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Bad Medicine II: the Escalating Problem of Third World Doctors
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For some time now I’ve been receiving requests to produce a sequel to a September 2017 piece on the disastrous consequences of the mass importation of doctors from the Third World to Britain. Until recently I resisted the temptation to do so because I felt the original article was definitive in outlining the major thematic issues: Third World doctors are responsible for at least 80% of malpractice cases at U.K. Medical Tribunals; Third World doctors are significantly more likely than native British doctors to engage in the sexual abuse of their patients; and, finally, the medical establishment seems to be complicit in both the covering up of these crimes, mainly via the imposition of extraordinarily lenient sanctions. A number of recent stories, however, from the United States and Australia as well as the U.K., have proven sufficiently unsettling and infuriating that further coverage and discussion of this horrific epidemic is necessary.

One thing that has become very clear in recent months is that the U.K. medical establishment is utterly beholden to multicultural dogma on “racism,” as well as a Soviet-like atmosphere of fear, spying, and denunciation. Take, for example, the case of Peter Duffy, a surgeon, consultant urologist, and one-time “Doctor of the Year” at England’s Royal Lancaster Infirmary. In 2005, this exceptional physician made the mistake of stating that “a doctor of Indian descent had missed an operation on a patient with suspected gangrene because he was out playing golf. He also said two other colleagues of Asian heritage were involved in possible overtime fraud.” Rather than leading to an investigation of these issues of malpractice, Duffy reports:

after flagging these concerns, he was subjected to “malicious, toxic and utterly false” allegations over the period of a decade, culminating in accusations made to the police that he was racist. In particular, tribunal documents showed that four anonymous letters were sent to the General Medical Council(GMC), Duffy’s professional regulator, between 2012 and 2014. Employment Judge Slater said that, from the contents of the letters, they appeared to written by someone within Duffy’s department and “alleged matters which, if true, may have called into question [his] fitness to practice.” [Emphasis added]

Under scrutiny and suspected of having “racist” tendencies, in 2015 Duffy transferred to another hospital. It was at this hospital that Duffy was voted Doctor of the Year by patients and colleagues. A lingering cloud of suspicion appears to have lingered over him, however, and he resigned in July 2016 after he claiming he was still unable to shake off insinuations relating to his issues with the three foreign doctors. After resigning, he was awarded £102,000 in compensation by an employment tribunal that judged he had been unfairly treated.

Operating in tandem with a culture of gagging and secret denunciations of “racists” is a flagrant disregard on the part of medical authorities for the seriousness of criminal misconduct by Third World doctors. In March it was reported that “1 in 6 doctors convicted of sex offences are still able to practice medicine,” and last year it emerged that more than 1,000 doctors in the U.K. have criminal convictions for offences including possession of child pornography, cruelty to children, soliciting prostitution, and the theft of drugs. The proliferation of criminal elements and foreign ethnic physicians in the British health service has led to a situation where recourse is no longer required to the records of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. There are almost daily headlines involving malpractice and sexual abuse among foreign doctors, though these pieces are always straining to treat the case on an individual basis. The aim of the following is to collate some of the most pertinent cases from the last 11 months in order to demonstrate a horrific pattern that is getting worse, not only in Britain but throughout the West. As White populations age and we divert more and more money away from training our own youth, we will become more and more reliant on immigrant doctors with low aptitude, poor training, and brutal sensibilities. This is a terrifying prospect.

I. Sexual Abuse

Mohammed Tariquezzaman – “Want to go out for a curry?”
Mohammed Tariquezzaman – “Want to go out for a curry?”

Sexual abuse and misconduct remains the foremost cause for legal proceedings against foreign doctors. As suspects, defendants, and convicted criminals, South Asians from India and Pakistan are over-represented to an extraordinary extent. In July, Accident and Emergency doctor Mohammed Tariquezzaman, 55, was struck off the medical register after fondling a 20 year old patient during a routine medical exam. The victim, referred to as Patient A throughout the hearing, recalled how Tariquezzaman watched her get undressed in a consulting room in University College Hospital before he pulled her underwear down to her thighs and smirked as he said she had a “nice body.” Despite the patient saying she felt uncomfortable as he fondled her genitals, Tariquezzaman laughed and said: “This isn’t the first time this has been done to you.” He then asked for her phone number and offered her free treatment at his private practice, suggesting they “go out for a curry.”

Iftekhar Ahmed – “Do you like licking?”
Iftekhar Ahmed – “Do you like licking?”

In January, midlands family doctor Jaswant Rathore, 60, was jailed for 12 years for sexually assaulting four of his patients. Rathore was convicted of eight charges of sexual assault and two counts of assault by penetration on patients over a period of two and a half years. He had assaulted patients who came to see him with medical complaints ranging from vomiting to hayfever, pretending that medical “massages,” or intimate sexual groping, were necessary for diagnosis or treatment. In June, Huddersfield gynaecologist Iftekhar Ahmed was found guilty of several sexual misconduct offences in relation to his treatment of a female patient. Ahmed, 51, who is now believed to be practising medicine in the United States, is originally from Bangladesh. He was found guilty of conducting an intimate examination of the patient without her consent, asking her inappropriate sexual questions including: “Do you like licking?”, and asking her if she wanted to have sex while examining her. He then asked “what sex toys she used and if he could look at them.” Ahmed watched the patient undress, and later “accessed her medical records for her telephone number and called her numerous times, asking her more inappropriate questions about her privates.

In another horrific case, homosexual Indian-born family doctor Manav Arora, 37, was jailed for two years after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a male patient. Arora performed oral sex on the patient, who had limited movement, while inserting a catheter. The trial also heard from two men who claim they were assaulted in the same way by Arora four years earlier. After the verdict, the prosecutor said Arora had also been suspended in 2005 after a similar accusation was made at a hospital in Portsmouth, but had then been allowed to resume working with the public. Arora had also received a caution from West Midlands Police after being caught engaging in a sex act with another man in a public park less than two weeks after the incident for which he was convicted. The case was reminiscent of that of Farouk Patel, 35, a Leicester family doctor who was cleared in January of sexually assaulting a male patient but admitted to having “risky homosexual sex” with a number of men in his consulting room, and was described by prosecutors as having “a voracious appetite for homosexual sex.”

Female patients of course represent the majority of victims. In March, hospital doctor Maher Khetyar was struck off the medical register after being found guilty of sexually abusing two female patients and a female colleague. In the case of each of the patients, Khetyar pretended to conduct legitimate medical examinations, fondling their breasts for sexual reasons.” In April, family doctor Rajeshkumar Mehta, 64, was jailed for sexually assaulting a patient who visited him fearing she had heart attack symptoms. Mehta used the opportunity to grope the woman’s breasts before asking her “questions about her personal life and sexual partners.” Just after I published my first TOO essay on this subject, family doctor Mohammed Ihsan, 35, went before a medical tribunal following accusations of sexual assault against one of his patients. According to reports, Ihsan “unzipped his trousers and offered to have sex with a female patient when she asked him about the contraceptive pill.” He then allegedly put his crotch in the face of the woman and kissed her on the lips, telling her: “Having lots of sex makes you healthy.” Alan Taylor, a lawyer for the General Medical Council, added: “Following that, doctor Ihsan said to Patient B: “I want to show you something. I want you to see my b***s.” He repeated this and kept saying: “I really, really want you to see my b***s,” and he stood up, unzipped his trousers and put his crotch near her face.” He also asked if he could install pornography on her home computer.”

Mohammed Ihsan – “Having lots of sex makes you healthy.”
Mohammed Ihsan – “Having lots of sex makes you healthy.”

The most notorious recent case of sexual abuse on a patient, however, did not occur in the U.K. but in the United States, where the problem of Third World doctors is also rapidly coming to prominence. Last week, Texas doctor Shafeeq Sheikh managed to avoid doing jail time despite being convicted of raping a heavily sedated and asthmatic patient. What makes the light sentence even more galling was the calculating and callous nature of Sheikh’s crime. Everything had been premeditated, including his disabling of the patient’s nurse alarm, and measures he undertook to ensure uninterrupted access to her room.

Patients are not the only at-risk persons from Third World doctors. Colleagues, especially junior colleagues, and other members of the public are equally vulnerable to the predations of sexual psychopaths from the sub-continent. In November 2017, Imran Rauf Qureshi received just a 12 month suspension for groping a nurse’s breasts while working at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester. Qureshi later claimed he was “looking for a romantic friendship” with the nurse but that “cultural differences” meant his approaches had been misinterpreted — an excuse dismissed by the Medical Tribunal. Just a few months ago, Accident and Emergency doctor Srikishen Parthasarathy, 44 and from Bangalore, received just a 2-month suspension from the Medical Tribunal after sexually assaulting two trainee nurses, including grabbing one between the legs. One nursing assistant claimed Parthasarathy tried to “grab her breasts, slapped her on the bottom and asked ‘do you swallow?” In March, orthopaedic surgeon Milind Mehta, then located at a hospital in Scotland, escaped punishment of any kind despite being found guilty of sexually assaulting a colleague. Mehta “asked the woman into his office at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, Scotland, on the pretext of showing her medical slides — only to press himself against her chest before kissing her repeatedly around the neck and shoulder.” He apparently escaped punishment for this by organizing Powerpoint presentations using himself as the example to stop other doctors harassing colleagues. A more reassuring punishment was delivered when in November 2017 Accident and Emergency doctor Mohammed Yasin was struck off the medical register after repeatedly groping two nurses and pressing himself against them. Egyptian senior gynaecologist Khaled Ismail, 50, was permanently struck off the medical register in June after groping a midwife while she was busy delivering twins, and molesting three other female junior colleagues over a two-year period.

II. Negligence and Incompetence

Aside from sexual abuse, the most common instances of malpractice among Third World doctors concern gross negligence and incompetence. Back in March the world stood aghast at news that Kenyan doctors at Nairobi’s Kenyatta National Hospital had performed brain surgery on the wrong patient. The entire staff involved in the surgery was suspended after it came to light they only discovered they had the wrong patient after hours of searching for a blood clot that was in fact in another patient. Such stories may, among those with the darkest sense of humor, have a certain comedic value. Unfortunately, the West’s ongoing practice of importing medical staff from the Third World has resulted in similar travesties being played out in our own nations. In June, a medical tribunal found that Indian senior gynaecologist Vaishnavy Laxman committed a “failure in her clinical decision-making” when she decided to make her patient deliver a premature baby naturally rather than via c-section. According to The Telegraph:

When Laxman urged the patient to push whilst she applied traction to the baby’s legs, the baby was decapitated with the head remaining stuck in the womb. Two other doctors subsequently carried out a c-section to remove the head, which was “re-attached” to the baby’s body so that his mother could hold him.”

Despite the tribunal’s findings, Laxman was permitted to return to work immediately because, in the tribunal’s estimation, her conduct represented “a single error of judgement made in very difficult circumstances” — an apologia likely to bring little comfort to the mother of the decapitated infant, or to those who are yet to come under Laxman’s “care.”

Hadiza Bawa-Garba
Hadiza Bawa-Garba

Another doctor soon to be back in U.K. hospital wards is the Nigerian Accident and Emergency physician Hadiza Bawa-Garba. Just a couple of weeks ago Bawa-Garba successfully overturned a decision to strike her from the medical register following her role in the death of a six-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome. Jack Adcock had been admitted to hospital with sickness and diarrhoea. After an initial examination, he was treated for acute gastroenteritis and dehydration but his condition continued to deteriorate. It subsequently emerged that he had been suffering from pneumonia. He went into septic shock, which led to organ failure and a heart attack, and he was pronounced dead within hours of his arrival. In reviewing the case, the Medical Tribunal found a series of errors committed by Bawa-Garba, a fact that led to her receiving a criminal conviction and a 24-month suspended sentence for gross negligence manslaughter. The General Medical Council subsequently moved to have her permanently struck off the medical register, but was frustrated in its efforts by an appeal court which ruled days ago that “Dr Bawa-Garba is a competent and useful doctor, who represents no material continuing danger to the public and can provide considerable useful future service to society.”

III. Drug Abuse, Fraud, and Violence

Third World doctors have also proven highly problematic in relation to access to drugs. Indian Hemanth Karkala Kamath was struck off the medical register after it was discovered he had stolen 16 ampoules of drug Midozalam, a hypnotic sedation drug, while working for Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust in the anaesthetics department. Meanwhile Zimbabwean oncology doctor Tichafasey Mtetwa, was struck off the register after it emerged he had a history of stealing prescription drugs for personal use as well as there bring “concerns raised about his clinical assessment, diagnosis, knowledge and behavior.”

Kashif Samin – Miracle Man
Kashif Samin – Miracle Man

Questions should also be raised about the assessment and verification of qualifications purportedly held by immigrant doctors. In July, 41 year old family doctor Kashif Samin was struck off the medical register after it was discovered his curriculum vitae boasted of 46 years of medical experience— meaning the miraculous Mr Samin was practising medicine five years before his birth. Samin also claimed to be a Fellow of the American Association of Aesthetic Surgeons when he was not, and claimed he’d had an article published in the Journal of Gastroentology, but no evidence was found that it existed and it was deemed “entirely fictitious.”

Patterns of aggression also continue to be observed among immigrant medical staff. Last week Turkish eye doctor Erkan Mutlukan was struck off the medical register after complaints were raised about his conduct at a Scottish hospital. Mutlukan appears to have expected this result and has already relocated to the United States, where he is recorded as operating an ophthalmology clinic in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. A Medical Tribunal found Mutlukan had demonstrated a “sustained and repeated pattern of appalling behaviour including stamping on a colleague’s Dictaphone, calling black agency staff apes and primates, and branding elderly patients time-wasters.” In a decision unlikely to comfort the citizens of Wilbraham, the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service (MPTS) concluded that Mutlukan “posed a potential danger to patients.”


The Western reliance on, and need for, foreign doctors is largely illusional. We need surplus doctors only to the extent that we possess surplus populations. One of the problems of the contemporary West is not only that we have lost sight of our past, but also, and perhaps more importantly, that we have lost sight of our future. There is almost no sensible planning for the future or co-ordinated education of our youth. We live in an age where the supposed cure for every socio-economic problem is the injection of more diversity, rather than producing more children and educating them according to the needs of the present and future.

The belief that importing workers is a panacea to economic pressures was always built on false foundations. The classic example is the nation bemoaning a lack of plumbers and builders, which then imports cohorts of foreign plumbers and builders – who then need many more homes to live in, requiring more plumbers and builders to construct them, and so on. Similarly, in contemporary Britain, massive pressures on the National Health Service caused by mass immigration are being “eased” via the mass immigration of dubiously-trained foreign doctors. The only result of this development is the rapid decline in the quality of service offered by the NHS, the increased danger faced by patients, and the further expansion of multiculturalism into all areas of life.

The only sensible solution to this chaos is to conclusively bring the multicultural project to an end, to repatriate the surplus populations, and eject those whose dubious “skills” are no longer required. If we hope to make any progress at all in this respect, we will need to see an end to the culture of denunciation that singled out Peter Duffy. And we will need to turn the tables on traitors sending anonymous letters about “racism” and consigning their countrymen to a fate worthy of despair.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Britain, Immigration, Muslims, Political Correctness 
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  1. Readers can see the huge over-representation of foreign doctors in British disciplinary tribunals here.

    And the lesser but still apparent over-representation of foreign nurses in British disciplinary tribunals here.

  2. If the US still cannot peacefully assimilate Blacks after 300 years of experimentation riddled with violence, why do people think that expanding the multicultural milieu to include Muslims, Chinese, Arabs, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Afghans, Jews, Mexicans, Salvadorans, n a host of other utterly alien groups will work any better? It boggles the mind that anyone could possibly imagine a coherent peaceful outcome to this.

    In Texas, the State Bar recently opened the flood gates to lawyers “trained” in non-American “law schools” to practice in Texas courts without ever passing a single class in US or Texas law, n without taking the Texas law exam. If people think that open borders means bad doctors, just wait till you get a lawyer from Saudi Arabia whose only training is in Sharia law. And if they can now practice law that means they will soon become Texas judges.

  3. The classic complaint one hears in the UK is that NHS will go bankrupt without foreign doctors and nurses. That pretty much sums it up. NHS isn’t about plentiful or good healthcare, just “free” healthcare, at any cost.

  4. My own experiences with foreign-born doctors have been good, but something’s wrong with a situation where we can’t produce enough doctors from our own population. That’s an unsustainable situation.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  5. Anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    This situation reflects the general lapse in skill, and what might be loosely termed “integrity” right across the British State. England has a population now that is about 1/3rd Third world origin, correspondingly England is moving quite rapidly to third world reality.

  6. anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    In this o country, a student of Asian origin has to be twice as good as his white counterpart , 3 times the Hispanic and 4 times the Black guy to get into medical school.

  7. I live near Prescott, Arizona. That town has a new clinic staffed by “physicians” with names which sound like they came from a terrorist watch list:

    • Replies: @Triumph104
    , @APilgrim
    , @Mike P
    , @AB
  8. Amen says:

    In the US, lots of “doctors” from India and Pakistan are brought in to work in the rural areas, while urban areas are flooded with affirmative-actioned black and hispanic doctors. There are also increasing number of doctors coming in from “medical schools” in the Caribbean who are vastly under trained.

    This article is spot on. Get rid of the surplus population, and there would be no need for foreign doctors.

    • Replies: @tsigon
  9. Akbar Ali says:

    advancedatheist wrote, “I live near Prescott, Arizona. That town has a new clinic staffed by “physicians” with names which sound like they came from a terrorist watch list:”

    LOL, there is a token white on the list:

    Emily Norman, A.N.P.

    Adult Nurse Practitioner

    • Replies: @Ray Huffman
  10. Anonymous[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s their theme song:

    “I Wanna Be A Gynecologist” by Biker Joe Warren

  11. Anonymous[266] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s why I go to Asian doctors.

  12. @Sin City Milla

    If the US still cannot peacefully assimilate Blacks after 300 years of experimentation riddled with violence

    Whites can take 100% of the blame for that. Whites in the US have never tried to peacefully assimilate with blacks. After the systematic government-approved tortue and abuse of blacks in this country for hundreds of years, the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, quickly followed by the 1965 Immigration Act resulting in a flood of immigrants who were preferentially hired over blacks. The “solution” for the unemployed blacks was to put the women on welfare and the men in prison, destroying the black family. Until the mid-1960s, blacks had a higher marriage rate than whites. Adding to the chaos was the loosening of morals in the 1960s and 1970s with whites condoning and encouraging divorce, multiple sex partners, abortion, and other negative behaviors with blacks suffering the most.

  13. bucky says:

    Peter Thiel alludes to institutional decay often. There you have it.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  14. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Indians, and South Asians in general, are the most rapey people on the planet. Just watch the news coming from that country and why would you be surprised?

    Something I noticed with Indians is that this is not reserved to the lower classes. In fact it is the opposite. Indian doctors see themselves as high class, and in their society coming on strong like that on lower caste girls is accepted. So why wouldn’t they carry over this tradition in America when they come here?

  15. The recent case of Hadiza Bawa-Garba was truly staggering. The most mendacious headline was on the BBC – “I was made to feel like a criminal.”

    Well, yes. A person convicted of gross negligence manslaughter is by definition a criminal. However, the coverage of the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media was extremely misleading. It focused on the question of suspension from practice and the overturning of this suspension, and ignored her conviction in a criminal court.

    An ordinary person would – probably unfairly – find himself or herself blocked from participation in the labour market by a trivial criminal conviction. Yet Dr Bawa-Garba finds herself encouraged to do whatever she likes notwithstanding a conviction for gross negligence manslaughter (for American readers that’s probably equivalent to second degree murder).

    • Replies: @BrainMacaroni
  16. @advancedatheist

    All of the doctors appear to be Iranian. Apparently they network and help one another find positions in desirable locations. I listen to a polyglot on YouTube that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is learning Persian/Farsi because there is large Persian community in his town, including his doctor.

  17. sarz says:

    In India it is almost unheard of for an obstetrician or gynecologist to be male. And every male doctor who examines a female patient has a female nurse in attendance.

    A sociologist made the distinction between guilt-based and shame-based cultures. The guilt-based ones are a recent phenomenon, of which Protestant societies are the most notable example.

    Traditional Muslim societies, and some other Asian ones, rely on physical separation of the sexes, with the assumption that a man and woman alone together, where their relationship does not proscribe it, will have at it.

    This is something for the immigration policy of every Western country to keep in mind. It’s possible to do it with courtesy — or maybe that era has passed, and it’s a toss-up between the incivility of the alt-right and smarminess of the alt-left.

  18. I’ve traveled quite a bit and both from the air, as well as on the ground, it looked like one planet, one world to me. I never heard anyone tell me I came from a first world place.

    That aside, I sincerely believe in equality and equal rights [even though we’re all different], however, when racial equations are thrown into the mix, the whole contraption is out of balance, becomes unhinged and falls apart. Competence and responsibility are the only guides to follow, imo. Affirmative action equals the crunching of numbers to fulfill certain quotas and is not on par with a justifiable order and range of moving forward as a society.

    Oh, look. The Cartra$$hian’s new Instagram’s ‘bikini up my crack’ pictures have arrived!!!

  19. APilgrim says:
    @Sin City Milla

    Shockingly … True

    Texas Board of Legal Examiners amended Rules I, II, III, XIII, XIV, XVII and XIX of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas. The changes became effective Oct. 1, 2014, and the rules (Rule XIII) governing the eligibility of foreign lawyers to sit the Texas Bar are now similar to the rules of the New York Bar; the Texas Bar is now one of the most accessible U.S. Bars for foreign lawyers who are either licensed to practice in their own country or have a first degree of law from a Common Law system.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  20. APilgrim says:

    So, a Sharia Lawyer, from SHlTlSTAN, can fix Texas traffic tickets in a JP Court, for 5 years, and then seek election to the State Supreme Court?

    And a titled British Peer, can practice Real Estate Law, in the Lone Star State?

    And they can ALL get courtesy licenses from the other 49 states?


  21. Larger point:The US should have remained labor self-sufficient post-1945…for if the US had remained Labor self-sufficient post-1945….America 2018=90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN….and wouldn’t this have been WONDERFULL!!!!!…..And 9/11 would never have occured…..

    When was the last time you heard Jared Taylor say something like this? Instead we get commentary from Jared Taylor about Asian “Americans” suing Harvard over discrimination because Harvard allows in too many Ghanian “American” negros.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  22. Anonymous [AKA "Zico the Mosketeer"] says:

    Jack the Ripper was probably a doctor from UK.

    Reading all this stuff, I think the autor should have focused in difference of treatment towards woman in some countries instead of the generic third world thing.
    This is so cliché.

    A doctor from a Christian country won’t do any of that.

    • Replies: @Alden
  23. n230099 says:

    Third World doctors are significantly more likely than native British doctors to engage in the sexual abuse of their patients…

    LOL!!! Sorry, that just seems like a ludicrous statistic to have to track.

    • Replies: @delmas
  24. TG says:

    Excellent article. One quibble.

    This is not about racism. This is about cheap labor. It’s about all that wonderful profit that can be made by replacing a native worker with an imported one who can be made to work for half the cost. “Racism” is just the hammer used to deflect attention from the brute purpose of cheap-labor immigration. “Diversity” is only used because “cheap labor” doesn’t sound as good.

    “The belief that importing workers is a panacea to economic pressures was always built on false foundations.’ – with respect, wrong. Importing workers creates massive profits for the rich. Indeed, the rich as a class can only exist with cheap labor. The foundation of importing workers – driving wages down for the many and profits up for the few – is indeed sound.

    • Replies: @trupright
  25. jim jones says:

    The British Government loves the Commonwealth and has a policy of redistributing resources from Britain to Commonwealth countries

    • Replies: @Lost american
    , @ANON
  26. Mike P says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    … we can’t produce enough doctors from our own population. That’s an unsustainable situation.

    It is also unnecessary – in all countries I know of, admission to med school is very competitive. Increasing enrolment by some 25-50% should be possible without jeopardising academic standards.

  27. Mike P says:

    The name of that medical center – “Thumb Butte” – also sounds promising.

  28. Texas already has too many lawyers. We do not need to import terrorists or other foreign trained solicitors.

    “Hi, Jim Bob Dewey here from the Dewey Cheatham & Howe Law Office. Been in a car wreck? I can get you a lot of money. The wreck was your fault? I can still get you money. Call me at 713-555-1212 and we can both get rich!”

  29. Any woman who goes to a gynecologist named Mohammed is just asking for it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  30. Inside the EU, doctors from other Member States can practice freely in the UK. The Member States have adopted legislation at EU level laying down common standards of education for doctors. Outside the EU, the UK will have little choice but to import doctors from the third world. Beware of what you wish for!

    • Replies: @Alden
  31. TheOldOne says:

    “If the US still cannot peacefully assimilate Blacks after 300 years of experimentation riddled with violence, why do people think that expanding the multicultural milieu to include Muslims, Chinese, Arabs, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Afghans, Jews, Mexicans, Salvadorans, n a host of other utterly alien groups will work any better? It boggles the mind that anyone could possibly imagine a coherent peaceful outcome to this. ”

    2018 – 1619 (the year black slaves were introduced into Virginia) = 399

    Perhaps you should learn basic arithmetic before you decide to remake the country.

  32. Alden says:

    Jack the Ripper was Aaron Komimski an insane Jewish immigrant. The police kept all the victims clothing. Because murderers who kill with knives often cut themselves , it was assumed that the murderers blood would be on at least some of the clothing

    A relative of Kominski donated DNA. Her DNA matched DNA taken from blood on the shawl of one of the victims.

    Kominski had attacked women before. When he was put in an insane asylum the murders ceased.

    The DNA proves Aaron Kominski was the ripper.

  33. bjondo says:

    Pretty sure Thiel and like sorts are big reason for decay.

  34. Alden says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    There are so many Indian and Paki Drs in Britain it is almost impossible to avoid them.

    This is how the National Health works, there are neighborhood clinics. Patients go to their neighborhood clinics. If the National Health staffs your clinic with Indians and Asians, those are your Drs.

    The only way to avoid them is to find and pay an English Dr. the British medical schools give preference to Commonwealth, not native British applicants.

    It’s not all that different from American HMOs and PPGs? When you enroll you get the list of Drs. In San Francisco Bay Area, most of the Drs on the HMO and PPG lists will be Asian. Even more Dentists are Asians.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  35. Alden says:
    @Michael Kenny

    How about admitting native English to UK medical schools instead of admitting only non White commonwealth applicants?

    Affirmative action in England is even worse than in the US.

  36. “””The Western reliance on, and need for, foreign doctors is largely illusional. We need surplus doctors only to the extent that we possess surplus populations. One of the problems of the contemporary West is not only that we have lost sight of our past, but also, and perhaps more importantly, that we have lost sight of our future. There is almost no sensible planning for the future or co-ordinated education of our youth. We live in an age where the supposed cure for every socio-economic problem is the injection of more diversity, rather than producing more children and educating them according to the needs of the present and future.more- “””

    how does this make sense?
    who lost sight of the western past..who is responsible for keeping it in sight?
    who benefits from the development of this situation? are they those who are responsible for keeping the western past in sight? and if the benefit from this current situation, actually developed it, and see their way clear to even more future profits what must the keep in sight..the western past or the future profits?

    it may be better, more precise to ask who gets hurt by the development of this state of affairs, how widespread is it and what can they do to correct it? that’s right ..who loses? and if in the western past they did not lose, and if keeping that past in sight helps them to recover and solve the situation then they are the ones who must keep the western past in sight.

    clearly those who are winning, making the profit off this rotten state of affairs for the people who get hurt, do not care about the western least this particular line of it

    if Joyce does not like diversity as solution to western problems he is right. in the way diversity is injected into western culture it helps no one. but who is responsible for such injection and why are they injecting when it helps no one?

    that is wrong of helps them..which is why they are injecting.

    but how does it help them..and what does it mean for the western future..and who is actually responsible for the western future?

    obviously those doing the injecting have a view of the western future that Joyce does not share..but they are bringing it into being. so what is Joyce’s view of the western future and how does he propose going about getting such a future to come to be?

    obviously Joyce is going to have a fight on his hands..with those who are injecting rabid third world professionals into western life who are abusing westerners. but if they have the power to do that and are making great profits Joyce has a read job on his hands stopping that state of affairs, cleaning it up and putting in place an alternative that he finds worthy

    but who supports Joyce in this situation..can Joyce carry through that program by himself, along and on his own resources?

  37. @Alden

    this appears to be a part of the natural consequences of Empire! what! you had an empire, benefited from it for centuries and expect it for free?

    Interesting… but there is a price to pay for everything.

    the guys who benefited the most from the empire dont pay at all so that leaves only you guys bitching here to pay, with hospitals and clinics full of the victimes of empire now having to take care of you.. the foot soldier from the past, the guys with the guns who actually pulled the triggers and committed the genocides..while the rich, the lords made the plans and gave the orrders

    now the roles are reversed. it is the darkies who have the knives and syringes in well as the pen to prescribe medicine for you. isn’t that sweet. they even suck your dick for you. a whole lot of you guys should love that.

    it appears that Joyce is scared s…less he will fall into such hands at some point

    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
  38. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sin City Milla

    What’s your take on the foreign Ten Commandments, originating from Asia, that is found in some American court rooms?

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  39. @Alden

    how about leaving the third world alone so they can sort their lives out for themselves.. and by themselves. the only relationship you would have with them then is good business deals..mutually beneficial trade etc

    seems to me if the third world succeeds in their nationalist endeavors they will build life as they all want, by their cultural variant, and go home. then you can send only your people to your schools for those are all you would have available for your schools.

    you cant have your cake and eat it and Joyce. seems you two have a job to do..organize to get your country out of the third the third world can get to hell out of yours

  40. @TheOldOne

    Perhaps you should brush up a little on history and the use of a dictionary of standard English.

    “By 1650, there were about 300 Africans living in Virginia, about 1% of an estimated 30,000 population of people of English and European ancestry. They were not slaves but worked as indentured laborers, as did the approximately 4000 white indentured servants[4] working out their loans for passage money to Virginia. Many Africans had earned their freedom, and they were each granted 50 acres (200,000 m2) of land when freed from their indentures, so they could raise their own tobacco or other crops.”

  41. Alt Right post-1945 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY:

    1)0 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….FOREVER!!

    2)reinstate the 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!!…to honor the memory of Socialist Labor Leaders Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers…..

    The consequences of ALT RIGHT post-1945 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY=America 2018 90 percent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY……High real wage labor markets for THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS due to severe labor scarcities…….I mean, who the fuck would be opposed to this?…John McCain’s pickled corpse?

  42. Ram says:

    USA will be short of 130000-140000 doctors short by the year 2030. But by then we’ll all be able to converse with Alexa/Bixby for all our medical and surgical needs. There will be no fondling, abuse or rape. There has to be a handful of doctors still available to take the blame when things go wrong.

    • Replies: @Paleo Liberal
  43. The vast majority of the names cited are converts to Islam, including the one called Patel (99% of the Patels are Hindus). Taking about throwing out baby with the bath water… that’s a shame!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. wesmouch says:

    It would be helpful to have statistics rather than a bunch of anecdotal cases. Sure 80% of malpractice claims are against FMG (foreign medical grads) but I have read that 63% of British physicians are FMGs. An increased incidence but not astonishing as the first figure suggests.

  45. AB says:

    All over Asia, Indians are known as the biggest scam artists. Only in the west, the land of trusting fools, are these scam artists welcomed in with open arms as “best and brightest”, “highly skilled”, “doctors”.

    Political correctness, imposed by Jews to silence whites, will kill off the west.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  46. AB says:

    LOL welcome to United Effing Nations.

    Things are not much better here in the Pacific Northwest. Indian doctors are everywhere, all speak with a heavy accent.

  47. @Ram

    I think we need more med schools in the US.

    Think of it. The children of the bright Asian immigrants are growing up in the US, competing for spots in med school with children of more established families.

    In other words, there far are more young people qualified for med school now than in the past, yet the number of med school seats has not kept up. Instead of importing foreign doctors, why not train the kids of the bright immigrants we already have?

    One of my complaints about our system of mass immigration is the way our legal immigrants are treated. Why not have fewer immigrants and treat the immigrants we have a bit better?

  48. AB says:

    Substitute “whites” with “Jews” and you’d be closer to the truth.

    Jews’ patronizing attitude towards blacks is one leading cause of their predicament. But ultimately blacks need to take responsibility for themselves. The Chinese also faced strong racism for a long time, but they managed to crawl out of poverty and did well.

  49. tsigon says:

    It appears that they have all done their education and/or their residencies in the US. As such they are not foreign doctors but US trained doctors. Not sure what the problem is here.

    • Replies: @AB
  50. Moi says:

    Perhaps the author’s next article could be on how many brown people we’ve bombed…

  51. Agent76 says:

    FYI folk’s-Aug 21, 2018 Death by vaccinations from the CDC

    How to get the information from the CDC about vaccines and damage done

  52. @Moi

    Oh fuck off…the Democratic Party is now majority nonwhite and had no problem with Obama b0mbing brown people ….and….European Russians in the Eastern Ukraine.

    There is only one question:Should NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS tolerate Hindus…Sihks…Pakistani Muslims….Koreans…Chinese……voting them into White Racial Foreigner and White Racial Minority within the borders of America? Well…here is the answer:NO!!!!….and now fuck off creepy lefty….

    • Replies: @Moi
  53. AB says:

    It appears that they have all done their education and/or their residencies in the US. As such they are not foreign doctors but US trained doctors. Not sure what the problem is here.

    You are quite wrong there. All these foreign doctors who work in the rural areas were trained overseas. The only requirement for them to work here is for them to pass board certification. They agreed to work in the rural areas because there’s a shortage of domestically trained doctors who want to work in rural areas, and these foreign doctors want their H1b visa, which is just a stepping stone to a green card.

    We can only pray that the board certification standards remain high. Judging from the few Indian doctors I’ve seen though, I don’t have much confidence in the board. I think it’s quite possible they’ve lowered their standards to pass the affirmative-actioned black/hispanic medical school graduates.

    Meanwhile, the whole justification for affirmative action for blacks and hispanics is that they would graduate medical school and “serve their communities”, but the reality is the majority of these doctors do not want to serve their communities, which are often high crime and poor, they want to work in majority white, rich urban/suburban areas like everyone else, so we all end up with incompetent doctors.

  54. pB says:

    blacks in the united states are far wealthier than blacks anywhere else in the world.

    they have every legal protection whites have, plus some privileges whites don’t have.

    the problem with blacks in the united states rest squarely on the shoulders of blacks in the united states.

  55. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:

    That is because India is a third world country. No other country in the world are the men so Rapey and Beta. Just look at the news and Google India rape.

    America is a civilized country where men can be Gynocologists and not rape women. If Indians cannot do this they shouldn’t come here.

    • Replies: @AB
    , @sarz
  56. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dagon Shield

    The problem is not with the religion, it is with the race. Indians and other Indian type races are the most rapey people in the world. Probably because of their small penis and beta Male behavior that is the only way for an Indian to get laid.

    • Replies: @Dagon Shield
  57. @Tsar Nicholas

    Dr Bawa-Garba is an entirely UK trained doctor. I have nothing but sympathy for this poor woman who is slated by retards who have no idea of the clinical or organisation factors and was hung out to dry by the courts and her profession.

    The lab reporting system for blood tests and imaging was down, she was in charge of multiple wards AND leicester’s dedicated paediatric A&E with no oversight and only one junior to assist, all on her first day back from over a year of maternity leave because no-one else could cover.

    Despite this, she initiated correct treatment for this child who was then mismanaged by nursing staff (letting parents give incorrect medications, stopping CPR prematurely, moving the patient without informing Bawa-Garba)

    Read her tribunal reports, she did very little incorrectly and made only minor errors of judgement based on information available to her. The nurses however were shocking (incidentally, they weren’t actually paediatric trained nurses, they were just covering staff shortages).

    She does not fit in an article slating foreign doctor’s misconduct.

    Furthmore, the decapitated child’s condition was severely life threatening to begin with, shoulder dystocia is the be all and end all of every obstetrician’s nightmares, she was allowed to continue practice because doctors are judged to the standard of what their peers would do in a similar situation, it was agreed that most would have made the same call she did.

    Really, the medical standards section of this amounts to more of the same ‘newsman that didn’t go to medical school tries to interpret medical reporting, it doesn’t go well’

    Oh, and they’re brown!

    Fuck the rapists though, liked all of that

    • Replies: @Lost american
  58. @Alden

    Fucking lol, foreign student places in UK med schools are like gold dust, vast majority reserved for brits. The problem is not enough places altogether.

  59. Lol, foreign student places in UK med schools are like gold dust, vast majority reserved for brits. The problem is not enough places altogether.

  60. AB says:

    Any man who wants to be a gynecologist probably has suspicious intent from the start.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. Moi says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I did not say it’s a white or Dem thing–it’s bipartisan, and All-American thing, going back to the days of the Mayflower. Yup, real nice folks, those. LOL

  62. Anonymous[119] • Disclaimer says:

    That is arguably true.

    But Western Male doctors do it anyway and don’t rape at near the rate as these Indian perverts.

  63. @Moi

    Why stop at the Mayflower?…A few years ago archaeologists on a dig at Gettysburg found evidence of an earlier splatter fest between two Amerindian tribes for control of the area….this is pre-C0lombian America…..

  64. Thomm says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    When was the last time you heard Jared Taylor say something like this? Instead we get commentary from Jared Taylor about Asian “Americans” suing Harvard over discrimination because Harvard allows in too many Ghanian “American” negros.

    er…. because Jared Taylor is right.

    Remember that Jared Taylor is intelligent. You are just a 70-IQ wigger. You should not comment on subjects above your intellect.

  65. @YetAnotherAnon

    I clicked on Yet Another Anon’s link about medical tribunals in England for foreign doctors. It is stunning-the numbers are so high. How can any system operate like this?
    I guess the leftists and open borders crowd has doctors of their own choice and they leave the incompetent, clueless doctors to the common people.

  66. @Triumph104

    LOL yeah, once again, blacks are not responsible for themselves. You’re a mindless troll.

  67. Which third world country was mass-murderer Dr. Harold Shipman from?

    Shipman, who hanged himself in Wakefield prison in 2004 was convicted of killing 15 patients under his care, but was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of about 250. (Some of these patients had left Shipman large amounts of money in their wills, which he kindly typed out for them, but their trust was apparently misplaced).

  68. @YetAnotherAnon

    I do not know how the malpractice system in England operates. Business must be thriving for malpractice lawyers. If you decapitate the infant who is coming out feet first because your judgement was poor , wouldn’t that be a multi million dollar lawsuit.
    Wouldn’t fondling of patients call for loss of licensing as well as jail terms? How does England operate?

    • Replies: @Anon
  69. Things are going to get much worse before they get better. Nobody can criticize a POC for anything… many people have to die before we can be honest about peoples ability and not be labeled racist?

  70. @Anonymous

    Yes- this should be started. Have female Brits seen by female doctors especially for gynecologic problems except for established patients who are happy with their doctors. I won’t go into more detail but the idea you present is good.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  71. @Triumph104

    that was created by liberals for liberals AND many blacks for decades have been screaming “just leave us alone” but the white guilt liberal simply can not.

    THAT proves how racist liberals are, they really do think that blacks need to be taken care of.

    but when you say “blame white” that is a lie, many white for decades as well have been saying the same thing, blacks are capable of taking care of themselves only to be called racist at every turn…….so there you go bucko, don’t point your finger at me because i’m white I was never part of this insane experiment and didn’t approve.

  72. @jim jones

    I get the feeling that England is not worth visiting anymore- seems like a fast moving, nasty country.

    • Replies: @ANON
  73. bucky says:

    Indians are the most extreme social climbers you will ever meet. This explains it. They aren’t in medicine for the intrinsic passion, but they’re in it for the status and prestige.

    • Replies: @anon
  74. @BrainMacaroni

    Brain Macaroni- you claim you read the tribunal reports so I will check because I looked at the case of Doctor Laxman and you mention the problem was shoulder dystocia. There is no mention of it in the press or any emphasis on shoulder dystocia by the Tribunal. Are YOU allowed to read about the case so that you have pretty much the entire information. Usually there are laws about what outsiders are allowed to know in medical malpractice cases.
    The baby in question was a known breech (feet coming out first and infant had not made progress as cervix opening measured 2-3 cm. and not dilating). I read that there was a prolapsed cord (cord loose and could more easily get caught in birth canal thus depriving infant of oxygen. The heart monitor showed a decreasing heart rate which in infants is a bad sign. The heart rate should go up in an infant who is distressed.
    Can you tell me where you got your information on both doctors? Do you work in this hospital. Where did you get your findings? You tell me and I will check. Until you give me your data I assume you are gossiping , but truth is preferred on this site. I didn’t see anything about shoulder dystocia (shoulder gets pinned in birth canal-can get stuck because there is not enough room for the shoulder to get through.
    Also, the tribunal said Doctor Laxman made a serious error. What does serious mean?
    If Dr Laxman has a good record and is a good, concerned doc, I feel bad because she is agonizing over what happened.
    This seemed like a C section should have been done well before all the talking and then the manipulating. Experienced doctors can have these babies out in minutes after start of C section.

    • Replies: @Lost american
  75. @Lost american

    What would you have wanted done if this was your baby?

  76. This last message should be to BrianMacaroni and not to me. Brian : if it was your wife and baby, what would YOU want done. The doctor must explain what is going on.
    In America most Obstetric nurses are very proficient and concerned and they call doctors the moment they spot a significant problem.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  77. anon[304] • Disclaimer says:

    I had one experience with an Indian veterinarian. I will not have a second experience with an Indian veterinarian.

  78. trupright says:

    I think it goes deeper than this. I live in the Bay Area and have had white male doctors treat me over the years. Now they are aging (as am I) and when one of the doctors retired and I began searching for a replacement, I found exactly zero young white male doctors available. None. Many foreigners and many females, but not a single white male. So this rot must stem from medical schools where women and foreigners must be given preferences. It was stunning to me to suddenly see a future without white male doctors.

    • Replies: @interesting
  79. TheJester says:

    Cameos from life …

    My GP is female. She has a Korean background; she married a Caucasian. She is competent with an excellent bedside manner (male doctors too often come across as auto mechanics). She runs her own practice and takes off Mondays and Thursdays to take care of her children. Five stars *****.

    The doctor that my daughter had when she delivered was Pakistani. He appeared to hate women, especially teenage girls who were pregnant without benefit of a husband. One could never decide whether he was caring for her or trying to punish her. (Don’t you love Islam?) Two stars **.

    I have sleep apnea and became involved with a Hindi practice … the doctors and technicians were from India. They “own” the sleep apnea business in Northern Virginia the same way that the Vietnamese “own” the nail salons. I concluded they ran a scam after the initial evaluation and a few periodic reevaluations regarding my CPAP machine and its settings. Nothing but the need for more evermore frequent evaluations to milk the insurance companies. Coming from a different moral tradition, I refused more evaluations. I set my own machine; works great. One star *.


    At the least, one should make a clear distinction between South Asian and North Asian doctors practicing in the United States.

    My take is that South Asians appear to be in business to scam whatever the market (and the authorities) will bear. I’m familiar with their cultures and they meet those expectations. They apparently cannot help themselves. They disappoint. (God help Britain!)

    North Asians are very professionally and technically competent. They also take the Hypocratic Oath more seriously than many native American doctors. I’m familiar with their cultures and they meet those expectations. They do not disappoint.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  80. ANON[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @jim jones

    Overgeneralisation. We Aussies gave the Poms Rupert to sort out the printing unions and save the newspaper industry. I was at school with an Aussie who became an Oxbridge Vice-chancellor, Lord May, Pres of the RS and Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Govt is an Aussie etc. We have even taught them to play cricket competitively and not complained about their raiding the Commonwealth for talent to beat us occasionally. (I write this within sight of where we won the first international cricket Test match in 1877 and repeated the dose on the centenary).

  81. @Lost american

    “call doctors…” Yep and you can thank the predatory ambulance chasing lawyers for that. As also for much of the flip side: by far the biggest percentage of GDP in the world consumed by the “health” industries.

  82. ANON[436] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lost american

    That sounds like a thoughtless observation. Obviously one’s experience as a visitor in a country is going to depend on a lot of specific factors. For starters, why you are visiting, who you know, who (amongst c 50 million) you meet, where you go, where you stay, what educational background helps you understand the history and what you are seeing/hearing about…… I go there most years so I have few problems.

  83. Intriguing that all of those convicted of sex-related charges are from the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The title of the piece is somewhat misleading since it claims the problem is a “Third World” one. Instances of medical malpractice or neglect appear to involve physicians outside the subcontinent. There may exist cultural forces unique to that area that account for such disproportionate incidents of sexual assault. Maybe the two issues — sexual assault and malpractice, could be the subject of different lead pieces. Even then, what kind of screening procedures allow for someone to so grossly misrepresent his CV to where one begins publishing 5 years before being born? Second does the registration process not require retaking courses and passing exams in medical ethics? Third, while some of the issues reported are truly alarming, there must surely also exist some stats on good apples among these “Third World” physicians.

  84. Nawyr says:

    A lot of you guys are blaming immigration, but immigration is the only solution to the problem that white women created: not having enough children. White women were enabled by the medical establishment, government and cuck white males to have sub-optimal fertility for over 40 years.

    Predictably, there are few young whites to become doctors and their IQ is lower than it used to be; probably due to white women hating, envying and fearing men who are more intelligent and successful than they are (unlike all other women, except their ancestral cousins: black women).

    So next time you hear a story about one of these South Asians doctors molesting a patient, you put your blame squarely where it belongs: the gargoylic white “female”. This is the price the West pays for cucking out on its dysfunctional and deleterious females. Personally, I am delighted we now have the opportunity to shift the dialogue away from the failed anti-immigration narrative and toward the fertility issue.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Thomm
  85. @TheOldOne

    Possibly on your side but do try basic logic and literacy before presuming to nitpick others. The words were “after 300 years of *experimentation*”. When do you think he though that started or ended? And anyway his point was that 300 years of misfiring attempts was enough proof.

  86. @Alden

    I’d never heard of Aaron K as Ripper so I looked forward to asking my Jewish relations for DNA samples. However Wikipedia casts doubt on the theory you so confidently support and suggest that Nathan Kaminsky aka David Cohen may have been a more likely perpetrator.

  87. @Nawyr

    Yes, 150 years of dysgenic breeding by Anglo Protestants (of which there is unintended evidence on many UR threads) means that even the petty bureaucrats mismanaging the NHS, police and every UK (and US though less specifically) institution have degenerated…..

  88. anonymous[819] • Disclaimer says:

    with the assumption that a man and woman alone together, where their relationship does not proscribe it, will have at it.

    Exactly! And, which society evidences it more than the promiscuous perpetually-in-heat West. This notion holds true both for pleasures of the carnal kind, as well as the constant “heat” to loot and plunder and slaughter those perceived as lesser.

    Btw, just saw this quote on CNN… “Let’s f***ing kill him! Let’s go in. Let’s kill the f***ing lot of them.” Yeah, like western degenerates haven’t already killed a whole lot of “them.” After all, “them” are no better than mosquitoes, right? May the orange scum and your imperialist elites never attain peace.

    Anyway, for all the ideological similarities western folk share with hyenas, you put even those fugly animals to shame with your constant desire to boink. 😀

    The bitter irony of a society which seethes at the sexual predation by the unwanted kind in their midst, when their own cursed way of life perpetuates sexual & mental predation by their “men & women of god.”

    I find it highly curious that this author fellow only lists examples of sexual predation by these brown kind of scum. It is all part of the stop-the-immigration strategy right?

  89. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:
    @Lost american

    The common law countries outside the US are only following well behind the indispensable country in turning out lawyers as predators. Still the ridiculous damages verdicts of US juries and punitive damages are way behind. As a matter of logic I speculate that the fact that the child suffered from Downs Syndrome would logically have depressed any damages, even if it would be a little distasteful to spell out how much money and time the parents were going to be saved by the death of their retarded child. I can’t say what the law is about general damages for emotional trauma being offset by calculated economic gain.

  90. @Alden

    This is interesting. Do you have a link for that?

    I went on a Jack the Ripper tour in London a year ago and the (I’m assuming Jewish) guy leading the tour said that no way, no how, not ever, could Jack have been Jewish and to even suggest it was anti Semitism. No one had even brought it up, he just blurted it out.

    Knowing enough about projection and that, at the time, Whitechapel was a Jewish slum has led me to the conclusion that Jack was probably a Jew.

  91. Thomm says:

    So next time you hear a story about one of these South Asians doctors molesting a patient, you put your blame squarely where it belongs: the gargoylic white “female”. This is the price the West pays for cucking out on its dysfunctional and deleterious females.

    This is true, of course. Remember that White Trashionalists are woman-worshipping incels, first and foremost (the rest are homosexuals). They truly believe that white women should not be blamed for anything at all. It is a shameful goddess cult, as countless white commenters have noticed (myself included).

    The real problem in society is misandry. That is obvious to anyone who can think beyond the lowest-level of ‘muh tribe, muh tribe’ sloganeering. Andrew Joyce, in particular, openly says that a single white woman with 8 illegitimate white children on welfare is better than a married couple with kids, headed by a black father and white mother.

    • Replies: @Anon
  92. @Akbar Ali

    I’d allow myself to be treated by that nurse before any of the doctors there.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  93. @Anonymous

    Indians, and South Asians in general, are the most rapey people on the planet.

    Yes, the Muslim ones even rape other men.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  94. Anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Link to that Andrew Joyce stupidity about unmarried mother with 8 kids etc please.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  95. @sarz

    Story of one of my close female relatives circa 1991. Caught pneumonia on holiday in a swish eco resort in the north Australian tropics. Rather than get on a six hour flight home without checking she went to a clinic in the nearest town and was attended to very competently by a 50 something Indian doctor (who also visited her in the hospital later gratis). From the getgo he made sure doors were open etc. He was quite explicit about the care he felt he had to take with female patients to protect himself.

  96. Thomm says:

    Here :

    Just look at the picture front and center. That she is a ‘single mother of eight on welfare’ is not the problem for Andrew Joyce, the fact that the children are of a black father is the entirety of what this woman-worshipping mangina objects to.

    White Trashionalism is a goddess cult, and is virtually indistinguishable from feminism.

  97. sarz says:

    America is a civilized country where men can be Gynocologists and not rape women. If Indians cannot do this they shouldn’t come here.

    There are many different ways to be “civilized”. The countries where men are gynecologists under strict self-control are the very ones that are not reproducing in replacement ratios.

    I agree that immigrants who are of a radically different sort and will cause problems should be screened out by host countries. There are ways of acting on this without presenting yourself as rabid.

  98. @trupright

    the liberal utopia seems to be a future without white male anything.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  99. orionyx says:

    If with Indians you include Pakistanis, you are right that they are known as big scam artists, Pakistanis perhaps more so. Bangladeshis are usually honest, and among Indians there are honest cohorts like the Parsis, unfortunately a tiny and dwindling fraction of India’s people.

    However, in Britain the most thoroughly corrupt people are Nigerians. I think it is safe to say that an honest Nigerian in Britain is as rare as a snowball in a blast furnace. And Nigerian crooks are beginning to infest Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, so the Indians have someone worse to point to.

  100. @Ray Huffman

    Ray Huffman and Orionx

    this is so sweet yet disorienting…white people listing who is rapey, crooked and corrupt in the world. hahahahaha

    white people are truly in serious decline being overtaken badly in their main and prolific global activities..rapes, scams, homosexuality and pedo activity….general corruptions of all kinds. only genocides and racism yet by the up and comers…but really?

    the Indians are very advanced in racism…the PAKS too. ask the Kenyans about Indian Racism in Nairobi?

    and man! Indian power is growing so we can expect ‘advances’ in Indian racism in particular soon.

    the Indians too, are also advancing in genocide, emulating the whites… carrying out a genocide now as we speak, in the Andaman Islands.

    India is killing off the natives of the Andamans who happen to be Black people..complete with touristy making the native black women dance naked for the visitors, replete with human zoos with the same natives on display.

    then there are the Nigerians. perhaps as a black man I should be happy that Nigerians are focused on money..scams like rain falling out of the sky. Nigerians are relentlessly crooked. they remind me of the Jews. they are a tight people too..organized.

    and what is better..or worse… is that the Nigerians are brighter than the Jews overall….full of individual intellectual abilities, more than the Jews. that is a nice fight developing there…100 million Nigerians, fully organized and scamming the planet..including Jews.

    Pheeew!!! man wud I like to live long enough to see this develop, keeping out of the way of Pakistani racism, Indian racism and genocides, and Nigerian scams..and out of the clutches of all third world doctors.

    that will take some dancing through the crowds but I am motivated….by the prospect of a face-off between Nigerians and Jews in global scamming.

    but its good to see some fresh blood in the crookedness. I am tired of white crime. lets see what the black and browns can do

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  101. sb says:

    I think a lot of AngloCelt UK medicos end up in Australia
    I’ve had a couple of visits and procedures at Australian teaching (medical school ) hospitals in the last few years and I’d say a third to half of the specialists I dealt with had British accents .
    My understanding is that a period in the public sector after migration is sensible in order to become familiar with the local medical scene .

  102. sb says:

    I think a lot of AngloCelt UK medicos end up in Australia
    I’ve had a couple of visits and procedures at
    Australian teaching (medical school ) hospitals in the last few years and I’d say a third to half of the specialists I dealt with had British accents .
    My understanding is that a period in the public sector after migration is sensible in order to become familiar with the local medical scene .

  103. Anonymous [AKA "soco"] says:

    You are aware the primary advocates for ending slavery were white, right? Why would we need to integrate them? Was it our responsibility? I understand that less than 3% of the population at that time had slaves, why would the other 97% be responsible for slavery? They didn’t own slaves, couldn’t afford them. Roughly 70% of the owners and traders were Jewish, a fact often overlooked, yet that group remains completely blameless of the industry they profited from. Sorry, the slave trade was not a “white” industry. When will the Africans be blamed for selling their own people to foreigners?

    The descendants of slaves essentially had more opportunity for a better life than they could have possibly had if they’d never left Africa. They were feed, clothed and had at least homes. I’m sure it really sucked being a slave, but after emancipation they lived in a country that was technologically hundreds or years ahead of the country they left unwillingly. Where was their self-determination? Well, they were developing it until liberalism told them they were victims. It was a far easier path than self-determination.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  104. delmas says:

    No one is forcing you to track anything. But if you’re suspicious of the “statistic”, you can check out the various doctors mentioned in the article and their track records.

  105. @Ray Huffman


    For a brief time I was the co-owner of a Cebu girly bar. The place and job disgusted me so much that I sold my share for $6000 and returned to my previous trade.

    Many of the girls became nurses or care givers.

    I would later hear that “Vanessa the Rimmer” was one of them. She is a dental nurse now in the UK. Her specialty in the bar was “rimming” sleazy sex tourists. She did get a couple of STD’s (As the bar owner we had to cover the medical costs) but these were treatable. AIDS is actually rare between heterosexuals.

    It always stunned me how many Filipino prostitutes ended up in fields related to health and medicine .

  106. @Ben Sampson

    Well you could visit the US, where 90% of the street crime is committed by non-whites. This is a solid number around the world. Street crime statistics are buoyed by non-white perpetrators.

    Of course organized crime and serial killers are often white. This requires intelligence and a capacity for organized violence that non-whites lack. Crips are not going to rig car bombs or make union officials disappear-they are too stupid.

    Nigerians will never get their hands on a financial system to control like Jews. They can peddle cocaine in India or email people claiming to be princes but it is doubtful that they will ever control the Federal Reserve. Jews have legitimacy (As do Chinese in Southeast Asia).

    No worries about India. Brahmin and Parsi will continue to run that country.

    Nigerians can be intelligent and resourceful but blacks are inherently transparent. Jews and Chinese are inscrutable.

  107. @interesting

    “Without white male anything”

    Welcome to Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, East Los Angeles.

    It does not take long for a city with no white males to sink into corruption and decay. Simply because the Mestizos are too into strutting machismo while the blacks hyper-charged sexuality drives them.

    And at the moment these cities are subsidized by the Federal government. Think what much of the US would look like if white taxes DIDN’T subsidize them.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
    , @Ben Sampson
  108. @Lost american


    On one hand Filipino women who want to acquire some sort of trade really have no option but to do a bit as hooker in a girly bar unless they are Chinese-Filipino, in which case most of them are businesswomen anyhow.

    But I shudder when I think of “Vanessa the Rimmer” with her fingers in people’s mouths as a dental nurse. Her passion in life was rimming the anuses of sleazy middle-aged sex tourists.

    There were a few Filipino nurses who worked in the bar on leave from nursing positions abroad. Filipinos like being hookers.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  109. @Jeff Stryker

    “Vanessa the Rimmer”

    she does not kiss her patients does she?

    her fingers seem ok. there might be a real problem if she beggan to kiss her patients

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  110. @Anonymous

    It isn’t surprising that you think just like the schmuck who wrote the one-sided article… no wonder you are losing the West to the cabal of pharma-military-industrial-multi-cultural-Marxist complex. Enjoy the ride… pun intended!

  111. @Jeff Stryker

    oh boy! white males have indeed slipped into mediocrity, incapacity, hopeless… if this is the best they can do relative to, and in response to what they dislike and hate.

    a generation ago the slightest appearance of anything of this sort would have triggered sundry pogroms, endless lynch parties and the collection of body part trinkets as collectibles. I heard tell of one white man who collected the balls of lynched negros in the american south..drying them expertly to last.

    and if all of that was not enough a few targeted genocides would certainly have stanched this problem.

    oh well.. all good things must end!

  112. @Jeff Stryker

    I can think of many fine African cities razed to the ground under the action of white males….

    I can think of some white cities too…notably the Germa Dresden fire -bombed to oblivion.

    Tokyo, Saigon, Phnom Penh ??? least they recovered

    whats with the river-load of memory challenged commentary on this thread?

    its as if all the white men here were hit of their head and have been watching tv all their lives..suffering from memory lapse syndrome

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  113. “…..while the blacks hyper-charged sexuality drives them.”

    I love this recognition..or the recognition of my hyper sexuality. I got it…you guys dont. I love sex..heterosexual fucking. I got the drive and I do it as much as I can get it…consensually.

    I did not make sex..nor myself with a hyper drive. I had nutten to do with that..but I ain’t complaining and as far as I see no city has fallen down around me while in the act, contemplating it or any time I did it in the past

    the pollution, poisoning of the water, the outsourcing of the jobs etc…all are bringing the cities crashing down. that too I had nutten to do with

  114. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:

    The doctor that my daughter had when she delivered was Pakistani. He appeared to hate women, especially teenage girls who were pregnant without benefit of a husband. One could never decide whether he was caring for her or trying to punish her. (Don’t you love Islam?) Two stars **.

    I don’t see what the problem is, teenage pregnancy outside of marriage is a large contributor to societal decay.

  115. I mean these white guys whine about one assumes they dont do anything of the destroy cities and so on.

    come to find out now that they do not have sex as well. what the…!!?

    so what in the hell are they do, are doing with their time..?

    are they wasting it watching Vanessa over lets say an 18 hour day, cleaning gums and rimming older guys buttocks: watching Black guys having sex etc?

    come on guys get lives..get with the program. white domination appears to be dying finally giving humanity a chance to move on in better ways, than the white slave driving money grubbing capitalist males imposed on the world

    you guys sound sick but I dont care. its not my responsibility to look out for you.

    the faster such as you all die-off the better for the human species. you have the option to bring yourselves up to speed..but again that is your choice..not mine

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  116. @Ben Sampson

    Cambodia sort of recovered but it is pretty poor. I’ve been there doing some editing on an NGO grant submission. A harsh poor place.

    As for fine African cities, we can debate who built them in the first place.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  117. @Ben Sampson

    Sure, look at the UK. South Asians and Afro-Caribbeans battle it out for gang territory.

    Detroit and South Africa are much more efficient with those feral whites gone. They ruined the school system.

    When the Jewish/Anglo elite is replaced by some cabal of bania-caste Indians or blacks people with miss them.

    Especially some Dravidian like you.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  118. @Jeff Stryker

    I am no direct Dravidian but a black man whose father was almost white, whose wife was the same and children are a mix of Black and white and look like their biological heritage.

    My children are scholars, graduates in science and accounting from top schools of their country, and do well in life. what they do not like in life at all, at all is stupidity and stay away from nonsense like the plague. I still like to engage idiocy for fun and in hope, even at this late stage. they would not come to the UNZ just like that, maybe to read Ron Unz who is a right fine scholar, PCR, The Saker etc. but they wont give the time of day to such as you

    they may tell you ..if they spoke with you..that for a small 6 thousand year period there arose in humanity religion, philosophy etc and argument like the quantity of individual peas in a soy harvest in late the same time with exploitative economies of feudalism/capitalism and humans have been at war ever since, to this day when we are ready to remove ourselves from existence for no valid purpose. they will tell you that what that means is that we cannot come to grips with who we are, cannot accept that we are human, flesh and blood, a little above the animals upon whom we predate, more than they ever ate us for food

    we thought we were god, at least made by god and the fables we taught ourselves and believed lasted a little more than 5 thousand years and here were are adrift, lost and disowned by god with nowhere to go..just live and die endlessly until we are consumed by time id we dont blow ourselves to bits while waiting. life is a bitch and we just proved it beyond doubt. so we engage in the petty aspects of the forms of social organization we developed. we hoard more food than we can ever eat..the strongest at the expense of most of humanity who are made to starve for no good reason at all

    they say some men and women are better than others and deserve to have all the food in the world, to own and control everything, that their god made the world for them and all others made to serve them. there are . therefore the Jews have enslaved the world, pitted all the rest of the human groups against each other to kill each leaving the Jews alone and in charge. but then how are Jews are to carry on human evolution when just only 15 million viable biological humans in vast universe, subject to all forms of evolutionary movement only a bit of which we actually know?

    they would say wait a bit…there has been an endless ocean of time behind humanity and another one in front of us: at least what the hell happened behind us?

    and even a cursory glimpse into our past reveals a reality in which absolutely none of our current considerations, the pettiness by which we live mattered, ideas of god for example we never even knew, far less pondered, did not live by and yet we are here. so we have fucked around for 5K years in exploitation of ourselves and brought ourselves to the brink! what the hell kind of idiocy is that

    and on top of that we have an advanced science telling us that we are part of a universe that does not sit still, that the very planet we live on does not sit still and is a connected part of vast, interconnected universal systems which are exceedingly volatile..and to secure any kind of future we have to come to know the universe, to evolve skill and technology that can win a place for ourselves in it, that we are far, far, far, far, far….. from any such achievement and that it will take the collective focus of generations to come, far more people than we have now working towards the goal of indefinite human universal survival to achieve it

    that is what my children would tell you…if they even momentarily entertained the thought of engaging with you, for you are clearly a shortsighted human who can make co contribution to the development of their intellects.

    the Jewish/Anglo elite…!!! incredible! what a conception. the Jewish anglo elite is a crock of shit that has run-a-mock on earth, killing, lying, destroying, has the human species on its knees about to commit suicide, raised homosexual sex as a way of life, rampant pedophillia, now raising incest as well as an alternative, destroying the human family of father/mother/children.

    you are insane man! the Jewish/Anglo elite! you attack Third world doctors aas malpractice in ideal yet the third greatest killer of Americans for the past generations has actually been medical malpractice. and there were few if any third doctors involved in that. so who do you prefer killing you..your own doctors who have been doing it in excellent form for so long..or third world doctors?

    Obvious you prefer to be killed by your own.

    you are so ridiculous that I pointed out that you white people, your elites, prevent the third world from resolving its own social. Libya was a fine country taking care of its people. there were no Libyan doctors anywhere working but in Libya. In Venezuela, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Nigeria..all those places. the people tried building their own cultures to take care of their people.

    everywhere in the world the whites have defeated every single effort of the people to take care of themselves imposed terrible governments on them that frustrate all their nationalist efforts and consign their nations to penury while you exploit all their riches. you block them and they cant leave to come to your countries to earn a bread. but they fought on and tried anyway and now you have changed your policies for what reasons if not for more exploitation of the peoples..including you as well.

    you white elites went into the third world and bombed them to bits, smashed countries and now drive the bombed peoples into your own world, opened up your doors, formerly shut tight, now opened wide. why?

    your elites are doing it against the wishes of your own people..why?

    the people of the developed countries do not want immigration yet it is happening. I am not is your own elites. yet you are not focused on them the DOERS, but on the immigrants now working in your hospitals, doctors offices etc., etc., etc,…..why??????

    I mean how smart is that..what kind of results do you expect to get from your ill-focused whining? no one there has any power to do anything about your concerns. no one at the UNZ review has any power to do the same. I mean it may be all well and good to whine on the UNZ but it sensibly out to be precursor to action in the society to get your elites..the same Anglo/Jewish elites to cease and desist bringing in immigrants AND TO FOCUS ON GIVING WHITE PEOPLE THE WORK IN THE SOCIETY

    but all of this is very simple logic. the whole world can see and understand whats going on! why the hell cant you?

    it seems to me that the very same anglo/Jewish elite whose praise you sing has shoved something up your butt socially that has displaced you in your own society, has no plans to restore you to that former privileged position and there is nothing you can do about it and so you whine helplessly and hopelessly in a wilderness that does not care about you at all

    get a life!! and that life now requires you to struggle like black people and others before, you who were the targets of that same elite you praise. its your turn now. lets see what you are made of

  119. @Jeff Stryker

    was that you… who built the african cities?

    well color me blue and tickle me pink! shut the front door!
    who would have thunk it was you all the time!

  120. @Ben Sampson

    That’s what an Afro-Caribbean from “Electric Avenue” would say.

    It is not true of the US, we’ve always had a contiguous border to Latin America. And Latin America was always a basket case. So unlike Britain, which imported Afro-Caribbeans and South Asians from its former colonies, the North American issue with immigration was always geographic.

    Anyhow, your rolling missive makes me wonder why people like you come to this particular blog. And of all the people who post far worse statements than mine filled with racial expletives, you seem to fixate on me.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  121. @Ben Sampson

    You’re probably Afro-Caribbean, not an actual African. That is what I infer.

  122. @Ben Sampson


    Eddie Grant on Unz.

    Now Eddie, I am white from the Greater Detroit area. Not even a Brit, and I am assuming you are one from Afro-Caribbean extract.

    So you know our opinions will differ.


    There are guys here far more ignorant than I am

  123. @Ben Sampson



    Yeah, out in the street there is violence…

    Coppers won’t let us sell some weed to da kids



    the electric boogalooo.

  124. @Ben Sampson


    Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to come off as a troll here. I’m no redneck from the sticks.

  125. @Jeff Stryker

    not fixate on you…just happenstance I ran into you today…you and a couple of others..or was it just one other who kept to this silly limited focus, along with Joyce, writer of the article itself.

    I had the time and I was enjoying the opportunity to make fun of you guys.

    it boiled down to you and I but it was not my intention to focus on you….it just happened that I found your comments lastly, to be perfect for attack. hahahahaha.

    I dont expect that after this I will encounter you again ever.

    why I come here….I like UNZ’s intellect. he does his homework. he is broad, comprehensive. he is always a good read. I prefer the Saker Blog however. and it is good to keep up with the right. and right now I have some time to fool around with

    if I said anything I should not I apologize man. my intent was not to harm, hurt or insult. and I never took the time to edit my posts…indicating my intent was fun mostly, comedy mostly

  126. @Ben Sampson

    Afro-Caribbeans are the UK’s issue, not North America’s, so I’m not too hung up on Electric Avenue.

    Sure, you might have invented crack but to be honest in the US yardies are a joke to Crips or even to Italian-American syndicates.

    You’ve never been a problem in the US.

    I can honestly say that overall the Jamaicans, and I suppose you are one, really are not a headache in the US.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  127. @Ben Sampson

    Afro-Caribbeans are like Pakistanis, you’re no issue in the US.

    You’re not even as big a problem as the real rural white trash.

    As blacks go, you’re fairly civilized. I don’t know what the difference is between the UK and the US, but British blacks seem less feral.

  128. @Jeff Stryker

    what…you are trying to narrow me down? help yourself.

    I am not Jamaican and I am rather happy not to be one. Feral, Jamaicans are mostly..along with a sense of superiority, of being the best people in the world. you better believe it.

    but feral is not bad actually, nice efficacious quality to posses in the world, still dominated by Nomadic Aryan attitudes and proclivities…even if fading so

    to gain your attention a people must be feral and a problem…what quality of problem is that. never mind! I think I see such quality..another way I am happy not to be in the world. yet in our souls we are all feral and that quality in all of us can be woken deliberately or come out depending on the existential challenge we face at any time.

    dont crow. you may get the ‘problem’ you think it good from all west indians at some point and you may regret it. its best we find the best way to live, and a way to live that more and more meets all human needs without exploitation, a way that drives the development of decent cooperative human behavior as opposed to the violent insanity derived from Aryan insecurity capitalism, exploitation and greed

    now mind you Aryans can contribute to the world positively, have done so indeed. in fcat Arayn schools have done right fine researches discovering lots of humanity that is right, accurate and globally useful. I will leave a vid for you to see some of that. I feel happy to read some of the people I encounter in these pages..white commentators, brilliant sincere people. so as who I am I am looking not to be a problem but to solve them and to be ways that take humanity forward not problemtaci in any ridiculous way but to deal with the problems of existence.

    I dont have anything against white people as such. I see where you all are evil, have been evil but your defeat is at hand. when that is accomplished the world will civilize you, bring you into live with positive ways to try to deal with existence. and of course I too am partly white so there. I am older than you too, and I am sure that helps me as well..I have come into some kind of understanding

    so I am afraid you I wont ever conform to the problem you have in mind to take notice of me. there is no value in that.

    anyhow my time to tarry in these quarters has run out for about a week or so. I will look for you name when I return on the threads that interest when I have the time to read. I wont be directly looking for your name as such but note it anytime I run into it

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  129. @Ben Sampson

    Celebrating the “fading” of whites is typical…you think that when the high-caste Indians or Chinese or pale-skinned Hispanic elites are running things that things will improve for you?

    Look at Pakistani behavior towards Afro-Caribbeans in UK. Or Mexican behavior towards blacks in Los Angeles.

    Chinese and Brahmins are not violent…they just pull the plug on the social services and community services and the rest of it. Same as India or the way Chinese-Filipinos.

    If you think that will be an improvement over whites then look at the treatment of Nigerians in India or China.

    A world without white men running things?

    • Replies: @Nadir
  130. @Anonymous

    Excuse me wondering about where you get your ideas from but the 70 per cent Jewish owners and traders is obvious rubbish as even a moment’s reflection by an ordinarily educated person would tell them. Indeed it is is as if you have forgotten the huge Portuguese and Spanish roles as well as the social structure of the South where the elites and holders of power were the big landowners with many slaves, decidedly not a lot of Jews. Try reading Nancy Isenberg’s “White Trash: the 400-Year Untold Story of Class in America” which would be an interesting and agreeable way of your learning a bit about slavery in America though it is not central to the book.

  131. Kolo says:
    @Ben Sampson

    Excellent comment

    • Replies: @Nadir
  132. Nadir says:

    More like a psychopathic comment from someone who blames white, Western Civilization for all of the world’s failures and looks forward to Western countries being dragged down into the poverty and chaos of the Third World. Quite the ringing endorsement of mass Third World immigration and “diversity” indeed, which Sampson describes as something shoved “up your butt socially that has displaced you in your own society, has no plans to restore you to that former privileged position and there is nothing you can do about it and so you whine helplessly and hopelessly in a wilderness that does not care about you at all.”

    Wow, sounds great! I have no idea why all these crazy white racists are worried about immigration at all!

  133. Nadir says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff, I have no idea why you continue trying to debate this person. He obviously hates whites, and his string of posts is simply a sack dance on the grave of the West. Why waste your time?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  134. @Nadir

    Every opinion is valid. The man has expressed what most non-whites privately rejoice. A world of dispossessed Boers.

    You get in an insight into their opinions.

    • Replies: @Nadir
  135. Nadir says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I already know their opinions. The point is that we must beat them, or they will quite literally beat us. They will trash the societies that our ancestors built and left to US. They will rape our women and see that our descendants look nothing like us. They will tear down our statues, they will scribble over our history in crayon and ruin everything that our civilization has built.

    How can you be so blase about this?

  136. @Nadir


    When a high school exchange buddy from Sweden called me from Dubai and offered me a job, I kissed his ass to get on the plane to Dubai.

    As soon as I deplaned in London for 3 days, I hit the embassies of New Zealand, Australia and Canada trying desperately to immigrate to any other Anglo-Saxon county in the world.

    No takers.

    So I just sat out my working life in Dubai and then India (Where I almost married an Indian woman but of what use is that country’s citizenship) and Philippines-a place I detested but had to work because it was the Great Recession by then and I had lost all contact with anyone I had known in the US.

    Finally I married another Asian woman from an ethnic Chinese background simply to have a house and a place to raise children.

    If I had it all over again, I would have majored in sheep-shearing or something that Oz was crying out for to immigrate when I was a young man and been able to build a life there.

    As it stands, I simply fled overseas and eked out a living. I never returned.

    Once in a while, I’d run into an older American on a disability who told me just how bad the US had gotten. The whiggers, the Mestizos, the blacks, the outsourcing.

    To be honest, I never earned much money abroad. I might have made more in the US, but I found the Mestizos and rednecks and blacks so unbearable that I simply could not ever return.

    Hopefully, I’m going to spend the rest of my life in Asia.

    So it does not really affect me.

    Because I am from Southeast Michigan (Ann Arbor) I never put much stock in the American Dream. I grew up in a middle-class city but all around me was a post-industrial wasteland. So it is not like any of this is a surprise to me. And Michigan only got worse.

    I don’t know what the solution is because Mestizos and blacks are much more fertile and hyper-sexual and even Mr. Sampson gleefully boasts of this because his IQ and high time preference prevent him from worrying about the day when there are no longer white people and the welfare runs out.

    My feeling is that Sweden and Germany will be first as white men will have spent their lives jerking off in front of their computers to BBC porn or whatever and white women will have had so many abortions from club-hopping promiscuity that they will be sterile. So whites won’t be able to support a huge unemployable demographic and these countries will collapse.

    We’ve already seen the future with Flint. The economy collapsed, the white people vanished, the blacks lacked the initiative to move and simply continued to have kids and one day there was no tax money for clean water. The entire US will resemble this crossed with Brazil.

    Hispanic “pale” elites (Basically Mediterraneans) will probably assume control because they have been running things in places like Cuba as the upper-class for so long.

  137. @Nadir

    I’m not sure that China or other competing Superpowers will accept an all-black or Mestizo government that treats nuclear weapons like a drive-by shooting.

    It is possible that when whites no longer run anything and some Crip is president “throwing shade” at China over Taiwan that the Chinese will just nuke the US.

    Of course since blacks and Mestizos cannot really run an economy and much less extract minerals, ranch cattle, drill for fuel that the country would collapse anyhow.

    My feeling is Mexico, sensing that the whites no longer had any control over the power structure, would step in and simply invade and attempt to steal the oil of Texas like Hussein did with Kuwait.

    As for whites, I’ve got no decent answers. So few Gen Y whites are reproducing that it is a moot point. White Americans sense no future for their kids anyhow. That is why Gen Y are not marrying-the males are simply beating off to porn all day and the women are club-hopping, DJ-blowing sybarites

  138. hey Stryker..I forgot toleave thislast time

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  139. @Ben Sampson

    Africans did not even discover Madagascar and Indonesians found it first.

    You think I am going to watch some seedy non-entity at a podium in what looks like a school gymnasium rambling?

    I’m beginning to suspect you are an Indian, not a black man.

  140. and you prove youself the level I ascribed to you originally

    this man..Van Sertima… is no secret. google his name. all they tell you is a minimum of his truth. but that minimum is all true and is quite enough to explain to you, why you should listen to him..get his books and follow up

    but as I is not my responsibility to educate you. you have the right and the responsibility to do that to yourself


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  141. @APilgrim

    The TX Bar thought they protected themselves by restricting admission to “common law” jurisdictions. This is either a deliberate deception, or incredible ignorance by the Tx bar because Islamic societies also have common law, an Arab common law, which they call Shariah. So they have opened the door. I believe due to the desire of the giant law firms, which today have become global corporations, to recruit members of royal families whose only legal training is in Shariah law.

  142. @Anonymous

    Beats the heck out of statues to Bahomet. Or sacrificing chickens to Voodoo.

  143. orionyx says:

    I would challenge you to adduce your source for this ridiculous comment, but you probably wouldn’t understand.

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