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Trump's Wall of Opposition
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From Reuters-Ipsos polling, the percentage of those who oppose the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border, by selected demographic characteristics (n = 1,286; “don’t know” responses are excluded):

The Sabine women don’t want to come back. Swarthy, swashbuckling invaders taking them captive? Sweet sweet fantasy baby–after all, those invaders are on the right side of history!

Single white women are more opposed to a big, beautiful wall than Asians, blacks, or even Hispanics are.

Married white women and single white men are modestly in favor of it, while the bulwark of support comes from married white men–married white men such as, to pick a random example, Donald Trump.

Just as Trump’s candidacy was a referendum on a wall, so will his ability–or lack thereof–to get that wall built be a referendum on his presidency.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Given that what people say reveals less of their true thoughts than do their actions, it's no wonder that today's "governing by poll" is a source of chaos, not order.

    I wonder if so-called "smarter" people are simply better at reciting Equalist Dogma, and SWPLs [and (((some folks)))] are so habituated to it that they don't even notice the cog-dis any more.

  2. Single women play "Let's you and him fight." as a natural part of their mating behavior. That this behavior evolved in an environment where a man, so challenged, by a woman could actually fight, as an individual, and that this natural right to individual force is the first thing abrogated by civilization seems to have utterly escaped the attention of those most dependent on civilization's protections, such as women and the "peaceful" immigrant men they want to see us fight. Instead, we see ever-increasing contempt for the men who don't fight for their territory — contempt from both single women and the invading men. The acquisition of wealth protects a man somewhat as he can simply buy surrogate force in the form of property rights protected by the force of government — so they get to "grab them by the pussy" and the single women "will let you do it."

    It sort of reminds me of the time I was talking to then Senator Al Gore's counsel on the Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness about the fact that NASA was thumbing their nose at a requirement just signed into law that my coalition had promoted requiring NASA to procure commercial launch services. After haggling a bit about the meaning of the language, the wisdom of the policy, etc. he finally said, "Jim, you don't understand. You don't have any power!"

    At the time this pissed me off. He had basically just admitted to NASA's lawless behavior and refused to act in his oversight capacity, and challenged me to fight the US Federal Government. I immediately thought of the people I worked with at SAIC — "bugs and gas guys" for example — who could, individually, wipe out the beltway if they put their minds to it, that I was one of about a dozen guys called in by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to pull their incompetent asses out of an embarrassing situation emergent in the Persian Gulf that threatened to cut off much of the US oil supply, etc.

    That's when I dropped out of politics and turned off the TV for good.

    I'm now grateful for Gore's counsel's honesty.

    Unfortunately for many young men who are basically being told "You don't have any power!" by shit-testing women and arrogant immigrant men and corporate employers and Democratic Party apparatchiks — the message is subliminally debasing of their self-esteem and morale — until they "take the red-pill". At that point, not all of them are going to impotently rage. Some of them are going to, shall we say, "react".

  3. dc.sunsets,

    That could be (a large) part of the explanation. Jews give blank slatists answers at extremely high rates on all kinds of surveys, yet when the question is put to them at the individual level, they're realistic about Nature.


    Women conform. That includes throwing in with the winning side in a conflict. They don't do the violence and establish the power, they fit into the power structures created by men who more effectively use violence to snuff out those who use it less effectively. This doesn't have to happen on the conscious level to be explanatory.

    The necessary response seems clear–white men with skin in the game need to start fighting or they'll lose their country (and their women). And they'll deserve to.

    I'm not sure how we overcome the Dunbar Number problem–prodding people who do have real skin in the game to fight instead of insulating themselves and their social circles from the invaders until by the time there is no longer any way to insulate themselves, it becomes clear that they have long since passed the point of no return.

  4. Young single women are also acutely aware of being social status, and when nearly 100% of the signals they get from the popular culture tell them that it's only knuckle dragging, mouth breathing losers that support a border wall…well you can figure out why the results are what they are. What they don't understand is that all the liberal posturing and pontificating on immigration really amounts to is peacocking: "look at me, I have so much wealth and status that I can advocate for destructive ideas because they won't affect me personally even the slightest little bit."

  5. Hello anepigone, you can find lots of very useful stats and studies in my article on the issue of women, nationalism, and gender differences in xenophobia.

    I study the issue of women being less nationalist than men, and describe how barbarism will be the last stage of feminism. By the way i used some of your data in my article, so thank you for it. Have a nice reading, i'm sure that my article and the large information in it will be useful for you and will help your intelectual growth on this issue.

    The problem with Feminism. Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization.

  6. Feryl says: • Website

    "That could be (a large) part of the explanation. Jews give blank slatists answers at extremely high rates on all kinds of surveys, yet when the question is put to them at the individual level, they're realistic about Nature."

    They don't date blacks (aside from perhaps the occasional exotic quadroon), they have good longevity, their family trees aren't gnarled by druggies, ex-cons, bums, etc.

    It's been joked since at least the 60's that Jews live like Episcopalians and vote like blacks.

    Found this on Isteve.
    "Immigrants go where the money is: e.g., California rather than West Virginia. Los Angeles County has lots of celebrities and lots of immigrant servants who clean up after the celebrities, but over the generations there has been remarkably little overlap between the offspring of the two groups. The number of children of Mexicans in the L.A. entertainment industry, for example, is remarkably low. The last time I checked, the last person of Mexican descent raised in the U.S. to be nominated for an Oscar was in the 1980s. There’s such a shortage that I’ve seen the press try to pass off as kind of Mexican the Weitz Brothers (sons of fashion designer, race car driver, and historian John Weitz)."

    So it seems that even Mestizos are not an option for elite whites and Jews, but I repeat myself.

    There's so much discordance in Western Jewish identity. They make "entertainment" that is often so base, crude, and exploitive, even as they make great effort to not ruin their own lives with bad choices. They affect to identify with races on the left slope of the bell curve (primarily blacks), even though they keep representative specimens of these races out of their lives as much as possible, as well anyone in their right mind should.

    Now, I'm not gonna let them off the hook for sleazy financial/legal practices. But they do what they think they can get away with (a sign that they aren't even close to being Western white Euro). You don't see them robbing houses, or shooting up drugs, or mouthing off to cops. Even if you adjust for population levels, the chances of seeing a Jew on an episode of cops are extremely low.

    The twin factors of high IQ and low-trust/clannish culture is a nasty combo. Fun fact: the other human race know for both things (Han Chinese), has published adoring studies/histories of the Jews. "Making it" is all that matters to them, doesn't really matter how as long as you don't end up behind bars.. I heard a story from a screen writer where he talked about making some verbal agreement with a Jewish producer that his story/script would not get used for a movie unless the original writer was involved. Lo and behold, a couple months later a movie comes out that's obviously derived from his script. He call the producer, who proceeds to laugh in his face that "doncha know that around here, my word doesn't mean shit!" Psychopathy., via words rather than via fists and guns.

    Ya'll remember Rick Sanchez? They don't want these things to even be discussed, let alone debated. It's okay to say that white gentiles deserve to die for being worthless losers, but we can't hold elite whites to account for allowing the West to be debased by crass culture and corruption.

  7. Sgt Joe Friday,

    They'll reliably try to bet on the winning horse.


    The sample size is small, but Jews express fewer qualms with cheating on income taxes than white goys or NAMs do (or Protestants or Catholics for that matter).

  8. The huge gap between single and married white women is interesting. It shows what I've always experienced with women. Women are greatly influenced by who they love. They will adopt what their men believe in most cases I've found. White men temper white women. Without that leadership white women are being influenced by feminists and Jews.

  9. Democracy was meant as a device to enable political force being meted out without shedding blood. Each vote is a gunshot. It represented something real. Then due to this political force becoming a fiction, people believed it justified to give the vote to women, forgetting that this vote was a fiction, representing something real. Representing real political violence. Representing a real gunshot.

    In many ways the vote has become like fiat currency. Artificially constructed out of thin air, forgetting where the real basis of its value comes from.

    I wonder how long it will be, after white men's interests get trodden on for so long, and the competing differences between white men and others are realized to be incompromisable, that white men start asking themselves, "why should unequals have an equal vote?"

    Democracies collapse when the allocation of power is disconnected from the genesis of power.

    As more and more quotas and 'positive' discrimination push more and more ambitious young white men lower in station than their worth, this elite overproduction will surely provide for tumultuous and violent times.

  10. Chris,

    Democracies collapse when the allocation of power is disconnected from the genesis of power.

    Great quote. The same might be said about economic systems–not immediately, but eventually.

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