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Advanced Searching, Comment Archives, and Other Software Developments
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I’ve been very preoccupied the last few weeks adding software enhancements to The Unz Review, and several important ones have now been released.

  • Advanced Search Capability

With tens of thousands of major articles and blog posts now in the website archives, finding the material you are seeking has become a much more difficult and important task. Therefore, we have developed a powerful new Advanced Search feature that should go a considerable way toward meeting that need. Near the upper right corner of almost every page is a small Search Box, in which readers can enter text to be located, with the results ranked by relevance. By default, when run on an Article or Author page, this search is restricted to the writings of that particular author, and when run on a Category or Topic page, restricted to articles of that type. As an example, searching for “Winston Churchill” on Steve Sailer’s blog returns a couple of dozen results among his blog posts.

However, once a search has been run, the Search Box expands to provide a range of additional options, allowing the search to be restricted by Date Range, Author, Category, Topic, Publication, or Blog, or any combination thereof. As an example, restricting that same “Winston Churchill” search to the date range 2011 to 2012-06 provides just a half-dozen results.

As another example, here are all the articles by Phil Giraldi mentioning “Sibel Edmonds” that ran up to 2009 in The American Conservative.

There will be additional enhancements in this Search Module, but even now the twenty million words contained in our archives should become much more useful to readers.

  • Complete Comment Archive

Although our article, column, and blog archives are quite large, our comment archives are even larger, and those 400,000 comments—forty million words—contain a great deal of fascinating and provocative material, surrounding by a far vaster quantity of trash, invective, and nonsense. Hundreds of additional comments are published every day, with Steve Sailer’s blog currently drawing the lion’s share, and although many are useless, others may contain very thoughtful material that extends and explicates some of the important points made in the original writings. Sometimes I’ve learned much more from particular comments than from the posts above them. But since these comments appear across a wide variety of different items, attempting to follow them ranges from the difficult to the impossible. Furthermore, once the post or article has dropped off the main page, its comments are almost invariably forgotten. This has surely been the sad fate over the years of the most of the 350,000 comments on iSteve or the 50,000 on GNXP, with many thousands of man-years of thoughtful writing having apparently disappeared without a trace.

To more easily revive this long-lost material, I’ve now added a Comments Archive, available from the top menu, allowing the aggregated comments of any blog or any time period to be read together, preceded by a teaser from the post or article they address. As with all other Archiving pages, the control bar at the top allows the selection of any given time period, while a set of tabs allows restriction to articles only or a particular blog. Clicking on the title of an Post or Article provides all the comments to that item, and the text may be viewed either in full or excerpt mode. As an example, here are all the iSteve comments for February 24, 2014. Additional features will be added in the near future.

  • Remembering Your Commenting Name and Info

Various readers have noted that while in the past they could comment on the iSteve blog by logging in with their Google account, they now need to retype their name and other info each time. Therefore, right below the Name/Email/Website info, we have added a “Remember My Information” checkbox, saving the information in your browser and removing the need for you to retype it in the future.

  • Archive Control Buttons

The top of all Archive pages now contain buttons allowing the items to be displayed in Ascending or Descending order by date and also shown in “Headline” view, eliminating the text or teasers and allowing 50 headlines per page. When toggled, these settings last for 24 hours.


With many tens of thousands of articles and posts and hundreds of thousands of comments, our website now contains a vast quantity of material, and the value heavily depends upon the accessibility. Our powerful new Search features and Comment Archives are important steps towards increasing the usefulness of these sixty million words of accumulated content, and additional ones will certainly follow in the future.


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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ron, how about getting holocaust revisionist David Cole (Stein) to write here. He offers a reasonable perspective on the holocaust, which is completely demonized in the mainstream. As you know, you can be arrested for this in Europe. David himself had a bounty on his head, courtesy of the Jewish Defense League.

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