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The large number of different RSS Feed software clients apparently renders the the software technology much more variable and “kludgy” than most, and this problem is compounded because I’ve never used the system myself. But it seems that we’ve finally tracked down and eliminated the remaining, intermittent bugs in the new Custom Feed we added a few weeks ago. I urge readers to try some of these Feeds on their various devices and report back if they encounter problems.

The Custom Feed Module we built now allows for individuals to subscribe to a wide variety of different Feeds, picking those portions of the material The Review publishes that are of interest to them and leaving out the others. Since we include a wide variety of writers from totally different and often sharply conflicting ideological backgrounds, providing this option was more important than it might be for most other publications.

Our basic RSS Feed link at the top of all of the pages allows subscription to all of our published articles and columns:

Meanwhile, each Columnist and Blogger page provides top and Sidebar links to Feeds restricted just the columns or posts of that particular writer, as well as a link to just the Comments published on that writer’s items. For example, here’s are the RSS Feeds for Steve Sailer, Eric Margolis, and Peter Frost, as well as the RSS Feed for the Comments of the last of those. The layout of the Feed URLs is obvious and self-explanatory:

Finally, just below the commenting box of every article or post is a Feed link allowing users to subscribe to just the Comments of that particular article. For example, here’s the Feed link to the Comments of the most recent Peter Frost column:

In addition, we have now gotten the “author” portion of the Feed XML fixed, allowing RSS Clients to display the particular authors of posts, a useful feature for subscriptions involving pieces by a variety of different authors. Apparently, some RSS Clients have this capability but others do not.

I should emphasize that these features now all seem to work during our testing, but there may possibly remain bugs we missed that show up in particular cases or for particular RSS clients, so please let us know if you come across these.

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