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Becoming a Farm Team for The New York Times?
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Although in recent years, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal and perhaps one or two British newspapers have begun to provide strong competition, it is undeniable that The New York Times currently ranks as the world’s most influential and prestigious English-language newspaper. Therefore, I am very pleased to announce that Saturday’s Times carried another op-ed by our blogger Razib Khan, his second in just the last few weeks. Two appearances in such order is certainly a very impressive achievement and I suspect that many writers at publications vastly more established and wealthier than our small one-year-old webzine are quite envious of such success. There are obvious advantages that adhere to a publication, however small, that forthrightly presents articles on those important and controversial topics that almost everyone else avoids. Becoming known as a farm club for the Great Gray Lady of New York would be a very welcome outcome of this project.

Meanwhile, our star blogger Steve Sailer has achieved remarkable success in recent weeks, likely being the individual who almost singlehandledly propelled the unraveling of the Great UVa Rape Hoax, which enormously humiliated Rolling Stone magazine and probably constitutes the greatest American media scandal of the last few years. Richard Bradley may be a card-carrying member of America’s established media elite, with a Harvard/Yale/New Republic background, author of a #1 national national best-seller, and founding editor of John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s George magazine. But when he first began raising serious doubts about RapeGate on his blog, absolutely no one paid any attention until Steve began highlighting and discussing the issue, whereupon it soon exploded into the front pages of our national newspapers. Perhaps financially-stressed newspapers might just replace their established media critics with unpaid interns who merely spend their days reading Steve’s blog. Certainly they’d have plenty of company, with Steve’s blog drawing in over 11,000 comments during December, many quite lengthy and detailed (though occasionally deranged), an astonishing achievement given the slowdown of the Holidays.

Meanwhile, I took a short break from my all-consuming software project of the last few months to do a little work on the website, updating the code and fixing a few bugs. I also added a small feature what I hope may enhance the readability of the long comment-threads. Many comments are made in reply to previous comments, and checking the content of the latter is sometimes inconvenient. So now when you hover your mouse over the “@Ron Unz” link to the previous comment within half a second a window opens showing that entire text and closes once you move your mouse away.

And with that major software project itself now close to public unveiling, I should be able to devote more time to The Review and hope to build on the success we’ve achieved in our first year of operation.

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  1. I saw the mouseover and really appreciated it! Very intuitive, and the time intervals were wisely set.

    Unfortunately we live in an unjust world, and Steve Sailer will never enjoy a byline in the NYT.

    As an aside, I think the current iSteve comment approval system (from Steve’s hand to our eyes?) is a bit clunky, and the way that comments end up being batched both detracts from the flow of legitimate discussion and makes his comments eminently trollable as hundreds see a troll post that’s been approved but not responded to and a dozen respond. Please work with Mr. Sailer on implementing something more reasonable.

  2. David says:

    Razib is a jerk and a broken and laconic writer. He glories in ridiculing people. Anyone who followed him to this site and read him here would learn to loathe the field. Maybe he’s like the Cole in Hannity and Cole: not the best face to present his side. Unless, like the NY Times, you want it to appear revolting.

    • Replies: @Muse
    , @Maj. Kong
  3. Muse says:

    Sure he can be a jerk. I can live with his grumpiness and arrogance because he is thoughtful and has innovative ideas based on data and the scientific method.

    I am so sick and tired of today’s journalists that can’t even differentiate between correlation and causation.

    Razib, Sailer and their ilk are a breath of fresh air.

    • Replies: @European-American
  4. Jim Sweeney says: • Website

    On the assumption that your opinion as to the Times’ leadership position, I always wonder why? Most of us think that its postures are at best merely wrong. Others consider its staffers and their views treasonous.

    On speculation, wouldn’t you think the WSJ is on a par with the times for world influence?

  5. Patriot says:


    Bless you for what you do. You’ve made the world a better an more interesting place.

  6. @Muse

    Nice new features, and good news about the NYT. I often like reading Razib. Crankiness commonly, but not inevitably, goes with genius. Not everyone can be a genial genius like Steve.

    In case it helps, here’s another small bug report: the @David link in this thread is broken.

  7. Can we now look forward to seeing Steve Sailer and Fred Reed regularly in the NYT? Now that would be progress.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    “… it is undeniable that The New York Times currently ranks as the world’s most influential and prestigious English-language newspaper.”

    Really? Who says that?

    The interests of what group are served by making such a claim?

  9. Maj. Kong says:

    Colmes, as in Alan Colmes, of the former Hannity and Colmes on Fox.

  10. Happy new year Mr Unz, you run a great website!

  11. Rambler88 says:

    Mr. Unz and the Unz Review have a very great deal to be proud of, but I’m not sure that appearances in the NY Times belong in that category. I’d say those appearances are primarily evidence of the Times’s desperation about losing its influence to the independent Internet media. This rather suggests that it is the Unz Review, and not the Times, that is in the catbird seat. The intellectual integrity of the Times is so far below that of the Unz Review that doubts must be raised by any connection.

    A major factor in the influence of the Times is that nearly every professional journalist in the English-speaking world, regardless of political stance, wants the Times on his resume, and most will compromise any principles they have to promote that end. They pander to Artie Sulzberger’s delusions, either by writing to support them or at least to by usually avoiding subjects and points that he doesn’t want publicized and in any case allowing him to display a semblance of balance, while the general content of the Times is still spin as thick as mud. That’s influence, but it’s not any sort of positive influence, and doesn’t look very durable.

    The Unz Review and its writers have much more to celebrate than does the Times. The best in the new year to all of them!

  12. AshTon says:

    Being published by the NYT should be a source of shame, not pride. Its journalism never veers from whatever the current orthodoxy is.

    I find it depressing that seeks such dubious accolades. It’s as if a giddy schoolgirl has just noticed the popular guy at school has noticed her, and almost by instinct she starts to behave in ways that keep up the attention.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  13. anon • Disclaimer says:

    But when [R. Bradley] first began raising serious doubts about RapeGate on this blog, absolutely no one paid any attention until [...]

    Should be “his” blog, no?

  14. RW says:

    Congratulations to Razib! Razib has good ideas but he needs to state his central points earlier and link his thoughts more clearly.

    Why, I wonder, does Razib make the New York Times after he has spent years promoting human biodiversity? Does he get a pass because he’s a minority? Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but I can’t help but wonder.

  15. Bill P says:

    I enjoy Razib Khan’s writing, in particular his thoughts on religion and the philosophical and social history of Central and South Asia. He really shines in this subject, and I’m always happy to see something new from him along those lines.

    However, I tend to view the NY Times as similar to contemporary Ivy League universities in its apparent desire to recruit talented brown people to its jihad against the majority and its interests.

    That’s no judgment on Khan, of course, but it would be a shame to see him lend his talents to an institution that wants nothing but the worst for me and my humble little family.

  16. Hacienda says:

    Depends on what kind of pride Ron is taking from farming to the planet’s most prestigious print outlet.

  17. Observing the flow of memes from isteve to mainstream media is one of the most amusing current pasttimes for the observer of culture.

  18. Hi Ron,

    UR has defaulted to mobile version for me. I’m using Internet Explorer 11 on a Desktop.

  19. […] to it. Of interest to us, Ron Unz gloats about Sailer’s role in making this a big story in a post at A comment at Bradley’s blog takes exception to what the author sees as Unz minimizing […]

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