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Urban White IQ Estimates for Several Cities
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A reader wondered if the stellar NAEP scores among Washington DC’s white public school students is unique among the country’s big cities or if DC does well when included in state rankings on account of being exclusively urban.

The short answer is the former. DC’s whites do better than whites in any of the other metro areas NAEP provides results for. The following table and map show estimated mean IQ in several city districts from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among white eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting those to IQ scores, assuming a national average IQ of 96 and a standard deviation of 15. This does not take home-schooled or private school students into account:

City IQ
1) Washington DC 111.8
2) Atlanta, GA 108.0
3) Boston, MA 106.7
4) Charlotte, NC 106.5
5) Denver, CO 106.2
6) Houston, TX 105.5
7) Austin, TX 105.3
8) Chicago, IL 104.4
9) San Diego, CA 104.4
10) Greensboro, NC 102.1
11) Miami-Dade, FL 101.6
12) New York City, NY 101.4
13) Tampa, FL 100.8
14) Louisville, KY 99.3
15) Los Angeles, CA 99.2
16) Fort Worth, TX 98.9
17) Las Vegas, NV 98.6
18) Baltimore City, MD 98.5
19) Albuquerque, NM 98.4
20) Jacksonville, FL 98.2
21) Milwaukee, WI 96.8
22) Philadelphia, PA 95.8
23) Fresno, CA 93.2
24) Cleveland, OH 92.6

The white student populations in Dallas, Detroit, and Memphis are too small to meet NAEP’s reporting standards and so were not included in the program’s 2019 report.

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  1. So the DC kids being sent to Sidwell Friends aren’t counted? The gap may be even bigger!

    It looks like DC is siphoning smart white families from elsewhere. The top ten or so suggest families that are well-off, ambitious and mobile moving in. And into the city proper, which is interesting.

    The Jewish portion of these cities doesn’t seem to be all that large, other than NYC and Miami, which are in the middle of the list.

    • Replies: @SFG
  2. Anonymous[424] • Disclaimer says:

    So white Americans have a higher average IQ than Europeans? European average IQ ranges from about 102 to 82, the range for white Americans appears to be significantly higher.

  3. EddieK says:

    Wow!! 92.6 in Cleveland. I know it’s a poor town but I didn’t think that poverty severely affected the white folks there.

    • Replies: @Jay Fink
    , @AP
    , @eah
  4. Realist says:

    The idea that any racial cohort in D.C. would have an IQ of 112 is laughable…again the IQ was estimated.

    • Agree: eah
    • Replies: @songbird
  5. songbird says:

    I wonder if it is possible that many (most?) private schools actually take the test, on their own discretion.

    I’m not familiar with DC’s public school system. Maybe, there are white neighborhoods, and they don’t engage in heavy busing? I suppose the whites there would probably be skewed towards the mobile, cosmopolitan classes – people who moved from across country to get government jobs or feed at the trough.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Realist
  6. SFG says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    What you really want is the scores of kids who go to private school, which you’re not going to get. NYC, given its status as a global hub of finance, has a lot of really rich people who send their kids to private school. I remember a lot of Jewish private schools from my time there as well.

    Boston, being relatively pale (and maybe a bit jaundiced), has more of a public school culture (and a valuation of education, it being a major industry over there). My guess is Charlotte and Atlanta are centers of professional Yankee transplants, and Austin is famously SWPL. (There are many good things about the South, but sadly a tradition of scholarship is not one of them.) Denver, well, that’s full of yuppie outdoorsy people.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @anonymous
  7. Realist says:

    I wonder if it is possible that many (most?) private schools actually take the test, on their own discretion.

    Exactly my thoughts. When schools like Sidwell charge exorbitant fees and are charged with educating idiot spawn of Schiff, Cummings and the rest, they have to cheat.

  8. RW says:

    Baltimore’s not-too-shabby-scores are in conflict with Le Griffe Du Lion’s findings:

    “While browsing MSPAP pass rates looking for patterns, we happened upon something extraordinary — a black-white math gap of 0.55 SD, half that predicted by the fundamental law. The anomaly showed up in data from Baltimore, Maryland’s largest city. Almost seven-thousand Baltimore 8th graders contributed to this result, a sample too big to write off as a statistical aberration. There was, of course, the chance that pass rates were erroneously reported, so we went back and looked at results from each of the last nine administrations of this test (1993 to 2001). Over nine years we found an average gap of 0.61 + 0.07 SD. The anomaly was confirmed! We had found a reproducible violation of the fundamental law.”

  9. IQ tests are a weak barometer of cognitive talent

  10. songbird says:

    Boston, being relatively pale

    It is pretty shocking to think about in historical context, since Boston was about 97% white into the 1950s, but whites comprise only about 14% of Boston public school students now. Given that, it is amazing liberals can’t acknowledge desegregation was disaster.

    State trends in public schools aren’t positive either for Massachusetts. I can see whites being a minority in public schools there in maybe about another ten years. That will just mean the cost of living for people who want their children to go to white schools (vast majority of whites) will continue to increase and probably it will decrease TFR even more.

  11. Svevlad says:

    They should do it by urban area (albeit seeing that New York and Philly are literally now connected into a giant continuous conurbation, it would probably give New York a massive boost)

  12. Jay Fink says:

    I know someone who lived in Cleveland (and absolutely hated it) the past few years. She said it was a mix of blacks and white drug addicts in a depressing looking rust belt setting.

    • Replies: @216
    , @Random bot
  13. “The white student populations in Dallas”

    jesus christ. Dallas public is completely gone?!

    forget the numbers. this is the biggest news of the entire NAEP report.

    we lost the main city in Texas already? even less students than Houston?

    good god, we’re in trouble.

    that means 2020 is it, for sure.

  14. Remember, Jews are white

    Charlotte, Denver, Houston, Greensboro, DC and Atlanta are being elevated by their massive Jewish populations.

    • Agree: Thomm
    • Replies: @Thomm
    , @SFG
  15. 216 says: • Website
    @Jay Fink

    It’s not an unfair description.

    The actual city has seen considerable gentrification in the downtown, and in two gayish neighborhoods next door. The univerisities and hospitals pump considerable cash into another neighborhood on the other side of the river.

    In the rest of the city, deindustrialization hit like a hammer and it hasn’t recovered. Surprisingly, there’s still a considerable amount of manufacturing in the city.

    People of higher income in the city will often choose the parochial high schools, St. Ignatius and St. Edward (Lakewood) for boys, St. Joseph for girls. Charter schools have also been highly promoted.

    Probably the most significant aspect is that the vast majority of the city’s revenue comes from people who don’t live in it, and therefore can’t vote.

  16. Thomm says:

    This data is meaningless unless we separate the WN + fat feminist population (IQ 70) from the functional white population (IQ 105).

    • Agree: Sam Coulton
  17. Cleveland is one of the worst cities in America. nobody talks about it, even here, because nobody talks about Ohio in general. I’ve been to Cleveland 20 times, and it is really bad. looking around today it is hard to believe that places like Detroit or Cleveland or Baltimore were anything, ever. Yet around 1950 Cleveland was one of the biggest most important cities in USA.

    Ohio has lots of really terrible rust belt cities that are largely african. Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton. These places aren’t even on the radar. Columbus is the only city that isn’t bad.

    it is amazing the amount of damage that africans can do to established civilization in a short amount of time. they can effectively wipe huge, industrial cities off the map in 30 to 40 years. think about what’s soon to happen in Georgia and Florida once they take political control. wow.

    we should calculate an ‘escape intelligence’ for people who manage to get out. for instance, it’s often estimated that the europeans left behind and trapped in Baltimore have a wechsler ability below 90. here we see the students unable to escape Cleveland and stuck in publics schools can do about 93. that’s lower than the students in West Virginia. that means that even the average person in West Virginia could still manage to escape Detroit, Cleveland, or Baltimore. so backwater West Virginia is not even as bad as a totally african inner city.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @anon
  18. @prime noticer

    Have you been living under a rock? Texas has been majority-minority since 2005, and Dallas has been majority minority (disaggregating Hispanics) since the mid 1980s. It’s honestly hard to believe that there’s even that many white students in Dallas, probably most of them are some kind of ethnic. The only marginally “white majority” places left in Texas are few near-ghost towns in the panhandle and a few swamps in East Texas; no white person continued to live Texas after the 1990s.

    Like I’ve been saying, the only people who believe politics offers any solution whatsoever to the changing demographics of America are the ones who are unaware of the extent to which America is already changed. Politics was an option back in the 1970s; by 1990 San Antonio (all white in 1970) was already majority minority. There is never going to be a political solution your “problem” (in fact, nonwhite immigration has lessened crime, fostered economic growth and provided attractive women for the men of America who don’t set the bar at the pitiable level that is the European female).

    • Replies: @John Arthur
    , @Anon
  19. songbird says:
    @prime noticer

    It would interesting to plot the IQ of Detroit over time.

    Could it be done? Maybe, using info the military has.

  20. songbird says:

    I wonder if any of these numbers might be influenced by the existence of magnate schools, which are politically threatened by diversity.

    • Replies: @216
  21. Anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    San Francisco?

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  22. anonymous[422] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve lived in MA for decades, Boston has terrible public schools except for the Boston Latin exam school. For that school, here are the demographics, % of school(% of district): whites 47%(15%), blacks 7.5%(31%), hispanics 12.5%(42%), asians 28.6%(9%). As you can see, the usual higher IQ suspects are the majority at the school which, according to the SJWs, shows the system is racist.

    Most whites do send their kids to public schools but there are numerous elite private schools where the competition is very fierce for admissions even at the pre-K level. My jaded opinion is that these schools generally select for parents who are rich assholes. The system perpetuates itself.

    Regarding NAEP results, there is data from the national level for 2013 for public and private schools. If you look at 8th grade math, there are increases for private schools across all races/ethnicities with the least for asians.

    Here’s the breakdown(public/private) for scoring at proficiency level and above.

    Whites 44%/52%
    Blacks 14%/22%
    Hispanics 21%/32%
    Asians 59%/63%

    • Replies: @SFG
    , @Audacious Epigone
  23. Random bot [AKA "Random botnot"] says:
    @Jay Fink

    Cleveland- The mistake on the lake.

    • Replies: @Random bot
  24. @Sam Coulton

    Exactly. The whole immigration fuss is happening for two main reasons:
    1. The vast growth of the Black population in once 95% White states starting Demographic fears. Ex. Pennsylvania and Michigan.
    2. Low IQ minorities like the Blacks or the Puerto Ricans getting the political and social over presentation causing White Americans to believe that the country is in deep shit. Ex Ilhan Omar
    In areas where people actually live with Hispanics and the Black population isn’t mass growing, immigration sentiments and fears are down to record lows.

  25. AP says:

    White people in Cleveland are either hipsters who don’t have kids and live in nice gentrified areas, or lumpens who didn’t have the money to escape to the suburbs and live in ghettos like Slavic Village where many use drugs or drink. The white kids being tested belong to the latter group.

  26. 216 says: • Website

    Magnates have a way of protecting themselves from the undertow.

  27. eah says:

    I know it’s a poor town but I didn’t think that poverty severely affected the white folks there.

    In the first world, people are more often poor because they have low IQ, not the other way around (as implied by your text):

    Black children from the wealthiest families have mean SAT scores lower than white children from families below the poverty line.

    Of course there is an IQ gradient/distribution among Whites — no doubt large numbers of ambitious, intelligent Whites already left and are still leaving Cleveland.


    I find the comment moderation advisory here interesting; all of the following are verboten: Racial slurs, dehumanizing language, personal identifying information, spamming, the advocation of illegal activity, or the use of excessive profanity — which takes some of the fun out of commenting …

  28. EddieK says:

    I’ve only visited once to see the Rock Hall of Fame, but otherwise I’ve always heard downtown-Cleveland is a no-go zone.

    • Replies: @216
  29. SFG says:
    @Sam Coulton

    Are you joking? There aren’t enough Jews in any of those places apart from DC to raise the mean on a test like that. Jews are something like 1% or less of the population in most cities not named New York, Miami, Boston, DC, San Francisco, or LA.

    And NYC and Miami don’t score high on that thing.

    • Replies: @216
    , @Sam Coulton
  30. Nsn says:

    Hey do you only publish flattery around here, are you too yellow to publish comments that are critical of you this blog of yours?

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
    , @216
  31. 216 says: • Website

    The downtown is where the sports stadiums and the casino are, and business activity during the daytime. It’s much more heavily policed.

    Crime and blight begins not far away from the downtown, but the average tourist won’t see this.

    • Agree: EddieK
  32. 216 says: • Website

    Cleveland has a Jewish ethnoburb, Beachwood.

    • Replies: @SFG
  33. @prime noticer

    “good god, we’re in trouble”

    Maybe. However, if the Republican Party post-Trump reverts back to pushing Paul Ryan economic policy and Bushian foreign policy then good riddance clueless Repugs.

    • Replies: @216
  34. Crazy to see the morons of Fresno getting beaten at being stupid (their distinguishing trait).

  35. Jay Fink says:

    I see Fresno is second lowest. I lived there in the early 90s. One thing I remember is everyone was all tatted up there already…before tattoos became mainstream nationally. It was shocking to me at the time.

  36. 216 says: • Website

    The likely result of a Trump loss:

    -Major blackpilling
    -Ill-advised demographic truimphalism by the left, far in excess of 2012
    -The “autopsy” comes back hard
    -The conservative movement follows the “Woke DC Examiner”

    This would be subdued if the economy just went bad, which would arguably be good as tax cuts would be permanently discredited. Otoh, “tariffs” and “brexit” would get most of the blame.

    The biggest fundamental change would be that the establishment right will become explicitly feminist, to capture the “cat lady vote”.

  37. @Nsn

    Your point about the anti-white slur is well taken. I’ve edited the usages of it in the comments and will not permit it from this point forward (so Thomm, please express your disdain for the working class whites in a less inflammatory way).

    It’s not natural for me to censor because nothing personally offends me, so I am admittedly less sensitive to anti-white slurs since wider society doesn’t care about them. While anti-non-white slurs don’t personally affect me either, I’ve been trained to be more aware of them.

    • Replies: @SFG
  38. 216 says: • Website

    Audacious is a beta male!

    Stoicism is trash, embrace the irrationality of idealism.

    Don’t ban me plz 🙂

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  39. Anon[117] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Coulton

    nonwhite immigration has lessened crime, fostered economic growth and provided attractive women for the men of America who don’t set the bar at the pitiable level that is the European female

    LOL. Counterpoint: Mrs. Jeb Bush.

    Mestizo females and the Asian females from which they genetically derive are “attractive” for as long as their facial baby fat can hide their severe prognathism and other telltale signs of hominid genetic load.

    As they get older, the babyfat melts away and you are then dating / married to what looks like a Neanderthal.

    The reality is that the only men that find the vast majority of these women attractive have a poor eye for genetic fitness / beauty or are otherwise lulled in by juvenile Asian neoteny.

    In any given group of young women not culturally ruined, most will be attractive in any Northwest European group with the caveat that they have little no Iberian-Irish ancestry. You’ll be hard pressed to find a truly attractive Mexican in a group of the same size.

    In addition, the especially low IQ (Latino, SE Asian, Black, Central Asian) and /or high neurosis rate (East Asian) for non-White females makes them not worth risking a pregnancy or putting up with a long term relationship. White women can have issues as well, but at least you can easier find one that has a respectable IQ and isn’t a bunny boiler.

  40. SFG says:

    Sure, but are they going to be enough to move the average?

  41. SFG says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    If you want to fight the use of ‘white trash’, you can always ask, ‘then is there nonwhite trash’?

  42. SFG says:

    Ha! Did not know that, thank you very much! I guess all the college professors are in the burbs.

  43. @Anon

    Sam Coulton and Jon Arthur are likely the same Indian troll sockpuppeting. Notice the American sounding first and last name – a style used by several other outed Indians here at UNZ who give themselves away with with their anti-white nonsense and incoherent gaslighting, most of which is the result of gleaning an understanding of American culture by watching reruns of old sitcoms and the current lineup on WCIU (black man’s cable). Best to ignore them or troll them back. They will only make you dumber.

  44. Random bot [AKA "Random botnot"] says:
    @Random bot

    Hi. I have to change ID after I reboot. Oh well. Maybe best if I just shut down my silly stuff for awhile.

    Could AE discuss his/her methods in a future post or suggest how to data analysis ideas. Thanks, bye for now.

  45. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I’ve noticed that as well. Way too many of them on the anti-white gravy train! They are on the hard right back home but pretentious lil libs here

  46. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Sam Coulton and Jon Arthur are likely the same Indian troll sockpuppeting. Notice the American sounding first and last name – a style used by several other outed Indians here at UNZ who give themselves away with with their anti-white nonsense and incoherent gaslighting,

    Yeah, and, you know, actual Americans.

    To be frank, you kinda just outed yourself as a nonwhite nonAmerican troll. “John Arthur” screams England, not the America. The first results for my handle are mostly English guys, including a very ambitious young man who wants to recycle dead people in to fertilizer.

    Hardly anybody in the States has this unusual combination of “Sam” and “Coulton”. That’s a very old school name that would have been rare even in old America. Today, examples of very common American names would be “Maria Gonzalez” or “Abdul”.

    “Rayden Filament” or “Shayden Shinsmasher” would be common white American names.
    Keep reinforcing my suspicion that only the stupidest people still believe in HBD and White Nationalism now that these ideologies have been exposed as fraudulent, from top to bottom.

  47. @SFG

    Jews are a substantial portion of Denver and the Southeast. Look it up.

  48. @Anon

    Wow, this comment’s author is pretty misinformed (and probably a seething white female).

    Europeans have a way higher mutational load than East Asians where it actually counts, and white females are the number one drivers of it.

    Northwestern European women, in particular, look like Skeletor. The vast majority of men can’t be wrong: Asian women look (and smell) better. Even their skulls are more beautiful. Only a fool (or a cuck) invests his time and resources in a white woman today.

  49. ariel says:

    in Israel the average ashkenazi jew is in the 102-105 range , roughly the same as east asians, sephardic and Mizrahim jews iq is below the average white american iq of 99-100.
    are american jews smarther than israeli jews?

  50. @prime noticer

    Cheer up. Houston is a larger city than Dallas and it just made the cutoff for reporting–6% white!

  51. @Anon

    Not included, unfortunately.

  52. @anonymous

    Interesting (though maybe not surprising) to see that non-Asian minorities get the biggest bump from private school attendance.

  53. @216

    Okay gamma

    • LOL: 216
    • Replies: @RSDB
  54. RSDB says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    “Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They’re too stupid to be able …”

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