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Based on user suggestions, I’ve now changed the default ordering of the Comment Archive pages to “descending,” while adding a toggle-button at the top to reverse that order. Also, the Comment Archive pages along with various toggle buttons have now been added to the Mobile Edition as well as the regular website.

Opening the Comment Editor during the five minute editing window, deleting the entire text, and saving the comment results in the elimination of that comment.

The RSS Feeds for the website have now been rebuilt in the much more flexible format. Users can subscribe to the RSS Feeds for any particular blogger or columnist, just the comments of that blogger or columnist, or just the comments of a particular post. The subscription links to comment feeds are located at the bottom of the comments of a post.

Since the system now provides a large number of different feeds and there are also a large number of different RSS clients in existence, I’m sure there will be various initial problems with these different cases, more difficult for me to determine since I don’t use RSS myself. Therefore, please alert me to any problems or difficulties you encounter with these different feed/client combinations.

A number of people have requested the option of subscribing to email notifications for new or replying comments, and I’ll probably add such a capability in the near future.

In general, I’d very much welcome user feedback whether in the form of comments, complaints, or suggestions, although I may not necessarily agree with them.

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  1. Dahlia says:

    I do like the commenter archive function as there are a few commenters I hold in high esteem whose opinions I’ve laboriously sought out via Google.
    Is this unique? I don’t think I’ve seen this before.

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  2. Dave says:

    Comments are being attributed to me that I didn’t make.

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  3. Categories and tags would be great for google to index things better and for me to find them quicker next year or whenever. eg.

    should get:

    cats: black crime, man bites dog, government cover-up
    tags: Michael Brown, Ferguson

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