmann recalls the meeting (p. viii) in such a fashion as to evoke the impression he was fully in thrall to the “Jewish guru” phenomenon:

Responding to a letter I had written to him, Leo was so incredibly generous to invite me, the twenty-two-year- old student, to come to visit him, the ninety-one-year- old professor, in Berkeley—where he taught sociology at the University of California since 1956—and to stay at his home. So I did, and we spent days talking about Critical Theory—an experience I will never forget. In my conversations with Leo, for the first time I fully grasped the Frankfurt School’s rich historical and philosophical trajectories and Critical Theory’s potential as a living tradition that can be relevant in the contemporary world. Leo Löwenthal passed away just half a year later, before I could visit him again. But much of my academic work is inspired by him, from my first theoretical musings to my later work on the Frankfurt School, political sociology, the radical right, and authoritarian politics of resentment; and so is this book in particular—in which Leo’s academic research and theorizing play a major role. In this study, Löwenthal’s contribution to the Frankfurt School’s thinking about the “antisemitic question” is attributed the central place in the scholarly canon it thoroughly deserves. For him, as he told me then, the problem of antisemitism remained a pressing concern of our time. The book is, like my first one almost two decades ago, dedicated to the memory of Löwenthal, one of the great intellectuals of the twentieth century.

Rensmann’s 600-page The Politics of Unreason, like Wodak’s entry for Oxford Handbooks, is a kind of intellectual poking through the embers, where, in between a panegyric to his Jewish intellectual fathers, Rensmann declares antisemtism (p.398) “a phenomenon of the past.” Antisemitism is treated, much as Fine suggested it be treated, as a museum piece — a force that was more or less demolished by Löwenthal et al., and has left nothing but occasionally problematic fragments.

The Death of Antisemitism?

The question of antisemitism’s death is necessarily comparative. It implies that aspects of modern antisemitism that were once “alive” are no longer so. These aspects are easily identified. “Political antisemitism,” which probably began in the 1870s, more or less ceased to exist in 1945 in the sense that explicitly anti-Jewish elements vanished from lobby groups, political parties, and public policy throughout the West. Key facets of political antisemitism such as the management and exclusion of Jews in areas of public life (for example, via voting restrictions and educational quotas) are no longer in place in any Western country, and it is currently unthinkable for anyone to even suggest such policies. Another once-lively aspect of modern antisemitism that is now dead is “anti-Semitic discourse.” The historical presence of anti-Jewish thought in Western literature and its broader culture are today distorted and exaggerated by Jewish academics and those eager for grants.

It is undeniable, however, that a mainly negative discourse about Jews was extant in all areas of Western art and culture prior to the 1950s, and this discourse was a powerful force in energizing and disseminating knowledge about Jews. Linked with cultural discourse was popular journalism. Anti-Jewish newspapers, with mainstream or near-mainstream circulation, were once relatively common in the West. Some editors, such as the Frenchman Édouard Drumont, even rose to public (and electoral) prominence. Again, it is quite unthinkable for something of this nature to happen today.

Perhaps more important than the vanishing of any of these aspects, is the relative disappearance of knowledge of Jews among the Western masses. Indeed, there has been the almost total transformation in what the mass of the public “knows” about Jews. The transformation has been a dramatic shift from objective to subjective knowledge. For example, ask a random member of the public today what they know about Jews, and they would very likely respond by regurgitating a series of banal, media-derived tropes: Jews are good actors/directors/comedians; Jews are harmless and very smart/talented; Jews are a historically downtrodden and victimised group. This is essentially “junk” knowledge; entirely subjective, and more or less useless to forming a meaningful opinion on matters involving Jews — or worse, this “knowledge” is actually obstructive to forming a meaningful opinion on matters involving Jews. The contemporary situation contrasts sharply with the knowledge earlier generations possessed about Jews (derived from politics, journalism, and anti-Semitic discourse), and with the knowledge possessed by those today classed as anti-Semites. This knowledge includes objective facts: population statistics of Jews and their relative wealth; the prevalence of actual positions of influence occupied by Jews, particularly in the media and in the political process (e.g., the Israel Lobby, donors to political candidates); the contents of Jewish intellectual efforts (from the Talmud to the Frankfurt School and beyond); the prevalence of Jews in White Collar crime; the reality of the Jewish relationship with moneylending/usury; the extent and nature of Jewish involvement in the pornography industry; and the manner in which Jews view non-Jews.

An intellectual gulf lies between these two forms and levels of knowledge, and the latter is overwhelmingly stifled by the former. Equally important is the fact that, even when the masses are “educated” on ostensibly objective themes, their educators are likely to be Jewish academics, Jewish authors, or Jewish presenters of Jewish-produced television documentaries. Any account or interpretation of the history of Jewish-European interactions rooted in the perspective or interests of their ancestors is almost non-existent. Thus, in the absence of meaningful contemporary knowledge, Jews have an effective monopoly on historical or historiographical perceptions of their group — something unprecedented for any minority group in world history.

This brings us to the reasons for the “death of antisemitism,” or at least those aspects outlined above. Lars Rensmann is probably correct when he writes (p.2) that the Frankfurt School

has had a significant and lasting impact on the social sciences and humanities. It has influenced and partly shaped various fields and subfields, from modern philosophy, social and political research, social psychology, cultural studies, to critical legal studies, international relations, and global political theory.

Rensmann is correct, not in the sense that the Frankfurt School was successful in “debunking” antisemitism as a symptom of an authoritarian syndrome, or as a structural problem of modernity, but in the sense that this clique of Jewish intellectuals was very successful in creating a set of ideas that penetrated all areas of socio-political life, and especially those channels via which a culture converses with itself about itself. These ideas helped to break down Western nations, or at least make them more malleable to Jewish interests. A key part of this effort was the pathologization of ethnic interests among Whites, a move that certainly made increasing censorship of the expression of such interests more palatable and acceptable to the mainstream. In tandem with “Holocaust education,” which was strongly advocated by the Frankfurt School as a kind of prophylactic against what they termed “secondary antisemitism,” the portrayal of anti-Jewish attitudes as quasi-criminal and somehow associated with mental illness undoubtedly had a devastating effect on political, cultural, and journalistic modes of anti-Jewish expression.

Jews have also developed increased capacities for censorship. Censorship has taken both overt and covert forms. Covert forms included gaining decisive influence over key industries, or branches of industries, and setting their agenda. Hollywood and major news outlets are excellent examples of soft, covert censorship, where the public is delivered copious amounts of information with key omissions. The softer side of overt censorship comes in the form of organized boycotts, the deprivation of advertising, and the lobbying of opposition. Hard overt censorship includes the firing and de-platforming of dissenters on social media and, at the extreme end, the criminalization of dissent via “Holocaust denial” and “hate speech” legislation.

Crucially, after effectively killing the “Jewish Question” as a discourse within Western culture, the same intellectuals planted new and, for Whites, self-recriminating ideas in its place. The process was very simple. The starting point of Frankfurt School thought was to deny the existence of a “Jewish Question,” and to posit instead the “antisemitic question.” This was a deft rhetorical manoeuvre that acknowledged the reality of a malfunction in the relationship between Jews and host populations but shifted the role of antagonist away from the Jews. In this scheme of thought, Jews were repeatedly targeted because of neuroses in the societies around them. Identifying Western civilisation as especially pathological, the “antisemitic question” slowly morphed into the “Western civilisation problem.” From there, it was a short distance to assuming there was something wrong about how Westerners (Whites) viewed themselves in relation to the world. Critical theory thus arrived at the “Whiteness problem.” Ironically, or perhaps cynically, for all their dismissals of antisemitism as a crude and pathological “world explanation” for one’s individual problems, the Frankfurt School (particularly in Dialectic of Enlightenment and their works on the “authoritarian personality/syndrome”) laid the groundwork for a new Question — the “Whiteness Question.” Indeed, Whiteness, more or less interchangeable for Western culture in the eyes of Jewish intellectuals and their academic co-conspirators, can today be held responsible for an array of putative social ills (e.g. sexism, racism, colonialism, toxic masculinity, poor health, crime, the excesses of capitalism, social alienation, poverty, war) that far exceeds any charges laid at the feet of the Jews by people now deemed “paranoids,” “failures,” and “obsessives.”

What Remains?

As a consequence of the developments described above, antisemitism is undeniably a marginal element of thought and activism on what is regarded as the Right. There simply isn’t enough room here to go into a discussion of how genuinely “Right” the contemporary “Right” is, but it can probably be agreed that contemporary political conservatism (exemplified by the GOP in the U.S. and by the Conservative party in the U.K.) and most so-called “populist” groups or parties (AfD, UKIP, Dutch Party for Freedom, etc.) are to the right of those groups self-identifying with the political Left. It’s a fact that antisemitism has almost totally vanished from the platforms of every one of these groups, and in many cases these groups profess gushing admiration of both Jews and Israel based on the kinds of “subjective knowledge tropes” discussed above. For many of these organizations, Jews are viewed as a model minority, especially when compared with Muslim immigrants.

Wodak cites the work of Damir Skenderovic who argues in The Radical Right in Switzerland: Continuity and Change, 1945–2000 (2009):

after the Second World War, overt statements of modern antisemitism, making use of blunt categorisations, have largely vanished from the public sphere and have become confined to marginal extreme right groups..

Wodak continues: “Skenderovic … implies that a coherent antisemitic ideology has vanished.” It has been argued by most scholars, including Wodak and Rensmann, as well as organizations like the ADL, that a kind of fossil antisemitism [Skenderovic terms it “post-Holocaust” or “post-fascist” antisemitism] has now taken the place of a coherent antisemitic ideology and associated trappings, and they argue the case for a subliminal, tertiary, highly coded form of antisemitism that relies on faint echoes of the old discourse. Thus, in this New Books in Critical Theory podcast Lars Rensmann accuses Donald Trump of employing coded anti-Semitism in his closing campaign ad, in which George Soros, Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen, and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish, appear onscreen as Trump discusses his ambitions to challenge “levers of power in Washington” and “global special interests.” Similarly, Wodak spends a great deal of time analyzing the contents of statements from Jobbik politicians in Hungary, including this one:

If, after the fifty years of your communism, there had remained in us even a speck of the ancient Hungarian prowess, then after the so-called change of regime your kind would not have unpacked your legendary suitcases, which were supposedly on standby. No. You would have left promptly with your suitcases! You would have voluntarily moved out of your stolen . . . villas, and . . . you would not have been able to put your grubby hands on the Hungarian people’s property, our factories, our industrial plants, our hospitals. . . . We shall take back our homeland from those who have taken it hostage! (“A Magukfajták ideje lejárt: Morvai Krisztina reagál az Élet és Irodalom cikkére in Barikad,” Alfahír, November 12, 2008)

It could be reasonably argued that these are indeed subliminal messages that appeal, intentionally or otherwise, to half-forgotten discourses.

Two qualifications are, however, required. The first is that Jews unquestionably occupy elite positions within the social-political-cultural status quo and use these positions mainly to advocate for leftist social policies including mass immigration. Conservative, anti-establishment, and anti-immigration parties will necessarily and eventually come into conflict with Jews simply by identifying some of their opponents. In other words, a political party can (in theory) portray Jewish individuals, or a number of Jewish individuals, as opponents in propaganda without possessing a sophisticated level of objective knowledge about Jews, or a systematic and coherent antisemitic ideology. A good example is George Soros, the target of a very public campaign by the Hungarian government to abolish the influence of foreign-funded NGOs. The second qualification is that, even if antisemitic messages were in fact intentionally and subliminally present, they are almost certainly too subtle and can no longer resonate usefully with a corresponding broader discourse in society. In this sense, even if these are “dog whistles,” it’s the social/propaganda equivalent of using a dog whistle in an area 99.9% occupied by cats. The message simply isn’t going to be received.

Not Dead Yet.

Kevin MacDonald has noted, “the remarkable thing about anti-Semitism is that there is an overwhelming similarity in the complaints made about Jews in different places and over very long periods of historical time.”[1]K. MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents: Toward and Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, (First Paperpack Edition, 2004), 38. At the core of these complaints are conflicts of interests between Jews and surrounding populations. That being said, attitudes and discourses concerning Jews have occasionally shed outer ideological skins and adopted more novel and sophisticated forms. These changes occurred mainly due to, first, the decline of religion, and second, the rise of science. The biggest change in outward forms of anti-Jewish attitudes, occurring between the 18th and 19th centuries, thus concerned the shift away from religious explanations of Jewish behavior, and towards racial/biological/ethnic/cultural explanations. The changes necessarily entailed the development of new forms of knowledge about Jews, and new discourses.

This is important, because I believe we are in a position where the onus is on us to develop and further a discourse in which our objective knowledge concerning Jews is once again brought to bear on the mainstream and thus create an atmosphere in which “dog whistles,” when they genuinely occur, resonate more deeply and successfully. It is a call to “revival.” There is no doubt that our demographic and political context has changed sufficiently for us to abandon older forms. By this I refer to the relative contemporary (un)usefulness of attempting to teach members of the general public about the Rothschilds, Jewish diamond monopolies in the nineteenth century, or even the origins of Bolshevism. These are areas of history that are vitally important to research and build a body of work on (even if only for ourselves — and I myself have contributed to this form of knowledge), but I have my doubts about their effectiveness of creating a vital and growing contemporary discourse about Jews.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, our attitudes towards Jews are already significantly different from those termed “anti-Semites” in the past; these changes in attitude are probably occurring “naturally.” To begin with, our attitudes are infused with new concerns and elements. Jewish activism in breaking down immigration control, promoting mass immigration, building and implementing so-called hate speech legislation, and the White guilt industry are just some of the major concerns we are now confronted with that simply weren’t present in earlier eras. Economic matters, a mainstay of anti-Jewish critique for centuries, are now more or less subsumed within other areas of focus simply because of the great diffusion of economic responsibility in the postmodern era. My series of essays on contemporary Jewish moneylending was, in many respects, a detective work in which I was forced to follow the chain of endless companies operating under endless names in order to find who actually owned and operated the world’s exploitative payday loan businesses. This is a radical change from being able to point to a Rothschild or an Oppenheimer, or from a local Jewish credit merchant in rural Russia or 1910s’ Chicago.

Rather than being “dead,” I believe antisemitism is seeing these new elements cohere into a new discourse orbiting an Identitarian form of anti-Jewish critique that is based on a sophisticated level of objective knowledge about Jews, underpinned by a coherent anti-Jewish ideology. I believe we already have what we need in terms of foundational texts, most obviously in Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique series, as well as some of my own essays, and those of other great contributors at this crucially important website, like Brenton Sanderson and Edmund Connelly. One of the great weaknesses of “scholarship” produced by those like Wodak and Rensmann is that they have failed to see this development and take into account how influential it has been on the formation of new political movements like the Alt-Right and, via meme culture, among the young. The task remains, of course, to further the discourse in the face of overwhelming Jewish censorship. This is no easy task, but we might benefit from seeing “the obstacle as they way” — by further drawing out our opponents and then incorporating Jewish censorship itself into the discourse.


[1] K. MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents: Toward and Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, (First Paperpack Edition, 2004), 38.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Paw says:

    In many countries in Europe , now groups of ordinary people guide the Jews to their Synagogues so they can pray there and etc. There is now very dangerous situation and grave possibilities ,that afroarabs would attack them and possibly kill them…Like Hitler and the Nazi did that..Before.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Pindos
    , @Svigor
  2. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    As a necessary counterpoint to the headline photo, here’s an example of how Arab mothers are treated in the Palestinian city of Hebron, where Israeli soldiers protect ‘settlers’ in the middle of the city but ignore–well, you can see the sort of thing they ignore, on a daily basis.

    PS: Google has nearly erased the existence of this photo from the public record.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Peter Maya
    , @Anonymous
    , @Lot
  3. Wally says:

    Jews mock killing of pregnant Palestinians and children.

    Two teenage Israeli girls carrying a placard in Hebrew reading: “Hating Arabs is not racism, it’s values.”

    The scientifically impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ nonsense silences free speech and enables Jews & to push their violence inciting hatred down everyone’s throat.

  4. In
    Jean Deviosse, ‘Charles Martel’, 1978 2006 Paris
    I found a very interesting observation, the interpretation of what is a nation.
    The writer states that in Europe a nation has to do with a geographical area, common language, most of the time common religion, and/or culture.
    In the Middle East, to the contrary, nomadic past, nation is the family, extended family, clan, tribe, etc.
    It always surprised me how jews moved from one part of the earth to another, most of the time living in jewish communities in cities, larger villages etc.
    In my opinion jews hardly ever were loyal citizens of the country, nation, they lived in.
    Both Russian and German jews, in the last case certainly not all of them, refused to fight for the country they lived in.
    Around 1870 jews went to the USA ‘they hated German militarism’.
    Are USA jews at presen loyal USA citizens ?
    Someone as Chaim Saban is quite clear ‘Israel first’.
    Does Soros serve USA intererests in Europe, I do not think so.
    Jews all over Europe being pro EU, serving national interests, on the contrary, is my opinion.
    But where jews succeeded is is labeling any criticism of jews as antisemitism, worse than mass murdering children.
    Just with criticism of Israel they face a big difficulty, brave IDF warriors killing Palestinians, difficult to defend.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. Zumbuddi says:

    Well worth the time to listen to Lars Rensmann explain the ideas in his book, The Frankfurt School and the Origins of Modern Antisemitism.

    One hopes that Rensmann is a rare specimen of the epigenesis of brainwashing via post war psychological warfare against the German people and, more subtly, the American people.

    Thanks, Dr. Joyce, for the link to that podcast, and for your important & informative essay.
    The paragraphs on Jewish “covert” vs “overt” censorship, and the “deft rhetorical manouvre” by which Frankfurt school ideology flips the script — i.e. assigns neurosis to the majority culture — were particularly useful.

    Yes, the onus is on us to re-assert our cultural identity. I suggest that one practical means might be by revitalizing — by reading and telling to our children — the myths and folk tales of our various ethnic cultures. For example, Hungarians have a rich folk heritage, as do the Germans / Norse, as well as Italians, Greeks, Persians, etc.
    THAT’S diversity.

  6. Gene says:

    Is there really an antisemitism among right-wings? Or the author confused antisemitism with Islamophobia, which has become a stable diet for right-wings.

    Look how right-wing parties in Europe and the U.S. worshiping Israel and Netanyahu. Is this antisemitism?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Gene
  7. Tyrion 2 says:

    Just as nationalist parties and individuals are finally having some success in Europe and America, Andrew Joyce wants them to forget everything they’re doing and talk about global plots by scheming Jews. With “friends” like him, Western nationalists most certainly don’t need enemies.

    And actually, K-Mac style anti-Semitism does not even settle for Jews as antagonists but actually places them as the protagonists of the contemporary Western story. That is not only absurd but also the very opposite of a rousing call to arms. At least white SJWs can actually feel that they’re responsible for something. The “we’re all pitiful and inert victims” schtick is never going to bring in the flower of the Western nations…like, duh…

    I suppose he sees how ressentiment flavoured politics has organised various minority cultures in the West and wants that for his own. What an aspiration! Minority grievance culture today, minority grievance culture tomorrow, minority grievance culture forever.

    Even while keen eyed readers will have noticed that such nonsense never ends in nationhood. It ends with endless sops but also your people being ever more marginalised. Ask all the black Americans living in nowheresville, Ferguson, who used to live in Manhattan.

    Bannonite citizenism is showing a sure path to success, Joycian anti-Semitism is desperate to snatch defeat from hope. Were the global conspiracy of shapeshifting lizards or magic Jews or what have you true, and Joyce worked for it, would he write any differently?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Svigor
    , @Anonymous
  8. conatus says:

    Antisemitism is the mistaken belief, held by non-Jewish people, that Jewish people can be criticized, like everybody else.

    • Agree: Svigor
  9. Anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    When the parasite declares war on its host, it does make for a very dangerous situation and grave possibilities. Hitler just declared war back.

  10. Tom Welsh says:

    Surely any more or less identifiable group of people who allow their public image to be degraded by killings, fraud, robbery and other serious crimes must expect to receive criticism.

    To declare any specific group of people legally immune from such natural criticism would surely be racist.

  11. Tom Welsh says:

    Thanks for that photograph – a lot of food for thought. I find the reference to a “boycott of German goods” particularly interesting – how very like today’s BDS.

  12. @Anonymous

    War back, nonsense, of course.
    Since the German unification of 1870 criticism, or disappointment, of/with jews, had been growing.
    As Katz writes ‘instead of disappearing through assimilation, jews as a group became far stronger visible, through close economic cooperation, intermarriage, flaunting their wealth’, occupying a % of intellectual professions far in excess of the 2 to 3 % of the population, sometimes 50%.
    On top of that, running the Weimar Republic after the allies expelled the kaiser in 1918.
    I often wonder in how far the present USA situation is comparable to the Weimar republic.
    The financial situation also is more or less similar, in the period 1870 1900 even non jewish bankers were seen as jews.
    During the German hyperinflation, when nearly anyone became poor, those who understood the mechanism profited, among them jews, I suppose.
    Göring worked a a bank at the time, he was disgusted how some made a profit from the German misery.
    Let me end with Versailles, the Diktat, seen as a jewish conference at the time.
    There is no doubt whatsoever that Hitler wanted to greatly reduce jewish influence in Germany, as had Hungary already had done in the thirties.
    That international jewry reacted, also understandable, I must say.
    Who was more morally right, about this a very long debate is possible.

    • Agree: druid
  13. Tyrion 2 says:

    That headline was a sensationlisation of an economic boycott which was a response to the Nazi assaults and boycotts against Jews.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
    , @Anon
  14. “One hopes that Rensmann is a rare specimen of the epigenesis of brainwashing via post war psychological warfare against the German people and, more subtly, the American people.”

    Unfortunately, the only difference between Rensmann’s embrace of the Frankfurt School “Gnosis” and that of the average German is that Rennsmann’s job is to celebrate their genius. While most Germans probably don’t have a clue as to who Marcuse, Adorno, etc. where and how they were employed, most Jurgens and Gretas in contemporary Deutschland are thoroughly “Frankfurted”.

    It should be noted that Herbert Marcuse was employed by the the U.S.’s OWI (Office of War Information) and then Bill Donovan’s OSS (precursor to the CIA) during WWII. Though long dead, HM would be proud of today’s Germany, probably the most guilt-inflicted, self-loathing community in the world.

  15. Zumbuddi says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Absolutely wrong , on the facts .

    The Jewish boycott was plotted in late Feb – early March, 1933 n a Jewish confab in Europe; newspaper headline was March 23, 1933; one day German response was April 1, 1933.

    The 3 or 4 pages in The Transfer Agreement that Edwin Black devoted to the Jewish boycott are damning of Jewish actions and intentions.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  16. Pindos says:

    Prove it

    • Agree: Moi
  17. Dead? Never. Even a consensual blow job from a Jew chick on a Gentile Easter Sunday Morning is anti Semitic. Everything is. Call out Israel on ANYTHING, it’s anti-Semitic. Fail to pay your credit card? Probably anti Semitic. Late on your mortgage? Car payment? Not enough money in your 401K for the Jewish bankers to steal? All anti Semitic.

    It never ends because: The Holocaust.

    • Replies: @Svigor
  18. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The statements that raised my attention to this article were
    malleable to Jewish interest censorship of the expression of such interests
    anti-Jewish attitudes as quasi-criminal “Holocaust denial” and “hate speech” legislation. grubby hands off the Hungarian people’s property, factories, industrial plants, and hospitals.
    1 of 2 of Andrew’s list of qualifications demostrate Zionism to be a real threat to Jewish innoncent socieities everywhere:
    [the Axiom of Jewish Position Occupancy] Soon after a society hosts a Jewish invasion: the highest of the high level positions of power and influence within the Jewish invaded society become occupied and controled by Jews].
    [the Axiom of Jewish access control] Soon after a society hosts a Jewish invasion: access to positions of power, prominance become controlled [qualification by license, appointment or education], and the gatekeepers soon become Jewish.
    [the Axiom of Jewish Flight from discovered Abuse of Culture] Jewish invasion into any socieity is often followed by a prior societies discover that Jewish presence has resulted in Abuse of that society.

    [the Axiom of Jewish Access to International Networked Money}
    Jewish opportunity or plight generally gives Jews access to money and power sufficient to make the outcome of the opportunity Jewish-favored

    [the Axiom of Jewish protection of Jews in trouble} or to lighten the load of the Jew facing a threat to his existing power, status or freedom]

    [the Axiom of Jewish abuse of culture] Historicially Jews have fled from culture to culture because they have been discovered for some or many reasons as a risk to the culture.

    [the Use Axiom of Jewish Abuse of Power and Privilege] Jews use their positions of power or privilege to
    (a) engage in abusive private money manking schemes [privatization] and
    (b) to extract privilege
    (c) to gain access to privilege,
    (d) to enact laws that
    i) maintain privilege, position, and status,
    ii) establish jewish culture as mainstream,
    iii) shield their illegal or immoral activities from investigation or prosecution.
    iv) to make privatization of public goods and services into money schemes
    v) to device monopoly powers that can be assigned to jewish power.
    [here we are talking about the monopoly power in copyright, patent, private property ownership, license, franchise, and on and on]
    (e) to concentrate Jewish influence
    i) by use of Zionist networked foreign-funds
    ii) by the use of domestic and foreign NGOs
    iii) by the use of government military presence
    iv) by the use of university expertise to justify or promote a Jewish interest

    2 of 2 of Andrews list of qualification demostrate Zionism to be a real cultural threat to Jewish innocent socieities everywhere. Cultures must be and remain always alert to the Jewish infections; such infections are often subtle, well hidden, but they render suspectible persons emerging from educational, economic and cultural environments carriers, each resonating, in breath like rhythm, Jew is better propaganda as though such propaganda were the oxygen that supports life itself.

    I have heard this statement many times “I would have no friends if all my Jewish friends were to vanish, but if they are not vanished, my own culture, my own access to opportunity, and my innocence will soon disappear.” The problem with intolerate “king of the mountain” demand is that such demand excludes everyone else.

    My person opinion is Andre’s article raises some very interesting points.

  19. Tyrion 2 says:

    Wrong…leave your psychosis inducing echo chamber every now ans again.

    The following letter, dated March 23, 1933, was written by the wife of a physician and B’nai B’rith member in Vienna to her cousin in the United States. Although she lives in Vienna, she describes the conditions in Germany that affect Jews of the “intellectual” class. She asks her cousin Severna to “please consider this letter as one from my husband, whose secretary and spokesman I have become in this emergency.”

    letter below: Italics only works for one paragraph

    Aside from the daily violence and the daily threats and menaces of more persecutions to come, which the highest officials have openly said, we can report that the most dangerous threat of all which over-hangs German Jews is as follows: (my report is very condensed and stresses the situation of the intellectual workers, since my husband is a physician).

    All Jews exercising so-called free vocations as lawyers, physicians, artists, etc. are placed under what is called “exception rules.” In plain words, that means that Jewish lawyers are not allowed to plead cases before German law courts, that Jewish doctors have been removed from the staffs of hospitals and cooperative health institutions more or less violently, and the actors and orchestra leaders are no longer permitted to act or to lead.

    A highly organized boycott system is being carried out against Jewish tradesmen of all kinds so that our coreligionists in Germany find it absolutely impossible to earn a living.

    In our country the same movement is spreading rapidly and we can foresee a coalition with the same German system in the near future.

    I beg of you, dear cousin Severna, to hand this S.O.S. communication to the authority you think should see it. For the sake of caution I am not mentioning my address in this letter. Should you be unable to find it, I am sure your father will have it. I will not write you any personal news for we feel so depressed and downhearted that I could only repeat the theme of this letter.

    Ever yours affectionately


    P.S. When replying, please be very careful not to be too explicit and keep in mind the fact that the letter will possibly be opened and read by officials.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Anon
  20. Antisemitism is illegal, punishable by fines and imprisonment. If you want to be a law-abiding citizen, expunge all antisemitic thought from your consciousness.

    Racism, as defined by “authorities”, will soon be illegal, and also punishable by fines and imprisonment. If you want to be a law-abiding citizen, expunge all racist perceptions from your consciousness.

    While you’re about it, tear up your copy of the US Constitution. It no longer applies.

  21. Anonymous [AKA "JewBoy"] says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Dear Haters:

    I can assure you that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN*** and 90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel, other than sympathizing with a country whose population has been persecuted throughout history, was attacked immediately after its founding, and remains surrounded by nations which have sworn to destroy it. Blame the British if you need someone to blame for the current, evolved state of affairs; look it up. Israel may not be angelic, but from the start its people just wanted to be left alone and its enemies are ten times worse.

    Now you can sleep at night.

  22. Most of you that I knew were good ole boys that liked to drink Jack Daniels.

    This I know.

  23. @Anonymous

    A classic example of ‘nobody can defend his own case’.
    You confirm anything about USA jewry that I supposed.
    I can just advise you to consult a good PR consultant, to prevent further damage to people like yourself.

  24. Sean says:

    Everyone has always known all this stuff., but practical people understand that agitating to remove Jews from positions of influence is not going to work. It just isn’t, and Stephen Miller would have to go with them.

    What mobilises Jews to run into a block like quicksilver is Israel, which already has a border wall. Get Israel to kick the occupied territory Palestinians out They are going to have to do it eventually, only American armchair Jews who hate Stephen Miller think otherwise. Israel will have completed its journey to becoming the first modern integral nationalist state, which it can uniquely do without having to defend itself against accusations of being Nazi . The West will not be able to pursue transfers in the same way, but with the Israel Lobby running interference, a halt to replacement immigration and limited repatriation of immigrants will become possible.

    • Replies: @crimson2
    , @Svigor
  25. @jilles dykstra

    I can just advise you to consult a good PR consultant, to prevent further damage to people like yourself.

    My ten cents suspects the guy already is a PR consultant. In NYC.

  26. Agent76 says:

    Simply not. Mar 14, 2012 Holocaust Uncovered (1945) – WARNING: Distressing Images

    English MP Mrs. Mavis Tate shows proof of the holocaust with shots from her visit to a German concentratino camp. Taken from the original 1945 British Pathe newsreel “German Atrocities – Proof”. This Pathe newsreel showed the world at the time what atrocities had been committed.

    • Replies: @Allan
    , @SolontoCroesus
    , @Wally
  27. Peter Maya says: • Website

    Indeed NO debate, scholarly research, NO intellectual invstigation and otherwise is allowed about the opposite JEWISH SUPREMACY racism, ethnocentrism, anti Semitism has become a code word for MASS CENSORSHIP…about JEWS and ofcourse Israeli criminality…Anything that can not be openly debated will be driven underground however valid or absurd….Israel is becoming what Hitler predcited a VESSAL a HQ for Jewish world domination…Women studies, Afro studies, Gender studies …..Have you ever heard of any Institute for Zionist Studies….

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  28. crimson2 says:

    It’s not dead. But it is more commonly relegated to the dregs of society or people with mental illness. (Present company included, of course.)

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  29. crimson2 says:

    The West will not be able to pursue transfers in the same way, but with the Israel Lobby running interference, a halt to replacement immigration and limited repatriation of immigrants will become possible.

    Yeah, you guys should love Israel’s right-wing government. They’re as racist as you are.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Sean
  30. Jake says:

    ‘Antisemitism’ is dead because WASP culture rules the world, and WASP culture was formed out of the Judaizing heresy Anglo-Saxon Puritanism.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  31. Allan says:

    Thanks for that. We mustn’t forget that Jewish leadership scored one of the greatest own goals in history while trampling many third parties, too. Their refusal to explain Zionist collaboration with the NSDAP needs to be met bluntly with complusory testimony about what Jewish leaders knew and when they knew it. We know that Jews were prominent in the Fascist party of Italy, so it’s not incredible that two Jewish bankers in Berlin were generous benefactors of the NSDAP. (See Irving’s “Hitler’s War” for the report about Dr. Heinrich Brüning’s letter to Churchill in the late 1930’s.)

    It ought to be straightforward to determine how Hitler could have been kept out of power in the absence of the precious Weimar republic—which had Jews’ fingerprints all over it. Especially prominent was a lawyer named Hugo Preuß. Without him and other such busybodies there is no path to power for a corporal, esp. in a preserved Kaiserreich where there would be so much less chaos for AH to exploit for PR gain. Pushing and shoving Jews preferred instead to plunge Germany into chaos with democracy, then cried later as victims when the NSDAP treated them harshly.

    Let Jewish leadership explain all this and more about their role in what appears to be not only the world’s first nuclear war but also a set up with Jews once again greatly overrepresented among the perps.

    While explaining theirselves, it wouldn’t hurt Jewish leaders to clarify their ancestors’ involvement in the genocide of Greek citizens of the Roman empire. They can explain also why Jews are greatly overrepresented in other totalitarian movements like Bolshevism and the divisive affair called “social justice”, which is vindictiveness by another name.

    No more Jewish tears. Jewish leaders have two fair choices: Either explain their behavior or shut up.

  32. @Agent76

    Did Mrs Mavis Tate produce a similar broadcast — especially for the people of Britain — showing the 131 German cities the British and Americans had firebombed, and the hundreds of thousands of German civilians reduced to ashes or lumps looking like cordwood, as a result of the Allies’ deliberate, premeditated, planned and rehearsed firebombing of German civilians?

    Erich Mendelsohn, “the Jewish architect,” and his (Jewish) colleagues then at Harvard, collaborated with US Air Force and Standard Oil company to develop the “most effective means of producing a firestorm” to burn — “de-house,” housing of working class Germans, and to incinerate the inhabitants. Hollywood studio set designers — exclusively Jewish, in the 1940s — also participated in the creation of precise mock-ups of German workers’s housing, upon which USAF and Standard Oil practiced, rehearsed and perfected the most effective means of reducing them to cinders and rubble.

    Hollywood set designer specifications included cribs, contemplating that “young families with infants” would inhabit the dwellings they planned to firestorm.

  33. Miggle says:

    Dear Haters:

    I can assure you that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN*** and 90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel, other than sympathizing with a country whose population has been persecuted throughout history, was attacked immediately after its founding, and remains surrounded by nations which have sworn to destroy it. Blame the British if you need someone to blame for the current, evolved state of affairs; look it up. Israel may not be angelic, but from the start its people just wanted to be left alone and its enemies are ten times worse.

    Sickening. Beyond sickening that you blame the victims for trying to defend themselves against being exterminated by the Jews. You are deeply evil. You don’t give a hoot about exterminating real Semites, but you do give a hoot about making certain that a flood of lies pours out of you.

    The liar says: “was attacked immediately after its founding” (15 May 1948) when it was not, when there were no attacks on the Jewish partition after the “country”s founding or before, but the Deir Yassin massacre was on 9 April 1948, well before, pure terrorism, a particularly murderous attack by Jews on a peaceful Arab village, and that was only one of many.

    The murderous “de-Arabisation” of Haifa, getting rid of the 75,000 Arabs who lived there, began in December 1947. “The Jewish campaign of terrorization, begun in December, included heavy shelling, sniper fire, rivers of ignited oil and fuel sent down the mountain-side, and detonated barrels of explosives, and went on for the first months of 1948, …” (Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine).

    Jewish midnight massacres of Arab villages, again prior to 15 May 1948, were another aspect. David Ben-Gurion, in a meeting at his home on 19 February 1948, expressed his pleasure at the midnight massacre of the village of Sa`sa a few days before, on 14‒15 February, but was disappointed to receive reports from all over Palestine that the Arabs were peaceful. “All of those present, without exception, reported that rural Palestine showed no desire to fight or attack, and was defenceless.” So Ben-Gurion gave his orders: “the best thing to do was `to continue to terrorize the rural areas … through a series of offensives’”.

    That’s only a small part of the story of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. And it didn’t end then.

    But you don’t give a hoot about any of that. Oh yes, blame the British.

    You invent persecution throughout history when the Jews have been privileged throughout history, uprisings of the proles against the Jews have been rare but not without cause, and the elites have generally defended or given refuge to the Jews in such situations; and when no Israeli has been persecuted at any time in his or her life but you make them out to be victims.


  34. Allan says:

    It’s trivially true, at most, “that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN***”. This fact is a function of birthright citizenship law extrinsic to anything Jewish. You can’t improve this situation with diversionary accusations like “Haters” or a fork-tongued assertion that “90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel”. It’s obvious that ye care very, very much.

    You mentioned also your Levantine enemies in your remark, but you need to remember that Arabs, too, are Semites. We know, even if you would prefer not to admit it, that Israel’s religion and culture is chauvinistically contemptuous of and hateful toward those other Semites. So it is no hyperbole to describe Israel itself as institutionally antisemitic.

    Israel Shahak is just one of several people who have been clearing the air of obscuring smoke. If you doubt me, read his words. Take careful note of his claim, for example, that Islam is so close to Talmudism that Muhammad, a brigand and theocratic tyrant, is a mere meshugga, a madman. Jesus, on the other hand, is to simmer in excrement for his heresy.

    Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
    The Weight of Three Thousand Years
    By Israel Shahak

  35. Before discussing “anti-Semitism”, one should distinguish between the culture of Judaism and the political jew gang which is a political gang just like democrats, republicans, nazis, bloods, or crips. The jew gang works for their gang, not America. They are the Jew Mafia, just like the Italian Mafia, the Mexican Mafia, or the Irish Mafia. Criticizing them is not criticizing Jews or the Jewish culture. No one claims that criticizing the Italian Mafia is criticizing all Italians.

    This jew gang has read and studied Mein Kampf and are using the philosophical and moral guidelines of the Nazis to broadcast war propaganda and control the language with which we understand and discuss events. Just like Israel’s fighter jets recently hid behind a Russian plane to deflect the missiles away from them to hit the Russian plane, the Jew gang hides behind the Jewish culture and deflects all criticism against them to the culture, pretending that criticism of the political gang is criticism of the people and culture. Very effective trick, isn’t it.

  36. @Allan

    Bit by bit the holocaust narrative is unraveling.

    In my view, the entire “theory of the crime” as propagandized by the holocausters is bogus; Clue #1 is that the anti-German propaganda that began almost before Hitler put his head on the pillow on Jan 30, 1933, formed the basis for Jewish-produced books, news articles, rallies, Hollywood movies leading up to the mother-of-all propaganda campaigns in 1940, and is the very same narrative used in psychological warfare against the German people beginning with the liberation of the camps in early 1945.
    Moreover, 70 + years on, the further the population gets from the actual events, and the larger the cracks in the ordained holocaust narrative, the more frequent the resurrection of the propaganda media that were composed in 1933 – 1945.

    In a conversation about his book on World War I, historian Thomas Fleming stated that it takes fifty years or so for a society to get to the point of composing an objective history: until that length of time has elapsed, emotion dominates what is advanced as “history.”

    WWII historiography is unique in a number of ways, not least being the unprecedented-in-all-of-history fact that tons of documents of the Adversary were removed from the vanquished state by its conqueror, and used by that conqueror to compose the first, ‘green’, broadly consumed history of that event (see the first paragraphs of William Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”).

    As Benjamin Ginsberg reports in “How the Jews Defeated Hitler,” Shirer was part of the media team used by Jewish leaders and pro-war advocates to propagandize war.

    The Ritchie Boys — about 2500 German Jews who migrated to USA in the mid- to late-1930s and enlisted in US military spying, intelligence-gathering, and interrogations operations in Germany/Europe, played a role in gathering those documents, as well as in the interrogation and prosecutions of Germans at Nuremberg.

    Gerhard Weinberg (a nasty little man), then a professor in history at Columbia, led the team of historians who copied for US files to be held in US National Archives, then returned those documents to Germany

    Robert Wolfe, also Jewish, was director of the “German Archive” in National Archive for almost the entire history of the presence of that cache of documents.

    Today, Jewish, or ‘zio-philic’ or at least zio-compliant executives control media purveyed to the American people.

    A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. James Madison to W. T. Barry, Aug. 4, 1822


    “There is one force in the world that really matters,” he said, “and that is the force of moral pressure. We Jews are the most powerful nation in the world because we have that force and know how to use it.” Vladimir Jabotinsky, creator of Revisionist Zionism (and mentor to Benzion (Milikovsky) Netanyahu, father of Benjamin), to zionists upon disembarking at harbor in New York City, Jan. 27, 1935

    Whose drum do we march to, America: America’s founding father James Madison, or militant zionism’s founding father, Vladimir Jabotinsky?

  37. utu says:
    @Tyrion 2

    The lady was a type of quite common Jewish Worrier with tendency to hysteria. If she lived in the US 2018 she would could be the one having experience of sudden memory recovery of being molested by Kavanaugh.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  38. Tyrion 2 says:

    If Kavanaugh had written two books and multiple pamphlets saying that he was going to rape that woman, I’d be inclined to believe her when she accused him.

    Hitler and the Nazis were proud to be oppressing Jews. Just as the Democratic party is proud to discriminate against white people in America. No one in America is proud to be oppressing women, which is how we can tell it isn’t happening.

    • Agree: vinteuil
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @utu
    , @vinteuil
  39. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    And actually, K-Mac style anti-Semitism does not even settle for Jews as antagonists but actually places them as the protagonists of the contemporary Western story. That is not only absurd but also the very opposite of a rousing call to arms.

    A niggling point that is to over-engineered to matter let alone manifest as observable.

    At least white SJWs can actually feel that they’re responsible for something. The “we’re all pitiful and inert victims” schtick is never going to bring in the flower of the Western nations…like, duh…

    I suppose he sees how ressentiment flavoured politics has organised various minority cultures in the West and wants that for his own. What an aspiration! Minority grievance culture today, minority grievance culture tomorrow, minority grievance culture forever.

    None of your points matter in light of the real after-effects of an anti-multiculutralist movement. We can’t be an oppressed minority if we are the majority, right? The Jews had one good idea in Zionism. Remember, they are obligated to (and will eventually) kick everyone out as well.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  40. Them Guys says:

    JewBoy: These Jews sure Disagree with what You stated, eh….

    “I am not an American of JEWISH faith. I am a JEW. I have been a JEW for a thousand years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race.”
    — Rabbi Stephen Wise, N.Y. Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938.

    “You are not Whites — either symbolically or literally — as anyone knows who goes to Israel.”
    — Professor Leonard Fein at speech at 27th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, SA May 15, 1972.

    Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”
    — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

    “You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of a Hebraic character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”
    — Gerald Soman, Chairman of the World Jewry Fellowship, in its official manifesto, January 1, 1935.

    “Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.”
    — Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Ct. Justice, Zionism, page 113.

    “The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”
    — The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

    “The Jew is an inborn Communist.”
    — Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311.

    Speak of the Devil! This quote Ties with Article here, eh!

    “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.”
    — Max Horkheimer, Marxist Jew of the Frankfurt School

    “Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.”

    — from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism.” p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.

    “Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.”
    — Samuel Roth, “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

  41. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    I can assure you that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN***

    Jews have diluted the meaning of that term. Moreover, if that were true, then there would be no “American” Jewish migration for IDF service.

    and 90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel,

    You’re all hat and no trousers. Again, see the over-riding trend toward American-Jewish youth IDF service over US military service. Sorry, you don’t get to live here as a supposed (read: accepted) American and yet in your actions loudly proclaim that you are anything but. The Jewish version of “American” is that the term merely means “the world” along with papers. That’s why you are hated and that’s why your rousing American-nationalist claims ring hollow.

    other than sympathizing with a country whose population has been persecuted throughout history,

    Aww, the poor wittle victims dindunuffin?

    Scrap your Aryan child (children of the Ram: lambs) sacrifice ritual at Passover and we can begin to talk. Don’t be such a huge political revolutionary force and then we can talk (though its a bit late to walk away from your murderous history). As of now, it seems you have deserved every blade you have gotten. And you still won’t fuck off back to Israel. So, spare the adults the self-pity party.

    was attacked immediately after its founding, and remains surrounded by nations which have sworn to destroy it.

    On the co0ntrary, you seem to care an awful lot about Israel for an “American”. I wonder how that plays out in American national politics?

    National Socialist Germany was just a scrappy little nation that was attacked immediately after its founding and surrounded by nations, to include the Jewish diaspora, who threatened to destroy it. So, what’s your legitimate complaint exactly? That’s right, you have none.

    You need to pray that Israel doesn’t get invaded by a million man raping army the way that Jews sent the Red Army in to rape Germany. You sniveling, immoral, dirty little animal.

    Israel may not be angelic, but from the start its people just wanted to be left alone and its enemies are ten times worse.

    What a revisionist joke. The rest of the world knows who you are, and doesn’t accept your fictions.

  42. renfro says:

    I can assure you that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN*** and 90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel, other than

    No you aren’t Americans.
    You are Jews,you worship yourselves and Israel.
    You have no loyalty to America.

    All anyone has to do to see what Jews are all about is go to any or all of the 1000’s of Jewish blogs, and online magazines and read their comments.

    • Agree: Them Guys
    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  43. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:

    All of you Semitic cunts deserve every “phobia” that we have toward you. This is the West, not Oriental Turkistan and Arabia. You have no legitimate platform to complain about any intolerance of you here.

  44. Svigor says:

    What’s interesting is how 99.9% of the whining about (((ANTI-SEMITISM!!!))) comes from Jews.

    Nobody else seems to much give a shit.

    Very, very small constituency. They should keep it in the Jewish Press, really.

    The obits for (((ANTI-SEMITISM!!!))) are Jew wishful thinking. Obviously there’s been a huge upsurge in awareness of Jewish perfidy among Whites.

    Rensmann is a particularly sad case. Still under 50 years of age, he’s a classic case of a guilt-ridden German preoccupied with the Jewish experience

    True. Fortunately, few such cases.

    Key facets of political antisemitism such as the management and exclusion of Jews in areas of public life (for example, via voting restrictions and educational quotas) are no longer in place in any Western country, and it is currently unthinkable for anyone to even suggest such policies.

    Nonsense. Jews should be no better represented, per capita, in the power structure of White societies than White goyim are represented, per capita, in the power structure of Israel.

    If I’m being generous. Really, we should run them out of our public life entirely. Let them run their own communities, if they want to run something.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  45. Svigor says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Oh, look, a Zhid’s here to tell us what’s best for us: pro-Zhiddism.

    Thanks, Zhid, never expected that from you. It’s also great to hear some pro-Zhiddism; there isn’t enough of zat on zee interwebz.

  46. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    I fail to see a rhetorical point in your copypasta.


    For what? In what context?

    That rusted-through and burning ship has long sailed. Who has sympathy for sociopolitical cancer or cancer of any kind?

    Palestine is for Jews. They are lucky to get that given their long-running behavior. The rest of the world is for everyone else, as appropriate.

  47. Svigor says:

    Agreed; those groups of ordinary people need to stop putting themselves in danger, and let the Jews walk themselves to temple.

  48. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    So what? Is Germany Israel? No, its “Germany”. Which is for Germanic people, and some others who fully integrate. Jews meet neither of those qualifications.

    Israel is hostile to its neighbors, to include the millions locked up in detention that it specifically sees as “not Jews and can’t become Jews”, because it feels that taking this step is the best prevention toward their survival. Germany thought that Jewish boycotts were one step (albeit a much milder one) toward the same end.

    What, one standard for Jews and another for everyone else?

    Jews in Germany needed to have jogged onto the first ships setting sail for Palestine and not looked back. They still haven’t taken that step.

    Every other Jew needed to mind their business. That they did not tells the world that Jews sure as heck aren’t “American” in the manner that millions of “American” Germans signed up to kill their brothers for the “American” Jews.

    If Jews want to play internationalist, then actions against their interference will always be fully justifiable up to and including things that they really do not want. Spies are executed to this day. The average internationalist Jew is not too far off in his nature. He only lacks access most of the time.

  49. Svigor says:
    @Jim Christian

    Incorrect. It never ends because Jews. If it wasn’t the shoah, it’d be some other bit of shoah business. It’s just who Jews are.

    Jews are the original dindunuffins, btw.

    • Replies: @Wally
  50. Svigor says:

    I mean, take this Tyrion fellow. He’s only half-Jew (IIRC), FFS. But here he is fighting to capture the last 1% of the web for his tribe. Jews never did nuffin’, just ax him.

    • Replies: @ANON
    , @Tyrion 2
  51. Svigor says:

    Hey Tyrion, what are some of the biggest historical crimes and misdeeds of da Jooish people?

  52. Svigor says:

    Half the tribe is trying to shut down free speech across the west. Does Tyrion give a fuck?

    FUCK NO. He’s helping.

    That’s “the Jewish right” for ya.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @Tyrion 2
  53. Tyrion 2 says:

    You’re confusing my realist point with some sort of obtuse kindergarten style morality. Your message only appeals to loser and psychos.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
    , @Anon
  54. Svigor says:

    I can assure you that any Jew born in the USA is an ***AMERICAN*** and 90% of us don’t give a hoot about Israel

    Prove it. Nuke Israel. Until then, I say you’re all lying.

  55. Svigor says:

    Oy vey goy, blame da British for da existence of Yisrael! Dey’re da guilty ones!

    FFS, I was just talking how Jews are the ultimate dindus and the poster boy shows up and blames Britain for Jews’ existence.

    I couldn’t make this shit up.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  56. Anon[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Have you read the Jewish books, which detail the justification for oppressing non-Jews? Jews do not even consider non-Jews to be fully human.

    Gentiles are more akin to animals to Jews, a metaphor which Jews make liberal use of throughout their texts (though, this is ironic given the high percentage of hominid (monkey) admixture in the Jewish genetic pool).

    You are too uneducated to know what you don’t know.

    You are too uneducated to know the great irony in your username as contrasted with your specific political advocacy. I may as well call myself “Yahweh boy” and post as I do.

    You truly are lost; and speaking well out of school.

  57. Svigor says:

    Everyone has always known all this stuff., but practical people understand that agitating to remove Jews from positions of influence is not going to work. It just isn’t, and Stephen Miller would have to go with them.

    Deal. Sorry Steve, you just aren’t that valuable. No thousand people put together are.

    • Replies: @Sean
  58. Anon[220] • Disclaimer says:

    If you value your existence in society as you know it, you will fully listen and believe me when I tell you that you have no choice when it comes to whether or not you will endure a racist drive at the nucleus of society. You will endure it. Everyone will.

    Its the nature of politics, and at the end of the day the only thing that can replace the accelerating intensity of politics is massive depopulation. And even that would only delay it. As long as there humans are trying to decide on how to divide resources (including in communism), you can be assured to eventually endure a racist drive at the nucleus of society.

    Your choice only lies in who will be pulling the strings from that central nucleus. How about Africans, Arabians, or Asians? Before you would answer, I would encourage you to get to intimately know the people of these societies. Their common impulses, thought patterns, behaviors, and re-occurring values. Jewish run PBS has not taught you a thing.

    The truth is that you choice lies with one of two people. Germanic gentiles or Turkish (Oriental) Jews.

    If I were you, I’d consider the group who has not literally codified a religion out of dehumanizing everyone that is not them, master-slave morality, and eventual world conquest.

    Germanic peoples have their flaws, and may demand space similar to Jews, but they have not taken this step and likely will not try to cease working to have people serve them in the manner that Jews admit to expecting in the future.

    Its your choice. That’s my two cents.

  59. Anti-Semitism dead? No I don’t think so. In a few days Hollywood will release it’s latest WW2 movie based on Goebbels. No, they won’t let it die, it is a billion dollar business. I think it is a fair estimate, that can be proved, that over 50% of attacks labeled anti-semetic crimes, such as spray painting, headstones tipping etc., are actually perpetrated by jews just to keep this bullshit going and, the dollars pouring in.
    What I see happening is a growing awareness that history has been hijacked. The holocaust story has serious flaws, and like the official 911 story it falls apart under the most cursory glance. Right now jewish power is growing, and they’re actually flaunted it. Jews cannot control their innate urge to dominate, and horribly hurt others in the most atrocious of ways. This barbarous side will come out more and more, and as it does more and more young people will wake up to the fact that the jews want to actually enslave everyone else, and something must br done.
    What I am saying is a backlash is coming, and it will be violent, and nobody will take the time to separate the good jew from the Zionist jew. Just like in Syria where the terrorist can not be separated from the moderate rebel, so both must die.

  60. utu says:
    @Tyrion 2

    I’d be inclined to believe her when she accused him.

    But she still lied.

  61. Per comment by solontocroesus:

    Your comment:

    “Bit by bit the holocaust narrative is unraveling.”

    appears to be on the mark. The behavior of “radical jews” who go berserk if you don’t believe their myth is the result of classical conditioning. You know, Pavlov’s dogs. These dogs were conditioned to associate the ringing of a bell with food, so that they would begin salivating at the ringing of the bell even without the food.

    The radical jews were conditioned as children to respond in this manner so that when someone questions their myth of the jewish holocaust, they hear the bell and start salivating. They get scared and angry and start accusing you of being evil. It is an emotional and physical response, just like Pavlov’s dogs. The are subconsciously responding to the bell, which in their minds has been associated with the feeling “We are under attack!!!”. How many other people respond this way to someone who does not believe their myths?

    You can learn more about propaganda and it’s forms in Jacques Ellul’s book “Propaganda: The formation of mens attitudes”.

  62. Zumbuddi says:
    @Tyrion 2


    An Israel lover , that Israel whose entire existence & perpetuation are totally dependent on politicsl, military, financial and ALSO intellectual support acquired by shake-down, whining, blackmail, and treachery.

    Talk about Losers.

    btw, by any chance, were you an advisor to the HRC campsign?
    Chuck Schumer?
    Diane Feinstein?

    • Troll: Tyrion 2
    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  63. ANON[380] • Disclaimer says:

    Betcha 30 shekels Tyrion2 is a Front Holer.

  64. Josecanuc says:

    “I feel a strong inclination to surrender to my affects (bias) in this matter and find myself confirmed in my wholly nonscientific belief that mankind on the average and taken by and large are a wretched (dejected dismal) lot. Of course I do not officially claim to say scientifically that Jews are on the whole are not a wretched part of mankind. I feel that we may be, non-scientifically of course, wicked, but not wretched.”
    “With regard to antisemitism I don’t really want to search for explanations; (It seems rather strange that I don’t want to do what comes so naturally and easily to me – the love of my life, finding out the psychological causes of humanity’s behavior – its affectations. I guess you can say it’s a ‘Freudian slip’ on my part).
    I am not interested in discovering the root cause of anti-semitism for the same reason that any honest Jew who cannot lie about it is not interested.
    Sigmund Freud, letter to his close friend Arnold Zweig, Dec. 12, 1927

    “As for anti-Semitic feelings, the Jews themselves are to blame, and the present agitation must be ascribed to their arrogance, vanity, and unspeakable insolence.”
    Meyer Carl Rothschild in letter to Gerson

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  65. Tyrion 2 says:

    I am happy for globalist movements to discredit themselves with their idiocy. Indeed, I wish they’d go insane beyond any neutral observer’s doubt. My issue is that a solid minority on the nationalist side has already done that. This is not helpful. When the way you talk about a group of people means that you could substitute interdimensional reptiles in for that group and it would change little, you should know you’ve lost it.

  66. Tyrion 2 says:

    There’s loads. And Jews have no difficulty with preserving the memory of them. The Old Testament is a….uh…testament to that fact.

  67. vinteuil says: • Website
    @Tyrion 2

    Once you get outside of ISteve & Anatoly Karlin on this site, the quality of commentary just goes through the floor. Thanks for fighting the good fight, but I increasingly fear it’s hopeless.

    • Replies: @Lot
  68. Tyrion 2 says:

    Your thinking and memory are confused.

  69. @crimson2

    Think what they might be doing if they didn’t have their internet connection. Studying manuals on bomb construction in a hut in a forest for example.

    But here’s a question. What started anti- Semitism? And add, what kept it going when other antis dissipated?

    The answer to the second question has to start with the reciprocal behaviour and attitudes of the opposed groups but that only takes one a bit of the way because the ways in (and attitudes by) which Jews made themselves unpopular with e.g. Russian peasants was not entirely a product of their own uncoerced volition. Generally, explosions of populations are a big part of the explanation for modern disasters though one shouldn’t treat them as unique by ignoring the barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire and the Eurasians taking their diseases to the New World(s).

    Fortunately now we know that we can blame Christianity, with Islam competing. So let’s not forget who started that nonsense. I blame that Hebrew chap who won the first Templeton Prize for making up his Abraham, Isaac and Jacob stories (not forgetting that the Moses series became a runaway bestseller).

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  70. @Miggle

    Your comments ring true. As a group, Jews are the world’s foremost myth-makers and controllers of historic narratives. And they are predisposed to protect their gatekeeping status ruthlessly. Their compulsive ethnocentrism affects everything they touch and all nations where they life. They are an overwhelming, strategic and global force.

    In elite zones where Jews control powerful institutions involving mass media, law and higher education, there is no ‘affirmative action’ for non-Jews since that would spell ‘Jewish quotas’–and we can’t allow that! This taboo/privilege leaves Jews exempt from many of the laws and policies that they themselves crafted.

    For example, in the US, whites may be counted, sorted, bypassed, and disqualified due to their numeric ‘overrepresentation’. But not Jews. The US Census is prohibited from counting Jews and all US federal, state and local are similarly disallowed from ‘noticing’ Jewish formation and overrepresentation.

    Voluntary boycotts which target Israel (BDS for example) are systematically being criminalized. It is established US law that American companies may NOT boycott the Jewish state.

    As individuals, the Jewish capacity for deception (and self-deception) appears to be in a class by itself. This makes them artful dissemblers. Kevin MacDonald explored the element of Jewish self-deception in his seminal volume, “Culture of Critique”. MacDonald also explores the numerous crypto-Jewish political and intellectual movements which, over the past century, have transformed Western civilization in harmful ways.

    Zio-Washington’s ongoing economic war against Iran (like its preemptive military attacks upon Libya, Iraq, and Syria) is covered with Zionist fingerprints. This pattern is diabolical.

    Taken together, Jewish power, aggressiveness, talent, cohesion and ruthlessness make them the world’s most influential and most dangerous tribe.

    • Agree: druid, Miggle
  71. Wally says:

    Yep, Jews have been slinging their fake ‘6M’ lie since at least 1823.

    6 MILLION?


  72. geokat62 says:

    The author of the current article has recently penned another article that delves into the works of the Frankfurt School.

    The following are excerpts from the introductory and concluding paragraphs of “Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part One of Two:

    The whole story is transparently barmy.” This is what Guardian journalist Jason Wilson had to say in a 2015 article discussing “conspiracy theories” about Cultural Marxism. Barmy, for the uninitiated, is a British informal adjective with the meanings “mad; crazy; extremely foolish.” …

    Re-reading this article recently, I wondered what Mr Wilson would say if I told him I possessed a document wherein an influential Jew linked to Marcuse and Adorno unambiguously sets out a scheme for the capture of the media, the mass brainwashing of White populations with multicultural propaganda, the manipulation of in-group culture to make it hostile to its own sense of ethnocentrism, the spreading of a culture of political correctness, and, ultimately, the co-option of the West by small ethnic clique pursuing its own interests under the guise of “promoting tolerance.”…

    What we see here is the origins of an extensive Jewish joint enterprise in which the unlocking and alteration of White American public opinion is the goal. This is not conspiracy theory, but an established and provable fact. In a sense, the Frankfurt School, or Institute for Social Research, was the tip of an iceberg. The work of Horkheimer, Adorno et al, both drew from, and enthused, a large and growing army of Jewish academics working in the fields of public opinion and mass communications. This was a body of academics and activists keen to translate theories on “prejudice and the authoritarian personality” into action — to change the opinions and thinking of the host population.

  73. Wally says:

    Indeed, typhus is a bitch, it affected everyone, and without fuel cremation is difficult.
    Of course the disease woud not have been as bad if the Allie had not illegally bombed & strafed civilian medical supply & food transports into the sites.


    The real story of Buchenwald, not the scripted propaganda, below.
    The embarrassing high school-like drama of Nazi human skin lampshades & shrunken heads stagecraft is absolutely exposed here for the fraud that it is:
    Buchenwald—A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil:
    more here:
    Nazi Shrunken Heads, A 24-minute free video about lies which justify war:
    Buchenwald: Legend and Reality :
    Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies :

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  74. @jilles dykstra

    Nemo iudex in causa sua is a Latin phrase that means, literally, “no-one should be a judge in his own case.”

    This is quite different from “no-one should defend his own case” or the even more idiotic “no-one can defend his own case”.

    In any case the phrase does not apply here. The PR goon JewBoy is merely shilling and distributing false information as is usually the case with the handful of resident JewBoys with multiple sockpuppet handles here at unz. See Tirone2, crimson, Lot, Incitatus, Wizard of Oz, CanSpeccy, the retired, burned or deceased Sherman and Quarterback, Iffen and so many others.

  75. Agent76 says:

    You are overlooking the Roman Catholics who crucified Jesus.

    Mar 19, 2013 Pope Francis and the Dirty War – Michel Chossudovsky on GRTV

    Last week over a billion Catholics around the world watched as the Vatican conclave elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the next Pope. But now, as researchers like Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization are pointing out, Bergoglio’s past points to his likely involvement in crimes against humanity.

  76. Zumbuddi says:

    Troll ! !

    If you can’t dislodge the facts and can’t refute the logic, call names.

    The inevitable tactic of the Loser.

    • Troll: Tyrion 2
  77. Agent76 says:


    Catholic clergy and Nazi officials, including Joseph Goebbels (far right) and Wilhelm Frick (second from right), give the Nazi salute. Germany, date uncertain. — Bayerische Staatsbibliothek The population of Germany in 1933 was around 60 million. Almost all Germans were Christian, belonging either to the Roman Catholic (ca. 20 million members) or the Protestant (ca. 40 million members) churches. The Jewish community in Germany in 1933 was less than 1% of the total population of the country.

  78. JamesinNM says:

    Romans 2:28-29 describes real Jews as having circumcised hearts. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 describe false Jews as the synagogue of Satan.

  79. “do not make alliances with such judes and christians that make alliances between themselves”

    The one thing every true Christian should know from the Quran is the sentence above.
    Are you a follower of true Rome or one of those lukewarm christians?

    Study the eschatology of Islam, talmudism and eastern Christianity (true Rome)

    Here is a interesting place to start your study btw;)

    Remember to use your brain, who made the “all muslims are bad” narrative?
    try typing Arbaèen into jootube, you will learn why they fear the Shias so much;)

    Orthodox Christian

  80. Gene says:

    I am surprised that the UNZ allows dirty Jews like you to make dirty commits. You are the scums of the Earth and you should return to your shit and leave the Palestinians alone.

  81. T. Weed says:

    I am re-reading (read it years ago) The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. What a great, all-encompassing book, starting 2,000 years ago with a small tribe of murderous fanatics in Judea, down to 1953, when Reed concludes his narrative. I’m on the last chapter, and growing more anti-Semitic by the minute!

  82. @Miggle

    Can you give me an irrefutable source/reference for that tough speech of Ben Girion in February 1948? I don’t want to quote it and then find it is one of the many made up quotes that litter the internet.

  83. @Miggle

    Can you give me an irrefutable source/reference for that tough speech of Ben Girion in February 1948? I don’t want to quote it and then find it is one of the many made up quotes that litter the internet.

    • Replies: @Miggle
  84. @Josecanuc

    Irrefutable sources please. There are too many made up quotes around….

    • Replies: @Josecanuc
  85. @CouldNotHelp

    Are you dishonest or just not very bright? Here is someone naming no less than 9 alleged sock puppets on UR so has been hanging about in the ‘hood for quite a long time. But this is the first CouldNotHelp comment on UR. So…. what’s your sock puppet moniker?

    Not very bright is for sure if you have read the 9’s commenters and really think they are sock puppets.

  86. Anonymous [AKA "rally"] says:

    The Israeli army is the most moral in the world. Mandatory end of conversation.

  87. @Svigor

    Britain could not afford to keep Palestine as a colony after World War II and saw the shape of things to come.

    They just wanted out of the colonial game, point blank.

  88. niceland says:

    Somewhere in America in the year 4036 there will be 3 major religious cults.

    The Trumpers; they dug up old archives from Fox News and believe Trump was the chosen one and will some day return to earth and bring his followers up to the skies to live with him forever in Trump Heaven taking golden showers and playing golf all day.

    Clintoninans; The rely on Washington Post archives, and firmly believe they are the chosen people. None with pure bloodlines whatsoever can apply. Single bathrooms for all! Walks on water every other Sunday!

    And the Putinists. These guys worship Vladimir Putin because he saved the planet from most of the pending nuclear wars in his lifetime. And he killed the dead sea. Trump is recognized saint in this cult and it’s customary to drink his toast during the Pravda, their yearly festival of truth. Their most secret relic is a deep frozen hard drive with collection from and R.T.

    History does not repeat it self, but it rimes! 2000 year old ghost stories are just that. Religious groups need to be exposed and ridiculed. It takes few centuries but it is totally worth it, by and large the northern part of Europe knows this.

    Pull the religious rug from underneath the Zionists, Islamists, fundamental Christians and there is not much left but silly tribalism. These silly old ghost stories from the middle-east have done enough damage already.

    • Replies: @Anon
  89. @Peter Maya

    Hitler encouraged Jews to immigrate to Israel in point of historical fact, to begin with.

    He made no attempt to prevent them from fleeing and I believe he publicly endorsed this early on.

    There was also an agreement with the US early on to accept a number of Jewish deportees.

  90. @Jake

    WASP culture is sadly a dying paradigm.

    Watch COBRA KAI. The former WASP country club kid is now a middle-aged alcoholic handyman in a lower-middle-class neighborhood.

    The Italians and Koreans own the country club now.

    WASP days of East Coast blue-bloods who looked like Christopher Reeve or Chevy Chase are well-nigh vanishing.

  91. @Wizard of Oz

    In the days prior to the internet in the mid-1990’s when I was very young the white middle-class was not under such complete siege.

    The internet became popular just as things really got incredibly bad for the white, especially Gen Y.

    Gen X could afford to get a degree, move out of their parents house and more or less be middle-class.

    These days it would seem that the only people who are well-off are Jews and Gen Y whites just have nothing to look forward to in life.

    It is mostly for economic reasons.

    They cannot afford to leave home. So they cannot get married, have a family, own a house, travel…do anything.

    Worse yet, Gen Y grew up in the 90’s in a time of great prosperity. So they are not like Indian villagers who have known nothing but poverty their entire life.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "smithfield"] says:

    The usual kool-aid. Jewish billionaires declare themselves to be “Israel only”, then purchase the US Congress. Bibi himself has said (in Hebrew in Israel, of course) that Zionists control Congress, mass media and entertainment industry.
    There’s nothing special about war on invaders. What would Israel do if some stronger group came in and took over?
    Thousands of Jews surely have figured out that Israel was involved in 9/11, along with high-ranking Americans. Yet we hear nothing from them. We get attempted censorship of any web site which allows serious discussion about Israel and its lobby. Because of decades of Holocaust narrative, only Jews are allowed to criticize Israel, and they will likely see a hard time from “enforcers”.
    There is nothing anti-Semetic about discussing Jewish control of huge sectors of American government, news, and culture.
    Here’s a fact, jack: Israel would NEVER allow a tiny number of non-Jews to take over Israeli government, finance, much of military and intelligence affairs, entertainment industry, and have an intimidating effect on Israeli universities. So why should the US?

  93. Miggle says:

    True. Fortunately, few such cases.

    Key facets of political antisemitism such as the management and exclusion of Jews in areas of public life (for example, via voting restrictions and educational quotas) are no longer in place in any Western country, and it is currently unthinkable for anyone to even suggest such policies.

    Nonsense. Jews should be no better represented, per capita, in the power structure of White societies than White goyim are represented, per capita, in the power structure of Israel.

    If I’m being generous. Really, we should run them out of our public life entirely. Let them run their own communities, if they want to run something.

    Yes, let them run their own communities. Not necessarily physically separated in ghettos, leave that to them. But give them autonomy. Give Hasidic ultra-orthodox rabbis sovereign jurisdiction over all Jews in the country. (The “ultra” is a little defamatory. They are just the real thing, not Modern Orthodox. But they are totally anti-Zionist. Look at Neturei Karta and Satmar Hasidim and see.)

    So, if the rabbis should (improbably) decide to flog a Jew to death in public for violating the Sabbath, or for not wearing sidelocks, the State would not have the right to interfere. They would be autonomous.

    The only escape would be to abandon Judaism and become a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian or something like that in a formal sense.

    This is the solution agreed to by the Iranians in about 500 B.C. when they gave the Jews autonomy under Ezra and Nehemiah. And it is the solution agreed to by the Romans in about A.D. 200.

    When by a deal between the Roman Empire and the Jewish leaders (the dynasty of the Nesi’im) all the Jews in the Empire were subjected to the fiscal and disciplinary authority of these leaders and their rabbinical courts, who for their part undertook to keep order among the Jews.

    (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, 1994 edition, Notes and References, Chapter 2 note 6.)

    Historically, it seems to have worked well from the perspectives of those empires. (In the case of the Roman Empire the Jewish Dark Age immediately followed the granting of that autonomy. The Hellenistic Jews who covered the Earth from its edge facing the Ocean in Spain to the waters of the Indus and were pre-rabbinical, pre-talmudic, suddenly ceased to exist. But that the Jews killed six million Jews was their own business, that did not bother the Empire.)

    It would work well for us. And the terrorist state that calls itself “Israel” would quickly cease to exist.

    It can’t be called anti-Jewish to give the Jews autonomy, can it?

  94. Anonymous [AKA "horsehead brand cheese"] says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Good try, but projecting the Israeli Victimhood Industry onto the US is absurd.
    A simple question. Would Israel stand for a non-Jewish group making up 2% of the population to dominate government, foreign policy, the entertainment industry and have a large influence in military and intelligence affairs, etc.? Yet Americans are not only expected to tolerate this, but to also keep quiet about it. Brainwashed City, USA!

  95. tac says:

    A rare yet insightful interview with David Irving from 1989:

  96. tac says:

    Talking frankly with David zirving:

  97. Sean says:

    In practice antisemitism has failed. It just does not work, and no people is going to try what has failed time after time. Miller is loathed, despised and denounced by other Jews–including his own old Rabbi. He should be supported.

    • Replies: @BamBam Rubble
  98. Why so salty Wiz? I know what you are doing here. Am I not very bright, dishonest yada yada?

    Anyone can see what you are doing simply going through your comment history. It’s right there in the archives. This funny pro-Israel pro-Jewish bias of yours, this “playing the devil’s advocate” only to protect the official narrative, which is the one that inevitably happens to defend always the Jewish outfit, grasping at straws with the most ridiculous hypotheses. Never questioning or considering what any honest, unbiased judge would when presented with such an avalanche of evidence and contradictions.

    You come accross as a petty -and not very bright- retired barrister or solicitor, getting some extra shekels on the side making a credible case for the gullible and misinformed. Fine!

    That is the kind of profile I would hire for astroturfing and sow doubt in a public forum such as this one.

    Now how long you or the others have been doing it, gaining trust from the others is irrelevant, because this is the name of the game. Older and “familiar” accounts have more authority, therefore are more credible.

    Extra points if Sailer cites and uses any of the shill’s comments to create one of his posts or Unz “condecorates” the shill with a golden frame. Long story short: you need to step up your game, counselor. The jury is wising up.

  99. @CouldNotHelp

    The expression ‘nobody can defend his own case’ does exist.
    In trials in Europe, the accused hardly is allowed to say anything, if he or she refuses legal representation, the court can nominate what is called, in latin, of course, translated, something like ‘friend of the court’, to prevent that the accused makes things worse for him- or herself than necessary.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  100. Hollywood is mentioned here as a source of WWII propaganda.
    Because of language problems at the other side of the Atlantic it is not known there, I suppose, how on average weekly biased programs about WWII etc. are on German, Dutch and Belgian tv, not made by Hollywood, most of them made by jews.
    Freedom of expression, but mentioning anything positive about Hitler, such as quickly reducing German unemployment, taboo.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  101. @jilles dykstra

    You can purchase Mien Kemp in any store and everyone knows Hitler built the Autobahn.

    I don’t think Jews care that much how non-Jews feel; they know they have a good thing going and that a bunch of poor white proles without a pot to piss in cannot do much to displace them.

    In the old days the proles could storm into the castle of the Czar and just shoot them. Those days are long gone.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  102. @jilles dykstra

    Serial killer and law student Ted Bundy defended himself and nearly won.

  103. Sean says:

    A moral onslaught from the comfort of your armchair.

  104. @Sean

    In practice antisemitism has failed. It just does not work, and no people is going to try what has failed time after time.

    I would call that a valid observation in terms of antisemitism effecting any action against the Jewish phenomenon. However, something must be done, and that means the old saw of “raising consciousness” is still useful. But, any outward manifestations of antisemitism must develop a different approach; the Jews have defeated the current model.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  105. @Anonymous

    Let’s cut to the chase: nearly nobody here at unz believes this trollery. You would have a more receptive audience at TAC. Thanks for wasting your unpersuasive breath.

    Jews want to be left alone? They’re the biggest meddlers on Earth, and every day more and more goy realize that.

  106. @Jeff Stryker

    Hitler indeed built the at the time useless Autobahnen.
    There were hardly any cars in Germany.
    One use during the war as testing and training for the use of an autogiro; towed behind submarines, a high lookout.
    Lindbergh used the Autobahnen shortly after the end of WWII, touring Germany in a USA jeep, looking for useful information and documents.
    If the allied or Russian troops used them, do not know.

    • Replies: @Wally
  107. @BamBam Rubble

    What is meant by ‘antisemitism does not work’, I wonder.
    However, jewry began to get power world wide after in the 19th century jews nearly everywhere got equal rights.
    As Francois de Wendel said ‘Hitler’s great mistake was to underestimate the power of international jewry’.
    Jean-Noël Jeanneney, ‘Francois de Wendel en République, L’Argent et le Pouvoir 1914-1940, Paris 1976

  108. Wally says:
    @jilles dykstra

    “There were hardly any cars in Germany.”

    How many did they have?
    Back up your claims.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  109. Once again, the usual commentators: insane anti-Semites, RCCers who accept black/Asian priests-popes and Zioevangizers who believe Jews are the chosen.

    There is no anti-Semitism in any philosophical sense. Andrew Joyce writes for Occidental Observer. Kevin MacDonald’s anti-Jooooz schtick is old. He’s just recycling his articles now.

    Everyone, grow up and grow a pair.

    Israel is here to stay. The Jews who live there are not the chosen. But if they want to call themselves Jews, fine, as long as they are not in the West. The low IQ quadroon/octaroon Muslim Palestinians have a country: Jordan.

    The only thing to do is to save the West. Again, I will define what the West is not. It is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. The focus on any movements is to repatriate or segregate these groups. The cucked commentators use the Jews as an excuse not to take any action. They avoid dealing with the causes of the West’s problems: the Roman Catholic Church and the Zioevangizers.

    I listened to a podcast by Bishop Williamson. He was babbling that the RCC is the only way to save the West and that praying the rosary will help. No. The RCC is a homosexual, multi-culti grand lodge. He fails to mention that Eastern Europe is doing fine in protecting its borders. Japan is doing fine in protecting its island. Most Eastern Europeans are Eastern Orthodox and the churches are racial/ethnic. There’s a hint. Japan is not Christian but they are intelligent and are watching what is going on in the West. They know the RCC cannot do anything good anymore. Their religious beliefs are protecting them. They don’t go off on insane blame the Joooooz tangents. They have taken concrete actions.

    We do have three leaders in the West who are working to try and save it: Trump, Salvini and Kurz. We have to focus on electing more Western nationalist leaders.

  110. MBlanc46 says:

    As long as there are Jews living in other peoples’ countries, there will be anti-Jewish sentiment.

  111. Miggle says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Can you give me an irrefutable source/reference for that tough speech of Ben Girion in February 1948? I don’t want to quote it and then find it is one of the many made up quotes that litter the internet.

    Ilan Pappe, 2006, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, OneWorld Publications Limited. ISBN-13:978-1-85168-555-4.

    The words “continue to terrorize the rural areas” appear on page page 79.

    But Ben-Gurion was speaking in Polish or Hebrew. Pappe has given us a translation.

    The date is given on the previous page, where Pappe writes,

    The Long Seminar participants were called in for another meeting on 19 February 1948, four days after the attack on Sa`sa.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  112. To riff of Wor. Bro. Arouet (Voltaire): if antisemitism did not exist, the Zionists would have to invent it.

    In fact, we seem to be at about that point now: the number of ‘antisemitic hate crime’ hoaxes is almost as large as the number of fraudulent camp-survivor autobiographies (although the former are nowhere near as colourful or cartoonish as the latter).

    Another aphorism I quite like is ‘Antisemitism’ used to mean ‘someone who doesn’t like Jews’; now it means ‘someone who the Zionists don’t like’.

    The thing that really befuddles me me, though, is why any secular person from a modern industrial society would ‘identify’ as ‘Jewish’.

    It’s a dead end: along with all other nonsense religions, it’s being torn apart as its false historical narrative is exposed as completely and utterly fraudulent. Nowadays, nobody who is not mentally ill, believes that any of the biblical narrative is historically accurate. It’s at the point where the religionists are at the last gasp – literally trying to keep alive the false notion that Jesus actually existed as a real person: they have conceded every other part of the narrative.

    I am still after a coherent answer to the slippery question: what the fuck does ‘Jewish’ mean?

    And its corollary: can a person be ‘declared’ Jewish against their will? The Nazis thought so, but they had a bunch of bad ideas and I reckon this is one of them. I’m thinking more of someone being ‘claimed’ by other Jews, as they tried to do with Feynman (he told them to pound sand). Is Sam Harris “Jewish”?

    So we know that “Jewish” certainly doesn’t mean “subscribes to a gallimaufry of primitive ahistorical drivel centred on ritual genital mutilation of babies” – i.e., the Jewish religion – because the overwhelming bulk of people who identify as ‘Jewish’ are atheists.

    That said: a non-trivial proportion of Jewish atheists do still genitally-mutilate their male children; they still have Bar Mitzvahs [and the recently-invented Bat Mitzvah], some celebrate Passover (and sometimes even Purim). Sooo…

    It’s a good thing when anyone stops short of tying a box to their head and rocking like a mental patent, but frankly it’s weird (in a bad way) that supposedly-secular people still engage in primitive propitiary rituals that involve having a lunatic hack at their children’s genitals.

    But back to the taxonomy: it also is not ‘racial’ or ‘ethnic’ – not by a long shot:

    Red Sea Pedestrians come in a variety of racial flavours, many of which are incompatible – Sephardi, Mizrahi (Persian and otherwise), Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Kaifeng (FFS… ).

    It’s not an ethnicity, because there are a bunch of very different ethnicities involved (from blacker-than-the-inside-of-a-goat Ethiopians, to lily-white Litvaks), and the only ‘shared’ bits of their culture are some parts of their religion (which is only relevant to those who practice the religion).

    If I turned my back on rationality and decided that Bronze Age racial-supremacist cults were something I wanted to join, I could convert to Judaism (like a bunch of Eastern Europeans did in the 8th century).

    In other words, if I got some weirdo in a beard and rasta sideburns to mumble the right magic words, I could go – overnight – from being not-Jewish to being Jewish (and once my brain trauma got treated, I could rejoin the civilised world by repudiating me ‘Jewishness’).

    Is a Kaifeng who repudiates Judaism, still a Jew? Is he still “Jewish”?

    Is being a Jew different from being Jewish? (I’m not joking: this is a genuine question).

    The RSPs also have a version of ‘one-drop’-ism – they make a big deal if you’re famous and there’s the slightest hint that any of your ancestors wore yarmulke.

    A good example: Taika Waititi. His mother is “of Russian and Jewish descent”, so by RSP canon he is a Maori Jew (wny hot a “Maori Russian“?). Well, then – I’m a Maori Finn (my Mum’s half-Maori, Half Finn; Dad’s just a Euro-mongrel – Spanish, French, Irish).

    Was Waititi’s mother a religious Jew(-ess)? If so, how come she married a goy, and a schwartze to boot?

    If Jewishness is a religion, he could de-Jew by converting to something else or declaring his atheism – since it’s self-evidently not racial, he’s not stuck or oughtn’t be. (Obviously there are reasons for him not to do that – the ‘Maori card’ is worthless in Hollywood, whereas the Jew card…)

    However he can’t de-Maori himself because that maoritanga is genetic, cuz. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Maori tribal practices, tribal religion or anything of that nature. It’s a genuine race; like me, he’s infected and there’s no changing that.

    To give some sense of the relative importance of Maori and RSP in Waititi’s life: His two girls are named Te Kainga o Te Hinekaahu and Matewa Kiritapu, not Rachel or Sarah or Esther.

    I guess the big test would be if he had had a son – whether or not he decided to have someone ritually mutilate his baby boy would be pretty definitive.

  113. @Wally

    I’m not a walking encyclopedia.
    But I do have a satellite receiver, and speak German.
    There was an interesting report on Hitler’s Autobahnen, on how propaganda at the time of building presented these Autobahnen.
    The film makers had great trouble finding cars that could be driven on these Autobahnen for the propaganda.
    But maybe Dutch figures can help.
    My father bought his first car around 1949, until then he left early in the morning on a bicycle with some sandwiches with him.
    He was responsible for waterways, bridges and canal locks in a wide area.
    He only could buy the car because of a mileage allowance.
    In my primary school I was the only child whose father had a car, at the time in the Netherlands there were a few hundred thousand passenger cars.
    We now have some 16 million.
    Hitler admired Ford, a simple German Opel cost RM 1500, a Ford A some $ 300.
    Volkswagen, the ‘people’s car’, was meant as a car for the people, a very simple car.
    Alas before war came just a few were produced.
    The Beetle was transformed into Kübelwagen, a simple jeep, just rear wheel driven.

  114. @renfro

    I’ve been thinking, I consider myself a loyal Dutchman, I care for my country, that is, what the EU has left of it.
    We are connected to a few Caribbean Islands, in my opinion just because the USA wants us to, control in the Carbibean by a country friendly to the USA looks much better, and is cheaper, I suppose, than a status as Puerto Rico.
    But am I interested in the islands, do I think they are of intereste to the Netherlands, on the contrary, they just cause us trouble, and, as they are in theory independent, keeping order there is very difficult.
    There has been talk of making them Dutch municipalities, but that would cost us even more, and the ruling clique there does not want it.

    Now about the USA and Israel.
    What interest has the USA in a tiny ME country ?
    None, I’d say, there is not even oil there.
    Yet, if one sees what this tiny ME country costs the USA, in financial aid, military and political support, hatred among Muslims, USA lives in wars, this cost is gigantic.
    Thus, why would any loyal American be interested in this tiny, expensive, trouble making country ?
    If Israel disappeared tomorrow, a giant tsunami, an earthquake that swallows the country, the USA would lose a burden.

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @Them Guys
    , @Them Guys
  115. renfro says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Thus, why would any loyal American be interested in this tiny, expensive, trouble making country ?

    Your average American isn’t interested in Israel.

    What dictates US policy on Israel is:

    *The Jewish lobby organizations, and there are many besides AIPAC, and which include Jewish mega donors to politicians which are then literally owned by those Jewish donors.

    *The Jewish vote in heavily Jewish states like NY and Florida.

    The ordinary American knows nothing of Israel except what they see or hear in the press or on cable news, where Jews control the story on Israel . Americans historically have never paid much attention to foreign affairs except in cases of war talk because we grew up with being two oceans away from most countries, unlike Europeans whose countries abut each other much like our states with the US border each other and therefore they pay more attention politically to their neighbor countries and foreign policies .
    The Evangelicals have no lobby power but those who are religious Israel fanatics will vote for politicians who support Israel in federal elections.
    You can figure the total support for Israel using the 5 million US Jews or 80% of them. The total evangelicals at 10 million or 50% of them because not all of the Evangelical church groups are Israel supports. Then figure the 500 politicians in congress.
    At most that figures at 5% of the 350 million US population who actively support Israel.

    “IF’ Americans ever find out what the true story of the US Israel relationship is and what it has cost them in blood, treasure and national reputation its all over.

    * In every poll done by the WOOP 71% of Americans say the US should be even handed in the Isr-_Pal conflict which reflects the real American outlook.

  116. Them Guys says:
    @jilles dykstra

    jilles, it is the phony infatuation and Jew worship by around 40% of Americans, mainly based upon the past 100+ years of belief via their apostate, falsified, fraud interpretations of their main biblical source. They have become as Judaized as a real Jew is, due to that Cyrus Scofield bible version.

    It is where all this, “Bless the Jews & Israel, or God won’t bless America nor American’s, and will instead Curse The Nation of America and It’s Citizen’s”! is from. They base that on Genesis chapter 12 Vs 3…Even though in the new testament book of Gal. in chapter, 26(??) that same Genesis verses is fully dealt with. And word by word, explains that the very word of “seed” in the Gen. verse aka, “I will bless Abram aka named Abraham later on, and also bless his “seed”….In Galatians, it is explained that the word seed did not, and does NOT refer to Jews or entire Jew population etc…Rather, seed refers to Jesus Christ, alone, and to No others period. The Judaizers believe the many great blessings written of in That Gen verse and related OT verses, even NT blessings prophesied will come thru and from…Jews!…Galatians states NO, every future great blessing, including from that Genesis verses will come By, From and Thru Christ and He alone, with Father Gods doing

    Apostate Jewdeo-christians, prior mentioned here, twist and spin it into a command, demand from God that ALL non Jews Must bless Israel state and bless every Jew who ever lived, will ever be yet born, right up to time of return of Christ event….They also teach and believe that the Christ command to go into whole world and preach Gospel and make desciples/converts out of them, does NOT pertain to any Jews…Ie: They believe every Jew ever born since adam and eve, Will get saved and enter heaven based on Jewish dna!…As if everybody Else, all goys Must accept Jesus, but Not so for any Jew, for every Jew no matter how bad or evil ends up in heaven. So Don’t preach Gospel or Christ to any Jews….

    They also believe in a Two-covenant at same time issue…Only One covenant with God exists, and it is Christ & Christianity & New Testament, but in order to keep Jewry sacred and “special” the apostate Judaized bunch, Must maintain a Two side by side covenants belief. One covenant for only Jews & other for All goy non Jews, but Only if the Goy gentiles accept Jesus etc…

    While every Jew, ever Born and those not Yet born, will All get a 100% Free Pass into Heaven. Due to being born a Jew…Ask them what about a Jew convert? You get called vile names like evil Nazi! For the apostates have zero good answers for that dilemma. So same as most Jews do, they revert to name calls to silence and stifle all debate or questionings.

    But basically This as described I believe to be number one main and real reason for Americas staunch, never consider an end to, massive Israel and Jew defense and $$$ shekels supporting.

    You can also include a huge portion mixed in from, another co-biblical-belief, based upon an older invention called…”British-Israelism” Where main belief is Euro whiteys are descended from lost 10 tribes Israel, therefore all euro Whites Must defend, support, accept, every Jew ever born, and accept every Jew as one of their very Own race member etc. Including every type Jew, atheist, orthodox, all in between. Which same as prior discussed apostate false bible interpretations Via Scofield’s bible version, so too is British Israel… nonsense.

    Yes maybe euro whiteys, or some or many, are actually descended from orig lost 10 tribes of Israel.

    But, so what? Again to make it “stick” and be reality, like apostate Judaized Scofield wonderments, British Israel too Must mainly rely on and invent it all Via the Old Testament bible parts…Or it All fast falls apart at seams. However Christianty is supposed to be mainly based on New Testament alone…With OT books more as historical reference etc….But BOTH British Israel & Jewdeo-Christians alike, believe every not as yet fulfilled Old Testament Prophesy, WILL some day get done, get fulfilled as written word for word.

    There, both goofy groups, Ignore that Most OT Prophetic events not yet happened, were also, Dependent upon a total Obedience by Jews, by All 12 tribes of Israelites of the first OT covenant made with God Via Moses…They failed more times than can count, finally God Disowned them, said so in Jeramiah book of OT, and also said, a New Covenant soon coming. To REPLACE the first Old covenant…replace it…That’s main part both jewdeo-christians & british Israel groups refuse to accept or agree on….They Must maintain a Two covenant solution etc or all falls apart, fails big time.

    It may not seem as if such false bible beliefs could cause such massive usa involvement with Israel and Jewry…But, yes it sure does, eh…Nothing else has more bearing on this USA & Israel tie like super glue. And Jews will do everything possible to Keep it as such, as long as can, to get as much free $$$ shekels and more Wars as can.

    Or Until they finally and fully Destroy America, or cause it to be as good as destroyed and worse than a 4th world country etc…Much more is involved, yes…But I believe such massive Jew worship, by so Many tens of millions in usa…Has position #1 in who or what or why dun it. And keeps doing it!

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @jilles dykstra
  117. renfro says:
    @Them Guys

    phony infatuation and Jew worship by around 40% of Americans

    See what Americans really think here:

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  118. @Them Guys

    It is said that the stupidiest thing christianity ever did was incorporating the jewish holy book, the Torah, the first five books of the old testament, into the bible.
    However, Ockam’s Razor, if one accepts the theory that Paul created christianity in order to undermine judaism, as a secret agent of the Roman emperor, things fall into place.
    Among the Dead Sea scrolls there is a copper scroll, describing the places where the wealth of the Jerusalem temple was hidden.
    I’m inclined to think that this wealth was real, and that indeed Paul just was a secret agent.
    But or course, w’ll never know.
    Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, ‘Verschlusssache Jesus, Die Wahrheit über das frühe Christentum’, (The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, 1991), 2005, Bergisch Gladbach
    Michael Grant, ‘The Jews in the Roman World’, 1973, New York
    Yigael Yadin, ‘Massada, Hero’s fortress and the zealots’ last stand’, London 1996
    Flavius Josephus, ‘Geschichte des Jüdischen Krieges’, Wiesbaden, 1978

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  119. Them Guys says:
    @jilles dykstra

    PS: Another huge Irony other posters here have not noted as far as I can tell, is how totally Ironic and Idiotic it is that, according to Jew poll’s, surveys, etc, Aprox. 75+% of Jews in USA & in Israel alike, EU too likely, 75% Jews claim they are Atheists…Ok…Their choice, eh…However, just Ask most Any such Atheist Jew, or especially those Atheist Jews as seen on TV News shows, Talker-table-groups of 6 talkers, with 4 -5 being a Jew, ask them….”So Why do You believe Jews have ANY right at all, to have, Invaded Palestine Lands and Hijacked it fully so Now its called, Israel aka the Jewish State, and run by Jews?”…..Most Every Atheist Jew will answer…”Oh, it is because…God Gave Israel Lands in mid east to, Us Jews!”

    Atheist Jews who swear No God exists, yet each has rabid, staunch belief, God Gave land of Israel to Jews and Only to Jews!…What about those Other, non Jew, 11 tribes of Israel of Old? …Do not ask of that, or prepare to get called a Evil Nazi and a Jew Hater!

    I consider this point a very Ironic issue. And one that needs be discussed in Public often to expose such idiocy of Jews. Whom do Not believe in God as an atheist would claim, yet at same time Does fully believe that God Gave Lands of Palestine To, Only, Jews to invent a Jewish State out of it.

    Sure don’t sound like such Very high IQ now, eh?…No Wonder, Jewdeo-Christians & Jews get along so swell, eh. Both maintain a falsified, Double meaning belief system! Both are Oxymoronic at best.

    75% Jewish Atheists, claim, The God I do Not believe in…Gave Me and my fellow Jews Israel lands!

    (some things Are True…Even though, they Never happened!….Eli Da Weazel.)

    65+ Million USA-Jewdeo-Christians, call themselves something that, Never existed, never will, and never can! The Oxymoronic claim/name of being an, Jewdeo-Christian! Two totally different and seperate concepts, if ever any two 180 degree opposites existed, eh.

  120. Anonymous [AKA "Logos"] says:

    Those priests are Lutheran not Catholic!

  121. Them Guys says:

    Yes I’ve seen and read and heard of several such polls and surveys that claim a 70-75% of Americans desire even handed foreign policy when issue is Israel. But Most any type polls, except for a small few with more deep personal issue questioned, such as what religion a person or which Race they are from…Rest of most such polls are manipulated big time to achieve desired end results.

    Bottom line on Evangelical Jew/Israel firster types in usa…They have about 65+ Million and that total is from a decade or more ago…Plus it is just in Recent time frame we see a “Few” Churches and pastors have spoken out or joined BDS boycott movnt. But I think compared to total 65+ Million, its a small number which don’t much change it overall. Most call selves a Jewdeo-Christian, and if they had to really choose loyalty between USA Vs. Israel in say, a Real War…Even if started By Israel…Huge percentages would choose to be Israel loyalists….Many yutube videos exist that show this and in spades.

    I agree they have little political lobby power compared to AIPAC + 300 More lesser Pro Jew Orgs and non profits. But when the issue is, support & defense of all things Jew and Israel state?

    Vast huge Majority, Most, are Jew/Israel-Firsters. Many seem far More Pro Jew and Israel than typical Jews are!…it be laughable if not so serious and so destructive to America and its peoples.

    Last article I read about total evangelical “Jewdeo-Christians” who claim to be such in USA, stated the total has climbed to now around 70-75 Million members. True? But prior 65 million is a definite true I believe. Them apostate idiotic fuckers are everywhere in usa! Large city to tiny rural towns….They Permeate the land like a disease or plague!…And if not stopped or they do not soon self-awaken?..Kiss usa Bye Bye. America in 20 yrs or less will either be a 4th world nation as bad or worse than Africa…Or cease to exist. Oh, yes the actual land soil space will likely still remain. But without Whites, or as a 4th world shit hole ghetto sea to shinning sea zone…Or an Empty land due to we get Nuked thanks to a Combo of, Jews+ Israel state+ 65+ million royally Duped apostate Jew firster clowns, who’d sell Mother & Daughter to nearest sex pervert Rabbi in exchange for a Jewish done Back-Pat and words of…Oy Vey but You Are such a Good Goyim! A Real Goy Gem!

    They Live for that type of recognition and count it a huge, Honor! Better than a military medal of honor!….Fanatical Lunatics is good description. And I am a Catholic raised Christian, but I do Not consider such loons as a real fellow Christian person. More like an Judaized Apostate fool. And a Traitor to America.

    • Replies: @renfro
  122. Josecanuc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “No one shall with impunity lay a finger on the aureole of our government’s infallibility. The pretext for stopping any publication critical of us will be the alleged entreaty that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. I beg you to note that among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us, but they will criticize exclusively points and issues that we have pre-determined to alter. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now (1897) this is already attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.” Protocol No 12

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  123. Them Guys says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Jews & Judaizers likely infiltrated Vatican and the Church long ago…Maybe in first century? But, it never had much real power or controls probably, until After Luther did the big separation 500 yrs ago. I have read that back in his time, Jews and Talmudic Rabbis quickly attempted to gain control over Luther, and that he rejected them. But soon Jews began campaign of slanders etc and got Luther to recant prior stated words and written stuff about Jews that was honest reflections of Jews in general.

    However I think the main time frame of real massive attempts and success at destroying the Church, happened more so around the 1600 and 1700 eras. That’s earliest I found of invention called, British Israelism, and later on came Scofield bible version, changed at least 3 times he did a re-write depending on which latest War or Events Jews needed bible changed to keep Jewry on top etc.

    Scofield bible entered usa shores first for sale in, 1906 (?) or very close to then. It took off like Rocket in sales…Mostly in exact same usa states and cities that prior were the, Southern’s in civil war 1865 era…For some uncanny reasons? Seems 99% of Scofield bible sales were in those same states. Which makes them, even still Today, The Most Judaized Americans in total.

    Overall, at least in usa, No other source or issue has so Judaized and so Corrupted Christians, as well as All of America in general, other than the cyrus scofiled bible version of the orig KJV bible.

    Plus even though most will claim the best most accurate bible version is the KJV, The Orig unchanged version…That’s wrong…For protestants, of various stripes and denoms, have over time, or maybe all at once?….Removed 7-Bible books that Were in Earlier versions of the Catholics bible.

    I guess they disagreed with the too much factual truths about their pals the Jews contained in those 7 books, so they ripped em all out as if didn’t exist!….What else to expect from Judaized fools eh?

    However I do not usually bother with such anti-Christian books like you named of. I am a Christian, but Not any type of evangelical Jewdeo-christian version. I was Catholic, but quit church at age 15, wanted to quit at age 12 but Mom said No!…I had to wait till age 15 when Mom was no longer able to make my decision. I quit going due to Vatican II(jew) changes. I was not back then aware it was main reason, but realized it was as grew older. Todays Catholic and Vatican is a royal huge mess due to allowed Cyrpto-Jew-fake catholics to gain entry and many top key positions.

    Plus those aprox 2,000 or more Russian Commie Jewish Young men, taught to become a priest, so to gain entry and later wreck and ruin Vatican and the Church, mainly Via Faggotry! Per Bella Kunns testimony to usa senate hearings etc…I believe that was true. Look at todays Fag damages.

    But as for all that other stuff on Christ never was born etc?.I give it zero and care not whats wrote by atheists like most of them are…Of course they have vested interest in such Non claims about Jesus or Christianity, right.

    Some things a person just Knows. Like does Your wife.husband remain loyal? How can You prove it? Cannot prove it factually…But yet you do believe it. Because, some stuff a person just Knows is right or true. Its reason they call it Faith. Those who reject it? No problem by me. Their choice. I made Mine and plan to stick with it.

  124. renfro says:
    @Them Guys

    Rest of most such polls are manipulated big time to achieve desired end results.

    Yes most polls are just bought opinion makers not opinion takers.

    The figure you quote for evangs are very exaggerated ..I think if you check the sources you will find that they are claimed by evang leaders themselves and by jewish gatekeepers who want you to think there are more evangs then there really are and more non jewish supporters.

    But there are a few polls that are legitimate such as the World Opinion Polls by the Univ of Maryland and the Kennedy Center.They refelect changes according to events but the opinions on Israel has not changed

    International Poll: Most Publics–including Americans–Oppose Taking Sides in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    America, EU, Europe, Global / Multi-Region, International Action, International Security, Israel, Middle East, United Nations, Views on Countries/Regions July 1, 2008 , by WPO Admin
    Publics Support Even-Handed Approach to Conflict

    Asked how their country should approach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 14 out of 18 publics preferred taking neither side. On average, 58 percent say that their country should not take either side, while just 20 percent favor siding with the Palestinians and 7 percent say that their country should take Israel’s side.
    In eight of the countries this was a large majority–seven in 10 or more–including Mexicans (88%), South Koreans (82%), Britons (79%), the French (79%), Peruvians (76%), the Chinese (74%), Americans (71%), and Ukrainians (69%).

    Only in a few predominantly Muslim countries do most favor taking the side of the Palestinians. Robust majorities take this position in Egypt (86%) and Iran (63%), as does a modest plurality in Turkey (42% Palestinians’ side, 38% neither side). However two other predominantly Muslim countries primarily favor taking neither side–Azerbaijan (54%) and Indonesia (43%).

    In no country does a majority favor taking Israel’s side. The largest percentages favoring taking Israel’s side are Indians (24%), Americans (21%), and Nigerians (15%).

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  125. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    And yet libertarians haven’t a single government to their name. Nothing to show. They have learned some florid prose, though. I suppose that was inevitable given that they have nothing to do. If only they didn’t insist on making other people read it.

  126. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    1. What “obtuse kindergarten style morality” did I confuse your irrelevant narrative with?

    Be precise, because at this point I’m pretty sure that you aren’t able to follow your own conversation and are merely dealing in word salad.

    2. My message is shared by your heroes, the Jews. For themselves in their own lands, of course. By your logic that would make them the King losers and psychos, which nullifies your argument.

    3. Arguments consisting solely of name-calling are losing arguments, by definition.

    4. History is replete with acts that some see as psychotic, and others see as necessary. Do you require examples? Talk about kindergarten perspectives, bub.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  127. Them Guys says:

    What you stated of how perhaps evangelicals want inflated pro Israel numbers, may have some truth I agree. However I still believe that even in a real and fair poll, when such polls question typically a very small total number to begin with, and then they somehow figure actual overall Nationwide percentages and numbers of Yeas Vs nays….That has to be manipulated outcomes. How in world can any poll question a few hundred or even several thousand people, then decide this or that end result?

    Plus it matters greatly what actual areas they do it in…Example a poll asks “Do You support Hillary or Trump”?…..If everybody they call on phone lives in Detroit or Chicago of course Hillary will win hands down by a margin of 85-90% probably. Because most folks they call are going to be, by default, Blacks. Black dems.

    But even then how can questioning a small portion of population get accurate results as claimed by most every poll? Yes I am aware they each claim various methods that are top notch, and result in “Scientific gained” Accuracy etc….I still ain’t buying it. Only a poll that asks what religion they are or similar type question is very likley accurate. Even those won’t be able to tally totals per country without asking most everyone.

    When it is about numbers of members of a church group or denomination, then they can get easy found results. The catholic church for example, does keep a record of names of actual baptized persons. And those records go way far back.

    I used to do the window cleaning jobs at most every of many Catholic owned buildings. From Churches, to Rectories, Nuneries or whatever nuns calls it, the Main Detroit Catholic center 10 story building, called the Chancery, where EVERY, Sunday donated dollar or dime was taken on Monday morning to get counted and placed in a massive huge safe…..Amazeing just how much $$$ went there every monday morning! Several Armored Trucks with armed guards, Brinks trucks, same as banks use brought steel racks on wheels, filled with about 15-20 racks of canvas square money holder baskets…Like a grocery stores Bread Racks staked tall with bread loafs! Only all stac9ked $$$!!…Millions per week just for Detroit and surounding suburbs catholic churchs donations.

    And that place alone has a few of the 10 floors dedicated to rows of desk workers who keep perfect accurate records…A Poll on money donated each year would give very accurate and exacting results.

    I also did a few buildings that were where out of town Priests stay at when in town. Man do they live swell! Great top grade foods, Booze galore, Costly Cigars, and alot of whatever Priests wish to consume. All at no charge.

    I also did the Detroit Arch Bishops Home on Boston Blvd. It originally was built by and for one of the two Orig. Dodge Bro’s Homes (dodge auto maker guys)…It has about 103-rooms! 4 stories tall, plus an Attic level that is as large as a mid size home. Servant quarters above a 6-8 car garage. Later it became the home for the Detroits newly appointed Cardinal.

    it was the Home Pope Johm Paul II stayed in for one night back when he made what was a massivly MSM reported visit to, Polish Hamtramick city…Back in 1980’s iirc. They had US Secret Service guys there too when Pope arrived, and prior too to check for bombs etc and secure area.

    I didn’t meet the Pope as we left at end of days job, 4:00 PM, and Pope came at 9:00 Pm. Stayed one short night and left…They spent alot of money for our window cleaning job, which we typically did it 4 times per year…Twice inside & outside clean, and twice per year took apart storm widows and clean all 4 sides inbetween etc and set up storms for winter/fall and screens in spring/summer seasons….But we Just did the Fall clean big storm window job, about 3 weeks prior to Popes arrival. Yet the Church honchos insisted we again do a full 4 side cleaning….Go figure eh. Costly job with 4-5 men all day, sometimes extra half day for same crew next day to finish job. Hard work.

    And every window Must be absolutely Perfect! Like when I got it done, you could See the Future by peering out any window. One small barly visable streak? gets a call back fast.

    You’d laugh if you saw look on Secret Service guys faces when they saw me at work in top uper attic leaded glass windows, we were not supposed to be there before secret service got there, and I was already inside while they were still figuring out how to enter past steel spiked tall gates and fence….Upper Attic was the Cardinals private special office for his serious be alone time work where nobody will bother him…It had its own Chapel on 2nd or third floor too that seats almost a hundred!….When they had central air cond. Installed with the Steam heat already present, it took, 27-seperate Thermostats on the walls at various locations throughout home just to properly keep air cond regulated. What a wonderful Mansion. Mr Dodge brough in tons of Pro wood workers and hand carvers, direct from Europe to hand carve each Oak and Walnut Celling square the size of 2ft x 2ft or so. Plus several huge fireplaces with 7 foot tall mens bearded faces and heads hand carved into wood surround of fireplace and mantel…Just the best ever of all huge mansions I ever worked in period.

    That was My personal choice if anybody ever asked me which mansion home I’d prefer to own if it was possible….And Catholic Chruch Paid just…ONE usa Dollar for it to make it legal when Mr. Dodge left it in his will for church to now own….$1.00 total for what must have cost well over a Million to build in 1920!…..Each such location also has many cooks, maids and chaufer drivers too.

    If Preists were allowed to Marry a women too? being a Priest may be okay eh. Lots good costly free perks they get.

    Anyways I got a bit off track I guess, sorry, but I still think most polls are not very accurate. Even if as you say evangel numbers are inflated?..I say..Even just one Dozen such Pro Jew, Pro Israel firsters is far too many!! and is ruining and wrecking America and fed govnt officials.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @renfro
  128. @Them Guys

    Asking say 1000 people randomly selected can be accurate, theoretically, IF, IF, one succeeds in getting answers from anyone, what in practice is next to impossible.
    Then there is the problem of not getting honest answers, as some who had been polled about Trump before the election admitted afterwards, deliberately having lied.
    There of course also are those who prefer to give the answers they think are in line with political correctness.
    This is a big problem in political questions in Europe dealing with parties called extreme right.
    Most people like to be able to continue paying the rent.
    Who knows these days what hidden recording equipment is used.

    • Agree: Them Guys
  129. Tyrion 2 says:

    To put it simply: it is less important that your politics are an incredibly ugly lie and that you know nothing about Jews/Israel than the fact that if you think your politics can be widely popular, you know nothing about Western Europeans.

  130. @Josecanuc

    1. That doesn’t in any way meet the request for reliable sources.

    2. You merely add an alleged quote from a document commonly regarded as a forgery. That seems a very odd thing to do. What are your readers meant to take from that?

    • Replies: @Josecanuc
  131. Them Guys says:

    ” You merely add an alleged quote from a document commonly regarded as a forgery. That seems a very odd thing to do. What are your readers meant to take from that?”

    Maybe that, a forgery is a Copy of the Original…See: Counterfeit money, forgeries of famous art works etc.

    OR..See the Protocols of ZioJew Elders copied in English, after been copied in French and a couple more languages. Forgery=Perfect copy of Orig.

    Protocols= A step by step, grand design, for Jews and Zios to eventually overtake entire worlds peoples aka the Goyim, and every Nations Govnt’s, every Monetary system, and Rule the world by Jews with Their Talmud Law for Jews Only…And their invented Noahide Law for the Goyim.

    Back in 1920 Henry Ford, famous auto maker, when asked his opinion of protocols being real or not?

    Said, He knew not if real or some type forgery as Many Jews claimed.( Jews Always make false claims to cover up everything Bad and Evil done by Jews, so to keep every Jew scam swindle, and especially their main scam of HoloHoax events & six million Jews, going strong). But that as far as Henry could say or tell, to Date then, 1920 just aprox 25 yrs since protocols were revealed, Henry said….All I know is So Far..Everything as written in those protocols HAS happened as Written!”

    Just another….Cohencidence perhaps?….Not….Very…Likely, Eh.

  132. Lot says:

    IDK about Tyrion, but, full disclosure, I am a hasbara who gets paid about $3.50 per Unz post. It’s a good living. I get more than most hasbara because I’m part of an experimental joint program with the CIA, SodaStream, and Caterpillar.

  133. Josecanuc says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “The impulse to obscure dark facts, we have seen, comes from the need to preserve the integrity of the self, whether individual or shared. A group may implicitly demand of its members that they sacrifice the truth to preserve an illusion.
    A totalitarian state, like the totalitarian self, finds its official version of reality too fragile to withstand an unbridled flow of ideas. For a totalitarian authority to assert control, it must choke off alternative views and facts. Censorship – an essential tool of political control – is the social equivalent of a defense mechanism.
    Daniel Coleman, VITAL LIES

    “Many people resist acknowledging reality only because they would collapse if they acknowledged and accepted it.” Goethe

  134. renfro says:
    @Them Guys

    Fascinating read Them Guys!
    I’d like to see those mansions.

  135. Sam J. says:

    “…towards racial/biological/ethnic/cultural explanations. The changes necessarily entailed the development of new forms of knowledge about Jews, and new discourses…”

    I’m going to tell what the Jews are. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. No, all Jews aren’t psychopaths but they as a group are in no way distinguishable from a tribe of psychopaths. Ever place they’ve ever been to in any numbers they’ve eventually been thrown out. The reason is simply that no one can stand psychopaths but for a limited amount of time and then they must be done away with. You can’t live with them. Any competent psychologist will tell you the only way to deal with psychopaths is to get them away from you. For this reason we should get rid of the Jews. We must cast them all out. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means possible. They have to go.

    If you look at all the sick shit they do and the complete lack of concern for the welfare of humans I see psychopaths, psychopaths, psychopaths. The behavior they exhibit is textbook psychopathy. Hence my constantly calling the Jews a tribe of psychopaths. They just act like that. If you took out the medical charts and checked all the check marks on a psychological examination of them it would be…psychopath.

    This is why they’ve survived and thrived so long. They are a different species that parasites on normal humans. The Jews have told us publicly over and over and over that they are a different people. That norms are not even human and they are. That they are totally different from us. I agree. They are psychopaths. Slightly smarter as their brains have no space for empathy and with far less inhibition or anxiety they are able to move very fast when threatened. They also are able to read events better because they don’t give a shit what’s in someone else’s head. Norms try to judge peoples actions by what they think they would do. The psychopaths don’t make this mistake. A valuable survival trait. One thing they lack is they are not able to accurately gauge the level of frustration of the norm population. One day they’re raping kids and ripping people off and getting away with it. No one cares. The next everyone goes nuts and starts trying to kill them. Happened hundreds of times in the past thousands of years. The stupid and slow ones get the rope and the wealthy and quick ones move to the next country to start over.

    Their problem is world wide communications is cutting off their escape. All these books that describe them are all being archived online on various places. People that are curious, start looking after some crazy shit happens or you run across one of them and wonder just what is wrong with them? It was 9-11 for me. You start looking around and it doesn’t take long before you realize this stuff has been going on forever and exactly whose doing it. The ability to run is narrowing. There’s nowhere to hide.

    I believe I know what psychopaths are. They are the remnants of Humans before civilization. All humans used to be mostly psychopathic. Most animals are psychopathic. The rise of “empathy” in humans IS the reason for the rise of civilizations. Just think for a moment of a city full of psychopaths. Have ever been alone with someone and could have killed them and taken their money and knew you could get away with it? Why didn’t you? Empathy. In a city full of psychopaths you can’t have a city because everyone would constantly take advantage of any weaknesses. You can’t have a civilization of psychopaths. There would be so much disorder it make civilization impossible. It’s well known that Blacks score much higher on test for psychopathy and where ever they go civilization ends. The Jews are smarter but no different. Every place they take over civilization ends just the same.

    There was book written a long time ago called.”The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”. He was right that earlier minds were different but wrong on what the difference was.

    Supporting evidence for this is tame foxes. In four generations they took wild foxes and made them tame. They acquired a lot of attributes of dogs. Quote,”… By 2005-2006, almost all the foxes were playful, friendly and behaving like domestic dogs. The foxes could “read” human cues and respond correctly to gestures or glances. The vocalizations they made were different to wild foxes…”.

    I believe that the foxes were breed for empathy even if that’s not what they were aiming for.

    It’s possible that this came about by the elites “taming” humans. What they got was less violent people with a side effect of more empathy.

    Sam J’s theory of civilization,”Civilization came about because of the rise of empathy. This allowed people to work together”.

    Sam J’s theory of civilization, ”Empathy is necessary to form civilization. As capacity for empathy rose civilization rose with it.”

    (Empathy. One reason the Neanderthals never did a damn thing and maybe the reason Jews look just like Neanderthals).

    There is no other solution other than to get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but as time gets shorter and shorter and Jews get more and more insistent of controlling Whites then more and more harsh methods may be needed. Whites have wasted far too much time on the Jews. Jews are the foremost problem in the US and Europe. You’ve turned our societal and financial position into a situation of extreme peril. Whites have been more than patient and have tried all manner of ways to get along with the Jews. None have been successful. One way or another you will go. Both of us can not survive together. If the “big” Jews attempt to take us over like they did Russia maybe the big Jews will get away but most of you will not. You should run for your lives now because the “big” Jews are hardened psychopaths,. Maybe some of you are not but the Jews in control will stop at nothing. You mean nothing to them. Oh you think that because you’re a Jew they will look after you but they won’t. They are using you just as much as they are using us and when they are through with you they will throw you away.

  136. That being said, attitudes and discourses concerning Jews have occasionally shed outer ideological skins and adopted more novel and sophisticated forms. These changes occurred mainly due to, first, the decline of religion, and second, the rise of science.

    Yeah, we have a problem with Jews now for empirical reasons based on their behavior in white societies, not because of imaginary reasons regarding their different beliefs about a god.

  137. Johan says:

    Note that the Dutch Party for Freedom is a hijack of former anti-immigration and immigration critical developments in the Netherlands. The leader of this party, Tjeerd Wilders is a fanatic pro-Zionist, and he has framed the general immigration discussion to become a Muslim bashing operation. Additionally, the political program of this party is dumbfounding simplistic, so that it has also been dumbing down the overall debate and vision. If this is not an opposition which lead by the enemy, you need no enemies, your ‘friends’ will suffice.
    The European anti-multicultural right is saturated with cuckoos who serve the interests of the cuckoo clan.

  138. Johan says:

    “creating a vital and growing contemporary discourse about Jews”

    One approach to the problem could be and extensive mapping of Jewish/Zionist influence in the Western world. A mapping of the many active organizations in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. A mapping of influence in the highest realms of politics (national and supra-national), a mapping of the influence on Christianity (through its leaders), and a mapping of various other influences. In short, a mapping of all the lobbying organizations in various areas, currently active, and active through the decades.
    As the problem is currently that not only the public, but also intellectuals have no oversight, just mentioning some examples like Soros or ADL does not suffice. The question is then, when confronted with proof of a gigantic amount of influence, is that constitutional in democracies? is that proportional in relation to the amounts of Jews in these areas? how would people respond if per example Chinese minorities would have such a great influence and so much networks furthering their interests? etc.
    Any rational person with a sense of proportion should be stunned and left speechless and without argument when confronted with this. Unless his mind and ratio is owned.

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