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Conservatism Inc. Strangling Patriotic Immigration Reform. But Candidates Embrace It
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At least one Trump Effect is still working: When Republican candidates want to win, they champion immigration patriotism. Thus, in a special election Democrats were hoping to win, Republican candidate Debbie Lesko held off a strong challenge by explicitly supporting President Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border.

Still, Lesko’s victory was far narrower than President Trump’s 2016 margin in the district [Republican Lesko wins Arizona special election, by Elena Schneider, Politico, April 24, 2018].

Mann Stream Media gloating that Republicans are sure to lose the House is overheated, As even Slate admits, special elections take place in an atmosphere far different than national elections [How far ahead are Democrats, really? By Josh Voorhees, April 25, 2018]. Still, the GOP—which by default means the GAP, Generic American Party—is clearly in trouble. If only to save their own jobs, every elected Republican should be acting with a sense of urgency.

But instead, Republicans, or at least the Congressional leadership, seem to be utterly complacent, believing the economy and the tax cut will allow them to keep their posts. Of course, some Paul Ryan/ Jack Kempites may well be stupid enough to believe this. But while polls show majority of voters accept the GOP is better at handling the economy, a majority also disapprove of the tax cut, the sole major accomplishment of united Republican government [Poll finds Republican tax cut remains unpopular, MarketWatch, April 16, 2018]. Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t seem to have much of an agenda for his remaining time in Congress—incredibly, aside from making the unpopular tax cuts permanent, the GOP Congress is focusing on further easing banking regulations. [GOP Congress Has A Modest To-Do List Before Polarized Midterms, by Anna Edgerton, Bloomberg, April 23, 2018]

So after one of the most gut-wrenching, hard fought campaigns in political history, the GOP Establishment took the priceless gift of united government control, a president who owed his election to no one, and the prospect of a wholesale political realignment and…governed as if they were trying to confirm the Left’s caricature of them as water carriers for the rich corporate elite.

No wonder outright socialists are rising in popularity [Yes, I’m running as a socialist.” Why candidates are embracing the label in 2018, by Farah Stockman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 23, 2018]. As Steve Bannon warned, there is either going to be a right-populism or a radical movement of the Left that will determine the future. [Bannon predicts turmoil and more right-wing populist success in Europe, by Clare O’Dea, Irish Times, March 8, 2018]

How did the GOP Establishment manage to blow this? Of course, part of the fault lies with President Trump himself. Yet more lies with the degenerate intellectual infrastructure of Conservatism Inc. Trump made the (possibly fatal) mistake of working with Conservatism Inc. in good faith, especially by making health care reform his first main legislative push. Incredibly, it turned out no one in the Republican Party or Conservatism Inc. had a plan to actually replace Obamacare, despite years of campaigning on it.

The second and more successful legislative push, to cut taxes, is something no different than a Republican would have done 30 years ago.

It is also absolutely clear that no one in the Conservatism Establishment has thought critically about what a comprehensive populist/nationalist agenda would look like. There’s an obvious reason for this: anyone who could come up with such an agenda would have been purged from Conservatism Inc. many years ago. (We’ve been writing about it at for years—some of us after being purged.)

Thus, almost the only political professionals on the American Right President Trump could turn to after his victory were the same people he had just defeated.

For example, the Koch Brothers network is bragging about its success in affecting policy, naturally drawing hostile attention from the Left [Koch network success in Trump era draws Democratic pushback, by Lisa Mascaro, AP, April 23, 2018]. Yet even as the Left is energized by this, the Koch brothers are pressuring Republicans to take the suicidal step of passing amnesty just before the midterm elections [Pro-Mass Immigration Koch Brothers Threaten GOP: Pass Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Or Lose Funding In Midterms, by John Binder, Breitbart, April 24, 2018]

Similarly, Republicans have richly rewarded major banks with their policies [Trump tax law paves way for Wall Street banks to hit huge first-quarter profits, AP, April 20, 2018]. Yet banks are also cutting ties with the gun industry in response to a Main Stream Media lynch mob, thus directly attacking a core Republican constituency. But rather than defending their voters, many Republicans seem indifferent to this attack [GOP split as banks take on gun industry, by Zachary Warmbrodt, Politico, April 22, 2018].

Although President Trump has done his best to push for the traditional Republican agenda, the Republican Establishment has not returned the favor and co-operated on Trump’s own agenda. They have not funded the border wall, nor have they taken up immigration legislation he has specifically and repeatedly called for. Thus Matt Glassman at National Review smirks that “not one major piece of legislation has been taken up that ideologically reflects Trumpism rather than Republican orthodoxy” [How Congressional Republicans Have Neutered the Trump Agenda, April 25, 2018].

Glassman argues many of President Trump’s backers are committed to protecting him personally, rather than his policies. Unfortunately, President Trump appears to believe the same thing. The result is a worst-of-both-worlds situation for National Conservatives.

The true lesson of 2016 is not that Donald Trump is a master politician, it’s that a reality show star was able to beat the entire Republican field because he took up important issues, especially immigration, that the GOP Establishment refused to confront—and still refuses to confront.

It’s because Candidate Trump was “taking on the system” that he was able to get away with so much. During the campaign, Donald Trump’s personal foibles were turned into strengths. He was going to destroy the political establishment of both parties, “drain the swamp,” and reorient America’s trade, immigration and foreign policies. When the entire Republican Party threatened to abandon him after the bawdy Access Hollywood tapes came to light, then candidate Trump delivered the most fiery speech of his campaign, slamming a “Washington Establishment and the financial and media corporations” that exist only to enrich themselves. [Transcript: Donald Trump’s Speech Responding To Assault Accusations, NPR, October 13, 2016]

But the same shameless, damn-the-torpedoes approach doesn’t work when he is pushing tax cuts so that Hollywood celebrities have more money to advocate for gun control.

Still, even utterly conventional Republicans like Reince Priebus now at least pay lips service to the idea that traditional Republicanism has to make a working-class appeal in order to win [Reince Priebus: GOP will revert to old ways after Trump, by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, April 15, 2018]. Y

And Preibus is fooling himself about the GOP simply going back to the status quo ante bellum. While he no doubt thinks it’s just a question of marketing, the truth is that important issues like the National Question are not going away. Nor is the GOP imperative of gaining a greater share of the white vote going to disappear anytime soon. Out of sheer self-preservation, more Trump-like candidates will soon emerge.

One may be Ted Cruz, who, by the end of the primaries was flanking Trump on his right when it came to immigration. Today, Ted Cruz is championing his opposition to Sanctuary Cities in his tough re-election fight [Ted Cruz rails against Obamacare, ‘sanctuary cities’ before Austin crowd, by Robert Garrett, Dallas News, April 3, 2018].

Reporters are also taking note of Cruz championing his “unyielding opposition to illegal immigration” and his strategy of inreach to his base. [Although now an insider, Ted Cruz campaigns like an outsider in Texas Senate race, by John C. Moritz, USA Today Network, April 25, 2018]

The Congressional GOP may pay the price for its complacency, though the midterms are still months away and a lot can happen before then. And even Donald Trump does not appear to understand what he set in motion.

But it’s already clear that traditional Republicanism, while popular in the Beltway and among the donor class, simply does not have the constituency to deliver political victory.

There aren’t enough bankers to win a presidential election. But there are enough voters who want to hear a populist message.

And if President Trump doesn’t deliver for them, some ambitious future candidate will—regardless of what Conservatism Inc. has to say about it.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. anon[508] • Disclaimer says:

    As Ann Coulter said, the Republican party is the Stupid Party. Why was Trump elected? For two reasons and two reasons only — immigration and foreign wars. The American people want an END to both! So what did Trump end up giving us after 1.5 years? More wars, and nothing on immigration except slowing the refugee inflow from a few Muslim countries — which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but instead of Syrians, we are taking in 10x more Afghans, that’s no good either. We need a lot more on immigration.

    Instead, the GOP passed a tax cut no one asked for, and managed to make healthcare even worse by cutting the two most important aspects of Obamacare – the individual mandate and the subsidy. Our family of four’s insurance went up by a whopping 60% in one year. Thanks a lot you GOP nitwits!

    If the GOP passes the DACA amnesty without using as a bargaining chip to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that includes a border wall and drastic reductions to legal immigration, they are as good as dead in Nov. Trump’s base is not going to come out and vote.

    Meanwhile, Trump should do more to help himself. If the GOP loses he will be impeached. He needs to get Ryan to resign immediately and replace him with someone who is on board with his agenda, like Kris Kobach. The only reason Ryan is staying on is to pass DACA, he wants to take down the GOP and Trump. Act now!

  2. anon[508] • Disclaimer says:

    Ryan wants to pass DACA before he leaves so the GOP will lose in Nov, and the Dems will impeach Trump, so his fellow RINO swamp king Ziocon Mike Pence can be president, perhaps bringing him back as a running mate for 2020.

    • Replies: @tjm
  3. Rational says:


    Everywhere I look, I see walls and borders. This is great. The world would perish without walls and borders.

    Houses have walls. Without them, there would be no houses.

    All living things have walls. It is called “skin”. Without it, the blood would ooze out, bacteria and viruses would infect the tissue, the tissue would dessicate and the organism would die.

    Every cell has a wall, called the cell wall. When it ruptures, or breaks, the cell dies.

    Even tomatoes have walls. It is called skin. Without it, the pulp would get wet in the rain, dirty in the wind, and spaghetti sauce will include bird droppings.

    The road I drive on has borders–the yellow and white lines. That is great. Without them, I could be running over pedestrians or hitting mailboxes.


    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  4. As far as I can see the USA has two contradictory ideas, on the one hand immigrants are welcome as cheap illegal labourers, yet despised, on the other hand immigration is feared.
    Both ideas I already encountered in 1982, when I rented an RV in the USA, with the immigrant hire company.
    Mexicans were hired for major repairs.

  5. @anon

    My family of three was paying 17,k. A year under Barry the Kenyan.

  6. Maybe I can explain why Trump can not do more to help himself?

    Americans have come to realize voting is a selection process in which the voter opportunity is limited to select from 2 candidates, one. Each voter is allowed to do this for five different slave driver (3 salaried law maker + 2 salaried executive) positions in the USA. For each of the 527 positions, Pharaohs select two candidates from “magic land” and appoint one each to a polarized (+Democrat) vs (-Republican) slot in the 527 long list of candidates for one of the 527 slave driver salaried positions in the USA. Voters are allowed to select from five of the Pharaoh choices. While it is true, that it takes 1054 candidates to fill the 527 slave drive slots; each voter’s input is limited to 5 votes.

    The tradition of allowing Pharaoh’s to chose the candidates and to assign them to a polarity allows to divide the 340,000,527 population into two teams: USA vs American, allows to assign all political power to the 527 salaried elected persons in the USA and allows to leave only election power in the hands of the voting slaves. But there is yet more division. Hundreds of subject matter sub groups (gun control, abortion, etc) are created within and between the USA slave driver group and the election voting slave groups (everyone is expected to choose a pole, these polarities are used in hotly contested elections to affect Pharaoh approved outcomes).

    In such an environment the only group capable to design, implement and control the outcome is the Pharaoh group. They use their wealth and superior access to government and things to manipulate; hence Mr. Kirkpatrick before Trump can do more to help himself he must get Pharaoh approval. After all, USA politics is a result of structurally designed Pharaoh manipulated confusion.

    To explain: assume 340,080,527 persons in America, each sorted to one of three groups:
    Pharaohs (80,0000 persons),
    USA (527 lawmakers and 2 of which manage the civil bureaucracy and the military), and
    Slaves (340,000,000 working voting slaves).

    Why are the Pharaohs invisible, why does the fake news and propaganda invaded media not make it known who these Pharaohs are? What authority entitles 527 elected, salaried slave drivers to control 340,000,000 American slaves? How did the Pharaohs get the power to make the candidate selections and to use the slave drivers to control America? Something is wrong with this picture? Its not the majority of Americans that rule, its the minority of Pharaohs that rule?

    Because slave selection for promotion to membership in the USA is limited to 5 selections per slave: one from two polarized (D+emocrat vs R-publican) candidates for each of the 527 salaried positions, and because no American is allowed to vote to fill more than 5 of the 527 positions in the USA, Americans select for slave driver positions 5 persons from just 10 persons. The selection slaves make from the Pharaoh selected slate of candidates is generally based on slave assessment of which candidate will do the least amount of damage.

    Donald Trump and his vice president are the executive leaders appointed by the selection process. They are paid a salary to manage the civil bureaucracy and to command the military. The other 525 salaried persons that comprise the balance of the elected salaried USA, are in place to make laws that keep the Pharaohs powerful:wealthy:privileged and to make laws that keep the slaves in their place.

    It is difficult for me to understand, why the slaves have not avoided the polarized choices made for them by the Pharaohs at election times, and appointed at-large from among themselves “candidates that might free the slaves”? I believe slaves continue to select Pharaoh appointed candidates to be their slave drivers because of the polarities imposed on our society. More difficult to understand is why the alternative media has not promoted and facilitated slave choice over Pharaoh choice.

  7. El Dato says:

    So after one of the most gut-wrenching, hard fought campaigns in political history, the GOP Establishment took the priceless gift of united government control, a president who owed his election to no one, and the prospect of a wholesale political realignment and…governed as if they were trying to confirm the Left’s caricature of them as water carriers for the rich corporate elite.

    Which of course means that the caricature is totally, appallingly correct.

    As Yoda says: “Do no try … do! There is no try.”

    And they did.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  8. I am not a socialist. An I would not play one on TV. And I am an avowed capitalist. But tax cuts while increasing spending makes no sense — none.

    No. The president did not have to turn to those he defeated. Not even close. What he should have done is stood. Used his victory as leverage with the voters in the various states he won and has those populations who voted for hum in turn press against the local congress.

    The argument here is simple, the congressman or congresswomen from your state opposes why he was elected and is acting against their —

    Instead we have a cowed President who chose his enemies over the people who elected him. He has proceeded to eat his own agenda repeatedly and has done without getting anything in return.

    As for Speaker Ryan — he was sadly a lost case during the campaign,. His “never Trump” rhetoric should have made him an anathema to the WH. As should have every single, contended “never Trump” advocate.

    Sen Cruz — you are kidding —- so I will laugh at the joke. One might actually take a look at his immigration position more closely. And anyone who is an advocate of regime isn’t likely to be a serious advocate fro restricting immigration — a policy such as regime change that creates refugees and instability will advocating we take the best and the brightest from these countries — no thanks. Speaking of well connected banking politicians — good grief. Nothing wrong with banks, but they are low on the being held accountable list. Wondering, voted for the latest budget — no thanks.

    DACA — nothing to bargain with of for. We provided free education, and job training. We have bent over backwards for people who had every opportunity to be come citizens — that’s enough. Done — home they go. And the same for any level of amnesty.

    The border wall debate is nonsense. Just build the wall. Enforce immigration laws, remove redundancy. Restrict to a near halt any immigration until we make major repairs or overhaul our immigration policy. A policy that doesn’t protect and benefit US citizens is not a policy worth maintaining.

    Before I start assuming the economy is in good shape, I would take a closer look at the policies of Basel Agreements. One might also examine the depth that tax dollars are holding up the economy.

  9. Well it seems Republicans have found a new campaign strategy to get themselves elected. Appeal to middle class whites about patriotic immigration, support the wall, and get elected. The rub is they will renege on their campaign promises once in office, like they have for decades on all the other issues, as they giddily conform to the uniparty borg.

    These are Republicans, after all.

  10. “But the same shameless, damn-the-torpedoes approach doesn’t work when he is pushing tax cuts so that Hollywood celebrities have more money to advocate for gun control.”

    So you say. When did Trump try that approach on tax cuts? His supporters in the working class might even get out in the streets to back him if he pushed for the right kind of tax cuts. Why didn’t he stump for a change in the code such as making anything under $2.5 million per year exempt from any income tax? That would benefit small businesses, family farms, and small independent investors. So what if it also benefited high salaried employees of corporations?

    Trump’s working class base would seem to consist of taxpayers who aren’t at all impressed with a $50 increase in their standard deduction. Few taxpayers will be willing to even get up from their recliners after a hard day’s work, let alone hit the streets to stage a show of approval for a tax cut like Trump and the GOP seem to think is good enough.

    Maybe you’re a refugee from Conservative Inc. but you’re still all about standard GOP electoral politics. You may as well be a democrat for all the difference your ideas on winning elections can make.

    • Replies: @Cold N. Holefield
  11. All talk of reform, immigration or otherwise, is just talk. Same with “threats.”

    Most of it is meant to distract us from the real problems and to make excuses to “do something.” The “doing something” invariably benefits the few at the expense of the many.

    Here’s one example of how it works, and it’s an old trick.:

    Lodge knows well that no country on earth would contemplate the insanity of making war on us with our boundless resources and our absolute ungetableness. But inasmuch as his pose of Spartan purity will not permit of his openly aiding “the interests” that finance his machine and rule his party, he “saves his face” by manufacturing war clouds and puffing them away; thus he can affect ignorance of the real war, the struggle between the people and their Senate-guarded and Senate-licensed plunderers, and can deceive the unthinking into believing [that he’s working for them].

    -David Graham Philips, The Treason of the Senate, p172, 1906
    No online source available that I can find.

  12. Joe Hide says:

    Good article Mr. Kirkpatrick,
    The author gives Trump (and by doing so, the unseen coalition behind him) some realistic praise.
    I’m going to repeatedly present these same comments in these posts…Since Trump took office, North Korea has stopped launching missiles over Japan’s waters and has stopped nuclear testing and is reaching out peacefully to South Korea. The terriorists in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere have had their rogue U.S. government funding, weapons deliveries, and information sources dry up…and as a result are a shadow of their former strength. Many Saudi Royals have been arrested, some “Accident-ed”, and new more forward thinkers replacing them. The economy has not spiraled downward, mass confrontations on American streets has not occurred, and the internet has not been effectively censored. Reoccurring revelations on depraved histories of the powerful continue. More people are turning off main stream media and turning to internet alternative information sources.
    Things, slowly, are getting incredibly better.

    • Agree: Jus' Sayin'...
  13. @Rational

    All living things have walls.

    Too bad the American thing of legends is no longer living. It died, in fact, in 1788-9, along with the Articles of Confederation. The constitution was the beginning of a corporate-collectivist reaction against the freedom that was fought for.

    But now, sir, the American spirit, assisted by the ropes and chains of consolidation, is about to convert this country into a powerful and mighty empire…

    – Patrick Henry, Thursday, 5 June 1788, Arguments Against Ratification of the Constitution at the Virginia Convention (1788)

    ‘Ol Pat was correct. The revolution was co-opted by the usual suspects, and it’s a wonder to me that it’s limped along for so long.

  14. KenH says:

    As Ann Coulter said, the Republican party is the Stupid Party.

    Actually I believe it was the late Sam Francis that labeled Republicans the Stupid Party for their unwillingness to tackle third world immigration to benefit their base.

  15. @jilles dykstra

    As far as I can see the USA has two contradictory ideas, on the one hand immigrants are welcome as cheap illegal labourers, yet despised, on the other hand immigration is feared.

    And note that option #1 will always take precedence and for obvious reasons, while #2 will always get the lip service from politicians. Always.

    Political hypocrisy has been taking place since the beginning, yet most seem to be repeatedly fooled by the rhetoric.

    The common people of the United States, like the same class of people in every other country, mean well, but they are ill-informed. Floundering about in their ignorance, they are tricked and robbed by those who have the inside information and who therefore know how to take advantage of every turn in the wheel of fortune. The people voted for Roosevelt be cause he talked of “trust-busting” at the same time that he was sanctioning the purchase of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company by the Steel Trust.They supported Wilson “because he kept us out of war” at the same time that Wilson was making preparations to enter the war. The rulers can negotiate “secret treaties” at home and abroad.The people, knowing nothing of either the theory or the practice of secret diplomacy, commit all sorts of follies for which they themselves must later foot the bill.

    – R. F. PETTIGREW, TRIUMPHANT PLUTOCRACY, The Story of American Public Life from 1870 to 1920.

  16. @anon

    Trump wasn’t elected. The election was stolen, and yes, RussiaGate is a Smokescreen Diversion to obfuscate how that really went down. Not that Russia isn’t meddling in America’s Affairs and doesn’t have Trump on a String, because it does, but even though it did and does have significant influence with Trump, the mechanism by which Trump became POTUS was not Russia’s doing and The Dems & The Mainstream Media and The Establishment overall won’t expose it because they’d like to use the Mechanism too, or something akin to it, when it suits their purposes.

    The Election Was Rigged

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
    , @Anon
    , @tjm
  17. tg says:

    “There aren’t enough bankers to win a presidential election.”

    Yes, and no.

    There are enough bankers to ensure that, by the time of the general election, the voters only have a choice between two establishment-friendly candidates.

    There are enough bankers to ensure that, should by some miracle a populist candidate get elected, he/she will be browbeaten/stymied/co-opted/corrupted/etc.

    There are enough bankers to ensure that the corporate mass media only covers irrelevant issues, and ignores populist candidates and issues.

    I could go on. You get the idea.

    The voters have the votes. And the bankers control the system. For some time now, the bankers have been winning, and I see no reason that this will change.

  18. Neither the Demonrats or the Republicons have any intention of building the border wall as the Zionists who control the U.S. gov have a goal of a Zionist controlled NWO and in order to get there America must be required to commit national suicide via illegal unlimited immigration.

    A real American gov would bring the troops home from the Mideast where they are destroying nations and people for Israel and would put the troops on the southern border and stop the illegal immigration, but that is not going to happen, as the zionist cabal that rules the U.S. gov has an agenda to fullfill.

    If anyone doubts that Israel and the ziocons control America, just remember Israel and the ziocons did 911 and got away with it and tried to sink the USS LIBERTY and got away with that also.

    • Agree: Druid
  19. @Twodees Partain

    So you say. When did Trump try that approach on tax cuts? His supporters in the working class might even get out in the streets to back him if he pushed for the right kind of tax cuts. Why didn’t he stump for a change in the code such as making anything under $2.5 million per year exempt from any income tax? That would benefit small businesses, family farms, and small independent investors. So what if it also benefited high salaried employees of corporations?

    Trump’s working class base would seem to consist of taxpayers who aren’t at all impressed with a $50 increase in their standard deduction. Few taxpayers will be willing to even get up from their recliners after a hard day’s work, let alone hit the streets to stage a show of approval for a tax cut like Trump and the GOP seem to think is good enough.


    As Trump plans to Bomb the Caravan of Poor Migrants at the Border, his Tax Cut is a yuuuge Giveaway to Wealthy Foreigners as the Diminutive Cut for The Middle Class sunsets in several years.

    You Trumpanzees are such Easy Marks. Get a Brain and don’t vote until you do. And yes, the same applies to the Idiotic Liberals/Progressives.

    Wealthy-Beyond-Your-Imagination Russian Oligarchs are going to make out like Bandits from Trump’s Tax Cuts as they further Colonize America with YOUR SUPPORT. I have NEWS for you. Russian Oligarchs don’t & won’t cut your lawns and clean your hotel rooms, you Pathetic Cowardly Bullies. Instead, you’ll be doing that for them and ALL of Trump’s Cronies since you won’t have The Mexicans to kick around anymore.


    According to the non-partisan (Republican founded, Republican-run) Congressional Budget Office, 80% of the benefits from the Republican tax cuts will ultimately go to foreign entities. America First indeed. According to the CBO’s analysis, 34% of the benefits are going to foreign entities already and 80% will go to foreign entities in the long term.

    Maybe this is why tax policy experts don’t advocate for the kind of corporate tax cuts Republicans pushed for even though corporate taxes are acknowledged to generate little revenue and have a slight negative impact on the economy (when first imposed. Evidence is lacking that cutting them after the fact has any benefit). Taxing income and corporate income with too much disparity greatly favors foreign investors who aren’t subject to the latter. Too bad Republicans don’t even listen to their own experts. Such is the outcome when an anti-intellectual party where Paul Ryan is regarded as a visionary vomits out policy.

  20. @Cold N. Holefield

    Self-promoting click bait.

    • Troll: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  21. @anon

    Trump has actually accomplished a fair amount, although the Republican establishment, their joine-at-the-hip Democrat allies , and sabotaging professional bureaucrats and judges have stymied his successes at every opportunity and the fake news MSM have done their damndest to hide Trump’s quiet successes from potential supporters.

    However, Trump has been thwarted by the Republican establishment every time he’s tried to fulfill major campaign and, partly as a result of this, he seems to have given up. Trump has accomplished little in the way of achieving his major campaign promises: (1) blocking the flood of unvetted immigrants into this country; (2) fixing Obama’s insane DACA program; (3) removing illegal aliens from the country; (4) initiating major reforms of immigration and naturalization policy; (5) improving relations with Russia, which the Clintons and their neocon allies have worked so assiduously to poison; (6) ending the many wars that Obama, his Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, and the two Bushes started; and (7) disengaging the US from many of its crippling foreign entanglements, including insanely destructive, multilateral defense and trade treaties.

    I was a long-time conservative and a fervent Trump supporter but unless there is more visible progress achieving these Trump policies I’m bunkering down and withdrawing from all political activity, including voting. Instead I’ll start preparing to deal with the coup, “revolution”, or other more gradual breakdown in social order which is beginning to seem inevitable.

  22. @jilles dykstra

    Those Mexicans were hired to replace native-born American workers, who did a better job but cut into their employers profits.

  23. @EliteCommInc.

    I became concerned when Trump chose Pence, almost a caricature of the typical, brain dead, Establishment politician, as his VP. I knew that things were worse than I’d ever imagined when he chose Rancid Priebus as the effective manager of White House operations. Things have only gone downhill since then. Trump seems to have no political, policy, ideological, or even moral compass. He seems incapable of holding the coyrse, any course.

  24. One may be Ted Cruz, who, by the end of the primaries was flanking Trump on his right when it came to immigration. Today, Ted Cruz is championing his opposition to Sanctuary Cities in his tough re-election fight [Ted Cruz rails against Obamacare, ‘sanctuary cities’ before Austin crowd, by Robert Garrett, Dallas News, April 3, 2018].

    I’m highly skeptical of Ted Cruz on immigration and trade and foreign policy and US sovereignty and many other things. I enjoyed the chow Ted Cruz had on offer at one of his town hall meetings in New Hampshire, though.

    I asked this of Ted Cruz at a town hall campaign event in 2015:

    “And as for immigration, It’s quite simply true that if it wasn’t for mass immigration — the 1965 Immigration Act — the Republicans might not have lost California forever. And it’s also true that without mass immigration we might never have had Obama — and that means we might never have had Obamacare.

    Mass legal immigration is the issue that’s demographically destroying the United States. But you, you support dramatic increases in mass immigration.

    I don’t think you can continue on trying to confuse the American people about the difference between illegal immigration and mass legal immigration — so why do you support mass legal immigration?”

    • Replies: @Maple Curtain
  25. I was concerned only because VP Pence excoriated Pres trump during the campaign. And did so in ways I though =t were for a man as principled as VP Pence peculiar. But his position on immigration should been cause not place him as Vice Pres. unless he renounced those [positions or changed hois view. But when VP Pence made it clear that as VP he would not undermine the Pres. and supported his positions, a very principled choice — honorable and worthy — I took a step back.

    I think Vice Pres Pence is a serious thinker and I think he desires that his principles and practice are accurately aligned with his faith. In that regard he has tough issues to think through. For example, maybe his support for Israel is not quite in line with the salvation of Christ and Christ is not subservient to Judaism – ever. And while we support Israel, maybe we should be careful giving Israeli behavior a pass on every choice they make. Revelation is not really a mandate to support whatever agenda Israel claims is hers by God — that’s a bridge too far, in my view. There are other mechanisms to tackle the “bear”.

    I think his desire to be generous cannot use scripture to sideline that he must citizens first of the nation in which he resides. That what churches can do if fine, unless it breaks laws that do not violate scripture — our immigration laws do not. The US is very generous to others and Israel. As i recall by the record we are the most reliable when it comes to state aide. We should not be short changing out family for foreigners as in being done currently. Every job at Boeing must beheld by US citizens or those here legally – period.

    And as a man of principle he has to be looking askew at how businesses are leveraging their access to unfairly advance policies that benefit themselves as the expense of most of the country.

    President Trump is a situational type pf leader. He is always considering every option and shift to the condition to advance. I five hi credit for getting elected on the most visceral hatred campaigns in my lifetime. And that has not ceased. And that hatred eben among members of the Republican party has taken its toll.

  26. President Trump has killed the globalizer GOP. The GOP is going to go Whitey explicitly or it will go the way of the dodo.

    Since we have a first-past-the-post style electoral scheme, we are going to have a two party system. The future two party system conflict is going to be between the Globalizers and the Patriots. The Democrat Party is now, and will become even more so, the Globalizer political party. The GOP will become explicitly the political party for White Core American Patriots.

    The Globalizer Democrat Party will attack sovereignty and nationalism. The Globalizer Democrat Party will attack the historic American nation and the descendants of the European Christian colonists, settlers and pioneers who built the United States.

    The Patriot GOP will explicitly advance the social, cultural, political and economic interests of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. The Patriot GOP will stop all legal immigration and deport all illegal alien infiltrators. The Patriot GOP will go to an offshore balancing foreign policy that might allow the dollar to slide by as the global reserve currency for a few more decades.

    The Patriot GOP will not tolerate Chinese cheap labor financialization to further destroy the manufacturing base of the United States. It is obvious that for several decades now the GOP ruling class has crawled into bed with the Communist Party of China. The GOP has pushed trade deal scams that have allowed China to destroy much of America’s manufacturing base. The GOP ruling class has treasonously allowed millions of Chinese to infiltrate the United States.

    The Patriot GOP will take advantage of the upcoming global financial implosion to expedite the removal of foreigners from the United States. The Patriot GOP will use the US military to isolate the continent of Africa so as to prevent the Africans from creating invasionary problems throughout the rest of the world. The Russians and Chinese will agree to isolate Africa demographically. The Patriot GOP will give “isolationism” a new twist on its previous slanderous definition.

    This is the battle on the way:




    President Trump won the presidency on the issues of IMMIGRATION and TRADE and FOREIGN POLICY and SOVEREIGNTY and putting the interests of AMERICANS FIRST.

    Hillary Clinton was saying how great the foreigners are and President Trump was saying that the citizens of the United States are great and he promised to Make AMERICA Great Again.

    Hillary Clinton is drinking box wine in Chappaqua, New York, while Trump is the president.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  27. Conservatism Inc. Strangling Patriotic Immigration Reform

    But Candidates Embrace It

    The Patriot GOP will begin campaigning on an immigration moratorium platform.

    Flake left the US Senate because the voters in the Arizona GOP senatorial primary were going to bounce him out on his globalizer ass. Flake voted for the 2013 Rubio/Obama Mass Immigration Surge — Illegal Alien Amnesty bill(S 744). That immigration bill would have tripled legal immigration and it would given amnesty to upwards of 30 million illegal alien invaders. Every GOP Senator who voted for that immigration bill should be removed from the US Senate.

    The Patriot GOP will stop mass legal immigration cold. The Patriot GOP will deport all illegal alien invaders currently in the United States.

    Mass legal immigration increases housing costs, lowers wages, increases income inequality, swamps schools, overwhelms hospitals, harms the environment and brings multicultural mayhem to the United States.

    An immigration moratorium will make housing costs more affordable, boost wages, decrease income inequality, improve educational opportunities for American students, improve hospital care, restore a balanced environment and help to rebuild cultural cohesion in the United States.

    The ruling class of the GOP must be dislodged from power. The GOP that pushes globalization must be pushed off a cliff by patriotic GOP candidates.

    • Replies: @anon
  28. KenH says:

    The problem is that some congressional candidates and most deplorables believe in Trumpism more than Trump does. Debbie Lesko and Paul Nehlen are two among several others. Trump now seems to be trying to be all things to all sides rather than staying the course. He’s trying to be a centrist and it’s not working too well.

    His top priority upon assuming office should have been immigration, specifically, wall funding and construction, a drastic reduction or outright moratorium on legal immigration, H1 and H2B visas and an end to birthright citizenship to be made retroactive at least twenty five years. He had the momentum to at least attempt these things but squandered it by trying got play footsie with RINOs like Ryan and McConnell and other establishment figures. That momentum is now gone and trying to get Republican Congressman to agree on a pro-American immigration agenda is like herding cats.

    He should have asked Jeff Sessions to remain in the Senate for his first 1-2 years to help shepherd through immigration restriction legislation in the senate and then appointing him to AG sometime in 2018. Now that senate seat is lost.

    The status quo guarantees that America will become a racially mixed pigsty and third world train wreck nation probably sooner than anyone wants or the 2042 projection bandied about by forecasters. We’re almost to that point now.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Maple Curtain
  29. @EliteCommInc.

    Hey, EliteCommInc, I’ve read many of your posts (once I realized you were not “elite Commie”). It’s good writing, but I haven’t agreed with you very much. This one here is right on the money. Good stuff, but I have to ask “did you wake up on a different side of the bed?” Whatever it was, keep doing that.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  30. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Charles Pewitt

    The country is certainly divided into Nationalists vs. Globalists at the moment, but not our political class. In politics we don’t have the Nationalist party vs. the Globalist party, we have the Globalist party vs. the Globalist party, i.e. the Uniparty.

    Unless 90% of the RINOs in the GOP get primary out, this Patriot GOP thing is more wishful thinking than reality. There is no patriot in DC, from either party. Both parties are Globalist parties, busy selling out the country to the highest bidder aka lobbyist.

  31. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump’s handling of DACA and H1b exposes his true color on immigration. He didn’t want to cut either, nor the OPT or the H1b spousal visa work permit. It was all lies. His biggest concern about DACA is that these people continue to get protection. And now a federal judge just ordered that we issue new DACA permits, and there’s no challenge whatsoever from the DOJ.

    Trump lied, he’s just another sleazy snake oil salesman like all other politicians. I was among his biggest supporter. Now I pray for a real patriot to primary him out in 2020.

  32. Anon Anon says:

    Immigration, both legal and illegal is a top issue, and the reason Repubs are in trouble. The Uniparty does not care about the country or its citizens.

  33. @Charles Pewitt

    Did you get an answer or were you escorted off the premises?

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  34. @KenH

    Agree with the Sessions comment, but I believe people have to come around to realizing that Trump is a vain narcissist with no strongly held beliefs or principles at all – he was playing the voters.

    If getting along with everyone (and being their patsy) matters more to a man than governing and realizing an agenda, then that is a sure sign of a weak man with major insecurities.

    He wanted to be president solely for the purposes of ego.

    A man with strongly held beliefs would have planned ahead to govern, would not have hired the Jew swamp masters as his cabinet, would not have had his wet-behind-the-ears Jew son-in-law as an “advisor,” and would have had a communications strategy to counter the Ryan/McConnell obstructionism. But Trump didn’t care about implementing his platform, only about being liked and getting along. Too lacking in knowledge of human nature, apparently, to realize that the whole swamp is ROFLMFAO at him.

    A man whose communications strategy involves up to 300 characters fired off at random when the mood suits is not a man given to strategizing at all.

    What America, and the world, is left with is the one thing that Jared Kushner is qualified to advise him on: ‘Is it good for the Jews?’

    • Replies: @KenH
  35. @Charles Pewitt

    I was hoping you would have provided some support for this.

    I don’t see your position in action. I am not even convinced his position on tariffs makes the grade.

  36. @Achmed E. Newman


    No the Comm. is not an abbreviation for a political ideology.

    Several years ago and I suspect repeatedly since, we have had people who have gotten into this humble abode and do some very untoward things – creepy. And despite my own room, I have not slept in my bed for years — The couch that serves as my sleeping place — only allows me one side.

    My paranoia aside I hope to catch them one day. I may have lost an ounce of bitterness since 2003, but that ounce is an overestimation.


  37. @Jus' Sayin'...

    Yup. I recognize his moniker from Moon of Alabama, where he was the resident troll a couple of years ago–their ‘Tiny Duck,’ if you will. Just ignore him.

    • Replies: @Anon
  38. @Maple Curtain

    Did you get an answer or were you escorted off the premises?

    Cruz gave the illegal immigration is bad and legal immigration is good line that many baby boomers enjoy so much. Of course, both legal and illegal immigration should be completely and totally shut down.

    Cruz said he changed his mind on giving the Obama administration Trade Promotion Authority for TPP. Cruz had co-written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal with Paul Ryan where they suggested giving more power to Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) trade deal scam was a good thing.

    The whole town hall video is embedded in the Tweet accompanying the blog comment.

    I did have some laughable fun with some Cruz supporters after the town hall. They didn’t like to see and hear Teddy Cruz face some honest questions about trade and immigration policy. I thought it was tremendous fun, as are most town hall events with the presidential candidates.

    • Replies: @Maple Curtain
  39. @Charles Pewitt

    “Of course, both legal and illegal immigration should be completely and totally shut down.”

    Yes. Boomer “conservatives” don’t like hearing that, which is why it needs stated on every forum and on every article.

    • Agree: Charles Pewitt
  40. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Excellent observation.

  41. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Cold N. Holefield

    Words fail.

    If he wasn’t elected how did he get to the presidents office?

    DId Chabad or some other Jewish supremacy entity send magic rays to every voting machine from their base on Mars?

    You should contact the DNC and Hildabeast with your information They can use your inside information to expel Trumo and install Empress Hildabeast

    You could at least explain your how Trump stole the election.

    • Replies: @tjm
  42. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Thanks. I’ve seen Moon of Alabama in my cruising around the internet

  43. It does not matter who is in power in congress…congressmen are NOT going to pass populist legislation, be it liberal populist or conservative populist….why not? Because they get PAID not to pass populist bills…just look at how rich congressmen are getting–they are making millions while in office…how? Insider trading, sweetheart contracts, getting in on IPOs…
    you can replace every single congressman, and the next batch will do the same…
    why can’t you admit this??

    • Agree: ben tillman
  44. KenH says:
    @Maple Curtain

    Trump’s only core political conviction is fealty to Israel and the Jewish people. Pretty much everything else is negotiable, situational and whichever way the wind blows.

    • Replies: @tjm
    , @Propagandist Hacker
  45. How did the GOP Establishment manage to blow this?

    It didn’t. The GOP Establishment is part of the Left.

  46. tjm says:

    NONSENSE, Trump is a pawn of the Zionists, Congress is owned by the Zionists.

    Your comment is incredibly naive, totally devoid of information that is now readily available.

    TRUMP was the one who sent DACA to Congress, so they could “get it right”. That, as Ann Coulter pointed out, showed Zionist filth Trump’s true colors. Obama did not go to Congress to enact DACA. Of course CHUMP does not go to Congress to launch missiles at Syria and he is CONSTITUTIONALLY required to do.

    You idiots who play along with the theater that is Washington are a big part of the problem, like with Clinton, and Obama, Washington theater is meant for those who put party ahead of country. There are NOT two parties, just one party owned and controlled by Israel, period.

  47. tjm says:

    WHAT, so your saying US voting, which uses NO manual counting, is infallible, BULL SHIT!

    American elections are totally for sale, and guess who has the technology to hack them, and the connections, ISREAL.

    If they can pill off 9/11, which they most certainly did, they can certainly steal every election.

    TRUMP IS A ZIONIST SHILL, and everything that treasonous POS has done in office supports that fact.

    Yours is typical Zionist manipulation, “magic rays”, what the fuck are you talking about, US elections are totally vulnerable to hacking, that is why Presidential candidates from both sides need to be Zionists to insure no one questions the outcome.

    Everyone knows Trump is owned by the Zionists, so drop the facade, your only fooling yourself.

  48. tjm says:
    @Cold N. Holefield

    If by “Russia” you mean Jewish Russian oligarchs, you are right on the money, but if you are saying Putin, your dead wrong.

  49. tjm says:

    Your right on the money, and only those who are totally delusional, OR PAID Zionist hasbara trolls think/say otherwise.

    Trump is a product of Jew York City, he is a criminal and a traitor, and was sold as a patriot, not because of his actions in life, but because the Zionist media told us so.

  50. tjm says:

    Politics is a game, a game of how stupid can Americans actually be:

    There are the Clintonites, who are just act bad as the Trumpsters, in that they are both totally ignorant of how despicable their candidates actually are.

    There are the “never-Trump” republicans, who in reality are very much for Trump, but are told to act like they are not, to give the impression that the establishment is “anti-Trump, it is NOT.

    Then there are the people who think the “Deep State” runs everything, and are at odds with Trump, even though EVERYTHING Chump does is in line with what Obama did and Bush did, and Clinton did…

    And lastly, and the worst are the Zionist hasbara trolls, paid liars who patrol the internet looking to push their master’s narratives: “White Supremacists are everywhere, immigration is good, Trump is an American patriot…” They are here spreading their lies, despicable creatures all.

    What all this variation represents is the power of Zionist Jews to manipulate American politics. How can Trump be an outsider, when Sheldon Adleson was his biggest backer, who also donated a record $5,000,000.00 just for Trump’s inauguration. Yet Trump is fighting the deep state?

    I could go on, but this article sums it up better than I ever could:

  51. tjm says:

    Great video about how Israel is pulling the strings:

  52. @KenH

    nonsense…trump is cucking because he wants the media to portray him more positively…and he knows that if the media does that then most people will like him…and that is what he really is after–approval, adulation…and in order to get that, he will do what the media wants…trump talks tough on immigration, trade, non-interventionism, but when it comes to action, he is the media’s boy, which means he does what the globalist corporations want–after all, the big corps support the media via ad buys…

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