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Columbus Day: Columbus Is Hated Like Brett Kavanaugh—Because He's A "White Male"
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Christopher Columbus was the hero who discovered America. (There were people living in America at the time, but they didn’t know it was America, or much of anything else—they were mostly Stone Age savages.)

Up until the 1950s, all Americans knew that, because it was what they were taught in school. However, sometime in the 1960s, possibly as the result of the Civil Rights Movement, or the workings of the Immigration Act of 1965, in which America was discovered again and in effect colonized in reverse (frequently by Stone Age savages) it was discovered that Columbus was a white man, and what he had done was evil.

As a result, the list of “Defaced Monuments” maintained by lists seven separate incidents where Columbus’s statue—there are lot of statues to him, he discovered the entire New World—were vandalized.

It’s not a complete list.

The Washington, DC incident is the desecration of the beautiful Lorado Taft sculpture group at Washington’s Union Station. The inscription on it says



The red paint that says “510 YEARS OPPRESSION” has been removed. It’s now “526 YEARS” of oppression (or civilization, if you prefer) since Columbus’s first voyage in 1492.

A story from the Associated Press reports not only that the city of Columbus, Ohio has decided not to observe Columbus Day as a public holiday, but also contains some useful information about who hates Columbus:

An attempt in Akron to rename the holiday grew ugly last year, dividing the all-Democratic city council along racial lines. Five black members voted to rename the holiday and eight white members voted not to, keeping the holiday in place.

A similar effort twice failed in Cincinnati before a vote Wednesday finally recognized Columbus Day as the renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. It became the second Ohio city to do so, after the liberal college town of Oberlin in 2017. Cleveland, which has a large Italian-American population, continues to host a major Columbus Day parade.

Organizers of the 39-year-old Columbus Italian Festival, traditionally held on Columbus Day weekend, were not given advance notice of the city’s decision, said board member Joseph Contino.

“It’s very in vogue politically right now to do that. It’s not PC for me to say anything against indigenous peoples,” he said. “You can kick Christians, you can kick Catholics. That’s the message that it sends to us and that’s what it feels like; we’re Europeans and we lop Indians’ heads off. Which is just not true.”

[The City of Columbus Does Away With Columbus Day — to Celebrate Veterans Instead, by Julie Carr Smyth, AP October 7, 2018. Emphases added].

A typical example of the attitude the modern “woke” black person has of Columbus is this, from the black website VerySmartBrothas at

Which, of course, brings us to Christopher Columbus and today, which happens to be Columbus Day. Much has been written and studied and discussed already about how Columbus was a terrible man who kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered and now, inexplicably, has been credited for discovering a whole, entire continent and has a whole, entire day devoted to his bitch ass, so there’s no need to refresh that.

But along with his terribleness, Christopher Columbus may have been the whitest man to walk the earth. Considering what we know about whiteness—why it was created and continues to be cultivated, and what this creation and cultivation compels the people deemed white to do—Columbus, not Thomas Jefferson or Donald Trump or Taylor Swift, is both whiteness’s benchmark and model. When you visit the Whiteness Factory and tour the adjacent Whiteness Museum containing all of the original whiteness archetypes preserved in glass cases, you will find Christopher Columbus there with a bronze placard underneath saying simply, “The Prototype.”

Perhaps instead of Indigenous Peoples Day, a more accurate renaming of Columbus Day would be Father’s Day. Not because he “discovered” America but because whiteness sees his face and thinks one thing:


[No One Has Ever Been or Will Ever Be Whiter Than Christopher Columbus: The Whitest White Man Ever, by Damon Young, October 7, 2017. Links in original]

Young may be right about the last part—Columbus is why we’re here. And there is a case for saying that the existence of “white people” as white people, rather than Englishmen, Dutchmen, Spaniards and so on, is a result of the American experience.

It’s certainly true that before Columbus discovered them, the Indians didn’t think of themselves as Indians, but as members of individual tribes, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Chippewa and so on.

But the racial hate displayed by this black website—which I promise you is much more of a “hate group” than could be if we tried—is a reminder that the reason Columbus is hated is the same reason Brett Kavanaugh is hated: it’s okay to hate whites.

If so, does Brett Kavanaugh’s experience mean it’s okay to hate back?

Previous Columbus Day Coverage

Five Columbus Day stories by the late Comanche writer, patriot, and friend of, David Yeagley:

Stories by American non-Indians—or “white people,” as they’re known:

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. KenH says:

    Five black members voted to rename the holiday and eight white members voted not to, keeping the holiday in place.

    Gee, looks like heated debate about America’s history that breaks along racial lines even among Democrats. Surprisingly the white Democrats didn’t capitulate and vote with the blacks and showed some spine. Republican council members probably would have virtue signaled then congratulated themselves for “crossing the aisle”.

    At least we know what will happen to our cherished monuments as local and state and then the federal government become occupied by more blacks and browns with Jews in the media egging them on.

    This is called racial conquest and colonization. So much for a post racial society that negro empowerment and mass third world immigration was supposed to usher in.

  2. Anonymous [AKA "JimB-01"] says:

    If so, does Brett Kavanaugh’s experience mean it’s okay to hate back?

    Yes. Hate only means to intensely dislike something or someone. Bret Kavanaugh (along with the rest of us White “debbils”) would, in fact, be considered by any sane person to be absolutely without natural instinct to not intensely dislike the “Abolish Whitey”-fest that has so carefully been nurtured since ww2 by (((certain interested parties))) and unleashed upon us this present day with such demonic ferocity.

    Yes. It’s very okay!

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