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They are incorrigible. There is no reformation, only destruction of legitimacy–theirs or ours. After total Narrative Collapse, the bloodthirsty lunatics tried to rally around this:

After over an hour of high school kids being racially taunted and called aspiring serial killers, a different group of adults accosts the kids to drown out their Catholic school spirit songs. The kids put on brave faces to show they’re not intimidated–some by exaggerated dancing to primitive animist ‘music’, others with the shit-eating grins that drive POCs and blood libelers into genocidal furies (I’m working on perfecting mine–my grin, I mean!)–and the cultMarx mob calls for their deaths.

Obviously if a group of white men spent an hour harassing a group of black kids by calling them crack cocaine drug lords and dumb n-bombs, and then more adults got up in the black kids’ faces as they were singing church songs to drown out the verbal abuse, the media wouldn’t be obsessing over whether or not one of the black kids scoffed in response!

To even point out the absurd double standard feels cucky. It’s not a double standard. There is a single standard in place, and it is clear–whites are irredeemably evil and deserve POC boots stamping on their faces forever. That’s it.

If the video gave you second thoughts about whether or not to stand behind the young Templars, you’re part of the problem, fellow white person! It betrays a willingness to accept nothing other than the unconditional surrender of whites in any confrontation with non-whites. Stop it. You’re digging your posterity an early grave.

Fortunately, the attempted regrouping over subsequent videos has been entirely unable to stop what has turned into a total rout. It’s worth pondering how many times throughout history the lying media has reported false stories that make it into the historical record as truth because the kind of technology that today allows their lies to be exposed didn’t exist then.

I suspect Sandmann’s Stand will take its place alongside the Kavanaugh calumnies, the hands-up-don’t-shoot hoax, and the mendacity surrounding Martin as one of the biggest red-pilling events of the last decade. Gen Z will be especially galvanized by it:

Trump, sensing blood in the water, has reportedly invited the Covington kids to the White House (yes, Asian Mark Wahlberg, we memed it into existence!). The contrast with Obama bringing in the fake inventor, fake American, and thoroughly fraudulent clockboy could not be starker. It was a national disgrace. Bringing in intelligent, self-assured heritage Americans to broadcast those triggering smiles across the country will be a moment of national glory.

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  1. To even point out the absurd double standard feels cucky.

    Their media are full of articles detailing why pointing out double standards is redolent of Privilege. We’re not supposed to Notice.

    • Replies: @J1234
  2. The contrast with Obama bringing in the fake inventor, fake American, and thoroughly fraudulent clockboy could not be starker.

    Not to mention Obama having Jann Venner over to the White House for coffee the morning after Venner lost his Rolling Stone Rape Hoax lawsuit. The same Obama who kept endlessly repeating the “One Woman in Four” canard. In case anyone was really wondering on which side of that Lies/Truth thing the Obama White House stood.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. Oh he’s invited them to the WH? That news made my day!
    How any white American males are still unaware of being targeted for de facto genocide, don’t understand. How obstinately blind and delusional do you have to be, as a white American male, to not grasp the situation? What’s it gonna take for that Saxon go wake the eff up already?

    I cannot, simply cannot, wait to start turning in traitors.

  4. “It’s worth pondering how many times throughout history the lying media has reported false stories that make it into the historical record as truth because the kind of technology that today allows their lies to be exposed didn’t exist then.”

    This is vitally important, and is the hinge upon which we could completely alter the common perception of the MSM (truth be told, the entire ‘fake news’ effort by Trump is, effectively, it).

    The common perception is that the MSM broadly tells the truth, except those times (like this one) when they are caught lying. Once that dies down, the presumption of trust returns.

    Instead, it is important to shift the perception: if the MSM is lying here, and we only know because we got lucky and caught them (with other, longer video), isn’t it more logical to assume they are lying all the time, and we just aren’t getting lucky in catching them more than once in a while? These events should destroy the presumption of trust.

    THIS is the key. Proving that, in this particular event, MSM lied, isn’t enough or even especially important. Using this event to help normies understand that the MSM probably usually, or even always, lies (and we usually just don’t get lucky enough to prove it) is what’s important.


    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  5. 216 says:

    Remember the “Obama Beer Summit” ?

    Get ready for the “Trump Chik-fila Powwow”

  6. I’m glad to hear of President Trump’s invitation. Even with all of the inaction by that guy on existential problems, it can take just an incident like this pull a lot of disappointed people back into the fold. (Whether his getting elected again matters, if he continues to break promises, is another story.)

    I really hadn’t wanted to ever hear anything more of that clock boy again, but maybe Øb☭ma had his reasons – even a stopped clockboy can be right twice a day… OK that was pretty bad. It’s a sorry state of affairs when a country that 50 years ago landed men on the moon celebrates a dumb kid who is less of an engineer than that big-boobed sexy-cyborg out of China – at least she can mount a TV screen in her high-heeled boots and call that “engineering”. She’s got electric boobs boots, a mohair suit, you know I read it in a MAGA-zye-ee-ee-een….

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  7. @joeyjoejoe

    Good point, Joey. Anyone who has dealt with the Lyin’ Press at all, or read/listened-to stories on subjects in which he is an expert, already knows how stupid and lazy the modern “journalist” is. However, this kind of event proves that much of this is INTENTIONAL. That makes a big difference to people. I see the MSM, “system media”, Lyin’ Press, or whatever your favorite term is, as the “Government Media”. They are simply an unofficial branch of the Feral Gov’t at this point.

  8. Enter Sandmann?

    note gadsden flag snake on the cover of metallica – metallica. track 6 on the album: don’t tread on me.

  9. tanabear says:

    Of all the big new stories this century how many have been based on a false media narrative. I would suggest practically every one of them.

    1) The 9/11 Terror attacks – An obvious false flag terror attack
    2) The Iraq War – A false narrative suggesting that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden were conspiring together to attack America with WMDs and nuclear weapons(Uranium Niger forged documents, mushroom clouds over American cities etc)
    3) The Great Recession – Caused by a debasing of lending standards to Hispanics and Blacks to increase the home ownership rate.
    4) Hands-up Don’t Shoot – A false narrative suggesting that police officers were gunning down random helpless black people for no reason. “Cops and Klan go hand and hand.”
    5) Russia hacked the election – A fake news story and investigation suggesting that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the election from Hillary.
    6) The War in Syria – A false narrative suggesting that we are simultaneously fighting ISIS and attempting to overthrow Assad. It is really just a continuation of the Clean Break plan for Israel to destroy its Arab neighbors.
    7) Smirkgate – White MAGA wearing high school students mob a peaceful Native elder and tease and taunt him. In reality they are waiting on a bus to pick them up and were verbally accosted by Black Hebrew Israelites.

    Someone really needs to do an update of Daniel Boorstin’s book, A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  10. Marty T says:

    Something tells me this is a big moment. The fact that the Covington Boys didn’t lash out, but also didn’t back down. If Gen Z is to fulfill its promise, white Catholics will lead the way. And Sandmann appears destined for greatness. Leadership shows itself early.

  11. @216

    Get ready for the “Trump Chik-fila Powwow”

    It’s great news, obviously. I just hope Trump uses the occasion to draw attention to the vileness of the lying MSM rather than encourage everyone to “bury the hatchet.”

    Will he? He’s certainly got enough reason to persecute the MSM, given how they’ve treated him. It’s mostly a matter of whether he’s got the balls to follow through on it.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  12. What really burns me up about the cuckservative response to leftard allegations that the boys “harassed” the Indian is that even if it had happened just like the leftards claim, SO WHAT! By what fucking law are Indians owed deference? The Indian wasn’t just idly standing around, he was there on a political mission, ffs. In that case so freakin what if a bunch of MAGAboys “harassed” the POC POS? When the fuck do leftards ever apologize for antifa who have “harassed” rightwingers infinitely more often (and more harshly)?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @216
  13. 216 says:

    By what fucking law are Indians owed deference?


    Indians are nominally on top of the progressive stack, but mostly are an insular and rural group. The strongest left-wing argument against white tribalism and for mass immigration, is that whites have hereditary blood guilt because our ancestors removed barbarism and brought civilization.

    We’ve also had numerous left-wing blue checks indicate that the mere wearing of a red hat is tantamount to incitement. And we should not forget that they want the imposition of German-style hate speech laws, many of which are already copied into corporate/academic “diversity and inclusion” policies.

    So they may not have the force of law, yet. But in day-to-day living the power of the corporation and the univeristy (for students) is far more influential.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @silviosilver
  14. @216

    We’ve also had numerous left-wing blue checks indicate that the mere wearing of a red hat is tantamount to incitement.

    Some blue checks are bluer than others….

    Hollywood Jack Morrissey: It ain’t your father’s Disney any more

    • Replies: @216
    , @TTSSYF
  15. 216 says:

    Collapse the Narrative, but we are still Allowed Nothing

    We won’t be out of the woods until a future event where we utterly demolish the Narrative. Something where:

    -passive whites (or even better, “based minorities”)
    -brutally set upon by a leftist/POC mob
    -media lies, denial and doubling down on denial
    -even far-leftists break off

    This is not out of the ordinary, it describes what happened to BLM, which mysteriously disappeared after the ’16 election. White leftists have yet to be shaken out of their morality, and the sense that they are on the “right side of history”. They’ve proven willing to defend Stolen Valor and Black Israelites. They were willing to turn on Jake Tapper and other center-left figures in the media.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Audacious Epigone
  16. Thomm says:

    The problem is that while 80% of whites (the functional whites) are, like Sandmann, not racists…….

    The WN wiggers do in fact personify every negative stereotype that the SJW left falsely attributes to functional whites. A brief visit to Stormfront or Heartiste’s comment section (or Steve Sailer’s) confirms this.

    The actual endgame of this is for functional whites (80%) to throw the wastematter whites (20%) under the bus. This destroys both White Trashionalism and radical Feminism, since the men and women of the wastematter subrace are the creators of each ideology respectively.

    • Disagree: YetAnotherAnon
    • Troll: Mr. Rational
  17. 216 says:
    @Mr McKenna

    A sitting Congressman, Eric Swallwell, threatened the use of nuclear weapons on US soil to enforce a gun ban.

    A sitting Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, threatened to gang-rape conservatives.

    A sitting Congressman, Hank Johnson, expressed glee that white conservatives were dying of drug overdoses.

    A sitting Congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, has alleged that the Trump Administration intends to physically remove all non-whites from the country.

    A sitting Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, who publicly posted blasphemous language, has now run interference for the Black Israelites.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  18. Don’t you understand? This is all just deliberate provocation. The people behind it could care less who’s right or wrong. The idea is to confuse you and get you nitpicking about nothing. Meanwhile–wah de money go?

    • Replies: @216
  19. @216

    I guess cuckservatives truly believe that a bunch of MAGAboys are a greater threat to colorblind meritocracy than some “civil rights” Indian leftie.

    It’s a sad testament to how savagely brainfucked cuckservatives are.

  20. 216 says:

    Report for Targeted Harassment

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  21. 216 says:

    The “Battle of the Lincoln Memorial” as it shall be henceforth known, was just the end of a week-long hatestorm by the left called #ExposeChristianSchools.

    The goal was to force the Poz down the throat of every dissenting institution in this country. I’ve kindly provided no shortage of blue check tweets confirming this.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  22. Tyrion 2 says:

    Is that a satire account? I really don’t know.

  23. Trump, sensing blood in the water, has reportedly invited the Covington kids to the White House

    If true, this will be easily the greatest act of his Presidency.

  24. If you want to understand what drove the mass murder of whites and Christians after the Bolshevik revolution, the New Yorker Erik Abriss is a good guide:

    Vulture Writer Who Wished Death on Covington Students Fired From Job at INE Entertainment

    […] In his tweet on Saturday, [Erik] Abriss wrote: “I don’t know what it says about me but I’ve truly lost the ability to articulate the hysterical rage, nausea, and heartache this makes me feel. I just want these people to die. Simple as that. Every single one of them. And their parents.”

    He added: “‘Racism is in its Boomer death throes. It will die out with this younger generation!’ Look at the shit-eating grins on all those young white slugs’ faces. Just perverse pleasure at wielding a false dominion they’ve been taught their whole life was their divine right. F–ing die.”

    I’ve seen claims that Mr Abriss is Jewish. Surely not. Nobody understands these wise words by Martin Luther King better than Jews: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” The entire left lives by these words, of course, but Jews live by them most of all.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  25. TTSSYF says:
    @Mr McKenna

    I hope this guy is one of the first to have charges brought against him.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  26. @Viral Architect

    Nobody understands these wise words by Martin Luther King …

    Very good comment, but you lost me at “words by Martin Luther King”. I don’t keep up with that Commie hypocritical-assed preacher. My wife brought the boy to elementary school on Monday. Yeah, we did have to return home; why do you ask? Not a one of us thought about this bogus holiday, and I am very proud of that, even with the waking up early for nothing.

    • Replies: @c matt
  27. @TTSSYF

    I hope this guy is one of the first to have charges brought against him.


    This is why we need a guy who’s actually on Trump’s and the Americans’ side to replace Sleepy Jeff. The left’s AGs have been activist as hell. We can’t play whiffle ball anymore when the other side plays hard ball.

  28. vok3 says:

    At 01/23/19 8:30 AM EST, is giving “We’re sorry. That page could not be found.”

  29. vok3 says:

    “A sitting Congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, has alleged that the Trump Administration intends to physically remove all non-whites from the country.”

    What’s wrong with that?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  30. Not much to add other than I’d appreciate it if AE and Sailer would stop posting after I retire to bed as when I wake up all the good insight has already been shared.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  31. @MikeatMikedotMike

    Steve Sailer is a late night guy on California time. Because my comments get moderated, they can end up 8 to 12 (sometimes 20!) hours behind, so commenting becomes futile if my timing is off. I can’t run my life to a blog-commenting schedule, dammit. ;-}

    This is why I appreciate A.E.’s letting my comments pass immediately, like crap through a goose. Thanks, Audacious!

  32. I too am cultivating a smirk. William Kristol is my model. I have become suspicious of non smirking white men. Who do they think they are?

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  33. 216 says:

    Far-left vs WokeCapital

    It shouldn’t be ignored that they could push back here. Blacks watch more TV than whites, and advertisers are only interested in 18-34 (consumables) and 25-54 (durables).

    Also of note, the left ignored the rules of the progressive stack, white/black leftists didn’t amplify the natives who are supposedly most aggrieved. That could be a positive sign, as it indicates possible lethargy among Amerinds, and ego-seeking behavior that could one day rip apart the Intersectional system. It has also been good optics that the “based blacks” are over-promoted in opposition.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  34. 216 says:

    Don’t give him any clicks.

    This was actually my favorite reaction in this whole spiel. For the first time I can remember, a Conservatism Inc. figure (Walsh works for Shapiro) morally shamed a non-white.

    The only way that Cuck Inc. can preserve itself is to put withering fire on the left as “anti-white” and “anti-Christian” until they surrender the tribalism gun. Obviously I’d prefer they not succeed, but its probably the best opportunity for a peaceful solution.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  35. I have some Scotch-Irish ancestry, Givens surname, Tennessee, and I must report that Politico has attacked another man who has Scotch-Irish blood, James Webb, for “smirking” about doing his job by killing Communists in Vietnam.

    They don’t like the smirking?

    Give them anti-White rats all the phucking SMIRKING they can handle!

    Give it to them, both barrels!

    And then have a keg party with delicious beer in barrels.

    More barrels!

    Tweet from 2015:

  36. As yet, I am the only potential candidate for the GOP 2020 presidential nomination to call for the extermination of the corporate propaganda apparatus.

    My main opponent, Amnesty Trump, when he is not busy pushing mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders, is all talk and no action when it comes to the evil corporate media.

    Trumpy must think we’re all Chumpy’s for buying his Shelly Adelson Globaloney Nonsense Talk.

    Trumpy is on the side of the Cheap Labor Faction of the GOP. Trumpy puts the interests of foreigners ahead of the interests of American citizens.

    Trumpy has betrayed the American people by pushing mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

    Andrew Jackson was not a WASP — he was Scotch-Irish.

    George Washington was not a WASP — he was Anglo-Norman.

    Washington and Jackson would support me for president instead of Trumpy.

    Pewitt Plan For Corporate Media(2015):

    • LOL: Bill
  37. @Thomm

    That which you wish to call white ‘racism’ (the 20%) is simply being red pilled regarding the Left and their coloured shock troops.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  38. The Sandmann Smirk and Stand historical pivot points to larger questions about the media.

    What would Sam Francis say about the media? Sam Francis would tie all this crud together, I guess!

    The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire uses its control of the corporate propaganda apparatus to keep its power intact and entrenched.

    The JEW/WASP ruling class rats are about to have their evil globalizer asses deported from the United States and sent into exile in sub-Saharan Africa!

    Tweets from 2014:

  39. 216 says:

    Read the replies. Cucking never pays

    For some in the GOP, that second Israeli/New Zealand passport might come in handy. But most of them will not be so lucky.

    • Replies: @Bill
  40. @216

    Thanks for keeping track. How these people get elected is beyond my understanding, but I suspect it’s due to completely inadequate Republican opposition from the top down.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  41. Jamie_NYC says:

    Ha, ha, ha. Yes, we are only one more apology away from returning to Liberal’s good graces.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  42. JLK says:

    The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire uses its control of the corporate propaganda apparatus to keep its power intact and entrenched.

    Sometimes we can get too hung up on ethnicities. The real struggle is between people who believe in a just, altruistic society and the methods of the agents of the powerful who think they are too enlightened to bother with such nonsense.

    Most police are decent people who want to disincentivize crime by putting bad people in jail. Others at the elite domestic and international levels think it more clever to use human weakness as an opportunity to collect chits for kompromat. This leads to de facto alliances of groups that may not actually like each other, but are forced to work together out of fear of the skeletons in their own closets. Just like bad money chases out good money, the amoral groups will gradually displace the organizations that are subject to the rules that the little people have to follow.

    Suppressed truth is as burdensome to a society as too much debt. We need a mudslinging jubilee.

  43. Corvinus says:

    “I cannot, simply cannot, wait to start turning in traitors.”

    Except you are going to wait. See, if you truly serious about “making white Americans aware of this genocide”, you would start NOW. Why don’t you go out into your neighborhood and start recruiting? If a white neighbor says “get off my lawn, you crackpot”, then shame them. That would work, right?

    The fact of the matter is that these boys found an opportunity to be rebellious, not because they are “angry Saxons” or are “woke” or are “based”, but because they knew the media and the SJWs would fall for their schtick. It is other than surprising the surrounding three-ring circus.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Bill
  44. Thomm says:

    False. You completely failed to understand this simple point.

    The fact is, the Stormfront-caliber White Trashionalists do indeed give the SJW left plenty of fuel to point to, which then is used to smear regular whites like Sandmann.

    Remember that the high variance found in whites (i.e variance in looks, brains, character, talent, etc.) supports the fact that the bottom 20% are a defective subrace where the wastematter collects for swift removal from the gene pool. This defective subrace is effectively just a wastematter removal mechanism.

    The men of this defective subrace become White Trashionalists. The women of this subrace become the fat bluehaired feminists.

    This is very obvious when one stops to look closely.

  45. @Thomm

    Given the bell curve, the bottom 20% of Whites (up to IQ 87.5*) are better social material than the bottom 50% of Blacks (IQ up to 85).  Are you willing to also throw out 57.6%† of the Blacks?  You’d have to do that to be remotely consistent.

    * NORMDIST( 87.5; 100; 15; 1)
    † NORMDIST( 87.5; 85; 13; 1)

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Thomm
  46. 216 says:

    Appears to be a white male

    Free fire zone

    Some “classical liberal” putting moral equivalence between high school kids an an Al-Qaeda terrorist.

  47. 216 says:

    Blue checks call for murdering minors…ok

    Not aware of how to archive.

  48. 216 says:

    Go be a subversive somewhere else…

    Replies indicate this may have been not at the same school, unclear what that means

  49. GU says:

    Why weren’t the full-grown, black adults shouting racial slurs at schoolchildren doxxed, criticizes by media, Twitter, etc.?

  50. J1234 says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Is there a more perfect example of privilege than the left having their double standards go unchallenged? I can’t think of one.

    The media bestows privilege on it’s most favorite groups with the application of context – either lots of it or none of it, depending on what’s needed. In the school boys’ coverage, context was either withheld or perceived as not needed.

    In the Ferguson, MO shooting coverage, you had both approaches by the media. There was lots of context to support a narrative (innocent black people are killed by the police), but an absence of context to support the specifics of the case (a black high school grad tried to steal a cop’s gun and got shot.) And that’s what separates social justice from actual justice – social justice is narrative based; broad, grand and shallow. Actual justice is specific; fact based and deep, often in a way that contradicts narrative.

    The attraction to narrative is one manifestation of the human tendency to turn any collection of facts into a compelling story, poetic and moral, and it’s one of the fundamental precepts and tools of the left. Every incident or event has to be able to be turned into a folk song or a fable. And that means taking artistic license with the facts, one way or another. The media seems to be okay with this. Since they’re journalists, however, they can’t make stuff up…but they can leave stuff out.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  51. @GU

    Because the truth is that Black Privilege exists and is the rule in (((tribal))) dominated societies.  White Privilege is a lie.  Calling out Blacks for bad behavior makes you a Becky or worse.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  52. Thomm says:
    @Mr. Rational

    There is much more to it than IQ (even though WN wiggers often have IQs of just 70). The distribution of white quality is very bimodal.

    The top 80% possess all the good traits.

    The bottom 20% wastematter subrace has no redeeming qualities. It is a unique and special feature of the white race that we concentrate the waste matter into a small and easily removed pool of carriers. Other races don’t have this benefit. This is why we outperform them, but this is also why this 20% wastematter subrace needs to be eradicated.

    Remember, the men of this subrace become White Trashionalists, and the women become the fat bluehaired feminists. Note that this also explains why there are almost no women in White Trashionalism – they have their own dysfunctional group.

    Are you willing to also throw out 57.6%† of the Blacks?

    Well, yes, but for different reasons.

    • Troll: Trevor H.
    • Replies: @anon
  53. 216 says:

    I apologize if this one has already been posted, and its additionally 3 days old at this point.

    Still, it shows a 2%er engaging in interference for the Anti-Semitic Black Israelites

    Even blacks that totally disrespect the progressive stack are being shielded in order to defame white conservative males.

    You may not care about Intersectionality, but it damn sure cares about you.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  54. 216 says:

    Ezra Klein’s defamation parade demands struggle sessions

    Even in the other videos, [Sandmann] was still looking stone-faced, smirking. That privileged white male gaze that every minority is very familiar with — when that gaze is upon you as a minority, you know what it communicates, and it communicates that “you’re inferior to me, I have a particular kind of perception of myself that places me above you.” That performance was also being reinforced by all his classmates kind of cheering him on.

    We don’t know what he was exactly thinking at that moment, because he didn’t communicate anything verbally. That’s how privilege works — it’s constantly performed and embodied in particular ways where it’s hard to challenge it.

    That’s outright spectral evidence

    I think it instead reinforces very toxic ways of thinking about what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a man. The fact that you don’t have women there often limits the opportunities for you to develop healthy, productive relationships across gender.

    Do you ever hear a leftist academic condemn female-only spaces???

    Why are white conservatives not allowed safe spaces?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  55. Don’t back down. That’s what drives Chief Drooping Lobes and his corporate and social media allies into a frothing frenzy. Audacious and a few commentators have already remarked upon this, but that is the important take-away from this latest skirmish in the new American civil war. White man, on your knees. We know that’s what they want. I would say don’t give it to them, but it’s easy to be a keyboard hero. Some of us work in extremely competitive and liberal industries. We live in dire times.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  56. @GU

    You know the answer but I’ll give it to you anyway: Because Goodwhites truly, secretly believe that Blacks lack moral agency, impulse control, and intellect.

  57. 216 says:

    Report for targeted harassment

  58. 216 says:

    Violence: You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening or promoting terrorism. You also may not affiliate with organizations that — whether by their own statements or activity both on and off the platform — use or promote violence against civilians to further their causes.

    Simple Jack does nothing to stop the hate.

  59. Talha says:

    That boy’s comment should be dealt with the old fashioned way; his father should backhand the hell out of him in front of his mother.

    We won’t be out of the woods until a future event

    Getting closer…

    “Native American Rights Activists Attempt to Disrupt Mass at National Shrine:
    Eyewitnesses say the Saturday evening incident was led by Nathan Phillips, a tribal leader who was at the center of a confrontation with Catholic high school students after the March for Life that went viral on social media.”

    Are you surprised this is not getting national coverage and only by Catholic news orgs?


  60. @Marty T

    I’m an aging GenXer; beginning in the late 1970s and running throughout the glorious 1980s I had a permanent smirk on my wiseass face. Thank god the internet and social media didn’t exist back then. I wish this kid well.

  61. @216

    She watched the unedited video so you didn’t have to. Jodi’s got the face she deserves.

  62. 216 says:

    Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. Read more about our hateful conduct policy.

    This guy’s rather weird, his background is Catholic, not Jewish, but he uses “fundamentalist”. Calling them “RadTrads” would have been inaccurate, but more apt than calling them a Protestant slur.

    The blackface claim is libelous.

  63. 216 says:

    This is ahem, dehumanization, something I was told was verboten

  64. @216

    Even so, given homosexuals’ proclivity for degenerate lifestyles, I would commend the HS for disallowing him to speak.

    The sooner homosexuals are returned to the back alleys of civilization, the better.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  65. With each passing week, I more firmly believe it will end in violence.

    • Replies: @Marty T
  66. @WinstonSmith17

    Proscription lists are a brutal thing. Don’t call for the murder of children if you don’t want to end up on one–oh wait, too late.

    • Replies: @WinstonSmith17
  67. @216

    Nobody really even pretends to care much about American Indians, not even leftist (((whites))).

    • Replies: @JLK
  68. @Achmed E. Newman

    This uniting the dissident right, the alt lite, and the less gay portion of mainstream conservatism like nothing since the last couple months of the 2016 election has.

  69. @Marty T

    How much input he had in his official statement on the incident is an open question, but it was very well done. He didn’t cuck, didn’t get hysterical, didn’t beg for sympathy–he just factually stated what happened with an underlying insinuation that the media is full of lying snakes and both the black zealots and the sad savages were lunatics. Promising indeed.

  70. @silviosilver

    He’s not going to be able to resist the opportunity to censure the media. He did it at Kavanaugh’s swearing in and he’ll do it here, too.

  71. @216

    The Patriot Prayer Group with the Japanese and Samoan guys was pretty close to that but it was memory holed. Seems to me what we really need to get the most mileage out of these things is for the mendacious media to commit a huge unforced error allowing us to capitalize on the narrative collapse. That’s something that all the biggest red-pilling moments have in common.

  72. JLK says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    I wouldn’t want to see them denied a fair chance, such as on the college admission tests. I don’t think many people would.

  73. Twinkie says:

    stand behind the young Templars

    I’m just a dastardly “PoC” and a “fake American,” but is a Templar really the right metaphor? Surely AE knows the history of the end of the Templars. Unless he’s comparing the kids to a drug gang…

    • Replies: @Bill
  74. @WorkingClass

    Exactly. If our shit-eating grins piss them off as much Kristol does us, they’re like greek fire!

  75. @216

    Exactly what I was thinking. Blacks always elbow out everyone else in the POC ascendancy, especially American Indians who are small in number, concentrated in rural red states, and declining in number. Nobody cares about them.

    In contrast, there is nothing that repels people more than boisterous blacks.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  76. @216

    Walsh is despicable, but for the cause I RTed him. Letting these Conservative, Inc shills know that standing up to the POC mob actually makes them popular is not a bad thing. Some number of them are redeemable, although it’s admittedly to identify them specifically until after the fact.

  77. @Joseph Doaks

    Didn’t mean to agree, just to thank 216. They get elected because they’re in districts where the Dem primary is the election. There is nothing Republicans could do in them to win.

  78. @Thomm

    supports the fact that the bottom 20% are a defective subrace where the wastematter collects for swift removal from the gene pool. This defective subrace is effectively just a wastematter removal mechanism.

    Heh, with less hyperbole we’d have something to talk about.

  79. Marty T says:
    @Bill Jones

    Violence has already begun. Remember Steve Scalise?

  80. @216

    There’s a little dead cat bounce in Covington’s stock from that. Not close to enough to regain the losses from the original cucking, but something.

  81. @GU

    Rhetorical, I hope. If not, it needs to be. Then your mindset will in the right place.

  82. @216

    Ezra Klein pretends to be a “minority”, lol.

  83. 216 says:

    This one is interesting, the left image shows a cuckservative JeffBozoBlog thot openly advocating the legitimacy of the progressive stack.

    The so-called “individualism” of Cuck Inc is a whites-only phenomenon. Hold them to the fire and force them to morally shame non-whites.

    Start with Omar. Call her an anti-white racist. Call her blasphemous. Call on her to resign and repatriate.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  84. 216 says:

    Ben Shapiro #TagTheSponsors

    This soy-swiller responding to Ben’s weaksauce non-apology is a white gentile male. “Hutch” is a free fire zone.

  85. 216 says:

    This is how deluded the left is

    Twitter bio indicates this poster is queer. Not a free fire zone.

    • Replies: @Bill
  86. 216 says:

    More struggle sessions, more subversion.

    Someone link this fool to “The Myth of American Meritocracy” by Ron Unz.

  87. @Audacious Epigone

    Yyyup. How much more obvious does it have to get? Media sending death threats to white teenagers. This is so grotesque, it defies description. Did you read the insufferable Julia Ioffe’s complaint about people wishing her Merry Xmas? How obtuse do you have to be, in the age of a booming, thriving Jewish homeland she could easily move to and escape the torments of Christmas, to act like this? I can’t wait to turn her in – personally. Along with Masha Gessen and so many others.
    Ah, the sweetness of wishful thinking.
    Wake up already Saxons. This ashamed, embarrassed, and contrite (((tribe member by birth))) cannot wait for the inevitable denouement. Please liberate us from the Julia Ioffes of the world!!

  88. @216

    Good find. That’s sort of mind-blowing, or it would be
    were it not the absolute norm in the Current Year MSM.

  89. Criollo says:

    Gen Z will be especially galvanized by it

    I hope, but Gen Z has disappointed me. There really is no Generation Zyklon.

  90. @WinstonSmith17

    I believe it is genetic. There is something, shall I say, different in the genes of our northwestern cousins that they are (or appear to be) way too passive and unmoved. Perhaps their benchmark is way too high. I guess for most of them, it still hasn’t got that bad yet and the situation perhaps could be salvaged?

    I am of southern European heritage and work in tech. I was a newcomer at the turn of the century when the dothead hindu trickle had turned into a steady stream and I could already see the writing on the wall. Most of my anglo saxon peers dismissed me as typically driven by emotion. My father used to tell me about how the saxons looked down on sicilians in private as foolhardy romeos given to emotion. MY grandma warned me against taking a germanic woman as a wife no matter how much her blonde hairs attracted me as they were dispassionate and cold. Her words not mine 😉 .
    but I guess there is some truth to the stereotype.

    Now the stream has become a deluge, most whites have given up on tech and those of us who are in have to work with mostly contemptuous and arrogant PoCs who look down on heritage america and make fun of “flyover country” every chance they get. We trudge along with a sheepish grin when all I want is to sucker punch them. However what’s noticeable was my innate ability to navigate the increasingly corrupt and nepotistic environment that was beginning to take shape as the years went by. I was able to understand and adjust to those Indians and their quasi criminal, ethnic chauvinist and nepotistic worldview innately which my saxon peers found hard and confusing. Unsurprisingly, most of them switched and switched jobs until they left tech altogether. The bright ones exclusively work in startups now and don’t want to go near the big ones [those would be stuff to the rafters with pajeets and the saxons are not genetically equipped to handle them, IMHO]. My inner oily italian has almost figured out their MO and has adjusted accordingly. Un surprisingly, the WN (sort of) movement against this sell out of our industry and the country is mostly pioneered by italians and most of them from the NE.

    However us italians can only go so far and until the saxons wake the f*** up, things would continue moving at this pathetic pace. I surely knew there was something different in those anglo saxon genes that caused them to be [initially] passive and cold. But after 14 years, I think this is a part of the saxon personality and it served them [until the place was homogeneous] with a laser like focus on facts and unmoved by emotions. Thus beating us by a yuugggee margin in the hard sciences.

    However, the times they have changed and you saxons need to span out of this fast,

  91. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mr McKenna

    you know one in four is probably strictly true its the circumstances that are revealing of the problem not being as described. who did the raping, what were the women doing and why were they acting as they were, what systemic cultural constants did all this happen in.
    weinstein probably raped a few shikas in hotel rooms and probably others gave it up reluctantly but willingly, but those raped would have understood 75 years ago that to go up to a mans hotel room unaccompanied was to be a whore and to expect to be treated like a whore as most actresses were treated as whores. They also ignored weinsteins well known reputation and no doubt he gave them personally ample reason to know full well what might happen, did they actually never hear the term casting couch???this is just one of a thousand ways one in four women are probably raped it isnt right it isnt right when it happens you cant kill the man who raped your daughter sister wife mother etc this of course is perhaps the biggest problem that rapist know full well these women have no recourse

    • Replies: @M. Hartley
  92. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    yeah but actually the black curve is steeper with fatter tales so methinks youre just cucking again

  93. anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    LOL Im Irish and i know what you mean, you reminded me of Tom Wolfe describing the Irish in NYC DA and Police force how fiercely physical and chauvinist we are and how even the jews secretly wanted to be like us. NY Italians are like that too. we alt right/ neo reactionaries have this theory about the Hajnal line being significant because it demarks where the Church managed to enforce the no cousin marriage to an extent that euros within the line became severely outbred no longer extended but rather atomic families, leading to higher trust and more complex economics culture and politics, and supposedly higher IQs. Im a bit skeptical after all assyrian persian greek roman byzantine renaissance russian and american empires kinda fall outside the line they argue northern italy, anglo saxon america and probably deny the pre greco whiteness.also nothing succeeds like success so murray’s human achievement might mostly fall within the line if you look at where some of them were actually born or genes were from its kinda of a story of the talent heading to the talent centers from all over
    But I think there’s also a lot of truth in it, But how much good are those hajinal genes if they also lead you to cuck over your empire to towel heads slants and jews? It seems that hajinals bred themselves to organize around ideas rather than tribe youde think this would be genetically impossible, It seems they would rather die (and take us all with them) than compromise on these sacred ideals of jesus and jefferson et al
    I hold out some hope they simply havnt felt enough heat that the cost they have managed to shift onto us non hajinals, its interesting when the few cuckservatives with a touch of self preservation need a conservative intelectual on say the court they turn to catholic irish or italians, slavs also despite the numbers and hype seem to punch above their weight as does eastern europe. and southern europe though pozd through euro seems to have a clue maybe hard to tell still

  94. neutral says:

    I want to know why some brown coolie worker from India deems it his right to lecture white in their own land.

    • Replies: @Thomm
    , @M. Hartley
  95. 216 says:

    Victim blaming

    Another example of the exorbitant privilege of liberalism. Channeling the Authoritarian Personality of Adorno, they can dehumanize their opponents by accusing them of “animal rage” and “lacking empathy”.

  96. 216 says:

    6 days after the incident, and the total collapse of the original narrative.

    White leftists have sunk to pearl-clutching over the chaperones

    Black leftists are still angry that NBC “softballed” the high school kid, rather than repeatedly shiv him about being white privileged.

    The class angle has been underreported, and worthy of some Ferylposting.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  97. @LostHopeless

    It’s interesting: in Canada, the same phenomenom applies. Most of the people in “far right” circles are actually of Italian, Croatian, Polish, Irish descent. Which is great, but these aren’t the FOUNDING STOCK! Where are the Anglos?? It’s very odd. (French Canadians are more nationalist as well but that’s a totally different story).

    Anglos are very stoic. As an anglo myself, I’ve parsed myself to try and figure out what’s going on. One thing I find, is that anglos typically don’t like to talk about emotions, and like to pretend everything is okay. Yes, our marriage is great. No, my debt isn’t crippling. Depression? No I don’t have that.

    Bottom line: it’s hard for us to admit problems to each other. It feels *icky* to even think that we have a problem. Thus, we try to ignore it, rather than think those negative thoughts. Imagine thinking that every other race hates you, and wants you dead (and is winning). Anglos can’t even admit to themselves that they have depression!

    That said, once the Germanics eyes are fully open and the shackles are off, we can achieve anything we want. But as long as Anglos are generally comfortable, they (we) will continue to run from problems until we have nowhere left to run.

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  98. 216 says:

    Afro-Asian Caribbean runs interference for the Black Israelites

    Another Sarah Jeong in the making

    I have no patience for those that came here voluntarily, were AA’d to an elite university, and spend their efforts tearing down the superior culture that built this empire.

    Sulzberger himself explained his philosophy by saying “We can no longer offer our readers a predominantly white, straight, male vision of events.” Sulzberger would later declare, “If white men were not complaining, it would be an indication we weren’t succeeding and making the inroads that we are.”

    Blacks have more representation at Slim-Sulzberger than Middle American conservative whites.

    No other word can describe that better than: immoral

  99. Talha says:

    The video said, “…led by a growing Islamic activist sect in many Western nations…” which should have been more accurately stated as “…led by a growing Muslim activist sect in many Western nations…”.

    But yes, that describes them quite well:

    Ain’t nothing “Islamic” about hanging out with drag queens.


    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  100. Talha says:

    Really Bro, you came to an Alt-Right website to advertise moving to Dubai? Really?


  101. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian

    That said, once the Germanics eyes are fully open and the shackles are off, we can achieve anything we want. But as long as Anglos are generally comfortable, they (we) will continue to run from problems until we have nowhere left to run.

    Alberta tar sands oil proceeds stop going to K-Beck and Venezuelan oil gushing the Hell out soon and don’t forget the shale boys in the USA ripping every ounce of oil out of the ground that they can get will stop a lot of loot from going to the French in French Canada. I just read French Canadians get a big portion of that dwindling Alberta oil loot.

    The old stockers in America born before 1965 got bought off by all the asset bubbles inflated by the Federal Reserve Bank, that’s why they keep their greedy mouths shut about mass immigration and all the anti-White crud going on.

    Outside of New England, there are hardly any East Anglians who haven’t married some German or Dutch or French or Scottish or similar sometime back in the past of America. Hard to talk of Anglo-Saxons.

    When I take control of the American Empire I will remove most of the foreigners in Canada and the USA, so rest assured it won’t matter what the treasonous globalizer Anglo-Saxon money-grubbers do.

    Remember, the Normans, Bretons, Germans, French and Flemings who accompanied William over the water in 1066 knew how to deal with Saxons: chop their heads off and take their women.

  102. Bill says:

    The fact of the matter is that these boys found an opportunity to be rebellious, not because they are “angry Saxons” or are “woke” or are “based”, but because they knew the media and the SJWs would fall for their schtick.

    It’s hard to know if you are more stupid than dishonest or more dishonest than stupid.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Corvinus
  103. Bill says:

    Nope. Whites have been trying what you suggest for 150 years at least, including the “functional” whites waging a major land war to throw the “wastematter” whites under the bus. Trying National Review conservatism one more time isn’t going to accomplish anything.

    They’ll try, though, of course. Whites are nowhere near being ready to stop cucking. Decades of it left yet.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  104. Bill says:

    I’ll bet neither of them consider themselves religious.

  105. Bill says:

    That’s hysterical. The comments are divided between those who hate deKlerk because he was president of an apartheid regime and those who hate deKlerk because he ended the apartheid regime.

  106. Thomm says:

    er….. because I am not Indian, you stupid buttfuckaroni.

    No one with an IQ over 70 thinks I am from there. Only WN wiggers like you do.

    Now get off my lawn, faggot!

    Heh heh heh heh

  107. Bill says:

    Seems pretty apt to me. The Templars, an exemplary order, were back-stabbed by a rapacious king with an assist by a wimpy Pope. I.e. they were dispossessed by the elite figures of their culture and time who should have been their allies and protectors.

    Are those Catholic boys being back-stabbed by a gaggle of rapacious elites with a strong assist by cowering Ecclesiastical authority?

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Twinkie
  108. Thomm says:

    You completely failed to understand the concept.

    The ‘wastematter’ subrace of whites are not so simply because they are rural or poor. Many come from wealthy families, since there is no guarantee that a wastebasket will not be born out of an elite family (the evolutionary process does not recognize material wealth).

    The fat bluehaired feminists (the females of the wastematter race) are obviously not from poor, rural backgrounds.

    By contrast, a poor rural white might be a sterling person.

    Take this WN wigger, for example :

    Kevin Crawford Kraft is a prominent White Trashionalist in NorCal :

    Yet the degenerate can’t go two months without getting arrested for some stupid crime. The two-year period in between without any arrests are when he actually was in prison.

    He is not from a poor, rural family by any means. He is a wealthy Santa Cruz slimeball.

    Get a clue, muchacho.

  109. Twinkie says:

    The Templars, an exemplary order, were back-stabbed by a rapacious king with an assist by a wimpy Pope.

    That also happened, because they became an international banking concern and fabulously rich. Philip back-stabbed the Templars, because he was heavily indebted to them. That’s a rather long way from being warrior-monks who were to safeguard and aid poor pilgrims.

  110. You all think this psyop was a failure? Its working exactly as it was mean’t to. Just read the comments.

    One side is calling the other side names like leftards, libtards, marxists, demoncrats, etc……

    The other side is calling you names such as Trumptards, racists, bigots, white trashionalists, etc……

    DIVIDE and RULE, its working perfectly, exactly as planned. Good work everyone. You all lose, the enemy wins, without lifting a finger. I would think Americans would be smarter than the Africans, Arabs, etc that allow their countries to be torn apart with this nonsense.

    Yall make it to easy. Hard to believe people still fall for this stuff in 2019. I’d feel safe betting that the majority of comments online including here and especially on twitter are fake sock puppet accounts stirring the pot.

  111. Corvinus says:

    “It’s hard to know if you are more stupid than dishonest or more dishonest than stupid.”

    LOL. Apparently you are unable handle truth, so you go all ad hominem.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
  112. Corvinus says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    “In contrast, there is nothing that repels people more than boisterous blacks.”

    Actually, that would be the know-it-all Alt Right. They are definitely more repulsive than the darkies.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
  113. Stealth says:

    I’ve met a lot of Italians. Most of them seem like everybody else. Unfortunately, one more culture that made America interesting will be assimilated out of existence, right alongside that of my own people, white Southerners.

    • Replies: @LostHopeless
  114. c matt says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I am for the holiday – it makes the commute quicker.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  115. @Thomm

    “No one with an IQ over 70 thinks I am from there. Only WN wiggers like you do.”

    ““Believing a single word that “Thomm” fellow says is a serious mistake since he seems to be an ignorant and (probably) dim-witted Hindu immigrant dishonestly claiming to be a “native-born white American.”

    Indeed, he’s so utterly, *utterly* ignorant of American history and society…”

    The author of that succinct quote?-Ron Unz himself. (Definitely not a WN wigger, BTW.)


    • Replies: @Thomm
  116. @LostHopeless

    It’d be awful to have to have to take orders from South Asians. I know I’d struggle with it. They’re generally ugly, obnoxious, physically unimpressive (low muscle mass “skinny-fat”, bad bone structure), hirsute, smelly, etc. Every one I’ve ever known has had an annoyingly high-pitched voice, too.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  117. @Audacious Epigone

    Hmmm, then you have not met many.

    Yes, there are Indians who do not know how to use deodorant, and some of them are not physically pleasant to look at, but not all of them are in this camp …

    I once had a Sikh manager and he was a good guy. Always had turbans that were color coordinated with his shirts.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  118. rufus says:
    @Marty T

    Has to be violent rejection of insults to heritage. Large areas of the west where that is the case of course.

    The last white ghettos in the english speaking world are in Glasgow. No one would ever dream of the sorts of taunts the israel negros proffered.

  119. 216 says:

    Left-wing Race Realism

    “One thing we know as indigenous people is our connection to the creator, and it’s creations,” said Nathalie Farfan, another organizer for the Indigenous Peoples March. “The good news is, that connection to the sacred may have resonated with some of the Catholic youths. What is not being shown on the video is that the same youth and a few others became emotional because of the power, resilience and love we inherently carry in our DNA. Our day on those steps ended with a round dance, while we chanted, ‘We are still here.’

    Chase Iron Eyes, another spokesperson for the Indigenous People’s March, knows Mr. Phillips personally and was present for the exchange. “Conservative people are fearful now—with the election to congress of our first two Native American women, Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids, and so many other powerful women.

    Is it ever explained that diversity is supposed to include white conservatives? No, it is always we that must be “more inclusive”.

    Either we are part of the tapestry, and the leitkultur of it.

    Or we get our own tapestry.

  120. 216 says:

    On wiki, its Gamergate all over again.

    The past week has made it clear that a serious GOP would be discussing both the nationalization of Simple Jack’s Saudi Twitter, and the possible transfer of supervision of Wikipedia to the Library of Congress.

  121. Thomm says:

    er… THIS truck-driving 70-IQ faggot again..

    I remind you that you are just a pizza delivery truck driver, who needs a UNION to have a job (i.e. your job could not exist in the free market, sort of like the black women in HR positions). How pathetic can you be?

    Ron Unz later backtracked and admitted I am not an Indian. But at any rate, remember that Ron Unz and I are on the same side, united in the goal of eradicating genetic waste matter like you.

    So do you agree with Ron Unz that Hispanics have a very low crime rate? Since you believe everything he says, I have to assume you agree with that too.

    Now get off my lawn, faggot!

    Heh heh heh heh

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  122. 216 says:

    Boomercon Apotheosis

    Jones, a Hunkpapa Lakota Native American from the Standing Rock Reservation, South Dakota, said he currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. “What made America great is the fact that everybody contributed to this nation,” he said.
    After the interview, a Trump supporter approached Jones. “A Trump supporter wearing his MAGA hat came to me with watery eyes and wanted to know if I meant everything I said,” Jones wrote on Facebook. “When I told him ‘yes’ he embraced me and wanted to shake my hand.”

    After a confrontation between Covington Catholic High School students, a Native American veteran and black activists went viral last weekend




  123. Ragno says:

    Amazing. It will be less than ten years between the initial horror-filled rejection of Anders Breivik and the belated and icy-cold acknowledgment of his inevitability. Mostly it’ll be the same people, separated by ten years of course, although this time they’ll be far more reluctant to take to the blogs and the socials to grandstand their advanced morality and stamp their passports to Heaven.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Talha
  124. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    On both /pol/ and T_D I’ve seen the idea that he is the “white Rosa Parks”. Apparently her action was somewhat staged, but this doesn’t seem so off the mark.

    He really is a boy who gives guidance to men.

    • Agree: Audacious Epigone
  125. @anon

    No, the one-in-four canard isn’t remotely accurate. Actual FBI crime stats put it a whole order of magnitude less.

    this of course is perhaps the biggest problem that rapist know full well these women have no recourse

    Or perhaps that pertains to the falsely-accused men languishing in our nation’s prisons? Look up the Innocence Project. The single most common source of false convictions and imprisonments is women lying about rape.

  126. @neutral

    He’s decided he’s no longer Indian, and is currently abusing anyone who dares to remember what he said before. However, he’s still in favor of a couple hundred million Indian immigrants in the United States. Probably should put him on the ignore list with Corvanus.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  127. Cuckservatives and the less openly deranged leftists are trying to do damage control, now saying the Covington kids are guilty of “disrespecting their elders”. Besides the fact that the “elders” in this case were clownish, race-baiting White-haters undeserving of any sort of respect, how does this in any way justify the media hate campaign against them?

  128. @c matt

    Like a day without Feral non-essential (or essential, for that matter) workers, one can get a lot more done.

  129. @Ragno

    That will be a preference cascade for the record books.

    Big question:  how many other Breiviks will there have been by then?

  130. Thomm says:
    @M. Hartley

    and is currently abusing anyone who dares to remember what he said before.

    What did I ‘say before’? Post a link or shut up, faggot.

    In reality, the only reason you WN wiggers think I am Indian is because I defended Dinesh D’Souza. Had I defended Thomas Sowell, you would have said I am black.

    You assume everyone is as primitive and tribalistic as you retards.

    Now get off my lawn, faggot.

    Heh heh heh heh

  131. Talha says:

    Breivik was an idiot who killed a bunch of white kids (as if low TFR wasn’t enough) – yeah, I’m sure THAT will really galvanize people to save their race (face palm). He reminds me of our takfiri extremists who wail on and on and on about the West, but when they actually do put the rubber to the road, end up killing more Muslims than anyone else; “Oh, here is a mosque with a bunch of Sufis in it doing dhikr, I will blow it up for Islam! That will surely get the Muslims riled up against the West! Yaaay me! ‘llllaaaau Akbaa–”

    You have to be able to recognize over-the-top stupidity or it’ll come back to bite you.


    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  132. @Talha

    On the contrary. He killed the offspring of the people who were destroying Norway as a Norwegian country.

    He took the long view.

    • Replies: @Talha
  133. Talha says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    Yup – just like our takfiri extremists kill the Muslims they don’t like by the bushels – that really, really helped them in their attempt to set up “muh Caliphate” didn’t it – wow -a whopping 2 whole years before collapse – very impressed, the Abbasids must be turning in their graves.

    Well, what can I say, go postal on the kids of Whites you guys think are traitors and see how grand and awesome the results might be and how many people flock to your side. Keep doing it until they get the message that you are out to save White people.


  134. bud bud says:

    Then why did you previously sign your posts as ‘Kartik’?

  135. @Thomm

    My only question is will you survive the next few nights spooning your fellow Hindindoos in that tin shack up in Sheboygan? We’re talking sub zero temps, my friend. You may have to find a Citgo gas station bathroom to hide in after hours – just keep pressing the hands free air dryer all night for warmth. Don’t be afraid of that cylindrical white stuff hanging on the wall either, we call that toilet paper here in the US.

    I’d bring you a pizza, but the last batch of curry didn’t come out too well, and the Shiva Pizza specials are temporarily discontinued. It ran right through the other Hindu-doodle-dandys that bought it like shit through a goose. The parking lot looked like main street Mumbai, you know what I mean? Of course you do.

    Sleep well, tinkerbell!

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  136. anon[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Will congress vote to condemn this? They condemned Steve King? It’d be interesting to see the roll call on that vote.

  137. 216 says:

    One last one

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  138. @216

    Thus the proglodytes assert the right to define the frame regardless of the facts.

    Fuck them with rusty hacksaw blades.

  139. ZOGged says:


    !!! ??? 😀
    Thomm thomm as I mentioned once, you need to see a shrink. You’ve got, well let’s just say, some weird issues. Your fetish for butsecs and your obsession for pepperoni is a rather creepy combination. It offers some deep insights into your homo mind that your shrink would love to decipher. You can call him home for some curry love in case you don’t have the money for the fee.

    Take care. As mike said, an artic blast is upon us after all!

  140. Rosie says:

    I know this is a little late, but I found the darnedest thing on Brit Hume’s twitter the other day.

    Racist nonsense.— Brit Hume (@brithume) January 23, 2019

    Guthrie's voice drips with white-on-white empathy. His with white smugness still.— Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) January 22, 2019

    “White on White empathy”

    Heaven forbid it!

    We’re getting to the point where it’s racist for even liberal Whites to be seen empathizing with one another in public.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  141. Thinking says:

    I loved this story so much I don’t have words to describe it.

    It’s basically trayvon on crack when it comes to ‘redpilling’ whites.

  142. @Stealth

    It’s not that we “appear” any different. However, what you’ve missed is that the familial bonds for an average Italian-American (specifically those originating from the ‘boot’ of italy. The ones from Milan are more closer to you than us I believe) is rather a lot more stronger than an anglo-scott for instance. You wouldn’t find many [I haven’t come across 1] that have been forced to panhandle out on the curb in the snow. However, unfortunately, the northerners are a dime a dozen. “la famiglia” is STILL pretty strong amongst our ranks and IMHO we take care of one another, at times crossing the “ethical” (per our northern cousins) standards going the extra mile. You may call it “mob mentality” and many of us still have it in varying degrees. I believe THAT is one of the biggest weapon in our armory which has allowed us to thrive within the hordes of third world that have invaded our shores in recent decades. Your folks need to cultivate it if you wish to survive . Perhaps if we have to have a chance to stem the tide, this is needed big time. A big family is STILL celebrated in parts of southern italy. I think the opposite is true of germanics (please correct me if I’m wrong).

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