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Kamala Polishing Progressive Credentials
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Broadly speaking, there are three wings of the contemporary Democrat party–the POC ascendancy, corporate globalists, and socialist progressives. Securing the Democrat presidential nomination will be contingent upon garnering each wing’s support, in respective order of importance. Obama won the 2008 nomination by dominating the POC ascendancy vote. Hillary similarly won it in 2016 by doing the same. That she had no purchase among socialist progressives didn’t matter.

In 2020, the POC ascendancy will belong to Kamala Harris. She will, as the only non-white female running, have unquestioned moral authority in any dispute with any other candidate. She is aware of the power this affords her and trades on it constantly.

Deval Patrick, the only potential POC candidate who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who had the potential to see Obama retconned from the first black president to the first mixed race president to make room for Patrick to claim the first black spot, appears to be definitively out. That leaves Questionable Cory as Kinky Kamala’s only real competition.

The corporate globalists like Kamala because she’s ambitious and unprincipled so can be corralled and controlled but also disciplined enough to stay on message without significant risk of deviation.

Her toughest sell will be to the socialist progressive wing. She’s keenly aware of this and has been working it relentlessly:

Expect more of that in the coming months and years. Cowardly Bernie Sanders needs enough cover to save face with the base he will betray again when he throws his support behind Kamala. She’s going to be sure to provide him with plenty of that cover.

But, but she’s polling substantially behind the putative frontrunner, Joe Biden!

What did polling look like at this point in the 2008 campaign? Taken December 5, 2006, exactly as far out from the 2008 election as we currently are from 2020:

Precedence, folks.

Biden’s previous presidential campaigns, when the Democrat electorate was far more amenable to his demographic profile than it is now, were total non-starters. All he has going for him is his association with Obama. If it means denying a POC like Kamala or Cory Booker, Obama will not betray the ascendancy by endorsing his former lieutenant. The nomination is not going to one of the old white dinosaurs.

And Beta O’Rourke is too late. The Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron moments have passed. Kamala is coming.

My modest suggestion to help ensure the 2020 election is as clarifying as possible: Insinuate that anyone who expresses support for a white Democrat nominee is lame and maybe racist. “Really? Another old white man (or woman in the unlikely cases of Elizabeth Warren of Kirsten Gillibrand)? I think it’s time we put our values into practice. I’m really excited about Kamala Harris.” Do your part!

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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  1. 216 says:

    The "domestic worker" bill the invaders are sponsoring is a good triangulation effort, coupled with E-Verify.

  2. This one is too good to pass up. Bernie Sanders has been caught spending almost $300,000 on private jet trips! Yes, the elderly socialist-global-warming alarmist disdains mixing with ordinary people on commercial flights:

    The website Vermont Digger discovered that elderly socialist and climate alarmist Bernie Sanders spent $300,000 on private jets as he crisscrossed the country to talk about the evils of the wealthy and the danger to planet Earth from excess carbon emissions from things like, you know, private jet travel.

    Sanders, like Al Gore, has three power-sucking homes and makes well over $1,000,000 a year.
    Can you imagine the uproar if he were a Republican?

  3. songbird says:

    In MA, Deval Patrick was presented as an inspiration to Obama. I think this was the best he could ever hope to be – a vicarious connection. His book deal was a little fishy though, so perhaps, others calculated differently. To me, he is obviously too effeminate to gain national traction. His wife is probably his beard.

  4. The husband of Kamala Devi Harris, Douglas Emhoff, is Jewish … so in addition to her Jamaican-heritage father and India-Hindu mother, she has that going for her in terms of the US establishment

    And although Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently acknowledged her own personal Jewish heritage – apparently descended from Sephardic Jews departing Spain for Puerto Rico – she is still a bit too young to be Kamala Harris’ running mate in 2020, given the ‘age 35’ restriction of the US Constitution … but she’ll be ready in 2024

    • Replies: @LostHopeless
  5. Kamala is an unlikable anti-white witch. She always seems shrill and bitchy and nasty. If she could mass murder every white on earth, she would do it without hesitation.

  6. I call B.S. on the one percent claiming to be behind the candidacy of Creepy Porn Lawyer. Those are Republicans and assorted weisenheimers, intentionally sabotaging the poll result, by providing the most humiliating answer possible.

    Kamala Harris basically has the same personality as Hillary Clinton, so I doubt she can prevail over the incumbent President. She might have a shot in 2020, if it were an open race, but Trump should be able to improve on his 2016 Electoral College score, if he’s fortunate enough to run against Willie Brown’s former piece-of-ass.

    I’d prefer there not be a person of Afro descent on the Democratic ticket, because I feel like that might dampen the potential for Trump to make potentially serious inroads into the Black vote (albeit primarily among men).

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  7. this an excellent analysis.

    Kamala Harris will, by primary time, have firmly touched all 3 demoncrat pillers,

    and then touch home plate with the nomination:

    no way the Party of the Now and Future is going to put up

    old White guys like Biden or (((Sanders))).

    I think a Beto/Kamala ticket would be stronger – vis a vis carrying Tejas in the November election –

    but a Kamala/Beto tic would work almost as well: defeat Trump by c. 5-8 million in the pop vote, and win the EC by 350-400 votes.

    thus ending a 4-year-long National Nightmare.

    U-GO grl!

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  8. @Haxo Angmark

    looking @ those #’s in more detail,

    we can state with confidence that, early on in the primaries,

    Lie’awatha’s 8%…will go to Kamala
    Booker’s 5%…will go to Kamala
    Holder’s 3%…will go to Kamala
    Patrick’s 1%…will go to Kamala

    putting her @ 26% to Biden’s 33%.

    then factor in Joe’s toxic Whiteness, old age, & hoof’n-mouth disease…and

    she’s in like Flint.

    I pledge that I will support Kamala’s campaign on the net with all my rhetorical resources,

    and throw in a few shekels as well.

  9. @Kevin O'Keeffe

    No one pretends Hillary Clinton was likable, but that’s not the source of the baggage that dragged her down so much–her sordid history did that. Kamala’s, in contrast, can be turned around in the #MeToo era. And as awful as Hillary was (and is), she still won the popular vote by 3 million. Just let the actuarial tables do their work and four years later, she’s winning by 6 million (assuming nothing else changed).

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Kevin O'Keeffe
  10. Corvinus says:
    @Audacious Epigone

    Kamala will get a look, but that’s probably it. I don’t see her getting her the (D) nomination.

    “And Beta O’Rourke is too late.”

    LOL, son, the primaries have not even started yet. Perhaps when Trump gets pinched your boy Kobach can run in 2020.

    • Replies: @Audacious Epigone
  11. @Brabantian

    Welcome to the future of these here United states of MexChindia (still) run by the chosenites under talmudic noahide laws (strictly for low tier goyim ONLY)

    In this “new” ‘murica,
    Chosenites > Indians [dot] > good-Chinks [bad ones would either be killed or expelled or leave on their own] > Mexicans > Other brownies > blacks > good-whites > bad-whites

    Fight it or die tryin’ {:D}

  12. eah says:

  13. @Corvinus

    Prognostications are obviously tough this far out, with the putative odds against anyone who makes a prediction. I’ve made mine. You make yours. No crap will be given to you if you’re incorrect (at least not by me–putting it out there is worthy of respect).

  14. @Audacious Epigone

    Just let the actuarial tables do their work and four years later, she’s winning by 6 million (assuming nothing else changed).

    You paint a grim picture. But those actuarial tables probably aren’t taking into account the likely shift to the right among under-35 voters, as people age out of being woke. Basically, every non-Southern White American votes Democrat in their first one or two Presidential elections. And then the realities of adulthood begin shifting most of them rightward. Marriage & family life are big factors there. Worryingly, those are a lot less ubiquitous than they used to be. Here in the Midwest (or at least here in the North Plains), it seems the vast majority of Whites still marry and have kids before they turn 30, however. The trend against marriage is likely far more pronounced in overpriced Hellholes like the Bay Area, and NYC. Thankfully, the Electoral College makes it so it doesn’t really matter if the Democrats run up their 2020 score in the Golden State by another million votes.

  15. anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    “Kamala will get a look, but that’s probably it. I don’t see her getting her the (D) nomination.”

    Explain to me how Beto O’Rourke wins either South Carolina or California against Kamala Harris, who represents the latter. Hint: he doesn’t. Just as Hillary won nearly every Southern primary state off the black vote in 2016 and Obama did the same before in 2008, so will Kamala Harris in 2020. Combine that with her winning California and South Carolina coming early in the process, and it’s a short skip and a hop to win the nomination.

    Almost exactly this scenario played out in 2008 and Obama won. It repeated again in 2016 and Hillary beat Sanders. The difference is that Hillary won both Texas and California in 2008 and still lost to Obama. Harris will win California while also carrying most of the Southern states except maybe Florida. Looking at the maps in the links provided below, it seems to me that 2016 will likely most correspond to what we could see in 2020 with Harris vs. Biden or Beto O’Rourke. In that case, Harris is a lock except if some devastating personal issue crops up or some other more popular POC runs (Kanye West?).

    It’s pretty scary to think that all future American presidents could be decided by the early Southern black vote, a vote which could very well ensure that no future president is a white male. I’m not sure that’s a country I want to be part of.* Personally, I’ll never except a democrat president again after what they’ve done to Trump and his family; yeah, I think Trump is unqualified and Kushner is…worse than unqualified, but the democrats and their media have crossed a fundamental line of respect that represents a point of no return for me, and very likely for a sizable number of others whether they know it or not.

    Kamala Harris is unacceptable to me. After Romney lost in 2012, there were a few weeks were conservative blogs talked about secession. Cal-Exit came after 2016. I expect this escalating trend to continue in the aftermath of future presidential elections. A 2020 Kamala Harris POC victory over the people’s champion (my people’s) in 2020 after years of outrageous attacks against the man, his family, and our monuments might prove to be a tipping point – one that we could exploit in the immediate anger following the election if we start talking about partition now.

    *I’m also pretty sure it’s not a situation either the Japanese or the Europeans want to be part of, either. They won’t say so publicly, but neither will want to be ruled over by a majority non-white (and racist anti-white) empire; how would you react if your country was run by a party of neo-Marxist racists in Japan who weren’t ethnically Japanese, hated the Japanese people and culture you happen to like very much, and spent the last few years trying to overthrow a Japanese government and peddling insane Russian conspiracy theories to get it done – all while engaging in terrorist attacks against Japanese monuments and grave sites? Look for Europe and Japan to begin the process of kicking out the US to make peace with their own problems starting in the mid to late 2020s just as South Korea more-or-less did to make peace with North Korea.

  16. anon[182] • Disclaimer says:

    “Explain to me how Beto O’Rourke wins…”

    …and Corvinus never responded. Like I said, worst poster on Unz. Let this stand as the umpteenth time someone has run the guy off using basic facts and logic.

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