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INSIDER’S Nicole Einbinder Interviews VDARE.Com’s Peter Brimelow
“’White Supremacist’ Is The Equivalent Of Me Calling You A Communist.”
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I see that Main Stream Media-licensed immigration patriot/ Trump supporter-lite Victor Davis Hanson was annoyed at the editing of a phone Q&A he did with the New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner [Tweet him] published as The Classicist Who Sees Donald Trump as a Tragic Hero [February 20, 2019], and demanded that the full transcript be published, which, needless to say, doesn’t seem to have happened. It’s certainly true that Chotiner’s introductory claim that Hanson “has a history of hostility to undocumented [i.e. illegal] Mexican and Central American immigrants [sic—actually aliens], who he claims are undermining American culture” is absurd, as I documented in my American Conservativereview of Hanson’s wonderful but distinctly wimpish 2003 book Mexifornia. But the fact is that rising tide of Leftist lunacy means that MSM reporters/ PC enforcers now feel they have a particular license to lie. No patriot should ever talk to them over the phone without recording it (looking at you, Rep. Steve King). Personally, I insist on conducting MSM interviews by email—which, significantly, scares many away. However, answering stupid questions does focus the mind and the exchanges have resulted in a couple of useful articles (here and here).

Recently, I had an exchange with Nicole Einbinder [Email her]of something called She seems to be a nice sheltered twenty-something who has never thought about any of the issues she was charged with reporting and, not surprisingly, I wasn’t sufficiently inflammatory to be quoted in White nationalists and the alt-right are disillusioned with Trump — and some are joining the Yang Gang. [March 26, 2019]

To Einbinder’s credit, she did pick up on the anomaly that many so-called white nationalists/ supremacists (Facebook has officially decreed they are the same thing, so they must be, right?) are intrigued by Chinese-American Democrat contender Andrew Yang:

For many nationalists, Yang’s ethnicity is a non-issue. Picciolini [Tweet him] the former white supremacist, said “If you look at their views of white supremacy, they hold Asians in very, very high regard because of their exclusive culture,” adding that “They believe that Asian culture has it right.”

But Einbinder quickly puts that through the ideological converter:

“Certainly while [Trump] didn’t create [the white nationalist] problem, he’s lit the fuse that has sparked it to grow once again,” Picciolini told INSIDER. “I think things are going to get worse before they get better, and that’s because the government has not focused on white supremacy as a threat.”

“Focused on white supremacy” = repressing white America, a.k.a the Historic American Nation.

Our (scrupulously edited) interview:

  1. Do those in the white nationalist and far-right movement feel that president Trump supports them?

Preamble: As I have repeatedly explained is not a “white nationalist” site and I am not a “white nationalist,” although I do think white nationalism in the sense of representing white interests is a legitimate position cf. Black Nationalism, La Raza, Zionism. And it is NOT the same as White Supremacy.

Also, we are not “far right.” Everyone else is far Left.

We are immigration patriots, in the sense that we think current immigration levels are an existential threat to America. (We used to be “immigration reformers,” but that term was stolen by the Amnestiacs, with the usual MSM collusion).

On Trump: My sense is that immigration patriots have reached a breaking point with Trump, because of his failure to legislate or even get control of the border, and particularly because of his sudden talk about INCREASING legal immigration and his treatment of Ann Coulter e.g. John Derbyshire here.

One of those links goes to Trump tweeting against Ann Coulter, the other to the Z-Man blog, which calls Trump a “stupid bullshitter who got very lucky” based on Trump’s betrayal of gun owners after Las Vegas.

Personally, I think Trump is completely unpredictable and it’s not impossible he’ll rotate back. But he’s sure going to have to DO something to get e.g. Ann back on board.

Looking at the hard-core Right, the disgust is really intense. As I’m sure you’re aware, the extremely NSFW podcast Fash The Nation finally broke with him for very explicit reasons on Saturday[March 17]: FTN 198: Donald J. Trap. You could also check out the Southern Nationalist site Occidental Dissent e.g. Ann Coulter Demands Exact Coordinates Of Orange Man’s “Border Wall”, March 13, 2019

You are right that there’s intense bitterness that Trump is not supporting his supporters e.g. the Trump DOJ, instead of litigating against AntiFa, which has essentially violently driven the Dissident Right and even Conservatism Inc. types like Charles Murray out of the public square, is instead prosecuting Trump supporters who simply defend themselves.

  1. What is your reaction to the president’s comments claiming that the movement is small?

He’s certainly correct that the number of white terrorist attacks is utterly miniscule compared to Muslim attacks (or even black crime). (The ADL numbers are obviously fallacious—e.g. no real evidence the Parkland shooter [Nikolas Cruz] was a white nationalist and the Kroger shooter had been married to a black woman.)

But as the New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant put it in his manifesto[PDF] (which you should read), Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose” won the election. That’s not “small”, even if “as a policy maker and leader” he’s done nothing.

  1. What are your general thoughts about the Trump administration, and do you feel that he has helped to make white nationalist thought more mainstream?

See above on general thoughts .

I think Trump won as an implicitly white candidate, although he shows absolutely no sign of being anything other than a civic nationalist.

But this is also why the Left opposes him so hysterically, and that’s resulted in an unprecedented wave of (non-governmental) repression of Dissident Right sites (see here).

  • e.g., the day after Trump won, at least a dozen New York Proud Boys were dismissed from their (relatively menial) jobs by angry Democrat employers;
  • e.g. been deplatformed by Amazon, Google AdSense, Constant Contact, MailChimp etc.
  • e.g. here’s been a wave of physical attacks on Trump supporters, completely unreported by the MSM, of course.

Trump has done absolutely nothing about this, although even just tweeting about it would help.

So Trump’s victory actually made it MORE difficult to express “white nationalist [or even patriot] thought.”

But ultimately, what drives “white nationalist thought” is demography. Whites are realizing there is no place for them in the Democratic Party. It’s tipping, like a housing project.

  1. Has political rhetoric influenced the movement at all and, if so, are there particular actions made by the federal government that support views expressed by VDARE?

Trump’s tweets were galvanizing. But there’s now widespread skepticism because there’s never any follow-through.

  1. What is your reaction to last week’s shooting in New Zealand?

I expressed my reaction here: Christchurch Massacre: Yes, It’s Terrorism, Yes, It’s Tragic—and Yes, Elites Could Halt It, By Halting Immigration. But They Won’t.

  1. Are those in the white nationalist and far-right movement feeling more emboldened than ever before?

My impression is that they feel more exposed, persecuted—and embittered.

  1. What role does social media play in helping promote your messaging?

The internet was critical in breaking the MSM’s gatekeeper function. Since Trump’s election, however, there’s been massive shadow-banning, deplatforming etc. by Silicon Valley SJWs. The good news is that, as far as I can see, there is opposition to Silicon Valley right across the political spectrum and some sort of regulation/ legislation is inevitable. The bad news is that the Democrats will try to smuggle in censorship. Trump/ GOP are too stupid to notice.

  1. I spoke with someone in the white nationalist movement who told me that those in the movement are largely supporting Andrew Yang for the 2020 election. I’m wondering if this is something you have heard and if you also may be supporting Yang heading into 2020.

Yeah, it’s a thing. (See Patriots Turning To #YangGang In Response To Trump, Conservatism Inc. Failure.)Partly because he’s unique in mentioning the White Death.

Trump was a wrecking ball that patriots used against the GOP Establishment and Yang is a wrecking ball used against Trump

It’s completely nihilistic in that no-one has any belief Yang can or will do anything. It’s just a desire to screw things up.

Personally, I could never support Yang because I’m a one-issue voter and he’s useless on immigration.

  1. Just to clarify, do you identify as white supremacist?

I believe the links above clarify that. I’m not a white supremacist or even a white nationalist, although I do think that whites have common interests they can legitimately defend.

I regard myself a civic nationalist, although a pessimistic one, because I think immigration policy is importing racial polarization. VDARE is a forum site and will publish anyone of any color or creed who has rational criticism of the post-1965 immigration disaster.

You have to realize that “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” (there’s a difference, but they’re usually conflated) are simply terms of abuse the Left uses to suppress rational criticism of immigration policy, and to intimidate the GOP from appealing to its own base.

It’s the equivalent of me calling Beto O’Rourke (or you) a Communist.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. fnn says:

    But nobody today under the age of 70 (except for some Miami Cubans) knows the Communists ever did anything bad. Being called a “Communist” doesn’t hurt anyone’s career.

  2. I hate to be on the outside looking out, but so be it. I am a conservative and that means there are aspects of order that I appreciate. Most of all that those representing order, behave according to the order expected from the rest. That means to get to one nexus of power, those representing authority, don’t exemption from the rules.

    Shifting focus . . .

    The idea that one’ skin color holds some manner of subjective uniqueness is on its face ridiculous. Nationality, is rooted in common beliefs and practices. I hate to break the news to you, but Europo which is predominantly white do not any uniquely shared beliefs that would enjoin them to a singular identity — despite being white – period. Now it has certainly been convenient to make the case by the dominants that whatever they call nationality is white merely because the majority are white. But a closer look at our history in the US reveals no small level of discord among whites – even unto violence. Good grief, it was the whites who made war with each other in the American continents. French, Spaniards, English, Portuguese, and others all beating the heck out of each other for a share of land. English whites fought their Englishmen — white skin simply held no sway.

    By making a claim to skin color as ethnic quality, one by definition is making a categorical barrier distinction that disqualifies anyone not white. And the history of what is understood as “white nationalism” makes that case pretty clearly. To this day the Irish and the English despite being white, having a shared history could break into fist’0’cuffs over the quality of tea (exaggeration deliberate).

    Anyone chomping at the white nationalist advance is going to have to wrestle with how they disengage the history of “white nationalism” which was every bit “white supremacist” in practice and word. Trying to make that rhetorical distinction in light of real history for anyone familiar with the same — is going to be no small hurdle.

    And though the history of “black nationalism” is different in almost everyway, the mere categorization marks a reality that is direct response to whites policy regarding blacks and by definition linked to skin color disqualifies anyone not black and here the matter becomes even less clear, because the dominant white society adopted a practice of the south’s one drop rule, which essentially ignores color save by blood line. Which in all reality makes a lot more blacks posing as whites than even whites would admit. Along the same bizarre categorization of Jews as non-whites and yet, clearly, in our contemporary understanding — most Jews, particularly western hemisphere Jews are white. And it’s almost funny to listen to the arguments about or against Jews, because if meaning is embodied in white skin, white non-jews are just as whites jews, by virtue of their skin color.

    The mirror image castigating itself is very strange.

  3. The “communist” hat trick here simply cannot be compared. And the reason is that communism by definition is not identified in label but by belief and practice.

    That might apply if someone stated, they are white communist. But communist alone would be checked as to its meaning, not merely by way of appearance. White nationalism has unique lineage to white supremacy communism despite being formulated by a white man was advanced as a set of beliefs and practices that could be applied to anyone anywhere. Calling someone a communist has no unique identifying characteristic to white power for whites against others, in this case largely blacks.

    And interestingly enough the founders despite their lean toward white superiority only crossed that line in official word on the issue of slavery. Because they knew, in my view that philosophically they simply could not. There were already blacks and other shades embracing, and walking in the ideals that they themselves were advocating. Which undermined any honest assessment that skin color was anything but a power marker which they linked to philosophy but which clearly was contradicted in their very eyes. And the long line of abolitionists, despite their own issues about color were intent on openly making that case.

    The nation is founded on a document that works regardless of color. But I would be interested to know exactly what makes whites unique in that regard. Whites did not invent writing, is the country going have to develop some other method of communication. Christianity is not a white religion, if we are going to by color. The law and it’s practices of justice are not white. Whites cannot even legitimately own the wheel or its mechanics. We laud the Greeks and their philosophy, but the earliest of them it appears spent years in Africa learning from Africans.

    And making the case for white nationalism abiding its history should put an end to the complaints about identity politics as some manner of attack against whites. For the dominant society, by color spent better than 2002 years ensuring its place around whiteness, regardless of the varying ethnicities. I am not a fan of this manner of politics, but its a dubious claim that it is new. What is new is that it has made inroads for minority populations to access traditional white power structuration and dynamics. Which invites the discussion of what remains the most critical corner of critique and legitimately so — the damaging politics that has disrupted traditional US as a country founded on certain ideals. A look at that process reveals politics not by blacks but whites, everything from immigration, free love, moveable realities, same relational marriages, to the murder of children in the womb. I am curious if that also includes “white nationalism”.


    “Being called a “Communist” doesn’t hurt anyone’s career.”


    My how times have changed.

  4. I once had a political identity. I was a lefty when that meant siding with Labor against Capital. And I was a Union Man. I have never been Socialist. I just wanted the Capitalists to cough up my share of the money I made for them. I have not changed. But obviously there is no place for me in either Party.

    The people who are the greatest threat to the working class are the global Capitalists. I’m talking about the free trade, open borders, financialize everything Neo Liberals. The stateless monopolists who own “the west”. These are not the Capitalists of my youth. They are Feudalists on a grand scale. They envision a permanent global Feudalism with them having everything and the rest of us having nothing. I’m a Nationalist because the nation state must remain sovereign regardless of its weaknesses or we will all be serfs. It has nothing to do with my being white. The working class is all colors.

    Trump says he is a Nationalist but he only sorta means it. I remain a Deplorable because where electoral politics is concerned Trump is all we’ve got. And here is where the white comes in. Because I’m white I wouldn’t vote for Jesus if he was a Democrat.

  5. Hail says: • Website

    [Nicole Einbinder] seems to be a nice sheltered twenty-something who has never thought about any of the issues she was charged with reporting

    There may be more she is bringing to the table.

    Q. What is an Einbinder?

    Einbinder is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

    Dan Einbinder (born 1989), Israeli footballer

    Harvey Einbinder (1926–2013), American physicist [born to Jacob B. Einbinder and Dora (née Abelson) in New Haven, Connecticut]

    • Replies: @anon
  6. Hail says: • Website

    Just to clarify, do you identify as white supremacist?

    Imagine if every interview with every Jew included this question:

    Just to clarify, do you identify as Jewish supremacist?

  7. “Because I’m white I wouldn’t vote for Jesus if he was a Democrat.”

    Excuse my laughter —

    But that was a very funny line.

  8. anon[473] • Disclaimer says:

    another Einbinder in the media, controlling the narrative?

    • Replies: @Hail
  9. Hail says: • Website

    another Einbinder in the media

    einbinden (verb) [German]

    – to incorporate;
    – to bind sth. [a book etc.] [also a wound] [also feet];
    – to integrate;
    – to involve sb./sth.;
    – to mainstream sb./sth. [into sth.];
    – to include [integrate];
    – to tie in.

    (Make your own conclusions.)

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