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Our website traffic has been growing very nicely over the last few months, both in absolute and relative terms. We have also expanded our coverage a bit, publishing the articles and archives of eminent Russia scholar Prof. Stephen Cohen of The Nation and outstanding investigative journalist Whitney Webb of MintPress News.

In addition, I recently published my 20,000 word analysis of the actual history of World War II, summarizing and extending many of my previous American Pravda columns of the last year or two, and it has done very drawing, drawing more early readership than almost anything else I’ve published in recent years along with a remarkable 250,000 words of contentious comments.

Aside from doing a great deal of background reading while exploring possible new article topics, I’ve also been doing some work on the website software, and thought I’d provide this thread as an opportunity for readers to set forth their various comments, complaints, and suggestions, either on the system itself or the content currently offered by our webzine.

I should mention that I’m strongly considering returning the comments/thread/hour limit back down to three, so as to avoid having particular individuals overly monopolize discussions. Another possible change might be to restrict Anonymous commenters to just two comments per hour so as to encourage them to start using Handles. I also might expand the top menu from two lines to three in order to better accommodate the full range of different website sections.

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