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And a Very Derby Christmas to All
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Last week, several of the commenters on the most recent John Derbyshire column expressed tremendous enthusiasm for his writing and one of them mentioned how nice it would be if his collected articles and columns were somehow made available at The Review.

The idea seemed like a good one to me as well, and I contacted Derb, who generously authorized me to republish his entire collection of writings, currently available on his own personal website.

Although the volume of material turned out to be vastly greater than I’d realized—well over 1.8 million words!—my highly-efficient processing software made the task doable, and I’m pleased to now announce the availability of his entire huge quality of Derbery:

Since the material is now within the website system, it may automatically be explored by time period, topic, category, and publication, and is fully searchable as well. For example, here’s a search across all of Derb’s writing for “Podhoretz”:

So I hope that all of Derb’s numerous fans enjoy a very Derby—if somewhat belated—Christmas.

Meanwhile, as I’ve occasionally mentioned, I’m still totally preoccupied with my own major software project, though I’m pleased to say that at long last it’s finally reached the stage of full-beta-testing.

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  1. Tank says:


    And thanks.

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  2. Old fogey says:

    Thank you, Mr. Unz, for responding so quickly to the commenters on this site, and best of luck on your new project.

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  3. Thank you so much!

    Now I’m curious about this new software project of yours…

    PS: I did find a tiny bug with the highlighting:

    Using this link:

    the page has two messed-up links. I’ve bolded them:

    Why isn’t Steve rich and famous? Why do Bigfoot pundits read him and quote him without ever naming him? Why does *Steve* make John Podhoretz *gasp and sputter*? Why?

    The problem is the search-and-replace for highlighting also changes URLs.

    Without the highlighting, the links work fine:

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  4. Major software project? Ok fess up, how many H1-Bs are working for you?

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