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As readers know, the “Diversity” opposition to our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard Overseer campaign did absolutely everything it could to avoid allowing a public debate between our respective positions, refusing to participate themselves and then heavily pressuring Harvard’s Chinese Students Association to withdraw their sponsorship of a public debate.

Fortunately, they failed, and the two hour debate was still held, though under different sponsorship. While on campus, I was told by one student that if he published an op-ed in the Crimson critical of Affirmative Action, he would be subjected to a massive campaign of vilification and there would be widespread demands for his immediate expulsion. Hence our public debate on closely-related issues was almost unprecedented in Harvard’s current intellectual climate of fear. Regardless of whether you are a liberal or a conservative, I think this is an outrageous state of affairs at one of world’s most prestigious centers of higher education.

Due to the miracles of modern technology and YouTube, our debate is now online and available for the entire world to see, discuss, and easily share on Social Media.

I was quite pleased with how it came out, especially since I’d only gotten a couple of hours sleep on the red-eye flight out from California which had arrived earlier that morning. And a few hours later I was back at the airport on my way home again, making this an exhausting but very productive East Coast trip.

And a couple of days earlier, my 35m discussion of our campaign with Ralph Nader on the Pacifica Radio Network, America’s leading leftwing media group, had been released, which was highly informative and also went very well:


Meanwhile, some of you may have heard of the totally ridiculous article the Crimson published a couple of days ago luridly presenting my alleged connections to “rightwing extremists.” They initially indicated they would be willing to publish my reply, debunking their nonsense, but after reading my submission now seem to have changed their minds, perhaps fearful that the effectiveness of my response might risk “confusing” their readers. So I’ll probably have to publish it elsewhere.

It’s a sad day when freedom of speech and thought are under siege at my old university, while the campus newspaper engages in what might reasonably be called “character assassination based on guilt-by-association” and does not even provide reasonable right-of-reply.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Academia, Harvard, Political Correctness 
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  1. University of California, campus Berkeley: in-state tuition and fees are $13,432 (2015-16); out-of-state tuition and fees are $38,140 (2015-16).
    I am still listening to the recording of the event, and comment later.

  2. Here is the reason of my special interest in UC Berkeley.
    After my kids finished H.S. and respective Us., and grand-kids still at elementary school level or below it and live in different state, for the last 4 years I had my fun tutoring a boy.
    I did that on a volunteer basis, for 4 years, 1.5 hours each week, being asked by some unfamiliar to me HS teacher. I was tutoring him in Mathematics and a little of Physics. I pushed him to take AP Calculus, and he eventually got A-s (5-s ?) at College Board exams (AP-AB and AP-BC Calculus, bunch of other AP courses.) While in 12-th grade of HS, following my encouragement, he took, 1-st course of Ordinary Diff. Eqs. as Dual Enrollment student in local public University.
    In the State where I live, he got National Merit Semifinalist status. Was not admitted to his 1-st choice – MIT. But he was admitted and went (in Fall 2015) to UC Berkeley. He wants to study Physics there. Berkeley gave him about $20K (per year ?), just about the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition. His parents are of rather modest means, but he is the only child.

  3. It was a hard work: to listen for 2 hours. Superficial impressions.

    1. Mr. Unz has to get his hair cut. This cut may be long, may be short, but it should not make an impression of being neglected.

    2. The quasi-Asian participant (viewed at the table as next to Mr. Unz) was so dumb, that had to write several letters and digits on the blackboard with the help of looking 5 (five) times at his i-pad. Total number of digits was about 17 (counting numbers 20, 11 and 14 as two digits each), and supposedly they are digits, invented by him beforehand, not any kind of statistical data; see 1:08:17 – 1:13:00 of the recording.
    I tried to listen to this 5-minute-long question for the second time, and still do not understand, what he wanted to say, even less what he wanted to ask.

    3. What was especially funny, third guy sitting at the table did not give a moment to Mr. Unz to answer, and posed another question, 1:13:00 – 1.14:07, after which everybody seemed to forget, what was the quasi-Asian’s question in the first place.
    For Mr. Unz: you should stop third guy and answer the original question first, showing how empty that question was. You were way too polite for such a manner of discussion.

    4. All questions from audience (about 6 questions) were towards Mr. Unz, none towards the “opposing side”.

    5. I was very unhappy to listen to the speech generated by sitting persons. The very timbre, volume and style of speech are much clearer, when a person is standing. Standing is a sign: you take your statements seriously enough to stand up and deliver them.

    6. Mr. Unz was (and looked) so much smarter than his “opposition”, that I do not understand the choice of “opposing personalities”.

    Good luck, Mr. Unz !

  4. Jason Bayz says: • Website

    As a NMS “commended student” I received a letter from Harvard which mentioned their financial aid program. I’ve read that they, like other colleges, buy lists of high scorers from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and then send letters to everyone on the lists. If that’s true, a low income student with a chance of (meritocratically) getting into Harvard already knows about it.

    • Replies: @Michael Watts
  5. Yo Trump says:

    It was the KUSHNER FAMILY that abused influence to get their son JARED KUSHNER into Harvard. Why are you using Trump’s name??! Donald Trump had nothing to do with that. It is people like Jared Kushner and his ilk who are over-represented at Harvard.

    • Agree: Malcolm X-Lax
    • Replies: @Malcolm X-Lax
  6. Cesar Arevalo combines Ron Unz’s love of English immersion and Harvard. Cesar legally moved to California from El Salvador with his family at the age of 5. He learned how to speak English in 6 months. His brother and sister are graduates of UC Berkeley.

    Cesar was recently accepted to all 12 of the colleges to which he applied: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Barbara. His top choices are Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

  7. According to College Scorecard, 10 percent of Harvard’s undergrads have a family income below $40K. I’m sure a similar percentage has a family income of $40K-$65K. Harvard will no longer be Harvard if it is filled with low-income students. Poor people can network with other poor people at a community college. People want to go to school with the Jared Kushners of the world.

    Pushing the rich out of Harvard is akin to pushing blacks out of HBCUs. Why the need to take over their schools?

    Ronald Nelson, who is black, turned down all 8 Ivies last year to accept a full-ride from the University of Alabama. His father is an engineer and his mother a manager at FedEx. They probably earn the $190,000 that the hypothetical NYC school teachers in the video earned. The family felt it was best to save their money for Ronald’s future medical school expenses.

    A lottery will make Harvard less diverse racially and income-wise and you can kiss competitive sports teams goodbye. These groups depend heavily on affirmative action.

    Why are you using Trump’s name??!

    I suppose he could have said Ivanka Trump’s husbands. Quite honestly I don’t recognize Jared Kushner’s name or face unless it is connected with a Trump. No one thinks Trump had anything to do with getting a teenage Jared into Harvard. The Trumps go to Penn and Georgetown.

  8. @Triumph104

    10 percent of Harvard’s undergrads have a family income below $40K.

    I suspect that those 10% with a family income below $40K are mostly Asian “fresh from the boat” immigrants, or Affirmative Action minorities. I don’t have data to support or to refute this suspicion.
    The boy whom I tutored (see comment #2) fits neither of two categories, and I am sure his family had more than $40K per year. It is a pity he was not admitted to MIT

  9. These two guys represent current Harvard students. That just can’t be. That was embarrassing. Is this what passes for a debate these days. Simplistic SJW screeds and terrible attempts at quick statistics from a math major.

    I have to believe that those two Harvard students are extremely bright, which leads to the more chilling conclusion: The Cultural Marxists are so powerful that they’ve forgotten how to debate. They’ve never had to prove their points. Just point and accuse someone of being racist or some other “-ist” and you win.

    Btw, you notice how the white guy is all in favor of transparency until his ox is about to gored. He has the same logic with racism. It’s terrible unless used by his side.

    Blinded by ideology.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Stanford just announced that it’s making itself tuition free for families making less than $125,000. Stanford has a $22 billion endowment v. $38 billion for Harvard.

    What’s even more interesting is that the writer mirrors Unz in making the point that this change offers the advantage of simplicity and permits better planning by parents whose incomes qualify them:

    “On the other hand, there’s something that every college could emulate about Stanford’s policy: it’s incredibly simple and straightforward.

    Middle-class students know even before they apply to Stanford what they’ll have to pay to attend, whether they’ll be able to afford it, and how much they’ll have to borrow.”

  11. Rehmat says:

    UC Berkeley is home to some very interesting academics, such as, lesbian Judith Butler. She is considered one of the leading theorists in the fields of feminism and queer theory. Butler offers the idea that gender is constructed by society. In other words, she believes that gender—the concept of a female identity or a male identity—is formed by society rather than inherent to an individual. What it means to be a woman or a man, in Butler’s view, depends on a number of systemic and systematic features of larger society. What we get, then, are gender “norms”- the behaviors, practices, and other signals that constitute what is normal for a given gender category. Sexual practices would be among these norms, according to Butler. She considers heterosexual practices a norm. Since Butler does not see anything inherent in gender, she suggests that gender is a kind of performance. People perform their “womanness” or “manness” through behavior, modes of dress, activities, and so forth. Essentially, we act out our gender identity in the way that we might perform a role in a play.

    In November 2014, Ami Horowitz, a Fox News liar, was shocked to learn that most students at UC Berkeley are still not brainwashed by Zionist-controlled media concerning Israel, holocaust and Muslims.

    Horowitz along with a cameraman went to University of California, Berkeley to rant anti-Muslim propaganda while waving flag of the so-called “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria.

    “A couple of thousand students walked by me and not saying anything negative. In fact, there were some positive responses. It really blew me away. Not a single person has a negative response. It was completely shocking,” Horowitz admitted.

    • Replies: @Malcolm X-Lax
  12. @Jason Bayz

    As someone who scored 238 on the PSAT, advancing to whatever level of National Merit status you can based only on test scores (they apparently didn’t view my essay as National Merit material), I never received any mail from Harvard. I conclude that they weren’t, at the time, sending mail to everyone on a list of high scorers.

  13. @Michael Watts

    Same with two Nat. Merit Semifinalists known to me,
    one of them been described in comment #2:
    no letter from Harvard or from any other Ivy.

  14. @Yo Trump

    I was struck by that as well. I’ll bet everyone in the audience was thinking, those damned WASPs! Meanwhile was there a non-jewish white person on the platform?

  15. @Rehmat

    I remember a number of years ago, some crazed muslim iranian student took a bunch of college kids hostage for several hours in an off-campus Berkeley pub.

    Still others escaped – on hands and knees, through back doors and windows – and later described a grim ordeal in which the gunman ordered some female students, all of them blond, to undress below the waist and called them ”sluts and whores.”

    I thought he was killed. Mehrdad, is that you?

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  16. What a surprise. The fat jewish kid arguing unapologetically for race-based affirmative action at Harvard does so while strongly taking issue (via flimsy heresay argument) with Ron’s numbers on the over-representation of jews at Harvard.

  17. Rehmat says:
    @Malcolm X-Lax

    I remember a few years ago, your The Jew York Times acknowledged that when it comes to Israel-Palestine news reporting – it follows Israeli military GAG orders.

    Now tell me Moshe, why only stupid Americans like you believe in that newspaper full of Zionist filth?

  18. Rehmat says:

    On Thursday, during a Q & A period Husam El-Qoulaq, head of the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a Muslim, Jewish and Christian student group at Harvard, asked the event’s keynote speaker, Israeli Knesset member and former foreign and justice minister Tzipi Livni: “Why you’re smelly?” In fact, he was trying to be polite to Tzipi Livni by not calling her a war criminal or a hooker.

    The event was cosponsored by the Jewish Law Students Association and Harvard Hillel, Israeli Campus advocacy groups. The topic of Livni’s speech was, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict & the US.

    The Dean of Harvard Law School, Dr. Martha Minow (Jewish) in a statement condemned the label. She called ‘smelly’ being offensive and embarrassment to the institution.

    Under pressure from the Harvard University Husam has since apologized to the Organized Jewry for not knowing the real definition of ‘Antisemitism’: “The people who are hated by the Organized Jewry – both Jews and non-Jews.”

    Tzipi Livni commented on the event, saying she was happy with results because it helped Zionists’ myth of Jewish victimization.

    In 2013, Arab media reported Tzipi Livni, then Israel’s justice minister, bribed two P.A. chief negotiators, Saeb Erekat and Yasser Abed Rabbo with kosher sex. Naturally, an embarrassed Livni refuted her playing hooker to discredit PA.

    I know, for the Zionist Jews, Livni’s past activities doesn’t makes her filthy – but some non-Jews may think her ‘smelly’.

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