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Ron Paul Endorses Ron Unz for the U.S. Senate in California
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Palo Alto, CA—Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, has endorsed Ron Unz in his current U.S. Senate race in California.

Mr. Unz, a software developer and former theoretical physicist with degrees from Harvard University and Cambridge University, is a leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat held by California’s retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

For over two decades, Mr. Unz has been a prominent figure on public issues and organized successful nationwide “English for the Children” campaigns to replace Spanish-almost-only classes for immigrant students in the public schools.

Dr. Ron Paul said: “Ron Unz has been a strong and courageous individual who stood tall on controversial issues when others did not. He opposed our government’s disastrous recent foreign wars and corrupt bailouts of Wall Street special interests, and would have saved the American taxpayer the many trillions of dollars these cost. Whether or not you agree with him on every individual issue, he would be a principled, independent-minded U.S. Senator, and our federal government greatly needs his voice and his ideas.”

Mr. Unz said: “I am deeply honored to receive Dr. Paul’s endorsement. During the last two presidential elections he was my write-in choice on the November ballot, and as a U.S. Senator I would follow his example as someone who takes positions based on principles rather than party pressure.”

For information about Ron Paul, see

For information about the Ron Unz for U.S. Senate campaign, see

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  1. Rehmat says:

    Mr. Unz, it’s indeed a great achievement to be endorsed by a patriotic politician like former Congressman Ron Paul. I sincerely hope you also get endorsement from Cynthia McKinney.

    However, Ron Paul’s endorsement could turn the Organized Jewry against you. I remember in 2011, Abraham Foxman, national Guru of Israel lobby group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said that all GOP contenders with the exception of Ron Paul, agrees with Israel Lobby’s (AIPAC) views on Israel, Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah.

    Douglas Bloomfield, a writer at the Jewish Week, wrote an Op-Ed in Israel daily the Jerusalem Post on February 22, 2012, titled ‘Washington Watch: Watching the Arab vote’. Bloomfield’s article shows his concern about the popularity of Ron Paul among the Arab minority, 63% of which is first-second-third generation Christians immigrants from Syria and Lebanon.

    Bloomfield says that unlike most American Jews – Israel is not the highest priority within Arab community in Michigan and elsewhere. They’re more focussed on Syria, Hizbullah and Iran. “Sympathy for the Palestinian cause runs high among Arab-Americans, but it’s not the highest political priority for most of them – not unlike the Jews and Israel,” Bloomfield quotes Cohen, an Arab-American community expert with the Detriot Jewish News.

    So, my sincere advice would be to pick-up phone and call the local chapter of ADL and pledge that you would be more loyal to Israeli cause than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump put together.

    In 2014, in an interview Ron Paul told Charles Goyette, host of podcast ‘Money and Markets’ that Bush administration had the pre-knowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    “I believe if we ever get the full truth, we will find out that over government had it in the records exactly what the plan were, or at least close to it,” Ron Paul said.

  2. Tony says:

    Now all you need is the endorsement of the Bush family and your in.

  3. […]  And Ron Paul is supporting Ron Unz in the California Senate race.  Here are some of Unz’s […]

  4. I.W. says:

    “Ron Paul Endorses Ron Unz for the U.S. Senate in California”


    How many have felt hope for California from the Ron Unz stand? Me, for one. Pray it’s not too late and he’ll win.

  5. […] 10. Ron Paul endorses Unz for U.S. Senate (Hat Tip: Scott Sumner) […]

  6. Mark Green says: • Website

    Being endorsed by a man if Paul’s stature and integrity is a great achievement. Congratulations, Ron Unz.

    Nevertheless, millions of illegal immigrants must be rounded up and safely returned to Mexico. This must remain a top priority for any high California official. Is massive repatriation inhumane? No, not at all. In fact, repatriation is not only culturally and economically sensible, but it’s a relatively mild penalty for lawbreakers.

    Just consider the fact that America (and California) arrests and imprison millions of is own citizens just for smoking weed. It’s how we do business. But smoking pot should be a personal choice in a free society. After all, abortion is.

    Also, countless women (and their customers) are arrested for being in the sex industry. Meanwhile, pornography is legal, being declared a ‘constitutional right’. What’s with that?

    We are not a free society. And we are a dangerous society.

    Indeed, ‘democratic America’ routinely invades and slaughters countless people thousands of miles from its borders. These injured and killed foreign nationals committed no crime against America and sought no conflict with the American people. Murder by remote control is just part of how Washington does business. But maybe those responsible should be removed from office. Maybe they should do some jail time, too. Don’t innocent lives matter?

    Ron Paul is right: US agencies must stop their violent and aggressive interference in the lives of others. War criminals should be prosecuted, including the ones who nest in Washington. Freedom and liberty must regain its proper place in American life.

    But let’s add this to the list as well: no illegal invasion by unwanted foreign nationals can be countenanced.

    These are all urgent issues. Let’s press forward.

  7. Rurik says:

    an amazing endorsement Senator Unz!

    it says a lot

    kudos and God speed in your efforts

  8. Unz was a theoretical physicist too? Holy fuck.

  9. I want to congratulate Mr. Unz on the endorsement, and I also want to thank him for something even more significant:

    In his campaign, Ron Unz is correctly describing the links between immigration and other issues. In debates and written positions, he explains to voters how unchecked immigration effects not only jobs and wages, but also our environment.

    Supply and demand connects immigration with wages, as Unz explained during a debate recently. He made this point during his answer to a question about the minimum wage.

    When asked about global warming (presumably anthropogenic) Ron pointed out his great scientific qualifications and then went on to point out that rapid population growth in the US, caused by massive immigration, is creating real, concrete damage to our environment.

    Kudos to Candidate Unz!

  10. @Rehmat

    “However, Ron Paul’s endorsement could turn the Organized Jewry against you.”

    I am not sure I agree with you.. The Ron Paul camp was responsible for the election of the turncoat Ted “I am Canadian” Cruz, and he and his wife are ashkenazi puppets..

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  11. Rehmat says:

    Well sir, among the western politicians, being a “turncoat” is considered “nothing to be ashamed”. You remember Republican propagandist David Cole, who used to demonize American Muslims and especially Iran – now claims Holocaust was based lies, fraud and hoax.

    Then there is former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the half-Jewish who used to work for Israeli Mossad before entering politics. During his presidency he turned against the self-claimed “Viceroy” of the world Jewry, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    In November 2011, according to two journalists, Arnaud Leparmentier of Le Monde and Dan Israel of Arrêt sur Images, Sarkozy told Obama: “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he is a liar“. To which Obama replied: “You may be sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day“.

  12. Doctor Paul has endorsed Ron Unz. High praise indeed.

    All the best to Unz and his campaign.

  13. There is no such thing as bad publicity (albeit this one is not bad):

    The Unusual Mr. Unz Comes Closest To Immigration Patriotism In CA’s Tribalist Senate Debate
    by Brenda Walker, May 14, 2016

    It was nice to see on the photo Mr. Unz’s hair nicely trimmed.
    In spite of the title, Mr. Unz did not demonstrate tribalism.

    God speed, Mr. Unz.

  14. Kiza says:

    Congratulations to Mr Ron Unz and great respect for Mr Ron Paul. As a non-American, I can only write that both are rare examples of US individuals of immense integrity, capacity and intelligence. A better endorsement could not have come, great news which put a happy smile on my face. Wish Ron the best for his candidacy and hope the voters will recognize what most of us commenters at already know: Vote Unz to represent California!

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