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Hyped Figures: John Glenn and the PC Myth of Katherine Johnson
Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon

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Obama awarded Ms. Johnson the Medal of Freedom in 2015.  Credit:
Obama awarded Ms. Johnson the Medal of Freedom in 2015. Credit:

glennfighterJohn Glenn’s passing at the age of 95 is just another reminder that the era of infinite possibility is sadly passing away. Glenn, a Marine fighter pilot in WWII and Korea, was the first American to orbit the earth in 1962. And with Glenn’s death goes the possibility of refuting one of the stranger tales born in the Current Year and poised to become the definitive story of the Mercury and Apollo missions: the Christmas Day-scheduled movie Hidden Figures’“untold true story” that black women were the real force behind America’s space exploration.

In the book on which the movie is based, Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, by Margot Lee Shetterly, Glenn is quoted as having said this of Katherine Johnson, the black female brain allegedly behind NASA‘s greatest glories.

““Get the girl to check the numbers,” said the astronaut. If she says the numbers are good, he told them, I’m ready to go.”

Glenn was supposedly asking for one more check before his flight into space—a review of the orbital trajectory generated by the IBM 7090 computer.

With Glenn’s death, we will never know if this conversation ever took place. But it is part of an insistent revisionist history of NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration], which was in fact almost entirely staffed by whites until the Apollo program was shuttered in the early 1970s.

Historians of the space program recognize the awful truth:

NASA, along with the companies that performed contract work during Apollo, was a reflection of society’s workforce in the late 1960s—mostly white, mostly male.

[Apollo Moon Missions: The Unsung Heroes, by Billy Watkins,2006, p. 79]

But NASA’s website now reports that Katherine Johnson, a blue-eyed, light-skinned black female,

calculated the trajectory for Alan Shepard, the first American in space…even after NASA began using electronic computers, John Glenn requested that she personally recheck the calculations made by the new electronic computers before his flight aboard Friendship 7—the mission on which he became the first American to orbit the Earth.”

[Katherine Johnson: The Girl Who Loved to Count,, November 24, 2015]

The primarily white Main Stream Media began frenetic virtue-signaling with the #OscarsSoWhite movement. This helped spawned a bidding war over the “true” story of how a lone black female helped fulfill John F. Kennedy’s promise of putting a man on the moon before the end of the 1960s:


And Fox 2000 and Chernin are developing Hidden Figures, a movie about the African-American women who helped NASA launch its first space missions (Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer recently were cast).

[Hollywood’s Casting Blitz: It’s All About Diversity in the Wake of #OscarsSoWhite, by Rebecca Ford, Hollywood Reporter, March 2, 2016]

But the recent canonization of Katherine Johnson and her “untold” contributions to NASA’s incredible achievements (think about it: the Wright brothers were the first humans to fly in 1903, NASA landed men on the moon only 66 years later) stretches credulity.

  • Why isn’t Johnson mentioned in John Glenn’s John Glenn: A Memoir or Alan Shepard’s Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America’s Race to the Moon?
  • Why does Charles Murray not mention her in his seminal book on the Apollo program (co-authored with Katherine Murray), Apollo: Race to the Moon?
  • Why is Johnson not mentioned in Tom Wolfe’s epic The Right Stuff,documenting the sensational story of NASA’s first astronaut group, the all-white Mercury 7.
  • Why, especially oddly, is Johnson not mentioned in We Could Not Fail: The First African Americans in the Space Program.
  • Why was Johnson not mentioned in either Jet or Ebony magazine, two black magazines that spent the 1960s and 1970s simultaneously lamenting the lack of blacks at NASA and celebrating any minor achievements of blacks in the space program.

(Finally, she appeared May 23, 2005 issue of Jet:

A physicist, space scientist, and mathematician, Katherine Johnson gained a minute in the national glare in 1970 when she was instrumental in formulating calculations that helped the crippled Apollo 13 return home safely.

U.S. Rep. Eddie B. Johnson Pushes Resolution To Support Black Women In Science & Technology

Curiously, the Jet article acknowledges “very little literature documents African American women and their place in science”).

  • Why, given her alleged role in the Apollo 13 drama, does Johnson not appear in Jim Lovell’s autobiographical Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13(subsequently made into the Tom Hanks movie, Apollo 13).
  • Why does Gene Kranz, the Flight Director of NASA famously played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13, fail to mention Katherine Johnson in his autobiography Failure is Not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond?
  • Why, perhaps most significantly, does Johnson not appear in Harlem Princess: The Story of Harry Delaney’s Daughter, the autobiography of Ruth Bates Harris? Harris, who took the job of Deputy Assistant Administrator for Equal opportunity for NASA in 1972, famously said, “I saw no minorities or women as astronauts. Could I help make a difference?” Harris waged a war to get more blacks involved with NASA, which was a paltry 5.6 percent non-white in 1973 versus a government agency average of 20 percent minority. [Societal Impact of Spaceflight, 2007, PDF]
  • Why does Johnson not appear in Beyond Uhura: Star Trek and Other Memories, by the black actress Nichelle Nichols, who played the part of Lt. Uhura in the iconic TV series Star Trek? Nichols waged a personal crusade against the overwhelming white nature of NASA, giving a speech in 1977, “New Opportunities for the Humanization of Space,” lamenting how white the space agency was and how this was dehumanizing to nonwhites.

Many leading white liberals in the 1960s wanted to find a way to put a black into space. Edward R. Murrow wrote a letter to James E. Webb, then the Administrator of NASA reading thus:


September 21, 1961

Dear Jim,

Why don’t we put the first non-white man in space?

If your boys were to enroll and train a qualified Negro and then fly him in whatever vehicle is available, we could retell our whole space effort to the whole non-white world, which is most of it.

As ever,


Edward R. Murrow

Just last year, after Katherine Johnson was awarded the Medal Of Freedom by President Obama, she named “West Virginian of the Year” and these strange words were written about her:

Johnson’s achievements, despite their significance, went largely unnoticed.

“No one knows that John Glenn wouldn’t fly unless Katherine Johnson checked the math,” Megan Smith, the White House chief technology officer, said in October. “It’s an amazing story, and it’s totally unknown.”

Johnson was never mentioned in the New York Times or the Washington Post before this year. She is nowhere to be found in ‘This New Ocean,’ NASA’s comprehensive internal history of Project Mercury.

Before 2015, the Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail wrote about her exactly once. The story appeared in the Gazette in 1977 to note that she had been honored by the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum in Philadelphia. It did not mention NASA. It was five sentences long.

“We’re in a country that sometimes we have revisionist history, and if you go look at history books, lots of times there aren’t African-Americans in there,” said Leland Melvin, a former space shuttle astronaut. “It’s so easy to just have an omission and play up the people and things that you want to make prominent.”

During the Mercury and Apollo missions, that meant playing up the stereotype of the first seven astronauts.

“Back then, you were a test pilot with a crew cut,” Melvin said. “The original seven, Life Magazine with the wives and the Corvettes — there wasn’t room for anyone else in that dialogue.”

[West Virginian of the Year: Katherine G. Johnson, Charleston Gazette Mail, by David Gutman, December 26, 2015. Link in original].

Let’s be honest: the only “revisionist” history going on right now is the push to have Americans in 2016 believe a black woman was key to NASA’s putting a man on the moon.

Minority Occupied America may not put men on the moon. But it can hype Politically Correct myths,

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2 013.

(Reprinted from by permission of author or representative)

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  1. She looks white enough to be racist if she had accidentally shot a black teenager.

    Seriously though, there’s always been a cottage industry of lionizing some cog in the machine because of their minority status. Sometimes it’s not even based on any kind of merit, like “The first X to go to Y school”.

    I’m not against telling people’s stories, but you just know gaggles of insufferable white chicks will bring up her name every time diversity is discussed.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
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  2. She looks white enough to be racist if she had accidentally shot a black teenager.

    I’ve often asked if there’s some kind of “shade” chart so I could titrate the acceptable fear level I should have whenever I find my self in the company of “darkies” and such. Trouble is, I’m “Cracker Certified,” yet my exposed skin is darker, at least in the summer, (you should hear my wife giggle at the remarkable contrast with my white axx), than most of those called “black” in ‘Merka. I should probably be skeered poopless of myself, but my blue eyes betray me.

    Seriously though, there’s always been a cottage industry of lionizing some cog in the machine because of their minority status. Sometimes it’s not even based on any kind of merit, like “The first X to go to Y school”.

    Seriously indeed, but “cottage industry?” ;) Have you seen this?:

    Chosen Leaders, Proven Failures and Political Debacles
    • DECEMBER 5, 2016

  3. I’m not against telling people’s stories, but you just know gaggles of insufferable white chicks will bring up her name every time diversity is discussed.

    While the males are feminized and the females have been masculinized, ‘Merka these days is pretty much all “chicks.” Gutless, brainless, mouthy , sniveling, grovelling, arrogant, ignorant cowards to boot.

  4. I’m all in favor of more black kids finishing high school and going on to major in some STEM field in college. Certainly there are those who are smart enough, but how many of them want to put in the necessary work?

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  5. Silly you. Isn’t that “Acting White”? Acting White goes way back. Bet the brilliant Ms. Johnson faced that, even back then.

  6. There has been a slew of books, well I know of at least two, covering the work of women ‘calculators’. One does not doubt that the actual calculators did yeoman work in helping further the technical efforts they were involved in. These included code-breaking at Bletchley Park and Nasa orbital calculations. Now as far as I am aware orbital calculations involve perturbations of Newton’s equations governing the spacecraft, taking due consideration of the rigid-body dynamics of the spacecraft, and the ejection of the mass of the fuels and payloads

    There are pretty standard methods for obtaining the numerical solutions, going back to Laplace and Lagrange for handling this. Although I have only a bluffer’s understanding of the mathematics, one has to just peruse the volumes of the collected works of C. G. Darwin, to understand how deep and vast were the developments in numerical mathematics by the Second World War.

    While I have no wish to detract from the achievements of Ms Johnson or other women, it seems to me that the main reason such work was delegated to women, was that they required mind-numbing tabular checks and rechecks, of the form familiar to accountants in Dickensian stories, certainly important but nonetheless they were not tests of brilliance. Brilliance would be a distraction for that kind of work.

  7. Didn’t they help start SHIELD? No, wait, that was Peggy Carter. Nevermind.

  8. This ‘story’ that Yank USA ‘travelled to the moon’ 9 times ( with 6 ‘landings’) during 1968-72 is too absurdly long in the tooth

    No one ever went back in 45 frackin’ years? All the original ‘moon landing video’ tapes LOST by NASA? The boxes of original ‘moon flight tech’ documents LOST by NASA as well? HA!

    The late Dave McGowan pretty well buried the ‘moon-landing’ fable in his thorough ‘Wagging the Moondoggie’ … CIA film studios at the notorious Laurel Canyon etc

    Scientists privately laugh about the ‘moon landing’ scam, but tell me “It’s bad for your career to question any ‘science’ backed by big government money”

    For the laughter of everyone, whether moon landing ‘believers’ or not … here is the ‘original moon landing tape’ with its foul-language ‘astronaut talk’ ‘un-edited’ 3 min.

    • Replies:
  9. Hopeless seeing as ( tragically ) the most desired state of being for myriads of young black males is the state of :


    and once you, as a young Detroiter or Chicagoan, have reached this glorious state, the state of : ” bad” then all of your dreams have come true.

    Rappers are : “bad” and they represent the most sought after role models for young black guys in this insane era.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society, member and pro jazz artist.

  10. The article is laughably true. My father worked in the space program. I can remember him grumbling that they had been forced to hire graduates from a local “historically black” university. As they could not be trusted to do any real work, the staff invented stuff for them to do to fill the quota.

  11. During World War II, my dad, who had a couple of published math papers to his credit, was assigned to the Army from his civilian government job as a budding applied economist.

    He and his colleague, who had also been “volunteered”, had the job of running the ballistics computation unit. The subject expertise and skills required for the job would not have been meaningfully different from those for Ms. Johnson’s job.

    He recalled that it was the most mind-numbingly tedious, boring and intellectually limited job he had ever done. He likened it to being a “math janitor.”

    I daresay that Ms. Johnson’s experience would have been not much different; I speculate that her motivation and those of her group would have been the prospect of a steady government job connected with a high-prestige national project. But they were very small cogs in the machine.

    • Replies:
  12. I went to the Trump Rally at Gruman Corp.

    1069….America=90 percent White Folks….1969….Two Alpha Native Born White American Males walk on the Moon.

    Who the F would be opposed to this? The Chinese in California and SUNY Stony Brook?

    Former NASA head administrator Daniel Goldin?

    I did some googling…and here is what I found out:Dan Goldin is very enthusiastic about Our Friend Israel’s all Jewish Pure Astronaut Program……Think about it….

  13. Modern academia is full of this sort of thing in the current year. I teach at a college and the recent required textbooks are full of dubious claims about women and black explorers and scientists that no one’s ever heard of.

    Just keep reminding yourself that for several decades St. Petersburg was called Leningrad before reverting back to its true name.

  14. Fact Check:Gruman’s was 100 percent Native Born White Male….These Native Born White Men designed and built the Gruman LEM-from which two Alpha Native Born White American Men descended onto the Moon.

    In America 2016….The Chinese Fifth Column and the Hindu Fifth Column(
    which now surrounds Gruman Corp where Donald Trump had his MAGA!!! rally)…in America considers the above Historical Facts to be a hate Crime….

    Donald Trump had his Gruman Corp MAGA!!!! rally in the Old LEM building.

    MAGA!!! UNEQUIVOCABLY only means one thing:90 percent Native Born White America.

  15. I think you’ll find that ABC chicks are every bit as insufferable as White chicks when it comes to that. Asians, being mostly hopeless conformists, are sucking up the zeitgeist of our benighted times with aplomb.

  16. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    What’s wrong with exaggeration if it’s for a good cause and harmless? This tale will help blacks feel more like they are a part of America.

    • Replies: , , ,
  17. The terms in the articles I read on this (not yours on Unz, Mr. Kersey) are also wrong.

    One claimed that they were called ‘calculators’. The other claimed that they were referred to as ‘computers in skirts.’

    I used to have an old Concise Oxford, 1950 or so, when overseas, bought second-hand. The word was ‘computor’, I presume the use of ‘e’ rather than ‘o’ in the third vowel of the word for the electrical and electronic ones was originally to differentiate the two, not the recent sloppy habit of many ‘murricams replacing ‘o’ with ‘e’ as the last vowel in such words, with no reason but poor education.

    From the impression I have from the two articles on the film, it presents the computors as mathematicians working on their own.

    This was not the case. The computors were arithmeticians, working under the direction of mathematicians, to implement algorithms (the development of algorithms for coordinated human solution from the mid-to-late 19th century to the 1960s is an often overlooked source of modern software technology).

    They would, in other situations, calculate log tables, but only did the arithmetic to implement the algorithm.

    It may have been different at NASA, but I strongly doubt it.

  18. Moonlanding/s may have been a Hollywood circulated MYTH. Therefore, this whole article may be MIS-DIRECTION.

    The obvious next question is why there have been no announced – subsequent – Moon Landings since 1972?????

    1. The Excuse of lack of Fund$ for subsequent space exploration adventures, holds no water, as there have been Trillion$ wasted on imperialist military adventures, gift$ to the Zionist Land Thieves, $13Trillion to the BAILOUT, NAFTA, among other frauds.

    2. As of 2016, 45 years have passed since last ‘reported’ landing. With the higher tech available in the decades after 1972, in theory, a Moon landing would (supposedly), be even easier than it was in 1968.

    3. The question of why no return trips, (or colonisation) to/of the Moon (by any Nation), is never asked on ZionistMainstream Media. This fact alone, forces an honest human to question the approved narrative of American landings on the Moon. Additionally, the Russians & Chinese have never questioned the validity of the claimed Moon landings, (or attempted any of their own).

    4. The Big Lie pattern of claiming Moon Landings, resembles the lies concerning the 9/11 events,and, most importantly, the Zionist Terrorist CIA/MOSSAD assassination of our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy, and the destruction of our Democratic Republic on November 22, 1963.

    Now, according to Katherine Johnson, if fraud there was, (wooden construction), the phony landings, and the subsequent cover up, was a completely White (Caucasian), [pasty faced Whiteboy] operation. African Americans are innocent; leave them alone. Those who made the Movie, Hidden Figures, – – – well, what did Mel Gibson say his father said about who controls Hollywood?

    In case I forget, Merry Christmas to All. This is a lovely forum. special greetings to Ron Unz.

    Durruti, alias Peter J. Antonsen

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  19. No good comes out of undeserved hyping.
    It will encourage memes like “we waz kangz of the space program!” and “white people stole the legacy of the space program from the black scientists!”. Idiots on black twitter (and probably elsewhere) are already using that movie to claim that that black women were in fact a crucial part of the race to space.

  20. Hollywood has a way of diminishing white men while lifting everyone else, also for divisive means.

    This revisionist history is not just about making blacks look good, it is about showing how white men ignored other races contributions. Zionist Jew Hollywood is not about helping anyone, least of all African Americans, this is about sowing division. They will hype this women, along side wondering out loud how she could have been ignored all these years, why, “because of white male suppression”.

    This reminds me of another recent iteration of Zionist rewriting history: The book, “Birth of a Nation”, was about the bloodiest black uprising against slavery. Of course Zionist Hollywood then took a sensitive topic and worked their divisive magic on it. In the book the reason for the main character rises up is because of the sin of slavery, he is responding to his religious beliefs, called to stop slavery by God, but in the Zionist Jew movie, his motivation is the lie that his wife was gang raped by a group of white men. Another interesting fact was this was basically a one man show, a black man named Nate Parker. Mr Parker wrote it, directed it, and starred in it, a real Renascence man, and likely a rapist. Hollywood’s kind of guy.

    Funny twist of fate, the man who made up the rape scene where a group of white men gang raped a young black women, Nate Parker was himself accused of rape…putting a bit of a damper on his lie of a money, they he says was historically accurate.

    The point is Hollywood is part of a machine, a machine that is meant to sow division and distrust. Black against white, women against men, north against south, rural against suburban…Hollywood makes movies reminding us of slavery every year, like they do the Nazis, never to educate or inform, to parse out concepts, but to remind, and vilify, to manipulate.

    Hollywood is one arm of the octopus, the MSM is the other, were issues like white police killing black men is displayed time and again, while blacks killing blacks, or police killing whites is totally ignored.

    This is a war, a war to destroy western civilization, and they are indeed winning. Russia is one standing against the tide, and that is why they have been made enemy number one. Russia is orthodox Christian that alone makes it a target of the Zionist Jew, add the fact that they get in the way of Israeli aggression in Syria, and Iran, and you have all the reasons in the world that Russia must be destroyed, human death tole means absolutely nothing.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies:
  21. Apology:

    Article is by Paul Kersey. Therefore, “Now, according to Paul Kersey, if fraud there was…”

  22. And you are mentally insane.

    • Replies: ,
  23. She’s the Whitest black woman I’ve ever seen. At least she did a good job, just like the average White. Most black AA hires are lazy incompetents who spend their “work” day chatting, arguing, gossiping intriguing and plotting against Ehites in the workplace

    I’m convinced the total uselessness of blacks is the reason Hispanics and Asians were so quickly classified as oppressed minorities entitled to affirmative action.

    What a country, the only criteria for a government, education or health care job is to belong to 2 of the most useless, dangerous and disfunctional groups in the country.
    More than a year ago, long before he won the primary, Trump said he fully approved of affirmative action. Even if he tried to restore a merit qualified civil service system the federal courts would block it.

    • Replies:
  24. “And you are mentally insane.”

    Is there any other way to be insane? Can one be Physically Insane???

    Hang in there!

    Don’t lose your sense of humor. Don’t lose your breakfast.

  25. Certainly there are those who are smart enough

    Sorry, but the empirical evidence is against you.

  26. You’re thinking of a panty shield.

  27. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has just announced that Chinese Space Program is too Yellow….Male….and Old. China will now import Hindu Legal Immigrants with the intent of having an all China born Hindu Astronaut Space Program in the future for the next 10,000 years.

  28. “How the [Insert European Ethnicity] Invented Everything” type books are generally pretty harmless, if childish. Italian-Americans’ c20th push to name anything and everything after themselves probably helped them to assimilate and identify with Americans.

    The problem with blacks is when you feed them “we wuz kangs” BS it feeds into their pre-existing conspiracy theories, and they’re liable to become dashiki-wearing cop-killers. In general they (including and especially the talented tenth) don’t really do nuance.

    • Replies:
  29. ” Russia is one standing against the tide, and that is why they have been made enemy number one”

    The media loved Russia while it was still communist, and after they, the Russians had cast off the communist scourge from that point forward they, the media lunatics, have hated it with a purple passion, and add to this constellation the fact that VP does not red carpet gays and the formula is complete.

    Journalists are in the overwhelming majority covert communists, and Russia was always their last hope for world communist rule.

    authenticjazzman, “Mensa society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies:
  30. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Fake History, like the new ‘birth of a nation’ movie.

    When ‘fake news’ story itself is fake news, what is ‘real’ anymore?

  31. How childish, you must be hasbara…

    The first response from the zionist filth is always one of the following, “conspiracy theorist, white supremacist, nut job, crazy, insane, Nazi, racist”, am I leaving any name out that you use?

    If you don’t agree you have three choices, ignore (which Zionists never do, they just can’t stfu), refute, argue a point that points out facts contrary to the stated opinion, or attack, the Zionist modus operandi, their tactic of choice. Character assassination, guilt by association, false premise, revised history, all wholly illegitimate forms of response when debating,m yet that is all we see from the Zionists.

    I don’t know if Durruti’s points are valid or not, but I know he/she has every right to espouse them. More and more we are seeing the Zionist machine move to silence dissent, and you will see real push back, for a change.

    • Replies:
  32. TJM,

    Many thanks for your comments.

    “I don’t know if Durruti’s points are valid or not, but I know he/she has every right to espouse them.”

    By the way, I, Peter J. Antonsen, am a guy (“he”), & have been one for as long as I remember.

  33. Even apart from the “Onion” label on this video and the implausibly “fuck”-laden (and easily fakable) dialog, the horizon of the moon at 0:10 seems too curved to be real as a view from the surface of the moon; the moon is bigger than that.

  34. Certainly there are those who are smart enough

    Why bother? Every Fortune 50 corporation in America wants to hire you to signal its Managerial Virtue(tm). You can write your own ticket, all you need is a BA or BS in almost anything…it’s not like they’ll expect you to actually do anything.

    After all, corporations all succeed now regardless of who they hire and promote. It’s the heads we win, tails you lose theory of the firm.

  35. The problem with blacks is when you feed them “we wuz kangs” BS it feeds into their pre-existing conspiracy theories, and they’re liable to become dashiki-wearing cop-killers. In general they (including and especially the talented tenth) don’t really do nuance.

    You can’t have TV (and movies) showing physically and culturally different people how the other half lives and expect them to accept their second-class status.

    Black, white, green or orange, people in general are lacking in self-reflection. We’re all heroes in our own Narratives, so when we fall short of the success, celebrity, etc. of someone else, it can’t possibly be because of who we are, our capabilities and our foibles. How many people who can’t do long division still think, but for the dirty meanness of some a-hole, they could be astronauts?

    It’s some other, some nefarious character or policy, that keeps us from reaching the stars.

    Blacks are just really, REALLY good at this kind of thinking.

    TV is destroying civilization. I’m not kidding.

    • Replies:
  36. What a country, the only criteria for a government, education or health care job is to belong to 2 of the most useless, dangerous and disfunctional groups in the country.
    More than a year ago, long before he won the primary, Trump said he fully approved of affirmative action. Even if he tried to restore a merit qualified civil service system the federal courts would block it.

    This is why the seeds of every decline are sown during the rally that preceded it. It’s only during a period of Fat City that people are DUMB enough to invite the “Can’t Do’s” to take important jobs.

    The road ahead leads through a period of intense difficulty, during which the dominant narrative will be disabused of such plain stupidity. In the meantime, however, I anticipate that automating commercial airline piloting will continue to be one step ahead of affirmative action hiring.

    The last 50 years have constituted an amazing “last hurrah” for rising prosperity. The evidence of weaking “fundamentals” is so obvious that only a leftist-cult zealot can fail to see it.

  37. This tale will help blacks feel more like they are a part of America.

    Sure. Keep telling yourself that informing the minority kid who can’t do long division that if his life is less golden than the white people he sees, it’s because those white people must be keeping the good life from him.

    There is no such thing as telling a harmless lie. This crap started a long time ago and it only metastasized since.

  38. Maybe they would feel even better should they discover that Copernicus, Christopher Columbus, and Isaac Newton were really “black” men (retconning history can accomplish anything … it’s only about narratives, you know, kind of like chick lit fiction except it’s about guys).

    But I’m anticipating. For shame, that’s not enough! Where are the “black” women? Oddly enough, Copernicus was really a “black” women who had to hide her gender and race in response to the pervasive “white” racism/sexism of her age. We know this because Copernicus had long hair … get it? Paintings of Copernicus do not show negroid features but that proves the racism of the age. Everything was done to hide his … I mean … her “black” female identity.

    Still not enough? Okay, Copernicus was really a “black” female dyke lesbian who had privately dreamed of transitioning from female to male but could not figure out how to do it (primitive medical technology sucks!). We know this because of her theory of the universe with the planets orbiting the sun was really her hidden intersectional message that diversity among planetary orbits was God’s plan for the universe and everything in it, including humankind, until the “white” man intervened with his oppressive, unitary patriarchy.

    Flash! Students at the University of Pennsylvania have rebelled and replaced the portrait of Shakespeare in the English Department with a photo of Audre Lorde, a black writer who died in 1992. Lorde described herself as a “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,” and her writing confronts and addresses racism, sexism, and homophobia.

    Quick, there’s still time to save Shakespeare! What was he? Oh, yes, Shakespeare was a homosexual. Just look at this repose from his play, Henry V, where the Earl of Suffolk and Duke of York die in each other’s arms:

    ‘So did [York] turn and over Suffolk’s neck
    He threw his wounded arm and kiss’d his lips;
    And so espoused to death, with blood he seal’d
    A testament of noble-ending’

    Oh, in a knick of time! This was close!

  39. The worst part of these scams is not the undue credit,the historical lies. Its that for it all to be true whites must be evil.

  40. On a positive (spun) note, maybe some Black women REALLY WILL play some significant role when we REALLY DO walk on the Moon for the first time someday! Then all the hype will be valid.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  41. Metaphysical Insanity. Whoa…

  42. TV is destroying civilization. I’m not kidding.

    In David Simon’s Homicide book, way back in 1988, he described how the TV addled brain of juries was making the job of prosecutors almost impossible. Jurors expected to see a complete re-enactment of the crime, a pile of irrefutable forensics, and an complete explanation of the criminal’s means, motive and opportunity, just like they would get on Columbo of Kojak.

    I can only imagine how much worse it’s got in the courts. With the equally corrosive Internet, we can see how bad this sort of belief has gotten in general: everyone wants a completely airtight case for things they don’t want to be true, and will accept the flimsiest of evidence as proof of their pet beliefs. It’s true this is really a basic human irrationality, but TV, film and the Internet have incentivized this behavior to a terrifying level. Just look at this case: people will be using a Hollywood film as the authority “proving” their case. A friggin’ movie!

  43. Oh, come on, you guys.

    We all know that the Nubians built the pyramids, and, as Al Sharpton said, “them Greek homos” Plato and Aristotle stole philosophy from blacks. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, told us that “Jesus was a black man.” Crispus Attucks won the Revolution, the freed slaves defeated the Confederacy, and the Tuskegee Airmen singlehandedly defeated Hitler (– well, maybe with a little help from the Navajo Code Talkers. Just a little.)

    Of course it was a mulatto woman who put a man on the moon…

    • Replies: , ,
  44. Unless she, and she alone, had some secret math, the idea that Glenn could not orbit the earth is ludicrous. Man made satellites had been orbiting the earth since 1957. Further back the Germans had to calculate ballistic trajectories at similar altitudes for V-2 rockets and even their Paris gun in WW1!

  45. says:
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    President Hussein appointed the black Charles Bolden to head up NASA. He stated that one of his foremost jobs was to reach out to the Muslim world. Can anyone imagine anything loonier? Movies have had the staple character of the awesome black genius for years now. I sort of wonder how many people out there think it’s all real?

  46. Imagine if Hollywood put out a movie about Buck, the hardest working janitor at Cape Canaveral! How the SJWs would howl.

    This is the sane thing, except it has the additional Women in Science angle. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

  47. Just the latest attempt by Jewish Hollywood to rewrite American history to conform to multicultural dogma. Katherine Johnson looks virtually white but it appears like the movie will cast the Oprah Winfrey triplets to depict her and two others who allegedly played a pivotal role in the space race.

    Since this movie sounds like it’s full of embellishments and historical inaccuracies I hope it bombs at the box office.

    • Replies:
  48. “Journalists are in the overwhelming majority covert communists…”

    I’d say a fair number of them are fairly overt.

    • Replies:
  49. Anyone know who did the calculations for the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986?

    Oh yeah, the first white woman school teacher was sent up in that one. She was supposed to be in space when Señor Reagan was scheduled to give his State of the Union that night.

    Best laid plans, etc.

    In those days of course the United States was so primitive it didn’t even have psychological intervention squads for all the little grade school kiddies who suffered lifelong trauma watching one of their white superwoman teachers vaporize on teevee.

    • Replies: ,
  50. Reminds me of Spielberg movies where the black guy is always the computer wiz and brain surgeon.

    Ever see the TV commercial where the conductor of a symphony orchestra is a black guy?

    How about the ‘artist’ Basquiat? Beyond dumb.

    Only in the west can an at best mediocre black person be treated as a genius.

    • Replies: ,
  51. No wonder America has slid from the world stage …

  52. We are going to see La La Land tonight – let’s hope its ethnic content is vibrant …

  53. Also, another superwoman, Kalpana Chawla, the first “Indo-American woman in space”, bought the farm on the Columbia vaporization in 2003 over Texas and Lousiana.

    Is this a trend?

  54. It will be fun to see who they get to play The Evil White Man who tells them they can’t do it (and of course has to eat crow when they do).

    “Since this movie sounds like it’s full of embellishments and historical inaccuracies I hope it bombs at the box office.”

    Did worry, it will. Who’s going to go see it; the .002% of black women who are interested in science? The Chinese market (most of whom think blacks are basically talking apes)?

    One thing you can bet on for sure; the critics will love it!

  55. Commies and their kindred are the moral descendants of hunter-gatherers.

  56. In all seriousness, I appreciate your having put the history of human achievement in so concise a form. Thanks!

    Oh also, Thomas Edison’s actual quote:

    “Genius is one percent inspiration, one percent perspiration, and and ninety-nine percent stealing ideas from the cleaning lady.”

    Yes I know that doesn’t add up. He wasn’t very good at math.

    • Replies: ,
  57. In fairness, though, at the time it did give rise to my favorite joke ever:

    Hey, did you hear? They found the black-box flight recorder from the Challenger, and now we know Christa McAuliffe’s final words!

    “What’s this button do?”

  58. Tesla was the genius. Edison was a tinkerer and strictly commercial. He also had more than a touch of P.T. Barnum. Don’t miss the execution of Topsy, for example, which was supposed to be an argument contra Westinghouse:

    Edison’s own vid by the way.

    • Replies:
  59. Oh also, Thomas Edison’s actual quote:

    “Genius is one percent inspiration, one percent perspiration, and and ninety-nine percent stealing ideas from the cleaning lady.”

    Yes I know that doesn’t add up. He wasn’t very good at math.

    RE: the “Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” quote,

    That’s also one of the things that works against Edison in terms of popular culture. We have this romantic image of the scientist/inventor as a kind of lonely visionary. Edison, in contrast, was about relentless work. There’s a problem to be solved? Gather a team of smart guys and start finding solutions. In order to solve this problem we need someone with a thorough grounding in mathematics? Hire that Francis Robbins Upton kid that Hermann von Helmholtz thinks so highly of.

    Indeed, of all the things that Edison invented (the quadruplex telegraph, the phonograph, the carbon microphone, etc), the modern industrial laboratory was quite possibly the most important.

    • Replies:
  60. The single brilliant idea that Edison divined was hiring Nikola Tesla.

    Nikola Tesla made Edison’s ideas practical.

    Nikola Tesla was a genius electrical engineer, not a mathematician.

    • Replies:
  61. The single brilliant idea that Edison divined was hiring Nikola Tesla.

    Nikola Tesla made Edison’s ideas practical.

    Dear fellow, Edison invented the quadruplex telegraph, the phonograph, and the carbon microphone long before he hired Tesla….

  62. Why does everyone have to bring up Tesla talking about Edison? How about when you say “Tesla was the genius” I say “Yeah, but Newton was a bigger genius.”

    • Replies:
  63. Why does everyone have to bring up Tesla talking about Edison? How about when you say “Tesla was the genius” I say “Yeah, but Newton was a bigger genius.”

    There’s a strange internet cult regarding Tesla. I suppose that a lot of it has to do with his “mad scientist” comic book aura.

  64. Moonlanding/s may have been a Hollywood circulated MYTH. Therefore, this whole article may be MIS-DIRECTION.

    Not only is moonlanding a myth, the earth is probably fixed and flat, it does not rotate or encircle the sun, the “planets” are just other stars, and “gravity probably does not exist.

    Think about it: The world rotates at 1,100 miles an hour at the equator (from what we are told), a 747 flies at 700 miles an hour, if you are flying from Singapore to Bogota, (both near the equator), and the earth is moving 1,100 miles an hour in the opposite direction, it’s going to take a hell of a pilot to hit that target.

    Conversely, if one is flying from Bogota to Singapore, and moving with the rotation of the earth, how does he catch up to Singapore in a vehicle that is moving 400 mph slower?

    • Replies:
  65. Wright, Obama’s pastor, told us that “Jesus was a black man.”

    Revelation 1:15

    We all know that the Nubians built the pyramids,

    as Al Sharpton said, “them Greek homos”

    Crispus Attucks won the Revolution,

    Never heard this one, must be a Caucasoid story.

    the freed slaves defeated the Confederacy

    • Replies: ,
  66. Ever see the TV commercial where the conductor of a symphony orchestra is a black guy?

    Well Hank and Tommy got the humor; by the way, so did the actor…

  67. What is the point of this post? Either you’re trying to be funny or you can’t interpret people’s writing very well.

  68. says:
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    Anyone know who did the calculations for the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986?

    The Mormons designed the Solid Rocket Boosters for the Space Shuttle.

    The design was so flawed that 9 of the first 25 missions showed signs of O-ring leakage. The first failure took place on the second Space Shuttle flight. The last failure was Challenger in 1986. After that, the SRBs were redesigned.

    • Replies:
  69. What did I misinterpret?

    • Replies:
  70. I’m Hungarian, and in Hungary there’s an abundance of stories about how Hungarians invented everything. Super annoying, especially to more educated Hungarians (who’ll then usually assume just to be on the safe side that any Hungarian achievements taught to us are just lies).

    Just one example. There’s a story about a Hungarian guy who was supposed to have invented the helicopter in the 1920s (he was a con man who invented nothing, and his claims were propagated by himself and the communist government in the 1950s, but then they were debunked in the 1970s for experts, yet they still aren’t yet purged from school curricula), and it’s annoying. I have once made the claim in front of foreigners, and later after having learned the truth I felt a total idiot for this. I was taught a lie, I was conned by this con man, and then made to make an idiot of myself.

    Who benefited from this? Certainly not me, nor the foreigners (Americans) who were politely smiling at the idiocy. Oh and the wonderful part is that people studying anything that had anything to do with aviation were told the truth at college or university. Quite correctly the professors understood that this didn’t “motivate” anyone to anything.

    • Replies:
  71. says:
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    While the retrofitting of history to make blacks appear more important than they were is laughable, I think this is an important teaching opportunity to make it abundant to everyone, including the right, that things like Nobels are very subjective.

    Charles Murray made a big splash around these parts with his ridiculous book claiming to document human achievement, and a lot of very smart people on this site took him as proclaiming some scientific fact. The only fact there is that all these judgements are extraordinarily subjective, and Charles Murray claiming white people were pretty much responsible for all human achievements is not very different from Ta-Nehisi Coates claiming He Wuz Kangs.

  72. For one thing, when someone talks about Nubians building THE pyramids, I think you know what pyramids they’re talking about.

    For another, whether or not Plato or any ancient Greeks were homos was not the point.

    For yet another, one slave running North and helping form black units in the Civil War is hardly freed slaves defeating the Confederacy.

    As for Revelation, are you kidding?

    Like I said, you’re either having a laugh or you’re missing the point.

    • Replies:
  73. Richard Feynman on what happened:

  74. Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking to me, and on turning I saw seven golden lampstands, (13)and in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man, clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash around his chest. (14)The hairs of his head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, (15)his feet were like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the roar of many waters.

    So white hair and feet “like burnished bronze” describes a black African negro? The Bible is replete with symbolic language but in this case “like white wool” is describing the color and not the texture of hair.

    Africans are not averse to homosexuality.

    • Replies:
  75. If it’s any consolation, unless they were aerospace engineers, the Americans probably didn’t know who invented the helicopter either. (I think Igor Sikorsky, but I’m not 100% sure without checking).

    Assuming it was Sikorsky, it’s interesting that the communist government would retcon a Russian invention. He was a white emigre so I suppose it makes sense.

    (BTW, contradicting a black when they start going on about how they invented everything is a firing offense in the ‘States).

  76. 1. There is ample evidence that ancient Egypt was a multicultural society consisting of many waves of people working with each other in many different ways. Please do your research, and look into multiple sources.

    2. I don’t pay attention to Al Sharpton, he’s a clown (like our president-elect) that’s basically his shtitk, and the way he makes his money. Therefore, I am unconcerned about his history lessons. He did, however, call homos, homos, and I don’t see the problem with that.

    3. Slaves fought both for, and against, the confederacy during the civil war. The (black) Seminole wars, however, another story (look it up.)

    4. If you read the bible, there is much evidence that the the original Hebrews were black. If you have a fair level of intellect you can read into the bible, passages on the slave trade and even the “N-word”, again please do your research. This by the way is burnished bronze:

  77. No-one is adverse to homosexuality, it was, however, a CONDITION OF CITIZENSHIP in ancient Greece (only %1 of Greeks were citizens). In order to become a citizen, the father of an 8-y/0 boy, selected one of his friends / business associates to give his son a “mentorship” for 7 years (if he did not do it himself.)

  78. says:
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    This is an appropriate place to plug the oldie but goodie:

    The Old Negro Space Program

  79. Homosexuality in ancient Greece is a bit more nuanced than your letting on. I don’t recall the practice of homosexuality being a condition of citizenship but perhaps you can provide a source for that claim. And if true and only 1% of Greeks were citizens that means the practice was very limited and not widespread which contradicts the claims of history expert fat Albert Sharpton.

    Perusing the internet there are sources that appear to show certain forms of homosexual behavior were viewed with derision by the Greeks and Greek philosphers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle regarding homosexual conduct as immoral.

    “In the first place it appears extremely likely that homosexuality of any kind was confined to prosperous and aristocratic levels of ancient society. The masses of peasants and artisans were probably scarcely affected by habits of this kind, which seem to have been associated with a sort of snobbery. (Flacelliere, Love in Ancient Greece, p.62)”

    “The period when this pattern took shape was the Archaic age of Athens, before the greatest flowering of Attic culture. During the fifth and fourth centuries this patterned became compromised and led to male prostitution by citizens and to adult male love affairs; both of these practices were consistently stigmatized as socially unacceptable. Anal sex, generally associated with obscenity and coarse behavior, were the common form these discredited types of homosexual contact. (Keuls, The Reign of the Phallus Sexual Politics in Ancient Greece, p.298-299)”

    “This was especially so if the youth allowed himself to be penetrated, an act considered unworthy of a man and a free citizen, and one which could threaten his citizenship. (Bishop and Osthelder, Sexualia From Prehistory to Cyberspace, p.208)”

    “A man who enjoys playing the receptive partner is derogated as a prostitute and as having forfeited his right as a citizen to hold office. The assumption is that a man who would willingly make himself available would do anything! Only slaves, women, and foreigners would willingly choose to be treated as objects (Downing, Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love, p. 139)”

  80. Reminds me of when the Economist wrote a glowing obituary of a black South African who allegedly assisted Christiaan Barnard in the first successful heart transplant. They accepted his fraudulent claims to have played a crucial role in the operation with apparently no attempt at journalistic scrutiny and later had to issue a retraction.

  81. Look up the definition of: Aircraft ground speed. HdC

  82. You cave n!@@ers and your so called history books are nothing but a conflagration of bullsh!t. Ms. Katherine Johnson is as real as the stars in the galaxy. She’s definitely smarter than any of you neanderthal apes commenting on the board. You mayonnaise monkeys should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  83. Plato and Aristotle stole philosophy from blacks.

    How exactly does one one steal “philosophy”?

  84. Are you serious? No wonder we have an inbred retard president elect. It doesn’t matter who many or how few Black women were at NASA is the sixties, you guys are still still dumb as hell. With all the advantages of being white, you guys just aren’t smart or hard working enough to succeed. Tearing down geniuses won’t make you struggle less to figure out basic math in your head. Tighten your tinfoil hats and close your eyes, because you are and always will be the gap toothed shame of America. We are being condescending when we say “heartland” or “disenfranchised whites”. We, the white folk who went to college, really mean “slack jawed yokels”, but it is un-PC to call you people trash.

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