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From an enormous Reuters-Ipsos poll, the percentages of people by age and by political orientation who identify their sexual orientations as something other than heterosexual or straight*: More than one-in-four liberals under the age of 30 are gay (I wish!), bisexual, or beyond. There is steady but modest generational growth in deviancy from silents through... Read More
Not just behaviorally, but morally as well. From Reuters-Ipsos, the percentages who do not say it is important "for your friends and family to be faithful to their spouses": Respondents are not just talking about themselves, they're describing their broader social circles. Same-sex marriage was from the beginning about tearing down the pair-bonded nuclear family... Read More
Jig Bohnson writes: Excerpted directly from the gorillion-page report: Over 1,000 victims were identified (although they are obviously not named in the report). If for the sake of both simplicity and the benefit of Sodom we assume 501 male victims and 500 female victims and assume 5% of the population is gay--not bisexual, but exclusively... Read More
Pat Buchanan on the crisis of the Catholic church: And it needs be stated clearly: This is a homosexual scandal. The percentage of men, by sexual orientation, who do not deem it always morally wrong for 14 year-olds to have sex. Responses are from 200Add AnEpigone8 through 2016 (N = 2,649): The question implies those... Read More
- From a friend on business in DC: Wearing MAGA hats in the most hostile place in the country to do so isn't for the faint of heart. These young shitlords are made of stern stuff. They're exactly what we need. - Relatedly, a good dissident cartoon for someone like Ben Garrison to create would... Read More
Vox Day, in the context of an interview about sexual promiscuity and the damage it does to children: The following graph shows the percentages of people who have ever cheated on a spouse while married, by their belief (or lack thereof) in God. Responses are from 2000 onward and are restricted to non-Hispanic whites (N... Read More
Z-Man reads from the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer (DC diocese version): This is in the context of his pointing out how gay--or more precisely, lesbian--the Anglican offshoot's leadership has become. The GSS cannot speak about said leadership, but it does allow for a look at the laity. And the Episcopalian laity is pretty gay.... Read More
From Reuters-Ipsos, the percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who think America would be better off with fewer men more women in politics. "Don't know" responses are excluded (N = 5,250): In a zero-sum game like politics, when one group gains power it is necessarily at the expense of another group. Normal people tend... Read More
They're thinking about it: So Vox Day is justified in doing the same: The GSS has (at least) five questions that potentially provide some insight into why Jews appear to be heavily overrepresented among the sexually overambitious. The questions don't get into the sort of criminal harassment and abuse that some of the "predators" are... Read More
To conclude this brief foray into frolicking, the following table shows the mean number of sexual partners of the orientation's desired sex in adulthood, by sexual orientation: Nearly one-quarter of gay men report having 50 or more sexual partners. They're living the lifestyle portrayed at pride parades and in so doing are driving the average... Read More
The following table shows the median number of sexual partners in adulthood respondents report having had, by sexual orientation and by the sex of those partners: The stereotypes for gays and straights hold. Sperm is cheap, and gay men put a lot of it into a lot of orifices. Reliably male orifices. A figure 'only'... Read More
Riffing off the previous post, the following table shows the percentages, by religious affiliation, who identify as gay or bisexual (N = 8,582): Bear in mind that the Jewish sample, at 161, is small, as the question about sexual orientation has only been asked since 2008. As in the case of condoning gay sex, Jews... Read More
Joe Biden--who may be quite the degenerate deviant himself--celebrating the enormous influence Jews have had on popular culture (via Vox Day): What is that influenced leveraged in favor of? Okay, we all know, but the blog exists for the purpose of empirically validating stereotypes, so indulge me. The GSS has a couple of questions on... Read More
A decade ago I did a series of posts showing, in short, that the "hate crime" designation is a way to get to bizarro world validate The Narrative, with designated victim classes actually looking like victims and designated oppressor classes actually looking like oppressors. The FBI hasn't yet released data on hate crimes for 2016,... Read More
Heartiste: Reuters-Ipsos recently initiated a poll asking respondents if they "support the stance Colin Kaepernick is taking and his decision not to stand during the national anthem". Only 1,630 people have been sampled thus far, so these results are relatively preliminary, but it looks like the silver tongue nailed this one. The following graph shows... Read More
From Reuters-Ipsos, a poll on the following: The subsequent graph shows, by selected demographics, the percentages who agree. "Neither agree nor disagree" responses, which 17.6% of those sampled answered with, are excluded (n = 4,670): Notice the y-axis begins at 50%. That's because even among gays, the group expressing the least concern about political correctness,... Read More
Since 2008 the GSS has explicitly asked respondents about their sexual orientations. About one-in-seven homosexual men (13.8%) report having at least one biological child (among men over thirty years old to allow the chance for procreation to have occurred). Homosexuality is a Darwinian death sentence. About the only thing worse from a reproductive standpoint is... Read More
Since the GSS began explicitly asking about sexual orientation in 2008, I've been tracking it alongside rates of marriage infidelity. Every other homosexual has cheated on a spouse while just 1-in-7 heterosexuals have. That figure has stayed remarkably consistent over the five iterations of the survey that have been completed from 2008 through 2016. A... Read More
Via Vox Day, news on the United Methodist Church's election of a lesbian bishop: Vox lays out Christianity's options starkly--maintain what is regarded as eternal truth or be converged out of existence: The following graph shows the frequency of worship attendance by sexual or
The 2016 iteration of the GSS is out. There are some new items that will further highlight how open borders and diversity kill libertarianism dead. They'll take some time to work through. For now, a brief miscellany of interesting tidbits: - The survey is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation and administered by the... Read More
[This post was updated on 3/18 from its original publishing on 3/16 to include the addition of a few subgroups. Source data is here. Additional follow-up posts here and here.] In imitation of Steve Sailer's--epigone, after all!--detailed demographic breakdown of the 2012 presidential election with Romney and Obama going head-to-head, here's a less aesthetically appealing... Read More
John Derbyshire's post entitled "Turkeys Vote For Thanksgiving--Gays Demonstrating For Muslim Immigration" spurred me to take a look at what the GSS has to say about the subject. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by religious affiliation, who believe that "sexual relations between two adults of the same sex" is "always wrong" (n... Read More
A few comments: - Why did he contract with a major publisher like Simon and Schuster? Milo's celebrity has skyrocketed over the last year. He had become a powerful brand name in his own right, to such an extent that long before his book was even written--let alone published--it was a bestseller on Amazon. Simon... Read More
Larry Wilmore, who despite fully embracing his blackety-black victimhood passes the brown paper bag test, asserts that gays are no more mentally disordered than straights are, a claim Milo Yiannopolous disputes: The percentages of people, by sexual orientation, who suffered from "stress", depression" or "problems with emotions" in the last month: Orientation MentalProbs Heterosexual 44.5%... Read More
Without clicking on the link, take a guess as to what search phrases returned these results from Google Trends: Hint: They all spiked during the week of June 12th, a date that coincided with a certain bloody incident in Orlando. Did you correctly peg them as "Christian hate", "Anti gay Christian", "Christianity homosexuality", and "Christian... Read More
That female sexuality is more malleable than male sexuality is, that women are more likely to 'experiment' with same-sex intimacy (the majority of whom still identify as heterosexual after having done so) than men are, and that men who self-identify as bisexual tend to really just be homosexuals who don't want to come all the... Read More
An exploding Muhammad shoots up a hedonistic bugger dance club on "Latin Night" in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. It's going to really be something to see the left twist itself into a pretzel trying to explain this one. This time around the culprit isn't inanimate carbon rod, of course, it's the gun... Read More
His word choice, incidentally.Having every orifice in your body penetrated while playing the bugger's bitch does a snarky sodomite make: In that slur stream Savage does not, however, refer to the Republican base as idiots or morons or anything else insinuating low IQ. He deserves credit for that because grassroots GOPers are, on average, more... Read More
A Reuters-Ipsos poll finds that Americans who think a person should be required to use the restroom that corresponds with his or her sex narrowly outnumber those who feel the restroom designations are merely suggestive, 52.1%-47.9%, with "don't know" responses excluded (n = 2,850).White men drive the overall preference for biologically-based restrooms, favoring use corresponding... Read More
Nero asserts that gays are shifting away from the CultMarx left: Maybe he's detecting the seminal stages of an impending shift but I suspect self-projection may be clouding his judgment. I'd happily be proven wrong. Here, however, is how deviant sexual support shakes out in Reuters-Ipsos general election polling in a Trump vs Clinton match... Read More
Pumpkin Person writes: This assessment is not one I'd have assumed to be the case. Hillary crushes Sanders among black and Hispanic Democrats, and those groups, especially the former, treat homosexuality with much less reverence than whites do, let alone liberal whites. Homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, is characterized by neotenous cognitive, behavioral, and emotional traits.... Read More
Blog tagline maintenance:Liberals are nearly five times as likely (465%) to be gay or bisexual as conservatives are. While 7.9% of liberals (1,240) are intimately interested in members of the same sex, just 1.7% of conservatives (n = 2,161) are.GSS variables used: SEXORNT(1-2), POLVIEWS(1-2)(5-6)
++Addition++See Tangoman's arguments for the necessity of an ethno-state in the comments. --- - I use a termite bait station to keep termites from getting into my house because I know their presence will lower my family's quality of life. I support the construction of a border fence to keep illegal immigrants from south of... Read More
My sons will be kings, and not because they'll (necessarily!) be Newtons, standing on the shoulders of proverbial giants. They will appear prodigious because everywhere they go there will be dwarves standing all around them. Absentee fathers are becoming the American norm. Seeing this sort of flamboyant dishonor shows that even where dads are still... Read More
The percentages of people, by sexual orientation, who reported having missed work over the last month due to "mental or physical" health issues (n = 1,160): Orientation Missed work Straight 13.3% Bisexual 19.4% Gay 34.4% Sample sizes are small for gays and bis (22 and 27, respectively) as the question was asked for the first... Read More
Instead of mere powers of prognostication, we'd prefer Heartiste be blessed with the ability to do something to help Western civilization hold itself together (though he'd argue that he provides a powerful tool that could theoretically be employed to do just that). I suppose we use the skill sets we have. Self-quote: From New York... Read More
Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority: A graphical representation of data compiled from the GSS over the last few years: No less respectable a media organ of the Cathedral than The New York Times reported the same half a decade ago. If the presumption is that marriage precludes extramarital sexual activity, then it seems reasonable... Read More
An article entitled "10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong" captures the supercilious self-righteousness of 21st century America quite well. It is fueled by the same sardonic snark that powers outfits like Colbert and The Daily Show. A typical social media response: Browbeating and triumphalism are the objectives, not serious consideration of the subject at... Read More
Even if it's magnanimously granted that the push for and acceptance of same-sex marriage was primarily driven by a desire for perceived equality, it looks like the redefining of the institution is going to be a consequence. Over the last four consecutive survey years, the GSS has asked married respondents, categorized by sexual orientation, whether... Read More
Does undergoing a sex change operation constitute being true to one's self? Or does it evince an extreme inability to know and then accept thyself? What a conundrum these questions do pose. My answers are no and yes, respectively. A sex change--self-mutilation, really--is an abomination, and an abomination that, prior to modern medical techniques, was... Read More
Heartiste on same-sex marriage: Because the question of sexual orientation has only been asked in the last three survey years and homosexuals comprise a couple percentage points of the total population, sample sizes are way too small to jump to empirically founded conclusions. That said, the share of married respondents, by sexual orientation, who have... Read More
From Google's Ngram viewer, the percentage of books published in the US, by year, that contain the term "sexes" and that contain the term "genders". Both terms are plural to facilitate the making of an apples-to-apples comparison (the verb form of "sex" thus being excluded). If sex/gender is more than just a social construction, perhaps... Read More
Saw this in the form of a facebook profile picture. You've probably seen some variation of it out there, as several iterations of the message exist (and no, I definitely couldn't resist): Simple as that? Presumably, then, as simple as each of these? Being the hidebound retrograde that I am, it's difficult to shake the... Read More
Pew recently released a report entitled "Global Views on Morality" in which respondents in 40 countries were queried on the morality of eight traditional 'values'-related issues: Infidelity, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol usage, divorce, and contraception. Respondents categorized each of them as morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not moral issues at all. The following... Read More
++Addition++Wm Jas notes that when it comes to "homosexuals" vs "gays", the latter has probably only just finally pulled ahead in the last couple of years. Also, "same-sex marriage" (yes, I know that's the proper way to write it, but I thought including the hyphen would cause "same sex marriage" to be missed since most... Read More
Since 2008, the GSS has specifically and explicitly queried respondents on their sexual orientations. Among those who either were or had previously been married at the time of their participation in the survey, 22.6% of heterosexuals and 41.7% of bisexuals/homosexuals were either divorced or separated when the question was posed to them. There are major... Read More
The Chickadee has been hunting for left wing authoritarianism. She accepts that WEIRD societies aren't the ones to look for it in. It depends on how said authoritarianism is defined. Support for and government action in the name of disparate impact--heck, for the very existence of the EEOC--seems to argue that it's right in front... Read More
Understanding that opposition to bestiality or pederasty is scarcely any more logically defensible than opposition to homosexuality is a worthy exercise in comprehending how human morality expresses itself. Many of the moral positions people hold are a natural outgrowth of their innate personalities. A commenter named Stephen asserted otherwise, writing: Just as logically consistent opposition... Read More
Homer: That little Timmy is a real hero. Lisa: What makes him a hero dad? Homer: Well he fell down the well and ... can't get out. Lisa: How does that make him a hero? Homer: Well, it's more than you did! (Season 3, episode 13: "Radio Bart")
From the aforementioned social media foray. One commenter to whom I posed the question, were able to choose, would he opt for his son to be gay or straight, answered thusly: My respond to this dodge, which was prompted by the cheap questioning of whether or not I'd love my son if he turns out... Read More