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Bad Medicine: the Sickening Truth About Britain’s Foreign ‘Doctors’
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Manish Shah: Charged with 118 sexual crimes against his patients

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An Essex-based family doctor of Indian origin, Manish Shah, has gone on trial in London charged with 118 sexual offences against 54 of his patients, one of whom was under 13 at the time of Shah’s alleged predations. Although the sordid details of the accusations against Shah are yet to fully emerge, we know that the former general practitioner has been charged by the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with 65 counts of assault by penetration, 52 counts of sexual assault and one of sexual assault of a child.

The case is headline news in the UK, where the number of charges is so staggering that the media has been forced to take notice. Quite predictably, however, the mainstream press has refused to contextualize this horrific case within an increasingly apparent ethnic context, and coverage thus far has been dominated by bland descriptions of Shah as a “London doctor” or “Romford doctor.”

In the following essay I want to break the taboo on critique of foreign physicians by analyzing the promotion of foreign doctors in multicultural propaganda, and then offering a counter-narrative of the reality behind the lies – a disturbing record of mass sexual abuse, malpractice, and gross incompetence. Reaching beyond the merely anecdotal, my source material for the latter exploration will be the publicly available records and decisions of Britain’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). As the public body most responsible for protecting the public from bad physicians (by stripping them of license to practice), the records of the MPTS should be considered more reliable and complete than police and CPS statistics concerning the disturbing, and growing, problem of foreign doctors in Britain.

In the third chapter of his recently published The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray lists a number of excuses or lies that have duped European populations into believing that multiculturalism shouldn’t be resisted. These are grouped under the headings ‘Economic,’ ‘An Ageing Population,’ ‘Diversity,’ and ‘The Idea that Immigration is Unstoppable Because of Globalisation.’ Although perhaps implied under economic considerations, Murray failed to significantly explore the often absurd justifications for multiculturalism offered in the name of national infrastructure or public services. This is particularly important because the British people are frequently informed that immigrants are crucial to the smooth functioning of their health service. (Murray does tackle another aspect of this myth by pointing to the fact that Britain’s financially exhausted health service spends more than £20 million every year just on translation services for foreign-born patients.[1]D. Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (London: Bloomsbury, 2017), p.39.)

Perhaps because the British have placed a high value on their public services, the nation’s elites have historically baited the multicultural hook using precisely this lure. The ‘public services’ excuse goes right back to the origins of multicultural Britain. The first major waves of non-White migrants to Britain (late 1940s–early 1950s) occurred amidst widespread, and largely manufactured, discussion of labor shortages and fears that Britain’s public services (particularly its transport system) would fail without an influx of foreign workers. Even if some elements in the political establishment were genuinely convinced of the need to fill these phantom labor shortages, government investigations into the new Afro-Caribbean population revealed that such notions were grossly misjudged. In one report, completed in December 1953, civil servants stated that the new Black population found it difficult to secure employment because the newcomers had “low output” and their working life was marked by “irresponsibility, quarrelsomeness, and lack of discipline.” Black women were “slow mentally,” and Black men were “more volatile in temperament than white workers … more easily provoked to violence … lacking in stamina,” and generally “not up to the standards required by British employers.”[2]K. Paul, Whitewashing Britain: Race and Citizenship in the Postwar Era (Cornell University Press, 1997), p.134. Despite such facts and admonitions, Britons, and their counterparts in much of the rest of Europe, continued to permit mass influxes of foreigners in the deluded belief that stemming such the flow would cause their nation to grind to a halt.

As with the creation of the ‘race relations’ industry, and the development of ‘hate crime’ legislation, much of the propaganda underpinning this myth can be traced to democratically unaccountable ‘think tanks.’ For example, in 2014 the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) published a report stating that 26% of British doctors had been born abroad and warning that immigration reform would mean “many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care to their patients.” Last year, in the wake of the Brexit vote, IPPR published another ‘study’ in which it made the stronger claim that the National Health Service would “collapse” without immigrant medical professionals. The document demanded a waiver of fees, and outrageously argued that immigrant physicians shouldn’t have to sit English language tests, or fulfil residency requirements. Staff rosters for IPPR reveal a predictable motley of ethnics, Jews, and upper-middle class White urbanite ‘progressives,’ while a perusal of its funding sources uncovers the less than shocking revelation that one of IPPR’s largest donors is George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Although this form of mass migration promotion has hitherto been most prominent in Britain, I’ve noticed that efforts to persuade Americans of the need to permit an influx of foreign physicians have begun.

Pro-immigrant propaganda aside, it is true that Britain has allowed itself to become dependent on foreign doctors. This dependency is due to a confluence of factors. The nation has inexplicably failed to devote the time and resources to training sufficient numbers of ethnic Britons at its world-class universities, while simultaneously setting meagre immigration standards for medical graduates from dubious Third World institutions. Disastrously, at the same time, it has permitted unprecedented levels of mass migration and has thus endured the resultant, and entirely unnatural, swelling of its population. This has unsurprisingly placed an enormous strain on public services. Rather than tackle the root cause of public service failings — mass immigration and the multicultural project — the government has poured more fuel on the fire. It aims to solve a disaster caused by the mass importation of foreigners by importing yet more foreigners.

The most recent government statistics indicate that around 15% of practicing doctors in Britain have been imported from South Asia (India and Pakistan) and Africa. A further 9.8% were admitted from other countries in the European Union, bringing the total proportion of non-British doctors to around 25%. This alarming figure is considerably more unsettling when placed in the context of malpractice, incompetence, and abuse. During the last 12 months a total of 281 decisions on cases of serious complaint were reached the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), which, together with the General Medical Council (GMC), is responsible for registering, disciplining, and ‘striking off’ dangerous physicians working in Britain. Ignored by the mainstream media, I took it upon myself to conduct an analysis of the MPTS’s list of tribunal decisions — an analysis which revealed that non-British doctors (25% of the total) are responsible for at least 80% of tribunal cases, the vast majority of them bearing Muslim, South Asian, or African names (interestingly, Jewish physicians are also over-represented relative to their share of the UK population). We thus appear to have found ourselves in the all-too familiar position of attempting to fill manufactured labour shortages with brutes and inadequates. As we move through some of the more notable tribunal cases, keep in mind that they are from the last 12 months alone.

Kwame Somuah-Boateng: “Sex with me will help cure you.”
Kwame Somuah-Boateng: “Sex with me will help cure you.”

Deeper research on MPTS’s list of names reveals that the NHS has developed within its body of senior physicians a class of foreign sexual deviants. In one particularly repugnant example, African import, and urologist, Kwame Somuah-Boateng told one of his patients (suffering from Multiple Sclerosis) that sex with him would help cure her illness. The Telegraph reported: “The 43-year-old doctor told the woman that intercourse with him would stimulate the muscles in her legs and had sex with her in his hospital sleeping quarters saying: ‘Trust me I’m a doctor — it will help you to get your sensitivity back.’ He claimed having sex would help her ‘regain the feelings in her vagina’ and would ‘help her pelvic floor muscles because they were weak.’ He said it would help her ‘to feel normal — feel like a woman.’”

Another African, Adewale Lawrence, working as a doctor at a Lancashire hospital, is currently suspended but appallingly remains on the medical register despite dismissing his “sexually-motivated” harassment of a female junior doctor as merely “the African way.”

Britain’s female patients may well need to become accustomed to the ‘African way,’ but problems are not limited to physicians from that continent. Similar explanations for the sexual harassment of six female co-workers were offered by the Indian Dr Shiv Bagchi, who explained that he “had bachelor blood” when challenged on his behavior, which included groping medical students while telling them that he “gets urges like any man.”

Shiv Bagchi: “I get urges like any man.”
Shiv Bagchi: “I get urges like any man.”

Further sexual abuse is in evidence in the case of Chizoba Christopher Uzoh, a Runcorn ‘family doctor’ who used classified patient records to obtain the cell phone number and home address of a female patient. Uzoh then “bombarded” the patient with “sexually motivated” messages. In an indictment of the tribunal process, this African pervert received a mere 12-month suspension and will soon have access to patients once more. A more assertive response was thankfully found in the erasure from the medical register of the Indian surgeon Sachiendra Amaragiri, who used medical records to obtain the home address of an anxious and depressed patient, to whom he subsequently sent a “love letter.” Also struck off from the register was Ganeshmoorthi Arunachalam, who engaged in the persistent sexual harassment of two White female colleagues.

Prison sentences have sometimes followed. Zimbabwean family doctor Maxman Tembo sexually assaulted four female patients at his Liverpool clinic before he was struck off and given a suspended prison sentence. Heart surgeon Mohamed Amrani was struck off after a series of rapes and sexual assaults on his patients, while Mohammad Haq, a family doctor employed in Scotland, was struck off and sent to prison for fondling the breasts of a teenage girl and three other female patients. In a particularly horrific case, Indian consultant Pradeep Agarwal was struck off after it was reported that he had observed his unaccompanied female patients undressing before performing entirely unnecessary, painful, and intimate examinations. According to tribunal records these involved the entirely unnecessary digital penetration of one patient’s vagina and simultaneous penetration of her anus with a scope — all for Agarwal’s own perverted gratification.

Mohammad Haq
Mohammad Haq

One of the most disturbing aspects of my analysis of the tribunal records was the number of foreign sexual deviants who were permitted to remain on the medical register or were restored to it following brief suspensions, and thus have continued access to patients. For example, Pakistani Riaz Raza is allowed to practice medicine unconditionally despite a history of sexual misconduct involving the inappropriate touching of female patients. African gynaecologist Olumide Yusuff has ongoing access to patients despite a history of clinical errors and the sexually motivated harassment of female colleagues. Pakistani Shah Said Shah currently has access to patients following the conclusion of his nine month suspension for “inappropriate and sexually motivated access to medical records and communication with a patient between September 2014 and November 2014. … In December 2015, the panel found Dr Shah’s fitness to practice to be impaired by reason of his misconduct. The panel considered that Dr Shah’s actions constituted “grooming” of a vulnerable patient and were sexually motivated.”

Indian psychologist Shekhar Chandra remains on the medical register despite grooming and engaging in sex with a mentally ill patient who subsequently took a drug overdose. Nigerian Babatunde Aranmolate has inexplicably been restored to the medical register despite a previous suspension for “working whilst suspended, inaccurate completion of application forms, sexually motivated behaviour towards three women in the course of your work (causing them all real and significant distress), inaccurate completion of three GMC Employer Details Forms, inaccurate information on a CV and the writing of a prescription for a family member using a prescription pad retained from your previous employment.” Another African, Xavier Mmono, has now been restored to the medical register following a brief suspension for “groping a patient’s breasts, conducting intimate examinations of her without a chaperone present, asking her to touch his ‘d***’, and sending her sexually suggestive text messages.”

Xavier Mmono: “Touch my d***”
Xavier Mmono: “Touch my d***”

Indian, Pakistani, African, and Arab doctors have also been heavily implicated in the sexual abuse of female staff, medical students, and other vulnerable employees or volunteers within the National Health Service. Indian surgeon Pogolu Prasad received just a six-month suspension for the unwanted touching and repeated sexual harassment of one of his medical assistants. Another Indian, Vinesh Naraya, received a nine-month suspension for sexually motivated texts and inappropriate communications with three female medical students under his supervision. Egyptian Alaa Abdel-Rahman is now able to practice medicine in Britain despite a conviction for making a young female medical student unnecessarily remove all clothing from the upper half of her body for an unsupervised “breast examination.” In a similar case, another Egyptian, Nooman Ahmed, has had his suspension revoked and once more has access to patients, despite inciting a seventeen-year-old girl on work experience at his clinic to submit to a ‘chest examination’ demonstration, during which he fondled her breasts for his own sexual gratification. The Nigerian Enyinnaya Anosike will have access to patients in a matter of weeks, when his 12-month suspension expires. He had been suspended for the sexually motivated touching of three female colleagues.

It is clear that the health and well-being of patients is being placed in danger by leaving them in the hands of poorly trained, deviant, and often unstable individuals who are poorly vetted and have cultural and ethnic backgrounds which render them wholly unsuitable for the work in which they are employed. The country’s disciplinary bodies are also becoming increasingly lax, especially in cases involving foreign physicians. The needs of patients, and often the most vulnerable of them, appear secondary to the ‘need’ to permit the ongoing and untroubled influx of these ‘essential’ public service workers. That leniency has reached unthinkable levels should have been apparent in the Daily Mail’s report that “The number of doctors licensed despite convictions or cautions for sex and child pornography offences has almost trebled since 2007.”

One wonders how many patients will be assaulted or killed before the problem is acknowledged and dealt with. What is not in doubt is that millions of British patients are at very real risk from the cadre of poorly trained and poorly vetted Third World imports now staffing a staggering proportion of UK medical facilities. How comforted should Britons be about the future of their health service while female African psychiatrist Temitope Oluwagbemisola Ademola remains on the medical register despite attacking one of her patients in a ward of a Scottish hospital, “kicking her on the body and covering her mouth to stop her breathing”? How much of a healthy doctor-patient relationship can be established when the cultural divides are such that the supposedly ‘integrated’ Pakistani heart doctor Gohar Rahman received a criminal conviction for assault with a weapon, stemming from the severe beating of his daughter for going to a sleep-over at a friend’s house and thus “shaming” the family? Rahman, whose views on women appear to be in line with those of the Taliban, remains on the British medical register and continues to be paid by the British government to treat patients.

Gohar Rahman: Beat his daughter with a staff and called her a ‘whore’ and ‘prostitute’ for having a sleepover with friends.
Gohar Rahman: Beat his daughter with a staff and called her a ‘whore’ and ‘prostitute’ for having a sleepover with friends.

Foreign doctors have also been responsible for a growing number of deaths and mutilations due to gross negligence and incompetence. It is truly remarkable that Nigerian Hazida Bawa-Garba remains on the medical register, having received a mere 12-month suspension for causing the death of a six-year-old boy through gross negligence. Indian Zubair Bajwa remains on the register unconditionally despite being responsible for the death of a gallbladder patient who succumbed to cardiac arrest as a result of internal bleeding which Bajwa failed to detect despite multiple examinations. In another case, the Pakistani Nadeem Azeez was responsible for the death of a 30-year-old teacher following a botched Caesarean section. African Lawal Haruna was struck off after a succession of surgical catastrophes which included removing healthy ovaries, fallopian tubes, and even a pad of fat, all of which he had mistaken for the appendix. Raghavan Kadalraja, who had been working at Bedford Hospital as a consultant pediatrician since 2006, was struck off after repeatedly failing to provide even the most elementary care and diagnoses to four children. In two notable instances Kadalraja was found sitting in his office ‘eating breakfast’ when he should have been attending to a three-week-old baby with severe fever and a nine-year-old with developmental problems who was having a seizure. Others are shown inexplicable leniency, such as the lazy African pediatrician Chinedu Bosah, who was given a 12 month suspension for leaving newborn babies with junior doctors and medical students so that he could take “unauthorized naps” and sudden absences spanning days.

It is a matter of documented fact that foreign doctors from India and Africa are responsible for more than 90% of tribunal cases involving incompetence. The details from some of these cases are stunning. For example, Indian junior doctor Sripathy Subramanian was struck off the medical register after it was discovered at one hospital that he was so lacking in basic skills that he “did not recognise that one patient had normal breathing,” and was unable to name any major bones or arteries. Another Indian, Vasudha Mashankar, was struck off after causing the death of a young boy by failing to identify an intracranial bleed. Nigerian gynecologist Benjamin Ogbonna botched his handling of six patients in such a fashion that he was struck off for having “an old fashioned approach to medicine; making premature judgements, overlooking relevant matters, and a persistent pattern of deficient professional performance.”

These are the people our governments tell us will solve the problem of our ageing society by ‘caring for us’ as we get older and more infirm.

Khashayar Ghaharian: “The patients are fuckers…they’re pieces of shit.”
Khashayar Ghaharian: “The patients are fuckers…they’re pieces of shit.”

If the rampant sexual abuse and gross negligence weren’t clear enough indications of the contempt with which British patients and female staff are regarded by these intruders, some foreign physicians have made it even more obvious. Iranian Khashayar Ghaharian was struck off the medical register after a litany of abuses which included referring to his patients as “fuckers” and “pieces of shit,” his receptionists as “cockroaches” and “fat blobs,” and engaging in unwanted discussions of a sexual nature with staff. Others appear to be fully cognizant of the fact they live among the hopelessly ‘tolerant,’ and have cynically attempted to further abuse the systems of political correctness for their own ends. For example, Pakistani ophthalmologist Farhan Zaidi was given a brief suspension for making 99 claims of race discrimination against 15 different NHS trusts (during a ten-month period) in an effort the medical tribunal concluded was “intended to elicit unwarranted financial reward.”

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Esther Choo, an Asian doctor at Portland’s Oregon Health & Science University, received mass media attention for her claims that there were a lot of “white nationalists” in her state and that a few times a year “a patient in the emergency room would refuse to be seen by her because of her race.” Leftist journalists throughout the West spilled a great deal of ink in apparent disbelief at such an occurrence. I believed Choo instinctively because on two occasions I, along with my wife, have refused care from a non-White doctor. These occasions were the births of my two sons. On the first occasion we were confronted with an individual who bore the closest resemblance to Osama Bin Laden I’ve seen anywhere. On the second occasion we were presented with a sub-Saharan African. Far from being explosive affairs, we calmly articulated our insistence that she be examined and treated by a “domestically-trained doctor,” a subtle request which avoided serious drama and was acted upon surprisingly well.

While the media would like to portray such instances as irrational examples of the grossest bigotry, my position remains that a rejection of care from foreign elements is morally, intellectually, and factually defensible. Indeed, as we’ve seen, the records of the British medical tribunals indicate that sticking to a preference for White doctors will radically reduce one’s likelihood of sexual abuse, mutilation, and death.


[1] D. Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam (London: Bloomsbury, 2017), p.39.

[2] K. Paul, Whitewashing Britain: Race and Citizenship in the Postwar Era (Cornell University Press, 1997), p.134.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Britain, Immigration, Political Correctness 
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    As an American reader of the Daily Mail I am cognizant of the many cases of foreign physician incompetence/predatory practices in Britain’s NHS.

    I am unaware of such high levels of predatory practices by foreign doctors in the United States. This may be factual or it may only be due to a better “cover-up” by the regulatory authorities in this country.

    But in America as in Britain there is woeful number of medical schools to train native Americans. The resultant shortage is conveniently filled by foreign physicians (usually from the subcontinent). In this country (as in Britain) there is no good reason for this to occur while there are plenty of bad reasons, one being the AMA’s desire to exert absolute control over the supply of physicians.

    And once again I wish to thank our benefactor, Ron Unz, for republishing an Occidental Observer article.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @AndrewR
    , @LauraMR
  2. LauraMR says:

    A very timely article.

    Only “foreigners” (whatever that means to a given person) commit crimes. Thus, avoiding “foreigners” necessarily implies avoiding crime.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    One of the, er, ”benefits” that comes with single payer Healthcare. These types would be unemployable in a fully private system.

    Dr Patel had some interesting theories about the Urinary System that he put into practice, without consent, where he rerouted the ureters from the urinary bladder to the rectum.
    Last heard of, practicing in Oregon

  4. Im very happy to see this article. I’ve been saying for years foreign born doctors are incompetent. My father had an indian doctor thru kaiser, they missed a tumor in his chest that was the size of a golf ball. He ended up getting arrested by a rookie cop, because my dad was driving on a suspended license. While he was in county, they did an xray and discovered the tumor. This was less then 2 weeks after his kaiser xray.

    My wife had a Pakistani doctor for our first born, and he “lost” one of the gauze pads while delivering our baby. Ended up in my wife. And by in her, i mean IN her. He cut her and stuffed it in there during the birth. The hospital down-played it and we were too stressed from just having our first born to follow up on it. Our second child, i requested an american born woman. The black and mexican nurses gave me dirty looks the entire time we were in the hospital. I didnt care. My daughter and wife were safe, and that was all that mattered.

    My physician several years back was some arab man who downplayed everything and gave me TERRIBLE advice. I got into a car accident a couple years back, nothing was broken, but i had gotten whiplash. My neck now cracks whenever i tilt my head (never could crack my neck untill the accident), he told me its normal and that his son can crack his knuckles. He then stonewalled me and wouldnt give me the info i needed to contact a neck and spine specialist. He always “forgot” to get the info or would cut our visits short. Ended up having to do all the legwork myself (small gripe, i know. But near constant pain and discomfort really makes any legwork a tremendous hassle). The specialist was an egyptian, but atleast he provided help and didn’t just throw pills at me.

    Prior to that, I developed shingles from stress (i was 25, that just doesn’t happen to young people unless they have a weakened immune system) and when i went to see my “doctor”, he said it was acne and i should use stridex pads or some other anti acne medicine. Good thing im stubborn, went back the next day to urgent care and saw a white doctor who immediately recognized what it was, and i had it under control in a matter of days. (for the ones that dont know, shingles can cause permanent nerve damage and create a burning/itching sensation that NEVER GOES AWAY if not quickly treated.)

    After dealing with his incompetence for years, i finally requested a new doctor. They gave me another arab. This time he speaks with a worse accent, smells like an old turkish man (way too much aftershave/cologne) and wont even hear me out. He just “tells me whats wrong” and throws pills at me. I have a medicine cabinet full of muscle relaxers and antidepressants (which are apparently used for more then just dealing with depression) that i wont take because it wont help the underlying problem.

    As my children get older, im literally AFRAID to take them to a doctor that isnt white, or atleast american born and raised. Its awful that i have to worry about this. All the shit thats happening in the world, and i cant even trust a doctor with my kids. Doctors are the one group of people that should be trusted above most others, and we cant trust them because most are imported from the same nations Americans have been destroying for decades and lack the most basic of medical knowledge.

    When will this madness end?

  5. The UK is a first world joke: what can said of a nation which consistently fails to train sufficient domestic nurses, teachers, doctors & other essential professionals?
    A reliance on importation of immigrants to compensate for a systemic unwilliness to take responsibility for training & retaining essential professionals is another Leif-motif of neoliberalism. Globalisation – the greatest pretext/excuse for equal opportunity exploitation.

    • Agree: CanSpeccy
    • Replies: @Ram
    , @bomag
    , @Floda
  6. Well, a member of National Action was sentenced to life for attempted murder in 2015 after attacking a dentist of Indian background with a machete in a supermarket.
    The general tendency of this article points towards releasing him and making sure he has an automatic rifle next time he wants to rid the health profession of foreigners.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  7. Thanks for your article.

    It would helpful if there would be a ‘ratio of incompetence’ for each group. For instance, if Africans compose 5% of medical practitioners, but 10% of medical tribunal cases, then they have an incompetence ratio of 2. Some groups may even be better than white British doctors.

  8. jim jones says:

    My GP is English as are all the staff. There are other Doctors in the area but I avoid them because they are all from the Third World

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Prepare for a flood of Indian trolls decending on this thread in 3.2.1.

    Hard to feel sorry for the white Brits or Americans though. These people quit valuing knowledge and hard work and instead pursued a life on instagram and leazure.

    What did you think would happen?

  10. Anonymous [AKA "A Brit"] says:

    What the author has confirmed has been common currency on the streets of Britain for decades. I’m sure that the majority of Asian doctors are competent and that the blame must fall on the medical boards that unreservedly accept immigrant doctors into the NHS without adequate screening. That the population accept this state of affairs only confirms my premise that people get the government they deserve.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @CanSpeccy
  11. To partially answer my previous question, here’s a quote from a 2012 Telegraph article:

    The figures show that India has the highest number of doctors who have been suspended or struck off the register with 123. Nigeria and Egypt also fare badly, each with 33 doctors subject to the measures since 2008. Eastern European countries account for 27 such cases.

    When the numbers of doctors disciplined is compared with the total number working here from each country, the highest proportion of those who have been struck off or suspended come from Cameroon.

    Since 2008, there has been average of 18 Cameroonian doctors working here at any one time.

    Of those, one has been suspended, and one struck off. Mexico, Cuba, France and Uganda were the countries with the next highest proportion of doctors subject to the disciplinary measures.

    The country with the best record is Hong Kong. Despite having an average of 773 doctors working in the UK since 2008, none have been struck off or disciplined by the GMC.

    Similarly, New Zealand has had an average of 600 doctors working in Britain, but none have had those measures taken against them. Next best were Iran, Slovakia and the United States.

    It’s not quite enough information for me to help choose a doctor. I’d like to know which nationalities are at the level or above native British doctors.

    • Replies: @anon
  12. This is a bit spotty. While Douglas Murray is a good person to quote, the figure of £20 million annually for NHS translation services for foreign born patients is utterly trivial in a budget of well over £100 bilĺion. Then there is that curious failure to give the original source of that alleged 1953 advice from civil servants. Did the much later, tendentious, secondary source have a footnote reference?

    Not that it makes lenient treatment of the malefactors justified.

  13. Anonymous [AKA "Sparrowman"] says:

    All these “doctors” come from areas of the world where women are regarded and treated as disposable property. It is unlikely that their thinking will improve much just because they now earn, by their standards, a fortune and have unsupervised access to British women and girls where they work.

    Like many third world males – the Pakistani and Somali pimp and child prostitute rings are examples – they know who to be deferential toward and who it is safe to molest. Consequently, the victims of these men have a common social origin which is not shared with that section of the population – the Westminster, private school-educated “elite” such as Jeremy Corbyn – that is busy importing them and will continue to import them because it is ‘racist’ to mention the ethnic identity of the rapists. ‘

    And this will continue until the population becomes angry enough to take action.

  14. Anyone in a position of authority, power, or one that needs to be trusted in any way, needs to be scrutinized and held responsible. Period.

    Quackery and perversion in high places are much more common than anyone would like to admit or believe if (s)he hasn’t already figured that out.

    It matters not a whit whether they are domestic or of foreign origin.

    Caveat emptor; it’s a jungle out there.

  15. Now more than ever does this decade old saying ring true.

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

    I suspect we have the very same issue right here in Denmark where the practice of ethnic replacement seems to be same process, but with a total silence from MSM about it.

    I went to a doctor once for a foot related infection only to ask to see a second doctor because the immigrant’s accent was so thick I couldn’t understand him.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Great article. Scary too. Does the UK have any kind of vetting process for doctors?

    • Replies: @Pontius
  17. DanInCt says:

    Virtually universal incompetence is more horrifying than the sexual abuses. My understanding is that most of these Indian/Pakistani doctors take a course roughly equivalent to a nursing degree in America and that much of the 5-1/2 years is spent learning English and prepping for the physician licensing exam. I’ve read that a “seat” and grades in most Indian medical schools can be bought with influence or cash. There are a handful of real medical schools in India, but that’s a red herring.

    My guess is that this charade is promoted by the AMA to increase the monetary value of an American medical education; that is, by filling positions and meeting demand with these foreign frauds there is no need to increase the number of graduates from American schools. American medical schools in turn were long ago taken over by the Jews, and with affirmative action passing over twenty or so more qualified American males of European ancestry for every woman or minority, it gets very chummy and lucrative at the top.

  18. Ram says:

    In the UK, the professionals mentioned are employed almost exclusively by the government. A previous Labour Party stalwart Barbara Castle threatened the NHS employed doctors that they could easily be replaced by imported doctors, and they remain cowed to this day. Their salaries and working conditions have been going downhill from that day, as the government wants to run the cheapest possible service possible. The Nurses haven’t done much better either.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. There is no doctor shortage anywhere.

    Demand for medical services is outrageously, artificially amplified by government (tax) subsidy lowering the perceived cost. In a naked inversion of Say’s Law, every service and product pushed into the market is bought.

    Nothing of importance will change until this long period of monetary & fiscal insanity reaches its inevitably painful denouement.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  20. This was pretty terrifying. If my son has daughters I’ll tell him only to take them to female doctors – I doubt they’ll ever see a white doctor.

    • Replies: @Veritatis
  21. bomag says:

    what can said of a nation which consistently fails to train sufficient domestic nurses, teachers, doctors & other essential professionals?


    Apocryphal, but it is said that when Napoleon was confronted with his battlefield losses, he blithely waved it off, saying that a country such as France can raise up any number of people for any purpose, “these losses can be made up in one night in French brothels.”

    Now the West acts like it doesn’t know from where babies come.

    I suspect our rulemakers were influenced by 1950s et al science fiction movies of benevolent aliens who come down to Earth to solve our problems. They now think foreigners are caring, capable people sent by Gd to do our work.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m sure that the majority of Asian doctors are competent…

    I wouldn’t be so sure. The article states that “foreign doctors from India and Africa are responsible for more than 90% of tribunal cases involving incompetence”. This clearly indicates grossly inferior medical training standards across the board. Swimming in a kiddie splash pool will never train someone to really compete in the Olympic Games.

  23. DFH says:

    A big problem with the lack of doctors is an increase in the proportion of those trained in doctors who are women. Since these women tend to have children just after they finish training (late 20s), go on maternity leave and afterwards often work only part-time, this means that even with the same number of doctors being trained, there’s a significant reduction in the number of hours actually worked.

    I also suspect that the higher proportion of ‘native’ South Asians training as doctors doesn’t help, since they tend to have more children and younger. Just anecdotally, I know of a ‘British’-Indian GP who has had at least two children during and after her training, taking full maternity leave for each.

  24. Anonymous [AKA "Old Billy"] says:

    This article would surprise nobody in the UK. It is assumed by the man in the street that a large percentage of our Asian doctors are sex cases who have fraudulently obtained their qualifications. This is not racial prejudice because I think most UK patients also trust doctors from an Asian background who have been born and trained in the UK. The worst is assumed for African doctors and only the desperate would bother going to one for treatment.

  25. Joe Hide says:

    Solution: Perform psychological examinations, advanced polygraph testing, MRI’s, etc. etc. on immigrant doctors. Determine who has strong deviate, sociopathic, psychotic, neurotic, narcissistic, sadistic, and antisocial tendencies. Also, shouldnt we suspect the people most opposed to this of having these or worse traits they want to keep hidden. What do You think?

  26. JackOH says:
    @Dan Hayes

    ” . . . [T]he AMA’s desire to exert absolute control over the supply of physicians.”

    Exactly, 100% true. Our damnable government, which licenses medical doctors, bankrolls their education, pays for up to half their practice income and more, is simply too weak and too paid-off to confront Big Medicine’s racketeerization of health care.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    India is the rape capital of the world.

    So why the surprise when it happens in the first world?

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  28. As an EU member State, Britain can find all the doctors it needs elsewhere in Europe. By leaving the EU, Britain leaves itself no choice but to take its immigrants from the third world.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  29. anon • Disclaimer says:

    If Hong Kong doctors are any guide, you just give Chinese people proslerity of an advanced country and they become model citizens.

  30. My idea about Britain is, may be wrong, that anyone there who can afford it, gets private treatment.
    National Health quality then does not affect the ruling elite.

  31. Pontius says:

    I’m thinking both the vetting and the disciplining authorities have the same tower of Babel characteristics as the front line MD’s.

  32. If people only had a slight clue about medical incompetence in the US I’m sure heads would be severed en masse.

    Between utterly incompetent family “physicians,” poorly trained physician assistants, utterly worthless nurse practitioners and greedy, half competent specialists, no matter the country of origin or race, I get my own medical care in Asia whenever I can. The training and experience of the physicians there far surpasses most of what goes on in the US, and in fact many of them are highly sought after in “world class” medical institutions here in the US.

    I have some familiarity with some medical knowledge and I am shocked at some of the experiences friends, family and acquaintances routinely report regarding “care” in the US. While outright quackery is probably somewhat rare, ignorance, stupidity, and poor judgement probably are not.

    My wife and I recently heard of was that a woman who was unable to obtain a diagnosis at a famous medical institution yet was diagnosed accurately by a non- medical professional acquaintance at church! She was having TIAs and ended up having carotid surgery as a result. Another went in for coughing and the white “practitioner” never even ordered a chest X-ray even the patient suggested it. Turns out a foreign trained physician diagnosed it on the first visit and his diagnosis was confirmed with appropriate radiographics. Another friend went to have a nasal septal defect evaluated and was told he didn’t have one by a family physician. The thing apparently would be obvious to anyone with functioning eyes.

    Plenty of shocking stories about drug and alcohol abuse amongst white US medical practitioners as well.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Brits in the 1940s thought they’d discovered secret of how to get something for nothing, in this case high quality medical care: They would force all doctors to work for the NHS (i.e. the government), which would decide for them where they work, what patients they see, their hours and conditions. This arrangement worked for a generation or so, but inevitably meant that medicine eventually became an undesirable career which young Brits no longer wanted to do. Hence the reliance on third world doctors, who don’t mind the poor conditions and lack of professional freedom.

    I wouldn’t advise any young Brit to become a doctor. Or if they do, to take their skills to another country where doctors are actually treated with respect.

  34. Veritatis says:
    @Simon in London

    My family and my husband’s have been getting medical care in Houston (for bigger things) for years now. Usually with well regarded doctors, skilled, humane and very ethical. We are thankful. Recently, a woman relative needed thyroid surgery for a tumor after having recently undergone surgery for ovarian cancer. She was seen by a Indian woman surgeon at Baylor, well regarded, young, dainty hands, very competent demeanor. I was amazed at her clinical coldness, and she managed to make my relative cry in the 20 minute interview. This, to a woman of fortitude, who hadn’t complained or cried during the recent surgeries/chemos. She switched to the sixtyish, super kind American head of practice. Problem solved.

    I also had a bad experience with an Indian orthopedist (who had replaced a very ethical, funny, jewish one) in the same way: you get a coldness, a feeling they really see you as an ATM machine, and will not engage as human beings. It is blatant. And they are mushrooming, at least in Houston.

    Both families now know to stay away from Indians, even if women or more than competent.

    • Replies: @Simon in London
  35. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for the eye-opening article. It’s obvious for anyone to see, who is not wearing ideological blinders, that the cultures of many of those third-world countries are at odds with our own. The native British have allowed this to happen, though, through their decline into PC-cult-think. An example, a bad one, of what can happen to us Americans.

  36. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    That the population accept this state of affairs only confirms my premise that people get the government they deserve.


    The worst that can be said of the people is that they get the government they are brainwashed by the BBC, the media, and the educational establishment to vote for.

    But in fact, it makes no difference who they vote for, since there is only one party with two faces: it is the globalist, in-the-pay-of-the-Money-Power Party headed by scum like Tony Blair and the idiot May.

    That’s why, despite opinion polls in Britain and other European countries (and America) showing a consistent ca. 70% opposition to immigration, mass immigration continues.

    And immigration is accompanied by enforced sex “education” that teaches that the only sexual vice is reproduction, while promoting fellatio among kindergarteners.

    Both the so-called Labour Party and the so-called Conservative Party in Britain are parties to the genocide of their own people by suppressed reproduction and mass replacement immigration, all the while brainwashing kids to believe that the Jewish Holocaust was the greatest crime that the mind of man could ever conceive. How to do the Holocaust brainwashing is even a university specialty in its own right.

    So no, you moronic Brit, the people don’t get the government they deserve, but it’s true the Brits are too feeble-minded and tolerant to survive as a nation. It’s time now for mass hangings in Westminster. But instead, they’ll be nothing more than hand wringing or complacent fatuity such as yours.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Kenny

    A sovereign country can accept or deny immigrants of all shapes, sizes, colours, educational levels and countries or origin. That’s how sovereignty works.

    Merkel can keep the refugee doctors & engineers from the Mediterranean rubber boats.

  38. wrd9 says:

    A lot of foreign doctors and their fellow immigrants engage in fraud. Here’s a particularly egregious example involving hundreds of Nigerians in Texas.

    Even Nigeria’s president admitted the problem.

    It’s not just Nigerians. It’s immigrants from any corrupt country. And these are the New Americans/New Europeans that the elites want.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Wizard of Oz
  39. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “I’ve noticed that efforts to persuade Americans of the need to permit an influx of foreign physicians have begun.”

    Um, you’re late to the party. Here in Flint, MI, the vast majority of physicians are of post 1965 stock (if not actual immigrants), and probably all of the ones who aren’t were born before 1965.

  40. AndrewR says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Maybe you aren’t paying much attention then.

    This was my aunt’s oncologist:

    He kept her on chemo far longer than necessary.

    This was big news here.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  41. @Anonymous

    We Brits are wary of Muslims, but tend not to realise that Hindu men can be just as dangerous to our women – just not for ideological reasons.

  42. @Veritatis

    I actually just went to an Indian female dentist today, who seemed ok. I had avoided NHS dentists for years, since I fled in terror from a clearly incompetent Tamil dentist – the very next week I read in the paper they had nearly killed a boy with over use of anaesthetic. It’s a mixed bag, up in Wembley Park I used to have an ex-military type Indian doctor who seemed ok. But clearly there is much greater risk of a really bad doctor than with the vanishing indigenous docs.

  43. The simple fact of the matter is that the economic argument for immigration is balderdash and this applies across the entire social spectrum. We do not need high-skilled/high-wage immigrants, and we do not need low-skilled/low-wage immigrants. We never did. Anybody who makes such an argument is trying to exploit and arbitrage the nation for his own gain.

    • Agree: dc.sunsets
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Corvinus
  44. JustJeff says:

    As always, I’m sure the Japanese have squared this circle without replacing themselves.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  45. anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    You racist low-lifes are like hyenas (or vultures, take your pick).

    Find an article where you can vent your vile racist feelings, and you are all over it.

    Anyway, notwithstanding all the third world losers who end up on your haloed shores and dirty it with their presence -and you can kick them out for all I care- your civilisation will always remain the most Greedy and Psychopathic, and a bunch of Polytheist\Godless Spiritual Losers to boot.

    Enjoy fellas, for the short while you can.

  46. Article published in British Medical Journal BMJ 2017;356:273

    Title: Quality of care delivered by general internists in US hospitals who graduated from foreign versus US medical schools: observational study.

    Conclusions: “Data on older Medicare patients admitted to hospital in the US showed that patients treated by international graduates had lower mortality than patients cared for by US graduates”.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  47. Moi says:
    @Delinquent Snail

    I get it:

    American/white doctors=great
    Non-white doctors=crap

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  48. @anonymous

    third world losers who end up on your haloed shores

    Americans wish that the country had haloed shores.

  49. utu says:

    Andrew Joyce is not the smartest guy among the racists.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Thales the Milesian

    “Data on older Medicare patients admitted to hospital in the US showed that patients treated by international graduates had lower mortality than patients cared for by US graduates”.

    This is consistent with what is to be expected about immigrants from anywhere to anywhere: that they are, generally, among the smarter, more energetic section of the population from which they come, and thus are smarter and more energetic than the average person of the country to which they migrate.

    That is why employers love mass immigration. Increased labor supply means lower wages, better labor means higher productivity, and the demands for additional infrastructure created by mass immigration keep the profits rolling in (much at taxpayers’ expense) for the builders and land developers.

    That is why corrupt Western elites love genocidal mass replacement immigration combined with suppressed native reproduction. It gets rid of the hated lower class of their own kind, replacing them with people who are more competent, cheaper and more submissive (to authority, though not to the ordinary folk they have come to replace), while generating demand in the high profit sectors of the economy.

    Concerning the competence and humanity of Indian doctors, I remember my old school mate, Postman Patel, describing the capable attention he received from a doctor somewhere in India who refused all payment and talked fondly of his experience as a medical student in Manchester, England. I recall, also, my father, near death in a British hospital, telling me that of the doctors attending on him, the only one of any humanity was an Indian.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  51. Google-search for Tulsi Gabbard and Syria, and the top results are all neocon talking points.

  52. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    American/white doctors=great
    Non-white doctors=crap

    Obviously untrue (see my comment at #50 or thereabouts).

    But when you’re facing genocide by mass replacement immigration and you have a native populace hypnotized and brainwashed by the media, the entertainments industry, the giant corporations, the educational establishment and the political elites to accept their own demise, anything to stir rebellion is likely to be used as a weapon in the struggle for national survival.

    As an Indian, you perhaps fail to see the plight of the Europeans since European domination of the Indian subcontinent, which causes you so much indignation, did not involve mass migration or any serious attempt to destroy the native culture. True the Brits took down the Thugs, who you may miss, and opposed suttee, the burning of widows, but I understand that that practice, which is truly horrific in Western eyes, continues to this day.

  53. hyperbola says:

    Interesting that the article starts with sexual abuse. The Brits don’t seem to need any foreign help with that – indeed, they seem to have many examples from the very top of their society.

    The Monsters Of Middleton

    Bildberg, Killing Kittens, Sex Orgies, and the New Global Feudal System
    …. behind the Bilderberg Group which was founded in 1952, largely through the efforts of card carrying Nazi Prince Bernhard, there exists a network of empire building, wars, occult secret societies, royal families, Satanism, and sexual orgies. In fact, some of the elite in Europe and America are up to their eyeballs in the occult and and sexual orgies, depicted in films like Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, is good friends with the owner of the “Killing Kittens” sex clubs which offer exclusive orgies for affluent women in Europe and now in the U.S. The British Royal Family has a long history of alleged dark and deviant sexual activities. It appears that the elite in Europe and America live to a different set of standards than most of the rest of us. Behind some of the most elite names are allegations of massive heroin empires, celebrity sex slaves, and global criminal enterprises. There are European news sources which allege the following:…..

    The Secret History of the British ‘Royals’
    …. Lord Louis Mountbatten extorted the ‘Whipping Boy’, Queen consort Elizabeth and King George VI on the basis that the Royal Family had been fake since 1852. So in order to retain the crown, they sold their daughter into marriage to Prince Philip, and it appears that Lord Louis Mountbatten also included rights for under-aged sex with the firstborn — Prima Nocte, Droit du seigneur, Right of the Lord where the Lord takes the virginity of the serves — and that was Prince Charles. So Prince Charles was a paedophile victim from obviously a young age. Lord Louis Mountbatten was absolutely known for his paedophilia.

    Now Lord Louis Mountbatten introduced the well-known paedophile Jimmy Savile to Prince Charles. They used to spend quite a bit of time together and go to parties together. A lot of it was under the guise of charity events. On Jimmy Savile’s 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent Jimmy Savile a pair of gold cufflinks, a box of cigars, and a note saying “No one will ever know what you’ve done for this country”. There’s now just a phenomenal amount of children that Jimmy Savile abused……

    BBC accused of ‘cover-up’ as evidence from Savile inquiry is heavily censored
    …. Savile was revealed as Britain’s worst sex offender as the full scale of his abuse over six decades was disclosed in a damning report by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC last month. His reign of terror spanned 54 years, with the latest crime allegedly committed just four years ago. His 450 victims included a boy of eight and a dying child aged 11 or 12 who was abused at Great Ormond Street Hospital…..

    Arch Paedophile Jimmy Savile was a devout Zionist and an Israel supporter
    It is far from being a big surprise that Jimmy Savile, a ‘predatory sex offender’, found many friends amongst Zionists and Israeli leaders. Just a year ago, the UK Jewish Chronicle saw him as a dear friend of the Jewish people and their State…..

    Jimmy Savile and British Establishments Paedophile ring

    • Replies: @ANON
  54. @Anon

    Exactly I absolutely avoid non white drs even US trained ones, it would be crazy to risk your life when you know perfectly well they are given preferential admissions and grades and have lower average IQs so while its possible youre getting a qualified dr theres every reason to suspect hes the least qualified if not worse.

  55. Anonymous [AKA "DWashington"] says:

    Health care can be a personal and intimate affair because a person would allow his or her body to be examined inside out by a stranger and it is only understandable that a person PREFERS that the doctor looks like himself or herself for initial assurance and probably trust — professionalism is a secondary concern. It’s usually hard for unsuspecting patients to tell a real doctor from a quack. I have no objection to patients requesting to see doctors of their own race.

    • Replies: @advancedatheist
  56. Another reason to avoid socialized medicine. The NHS pays so poorly that talented British students avoid becoming doctors, and thus the NHS has resorted to importing third world terrorists (remember the airport bombings by NHS doctors) and sexual predators. Yet the Democrats want to bring that system to America?

  57. @Anonymous

    a person would allow his or her body to be examined inside out by a stranger and it is only understandable that a person PREFERS that the doctor looks like himself or herself

    White doctors have already set the reverse precedent by treating nonwhite patients in their own countries, for example, physicians who become Christian missionaries.

    • Replies: @Anon
  58. El Dato says:

    Greedy and Psychopathic, and a bunch of Polytheist\Godless Spiritual Losers to boot.

    I’m frankly starting to think we should reactivate that program.

    Anyone still have the blueprints?

    Now, where is my copy of PKD’s “The Man in the High Castle”?

  59. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Do they treat people who object to treatment by white doctors?

  60. Maybe Clooney isn’t so clueless…. at least for himself.

    BAMMAMA. Blacks are more muscular and more aggressive.

    But then, that is why whites worship and welcome blacks are gods of sports and rap.

  61. I’ve visited West Africa, and I’ve been amazed to find unqualified white middle class people everywhere giving out medical treatment (vaccinations etc). These ‘humanitarians’ are on some kind of gap year / peace corp trip which involves photogenically helping poor dark people:

    Meanwhile, the third world natives who are (barely) medically qualified are over here. Surely they are more needed in their home countries? The insanity of globalisation and mass immigration seems to ruin everywhere.

  62. @JackOH

    Is there a Big Medicine which deserves that description when the model is e.g. American “Big Pharma” or perhaps an American association of trial lawyers? “Paid-off” doesn’t seem right from what I know. Can you elaborate? Even quote figures?

    I would give more credence to an explanation that suggested that politicians have so little of the public’s trust compared with medical people that they do feel too “weak” to upset them. One might add to this sort of class explanation that many politicians and senior civil servants would have close relations in the medical profession.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  63. Rod1963 says:
    @Delinquent Snail

    As one who uses the American medical system here’s my view:

    One group of doctors I will stay away from are Muslim doctors. This is from experience. For starters their personalities were horrible and they didn’t listen. In addition most are just surly pill pushers who didn’t mind hurting their patients in some manner.

    Nor will I deal with African nurses from Africa. If you get one while in a hospital, request a different nurse. You really have no idea what that nurse’s qualifications really are.

    My preference are white and American born Asian doctors. Even then you have to need to get 2nd and 3rd opinions. Remember – be your own advocate and don’t just passively accept what the doctor tells you. Research it.

    If the doctor appears to be a lazy slob, he probably is. If he pushes pills on you and doesn’t talk, get another doctor ASAP.

    Hindu doctors are a mixed bag. Some are decent and competent and some just view you as a money machine.

    Again you have to be your own advocate because the medical system isn’t going to look out for you.

  64. @hyperbola (55)

    “Eyes wide shut” (1999) ..

    Polanski’s “The Ninth Gate (1999)”

    1999 was an interesting year.

  65. @Intelligent Dasein

    “Need” isn’t perhaps the only or even the most important test but I wouldn’t try and dispute that American immigration policy and practice for some decades has been disastrous.

    I recall a Texan surgeon (a divorced and recoupled Catholic) in 1995 opining that Latino immigration was good because it offset the blacks….

    In Australia I can be glad tbat relatively high IQ Indians and Chinese are slowing our IQ decline without forming large groups of incompatibles such as our Muslims would be if three times the size. Their most obvious immediate impact on tbe economy is from their investment in real estate (mostly Chinese) which has its down side in the difficulty high prices are creating for first home buyers.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  66. ANON • Disclaimer says:

    You spend too much time wanking, especially that kind of reading which addles the vulnerable brain.

  67. JackOH says:

    I agree with some of the commenters that Andrew’s piece may be a little too sharply etched, but, still, I’m glad to see his work here. I tend to give Unz Review writers a wide ambit for their rhetoric, because the choice for me is to read their observations and arguments on a specific topic, or read nothing at all on that topic. Unz Review writers fill a big void.

    FWIW-My experience with foreign-born doctors and one American-born Black doctor has been okay. I’ve had bad experience with two American-born White doctors.

  68. Again you have to be your own advocate because the medical system isn’t going to look out for you.

    That’s good advice for everything. Despite nearly everyone’s fantasies, no system is going to look out for you and no one should expect any such thing.

    Once yer weaned, yer weaned. Time for people to grow up, but that’ll never happen.

  69. Wow, they mentioned this.

    Maybe this is a signaling against BLM that got out of hand.

  70. @abcd

    Thanks for noticing my piece in VDARE.COM. I’ve written a few about foreigners looting-gaming our medical and business sectors. Frankly, I could write one a week just from the NYC to Philadelphia region. Indo-Pak malfeasance on many levels is now a feature of our lives. The press hides it and the govewrnment won’t stop it.

    Readers interested in tracking this dismal business can do so by clicking on the websites of the US Department of Justice and their state Attorney’s General. The regular parade of foreign names will soon become depressing.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  71. @Rod1963

    I agree with most of your points. The only one i disagree on is hindu doctors. If indian tech schools and pretty much all services out of india are any indicator, they are not up to par with american standards.

    If they have an accent, i usually ask for another doctor. My health is more important then hurting the feelings of an adult.

  72. MarkinLA says:

    Pay for service medicine is ripe for fraud. The problem is letting in people from countries where everybody who can rips the system off. In fact, in those countries, if you didn’t you would be considered a sucker.

  73. MarkinLA says:

    I bet you don’t get too many immigrants or minorities in your mom’s basement do you?

  74. MarkinLA says:

    This is consistent with what is to be expected about immigrants from anywhere to anywhere: that they are, generally, among the smarter, more energetic section of the population from which they come, and thus are smarter and more energetic than the average person of the country to which they migrate.

    You forgot to turn on the sarcasm flag. Do you live in California? Smarter more energetic? I must have missed all those Mexican theoretical physicists getting their Nobel prizes. Even with Indians, how many are getting advanced degrees and how many are working at the 7-11?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  75. @Wizard of Oz

    Their most obvious immediate impact on the economy is from their investment in real estate (mostly Chinese) which has its down side in the difficulty high prices are creating for first home buyers.

    They’re notorious in Vancouver for buying old Victorian houses (the era’s, not the provincial capital’s) and tearing them down to make their own compounds.

    Compounds are an Asian thing, I guess. Other ethnicities have done likewise in other cities, but without the means of the Chi-Cans, so less damage has been done.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  76. KenH says:

    This is a story you’ll never get from the major (((media))) since it might force white people with critical thinking skills to reason that maybe third world racial groups aren’t just white people with darker coating and that importing them en masse and allowing them to populate fields like medicine is not in our interest. This also dispels they myth that educated third worlders are free of the baggage, character defects and cultural practices of their poorer and less educated kinsmen.

    The men described in this article are the very type of men who will gain entry into America under the proposed “Raise Act”.

  77. Anonymous [AKA "John Taylor of Caroline"] says:

    Question: At what point did the writer say, ‘Only “foreigners” commit crimes’?

    Your premise is incorrect. Therefore, your conclusion is false.

    • Replies: @LauraMR
  78. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Do you live in California?

    Yeah, well, when it’s a matter of just walking across the border to another country because you don’t have a job at home, the immigrant demographic may not be so great. But look out, because a eugenic, points-based system, such as employed in Canada, Australia and soon in Britain is what Donald Trump is aiming for. So don’t expect to see an end to the growing ascendancy of alien groups in America any time soon.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  79. @Reg Cæsar

    There are (occasionally enforced) restrictions on foreigners buying established houses in Australia (though I would be surorised if they couldn’t find legal ways round the ppriblem). I haven’t heard of family compounds even being mentioned with respect to the Chinese here.

  80. @CanSpeccy

    How would you describe the ascendancy of “alien groups” that you imply is to be found in Canada?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  81. JackOH says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The American Medical Association’s obstruction of Medicare (for people over 65 in the States) was so strenuous that an eager-to-please Congress caved in and awarded reimbursements on a fantastic cost-plus basis. Prof. Reinhardt at Princeton, a courageous academic voice in the wilderness, publicly described this scheme, which lasted a generation, as a license to loot the Treasury.

    If my memory’s okay, Billy Tauzin spearheaded the “no price bargaining” element of Medicare, Part D, the prescription benefit, and after leaving Congress landed a Big Pharma lobbying job at a seven-figure salary.

    Most Americans do indeed benefit from America’s extravagant health care financing schemes, and simply do not see a connection between that extravagance, and corporations and municipalities edging toward bankruptcy with health care costs as a strong driver of insolvency.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  82. FYI, to add some data to the anecdote, refer to the UKCAT test results. They are basically a series of cognitive tests administered to UK medical school students. What separates them apart from the MCAT in the US is that there is no knowledge based component to them and thus nothing to be memorized thus it is functionally a raw IQ test for all intents and purposes because it doesn’t test medical knowledge but rather cognitive function across four categories; verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, and decision analysis.

    There are some interesting cognitive differences among races that are readily observable but as far as I am aware of never EVER reported on in the UK.

    UK – White had a cognitive mean of 2578 with a standard deviation 223
    UK – “Asian” (Indian) had a cognitive mean of 2469 with a standard deviation of 246
    UK – black doctors had a cognitive mean of 2358 with a standard deviation of 240
    NON UK – (foreign) had a cognitive mean of 2434 with a standard deviation of 265
    UK – Chinese had a cognitive mean of 2592 with a standard deviation of 252

    Basically the UK native Indian doctors coming through UK medical schools or coming from abroad are half a standard deviation below that of native British whites. In fact, they are almost at the exact midpoint of where UK whites and UK blacks are. The foreign educated Indian doctors are almost certain to be even worse. Considering the quality of the medical students is ultimately going to reflect on the quality of the doctors, any reasonable British citizen aware of the data should insist on a native British white doctor (or Chinese) where possible over an Indian one and should avoid black doctors like the plague.

  83. Thanks. Sorry that I must have not noticed that you were obviously referring to America (since AMA couldn’t have been referring to the Australian Medical Association). I had the UK in mind where I think my tentative explanation of the “weak”but not “paid off” might have some merit.

  84. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps it is not so surprising.

    Doctors whose upbringing, race, ethnicity, religion, and culture are foreign to Western nations may not necessarily care about how they treat the people in those nations.

    They have nothing much in common with the Westerners.

    They may consider Westerners to be aliens.

    Why are they over here anyway?

    Are not Third World people not plenty sick enough so that these doctors are needed over there?

    And why in God’s name cannot America find enough White people to train as doctors right here?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
    , @Wizard of Oz
  85. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    I don’t imply anything.

    I state a fact, namely that immigrants, who by definition are of alien groups or nations, are increasing in proportion to the formerly essentially European population of Canada (prior to Trudeau I) and are visibly taking roles of authority in government and throughout the Canadian establishment, political, business, academic and medical.

    Was that too hard for you to figure out for yourself?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  86. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Why are they over here anyway?

    Same reason the Europeans are in the Americas. They’ve come to occupy the economic space. Moreover, many intend to infiltrate and occupy the cultural space. Many Muslims in Europe, for example.

    Certainly, many, perhaps the great majority, are not “here” because they admire Western civilization. Hell, even vast numbers, perhaps a majority, of those born in America seem to hate Western civilization.

  87. @Anonymous

    Three out of my four cardiologists since I first went beyond an exercise ECG at a hospital clinic have had Chinese names. Father and son: father a Professor and immigrant, son born in Oz. Then the female surgeon who inserted my pacemaket who came from Taiwan at 8. All outstanding.

  88. @JackOH

    For the moment my reply to this is #85!

  89. @wrd9

    My rule of thumb generalisation from reading over several decades is that most immigrant groups have low rates of crime. Certainly it doesn’t make any sense for recently arrived people who look like foreigners eo engage in violent crime, or threaten it. So it makes it interesting to identify the reasons for the bad reputations successive waves of immigrants have earned or suffered. The Irish should not be forgotten, even if long overtaken. In Australia there was a Greek Doctors scandal a few decades ago which involved rippung off Medicare. Then the no-fault Transport Accident scheme in my state became known as Turk Care by phonetic analogy to Work Care which was the no-fault workplace injury compensation scheme. Now there seem to be large scale frauds in our education industry. It probably doesn’t involve Asians when it is just aimed at lining up the underskilled with promises of better jobs after training funded by government. It probably does involve Asians where the students are Asians as it would where cheap labour is being exploited on construction sites.

    • Replies: @Lawrence Sparrowhawk
  90. Anonymous [AKA "Paul Shelton"] says:

    Actually, he is.

  91. @Hannah Katz

    Thank you Hannah Katz. I did a cntrl-f for “sociali..” and it popped over to your post, and no others either. Almost 80 intelligent commenters with lots of truth that is not to be said elsewhere, but not one of them besides Miss Katz here sees the root of the damn problem – that is pathetic in my opinion.

    You let the government control this whole aspect of life (I would write “industry” but it’s MORE than that), and you lose control of what happens to you. What the hell would you expect!?

    Yet the Democrats want to bring that system to America?

    Democrats, yeah, and lots of Republicans and too damn many people on too.

    Now, I’ll read the rest of the long article. It will be interesting, I’m sure, but still, come-on! Let’s get to the root of the problem. You all wanted “your” government to take care of you, and you’re getting it. You didn’t want any say in the matter, and you don’t. You’ll take Dr. Mohammad as your Primary Care Molester Physician and YOU’LL! LIKE! IT!

    (If you like your Molester, you can keep your Molester.)

  92. @Hannah Katz

    Socialized medicine – that’s a bit of a red herring. Japan, for instance, has socialized medicine of a sort. Iceland and Finland too. All with good outcomes. They just don’t have thousands of doctors from Nigeria.

  93. Che Guava says:

    Not entirely. There is or was (‘is’, I think) a programme for recruiting Phillipina nurses, a small portion, unfortunately, are Muslims.

    I have never seen one when visiting people in hospital, or going to hospital (outpatient, broken bones) myself. Only on TV.

    Think they only work in old people’s homes.

    A few (mainly) U.S.A. doctors, dentists, head-shrinkers in major centres.

    Not a replacement situation.

    In Tokyo, there is an oversupply of Japanese dentists, some of them are terrible, finding good ones requires care. I have a hole where a lower-left molar should be, expected to have root-canal torture.

    He said it was impossible.

    More recently, losing a filling, he said ‘extraction will be inevitable’. He was wrong, a friend made an appointment with a good dentist (her social connection) for me, she fixed it, laser-cured new filling.

    The man is a very bad dentist.

    Moral of the story, if to having a dental problem in Japan, make sure to get the second opinion.

    • Replies: @Avery
  94. Avery says:
    @Che Guava

    {The man is a very bad dentist.}


    Even (some) Japanese have lost their well-formed sense of honor, honed and refined over centries.
    In the good old days, the loser dentist’s sense of honor would compel him to perform a harakiri and end his miserable, dishonorable existence.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Che Guava
  95. @Uebersetzer

    I’m not sure from your comment what the attempted murder of this .Indian dentist had to do with the article, Uebersetzer. Was the perpetrator upset about his treatment or lack thereof, or was this just something to do with the last case of bottled water in prepping for a hurricane, or maybe the guy cut in line, I dunno? Now, that I read it, your linked article makes it seem like the violence had nothing to do with this dentist’s profession. If you’re mad at the health profession, why would you go with the dentists? They don’t even go through med-school, do they? How about a thoracic surgeon – repair/replacement of thoraxes is big bidness?

    Secondly, it’s not easy to get ahold of a full-auto rifle. You should know that. Why would these people use rifles anyway, in close quarters like the grocery store? One would think they’d use some type of 1911-style pistol, though I would not rule out a machete. This is advice for the .Indian in question, BTW, but good all around.

  96. @Rod1963

    ‘some just view you as a money machine’

    More likely nearly all do. At their monthly meetings, profits raked for the month is front and center of the agenda. The NHS is less like this, though I suspect strongly they are given kickbacks for, for example, vaccines. They push and push and push them on your little kids, with no scope for dissenting opinions, alternative options. The NHS is already essentially private but still public in name. A truly public health care system SHOULD be honest and decent. But agreed, in general, about all the foreign doctors. Why are they so necessary? Moreover, when they so grossly violate what used to anyway be the moral code, how on earth are they still allowed to practice? It boggles the mind–unless it is connected to the high level pedophile rings in the world government. Who else could sanction some of what this article shows?

  97. @Thomas O. Meehan

    I have also read your stuff on VDare about this travesty, along with about everything else on there on everything. Thanks for putting out the truth.

  98. @TelfoedJohn

    Yes, but they’ve still got no choice in the matter of who they want to practice medicine on them, what they want done and don’t want done, but lastly, if the government decides to screw it up via lowering standards (for women, for whatever reason) or changing plans and importing Nigerians, they have NO SAY in the matter.

    Socialism is for people who will not grow up. It is for those who want nannies over freedom.

    Hey, this is not boast about the CURRENT American messed-up healthcare world by any means, but more of a suggestion to think freedom. Most Americans would not know freedom if it bit them in the ass, and they cannot even imagine freedom in healthcare, education, or anything else.

    Speaking of a guy that does have an imagination (and doctors), Dr. Ron Paul wrote about Feral Gov’t interference during natural disasters, here on unz.

  99. @TelfoedJohn

    As an example of my point, John, even with his myriad of troubles with incompetent doctors, Mr. Delinquent Snail above was able to look around to find people he wants to treat him and his family (and still does, of course).

    In a government-run system, not only will you not be allowed to choose your service out on the market, but if you give it a try, I imagine there will be some more marks written into your charts – these notations may get you a faster ticket to the Government run insane asylum indoctrination hospital when the SHTF.

  100. @Avery

    In the good old days, the loser dentist’s sense of honor would compel him to perform a harakiri and end his miserable, dishonorable existence.

    Nah. Seppuku was for surgeons. Dentists had to perform an auto-root canal.

    • LOL: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  101. LauraMR says:

    The article provides the proof. Read it. Not a single native.

  102. LauraMR says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Big error.

    The criminal activities so accurately depicted in this well-thought-out and incredibly well-researched article prove that MEN, not foreigners, are systematically and unfailing evil.

    Indeed, Every one of the criminals shown in the article is a MAN and therefore every man is a criminal.

    Are you a man? Then you are a criminal as proven by the article.

    Men must be forbidden from practicing medicine.

    Every man must be deported or jailed preemptively. Men cannot be allowed to live among decent human beings (i.e., women by definition).

    The article proves unequivocally that men are criminals.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Dan Hayes
  103. @Anon

    In Canada which also has State healthcare, there seems to be an explosion of veterenarians and dentists. Both professions are not under the State healthcare, thus not dictated to Soviet-style as to their fees nor chastised for the amount of income they generate every year for working 18 hour days and having staff to pay. Consequently there is a ‘shortage’ of doctors. Graduating doctors also head to the States, where of course the pay is better.
    Of course, seemingly every cleaner, or taxi driver, or restaurant worker from lands afar is a a doctor, or even a brain surgeon, with a foreign competence certificate issued in some village, and is just waiting to be eagerly accepted into the system.

  104. denk says:

    MAY be its just coincidence,
    Peace keeping force from the Indian sub-continent seem to indulge in similar
    extra curricular activities in foreign land

  105. denk says:

    MEN, not foreigners, are systematically and unfailing evil.

    comment 104

    ‘ Read it. Not a single native.’

  106. Some non-whites may find requests for white or domestically-trained providers racist or offensive. However, I think patients should be allowed to choose their health care provider as long as they’re paying for the services. As a child of Nigerian immigrants, I have met several qualified African health care providers and am perfectly willing to see them. I understand why many people in the U.S. and in Britain might refuse their services, though. Sometimes I worry that the stories about African incompetence and sexual abuse might negatively affect my African friends and family members who work in the health field. I guess there’s nothing they can do about that other than give the best care possible.

    I read Esther Choo’s article about having a white nationalist refuse her service and I didn’t believe her. Why would anyone decline the service of an Oriental? Any Oriental who was accepted into an American medical school has earned their place. Affirmative action makes it even harder for Orientals to get into medical school than whites.

    Anyway, I admire the author for demanding that his health care provider always be domestically trained. That’s a smart choice. I would even go a step further and ask for a white or Asian doctor.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  107. Dan Hayes says:


    In response to your diatribe you either

    a) “gotta be kidding” (as we say in NYC)


    b) you’re a baying at the moon ultra-feminist!

    I haven’t seen many or perhaps even any ultra-feminists at the UR, but everyone is welcome to Ron’s post-graduate discussion group seminars. So welcome aboard!

    And again thanking Ron Unz for making this all possible

  108. @CanSpeccy

    You *did* imply asendancy by alien groups. Now I thank you for spelling out what you have in mind.

    Even so your lack of specifics and lack of quantification (not that you have any obligation to back up your preferences morethan you have) reminda me of those polls which show Americans estimating the proportion of blacks in the population ad over 30 per cent. My equally subjective impression is that what you say of the “ascendancy” of alien groups in Canada simply has no counterpart in Australia. I don’t see it in the UK either, at least not as something of a different order of magnitude from the way it was30 years ago.

  109. @Cannot Tell

    What a covil and balanced contribution

  110. hyperbola says:
    @Hannah Katz

    The problem seems to be “socialized medicine” that the elite do not want to pay for – or that the 99% are too deumb to demand.

    Spain is ranked eighth in the world for its standard of healthcare, according to new research.

    The Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQ), published in the UK journal The Lancet on Thursday, studied the quality of healthcare in 195 countries by measuring mortality rates from causes that should not be fatal in the presence of effective medical care.

    The study analyzed death rates from 32 such diseases and conditions over the period 1990 to 2015 and found that nearly all countries saw their rating improve over the years.

    Spain scored 90 points out of a maximum 100, placing it eighth in the world rankings, above the healthcare systems of Italy (89), France (88), Greece (87), Germany (86), the UK (85) and Portugal (85).

    Andorra topped the Index with a score of 95, followed by Iceland (94) and then Switzerland in third place on 92 points.

    Sweden and Norway made up the top five and 13 of the top 15 countries were in Western Europe, joined by Australia (6th) and Japan (11th).

    The UK placed 30th and the US 35th……

  111. Max Payne says:

    You think this is bad? You haven’t seen what white women doctors can get away with. It’s a power trip at whole other level. Can’t we just import more Vietnamese doctors or something?

    In the end whats a doctor but an over-glorified health technician anyway. All they do is just read what the machines tells them. You could standing, walking and talking but if the machine says you’re dead you’ll be hard pressed to find any doctor (black or white) that will admit you’re alive.

  112. @Delinquent Snail

    The black and mexican nurses gave me dirty looks.

    Those blacks and Mexican nurses were stupid, pardon my bluntness. I would be saying, what! I thank God I was treated at military hospitals for 22 yrs of my life, THE BEST! Sorry, for those who did nor serve!

    • Replies: @Anon
  113. Corvinus says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “We do not need high-skilled/high-wage immigrants, and we do not need low-skilled/low-wage immigrants. We never did.”

    The Captains of Industry in the late 1800’s would beg to differ. I would imagine your own ancestors who came here would also be rolling in their graves.

    You have to go back. You don’t belong here.

    “Anybody who makes such an argument is trying to exploit and arbitrage the nation for his own gain.”

    Except what if immigrants came here willingly to work in a wide range of jobs in hopes to make a better life for themselves? Is it not the liberty of the employer to offer such opportunities?

  114. I was once knocked off my bicycle by a driver subsequently convicted of driving without due care and attention. I was cared for brilliantly by the english bobby, and the two english paramedics in the ambulance. Once I arrived at a West London hospital the nightmare began. It was 7pm and surprisingly quiet in A&E. I was told the doctor was upstairs “asleep” by the Philippino nurse, who said he could not do anything for me until seen by the (Singaporian Doctor). Bear in mind that I had shards of glass in my shoulder, was dripping blood on the floor and had a broken wrist, was in a small amount of shock too. After two hours of various calling for help and being fobbed off, third world style (meaning they say yes, “just coming”, “5 minutes” or “very soon” or “she will be with you shortly” but nothing ever happens) I demanded to see the doctor by raising my voice. I was fobbed off third world style for another 30-40 mins before the young singaporean doctor sent me to x-ray where she got the x-ray procedure wrong and mis-diagnosed me as bruised.
    Having made a complaint to the local MP (no response) and the hospital a British Pakistani consultant rang me up and continued for an hour and 20 minutes to persuade me not to sue. (I wasn’t intending to). She blatantly lied and said there was no record of a Singaporean (or Chinese looking) doctor on shift that night and assured me the Philippino nurse had returned to the Philippines and couldn;t be contacted for explanation. Her view was that none of what happened could have happened, that no-one I said was there was there or had suddenly left the country.

  115. Sept 8th 2017
    Anandagopal Srinivasan has been charged with two sexual assaults in hospitals in Oxford and Cambridge.

  116. @Wizard of Oz

    Early (1960’s) UK was different, immigrants got on with work. These days recent immigrants feel safer in their communities and a steady minority dominate the grooming and gang rape business (while working). The sons of immigrants seem to dominate the drug trade. The ruthlessness of middle-easterners and Pakistani drug dealers is ousting the west indians. (multiple acid attacks per week, multiple stabbings, targeted shootings, kidnapping and torture – the war is on going in London). West Indians drug dealers just used to threaten, glass people or stab them.
    I dont recognise your experience and I say; give it time, you’ll see.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  117. @Lawrence Sparrowhawk

    No, Enoch Powell was right and we didn’t make the same mistake aa the UK, apart from Fraser with the Lebanese followed by Labor giving them family reunion for branch stacking purposes (I oversimplify a little). Young deracinated Vietnamese were oncw a bit noticeable for a while. Actually I think it’s a case of different societies starting from different expectations and experiences – also ageing and age distribution. I feel perfectly safe in inner Melbourñe though there have been surprisingly unthreatening break ins of unarmed thieves and I find the law and order postures of all parties (except the aotherwise appalling Greens) cynical and unjustified. Australia’s violènt crime rate is probably still greater than the UK’s but both are negligible compared with the great Second Amendment country’s. I trust we have been adequately reminded by the antics of the “Apex gang” [media beatup?] of a few young black Africans that who we let in is critical even if their families were UN certified refugees. And all without them killing anyone or even being killed.

  118. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @in the middle

    For the firat 22 ýears of my adult life I was grateful not to be treated in hospital at all! You sound like a great advertisement gor “Join the Army, get your teeth replaced, eyeballs reshaped, baldness reduced to combover, face lifted and haemorhoids fixed…”

  119. orionyx says:

    I worked in the NHS in the early 80s.
    I remember taking a stroll from the hospital in the company of 4 other doctors: a Sudanese Arab, whom we called Dr Fuzzy Wuzzy; two Indians; an English junior doctor, who was the sole native in the group (I am white, born in South Africa).
    We passed a school in the grounds of which half a dozen English louts in school uniform were smoking. It is hardly likely that any of them went on to medical, law or engineering schools. In a flash, I saw why the little group I was with were representative of the future of England.

  120. Che Guava says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Amusing exchange. Just to adding and clarifying, both hara-kiri and seppuku are correct. The difference is in formality. The kanji are the same.

    In practice, other words are usual, jiketu (self-choice) is usual for the small wave of ritual suicide at the end of Pacific and east-Asian wars, and for Mishima, that and jijin (self-sword), among others (dialect and different word-choice both having parts), in the chaos after the arrival of drunken Perry and his ships.

    Just to pointing out that the idea that seppuku is correct and hara-kiri not, is incorrect, also that neither is usual in stating the act.

  121. Che Guava says:

    Whilst doctors were semi-samurai (right to carrying short and long swords), I am not to knowing much about dentists in the shogunate, think they didn’t exist in general.

    Those who could afford, gargled iron filings and used charcoal for cleaning. Charcoal-flavoured toothpaste was still popular until about twenty years ago.

    So everyone who could had black teeth from iron filings, and those who could not, had theirs falling out over time.

    Always amusing to me how (almost) no historical dramas depict the black teeth, but the iron filings were effective against decay.

    I must looking into if ‘Dutch learning’ was including dentistry, but I am thinking not, its development in the west was late nineteenth century, AFAIK.

    The iron filings were a major advance, really worked preventing tooth decay! Even if a side-road.

    Maybe that is preferable to the US custom of needless root-canal torture on every tooth, or capping, to getting what a western friend called ‘tombstone teeth’.

    Thanks for your earlier reply, it was making me laugh with your wit!

  122. Malla says:

    India’s medical system itself is falling apart
    Check these videos out, doctors fight in an operating theater like thugs in India causing the death of a child.

    And this has been common for some time. This incident came to light because of a mobile phone camera (mobile phones should not be in operating theaters due to infection risk and signal interference risk with medical equipments). Imagine all those cases when there were no cameras around!!

  123. Malla says:

    Corruption among doctors in India

  124. Anonymous [AKA "OZrock"] says:

    APEX is still in its infancy. Just wait…

  125. Floda says:

    “What can said of a nation which consistently fails to train sufficient domestic nurses, teachers, doctors & other essential professionals?”

    Easy, the ‘Nation’ taken over long ago by a concealed Hostile elite who HATE native Brits and are doing everything they can to destroy them while remaining behind the curtain.

  126. anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    The Sickening Truth About Western Spirituality


    The Sickening Truth About Western Morality

    Plunder, rape, mass murder bordering on necrophilia, and psychopathy across the four corners of the world.

    Google may be evil, but it can still be your “friend.” Use it.

  127. @Delinquent Snail

    As I remember when I had shingles at 25 my American doctor told me there was no treatment and it would run its course. It is more serious when you are older.

  128. Patricus says:
    @Hannah Katz

    I knew a British guy in the 1970s who practiced a few years then read the writing on the wall. Imported physicians would be brought in to undercut the earnings of British born doctors. He was able to escape his fate by becoming a bureaucrat in the Health Service. Too bad all that training was wasted. The 9 to 5 bureaucrat routine was easy.

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