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Governments Electing New Peoples
But force to contain the newcomers will be unavoidable
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A little over a decade after East German writer Bertolt Brecht suggested his government dissolve the people and elect another, US politicians followed his advice, contributing to the ethnic cleansing of my old Brooklyn neighborhood.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, raised in the same “workers’ paradise” that Brecht once championed, seems to be following along similar lines. She enthusiastically invited what is expected to be millions of refugees from the Islamic world to populate her country. But Merkel and her union of leading “Christian” denominated parties still retain majority support. Quite unlike the 1960s Democrats in my Ridgewood-Bushwick blue collar neighborhood!

Before the “white flight” that had demographically changed that area from about 95% European descendents to about 5%, the once dominant Brooklyn Democrats were steadily losing ground to the newly-established Conservative Party. The largely Third World newcomers quickly restored the Democrats’ old dominance. There was more than just partisan advantage behind the “election” of a new people by the politicians, of course. Some of the Washington Democrats who pushed through the 1965 immigration act were ideologically motivated in their effort to replace the old melting pot model with a nationwide multicultural ideal. Most probably saw no reason why they should be different than past immigrant waves.

Merkel had no domestic political need to elect a new people. She declared Germany’s own multiculturalism anathema a few years ago. Presumably, like the social engineers who redesigned the US population, she’s confident that the millions of newcomers from an alien religious-shaped culture will be able to cling to their beliefs while being integrated into Germany’s dominant culture.

Europe has already been plagued with problems related to both integration and diversity. Yet Merkel and many of Europe’s leaders see the only challenge as how and where to settle the refugees and how the project can be financed. To the extent that they thought about consequences at all, it’s been about image and impact on future elections, not how their enticement of millions to immigrate might change the very civilization whose “European values” they tirelessly vaunt.

Pro-refugee concert on Heldenplatz Vienna

Pro-refugee concert on Heldenplatz Vienna

The masses of young people who show up in welcoming demonstrations don’t do consequences. They’re having too much fun feeling good about their perceived worldliness and tolerance for such tedious reflection. While Germans were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their East-West reunification October 3rd, tens of thousands gathered for a free “Voices for Refugees” solidarity concert on Vienna’s Heldenplatz, the same plaza where failed artist Adolph Hitler announced Austria’s 1938 “Anschluss,” or unification with Germany. The cabaret artists on stage this time essentially pleaded for an “Anschluss” with the Islamic world, with regions of the globe currently driving millions to Europe. Refugees themselves, an important part of the festivities that began with a march from a railroad station, assured the crowds how important they were for Austria’s future. The country’s famous singing transvestite and excerpts from postrucuralist Nobel Prize playwright Elfriede Jelinek contributed to the entertainment. The irony again went over participants heads that heads of such artists would be the first to roll if Islamic extremists gathering in Europe could have their way.

Ringstrasse Vienna wants open borders

Ringstrasse Vienna wants open borders

The fanatics are a small percentage, of course. But they grow with overall numbers. Indeed, Sunday evening media reports cited German officials as having nearly doubled their estimates of refugee arrivals this year to 1.5 million. The report allegedly claims that each granted refugee status would bring in an average of four to eight family members over time.

World and local leaders were lampooned for not doing enough for the refugees and resignations of government ministers were demanded. Austria’s president nevertheless joined in via video feed, warning that policies of politicians handling emergency should not be politicized. Most European presidents, having limited governing responsibilities, piously pontificate like popes and monarchs these days. Germany’s President Gauck moved a bit towards pragmatism recently in stating the obvious: there is a limit to how many refugees his country can absorb. It’s an axiom that Merkel and her Austrian counterpart have strenuously avoided thus far. The latter’s foreign minister, despite his youth, alienated demonstrators by showing more wisdom that many of his west European counterparts combined. The 29-year-old Sebastian Kurz, whose appointment two years ago prompted a British daily to announce “It’s a boy!” has taken a much tougher stance on mass refugee inflows and was one of the first in the West to advocate working with Russia, Iran and Syrian leader Assad to tackle the source of the problem.

Luciano & Romeo from Cameroon:  Syrians for a day (till after crossing from Austria into Merkel's Germany

Luciano & Romeo from Cameroon: Syrians for a day (till after crossing from Austria into Merkel’s Germany

A weekend article on the refugee drama by a generally Arab-friendly Middle East specialist pointed to a hormone impact among the refugees, 80% males aged 17 to 30. They come with dreams of status increasingly difficult to attain in their impoverished homelands. Most are religious Muslims for whom status is essential for marriage, the only sanctioned way to realize their sexuality in traditional societies. The propensity for violence among underemployed, testosterone-laden young men is always higher on average, especially with fewer outlets for their frustration. Police unions and feminist groups in Germany are already accusing Federal authorities of downplaying levels of rape and violence among the recently arrived refugees.

Anecdotes abound about refugee hostility to integration. Parents refusing children permission to play with non-Muslims or an imam, on religious grounds, refusing to shake the hand of deputy chairwoman of German’s largest political party visiting a refugee facility. The imam’s clear preference for diversity over cultural integration would presumably be OK with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. For her there is no contradiction between the two, diversity being a European value and a “core principal of the European integration process.” But for Germany’s police union leaders and politicians trying to cope with violent diversity-related conflicts within refugee facilities, separation of the religious factions rather than integration has become the favored solution.

Mogherini had been fending off an Aljazeera TV interviewer’s attempt to get her to denounce Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban for his unwelcoming stance toward mass Muslim immigration. Talk show hosts such as BBC’s Steven Sacur or Germany’s Anne Will (32-37m marks) have repeatedly badgered Orban’s ministers to explain why their government opposed such mass immigration. They might have been merely attempting to elicit a politically incorrect sound bite. But Will especially, with her “I don’t understand” sincerity, seemed genuinely stumped as to what the answer could possibly be. “If you need to ask that question,” a candid viewer might have asked, “you couldn’t possibly understand the answer.” Part of the answer could be found in a short documentary that I had alluded to in a previous article, a report by another state-owned German network better known for promoting the multicultural ideology. The uncharacteristically critical look at migrants rejecting their host society’s culture can be viewed with English subtitles now. A quick browse through Google would provide equally credible but far more dramatic accounts of cultural clashes in European cities. Fear of importing more sectarian violence into Europe is also not unreasonable.

The sanctimony that so frequently smothers refugee hospitality includes denunciation of Hungary’s use of barbed wire and tear gas against rock throwing young men trying to break in to the country. The presence nearby of children led to accusations of gassing babies. Not a single death resulted from Hungary’s resolute tactics, however. Yet how many drowned crossing the seas to take advantage of hopes aroused through welcoming policies and rhetoric?

Reality is that Europe’s government and media establishment has been deluding itself and its people into believing the “invasion” can be resolved without use of force. The word “invasion” itself is taboo, even in the Webster sense of “the incoming or spread of something usually hurtful.” The Establishment talks condescendingly about the need to “understand” the fears of the common people, then tries to reassure them with rosy predictions about how, over the long run, the purported skill-packed immigrant masses will help enrich Europe’s culture and pocket books.

Mostly Syrian refugees fresh off the train from Budapest

Mostly Syrian refugees fresh off the train from Budapest

Measures are discussed to reduce the “pull factor” of generous welfare and permanent residence, the latter implied by integration talk alone, not just current policies. The Danes have halved refugee welfare payments to about $1,000 per person, excluding free medical care, the amount currently paid to its students. Danish officials claim their advertising in Lebanese media of these drastic new “disincentives” has modestly reduced refugee numbers and led some to seek better deals in neighboring countries. And Austria wants to review refugee residence entitlement after three years. As in the US, the fact remains that relatively few immigrants get deported. The two young men from Cameroon I photographed upon their arrival from Hungary en route to Germany knew that. They were among the throngs of Syrians who would automatically qualify for refugee status. They were “Syrians for a day,” until crossing the German border where their personal refugee claims would almost certainly be rejected. And they are just a vanguard fraction of those hoping to flee chaos, conflict and population explosions that will not be stopped by attempts alone to lessen the “pull factor.”

The inescapable application of force to secure the EU’s outer borders will require measures with which Europe is poorly equipped to handle logistically and psychologically. The most difficult to rectify is the garnering of political will. Russia’s latest military involvement in Syria offers an opportunity to tackle part of the problem. It is rare in history that nearly all the global and regional powers see a common enemy. The EU knows it can no longer be a bystander in the conflict causing the refuge invasion that it still prefers to call by other names. Russia’s intervention means that France, like the US and Turkey, will now have to abandon the failed policy of treating Syrian President Assad’s ouster of as an end in itself. Turkish leaders have been pressing for security zones inside Syria for anti-ISIS Sunni Arabs. They would like to move their 2 million Syrian refugees into such zones. The EU now has a greater incentive than ever to support such a project.

Turkey’s President Erdogan, campaigning for upcoming elections among his dual- citizenship constituents in Europe, is also throwing his weight around with EU leaders. He’s magnanimously offering to take back some of the EU’s recent refugees from Syria who arrived via Turkey if the EU takes in more Turks by eliminating visa requirements. Long a proselytizer for Islamic expansion, Erdogan would nevertheless be happier with Syrians in Europe than inside his own country. His feelings about Europe seem to verge on contempt, seeing it as both weak and decadent. If Europe is to have significant influence in stemming the anarchy that is driving so many of the refugees its way, leaders and an increasingly pacifist public will have to undergo a Damascene conversion regarding the willingness to apply military force.

ISIS, Iraqi Kurds and other opponents of Assad have already redrawn the borders created in historical Mesopotamian by Europe’s WWI victors. Preparing for a post ISIS Middle East with borders that more rationally reflect ethnic and religious loyalties will be a herculean task. But the economic power alone of a Europe shaken from its lethargy could be enormously influential in forging cooperation among recalcitrant regional Sunni states. Active combatants like Russia and Iran could also further modify the already diminished ambitions of Assad’s supporters. Talks among these key global and regional players would not have to produce agreement on finalizing new borders. But their firm commitment to provide a sizable, economically viable portion of the war-torn region for Sunnis to run their own affairs would help enormously if they are to eventually cooperate with ground forces ultimately needed to destroy ISIS and other fanatic forces.

If the EU and others are willing to take a leading military role in ending the conflict, the US will not be able to walk away. Much of the instability in the region has been caused by US military intervention. That is an argument used by many in Europe for the US to take a larger share of the refugee burden. The musical chairs approach to refugee allocation has not worked within the EU, and shipping more off to the US will not resolve the problem either. Both continents need to get back to the basics and focus their military on protecting their borders. That might include provisionally controlling anarchic areas beyond those borders that serve as staging grounds for refugee invasions. If Europe accepts such a role, and succeeds in coalition with the other partners mentioned, the US should focus afterwards on security closer to home

The delusion that national defense begins at the furthest rock on planet had become dogma after Pearl Harbor. The national consensus for defending one’s country through military conscription was another Vietnam victim. But despite that fiasco and a spate of other senseless foreign wars, support for overseas adventures never long diminished. In Europe, conscription survived a lot longer, but with a few exceptions, popular support for a strong military seriously waned even before the Cold War ended. German Defense Minister Struck later rallied some support for helping the US in Afghanistan by claiming “German security is being defended in the Hindu Kush.” Instead of security, it brought Afghan refugees.

Western countries are unique in preempting distant dubious threats to their societies while opening their borders to foreign masses bent on reestablishing parallel societies in their adopted countries. The irony of my being drafted for a war to save the American Way of Life 9,000 miles from home while Ted Kennedy and LBJ were opening the doors to a virtual Third World invasion took long to sink in. I knew things were getting bad at home when a friend sent me a tabloid clipping about a lad in front of our local church having part of his head removed by a machete-wielding West Indian. The clipping was accompanied by a sardonic note that I was probably safe, relatively speaking, as a well-armed infantry grunt in Vietnam. My family abandoned the neighborhood before I got back, and our local pub where my farewell party had been held had to rely on newly installed bars across its doors. Until he went bankrupt shortly thereafter, the owner only opened up for familiar customers. He had been robbed once too often.

A decade to the day after my return,“Bushwick saw some of the most devastating damage and losses accompanying the 1977 New York City blackout. The neighborhood looked like Berlin in 1945 until decades later Federal Urban Renewal funds partially spruced it up for the new population. The rioting had been a stark contrast to the party-like atmosphere of the previous 1965 blackout, before the demographic upheaval. By 1990, the 77 murders in the area covered by our 83rd police precinct would have rivaled today’s Distrito Central in Honduras for place five in urban violence outside war zones.

After a half century of dealing with ethnic or religious cultural conflicts, from my old neighborhood to minority indigenous Montagnard tribesmen in Vietnam to refugee camps full of Bosnians in Europe or Rwandans in the heart of Africa, I both marvel and despair at the widespread faith of western leaders in the ability to avoid such conflicts from being transplanted to their own countries. “Yes we can” Merkel paraphrased Obama. A bit more tolerance teaching and a lot more subsidies should do the trick!

When reality sets in and the end of the history holiday can no longer be ignored, hard measures to stem the influx will inevitably be adopted. They will lead to dangerous internal splits in many EU states between protesting starry-eyed idealists and those who believe borders have a legitimate purpose and thus need to be protected. The danger of violence is not limited to clashes between the natives and the newcomers.

Gene Tuttle is a retired Foreign Service Officer living in Vienna, Austria

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: EU, Immigration 
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  1. In Germany, even baby steps to slow down the deluge of immigrants are very contentious. Asylum law is set to be tightened up on November 1st, over the strenuous objections of Greens, communists, large swathes of the social democrats, NGOs…

    Yet these changes will be insufficient. Merkel keeps insisting that the right to asylum knows no upper limit. While her popular support has finally dropped below fifty percent, the media, ecclesiastical authorities, celebs and their followers are still onside.

    As the pace of baby steps is so much slower than the rate of increase in illegal immigration, it could be until after the 2017 general election that the barn door is bolted. By then, more than four million newcomers could be in the country. Family reunification will quadruple that number.

    This will break the bank. A form of welfare state, in greatly reduced form, will linger on. The burden on the middle class will become even more oppressive. Young Germans with marketable skills will emigrate in ever greater numbers. Per-capita GDP will drop. The “new” Germans, dissatisfied with their status and income, will agitate for more immigrants from the old county to be let in, so as to bolster their electoral heft. “Old” Germans are deeply divided, as the author points out.

    To stave off further decline, the “new” Germans would have to be persuaded to pull up the ladder behind them in order to protect what they have. Maybe it will work, maybe not. Best-case scenario: immigrants integrate, become productive, and the country regains dynamism… in about fifty years. Some will consider this scenario wildly optimistic.

  2. so long as globalist Judeo-banksters and their central bank Debt machines own the political class of Germany and Western Europe, the anti-White invasion will continue and accelerate. Ditto re North America, with the qualifier that many of the Whites have retained high-velocity weapons and may someday put them to good use. Eastern Europe, with it’s deeper tradition of “antisemitism”, i.e. being Jew-wise, may perhaps survive the anti-civilizational onslaught. Ditto Russia, for the same reason. Overall, White populations who have handed over their weapons to hostile, Jew-controlled race replacement regimes are doomed

  3. unit472 says:

    One really needs to look at the work of the Brown family out in California to see the most complete population replacement in modern history. With 5 terms as Governor Pat and Jerry Brown have turned an overwhelmingly white population into a majority Hispanic one.

    It is telling that Jerry Brown leaves no legacy other than perhaps some stained sheets at the seminary he dropped out of. Having no genetic future for himself he has convinced himself that people are entirely fungible and that a Guatemalan Indian is, in every way, equal to the Anglo Saxon 49’ers who created California.

    It is worth nothing that Angela Merkel also has no progeny so this childless woman likewise seems to care not what comes after her. A Syrian Muslim woman will at least bear children unlike Angela and offer some sort of future for Germany.

    • Replies: @Brother John
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Homogeneity alleviates wealth division.

    So different from Latin America and even the US that is diversifying ever more.

  5. Wally says:

    Let’s hope they do not integrate into German society.

    It will be easier to deport them.

  6. “Western countries are unique in preempting distant dubious threats to their societies while opening their borders to foreign masses bent on reestablishing parallel societies in their adopted countries.”

    This is what is known as the “invade the world – invite the world” strategy that Establishment politicians have indulged in. And it’s about to boil over.

  7. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Germans getting riled up about the wrong thing.

    Piggy-wiggies are too intelligent to kill.

  8. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. 3rd world Immigration is the death knell of white nations. Are these people who rally for open borders mentally deranged? They must be.

    Even though it is obvious that immigration is cancer*, why do the govts allow it?


    Why do left-wing alienist parties in Sweden and UK keep winning elections and the patriotic parties (such as Sweden Democrats, BNP) are often behind?

    Why? Why are whites so stupid to vote for alienist parties like Democrats in USA, Labor in UK, Social Democrats in Sweden, Merkel in Germany, who are destroying our nations with 3rd world immigration?

    Why, oh why, are they so deranged to dig their own grave? This is despite the fact that 90% of white people in USA/EU are AGAINST immigration but they still do not vote for BNP or Swedish Democrats.

    We have to figure out THIS problem first. Are they stupid? Are they brainwashed? Are they mentally ill?

    Another option is people must amend the constitution to allow binding superseding national referenda so they can ban immigration themselves. Eg.

  9. A strong nation making pre-emptive wars of destruction lasting decades, and you don’t expect refugees from the victim countries when they realize it’s never going to end? Come on.

    • Replies: @The Anti-Gnostic
  10. JEC says:

    @ Tom_R

    You ask why, among other things, people rally for open borders.

    Well, many people are deluded about the ‘benefits of diversity’ – which is inevitable if their entire ‘world view’ is a delusion. They see the world not as it is, but as it ought to be.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  11. @Stubborn in Germany

    holy shit. I guess someone wants to kill off germany as a country.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. @Fran Macadam

    This goes in both directions: if you’re going to invite the World, then you have to invade the World to keep the World’s wars from entering your homeland. If it’s all one big happy world, then somebody has to be the big happy policeman. Empire (and that’s what multiculturalism is) is an ugly, expensive business.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Craven is the word that applies to the elites.

    But it’s worse than craven cuz they pretend to be so high-and-mighty.

    Craven scum like Batista never pretended to be anything but a puppet of globalism.
    When it was time, he just took his loot and left.

    But Merkel and her ilk pretend to be moral leaders while cucking for globalists.

    The collaborate with the globo-supremacists but pretend to be making Germany into a better place.

    It is a time of the Great Deformation of Europe.

    It is the re-death of Europe. Redecessance.

  14. I see from some writers her that they naively feel that the push for more “diversity” seems to be coming from disaffected young people or “progressives”

    Professor Kevin MacDonald has repeatedly proven that the 1965 immigration reform bill that opened these floodgates in the USA passed simply because the Jewish Lobby insisted on it. No other large group, not even Hispanic US citizens, was in favor of it.The Lobby simply ran roughshod over those politicians who resisted The Lobby written bill. Jewish politicians and immigration bill architects Jacob Javits in the US Senate and Emmanuel Celler in US House simply ignored any reservations their gentile colleagues might have had and then proceeded to threaten those who dared to resist. This was at a time, just like the present day, that the then dominant Democratic Party received approximately 60% or more of its campaign funds from Jewish sources so angering The Lobby could definitely be professionally fatal. Senator J. William Fulbright and Senator Charles Percy were later to find this out when they later opposed The Lobby and lost their Senate seats as a result.

    The purely rational opposition of organized labor about the 1965 bill simply collapsed in the face of pressure from the Lobby. Long time Lobby stooge Lyndon Johnson was more than willing to threaten those who resisted with the threat of “repercussions.” Even left wing idol Caesar Chavez, who was opposed to the bill because he knew it would ultimately lead to the destruction of his farm worker’s union, was totally ignored by both politicians and the media.

    It simply doesn’t matter what the great majority of people want. The majority has become both powerless and ignored. It is what the Lobby wants. Do people actually think that the Swedes really wanted their present deluge of third world Muslim immigrants? The didn’t. The Lobby was able to break down Swedish border controls, among others, though its domination of the media and campaign contributions. It alone is able to get crowds of young people out, seemingly at will, by decrying latest act of “racism” through the media outlets they control. either by outright ownership or by control of advertisers on this media.

    These are the same young people who seemingly no longer have any real traditional values but merely follow whatever the latest trends (global warming, recycling, feminism, diversity, virulently anti white hip hop et. al.) pushed by the media. Not a peep comes out this very same, increasingly politically correct, group about who pressured the US into our never ending wars in the Mideast because that would be “intolerant” and hence unfashionable and uncool and therefore potentially damaging professionally as an increasingly large number of Twitter users have been recently finding out.

    Even supposed reform groups like Occupy Wall Street have been very reluctant to take on The Lobby or its flood of immigrants which have essentially broken the back of the very same industrial labor unions that the the Occupy Wall Streeters claim to support.

  15. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    We can point out all the reasons why this is crazy, but the Establishment will just reboot the narrative and delete everything.

    It’s like that movie GROUNDHOG DAY.

    We always end up with Groundhog Fact.

    Just when we think we’ve done all the homework to convince the powers-that-be, we’re back to square one. It’s like Sisyphus with the boulder.

    We have to start from scratch all over again.

    It’s sort of like what communism did with wealth.

    No matter how hard you worked and made some wealth, the state would take away all of it, and you’d have to start all over again.

    It’s like that movie MOON. The guy is remade over and over to make him do more and more work.

    Why do the elites work like this?

    1. The national elites fear the higher elites. Some German elites may agree with us, but they fear the higher globalist elites consisting of super-Jews who control America.

    2. The national elites want to believe in the Narrative. It makes them feel good. It makes them feel redeemed. And it’s become so much a part of the elite lingo that no one dares to speak in another tongue, the Tongue of Truth, the Language of Facts.
    The Narrative has become so embedded into the minds of the governing classes that it is difficult for them to change.
    It’s like China in the 19th century. Great changes were necessary to defend China and fend off the West. Many Chinese/Manchu elites knew this, but many of them were so ingrained in the Old Way and their privilege were so dependent on speaking the language of the court that they dared not stick their necks out. Only the full implosion of the system changed things. In Japan, the Tokugawa Dynasty had to fall for new ways to open up. So, something big has to happen in the West. We cannot rely on the mandarin system as it is.

    3. The national elites agree with us on the facts and details but despise our possible intentions. They believe we have an ulterior motive of racial hatred, supremacism, and other craziness. Just because we distrust Jews, find homos ridiculous, disdain beardo Muslims, and fear Jafro-jiving clown savages from Africa, they think we are hopelessly prejudiced when, in fact, we are just being common sense-ical.

    But I can sort of see where they are coming from. One can have legitimate points but still use them for evil ends. After all, commies had some compelling truth on their side about exploitation of workers and the dark side of capitalism. But they capitalized on those truths to establish and enforce a system far worse.
    Hitler and Nazis had many legit points about the economy, how Germany was wronged after WWI, and how German minorities were suffering in places like Sudetenland. But Hitler and Nazis exploited those legit points to create an evil system. And look at Jews.
    Much of Jewish critique of Western nations were insightful and intelligent and valid.
    So, people trusted Jews and gave Jews the key to power. But Jews have used that power to rob us through Wall Street and Las Vegas, spread lies through academia, distort media to spread wars all over the Middle East, and vilify white privilege and blame it for everything while hiding Jewish privilege.

    So, it’s true that even legitimate points can be used for bad purposes. And there are indeed some on the Alt Right who are neo-nazi-like and scummish.

    But surely, most nationalists and patriots are NOT Nazi-like and don’t want to hate Jews or even Jafro-jiving clown savages(as long as they remain in Africa and hunt hippos). They must want to preserve their own Western/European homelands.
    They don’t see other peoples as racially inferior, and they don’t want the West to invade other nations. If anything, most white nationalists say STOP MESSING WITH THE WORLD. It’s been Jews who’ve been messing up the Middle East and it’s been Jews and homos, Jomo Power, that triggered a terrible crisis in Ukraine.

    Indeed, Jews seem to be invoking ‘white supremacism’ to hide their own Jewish supremacism and war-mongering. It’s been Jewish supremacism that’s been behind the aggressive agenda against the Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine, and Russia.
    (Of course, Jews use buffers and frontmen like John Bolton the Dolton, John crackhead McCain, Samantha Powers, and Trashton Carter.)
    And it was these policies that led to huge displacement of populations. So, Jews should shoulder the blame and burden for what they caused. But Jews seek to shift the blame by attacking Europe for not doing enough to take in refugees and deal with the ‘migration’ problem. Jews say Europe is still too ‘white nationalist’ when the crisis was caused by war-mongering Jewish Supremacism.

  16. Sean says:

    Germany was formerly led by a man who never reproduced but had racial theories which required war. Now Germany is led by a woman who never reproduced, but has racial theories about how to avoid war. Merkel has specifically said that the EU is all that prevents war.

    The sudden reversal to the refugee policy is similar to the abrupt 2011 decision post to do away with nuclear power in Germany (when even previously pro-nuclear German politicians did a U-turn, and joined a consensus to abolish nuclear power). Germans are one sided on nuclear power (despite it being clean energy), because of the association of nuclear technology with war, which has been fermenting for a long time ( Austria built a nuclear power station in the seventies and then decided to close it down before it became operational). A fear of WW3 was certainly the explanation for opposition to nuclear power generation in Germany, which culminated in Merkel’s 2011 declaration that Germany would be nuclear free by 2022. Of course that was when Germany was expected to have a rapidly shrinking population. Now that Merkel has decided to import over a million people a year , Germany will certainly not be able to meet its own needs in the future, and will have to import nuclear generated electricity from Czech republic or somewhere. See Financial Times: The growing absurdity of German energy policy.

    What is motivating both the anti nuclear and immigration policy is a dread of war. It lies very deep in the German psyche and now they are safely cocooned within friendly states (including Poland now in EC and Nato) they are free to dump any kind of policy with nationalist connotations, leading to them taking mirror image positions to Hitler. I really think that Merkel, who is known for acting in line with public opinion is acting in accordance with a consensus for this mass immigration.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Anonymous
  17. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Looky here.

    German elites welcome angels.

    German police deal with devils.

    It sure looks different from the top.

    Sometimes, those at the top fail to see the humanity of those below. Like Harry Lime in THE THIRD MAN, they see people as specks and fleas.
    In contrast, those on the ground see the humanity of the ordinary people.

    But there are good people and bad people.
    And some people are very bad, especially the ghastly Negroes from Africa.
    Those on the ground see how bad the Negroes are.
    But those are the top just see Negroes as harmless dots.

    In the US, police have to deal with bad negroes all the time at the ground level. Darren Wilson saw a hippo-sized Negro charging him.
    But those at ivory tower of NYT and Harvard only see Negroes as poor little insects that are being stepped by ‘white racism’.

    German elites should be stripped of their privileges and forced to deal with the refugee crisis on the ground level..

  18. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Merkel has specifically said that the EU is all that prevents war.”

    Why didn’t it prevent US from messing up Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine?

    Diversity is grounds for conflict in the long run.

    Yugoslavia was peaceful under Tito and communism. By tyranny.
    Once the control was gone, it turned into a war zone, and the fighting stopped only with the development of more-or-less homogeneous states.

    USSR was peaceful cuz Russians kept the peace through military power.
    But once Russians lost the will, the empire broke apart.

    For an empire to be peaceful, there must be less freedom to keep everyone together and under wraps.

    For people to be free and peaceful, they need their own lands, secure borders, and overwhelming majority(if not homogeneity).

    For Yugoslavia to be peaceful and remain whole, there had to be tyranny.

    For Yugoslavia to be peaceful and free, it had to break into separate states.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    I suspect Stubborn is one of them.

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, protests and opinion polls be damned, Merkel is actually acting in accordance with Germany’s pathological soul …
    In all other Western nations of course politicians are just traitors to the intersts of the honest upright citizens.

    Dear God!

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  21. @unit472

    Good points. This is in the same realm as that childless homosexual John Maynard Keynes promoting runaway spending because, as he said, “in the long run, we are all dead.”

    • Replies: @JEC
  22. JEC says:
    @Brother John

    The realm of Maynard Keynes may be broadly described as the ‘liberal intelligentsia’. The state we’re in should be understood as an intended consequence of its ‘deliberations’.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Globalists urged Shock Therapy on Russia in the 90s.

    Globalists urge Shock Demography on Europe.

    Is is the Shock Flocktrine.

  24. @Stubborn in Germany

    And the opposite of Old Country Chaos, is, of course, New World Order.

  25. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    These invaders should really be called WELFARE TOURISTS.

    They nation-shop for bargains and free stuff. They don’t care about patriotism or loyalty. It’s all about me, me, me vanity for the underclasses of the world.

    Squatters as Squeezers. The entire world is turning Gypsy.

    Black Lives Matter in Israel, Too

    Black lives matter in Israel, too.

    Posted by AJ+ on Monday, May 4, 2015

  26. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Yeah, protests and opinion polls be damned, Merkel is actually acting in accordance with Germany’s pathological soul …”

    It took some time for this pathological soul to develop.

    I recall up until the 90s, German citizenship was based on blood. Germans accepted people of German ethnicity from Eastern European nations, and refused to grant citizenship to Turks for a long time.

    It seems the Germans are becoming ever more ‘guilty’ of the Holocaust as the event recedes more into history.
    Holocaust has gone from a tragic event to a kind of all-out religion, especially as Germans have lost faith in everything else: religion, nationhood, etc.

    But at least we can laugh about it:

    • Replies: @Stubborn in Germany
  27. @Priss Factor

    Okay, let’s not go overboard. Overcoming feelings of “national shame” about the holocaust is one of the motives for the (rapidly waning) “refugees welcome” sentiment in Germany during August and September. It’s employed sometimes by journalists and politicians but much less by the two-thirds of Germans who at peak were gung-ho for letting them all come. I would rank it no higher than #6 or #7.

    Other motives are:

    – Wanting to wear a halo of “goodness” and basking in the glow of one’s “generosity”
    – Sticking it to “badthinkers” (the boring drudges who still work in private enterprise and pay taxes)
    – Business needing more consumers (privatize profits, socialize costs)
    – Brainwashing by media and pols that immigration will solve demographic crisis (it won’t)
    – Jobs for social workers, teachers, immigration “researchers”
    – Expectation that immigrants will do the dirty jobs that Germans no longer want to do
    – Lack of spine
    – Feelings of guilt over “unearned” relative wealth
    – Christianity “lite” (no assistance for persecuted Christians in middle east, but behave Christ-like towards Muslim invaders)

    There was a mini-revolt among Merkel’s CDU parliamentarians in Berlin yesterday. It didn’t amount to anything, but the grumbling is getting louder.

    • Replies: @JEC
  28. Jim Glenn says:

    The author has provided us with a great overview of the invasion of Europe by Third-World invaders. EU Council President Tusk has warned the EU member states that a second wave of millions of such invaders will occur next spring although the first wave, if that what this year’s invasion amounts to, shows no signs of abating despite the change of seasons.
    Surprisingly perhaps for a Pole, Tusk personifies the EU’s death-knell. The EU is a pitiful, helpless blob, run mostly by incompetent, irresponsible, cowardly and arrogant politicians and bureaucrats. Those leftist ideologues, of course, leave it to others to pay the price of their folly. And that price will be rapidly increasing poverty, social conflict and terrorism as the Islamisation of Europe proceeds apace.
    The invaders offer nothing, other than the diversity loved by the ideological left, and will be a burden. But, as others have noted, the social-welfare state and open borders cannot coexist. The latter will trump the former every time, with national bankruptcy the inevitable result.
    The overwhelming majority of the invaders has no interest in integration and will constitute parallel societies, the numbers of which will be supplemented by family reunification. They are largely ignorant and uneducated, and many are illiterate and innumerate. They are coming for easy money but will inevitably take over once they have become numerous enough.
    The EU is doing nothing to defend itself. Any state/society/culture unwilling to defend itself is doomed. What is happening in the case of the invaders is simply just the latest of a long series of EU mistakes. The EU’s golden age lasted until the fall of the Iron Curtain. Before that, no immigrants without permission. How things have changed!
    Then, the European idea became dominant. That meant the EU had to expand as rapidly as possible to encompass all of Europe, however dubiously defined, meaning that countries in no way suited to join, such as Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, were welcomed in.
    Then the Euro and now the invaders. As one wag recently put it, come now if you want to see Europe as it has been, for that won’t be the case much longer.

  29. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Apparently, not enough German women were raped in WWII and its aftermath.

    More must be raped to atone for the Holocaust-Eternity or Holocausternity.

  30. […] to airdrop hordes of welfare-dependent, Left-wing third-worlders into cities across America. Whole neighborhoods in NYC such as Bushwick became minority-majority in record time, as Whites fled the crime and corruption the newcomers brought. White flight subsequently turned […]

  31. […] to airdrop hordes of welfare-dependent, Left-wing third-worlders into cities across America. Whole neighborhoods in NYC such as Bushwick became minority-majority in record time, as Whites fled the crime and corruption the newcomers brought. White flight subsequently turned […]

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