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A Children’s Gitmo on the Border
Heartless America’s Latest Nightmare
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By the time Donald J. Trump threw in the towel, who among us hadn’t seen or heard the chilling videos in which U.S. border officials shamelessly grabbed uncomprehending children and toddlers from their pleading mothers and fathers? Some were told they were being taken to bathe or shower by people with little sense of the resonances of history. They were, of course, creating scenes that couldn’t help but bring to mind those moments when Jews, brought to Nazi concentration camps, were told that they were being sent to take “showers,” only to be murdered en masse in the gas chambers. Some of those children didn’t even realize that they had missed the chance to say goodbye to their mothers or fathers. Those weeping toddlers, breast-deprived infants, and distressed teens were just the most recent signs of the Trump administration’s war against decency, compassion, and justice.

Because the victims were children, however, it was easy to ignore one reality: new as all this may have seemed, it actually wasn’t. Dehumanized, traumatized, and scared, those children — their predicament — shocked many Americans who insisted, along with former First Lady Laura Bush, that this was truly un-American. As she wrote in the Washington Post:

“Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation, on being the nation that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. We pride ourselves on believing that people should be seen for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We pride ourselves on acceptance. If we are truly that country, then it is our obligation to reunite these detained children with their parents — and to stop separating parents and children in the first place.”

Her essay essentially asked one question: Who have we become? Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, tweeting out a picture of the Birkenau concentration camp over the words “Other governments have separated women and children,” suggested an answer: we were planting the seeds that could make us the new Nazi Germany.

But let me assure you, much of what we saw in these last weeks with those children had its origins in policies and “laws” so much closer to home than Germany three-quarters of a century ago. If you wanted to see where their ravaging really began, you needed to look elsewhere (which, surprisingly enough, no one has) — specifically, to those who created the Guantánamo Bay Detention Facility. From its inception beyond the reach of American courts or, in any normal sense, justice, this prison camp set the stage structurally, institutionally, and legally for what we’ve just been witnessing at the border.

Kenneling Children

The fingerprints of those who created and sustained that offshore island prison for war-on-terror detainees were all over that policy. Not surprisingly, White House Chief of Staff and retired General John Kelly, former head of SOUTHCOM, the U.S. military combatant command that oversees Guantánamo, was the first official in the Trump administration to publicly float the idea of such a separation policy on the border. In March 2017, answering a question from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the separation of children from their mothers, he said, “I would do almost anything to deter the people from Central America” from making the journey here.

Just such separations, of course, became the well-publicized essence of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy at the border and, until the president’s executive order issued last week, the numbers of children affected were mounting exponentially — more than 2,000 of them in the previous six weeks, some still in diapers. (And keep in mind that there already were 11,000 migrant children in U.S. custody at that point.)

Apprehended at the border, the children were taken to processing facilities, separated from their parents thanks to a mix of Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Justice policy directives, and then locked up. From the moment they arrived at those facilities, the echoes of Guantánamo were obvious (at least for those of us who had long followed developments there over the years). First, there were the most visible signs; above all, the children being placed in wire cages that, as journalists and others who saw them attested, looked more like holding cells for animals at a zoo or dogs at a kennel than for humans, no less children. This was, of course, exactly how the first Gitmo detainees were held back in 2002 as that prison was being built.

President Trump foreshadowed the treatment to come. “These aren’t people,” he said in May, referring to undocumented migrants crossing the border, “these are animals.” To make the children’s caged existence worse still, the lights were kept on around the clock and the children subjected to interruptions all night, recalling the sleep deprivation and constant light used as a matter of policy on detainees at Guantánamo Bay. In addition, caregivers were not allowed to touch the children. Even shelter workers were forbidden to do so, which meant adults were not able to console them either. And bad as any of this sounded, such conditions were but a prelude to a much deeper tale of abuse at government hands.

As at Guantánamo, those children were also being subjected to a regime of intentional abuse. The cruel and inhuman treatment began, of course, with the trauma of separation from their parents and often from their siblings as well, since children of different genders were sent to different facilities (or at least different parts of the same facility). Such policies, according to pediatrician and Columbia professor Dr. Irwin Redlener, a leading authority on public policy and children in harm’s way, amount to “child abuse by the government.” In other words, it all added up to a new form of torture, this time visited upon children.

Asking for Congress and the White House to end the policy of separation, members of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry weighed in on the harm that the trauma of forced separation can cause: “Separating these children from their families in times of stress creates unnecessary and high-risk trauma, at the very time they need care and support the most.” In addition, the “children who experience sudden separation from one or both parents, especially under frightening, unpredictable, and chaotic circumstances, are at higher risk for developing illnesses such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other trauma-induced reactions.” (Ironically, one of the few characteristics Justice Department lawyers in George W. Bush’s administration acknowledged would constitute torture was “prolonged mental harm.” In their words, for severe pain or suffering to amount to torture would require that “the acts giving rise to the harm must cause some lasting, though not necessarily permanent, damage.”)

Name me the parent who doesn’t think that his or her child would suffer lasting harm if separated from his or her closest attachments. Yet, in a press briefing, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen bluntly insisted that “claiming these children and their parents are treated inhumanely is not true.” It’s worth mentioning, by the way, that the parents of the children were being tortured, too, not knowing where their children were being sent or held and when (or even if) they would ever see them again.

Perversely, administration spokespersons seemed to think that a trade-off had occurred: the loss of basic human rights for at least the pretense of pleasant cosmetic props. Some of the children at least were given toys and games. Nielsen even bragged that Trump administration officials had “high standards. We give them meals, we give them education, we give them medical care. There is videos, there is TVs.”

This, too, should have been a reminder of Guantánamo logic. The more the prisoners there were deprived of in terms of legal and human rights, the more the Bush administration boasted about the creature comforts offered to them, like movies, halal food, and even comfortable chairs (while they were being force-fed) — as if the presence of toys could counteract the wrenching separation from a parent (or a comfortable chair, force-feeding).

Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, caught the hypocrisy of it all, reporting that the children she saw were surrounded by “toys, books and crayons,” but banging the floor and crying out in pain.

Creating Gitmos

Beyond the physical and emotional deprivations, there were the legal ones. The stay of those children was indefinite, the defining characteristic of Gitmo. Before the Trump separation policy started, children, as minors whose parents were awaiting decisions on immigration status, could only be held by the government for 20 days. With “zero tolerance,” their saga suddenly became interminable.

Legally, like their parents, they were also reclassified. These were no longer the children of migrants or asylum seekers in immigration court, for whom there were strict policies and time limits on detention. They were now the children of alleged criminals, having essentially been rendered orphans. At Guantánamo, changing legal categories in a similar fashion — that is, defining the prisoners’ detentions as military, not criminal in nature — accomplished the same trick, avoiding the application of due process and rights for the detainees.

Which brings up yet another fundamental parallel between Gitmo’s prisoners and the children’s Gitmo at the border. Those being held were described in both places using the same crucial term: detainee. Guantánamo branded this word forever as beyond the bounds of normal legality because the Bush administration officials who set up that system wanted to ensure that the normal legal protections of both national and international law would not be extended to those captured and held there. Guantánamo, the government insisted, was not a prison. It was merely a “detention center.” So many years later, it still is, while those incarcerated there have often served “sentences” of a decade and more, even though only a handful of them were ever actually sentenced by a court of any sort. In 2018, that same label was taken from those accused of being battlefield enemies and slapped on the children of asylum seekers.

As with Guantánamo, lawyers who wanted to represent the parents, whose fates were to determine those of their separated children, found themselves impeded in their access to the detained adults. No one familiar with Gitmo could have missed the parallel. Lawyers seeking to provide assistance to war-on-terror detainees were kept out of Guantánamo for more than two years after it opened.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently filed suit claiming that, at two detention centers, authorities had limited the access of those undocumented immigrants to lawyers, violating due process. To make matters worse, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s Department of Justice recently decided not to renew two programs that offered legal aid lawyers to undocumented immigrants facing deportation. Meanwhile, that department has instituted a new policy in which pro-bono lawyers (those from NGO groups seeking to represent the detainees) now have to go through a certification process before taking them on at their own expense.

The media has been similarly restricted. Photographs of the detention “camps” for those children were left to the government alone to provide. So, too, when Guantánamo opened, visiting journalists were ordered to leave their cameras behind. These restrictions stayed in place as official policy, intensified by none other than John Kelly. (Ironically, the Pentagon itself sent out the iconic early 2002 images of kneeling, shackled, orange-jump-suited detainees.)

For 16 years now, opponents of the U.S. detention center on the island of Cuba have understandably warned that its remarkable disregard for the rule of law would inevitably creep into America’s institutions. For the most part, their worries centered on the federal court system and the possibility that defendants there might someday lose basic rights. Now, we know that Guantánamo found a future in those detention camps on our southern border. Don’t think it will be the last place that the influence of that infamous prison will pop up.

While this moment of crisis may have passed, consider this piece, at best, a requiem for a tragedy that has barely ended (if it has) — and also a warning. The legacy of Guantánamo continues to haunt our laws, our imaginations, and our way of life. It’s time to do what we have failed to do for so long now: push back hard on the truly un-American policies spawned by that prison and apparent in so much else of Donald Trump’s America. We need to do so now, before the way of life we once knew is largely erased. It’s time to insist on the right to bring up our children in an America of compassion, law, and respect for the rights of all, not in one whose leaders are intent on robbing them — and so many other children — of their future.

Karen J. Greenberg, a TomDispatch regular, is the director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Law (CNS) and the author of Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State. She also wrote The Least Worst Place: Guantánamo’s First 100 Days. The summer interns at CNS contributed research for this article.

(Republished from TomDispatch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. Biff says:

    There should be no doubt that moving from one shit-hole country to another(while poor) is destructive to family structure. Save up your money, and bribe the right people like most of the successful illegals do.

  2. From my blog:

    Jun 24, 2018 – Fake News About Immigration

    Most Americans are confused by the massive propaganda for open borders. The world’s billionaires want open borders to drive down wages, destroy the remaining unions, shatter national pride, and increase their own power and profits. They directed their major media to warn that only racists oppose open borders, and twisted the positive term of “nationalist”, which means someone who is proud of their nation and wants to protect it, to mean an evil Nazi.

    The billionaires have begun another political offensive to bribe and threaten US Congressmen to grant a third amnesty to illegal aliens, something opposed by the majority of Americans. This is disguised as overdue immigration reform, but will only increase the problem of illegal immigration in the coming years, especially from Africa, which is producing hundreds of millions of excess people each year. Meanwhile, corporate America spins stories that higher wages will eliminate jobs because it makes automation attractive, while also claiming a labor shortage exists. How often to you see job advertisements seeking unskilled workers? Never! 

    Public opposition is so strong that most of our corrupt Congress is not following orders from sponsors for open borders, like the powerful US Chamber of Commerce. Few Americans know that President Trump agreed last year to give the so-called “Dreamers” amnesty, but insisted on other reforms to inhibit the flow of unneeded immigrants. This was rejected by the world’s billionaires and their political organization known as the Democratic Party because they want open borders.


    President Trump is hated by most of his fellow billionaires because he wants to end mindless immigration laws that hurt US citizens, like allowing family chain immigration, admitting refugees, and phony asylum visas. Why should poor, elderly parents of recent immigrants be allowed to move to the USA and eventually apply for welfare benefits? Why can’t the USA aid refugees by sending aid, rather than entry visas? Why has asylum for political reasons become asylum for any reason?

    The billionaires launched a new propaganda campaign to label those who oppose open borders as child abusers. For the past month, stories have filled our corporate media about “family separation” that occurs when illegals are arrested for committing crimes. American law enforcement has done this for decades and no one objects because it makes sense. If parents are arrested, law enforcement does not leave children abandoned. They are transported to the local child protective services agency for care until a parent is released or another relative agrees to take them. This is done everywhere, even in San Francisco.

    Yet suddenly, President Trump and American immigration officers are labeled as evil child abusers by our corporate media for arresting criminals. One of America’s leading corporate propaganda outlets, Time magazine, published a disgusting cover story showing evil President Trump smirking at a crying child. This wasn’t denounced as distasteful and unfair, other corporate stooges applauded. A few days later, this was uncovered as fake news, the girl had not been separated from her mother. Her mom had left her hard working husband in Honduras, traveled for days to the USA and walked across demanding asylum. She could have applied for asylum after crossing the border into Mexico, but that nation does not offer perpetual free food, free housing, and free medial care to illegal immigrants. 

    Millions of homeless Americans would love to stay in these immigration detention facilities with showers, free food, and healthcare, but are not allowed, nor is their plight approved for news stories in the USA. These are much nicer than jails and prisons where two million US citizens are held for criminal offenses, but our media rarely does stories about them, or their separated children. This truth is hard to find but can be read on obscure websites like Information Liberation.

    Corporate America is angry because they might be forced to raise wages if millions of desperate foreign workers are no longer imported each year. They press their faux “left wing/liberal/progressive” media to support open borders, which is the most anti-worker policy imaginable. Most Democrats know this, but are terrified to speak the truth because their greatest fear is being called a racist, even though immigration harms poor American minorities more than any other group. Few Democrats know their leaders once opposed amnesty for illegals. One great Democrat was Barbra Jordan. Watch her 1995 speech explaining that immigration is not a right, but a privilege granted by American citizens in limited cases, and that “illegal immigration” must stop and violators promptly deported.

    If Americans are angry about family separation, they should march down to their local police station and demand this stop. But then they must decide if police should leave children abandoned or toss them in adult prisons with their parents, or don’t arrest people for crimes if they have children. These options are absurd, but not arresting illegal immigrants is the solution demanded by our corporate media. Hauling along children should not result in automatic entry into the USA with welfare benefits. President Obama promoted open borders before he left office, which caused massive problems that President Trump must deal with. Here is G2mil repost about this sabotage of America. 

    May 31, 2014 – Open Border Chaos Worsens 

    President Obama’s gradual opening of America’s border continues, despite overwhelming opposition by working people. Our corporate media mostly ignored news that not only have regular deportations ended, but over 36,000 criminal aliens were released from prisons into American cities. Read this “USA Today” article about the U.S. Border Patrol’s solution to Obama’s dictate not to deport children or their parents. Poor families are flooding across the border and hope they are caught, because the Border Patrol will provide free housing, food, and medical care.

    But the Border Patrol hasn’t the resources to run massive refugee camps and developed a solution. These penniless families are put on Greyhound buses and sent to the city of their choice. If they have no relatives or friends to help, they remain at the Greyhound station to fend for themselves. (Newly arrived “undocumented” immigrants forwarded inland courtesy of the Feds, then abandoned at a city bus station are pictured.) Local communities and charities are overwhelmed trying to cope with Obama’s “do not deport” yet “do not support” policy.

    A new illegal entry strategy has emerged. Don’t avoid the Border Patrol, seek them out. In the past, the Border Patrol quickly sent illegal crossers back to Mexico. Obama now requires them to be “processed” by ICE. After that, most are released into the USA because they didn’t commit a serious crime. Meanwhile, Obama has threaten to act as a dictator and change laws himself because Congress refuses to authorize instant work visas along with social security cards to the millions of illegals in the USA. 

    He also wants to import thousands more skilled workers to replace skilled Americans, spinning the myth that Americans are to stupid to fill such jobs, despite numerous studies that show no shortage of science, technology, engineering, and math “STEM” workers in the USA. And Obama doesn’t care that America’s biggest high-tech employer, Hewlett-Packard, just announced that it would lay of 50,000 workers in the USA this year! I’d bet none of their lower paid foreign workers here on STEM visas will lose their jobs.Big business strongly supports Obama, knowing this will drive down wages further, and more consumers equal more profits. The American Chamber of Commerce is threatening to end support for Congressmen who fail to vote for immigration “reform.” Yet even our corrupt Congress is afraid to endorse this disastrous idea. Issuing millions of social security numbers to foreigners will result in long lines at state welfare offices and cost governments billions of dollars each month. Millions more poor foreigners will flood northward so the Border Patrol can welcome them and provide transportation to their city of choice. America’s embarrassing homeless camps will grow into homeless cities, full of new immigrant refugees and American citizens who lost jobs to this flood of cheap labor.

  3. Rational says:


    When I read this article, I was sickened beyond belief. I was shocked to see such left wing nonsense on this esteemed website.

    First of all, these aliens are criminals under federal law and common law. If they are using their children to commit crimes, they are even worse criminals. Their parents know that invading a country could result in their being arrested and separated, but they do not care, the hard core criminals these aliens are.

    The biggest child abuse that goes on in this country is of American children, at the hands of the American govt., thanks to liberal policies and liberal politicians who forced these laws upon this cursed land.


    During abortion, liberal women get the brains suctioned out of their own children, called fetuses, claiming “my body, my choice.” 100’s of thousands of innocent babies are separated from their children, permanently, thanks to pro “choice” liberals.

    Easy divorce, where innocent children are snatched from good fathers, to be given to loose mothers.

    Easy TRO racket, whereby restraining orders are issued against innocent men, at whim, so the woman can use drugs and whore around without getting caught, while the innocent children are separated from their loving father.

    The number 1 child abusers in this country are the liberals. Families have been destroyed thanks to evil liberal policies. There is suffering in the land due to the evil the liberals have heaped upon this cursed land.

    For liberals to pretend to care about these criminal aliens, is a joke.

  4. Why are foreigners flooding into the USA and surrendering at the border if they expect to live in torture camps? Is it because they know they are really nice summer camps? I live in a nice area and saw several homeless Americans on the streets today hiding from the hot sun. Why don’t so-called liberals write stories about them? Can we open up these border “torture camps” to them? Do we dare free these unwanted foreign families to live on the streets of the USA? If you open the gates of these places and told everyone they could leave, most would refuse, asking where they would stay and who would feed them.

  5. I now think Trump should concede. We need somewhere to release these refugees reunited with their families. Mayors of the USA speak up! Homeland Security can dump thousands of these families in front of their city hall within days. Who wants them? Bel Air? San Francisco? Malibu? Laguna Beach? Tibron?

    Ms Greenberg can probably take on a dozen. We can drop them there. Who else wants to open their doors to support their open borders idea?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Zumbuddi
    , @Jake
  6. Anonymous [AKA "reddog"] says:

    The current practices for illegal migrants were also used for 8 yrs. by the Obama administration, without the DEMs and MSM hyperventilating over it.
    Most Americans want a tight border, and do not respect parents who send their children to a foreign nation illegaly.
    Most Americans want American citizens brought out of poverty and provided health care before more mass migration.
    Due mostly to
    the immigration nightmare in Europe, multiculturalism and globalism have lost their charm. Liberals are not WOKE enough to see this, but being truly awake means seeing things
    that don’t fit your current scheme of reality.
    The bottom line is, there are literally billions of people who”want a better life”, but the majority of Euros and the US are not going to let them all come because of a few open borders psycho-optimists.

  7. WHAT says:

    >muh childrenz
    >muh gas showers

    Ah, the comfort of the familliar!

  8. I wonder what Ms. Greenberg thinks of the children in the Gaza ghetto.

    • Replies: @Moi
  9. “Who wants them?”

    Certainly not the Spanish elite of Latin America who are indifferent to the plight of their Indians.

    We are dealing with South-of-the-border White Supremacy on the part of the Creole families like Vincente Fox.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Dagon Shield
  10. In the British Boer War concentration camps indeed children stayed with their mothers.
    Nevertheless, many died.

  11. Latin American White Supremacy-

    Why can’t the Creole Spanish families give their Indians gambling casinos like we did for our Indians.

    Why do Anglo-Saxons have to deal with the Spanish hacienda race problem south of the border because the Dagos cannot solve their own race problems?

  12. All we can hope is that this hysterical media blitz will indirectly accomplish what the government seemingly cannot: discourage illegal immigration.

    Midnight Express didn’t make me want to push for decriminalization and prisoner rights in Turkey. It just made me want to never ever do anything illegal in Turkey. But maybe that’s the difference between me and a modern liberal?

  13. Wally says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Soros funded Karen Greenberg is a permanent member of the of rabidly pro-Israel Council on Foreign Relations.

    Greenberg and her Jews support strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while demanding massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. CCZ says:

    All that one needs to know:

    Karen J. Greenberg previously served as Vice President for Programs at the Soros Foundation.

    Greenberg earned a B.A. in history from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in history from Yale University. She is a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Greenberg is widely cited as a leading expert on national security and terrorism in The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Mother Jones, The Daily Show, and many other media outlets. [Wiki]

  15. Why won”t a next of kin come and collect them? Until that happens they need need to be taken care of.

    Lets say someone runs a day-care center. A parent drops off a child at 9:00 am. They come back at 3:00 pm to pick him up and are told the child is no longer present The parent asks where he is and is told the child wandered out the door around noon and walked down the street in a northerly direction. The angry parent asks why he did nothing to prevent children from leaving.

    The proprietor recoils in horror. “You want me to imprison the children here? Do you want me to lock the doors? Do you want me to enclose the property with a chain link fence? Do you want to keep children in … cages?

  16. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    >”Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation…that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. ”

    Unless it’s Iraq. The we ban the importation of medicines in order to kill 500,000 children.

    Or the Levant, where we pay Israelis to kill Palestinian kids at-will with impunity.

  17. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    >”During abortion, liberal women get the brains suctioned out of their own children”

    >”Easy divorce”

    >”restraining orders are issued against innocent men, at whim”

    What have men, particularly conservative men, done about all that during the past 50 years?


    All they do is whine online about shite they let happen.

    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @Russ
  18. TheBoom says:

    Another Jew lecturing the goys about the horrors of defending a border. At least the US doesn’t make a policy of using snipers to shot the interlopers.

  19. Tyrion 2 says: • Website

    No, Karen.

    Culpability lies with the parents of the children.

    They chose to try to illegally infiltrate America and they chose to take their children along for the crime.

    Of course, they were separated from their children. Their children are not criminally responsible and cannot be held with the adults, who actually are…

    That would be a lack of compassion and justice.

    Oh, and bore off with your comparison between taking children from criminals to bathe them and taking children from responsible parents under the pretext of bathing them but actually to incinerate them.

    That may be the stupidest comparison I have ever read. You are morally bankrupt and your article is the worst type of vindictive guilt-mongering.

  20. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    They were, of course, creating scenes that couldn’t help but bring to mind those moments when Jews, brought to Nazi concentration camps, were told that they were being sent to take “showers,” only to be murdered en masse in the gas chambers

    Had planned on reading the entire article, but when someone starts waving the Swastika in our faces, in an effort to bludgeon critical thinking, I stop reading, as that flag has been waved at least 6 million times too many.

    Where was your faux outrage when your Dear Leader Obama was doing the same?

    Immigrant children trafficked and worked as slaves under Obama administration

    And Clinton and Bush Jr?

    Take your tear-stained manifestos elsewhere, Ms Greenberg.

    • Replies: @Kolo
  21. Where’s the “troll” button for an entire article?

  22. What a thoroughly unbalanced article. It also stinks of hypocrisy.

    Why does TomDispatch keep publishing virtue-signaling drek by crypto-Israelis? Is TomDispatch a Zio-hasbara outfit? It sure smells that way.

    When will the lovers of humanity at TomDispatch come out and endorse BDS?

    Indeed, if Ms. Greenberg truly deplores racism and cares about human rights, why doesn’t she focus more of her attention on Israel?

    What’s your opinion, Ms. Greenberg, of those wonderful, democratic, moral Jewish snipers who routinely shoot at and murder unarmed, non-Jewish children and their parents when they threaten to violate an Israeli fence?

    After all, isn’t murder a bit more serious than temporarily separating immigrant children in San Diego from their gatecrashing parents?

    What have you to say, Ms Greenberg, about Israel’s sacred, expanding, ‘Jews Only’ territorial ambitions along with its decades-long campaign to crush (by any means necessary) the quest for independence by its native (non-Jewish) population?

    Any suggestions?

    Shouldn’t people who seek peace and justice such as yourself speak out loudly against the boatloads of missiles and money that go to Israel continuously and unconditionally? When will you join us?

    Now it is quite possible that Ms. Greenberg actually feels guilt (deep down) over Israel’s ‘harsh’ treatment of the Palestinians. It’s possible. One can hope. There are signs.

    Indeed, one neurotic symptom of hers that keeps surfacing is her habitual reference to BAD BAD Super-BAD evil Nazis and those wonderful, suffering, innocent Jewish victims of yesteryear.

    Might this simplistic obsession of hers be a sign of repressed guilt or moral trepidation? It’s possible. Let’s hope.

    Then again, perhaps Greenberg secretly clings to the vanishing hope that last century’s First Place Jewish victimhood finish automatically entitles today’s Jews to kill now and discriminate forever.

    ‘It’s all your fault! You made us this way!’

    Indeed, if Greenberg actually cared about ‘human rights’, wouldn’t she write more frequently and more passionately about the deplorable, decades-long human tragedy (involving parents and their children, no less) that is ongoing in the Occupied Territories?–(plus there’s the matter of Washington’s serial, pro-Zionist wars which recently annihilated Iraq, Libya, Syria and which now targetsanti-Zionist Iran.) These are real moral issues!

    Your thoughts, Ms Greenberg?

    To what extent does the global ‘Jewish community’ bear responsibility for Zio-Washington’s serial criminality?

    Any thoughts about liberating the concentration camp otherwise known as the Gaza strip?

    Indeed, the case can be made that, in addition to the preemptive wars described above, Israel’s commitment to extra-judicial assassination, house demolitions, the disproportionate use of lethal force, and its officially-sanctioned policy of segregation and ethnic cleansing may be the greatest ongoing horror show in the ‘Western’ world.

    Am I wrong about this?

    Why do Greenberg and her Zionist cronies at TomDispatch prefer to wag there fingers at Trump’s relatively gentle border policies when routine Zionist protocols produce more pain and suffering, are far more prolonged, are far more lethal, and are far more dangerous politically than Trump’s relatively restrained attempt to seal America’s porous borders without the use of bombs, bullets or missiles?

    The ongoing, decades-long invasion of America by non-indigenous, Spanish-speaking colonists deserves to be resisted. Americans want US immigration laws enforced. Haven’t you heard, Ms. Greenberg?

    Further, the vast majority of border-jumpers pouring into America are economic opportunists–not genuine refugees. They want an immediate piece of America’s lawful, settled, advanced, European-derived, English speaking civilization–and all the free stuff that goes with it.

    But these interlopers don’t deserve unlimited free goodies and we cannot afford to give them these benefits. The more we surrender today, the greater will be the surge of immigrants tomorrow. It’s been this way since Reagan.

    Besides, these ‘asylum-seeking’ refugees have their own countries. Why can’t they make Guatemala or El Salvador or Honduras or Mexico great again?

    If Greenberg and her hasbarist pals were honest, they would apply immigration laws (and the moral principles that sustain them) equally and uniformly. Israel would no longer enjoy it special privileges, exemptions, and entitlements.

    And duplicitous crypto-Israelis would be shamed for their hypocritical activism.

    Instead, subversive Zionists are trying to undermine America’s character and cohesion as they run interference for the segregated Jewish state.

    Shame on these Zionist rats.

    • Replies: @artichoke
    , @Karl
    , @4justice
  23. Anonymous [AKA "Take5"] says:

    First, your statement “They were, of course, creating scenes that couldn’t help but bring to mind those moments when Jews, brought to Nazi concentration camps, were told that they were being sent to take “showers,” only to be murdered en masse in the gas chambers” is complete nonsense. Even Raul Hilberg admitted, under oath, that there was no scientific evidence these Nazi “gas chambers” ever existed.

    When you speak of kenneling children, why don’t you save your outrage for the barbarian occupiers of Palestine, who have not only imprisoned children for decades now, but who regularly used the nearest Palestinian toddler for target practice from their gun towers in the Gaza neighborhoods. And what crimes against children were being committed when Israel was ranked by the UN as the world’s leading offender in human slavery and sex trafficking?

    You write “The media has been similarly restricted”. You bet! No mention whatsoever of the Jews shooting/wounding over 13,000 unarmed Palestinians in the last few weeks. No mention of the girl (Ahed Tamimi) being imprisoned for having the audacity to slap the murderous Jew who shot her young cousin in the face. No photos of legless Palestinians in wheelchairs getting their heads blown off by laughing Jewish snipers. No mention of Israel’s Chief Rabbi designating Africans as “monkeys”. No mention in the US of the Israeli MP’s gloating pronouncements of Jewish supremacy.

    The Jews are committing genocide in the middle east, and your article is just another part of the propagandistic sewage flow that is trying to do the same in America and Europe.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Kolo
  24. Cry me a river.

    The author doesn’t give a shit about anything but herself.

    When Ms. Greenberg adopts some children from Central America then we will believe she cares.

    And please, please stop with the holocaust comparison. The holocaust was a reaction to jewish atrocities committed in Russia. Germany was trying to protect itself and Western Europe from the jewish cancer known as Bolshevism from spreading West.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with what’s happening on the Mexican-U.S. border.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  25. Zumbuddi says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    RED HEN restaurant has volunteered to provide, deliver and serve, at its own expense, locally grown farm-fresh food.

    No imported-from-Mexico plastic tomatoes or tasteless cantalopes, strictly sun ripened, farm to table, not truck to warehouse to processing plant.

    Because RED HEN thinks it is the moral thing to do to feed only the best to invaders.

  26. Jake says:

    If thousands of Hillbillies from WV, KY, and TN began to descend upon the most Jewish townships of NJ, dragging children with them, demanding to be granted new lives with all the amenities ‘offered’ to the rich Jews, squatting, in effect, on what they see as easy living rich lands, and local NJ officials round them up when caught and hold them, separating the children the migrant worker Hillbillies claim are theirs from them for processing I doubt any of the Liberal and Neocon Jewish journalists would be going insane with demands to destroy the mostly Jewish NJ officials for being the very definition of cruel. I would bet that those Jewish journalists would be even more silent than they are in reference to Palestinian children and right to return and Israel.

    And why seeest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye: and seest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Hypocrisy almost beyond comprehension is what drives Liberalism, as well as its Neocon branch.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  27. Jake says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    They need new lands to break free psychologically from these horrors. They should be sent to Israel.

  28. n230099 says:

    How did this Greenberg babe miss the stories about the buses taking the children to the organ harvesting clinics? Where is this lady’s concern that there will soon be children’s skin lampshades and kiddie soap selling like hotcakes in those ‘red states’. Good grief…calm down Karen.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  29. Mr. Unz, we see this bilge 24 hours a day on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, WAPO, the Slimes, etcv. Why give free space to a sob sister nut job like this? I am sick to death of these idiots making excuses for illegal immigrants and those who encourage them. This silly woman took up valuable space to spout pure gibberish about “The Children”. No, Americans were not appalled at the treatment of these brats. Americans wanted them and their criminal parents sent back to their own countries immediately. We have had it with paying for the emotional freight of these people. Listen up, woman. If you feel so bad for these people dig deep and give them some of your own money.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Russ
  30. TG says:

    With respect, nobody cares about ‘the children.’

    When a US citizen commits a crime (like maybe trespassing on the sacred property of a billionaire), they are arrested and separated form their children, and nobody complains.

    There are in this country over two million people in jail. How many children have been separated from their parents? Nobody knows, nobody cares.

    There has not been such an outpouring of crocodile tears since Captain Hook got his good hand on a can of mace. If these refugees from the overpopulated third world threatened the profits of the rich and powerful, they would be turned away at the border with no questions, no lawyers, no excuses, no asylum claims, and nary a tear shed.

    This is a farce, designed to defuse opposition to a brutal and ruthless policy of making workers poor and the rich richer, by flooding the market for labor.

    I for one say that when a people foul their own lands by having more children than they can support, they should clean up their own mess and not try to drag us down with them.

  31. Anonymous [AKA "Jack Black"] says:

    Just get rid of them all!!!
    There Illegals

  32. Ragno says:

    What have men, particularly conservative men, done about all that during the past 50 years?


    All they do is whine online about shite they let happen.

    I see. So conservative impotence in the face of stacked federal courts = abortion’s a-ok.

    Got it.

  33. Oh the Shoah!

    The real issues for Greenbergsteingold and “Dr” Redlenersteingold:

    caregivers were not allowed to touch the children

    children of different genders were sent to different facilities (or at least different parts of the same facility)

    worse still, the lights were kept on around the clock

    Hmm. The truth is right there, you just have to be able to read Yiddish.

  34. President Trump certainly has a point when he talks about abolishing “due process” for illegal immigrants and asylum claimants.

    Most countries of the world will turn you right around at the border and put you on the next boat or plane home if you arrive without the correct visa.

    It would be a hell of a lot cheaper to just bus border area captives without visas and their families overland back to the frontier of the country they came from and drop them off with a bottle of water and some sandwiches.

    • Replies: @Karl
  35. @Jeff Stryker

    It’s high time to launch an all out war on Mexico for the purpose of removing the elite for perpetrating crimes against their own people albeit Indio!

  36. Wow —-

    uhhhh nonsense. just because the president is turning out to be a complete and utter folding suit when it comes to us interests, doesn’t in an y way suggest, those who voted for him are. This one on a long line of cheap political emotionally ridden scam in the name of tearing at the president and liberal agendas.

    Evert single us citizen on desperate need of legal representation is denied the best services we have because we provide legal advice to people here illegally.

    i have no doubt that the author supports murdering children in the womb. that’s real separation — yet i doubt for a moment you have considered giving these children lawyers for their defense.

  37. Why would you cheapen the memory of the lost lives in the Holocaust for the temporary action?

  38. anarchyst says:

    The name “Greenberg” says it all…merely someone of the “tribe” spewing out their anti-goy prattle…

  39. I had a smile on my face when I started reading this piece. My smile persisted through several paragraphs, because I just knew it was parody. You know, like when C.J. Hopkins confessed his “Putin-Nazi denialism.” I was sure she was going to hit the soap, the lampshades, the delivery trucks bringing in Zyklon-B … but, as I read on, my smile disappeared.

    It wasn’t parody.

    Well, in a way it was. It was unintentional parody, on the order of Granny Hildebeast explaining the many reasons why she lost the election. And, really, I think it was a very good idea on Ron Unz’s part to feature this piece. It should get maximum exposure everywhere. So over-the-top, stuff like this is apt to shake a normie or two out of his or her CNN rut. Maybe.

  40. Moi says:

    You say we have a Gitmo for tykes on our border. Really? Go take a tour of Gitmo and then write something sensible.

  41. Moi says:
    @Hamlet's Ghost

    I don’t think she gives that much thought. Our sense of morality, justice and what is newsworthy tend to be selective. It’s a matter of whose ox is being gored…

  42. Alden says:

    Greenberg, why am I not surprised.

    I read this weeks LA Jewish Journal. The 2 biggest articles were about children and border fences.

    One article was about the southern border of the United States. Any person who presents him or her self at the border must be admitted and feed sheltered and cared for for the rest of his or her life by the American taxpayer. Same for illegal border crossers.

    Keeping the fraudulent refugees and illegals in detention centers is no different from the eeeeviiilll nazis. Jews are the most down trodden and abused people to walk the earth for the last 100,000 years. We Jews must help our little brown black yellow and beige brothers. That is the only way we can defeat the blu eyed devil goyim nazis.

    The other article was about Palestinian children and adults protesting at the border between Israel and the giant prison camp of Gaza. Shoot them down show no mercy . They have no right to reclaim the farms homes businesses and other property confiscate from their grandparents in 1948. Jews have the right to defend ourselves from these hostile invaders.

    Unbelievable what hypocrites they are.

    • Replies: @Rational
  43. Alden says:
    @Chris Bridges has been running articles about more and more polls showing that the majority approve of detaining this latest invasion of welfare cheap labor Hispanics.

  44. @CCZ

    “Greenberg is widely cited as a leading expert on national security . . .”

    Indeed, all we need to know to be soiling our Depends.

  45. Che Guava says:

    What a moronic article.

    In Japan, there is a group close to the habitual ruling party, and with members from it, that objects to the Korean and Chinese people who are, or now, are descended from, people here at the end of WWII.

    They do have special rights in comparison to other permanent residents, but only because, in particular, the Koreans are organised to fight for their rights, and many in both groups are descended from people who fought for the Imperial forces, or people enslaved in industry.

    I have a close older friend, ethnic Chinese, whose father was an Imperial Army officer, it is logical that she should have citizenship, as she does.

    Most don’t want it, so are Special Permanent Residents, and I have little sympathy with the group making political trouble for them.

    On the other hand, after the fall of Saigon, many tens of thousands of Vietnamese washed up here, almost all redirected to sucker places, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, France. I know from reading that, at least in the first three of those, they were behind major crime waves, heroin dealing and violence. Not old enough to know if many or most tried to set up similar here.

    Perhaps they did. The remnant population from that wave is fewer than 5,000.

    Next were the Iranians, I recall parts of that, most were openly in criminal activity, although I had one friend who was Tudeh and honest. So just about all sent to the same sucker places, although the govt. did try the experment and, particularly of the Canada contingent, there was a heroin- and turf-based crime wave.

    Not that Israelis were any better. The govt. used to be very lenient, when Israelis used to arrive here as the last destination after the end of conscription, the men and women would work or trade illegally, many selling illegal drugs, on ‘time’s up’, if wanting to sticking around, they would go to Thai or Sth. Korean, throw the passport away, then go to the Israeli embassys to get a new and fake one.

    Fortunately, the govt. has now stopped that, almost twenty years ago.

    Karen, your tales of vicious persecution are entertaining fairy tales.

  46. Karen (((Greenberg))).

    This Jewess should be confined in Gitmo.

    She is guilty of TREASON.

  47. Anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    Author embodies internationalist jew antipathy
    to white Christian America, this time using open
    borders hysteria as talking point du jour.
    This bloc reminds me of the black panthers
    and white weathermen of the sixties.
    For all their faults, J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon
    had the solution for dealing with such leftist thugs:
    infiltrate and neutralize.

  48. Wally says:

    Zionist Greenberg wrote:
    “They were, of course, creating scenes that couldn’t help but bring to mind those moments when Jews, brought to Nazi concentration camps, were told that they were being sent to take “showers,” only to be murdered en masse in the gas chambers.”

    Except that there were no ‘gas chambers’, in fact, they were scientifically impossible.
    If they could not have worked as alleged, then they did not work as alleged.

    Master Chemist Germar Rudolf walks everyone through it:

    The Rudolf Report / Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz

    ‘Some Technical and Chemical Considerations about the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz and Birkenau’
    by Master Chemist Germar Rudolf

    Lectures on the Holocaust / Controversial Issues Cross Examined

    Dissecting the Holocaust—The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’

    Chemistry of Auschwitz / Birkenau

  49. Loki says:

    The most offensive part of this entire article follows: “…There is videos, there is TVs.” These words spoken by Kirstjen Nielsen. Does this woman not know that the correct way to utter these words is, “There are videos. There are TVs.?” Did she not learn this during her grueling academic pursuits at the University of Virginia School of Law or maybe in grade school. I suppose it’s too much to expect from our public officials to follw the simple dictates of proper grammar in 2018.

  50. Rational says:


    You are so right. The Judaists are truly hypocrites.

    Ms. Greenberg—if you are concerned about aliens, you need to move to Israel. Israel is a criminal state. They shoot innocent Palestinian children who merely touch the border fences there. They steal water from Palestinians, and divert it to Israel, where the Judaists splurge in swimming pools in the hot summer, while the poor Palestinian kids do not have water to drink.

    They beat up aliens on the street and call them “infiltrators”, not “migrants” like the Jewish media does here.

    The world’s biggest child abuser is Israel. Ms. Greenberg, please move there and go preach to the Israelis.

  51. @Rational

    In terms of hypocrisy liberals (including self-proclaimed Democrats) in the US are on par with European politicians, way ahead of everybody else on Earth. Remember the “humanism” of Albright when she said that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it? That’s the real face of liberals. Next to them Saddam or Gaddafi look like benign Santa Clauses.

  52. I can’t see any resolution to the problem of excessive immigration. All the illegals and most of the legals are potential democrats. Both parties are bought and paid for by the “let ’em in” liberals and big business (need cheap labor). Even Trump seems to have cucked, even compared to what he could’ve done with executive power alone. Ever the pessimist, I suspect that the USA may eventually deteriorate into an English-speaking version of the Third Reich (that’s Nazi Germany for your historical illiterates). Ever-increasing, largely uncontrolled third-world immigration seems to offer nothing good for the host country. Consider what fraction of the population the “first” Civil War killed. If we got some repeat of that, you are talking deaths in the millions. Perhaps splitting the USA into a few countries (by race, of course) would be a better solution.

  53. @CCZ

    Thanks! These are useful facts to evaluate the “humanism” of this lady, surely on par with the “humanism” of Albright when she said that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. Self-proclaimed liberals are like that. Next to them Saddam or Gaddafi look like benign Santa Clauses.

  54. willem1 says:

    “President Trump foreshadowed the treatment to come. ‘These aren’t people,’ he said in May, referring to undocumented migrants crossing the border, ‘these are animals.’ ”

    The writer of this piece joins the long queue of mostly MSM figures that jumped on this Trump response to a question ABOUT MS-13 and quoted it out of context to make it sound like he intended it to apply to immigrants as a whole. This is just the most obvious of the distortions in this piece.

    Also, when holding up Gitmo as a comparison, it would be well to remember that however heinous you believe that place to be, there is no one imprisoned there that showed up at the gate requesting admittance.

  55. RVBlake says:

    Well – Cornell and Yale, how could one NOT be a leading expert on national security and terrorism. I’m eager to read her thoughts on the plight of Yemeni or Palestinian children.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  56. J1234 says:

    those children — their predicament — shocked many Americans who insisted, along with former First Lady Laura Bush, that this was truly un-American. As she wrote in the Washington Post:

    “Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation, on being the nation that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. We pride ourselves on believing that people should be seen for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We pride ourselves on acceptance. If we are truly that country, then it is our obligation to reunite these detained children with their parents — and to stop separating parents and children in the first place.” Her essay essentially asked one question: Who have we become?

    Wow, now the journalistic left puts real value in what Laura Bush says. I seem to remember a different era:

    The fact that that her brother in-law spent a year looking like an incompetent fool in front of our current president has nothing to do with her opinion, I’m sure.

    • Replies: @J1234
  57. Olorin says:

    And of course all those babies materialized via immaculate conception. No men or sperm or etc. involved.

    By the way, nice job of ranting yourself into an emogasm with snuff porn involving human fetuses.

    Even worse in my view than “Children’s Gitmo.” A bit of faut-mommy screeching that immediately spurred my brain to wonder what kind of Halloween costumes we can expect from that…and why this gal screeches so much about Children and Gitmo.

    I think the lot of you on your ostensibly different but emotionally isomeric political “sides” need to get addicted to Tom Collinses by the poolside and chill the frack out. Grown ups are trying to have calm discussions about building a solid society here.

  58. Russ says:

    “What have men, particularly conservative men, done about all that during the past 50 years? NOTHING!”

    Conservative men were the only men to push back against the feminist mantra that an abortion was a matter EXCLUSIVELY between a woman and her doctor.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  59. Russ says:
    @Chris Bridges

    “Mr. Unz, we see this bilge 24 hours a day on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, WAPO, the Slimes, etcv. Why give free space to a sob sister nut job like this?”

    I must say I’d have never read this propaganda piece were it elsewhere. Good to get the occasional whiff of what we face.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  60. artichoke says:

    This ieftist lawyer lies so easily.

  61. artichoke says:

    I bet the site where it appeared gets less readers than this one. Also that site doesn’t allow comments, so she can spew any sort of lies and nonsense without backtalk, there at least.

  62. artichoke says:
    @mark green

    Leave Zionism out of this. Her article is bad because it’s bad. BDS is also bad.

    • Replies: @renfro
  63. artichoke says:

    Parents of Yemeni children should kick out the Houthis. Parents of Palestinian children should leave Israel alone. And then those children would be much safer.

    • Replies: @RVBlake
    , @Kolo
    , @MarkinLA
  64. doodahman says:

    Wow, this is some gold plated tripe. Told they were getting showers eh? OOOOH booga booga. The author knows nothing about the process, the border or a little thing we know as “child sex trafficking.” The best thing that ever happened to those kids was to get them out of the hands of the cartels and coyotes and into a regulated and monitored US institution, at our great taxpayer expense.

    The author wants a system when the cartel, which controls all of the border on the Mexican side, can get their pick of desperate kids, already separated from their parents, to use as fodder for drug muling, prostitution and sex trafficking. What is the attrition rate for kids? What percentage of those who start for the border make it there?

    Nobody knows. 50% would be generous if the experience of 2014-2015 is any guide: 65,000 kids took off from Central America in each of those two years; only 20K and then 30K ever made it to US hands. Do you know what happened to the other 50k? No?


  65. Them Guys says:

    It’s only going to get worse soon…Ie: As we fast approach the Entire Month Named after incessant constant Jewish Lying…..Long ago, someone Named the month of, JULY in recognition of massive jew Lies.

    Goys need to protest and demand that whichever current month is devoted to Holyhoax remembrance month, be changed to month of JULY and also have Spelling changed into “The Month of JewLie.” This will assist in awakening those goys so dumbed down, by jews such as this articles ziojew female.

    It looks better too…April-May-June-JewLie-August etc.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  66. Anonymous[145] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t get made at Jews. It’s just their nature. They can’t help it. They will never see their flawed ways. Even when they meet their demise along with the end of high-trust, high-order societies. Some of them think they’ll be fine because Jewish communities in places like Brazil and Mexican do well. But they’ve been able to do this in these chaotic third-world outposts because there was always a high-trust, high-order North America and Europe to support international finance and order. But that is crumbling.

  67. The light skinned mexican elite sends us their very WORST.

    10,000 kids have arrived without adults.
    Lone children are often forced into sex slavery by cartel pimps.

    Obama had a catch and release/open borders policy because he hates America.
    Trump is simply enforcing our laws.

    The illegals should be stopped and sent back at the border.
    There is no reason for “processing” and wasting money.
    They have no right to come here.

    Build the wall and deport them all.

    • Agree: Them Guys
  68. Anonymous [AKA "ClareQuilty"] says:

    This is probable the worst article I can recall appearing in UNZ.


  69. J1234 says:

    Correction: Dickstein wasn’t a rabbi. His father was.

  70. Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation, on being the nation that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war.

    The key part of that is “sends to places,” Mrs. Bush (and Ms. Greenberg). Helping doesn’t require bringing the victims here, let alone for permanent settlement.

    If we are truly that country, then it is our obligation to reunite these detained children with their parents — and to stop separating parents and children in the first place.

    Deportation and the Wall will fulfill those obligations nicely.

  71. gdpbull says:

    Its the parents fault stupid. They should seek asylum in Mexico which speaks their language and has a more similar culture.

    Solution: Build a wall so they can’t get in so we can’t separate them

  72. TKK says:

    Ms. Greenberg:

    I am a criminal defense attorney. I advise you to get up in the morning and stroll into any state or federal court in the United States. Thousands of children are separated from their parents every day.

    They are placed in Kafka like Foster care bureaucracies or with sketchy relatives. Zealous arguments to judges for mercy to keep the families in tact are met with condescending speeches about accepting consequences for the actions. What are those actions? Committing a crime- illegal entry- The second attempt which is a felony.

    Are you the most dishonest “journalist” on the planet? Are you having a laugh? Why are you not wringing your hands over the American children that are ripped from their parents every day for Mickey Mouse crimes such as misdemeanor violation probation, or possession of a few joints?

    Your article is treasonous. Your reasoning is putrid and duplicitous.

    If a parent is so concerned about the welfare of their child, then they should not premeditate a logistically complicated crime.

    Furthermore, are you such an unsophisticated clodhopper that you have never flown into another country? Everyone has to have the proper documentation or visa to enter even third tier countries. If you fly in to Cambodia and do not have a return ticket leaving in 60 days or proof that you work for an NGO, stonefaced men with a AK 47 s escort you back to your flight.

    Your US citizenship should be revoked and you should be forced to go live outside of the
    Border that you actively detest and plot to destroy.
    Another alternative would be to tax your income at 70% so you can pay for the criminals that want to usurp our social safety net at no cost to them.

    Economically, no country can absorb huge groups of people who vacuum up resources but contribute no taxation from their earnings because most of them work in an underground economy.

    Assuming you are Jewish, as I am, I am forced to admit that the conspiracy theories about Jews pining for the destruction of America are true, based on your morally insane article.

    Note: Knock off your whining about Guantánamo. Those prisoners are treated with kid gloves And have some of the best legal representation in the world. Right down to their Halah meals and their copies of the Koran.

    • Agree: Tyrion 2
    • Replies: @Rational
    , @Avery
  73. renfro says:

    Dear Greenberg,

    Shouldn’t you be writing and whining about Palestine children who are actually in mortal danger every day….unlike the children being held here?
    After an hours search I found not one word you have ever said about Israel’s wanton killing of children.
    Go away little hypocrite girl.

    Karen Greenberg’s evasion on Israel

  74. Theres a lot of divisiveness coming out of (((media))) and the political puppets lately. Lots of talk about civil war. Just remember that what is happening here in America, is no different from what the CIA/Mossad does in destabilizing foreign countries like Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. Don’t let them fool you into turning on your neighbors. They’re working overtime to turn us against one another, stirring up chaos. Trying to take your eyes off of them.
    I suspect that things are about to go bad. Probably the fake economy is about to blow. They want you blaming someone else when it does.
    Just remember who writes the laws and controls the money, they are the ones to blame.
    They don’t want to solve the illegal immigration issue, if they did they would have done so long ago. They save it for times like this, they use the illegals as a political weapon when needed. Republicans are just as much to blame as Democrats, they all serve the same master.
    Wall St., Bankers, MIC, AIPAC, are a few of the ones that have caused this mess, as always. The illegals are just pawns, not much different than me and you. The drug wars and CIA/Wall St plundering these peoples home countries are more to blame than the people crossing the border.

  75. Karl says:
    @mark green

    22 mark green > Why does TomDispatch keep publishing virtue-signaling drek by crypto-Israelis?

    to make sure that RonUnz ==also== pays them writer’s fees.

    god forbid that RonUnz would ever actually send a plane ticket to an endangered white family in South Africa!

    by the way, Mark Green, what is ==your== track record on helping white families?

  76. renfro says:

    BDS is also bad.

    BDS is good. While by itself it won’t stop Israel , it has spread the dirty truth about Israel around the world.

  77. Patricus says:

    Ms. Greenberg shows her deep compassion and some moral preening but offers absolutely no solution for dealing with the millions of illegal migrants.

    • Replies: @Alden
  78. Alden says:

    From what I have seen, the only thing the conservative male losers losers losers worry about is abortion

    The losers losers losers don’t care that they and their sons and grandsons are denied employment because of affirmative action.

    The losers losers losers are happy to support all the black and brown women and their bastard black and brown children on welfare who should have been aborted.

    The losers losers losers care only about outlawing abortion so as to overwhelm the White population with blacks and browns

    The losers losers losers are happy to see the cost of housing rise and wages go down because of the vast increase of Browns who should have been aborted.

    No one who is pro White can be against abortion

    Anti abortion is anti White
    Pro abortion is pro White.

    The more abortions there are, the fewer black and brown welfare beneficiaries there are.

  79. Alden says:

    But conservative men didn’t push back against abortion did they? 45 years later, it’s still the law of the land isn’t it?

    The synonym for conservative is loser.

  80. Alden says:

    She has a solution Fire every White American and give an illegal his or her job. Deny all jobs, unemployment, welfare social security and pensions to White Americans. When they lose their homes let them be homeless and die.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the government states seizing Whites real estate and giving it to illegals.

    • Replies: @WhiteWolf
  81. Alden says:

    TROs are 2 weeks only.

    Abortion??? 1/3 of my paycheck goes to support black and brown kids.

    Then there are thousands of dollars a year county property taxes that support the county government including the welfare department, the free county hospital and clinics and child protective services that places the black and brown kids that should have been aborted in foster homes after mommie’s latest boyfriend beats them half to death.

  82. Karl says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    34 Jonathan Mason > Most countries of the world will turn you right around at the border and put you on the next boat or plane home if you arrive without the correct visa.

    i appreciate and applaud your sentiments, but….. that’s NOT how it works.

    how it works, is: the ==airline== which allowed them to even get onboard the plane at the point of departure, is fined $10,000 by the destination country.

  83. RVBlake says:

    Saudi attacks on Yemen are supported financially and militarily by the U.S. At the least we should cease our sponsorship of this savagery. Let the Saudis and the Houthis finance their war on their own.

  84. WhiteWolf says:

    Unz has given you the chance to critique some left wing nonsense by allowing such an article. You should be grateful.

    • Agree: mark green
  85. WhiteWolf says:

    They just kicked some students out of their dorms in Spain to make way for illegals from the boat that Italy turned around. It could happen in America. Probably not under Trump but definitely a good chance with a liberal president.

  86. We want them all to be deported together, as a family. GET. OUT. NOW.

  87. What a bunch of bleeding heart Left wing garbage. If the degeneracy of an article can be quantified by how many times some unhinged bat screams “Nazi,” then I think we have a winner in the SJW of the month contest!

    I’m really sorry that the need for immigration laws is so offensive to you, snowflake. But you just need to suck it up. Or just suck it… you’re choice.

  88. @n230099

    “Where is this lady’s concern that there will soon be children’s skin lampshades and kiddie soap selling like hotcakes in those ‘red states’.”

    Now there’s a good idea for a series of hoaxes. I’ll bet there’s a hot market for MS-13 lampshades.

  89. Rational says:


    I loved you comment! Good job. Agree with you 100%. Thank you.

  90. 4justice says:
    @mark green

    Apparently Ms. Greenberg has not been made aware of the trauma that Palestinian children have suffered due to experiencing war, house raids, home demolitions, permanent refugee status, murder of one or both parents, murder of siblings, and/or jailing. Obviously the children who experienced outright murder at the hands of the IDF don’t have to worry about PTSD. And what about those who are adults now but are still scarred by such experiences?

  91. Alden says:

    Last night I watched the local news. It showed a demonstration by about 20 people in front of the local ICE office.

    One was a White man. He wasn’t an old hippy.
    He was early 30s. He was not playing but sort of strumming the strings of a guitar. He tried to get the crowd singing that Arlo Guthrie song This land is Your Land. He stopped singing after a few minutes.

    It was just embarrassing to watch.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
  92. Alden says:

    Check out Greenberg’s previous May 17 article down the memory hole. This witch organizes national security conferences on college campuses. I can just imagine what they’re like.

    She invited ICE and other government agencies to attend. But before hand she tells them what to say and when to say it. When the agencies insist on following the agency’s procedures and protocols she has a fit. “How dare the government not follow my orders”

    Her arrogance and domination instincts are plain to see.

    I wonder what her PHD thesis was probably some a 30 page rant about evil Nazi America.

    Close down the colleges and send every employee from Presidents to dishwashers to concentration camps.

  93. Svigor says:


    Frankly, I’ve become very picky about which Jews I’ll entertain opinions from. They’re far too reliably soviet, anti-White, anti-American.

    Greenberg isn’t on my “free pass” list the way Ron Unz is. Don’t worry Karen, you have a Hell of a lot of company.

    • LOL: renfro
  94. Svigor says:

    I for one encourage the parallels being drawn between US border policy and Nazi Germany; it’s about time we deflated the overblown rhetoric about Nazi Germany.

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
  95. Gazza90 says:

    This article is more suited to the cognitive ability of HuffPo or Upworthy readers than Unz.

  96. Kolo says:
    @Greg Bacon

    Well said Greg
    The hypocritical stench is unbearable

  97. Kolo says:

    Your parents made a mistake feeding you

  98. Avery says:

    {Assuming you are Jewish, as I am, I am forced to admit that the conspiracy theories about Jews pining for the destruction of America are true, based on your morally insane article.}

    A most interesting observation.

    I think Karlin had a (conspiracy) theory a while back as why (many) Jewish-Americans and NGOs are ‘…pining for the destruction of America’.

    {Economically, no country can absorb huge groups of people…}

    There is much more to it than just economics.
    Huge numbers of people coming in at once are actually _not_ being absorbed.
    We are being slowly Balkanized, where people no longer want to become Americans, but want to just live in America, while being the same as from where they immigrated.

    They want the benefits of American culture – economic opportunity, rule of law, protection of private property, strong contract law, free enterprise, etc – but want to maintain the cultures of their birthplace.

    People wrongly think that there is some kind of magic potion in this land called America, that made it what it is: there isn’t. The magic potion is how this country was founded: by whom, by what cultures, ancestral laws and traditions of what cultures, etc. If the dominant American culture dissolves, so will America as we know it today. It will become a collection of incompatible little areas where various incompatible cultures (try to) live in harmony.

    All the problems people escaped from to live in America will be resurrected here.

  99. MarkinLA says:

    The Parents of Palestinian children just want a better life for their kids and should be allowed into Israel as is their human right, no?

  100. Rags says:

    We’re broke. In the near future this will become embarrassingly obvious. We can no longer police nor nanny the world. Our old people are not treated well. I volunteer in a care center once a week. But please, tug at our heart strings over the plight children not our own. If you can’t care for kids why in hell are you having them? How many refugee children does this Greenberg house?

  101. Them Guys says:

    Yeah because the other 19 fools cannot sing along in English eh.

  102. Anonymous [AKA "Narni"] says:

    Karen Greenberg is a typical Jewish supremacist, apparently, as she obsesses on “the holocaust” citing questionable “facts” showing the typical Jewish propensity to exalt Jewish suffering above all other’s suffering, especially the suffering that Jews in Israel and Israel-firsters worldwide inflict on the indigenous Palestinian people going on 7 decades now in what amounts to GENOCIDE of the PALESTINIAN people. If you look up the definition of the word “genocide” you will see that the glove fits. The Jewish supremacist state of Israel is GUILTY of on-going GENOCIDE of the Palestinian people to this day, and it must stop! We the People of the USA must demand that our government JUST SAY NO to our tax dollars being funneled over to the terrorist Jewish supremacist state of Israel. Meanwhile Jewish groups and individuals like Karen Greenberg, who are dedicated to preserving the despicable “status quo” of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, very hypocritically point fingers at the US government trying to protect its borders and support the immigration laws. Meanwhile, they push for heinous wars against many Middle Eastern countries for the pet project called Project for a Greater Israel. The cat is out of the bag about the Jewish supremacist state of Israel and Israel-firsters and it’s not going back in. FREEDOM and JUSTICE FOR ALL, not just the so-called “Chosen” few, who by the way, came up with this self-serving, supremacist propaganda that is even in The Old Testament. The Deuteronomy is pure Jewish supremacism—-pathetic, self-serving, 2000 year old propaganda. I don’t buy it! Instant Karma gonna get you!

    • Replies: @Kolo
    , @Them Guys
  103. Them Guys says:

    I just checked out a website called SHTF a popular prepper site. Two new articles there dealt with a soon coming Civil War II event. One was of a major Poll taken where 31% polled agreed a civil war II is expected. The 2nd similar article was of U.S. Rep Steve King (R) and he stated the basic same of another soon civil warII, due to fanatical leftist antifas etc becoming more and more violent.

    Rep. King said how an Oregon ICE-HQ-Office there was shut down by pro immigrant protesters, and that the City Council & Mayor of city ICE office is in Ordered local Cops to stand down make zero arrests etc.

    If it was white pro-whitey Non leftists, protesting on ANY issue no matter what, cops be told to make arrests asap fast, and use as much Violence as cops deem fit in dealing with white guys eh.

    I used to post a lot at their shtf forums, but even though that website used to be on a Par with UNZ, in articles getting as many reads as typical article got 100,000 or more reader hits, and forum posts averaged from a Low of 350-500 to as many as-1,000+ posts per article.

    Now and for past couple years or so, due to massive censorship of All mentions of, words like Jew-Jewish-Zio-Zionist-Israel. That site has dropped down to an avg reader hits per article of about 1,000 to 3,500 read hits and on best days may get close to 10,000 reader hits.

    But their forum posts has really dropped like a Lead weight!…Typical avg posts per article there now are around 20-to sometimes almost a 100 posts.

    I and several others attempted to warn site owner there that if he keeps doing censoring, and especially if only censors jew or Israel related worded postings, his entire site may as well go off line fully. Too bad he refused good advice eh.

    Meanwhile here at UNZ forums, I only been posting for about 4-months or so(?) and the numbers of new forums members has sky rocketed. This site UNZ has to be ranked at least within top 3-5 website forums on entire spectrum of available forums one can post at.

    This, websites that used to be great sources of info, and great posters on forums, and typiclly with so many posts its at times difficult to read every one. Yet have gone the way of censorship only to see entire site a Tiny particle of what it once was, is a phenom of sorts. And it don’t make any sense as to why so many website forums have gone that route eh?

    Oh, yes, I understand the massive pressures a website owner deals with from many pro jew or zionist hasbarra demands they do censoring of all issues jew….But so what? How can any website, especially a site promotes itself as a “Prepper for all things possible in a real nationwide SHTF events” even consider to censor infos about the entire worlds biggst threat and problem group-Cult, that happens to be same cult who demands censoring.

    I prefer to see all white and non left marxist sites and forums, have as their main moto something akin to..”Any and All European White’s, at this point in time, No Matter What, if they seek and speak/write factual Truth’s….They Are going to get called a vile Nazi-an Antisemte-a Jew hater-a Racist against all persons of color non whites, and a Hitler lover who wants to gas six millin more jews……Therefore, European White’s no matter what, May as well…Go…ALL…OUT!”

    And a huge part of “Go All Out”, includes refusal of and total rejection of All and Every form of demands to censor what forum poster members write period. If anybody don’t like it? Simply do not Read it eh. Read Yiddish spin scam materials instead. Israel daily newspapers produce quite alot of Yid articles I heard! With Tons of jewy spun lies and countless jew=victim stuff too. That should keep jew and zio censor demanders and their Shabozz acomplices busy a long while.

  104. Well, it is a good self-expose for the self-proclaimed “liberals”: detention of illegal children at the US border is a horror, whereas the death of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it (Albright), starving Yemeni children to death by “our good friend” KSA is OK, and shooting Palestinian children that did not even cross the border by the IDF is admirable. Their hypocrisy is out in the open for all to see.

    • Agree: RVBlake
  105. Them Guys says:

    Narni: good info posting you made. And I also want to add that, likely a huge 98-99% of all usa citizens that are Non jewish, have zero, no, none idea at all that many of the people they think are euro whites, are actually jews with name changes who act as a euro white, and really are crypto-jews whenever it affords those jews an advantage. One huge advantage is causing most people to assume and believe they really are a whitey. So that way more can get blamed on euro whites that are actual whiteys.

    This has been en effective jewish tactic since long ago times. And they will play this game right up to time of mass awakenings fully expose jewry. Then they will scurry like rats exiting sinking ship to declare them selves to be another minority, of jews, same victim class as poor african minorities are…And blame true whites for what was screwed up and wrecked within america that ziojewry and talmudic jewry has hyjacked and are the true culprits mostly. It is the same pattern seen thru history in every host nation to host whats best described by auto maker Henry Ford Sr. in his 1922 book titled.

    The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem. 1922 Henry Ford.

    True then and more so true today. While real euro whitey gets blamed.

    I am Not speaking of shabozz pols and msm euro whiteys either. They too are as bad. But its mainly avg middle class and lower class euro whites they blame for all their black and brown abject failures at everything they try or do or did or will in future do. I am very glad so many are finally wakeing up and becoming jewized up also. Hope I live long enough to see a huge mass awakening that appears soon on the horizon.

  106. Anonymous [AKA "udderly"] says:

    Why is the US responsible for caring for every child who shows up at the border? Why is the US the only nation where “wants a better life” is satisfactory for many as reason to be accepted in the US?
    Unfortunately, the better they are treated and the longer allowed to stay, the more that will come. Some people never think of such things apparently. The USA has lots of poor children, tens of million have no health insurance, but some of us prefer foreigners to their own fellow citizens, and yes that makes a lot of people angry. I am glad we are going to have it out in NOV, open borders is a
    sure loser in a large majority of the US. If you want to help Central America, get the US military out.
    The US has trained 30k Latin American officers in how to torture, murder, use death squads, and interfere in elections by murder, at Ft.Benning, GA..

  107. Keep it for Shul: you want others to pay and take the risk so you can Kvell.

    Well you make a good case for giving all revealed religions the toss.

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