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Google Trends on search volume for “intersectionality“:

The program analyzes words or phrases as a percentage of all searches at any given period of time, so these results show searches relative to all search activity, not just the absolute number of searches. This is far more useful than if the program returned absolute numbers of searches, since most things would increase over time simply as a consequence of ever greater internet penetration.

The peak up to this point came during the women’s marches in January that followed Trump’s inauguration.

Vermont tops the list of states in search volume interest. Here are the top ten:

That’s fitting, since intersectionality is largely an effort by privileged goodwhites to artificially glom themselves onto the inherent virtue enjoyed by members of established Victims, most notably blacks. Your chains and my experimental lesbianism against The Man!

Speaking of blacks, they’re not interested. Some affirmative action transgendered mulatto leading an ivy league community organizing group on campus, maybe, but xe’s the exception.

That exception, and all the Victim group trough-feeding–my cousin works for Claire McCaskill’s office in the Imperial Capital and his wife for an LGBTTXHFPLOLZ ‘advocacy’ organization there)–explains DC’s spot near the top, but the black South fills out the bottom of the list, with Mississippi ranked dead last:

Schadenfreude is on the horizon as we watch the Coalition of the Fringes come apart. The 2020 presidential election is full of potential. There aren’t any viable white candidates on the Democrat side.

Bernie Sanders and creepy Joe Biden will be in nursing homes. Fauxcahontas, whose national appeal is reminiscent of Michael Dukakis’, is the youngest known quantity of any significance and she’ll be older than Trump was when he was elected the oldest president in US’ history.

As 2016 illustrated, with Lincoln Chafee and Martin O’Malley polling at 1%, this geriatric generation of white Democrats is the last of a dying breed when it comes to top leadership roles.

(Republished from The Audacious Epigone by permission of author or representative)
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13 Comments to "Intersectionality"
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  1. For 2020 the DNC will be desperate to push a new non-white savior. Cory Booker is another clean cut effeminate black man, which has a "been there, done that" vibe to him. My money is on Kamala Harris. Julian Castro may be considered but in our current year, it's all about dat intersectionality. A black woman (well, half black anyway) has more intersectionality pokemon points than a black man and a hispanic man. The media will be fawning over her, along with various old white Democrats tripping over themselves to see who can endorse her first and who can endorse her the hardest. It will get real embarrassing to see.

    The days of white candidates are over. The only reason why Hillary got nominated is because it was "her turn" and she had a lot of people in high places to facilitate her nomination. With the Clintons now a fading memory, the Obama era of the Democrats is now in full swing and that means a neoliberal friendly minority who both the media and wall street can fawn over. Any ambitious white politician is better off being a Republican than getting cut off at the knees for being white.

  2. Of course, the Democratic Party/ Coalition of the Fringes breakup is mostly about competition for Gibsmedat. Hispanics want Blacks out of the way, Orientals want to crowd the trough for set-asides, refugees don’t arrive with the cultural indoctrination of ZOG, etc.

    This post neatly suggests another fracturing force. An educational system dominated by an Entitlement Studies mentality churns out an endless stream of “scholarly” justifications for Gibsmedat. Intersectionality is only one such justification, but it’s typical in that it’s a nonsensical amalgamation of buzzwords.

    The Epigone’s hypothetical xe and trough-feeding kin have the economic incentive to learn this nonsense because they’re out of a job if they don’t. But druggies making babies in Section 8 housing lack that incentive. They get welfare without having to learn the latest nonsensical justification for it. In a sense, they speak a different dialect, and language differences are divisive.

    Jumping sideways, I just wrote a short story about a dog who understands human language. Through that understanding, he’s red pilled on immigration, and then he must confront an undomesticated shelter dog — an allegorical stand in for an uncivilized refugee.

  3. Fauxcahontas is the last legacy white Democrat who has a shot of winning. That said, she's getting old and not in the way that makes her look more distinguished. The way she walks around will remind you of grandma, and when she was at the airport protesting Trump's travel ban, she needed to hold onto someone's hand to maintain support.

    She's appealing to white progressives… And that's it. I don't see her pulling the black vote in the primaries. Wall Street and big business hates her, so they're not going to give her $1.3 billion the way they gave it out to Hillary.

    53% of white women voted for Trump, so a lot of non-white SJWs don't feel pity for white women anymore. Fauxcahontas being a blonde, blue eyed woman who faked being Indian to get Affirmative Action brownie points really shouldn't appeal to minorities anyway.

    Kirsten Gillibrand might be able to pull it off, but it's not clear to me yet if she can. Cory Booker stands a good chance, as he's the most charismatic of the people I'm listing here. Julian Castro is just too boring. Kamala Harris looks good on paper but I haven't investigated her so much.

    One of the challenges with holding the Coalition of the Fringes together is that modern social justice is full of in-fighting and one-upsmanship. It also needs a good deal of white sympathy to minority grievances. Who knows how much of that there will be in 2020.

  4. Random Dude,

    Will Obama be relegated to first "mixed race" president if Booker runs as a way of upping Booker's status and making his candidacy more novel?

    From Wikipedia's page on Harris:

    Harris was the first woman,[4] the first Jamaican American, the first Asian American and the first Indian American attorney general in California.

    Lol, perfect for this post–she is about as intersectional as it comes! I guess she could work on the sexual orientation thing, but maybe we'll save that for 2028.

    There doesn't seem to be enough between Julian Castro's ears for him to pull it off. I get the sense that the DNC understands that.


    Great to hear from you here man! I have some weekend reading to do.

    Entitlement Studies

    Is that phrase common yet? It's great. I've not come across it before.


    Concur across the board. Gillibrand looks plausible enough–relatively moderate politically, China credentials, worked her way up the cursus honorum–but a Nordic-looking white woman after a Teutonic white guy and another Northwestern Euro woman who ran against him and lost? Like Random Dude alluded to, I doubt she has the connections inside the party machine to go against the left's zeitgeist like that and win.

  5. This makes sense. White leftists are going to Google to see if there are any diversity Pokeman points they overlooked. Their score can't be zero, can it?

    Answer: yup. They are playing a game where their score is always zero.

  6. Isn't Gillibrand a Brit name? Check….Yup. It's her husband's name, though. Here wiki lists ancestry from the U.K. and Germany/Austria. She definitely fits the bill as an old-stock American. I don't think the Dems can go down that road again, not when cultural elites are celebrating a brown future (in which they pay gobs of money to keep their kids away from "bad schools"). At '66 vintage, she also is still part of a birth cohort that's heavily old-school American (remember that births rates didn't totally flat line until the 70's, which not coincidentally is also when immigration to the US began in earnest).

    Julian Castro is a fag, like Capital F Fag. His twin brother is stockier and much less creepy looking. Julian has that horizontal smile (in which the corners of the mouth are uncomfortably pulled to the side, rather than up like in a normal adult smile). So does Aaron Rodgers, who apparently isn't talking to his family anymore (rumor has it that his family is conservative and Rodger's fears that both his family and conservative football fans will eventually realize that he's a homo who cynically uses beards). Rodgers lived with a male "assistant" for a while and the two went to a Justin Bieber concert in matching outfits. Early in his career this "assistant" was present with Rodgers frequently (including at at least one training camp).

    The jury's out on Obama, but he's not the flamer that Castro or, heaven help us, Tim Kaine is. Kaine btw has clearly been rimming rent boys for ages, judging by his ghoulish appearance (homo promiscuity ages you terribly fast, evidently Denny Hastert got treated for an intestinal parasite in the 90's that was making the rounds 90's D.C.) Tom Perez has the same middle aged fag look, either gaunt or slightly bloated (from various meds), embalmed waxy looking skin, and difficulty giving a non-creepy facial expression).

    I know guys…."don't they have kids?". That's irrelevant. They're larping as normal people. The elite always has lots of fags, at this point they've developed strategies for hiding the gayness that's common in their circles.

    Once we reach a more outgoing period (2020's-2040's), we'll get fed up with fags being fed to us. Remember that by the late 60's, leading actors started being chosen on the basis of masculine charisma. Alpha heroes were in, "pretend" boyfriends were out. Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson etc. would not have become big stars in the mid-century or after the early 90's. One thing nostalgics tend to gloss over is that movies were really faggy in the 50's and early 60's. All style, no substance. In cocooning periods, girls in particular want omegas on the screen, not dashing rogues. BTW, the period of the circa 1905-1935 was like 1965-1995. Wholesome (as in heterosexual) and charismatic actors like Doug Fairbanks and Errol Flynn got established as stars in Hollywood's first era.

    Ya'll familiar with the biker movies of the mid-late 60's? People wanted to be tough and cool, almost overnight. Fags aren't tough or cool. Circa 2025, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith are going to demoted to camp also-rans, just like how mid century closeted lead actors were relegated to B fare or a premature retirement after the early 60's. Deadpool is like the ultmate practical joke played on naive cocooners ("Gee, what a blast it is seeing a screaming FAGGOT vomit degeneracy all over the screen!"

  7. I think it's easy to forget that the biggest compare and contrast moment of the '16 election was the VP debate. On our side, we had Mike Pence who stepped out of central casting for "amiable, slightly stolid Midwestern sheriff or hardware store manager". On the other side, the Dems had Kaine queening and snarking it up. He gives off intense "don't let this man near your children" vibes.

    How many guys in the lunch pail set saw or heard the difference between the two, and felt this wave of sobriety come over them. "Do I want THIS Kaine guy in the White House?"

  8. Kirsten Gillibrand is an attractive looking white woman, no way will our new non-white friends go for her. She's not really much of a household name either. Brown and black women will hate her and the rest of the country will go "Who?" Fauxcahontas is much more of a household name but she's old and again, white. Trump's constant trolling of her prevented any chance of her serious running as a 1/32 Cherokee or whatever she was claiming. In an alternate world where Hillary Clinton decided not to run for 2016, I suspect she would have run then. Many of the old, white Democrats (like Joe Biden) who wanted to run likely got paid off or intimidated by Clinton goons and I imagine Warren was one of them. Feminist solidarity and blah blah blah.

    Another non-white savior would be Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA. He's technically a minority but looks white. He can run on a platform on standing up to Trump. Also he appeals to the SWPL whites by being mayor of a major city. This of course would mean that the minority favorite this time is a Hispanic and not black, which will disturb black Democrats who are perfectly happy being the Democrats' favorite pet minority. It would signal a sea change and with that, the collapse of the coalition of the fringes if blacks refuse to rally around a Hispanic candidate.

    This is why I think Kamala is going to be the one for 2020.

  9. "Another non-white savior would be Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA."

    Turns out the last time L.A. elected a Republican mayor was in 1993. During the last crime wave. I do think that even shitlib whites and Hispanics are more willing to vote for a Republican after years of out of control crime, and the Dems, being the black party, are never going to be as effective at delivering a tough on crime message.

    As depressing as it sounds, I do think that we need higher crime rates to wake a lot of smug assholes up. Nobody (who isn't black) wants to defend thug robbers, rapists, and killers. When crime has been low for 20+years at this point, there are way too many people who've become cavalier about these things.

    "Fauxcahontas is much more of a household name but she's old and again, white."

    Warren has the potential to be a Bernie type candidate among younger SWPLs, but as we saw in the primaries arrogant middle aged blacks do not want populists putting the spotlilght on the economic distress of the under 40 crowd. For that matter, older people of all races don't seem to care that much. Had Sanders faced off against Trump, he probably would've garnered enough Millennial support to win PA and MI, at the very least. He may have pushed some older folks to vote for Trump in greater numbers, too, but not enough to cost himself the election.

    I wonder how the Dems are going to tackle economic issues. Candidates emphasizing racial grievances while simultaneously doing little to nothing to address the scourge of neo-liberalism are probably going to paint the Dems into a smaller and smaller corner, since older/heavily white voters are turned off by BLM type stuff while Millennials of all races do not want a "centrist" (corporate whore) candidate.

  10. > I wonder how the Dems are going to tackle economic issues

    The way Hillary did in 2016, mutter something about the rich not paying their fair share and leave it at that. Minorities at this time just care about gibs. That's all they care about. Most of our new friends come from the third world where there is the very rich and the very poor. It's all they know so it doesn't matter to them that there are people like Warren Buffett who are worth $60+ billion, all they care about is that they get their gibs.

  11. The future is now:

    Several of the candidates are Muslim, and the caucus attracted hundreds of Somali caucusers who needed interpreters (?) and many didn't have the slightest clue as to how the process worked. The comments are almost uniformly derisive toward the Dems, with a few mentioning the Dems importing immigrant voters. And this is a paper whose website tends to attract Dem apologists.

    You are what you import.

  12. Kamala Harris definitely has intersectionality points up to her eyeballs. I don't know how blacks will respond to her, though, since she really doesn't have any sort of black affect. Lots of blacks have friends who are half-white, but I don't think many of them have half-Indian friends.

    To be fair, Cory Booker doesn't give off a strong impression of being very black. He has green eyes, light brown skin (lighter than a lot of Mexicans'), and mostly white facial features*.

    It's ultimately remarkable how the quest for black leaders has resulted in us having a bunch of weird-looking, deracinated figures. When I first saw Obama speak at the DNC in 2004, I sincerely wondered what his race was because his lips were so thin.

    *He has a shaved head, but it looks more like what white men do when they've given up fending off male pattern baldness. In contrast, black men can shave their heads at whim and it's just another haircut for them.

  13. Dan,

    At some point they're going to realize it. And at some point, (((this))) isn't going to be worth any pokemon points, either.


    Kaine is the kid you wanted to cram into the gym locker. In combination with a grating, nagging Hillary–it's little wonder that white men were repulsed on a visceral level.

    Holy shit re: that Minneapolis cluster. That's multicult democracy for you.

    Random Dude,

    Without knowing much about Harris beyond what Steve Sailer's written about her over the years, on paper she looks like she fits the bill.


    Obama was a multiracial candidate from 2004 through the beginning of the actual primaries in 2008 and then he morphed into the black candidate. Harris can probably do the same. The template is there for her, anyway.

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