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Last summer when I began planning our current Free Harvard/Fair Harvard campaign for the Board of Overseers of Harvard University, I decided it would be helpful to collect together some of my related writings and publish them in book form.

After all, much of the basis for my critique of Harvard and our other elite universities was contained in various magazine articles and opinion pieces from the last few years, and although these were all available online, in many cases their considerable length rendered them inconvenient to read in that format. On the other hand, for highly controversial topics a loose stack of 30 or 40 printed sheets of 8.5×11 paper hardly possessed the weighty credibility of a professionally-produced book. Furthermore, individuals familiar with some of my articles might have missed related ones, and a bound collection would provide them all in convenient proximity.

Mainstream presses are almost never interested in collections of reprinted articles, let alone those already freely available on the web, and would anyway take far too long a the 2016 Overseer ballot, so I chose to self-publish under a newly established imprint, The Unz Review Press.

As matters proceeded, I added more and more material, ultimately incorporating nearly all my print articles of the last thirty years, even including several of my academic journal articles of the mid-1980s, along with a few of my more recent web columns. As a consequence, the project took much longer than I had originally expected, which was a contributing factor in the delayed start of the Harvard Overseer campaign.

Fortunately, my advance proofs managed to attract some remarkably kind and generous quotes by prominent scholars and journalists including Nathan Glazer, John Mearsheimer, Sydney Schanberg, Nicholas Wade, and James Galbraith, which will be appearing on the cover of the hardcover edition, scheduled for release on Amazon in early March. Although the collection is quite substantial, running some 700 pages, my intentions are hardly mercenary, and without the costly overhead of a large publisher, I will be making offering copies at an attractive price.

Meanwhile, since I still have some of the advance proof print run available, I would be very glad to send them out as complementary copies to any authors, journalists, bloggers, activists, or other individuals who think they might possibly want to write about or even mention this collection of my articles, either now or in the future. Except for the lack of the index and cover-quotes, the paperback proof copies are virtually identical to the finalized hardcover edition which will shortly go on sale. (However, they are obviously not intended for resale.)

So anyone who would like one of those proof copies sent out via Priority Mail need only provide his name and address.


For those possibly interested, here is a link to a PDF of the Table of Contents and Preface

And here’s the email that people can use to request a copy: Contact Me

• Tags: Meritocracy 
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  1. Hail says: • Website

    Excellent idea. Thank you.

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  2. Need more articles about how Fred Branfman risked his life for ordinary people.

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  3. Immigrant from former USSR [AKA "Florida Resident"] says:

    Dear Mr. Unz:
    1. Deep gratitude for your heroic work.
    2. What is the address, where I can send my request for the said material ?
    Most respectfully, F.r.

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    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    Thanks. You can just send a note with your name and address to the email I've now added to the top.
  4. Ron Unz says:
    @Immigrant from former USSR
    Dear Mr. Unz:
    1. Deep gratitude for your heroic work.
    2. What is the address, where I can send my request for the said material ?
    Most respectfully, F.r.

    Thanks. You can just send a note with your name and address to the email I’ve now added to the top.

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  5. JackOH says:

    Ron, thanks. I admit I can’t recall the last magazine of any sort that puts together writing as broad-shouldered and provocative as “UR”. Your “distorted matrix” phrase from your preface is spot on.

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