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A theme visisted and revisited here is that political ideology matters a lot to whites, a middling amount to non-black non-whites, and very little to blacks. The 2016 US presidential election iteration:

While Trump was the least ideological Republican candidate since Nixon or maybe even Eisenhower, the ideological divide was virtually identical to the more conventional 2012. Trump beat Clinton 81%-16% among conservatives. Romney beat Obama 82%-17% among them.

In fairness to Ben Shapiro, when it comes to Jews and white gentiles, ideology matters more than color. Like most white liberals, he only pays attention to the cold cultural war between goodwhites and badwhites. In this war non-whites are merely props lacking agency and importance. The problem, of course, is that blacks are on track to comprise more than 40% of the world’s population by century’s end, and billions more of them will have come to the West by that point if they’re allowed to do so. Long before then it will become clear even to people like Shapiro that ideology doesn’t matter, color does.

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  1. Like most white liberals, he only pays attention to the cold cultural war between goodwhites and badwhites. In this war non-whites are merely props lacking agency and importance. The problem, of course, is that blacks are on track to comprise more than 40% of the world’s population by century’s end

    Indeed. Many of us white males have noted in other threads that the most vicious ‘signaling’ attacks upon us tend to come from other white males, who consider it a triple-word-score triumph when they can take down one of their own kind. That they use the language–and tactics–of lunatic POC/SJW types makes little difference to them.

    There’s sadly very little solidarity among white people today–quite the opposite, in fact. This constitutes the ultimate triumph of our chosenite overlords, and one they enjoy rubbing in our faces at every opportunity. I do believe they hate ‘white people’ per se so maniacally that they’re not really bothered at the prospect the the onrushing flood of billions of Africans, Asians, and Latinos will one day sign their death warrant as well.

  2. @Mr McKenna

    a triple-word-score triumph when they can take down one of their own kind.

    Great analogy. But isn’t this the natural result of our de facto racial segregation and our innate competitiveness? Do we view the negro in the adjacent cubicle as our competition or skip over him to see Biff three cubicles away? And isn’t this natural given the likely difference in ability and ambition between us, Biff, and Daquan? We set our sights on the guy who is the leader in work product or most likely to get the promotion we covet, not on the also-ran who poses us no immediate threat. This is the paradigm in our formative years of education as well as our work years – groupthink enters only when we observe (notice) that another group surpasses us in the dimensions to which we assign importance. Negroes, for example, acquire groupthink very early since it’s so glaringly obvious that every other group surpasses them intellectually, academically, professionally, and financially. Whites can be completely oblivious to Jews on the other hand until they reach university or land that job at Goldman Sachs or NBC/Universal.

    • Replies: @Trevor H.
  3. Shapiro, like the rest of his ilk, knows nothing about negroes. At this stage of his life, the only corrective would be a prison sentence where he was fully immersed in negro dysfunction and forced to develop the correct understanding and immune response.

  4. Trevor H. says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Brother, I believe we should get in the habit of calling our kindred spirits here “brother” and “sister” whenever possible. You’re quite right that most of us have a keenly-developed competitive urge, but it’s also true that against our present enemy we need every single bit of solidarity we can marshal.

  5. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    Off topic:

    Most people will never see the three-dimensional element to this sportsball story. Note the ethno-religious background of NBA vs NFL owners, and of the NBA commissioner.‘slave-mentality’-toward-players/ar-BBRhTMh?ocid=spartanntp

    FWIW, when he was in Cleveland for the first time, he called the Jewish franchise owner a racist when he left (after extorting the firing of the coach and GM even though he was planning to leave).


  6. You can stop pretending that Shapiro is somehow misguided. This is a guy who advocated ethnic cleansing of Palestinians when he was in college. He has no problems supporting Jewish ethno-nationalism (Zionism).

    He is not misguided. He is venal. He is supporting civic nationalism in the diaspora because he feels it aids his ethnic interests. Being overly courteous to our enemies is a particular white pathology – and he is our enemy. He will fight tooth and nail to prevent white solidarity and ethnic consciousness.

    • Agree: WHAT, Audacious Epigone
    • Replies: @Anon
  7. Anon[395] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Ben Shapiro has a much larger audience than any of the people in our movements do, barring Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

    I’m old enough to remember when the New York Times called him a “white nationalist” for criticizing BLM.

    I’m under no illusions that he’s anything but a gatekeeper.

    But when YT is at best one-fifth of the births in his home state of California, even traditional GOP politics are a dead letter, let alone identitarianism. In the likely chance that Trump crashes and burns, Shapiro will be even more powerful as he has opposed Trump from the start.

    What the last two years has taught me is that we have vastly overestimated the support for our positions. At the same time, we have squandered the limited political capital we possessed with Heilgate and Charlottesville. The Brexit may be reversed, and the Gilets Jaunes movement has as much to do with the far-left as it does with our movements.

    Is Shapiro just the last gatekeeper of Boomercons? Or is he the one that can consolidate the otherwise weakened neoconservative position into the younger generations?

    We do ourselves a favor examining why normiecons like Peterson and Shapiro, even when shown their faults.


    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  8. Tyrion 2 says:

    This is basically correct. People get carried away by polls that say end immigration and forget that the necessary action to do so can be just as unpopular as ending immigration would be popular.

    It seems that everyone wants both immigration restriction and to feel like lovely, generous people; just as everyone wants low taxes and high government spending.

    Otoh, Brexit won’t be reversed and the easy solution to the above is that a hard-nosed elite need to take patriotic decisions informed by traditional virtues and noblesse oblige. Thus persuading them is crucial, and Shapiro is not too bad at that. Naturally, subterranean Sailer is better but because of facts like: no Sailer, no Shapiro.

  9. @Mr McKenna


    That’s so good given the SWPL target.

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